Ghost Hunting Tools - Equipment for Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting tools are used by paranormal investigators to determine whether there is true paranormal activity.  By using certain ghost hunting tools, a researcher is able to capture scientific evidence of the supernatural.

Some of the most common ghost hunting tools include: EMF meters (which monitor changes in electromagnetic fields), digital thermometers, and infrared and night vision cameras.  Digital audio recorders are often used by ghost hunters to capture electronic voice phenomena (EVP).  EVP is best described as communication attempts by paranormal spirits – and once you’ve heard it, it’s burned into your memory forever.   

Other tools used by ghost hunting groups include video cameras, negative ion detectors, and Geiger counters. These ghost hunting tools are used to monitor changes in the surrounding environment and can provide real-world evidence of the supernatural. Ghost hunting tools come in a variety of price ranges – from cheap, basic tools designed for ghost hunting enthusiasts, to high-end scientific instruments used by parapsychologists and professional researchers.

If you’re new, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of ghost hunting tools available.  I recommend joining a local ghost hunting group and using some of their equipment.  This will give you a better idea of the kind of ghost hunting tools you may want to purchase.  It will also provide you with real-world experience using the tools.  

If you’re new to ghost hunting, I recommend purchasing inexpensive tools at first.  Start small, and learn how to use the most basic ghost hunting tools.  Later on, if you choose, you can purchase the more expensive and sophisticated devices.