Paranormal Investigations - Exploring the Supernatural

Paranormal Investigations?  The best way to find local paranormal investigations is to search for paranormal groups in your area.  Don’t worry – almost every city has some kind of paranormal investigations group.  If you can’t find any teams in your area, gather a group of 3-4 friends and start your own paranormal investigations team.    

So, what tools should you use when investigating the paranormal?  Good question. Many paranormal investigators use sophisticated electronic equipment to capture scientific evidence of the paranormal.  These electronic devices measure changes in the environment, such as temperature changes, strong electromagnetic fields, negative ions, and more.  Tools such as EMF meters, audio recording devices, infrared and night cameras, Geiger counters, and digital thermometers are often used to determine the presence of the paranormal.   

Paranormal investigations should always be conducted in groups of at least 2 people or more.  Never attempt to research the paranormal by yourself.  This is extremely dangerous because no one would be present to rescue you if something happened.  Also, before going on a paranormal investigation, always let someone know which location you are researching.  Stay safe, and may your paranormal investigations be rewarding and fun!