Ghost Hunting - Hunting for Ghosts & the Paranormal

Ghost hunting has become extremely popular, partly due to the reality TV show, “Ghost Hunters” which features The Atlantic Paranormal Society ghost hunting and investigating paranormal activity.  Ghost hunting is featured each week on the Sci-Fi channel as Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson investigate supernatural events and strange phenomena.    

Interested in ghost hunting?  You can find a local ghost hunting group through’s website.  Many local ghost hunting groups organize monthly paranormal investigations, and ghost hunts at popular haunted spots.  A ghost hunting group usually consists of 4 people who work together to collect evidence of paranormal activity.      

The oldest ghost hunting group is The Ghost Club, which was founded in London in 1862.  Famous people who belonged to this ghost hunting group include: Charles Dickens, Sir William Fletcher Barrett, Harry Price and Sir William Crookes.  The popularity of the movie “Ghost Busters” in 1984 increased mass-interest in ghost hunting and ghost hunting groups.  And the current TV show, “Ghost Hunters” has increased interest in ghost hunting even further.  The British TV show, “Most Haunted” which began in 2002 may have also influenced mass-market appeal for ghost hunting.  

Despite the recent boom in ghost hunting, people have been fascinated and intrigued by ghosts for thousands of years.  In fact, the very first story of a ghost hunt was recorded in 100 A.D. by Pliny the Younger.  According to the story, a haunted house in ancient Athens was investigated by a philosopher named Athenodoros Cananites.

Ancient or modern, old or new, ghost hunting continues to gain followers, admirers, and skeptics – as people seek to better understand the world around them.