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Is Your School Haunted? Have You Seen a Ghost at Your University or College?

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Haunted School Ghost at CollegeHave you seen a ghost at your high school, university, or college?  Witnessed paranormal activity in your dorm, or locker room?

If so, you could be featured on the SciFi channel, and have the opportunity to tell your story to a live TV audience.  This opportunity applies to both current and former students – as well as parents and faculty.

Mike Fortino, Casting Director at Gotham Casting in New York City recently contacted me about a TV opportunity for some of my readers.  More details are below…

Currently Casting Students, Alumni and School Staff Who Have Had Haunted Campus Experiences

Is your school is haunted?  The SciFi cable TV network is seeking high school and college age students, as well as alumni and school staff, who have come face-to-face with paranormal activity on their campuses.  If you have witnessed a first hand experience with ghosts, hauntings or other unexplained phenomena in your classrooms…in your dorm…in locker rooms or on athletic fields…or anywhere else at the school…we may want to tell your story and recreate it on TV.  We are interested in hearing stories from students (both current and past students), as well as from parents or faculty.

If you (or someone you know) has a ghost or haunting story to tell (must have occured on a school or college campus), please e-mail us at with your contact info.  Please include your Full Name, Phone Number, Email, and Photo, along with a brief summary of your experiences.  You must be at least 16 years old to apply for this opportunity.  Good luck, and let me know if you end-up on TV!

Hate TV cameras, but still want to share your haunted school/university experience?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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October 8, 2011

Linda H. @ 11:37 am

I work at an Elementary School as a Preschool Teacher. Our Children's Center is set away from the main school. There are several rooms in this center which we feel have spirits haunting them. One such room is the old Nurse's office where we now keep out preschoolers cots for nap time. I did a short investigation in there on my lunch break a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I didn't have my tape player with me, but I did have my EMF and Ambient temperature equipment with me. There was a strong EMF field right in the center of the room, and the temperature was 5 degrees cooler at that spot.

There were no vents there that could have been causing the temperature change. I took some pictures, but they were inconclusive. I just started at this site at the beginning of the school year and was alerted to the paranormal activities by three other staff members, independently. The kitchen is also supposed to have a spirit, as is the restroom right across from the kitchen. I have felt cold spots in the kitchen and will do an investigation next time I get a chance. (Side note, one of the staff asked me why I kept using the "Haunted" restroom. This is how I came to learn about its reputation. I said for some reason I was just drawn to it, but now I know why.)

October 10, 2011

Pat Micheletti @ 10:17 am

I have had experiences at 3 different homes now, I lived in a home for 15 years and it scared many away, but did not bother me at all. My next home, not as much activity, but enough to convince someone who did not believe. And now, even less, but enough to know that someone is here. Is it me? I have been told that they follow me, which is fine with me. But one spirit, I do not know – saw him – full body – have no idea of who it is. Give me some info. Thank you!!

October 20, 2011

Vanessa @ 5:51 pm

I had an experience at my elementary school that has caused me to wonder throughout my life. I've had experiences with good and bad spirits that were even more profound and scary, but this one in particular wasn't scary at all. That's what makes it so special and perplexing to me. For years I thought she was an angel that had come to me when I was pretending to be sick at school. Now I'm not sure. She could have been a good spirit trying to help. Almost every day, I would pretend to be sick to avoid Math lessons and have to go lay down in the school clinic.One day in the clinic I was alone and trying to rest my eyes.

All of a sudden, there was a young girl in the bed to my left. She started asking me questions about what was the matter with me and smiled like she seemed to already know the answers as I told her I just didn't like math. I remember thinking, for being so young, she was extremely smart and had a beautiful, almost angelic voice. Laying in the bed next to me, the sun from the window shone down on her and made her glisten. It sounds crazy but she was so lit up with warm features and it was so strange and not human-like that it's indescribable. Somehow she very calmly told me what I already knew and convinced me to stop skipping my class. I closed my eyes and rolled over eventually, waiting for my mom to pick me up.

I made up my mind that this would be the last time I faked sick. When my mom got there, the school nurse came and got me. I asked the nurse where the girl who was in the room had gone. I don't remember hearing her getting up to leave and it was only a short time after I spoke to her that my mom showed up. The nurse didn't know what I was talking about. She said no one else had been sick all day. I left, confused. Later I had more time to think. The nurse came in the room while the little girl was laying on the other bed and talked to me for a few minutes. If she didn't know who I was talking about, she must not have even seen her!

Then it all hit me. How well she spoke, her beautiful voice, how bright and ethereal she appeared… was this my guardian angel? Had she come to help me? Was this a helpful spirit that saw me in the clinic day after day? I don't have any answers but I think about it from time to time and still wonder. It might all sound silly, but it's true.

November 11, 2011

Leticia @ 12:05 pm

I just moved to a new city and to a new high school. I've been there since September and everything seems OK. But there's one spot in the whole school that just doesn't sit right with me. The school used to have a really small locker room, almost like a little square connected to a two stall bathroom in front of our "small gym," which used to be the old gym as well. We have a completely new, and larger locker room, but they kept the small one just in case some people wanted to change in private.

Anyways, it was my… 2nd week at school and I came from outside after a super long run. I had a tank top under my t-shirt and wanted to take it off. The doors were right beside the small locker room so I thought I would just change in there, stick my tank top in one of the lockers and proceed on instead of walking ALL the way to the new locker room. So I did that, while I was taking off my shirt, I felt such a weird.. presence… more like some kind of negative energy. It made me shiver, and I felt cold, even after a long run. My heart was beating and it just… didn't feel right to me.

My ears started ringing and I could hear someone talking, but I didn't know if it was just my ears playing tricks on me. I booked it out of there and I've never been back in there. I still pass by the door to the bathroom/small locker room almost every gym class and when I do, I ALWAYS get sweaty palms, cold chills, and my ears start ringing. Always.

But I kind of want to know, what the heck happened in that locker room :/?

January 20, 2012

daniel @ 10:11 pm

i was transferred to a new school in the Philippines (SLMS). it was beautiful school and many nice people but 6 month have passed. i feel very creepy in that school. first, in the chapel room, me and my classmates were teaching each other musical instruments. i was looking in the door, and i felt a strange noise and something blink. my eyes see a ghost of priest. i was in shock. on that day, i didnt know if it was ghost, or my imagination. but im sure that it is a ghost. after a while, my body has sweat and cold chills. please help me. i want 2 know what happened in my new school?

February 11, 2012

Josh @ 7:30 am

I've heard stories from one of the dorms at my college's campus – YSU. A girl committed suicide in the stairwell and there have been stories since the 90's of her ghost being seen, as well as crying and such.

Unfortunately, I don't live in that particular dorm and haven't been there to hear or see anything. :/ Quite of few people have told me they don't take that stairwell at night anymore because the hair on their arms stand up, and they get a creepy feeling.

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