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Orbs – Are they paranormal & what do colored orbs mean?

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Many of my subscribers have questions about orbs.  Some people question whether orbs are solid evidence of paranormal activity.  Other subscribers want to know why orbs appear in many of their photographs.  Meanwhile, other subscribers want to know why certain orbs have different colors (red, blue), and if there is a meaning to these colors.

So, let's tackle some of these questions…

What is an Orb?

An orb is a solid or transparent "ball" of energy or light.  Some parapsychologists believe that orbs are spirits, or lingering energy from deceased entities. No one truly knows what orbs are.  Orbs can appear in many different shapes and colors, with white orbs being the most common. Here are a few examples of orb photographs:

orb.jpg orbs_crescent.jpg

Are Orbs in Photographs Really Paranormal?

Not all "orbs" that appear in photographs are paranormal. In my experience, many of the orbs that appear in photographs can be explained by the flash reflecting off dust, particles, insects, or moisture droplets in the air in front of the camera.

In my opinion, witnessing orbs with your own eyes (in person) is far more credible, and harder to debunk than mere photos of orbs.

If you see a bright, glowing orb with your own eyes (in person, not in a photograph), there's a good chance that it may be paranormal. However, I would be very cautious when classifying orbs in photographs as paranormal – it's simply too easy for the "orbs" in a photograph to be caused by dust or moisture, reflecting off the camera lens (or the flash).

Why Are Some Orbs Different Colors, and What Do the Colors Mean?

Another subscriber wants to know why certain orbs are different colors. Dee writes:

I have seen a red orb before. What is the difference between colors? Does one [color] have more energy or [is it more] negative [than] the other?

colors.JPGThere are several different theories that may explain the color differences in orbs…

Theory #1 – Color difference in orbs is caused by "chromatic distortion" which is a fancy way of saying that our eyes perceive different wavelengths and shapes as varying colors.  If a particle happens to be of a certain makeup or shape, it will tend to absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others, thus giving the perception of a certain color.  Paravision has an interesting page on the anatomy of an orb.

Theory # 2 – Orb color difference is caused by the energy of the spirit who is represented by the orb.  For example, some ghost hunters believe that red and orange orbs represent a spirit who is angry or in need of healing.  Other shadow chasers claim that red is a color associated with an energy that seems to be on guard duty (often watching over a last outpost, or a loved one who has died).

Dee asked whether a red orb should be considered negative or harmful.  There is no evidence to suggest that red orbs are harmful or more negative than white orbs.  The color difference may simply be a reflection of the spirit's energy at the time of his death—or the color may be caused by the shape/frequency of of the orb (wavelength theory #1).

Do you have a theory on why certain orbs are colored?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

Update: I've found an excellent page (by Gettysburg Ghosts) that lists the possible meanings of colored orbs.

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Comments on Orbs – Are they paranormal & what do colored orbs mean?

June 30, 2008

tammy weaver @ 3:56 pm

Orbs, have seen them behind the house, in the wagon trail, the coaches would come in to the house.  They're weird, it's like someone broke open a glow stick and it just moves like a wiffle ball throw.  Had them in pics but I dont play them up, I also take care of the local cemetery, see lots stuff but I dont play it up.  I respect their space.

July 17, 2008

Annie @ 11:48 am

Is there a specific way to tell the difference between orbs and dust?  A week or two ago I started snapping random pictures around my room because of a situation I've been having with my clocks. (digital camera)  I never caught anything.  Two nights ago, I decided to ask questions along with taking pictures.  Almost immediately I caught what looks like an orb.  I continued talking and taking pictures occasionally catching "orbs", some brighter than others.  When I would catch one, I would take a few pictures afterwards of the same location, from the same angle, to rule out lighting.  By this point the "orbs" had gotten smaller so I "asked" to make them bigger.  Almost immediatley I got a large one, just like the first along with another picture of a shower of orbs.  But, I never saw with my eyes the orbs until after the pictures were taken.  I don't know what to think.  Coincidence or real, honest-to-goodness paranormal orbs?  (I can't upload the pictures right now because this computer doesn't support my memory stick.)



August 8, 2008

Michelle @ 2:53 am

Hi Annie.  In my experience, a lot of orb photos can be caused by man-made sources, such as light reflecting off the camera, dust on the lens, etc.  Not all orbs are paranormal—however, not all orbs are dust/reflection/man-made.  If you see orbs at a particular location (in person), and you can confirm this with EVP (or other evidence), then there's a good chance that what you're seeing on film could be paranormal.  My advice is to rule out man-made causes first, and then confirm with other evidence (EVP, video camera, EMF meter).  You may also find this article from Southwest Ghost Hunters helpful.

August 10, 2008

Elizabeth Breman @ 7:37 pm

I have been capturing alot of orbs with my digital camera.  At first  it was only 1, now there seem to be dozens.  They are not in all photos but usually they seem to flock to me.  Most are white but I have caught a few blue ones and even 1 that seems white but has like a pulsating outter ring that's uasually like a rainbow.  I even caught one shooting out of the wall.  What does this mean and why would I be attracting them?  I also had a photo in which there appeared to be a hole straight through my head, you could see the wall on the other side.

August 21, 2008

saoirse @ 8:08 am

Annie, I did the exact same as what you did and I don't know either.  When I take pictures, there would be orbs but I don't know if it is dust or orbs.

September 2, 2008

Tanelle @ 3:59 pm

Hi.  I have seen mainly blueish purple orbs but I was lying in bed last night and my dining room totally lit up in red and I freaked out and turned the tv and light on.  I've never had that and don't know if it was an orb but it was extremely red and bright enough to scare me.  Can anyone tell me what it was, and I was by myself.  It seems more things happen when I am by myself but my dog starts growling every now and then and stares at the wall.  Thanks!  Tanelle

September 4, 2008

Barry @ 8:08 pm

My daughter has been showing me pictures with orbs that have appeared at random in the photos…even when taken in a series of continuous snapped pictures.  One extremely interesting photo was one taken at Billy Bob's Night Club in Ft. Worth.

My daughter shot a photo of friends on the dance floor.  The area was cluttered with "orbs" of all different colors.  Such a photo does make one wonder.



September 5, 2008

Ray @ 11:24 pm

Ive witnessed the orbs in blue fly around my living room and what confirmed that I wasn't just seeing things my cats eyes were following it around with me.  I've also seen a group of twinkling stars float around.  Neither of those two events put fear into me.  But I've witnessed shadows and a mist that really creeped me out.

September 10, 2008

reece @ 9:02 pm

Me and my girlfriend were lying in bed in darkness when we both witnessed a red light emerge from nowhere on the middle of the ceiling.  We immediately looked at each other and both freaked out!  Is this paranormal activity or scientificly explainable ???  Please help!

September 17, 2008

vanessa @ 5:46 pm

Looking at some photos of my son recently and noticed orbs all around him.  None of his freinds in any of the pictures had any.  Also the pictures were taken at different locations, different cameras, and different times.  They all seem to be around him.  Do you think this is paranormal activity?

September 18, 2008

Michelle @ 2:00 am

Vanessa — Hard to say without looking at the photo and discounting all man-made evidence (film development problems, glare from the flash, reflections, etc). Orbs are often attracted to children and people in high emotional states.

Reece — If you can't find any man-made explanation for the red light (fire alarm light, reflection from outside) then you can always test your house for paranormal activity

Jean Noel @ 12:26 pm

Hi, I am a trance medium of many years.  On my photos and video footage there are always orbs.  I believe that the orbs are minds of the spirit.  I have a video of myself going to sit in a cabinet for trance.  As I walked to the cabinet, the orb followed me.  I went into trance and as I came out of trance, the orb left the cabinet, precise timing.  Upon opening my eyes, the spirit orb left.  This video footage was taken about eight years ago, I have no doubt that the orb is the mind of a discarnate spirit.

October 4, 2008

andreanna @ 12:49 pm

My daughter and boyfriend were in bed and saw an orb shape above the tv, then another appeared by the door.  This was with the naked eye and was very clear to see.  The one by the tv was going dim then bright again and moving very slowly up and down.  The other seemed to be staying still.  They got up and looked around to see if anything could be causing it and also checking out the curains to see if lights or car lights could be causing it.  It was not anything different from what is normally out there.  We have experienced quite a few things, for example things flying off the shelf, and hearing people calling us when noone is in the house.  Have had laughing waking me up, like someone was leaning over my head.  A couple of us has seen apparitions and it has really scared my daughter as she saw a lady leaning over her when she woke up and watched her run to me.  Is there anythng I can do, as sometimes it feels really uncomfortable here like something always watching you.

October 7, 2008

sarah Trotter @ 12:17 pm

Recently I took a pic of my hubby.  I need someone to look at the pic.  I can see 4 orbs, one is amazing, almost like a face of a child or small animal.  Can someone please take a look?  I'll send the piccy.

caitlin @ 8:24 pm

Okay well when I was little, one night I woke up for no reason.  It was around 2 in the morning if I remember right and all of a sudden I see this red ball of energy…it's hard to explain.  I guess you'd call it an orb, but it just floats there.  So anyways, it was floating up the stairs and slowly made its way into my mother's room.  I was soo freaked out I started crying, haha.  But I never mentioned it because I thought I was just crazy or something.

October 12, 2008

Joy @ 12:00 am

What does it mean when you see a Red orb fly behind a person from the ceiling to the floor?

October 31, 2008

Adriansjah @ 10:30 am

Hi, I am a Reiki Master Teacher and a psychic in Indonesia.  Here I wish to share my experience with Orbs and Ghosts.  Orbs are spirit in its real form, and it can help or bother people.  With active third eye, we can see the orbs, if they exist.  It's actually not a perfect circle, but a little bit elliptical with some color, such as green, grey, white, etc (as I myself experienced to see them).  The real ghost in form of animal and human like also exist in this world with parallel dimension of ours, but often different backgrounds, for instance we are in the office room while "they" are in the "forest".  Ghosts are available not just at night.  Some I can see with naked eyes, some by my hearing (the latter occur in the form of soldier walking steps accompanying me after I finished praying at one funeral of a Dutch general in Bogor).

November 2, 2008

Dick @ 8:10 pm

Ok, so the other night my friends and I were taking pictures right after one another at a party and then we went back through and looked and them.  In one picture, there are at least 10 white orbs just surrounding us and a very dark gray one above my head.  A similar thing happened on their graduation night.  They had been taking pictures of a friend of our's mom who has passed away, and she had all these dark orbs around her.  In one, it looked like there was a face and someone screaming.  Can someone please help me figure this out please?

November 7, 2008

LYDIA @ 4:58 pm

I am basically a tomboy and grew up with four older brothers.  So I did whatever they did.  Well my story is this…we went to the Carlsbad Caverns and it really was something my husband and I wanted to do.  We are into nature and outdoor things.  When we entered this cavern which is 750 ft. below the top, I was not comfortable in the beginning.  The whole hike is a 2.5 mile walk down into this cave.   On our walk, we took pictures.  In a lot of the pictures, there are orbs which I believe is probably dust.  But when we downloaded these pictures to the computer from my chip, if you are looking at the pictures that my husband took of me, there is a red orb over me.  None of the pictures of my husband have them.  Both pictures are in different areas in the cave as we walked.  We would find a spot and I would take a picture of him.  Then he would take a picture of me.  Then walk more, and do it again.  What do you think?  It is strange.  Do you want to see the pictures? 

December 23, 2008

Julie Bates @ 1:34 am

I see my recently departed Mum as a mauve to purple orb.  This has occurred about seven times or so at work outside and at home outside.  She loved the Garden and I work at a Botanic Garden, so maybe that is why she stays outside.  Sometimes the orb is the size of a tennis ball, and is a mauve colour.  Sometimes it is purple, and the size of a golf ball.  Mauve was Mum's colour in life and I like purple.  My son also saw her once on the front verandah at home.  Yesterday she appeared as if in protection when a guy on the street was approaching who was drug-affected.  We were extremely close, and there has been much heart-ache for me this year in many facets, so I feel she is around to give me moral support.  Sounds weird but I even saw a figure of her foot on the wall at home.  I think she wants to tell me, "That I will never walk alone."  I would like her to be at rest, but also I selfishly enjoy her company.  Regards, Julie.

December 29, 2008

Scott @ 5:31 pm

This might seem really weird and this is why I rushed on the net to see what it means.  I understand that you only see orbs like on camera, but I've just followed a red orb shaped thing going diagonally down in front of my wall in the bedroom.  Then when I logged on here I seen it again in a different place—perimeter of about a centimeter, sort of like a faint laser pen, but erm well it wasn't. LOL.  Weirdly, I had a dream about being chased by death in the form of a young girl last night…erm not really into things like this, but thought I'd add a message anyway – any things have long left.

January 16, 2009

Daisy @ 9:49 am

You say orbs are caught on camera due to dust and etc. explain why I have them in every picture no matter where I go.. I even caught a orb showing a face in it and picture of an angel ( we believe it to be ).  How can you explain this?

January 27, 2009

Nichole @ 12:49 pm

Before my fiance passed away…we were sitting on our couch and a ring-like black orb was floating inches away from our faces.  He pointed it out first and I didn't actually believe him until it floated close to my face..backed off…then floated up and floated closer to his face…then backed up…went up and down…side to side…lol for a whole like 5 mins…as we just sat there in shock…could that really have been a ghost?  If so, why a black orb?

February 10, 2009

natalie @ 7:05 pm

I took this photo of a holy church on the peak of a mountain I climbed.  As I zoomed into the photo, I noticed a bright green dot of light above the statue of St. Patrick, and in other photos of the same day in that church the green light had moved to the top and the left hand side of the picture.  So it appeared in 3 different places, but only visible when I zoom in, as it's so small and bright.  Does anyone know what this light could be and what green would be?

February 17, 2009

ella @ 9:19 am

For the past 3 days, I was seeing orbs and I was scared slightly in case they could harm me.  I spoke to a friend who said they're just fragments of soul who were so in their routine or upset that they hang around.  I made them go away by saying outloud "Go away I can't help you!"……that made quite the young ladies voice I could hear saying, "Can you help me, can you help me, can you help me ?"  I am going to try and help when I'm feeling braver.  I believe colours represent the feeling they left there, either anger, sadness or determination, happiness and love!

February 19, 2009

Fran @ 11:44 am

Interesting.  You will be supprised to know that "orbs" are actually spirits (angels.)  Different orbs mean different things, they are usually used as little "space crafts" as you may call them, to take thousands of spirits to heaven.  The "orbs" also contain many loving angels to help the spirits on their way to a new dimension.  Pretty unbelieavable stuff, ey!  But it is 100% true.  They are not here to cause evil, but to help guide spirits on their way to the bright, shining world above us.



February 22, 2009

Theresa N. @ 8:30 pm

I was just wondering if anyone has ever seen the following colored orbs before.  Both my mom and I have seen Blue, Green most recently, and then of course red.  Keep seeing stuff on here about red.   But my mom has been seeing green in her home.  Any thoughts?

February 26, 2009

Teresa @ 1:02 pm

My grandson who was only 4 just recently passed away due to complications from Leukemia.  Needless to say his parents, his papa and I are devastated over our loss of this bright and wonderful child.  While here in his earthly form, he was a very happy and loving child.  Here is my story and if I'm crazy just please let me down gently.  On Sunday, we went to NYC to release balloons in Aedyn's honor at the Statue of Liberty on the one month anniversary of his freedom from cancer.  We had a couple of instances that really stand out, but I want to talk about orbs.  My husband and I have a Sony digital camera and our kids (Aedyn's parents) have a Kodak digital camera.  Now mind you we were all together the whole time and taking pictures of pretty much the same things.

There was a slight drizzle in the air and at first I contributed what we saw to rain drops.  I know quit rambling and get to it.   There are NO orbs on any of the pictures that my husband and I took.  However, after we released the balloons and got back to Manhattan, the kids started taking pictures of buildings….(only because Aedyn was a fan of Spiderman and always wanted to go to New York where Spiderman was) so they were taking pictures of buildings and talking about how they could just see Aedyn swinging from his web from building to building.  The majority of the orbs caught on camera are either white or transparent with a ring of reddish/orange aura.  If anyone is interested, I can email pics to them to look them over.  Three pictures in particular were taken at 3 different angles and the orb remained in the same location on the building but different areas on the picture if you know what I mean.  Does anyone else think this could be our grandson, or possibly an angel sent down to watch over his parents and his younger brother?

February 27, 2009

Johnny @ 2:42 am

I find the best theory is a decent combination of the most logical theories.  Light waves emitted or reflected might be caused by emotion or energy of some kind.  People are often so hesitant to simply state the obvious.  Take science and religion, they are both one and the same, just a guess based on our measurements that we have created.  Still no one will just say it.  Also, (before i get sidetracked) if you catch something on camera, or see it whiz by you in a dark hallway, if it's not normal or can't be explained, then it's paranormal.  I am only guessing though, no way to be certain. ;)

March 5, 2009

gianna @ 5:22 pm

Hi, I was looking at a pic of me and there was a pink orb.  What does a pink one mean?

March 28, 2009

charlotte @ 7:14 pm

Hi, I was sitting on my son's bed today, and above the wardrobe on the wall was a multi coloured ring of colour.  Can you please tell me what this is?  Thank you.

March 31, 2009

samantha @ 10:49 am

Hi There.  My name is Samantha, I'm writing today as I would like for you to try and explain something for me.  I have recently moved into a new house with my 2 daughters and we have noticed things happening in our home.  Nothing bad, just things moving and doors opening.  We have even heard things crashing, yet when I check, they are still in same place.  I have been telling my friends and family about this, and since then, I have been noticing a blue orb a lot along with white orbs.  So I was hoping you could tell me if these orbs are good energy or not please.

Kind regards,
Samantha Sharman

April 4, 2009

Megan @ 4:31 pm

Hi, I have a couple of pictures that I took and I was wondering of someone could look at them and tell me if they think I got something.


April 13, 2009

Victoria @ 9:05 am

Me N' my friend took a picture on my trampoline.  There were many MANY white orbs all over the picture and one weird lookin' red one … we were really confused and we wondered what the red orb may have meant.  We asked my friend what it could have meant and they told us that it could have been really bad so we got pretty freaked out N' went back inside.

April 15, 2009

Leisa @ 9:28 pm

Hi. Last night, I was watching a movie about pope john paul the 2nd and his life and death.  It made me a bit emotional—I saw a blue orb cross in front of the t.v.  I've never seen anything like this before or didn't even know if I believed in them (photographs)..I can't seem to find much info about seing them in person and was wondering if u knew anything about this??

May 8, 2009

Katie @ 7:39 pm

Will you be able to tell me how the orb is in my picture and why they are here?  Please get back to me on this.  I am really curious to know the truth behind it. Thanks.  x

May 12, 2009

Shelly @ 2:09 pm

I am curious about an orb I caught on video in between this 2008 Christmas and New Years.  The orb was caught on tape and it hovered on my spouse's side of the bed for awhile….it appeared to have a black backing attached to the brightness of the orb.  It made me double take what I was seeing, it was strange looking watching it on film….then it flew over to my side of the bed and bee lined it straight to the camera.  It looked like it ballooned up, and then disappeared….it was amazing.

Shelly @ 2:12 pm

Ohh I forgot to mention it made no noise….that is the strange part, you would think you would hear something.

May 14, 2009

Mike @ 8:16 am

The leading theory in paranormal community is that orbs are ghosts or other spirit entities in their simplest form. They naturally take up the shape of an orb, rather than always be in humanoid shape, which may cost them more energy to maintain. Another theory is that orbs are energy that is associated with the presence of certain entities but are not the entities themselves. But what is the evidence to back up such an extraordinary claim? In fact, many natural phenomena can be mistaken as orbs, and since it is virtually impossible to tell apart a real orb and a false positive with 100% accuracy. I've been a Paranormal Investigator for years and have taken several courses in Photography and do not consider orbs as valid evidence in favor of paranormal phenomena.

I believe orbs are nothing more then light reflection from air-born dust particles and or moisture directly in front of the camera lenses when the flash is used. There is a distance known as the focal point of the camera, of which objects need to be past in order to be in focus. Hence dust particles that are beyond the focal points do not cause any trouble, but those nearer to the lenses will be out of focus and often show up as orbs when they reflect the camera flash. The same principle applies to night vision or night shot cameras, in which the Infrared light illuminated the dust particles and make them look like orbs. Dust orbs have certain characteristics, such as possessing some sort of nucleus, and elongation around the central axis towards the edges of the photos. The latter is caused by a lens curvature error known as "coma". Cameras with very small lenses and short focal lengths (such as digital cameras) are more prone to coma than other cameras with longer focal length lenses, such as SLR cameras.

Dust orbs are more likely to show up in a large number when you disturb the environment, such as when you just step into an empty house. This explains why the first few photos usually contain more orbs. Also, digital cameras are more sensitive and therefore more likely to capture illuminated dust particles than a film camera.

Other Contaminants

By contaminants, we mean things that may contaminate the data that we collect during paranormal investigations. Besides dust particles, the most common contaminants are pollen, air moisture, water droplets, and snow. Different cameras will create different kind of orbs when these contaminants are presented. Therefore, by taking control shots with your camera, you will know how these contaminants look like in your photos, and not confuse them with paranormal images. Also avoid taking photos when it is raining, snowing, or when the air is very moist for obvious reason.

One thing to notice is that rain or water droplets may cause what we term “comet orbs” where the orbs seem to be traveling upwards instead of downwards. Another source of false positive orbs is light reflection in the camera lenses. Many beginners in paranormal research are likely to mistaken light reflection as orbs. Light sources such as spot light creates internal reflection in the camera lenses which produce the orb effects. This is the reason why orbs photos in a concert hall or any well illuminated places should not be considered as paranormal in origin. Sun light causes similar phenomena often called a lens flare, but can easily avoided by not taking photos facing the sun or other light sources. In a concert hall or other artificially illuminated areas, however, there are multiple light sources and therefore it is more difficult to take precaution to avoid false positive results.

Spider web is also something to look out for while taking photos. A spider silk near the lens will reflect the flash and look like a streak of light that some people mistaken as orb in motion. Of course, even your own hair in front of the lens will create similar effect!

May 16, 2009

Deb @ 5:15 pm

May 16 2009  Hello, do you have an email addi that I could send you 3 photos I have of orbs, and a rather interesting one taken in New Orleans many years ago?  Thank you, Deb

May 20, 2009

Joan Hinds @ 1:18 pm

Hi, I just recently saw a red orb in the hospitial while my sister was having a two hour test done. I have seen small dim obs & then something was trying to materialize from the floor it got bigger & brighter & I said Oh out of excitement. It dissappeared. I have seen what looked to be 50 to 100 of bright orbs in a location where there use to be a house. I also seen a big bright orb come from a car in front of me while going to work one early morn.  It came out of the passenger window & went up & over the top of the car & across the highway. & today which is May 20,2009 I saw the red orb outside. I have a picture with a ghost, unexplainable in a window but I haven't seen orbs in my pictures. Only with my own eyes. Does the red really represent anger, or does it need a healing?

June 10, 2009

Mayra @ 4:31 pm

Hi, A couple of days ago we went to the house that my aunt barely moved in to. My cousin,sister and I were taking pictures for fun when we saw an orb behind my sister.  We got interested so started taking a LOT more. I took a picture against the wall and without moving my camera I took it again but in the next picture it was moved up a couple of inches. We also took pictures with my cell phone and my aunt's digital camera and they came out. Also my aunt got her digital camera and started taking pictures too, and she took a picture of an orb that kind of looked like a skull.

June 16, 2009

Alexis @ 9:38 pm

Hi, I just found out that a green orb represents healing/fertility. I have a cousin who says she sees a green light all over her body. She has been having continuous dreams about a man she knew (but not well enough to talk to him) who passed away several years ago. For the past week, he was taking her to places in her dreams and it would continue the next night. Just recently a young man has commited suicide and she says that he comes to her house at a certain time at night and asks if he could stay. This man used to live there before. When this young man died, he was having troubles of having a place to stay. I just want to know if anyone knows why my cousin sees a green light all over her body, and why these spirits are bothering her.

June 24, 2009

jennifer @ 12:53 am

I just came from my friend's house, and the other day and tonight we took some more pictures. And saw some orbs—more so the other night than tonight. But one was red. And since a kid, I have sensed when ghosts are around, their emotions and all!  And when we were taking pictures tonight I sensed alot of anger and danger! In fact, told to get out of the room immediately. So, the other night's picture when I was sensing anger it was red. Well had red in it with more white I think.  I have seen orbs before with my own eyes at another house that used to be mine. But that's a whole other experience!

I've gone through a lot at different houses. But that one I've never seen before. It had been scaring me when I would go outside. But the part I'm trying to figure out is, its high up like at the roof of the house near it. And it had a very very scary face in it when we zoomed in on it!! When it has a face in it, as well as being pretty far up in the air, what does that mean? The face and high up. Why is it different colors?  The anger could be it—that's what I was sensing with the redish color orb! My friend is having very bad experiences there and it's messing with her and her daughter, not her other kids. A lot is going on! So I was going to try to see who I can get out there to help her. I was going to try to contact paranormal state and see if they'll help. Thought I'd add a coment on here about red orbs, as well as ask. Thanks!

June 25, 2009

jennifer hendricks @ 4:21 pm

I was sitting in the doctors office on a Monday morning. My husband had to do a stress test. As I was sitting there with him I saw this black light with a white end float across the room. What in the heck was that?

June 26, 2009

blake @ 9:23 am

Reece if your house was old, maybe it was a stressed out soul coming home from work or it was one of your family members trying to make contact.

blake @ 9:31 am

Hey Jennifer, I looked it up and figured the black light with white end. That is when a shadow is turning into an apparition and that is a rare sight because on night I was at camp and I woke up to a noise in the hall and the exact same thing appeared, but it flashed and it was mist.

Lori @ 7:48 pm

I am just getting into ghost hunting and would love to see your pic. I have red orbs in pics and am concerned that is why I was looking on this sight. Feel free to send me any pics :) Thanks, Lori

July 6, 2009

Awna @ 5:34 am

This past 4th of July, my friends, boyfriend, as well as myself were all very close to my mother, who in october of 2007 passed on. We all felt a very "weird" sensation the whole night, but didn't notice anything until we started taking pictures. The 4th of July in my family, was a very important holiday. We used this time to have family reunions and catch up with old family and friends. It was always a happy time, and we all looked forward to the 4th of July throughout the year. ANYWAY…my boyfriend and I had taken several pictures through out the day. Nothing was ever wrong with the pictures, and our cameraa worked perfectly all day. BUT, when we started feeling weird, like sensing my mother was there, things started happening. My mother loved a particular type of firework, and a friend of mine baught one in her honer. I was all set up to video tape it, but my camera froze for no reason, and would NOT work. However, after the firework was finished, my camera worked fine….for a while anyways. About 30 minutes later, I went to take a picture of my friends, and it wouldn't take the picture. Until I turned the camera facing me, and then it quickly flashed in my face, taking a partial picture.

I know this sounds funny, however, it really freaked me out. And after we got home, and examined the pictures we took more closely, we founf that 80% of our pictures had Orbs, faces, demons, and etc in the middle of them. Needless to say, I am still shaken from it. I still feel her presence near me…but not nearly as strong as last night, the 4th of July. I have several pictures…over 200 pics were taken in all…about 130 of them have some sort of face and what-nots in them. But the difference is, the ones taken during the day were fine…the ones that were compromised were taken at night.

July 10, 2009

Jake Z @ 10:04 pm

My personal theory of orbs in a few aspects goes along with many others. I beleive it is a reflection of their death, or something a spirit may be guarding and their attitude towards that place or object. But my theory is a closer link between life and death. People have auras, as do objects, however I think there may be a link between a person's aura throughout their life that coincides with the orb they reflect. I once was able to see people's auras, yet I've always been able to detect a spirit's presence. That is why I believe there is a link between the two.

July 23, 2009

Linda @ 12:57 pm

I have had a large red orb appear infront of me and my children just recently. It was completely solid and about 10" in diameter. It hovered for about 20 to 30 secs then disappeared. It was a truly amazing sight to see. Then my son was in his room last night [he is only 8] and he came running through after seeing a pink and yellow orb. I am finding all this orb activity fascinating to say the least. I have contacted Dianne Cooper who says that this is the Arch Angel Metratron [not sure of spelling] this particular archangel is closely connected to children. I personally thought that it was my late grandmother so I guess I will just have to wait and see what else happens. If anyone has any views please e-mail me at Thanks!

August 3, 2009

Irene Robertson @ 1:07 pm

This is a pic from Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian, of a pink object, it's not in any of the other 20 or so pics taken that day.[IMG][/IMG]

August 7, 2009

Amanda @ 11:51 pm

I spent five years in the Chicago, IL area and have photographed its cemeteries and churches and odd places extensively, but I never once caught an orb. Then, I did a late-night tour of the Lemp mansion in St. Louis, proportedly one of the most haunted houses in America. Result? Orbs all over the place, and the tourists around me were getting them too. So… my question is, why don't I get false 'readings' periodically over time. Why was it that all the orb photographs came from that house?

August 15, 2009

Aileen @ 6:34 pm

I have experienced orbs before, and I'm not sure what they mean. My grandfather passed away recently and when I was visiting my grandmother. I took lots of pictures and in almost all the pictures there is a bunch of "orbs." Very interesting. I have also experienced goosebumps on my arm but only in one area and it looks like someone brushed against me with their finger. It feels like electicity. Again I find this very interesting.

August 29, 2009

paula @ 7:07 am

I have recently been taking pictures around my home and came across a weird one that I took of my partner, while she was decorating my house. I just thought I would take a picture of her and after I took it, a rainbow appeared across the picture. Also there was a fairly large orb at her feet. I would love to know what this means as I am interested in this kind of thing and for the past few years I have had many strange things happen around my home. much thanks xx

September 21, 2009

mags @ 11:15 am

I have the gift and see orbs in my house and am trying to ascertain who they are. The orbs that come to me are mainly situated in my bedroom and when I switch the light on, they appear and then when the light is off they travel towards me, like a yellow colour with a red outline and a bit of green and sometimes follow me around the house. There are about 4 of them. I know my granny is with me, but I have the feeling there is someone else trying to connect to me who I don't know as the light keeps flickering when I ask it questions.

September 23, 2009

catherine @ 10:00 am

My dog was barking at something down the hallway at 4:00 a.m. I grabed my camera next to my bed and started shooting pictures in the dark. my camera is equiped with infrared. When I examined the photo's, there were multiple orbs, some in color and various sizes. I have been doing research on them and still, their is nothing concrete. Can someone explain to me what these light's might be? Thank you.

September 24, 2009

Barbara @ 7:07 pm

I have had a similar experience like yours. I am getting lots of white orbs in my backyard, and getting blue orbs in my house. I have a picture of a blue orb in my eye and 2 blue orbs on my head. There are numerous white orbs in my swimming pool, the wooded area behind my home, around my shed and in my backyard. Have You been able to find out anything about your orbs, I hope You can help me shed some light on mine. Oh yeah, also a couple of the orbs in my pool are pictures of skulls, it's a skull orb?

Barbara @ 7:13 pm

I would love to see your pictures, I have skull photos also. Have You been able to find out any information about your pictures? My skulls pics appear in my swimming pool in my backyard.

September 28, 2009

Nancy @ 12:59 pm

My mom slept over my grandma's house on Saturday. She said that about 50 tiny orbs appeared in her room bright enough to light up the room. She said she was scared because they swirled around her. They lasted about 3 seconds and visited twice that night. Is there anything I can tell her to calm her down? She wants to know if this is cry for help from beyond. Any help please. Thank you.

October 1, 2009

danny @ 6:32 am

a few nights ago my wife was saying there people outside trying to get in the house. i looked out all the windows didnt see nothing she took pic around the house on her cell phone i started going thru them and zoomed on them i saw a a man with black hair a crazy looking face that didnt look human in the closet and other faces around the house. The next day i get home she told me she had to beg for her life or they were going to hurt the kids and me i told her she was crazy. that night i started taking pic in our room and saw faces on the tv and it was off and the mirror in our room and we where nowhere near it when i took the pic on my phone i saw a black shadow scary face and set of red eyes it scared the crap out of me i took more pic and you see red eyes in a few of the pic and evil faces in every room of the house my wife freaked out and tried to kill her self she never done any thing like that before. i dont know if its the spirits in the house. whatever there havent gone back in the house since that day hoping somebody can guide me in the right way to get these things out of my house but plan on moving out at the beginning of the new year. hope this doesnt happen to anybody else. it's a scary feeling and believe in the paranormal. if somebody can help me on this please email me back @ d2.power@yahoocom thankyou for whoever can help me out on this situation. god bless

Di @ 10:35 pm

Never seen a ghost or any orbs in pics over the years, but a few years back an amber colored orb appeared over my clost door. It even had the protoplasm stuff inside and was translucent and lighter amber colored in the middle. It hovered there a few seconds, I glanced away and I've never seen it since. I can't figure out what it was, and why it was there.

October 4, 2009

Georgia @ 10:58 pm

We had a boxer that was dying from bone cancer. He was more than a dog, he was a little man. Anyways, we had the tumor removed and in every recovery pic and pic from that point on, there is a large orb on him, or above him, some where near him…. Every picture. Call it dust, I call it his angel.

October 15, 2009

Doorene @ 11:41 am

Well I am not sure about orbs and what causes them.. I was married for 35 years and my husband pased away Jan 5, 2009. Up until that time we never had orbs or white spots in any of our pictures and seriously we probaly have millions of photos with different cameras. Since his death, the white spots are in almost every picture and with different cameras. After I had surgery in the middle of the night I was lying in bed facing the wall and I was awakened and seen a very pretty pink circle floating back and forth like a watchman on lookout. I rubbed my eyes and looked again 3 times, but it kept floating back and forth. Then two months later again asleep and awakened to see a light red circle, it to was moving back nd forth like a watchman. Do you have any ideas on my circles?

Chris @ 8:16 pm

In my opinion, orbs are the most common way that ghost are witnessed. When you have orbs around you in pictures, it is more than likely someone that has past and is watching over you. My uncle past when I was very young. I don't even think my cousin was old enough to remember him, but he was in every single picture at my cousins wedding as a white orb. I have only seen white orbs until recently. I took many pictures at the St. Augustine lighthouse in Florida and have a red orb in one of them. I would like to know if color has any meaning or is it like an aura. Maybe the color changes with the mood of the spirit?

October 27, 2009

Felicia @ 10:51 am

I have seen a yellow orb and a blue orb as well, what does that mean ?

November 1, 2009

Todd @ 9:45 pm

Can anyone tell me what unexplained red dots are that appear in photos? I was taking pictures in a 1800's cemetary one night and I caught several red dots in the pics later upon reviewing. Any answers?

November 5, 2009

martin @ 5:44 am

I saw an orb 3minutes 13seconds on the left hand side of this video on youtube, An orb appears then just dissapears into jessica. This lady is very gifted and has her eyes wide open, Wish their was more like her.

chris klag @ 8:46 pm

i was with my girlfriend walking one of her friends home. i said be careful she said ok. but a cat followed her all the way home…and as we were walking my girlfriend ( she can see ghost) got in a daze and said she was gonna see her grandmom come out of this red light at a school. i was like cmon babe lets go.. she said no and walked to it. now i hear that symbolizes death. idk this is not a joke if anyone thinks im kidding if any one has answers post back. but when i got home. i had like a flash back of everything that happened but… i saw her grandmom… i didnt see her when we were walking… but it was just like how she told me she saw her

November 8, 2009

Tony @ 3:30 pm

What does it mean when you see one silver and one gold ribbons in a photo anyone know?
email me I will provide a photo if you wanna see.

November 9, 2009

Georgia @ 11:57 pm

I was taking photos of my hair the other day in the bathroom, and in one photo, behind me is a freaky black shadow. It looks like a blurred figure of a face with a black cape. I am kind of freaking out and i dont know whether its just a weird thing from the camera or a spirit. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me please.

November 12, 2009

JDM @ 12:14 am

Me and my brother were trying to unlock the door at our dads shop and the door was being a little difficult to open so I started to shake the door and wiggle my key back and forth making a little noise when we noticed a vibrant glowing blue orb staring us in the face. We stopped looked at each other and we asked ourselves "did you see that? Ya did you? Ya" so we decided to not stay and we left. Now I've always have known that the shop complex has been "haunted" cause we could be working late and the shop next door would all of the sudden have air tools and other automotive tools going off with nobody being there.  Kinda creepy at midnight.

November 24, 2009

charles erdman @ 9:13 pm

I believe in ghosts because when i was a kid strange and paranormal things used to happen to me and my sisters. we used to stay at my aunts house and every time we walked the long hallway i felt a presence watching me so i stayed in the bathroom till someone knocked on the door. one day my sister karen stayed in the house with her grandmother and she was siting in the room by herself reading.  the picture fell off the wall and the lights turned out. she wwent in another room, and the some thing happened. then she heard a loud banging noise. she thought someone was working outside. there was no one in sight…she went back in the house.

the noises started, they were coming from within the house. then the dogs fur stood up on his back and he started growling. then my sister and grandmother grabbed some palms and started praying..after that mom my and aunt came back. karen told her about the frightning expreience they had. they did not believe them..then my grandmother saw a ghost walk through the wall. They did not believe her, they thought she was crazy…when we grew up we still had paranormal stuff happen to us…one night when me and my other sister charlene were siting on the sofa watching a movie, all of a sudden, the sofa shook and i could see the water glasses shaking with ripples in the glass, and a strong colonge smell would be in the place. we ran and got our other sister, she came up and we told her. it was like nothing happened, very weird.

November 25, 2009

Chris @ 12:31 am

I have experienced the same thing. I was in a bed and breakfast (built in 1885) with my husband. We where celebrating our 10th Anniversary. I felt somthing touch my nose and jumped up to see an orange orb in front of me. I was startled and couldnt speak.

The orange orb disappeared very quickly. I think maybe it didnt like my snoring. I know this sounds funny but my husband says I snore very loudly. This thing touched my nose very lightly and then it was gone. This memory will always stay with me, its been 14 months and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.  Anyone have any answers for me?

November 26, 2009

Linda @ 10:16 pm

My daughter and I were driving around about 3:00a.m. We were in a wooded area and were slowing down because we were approaching a traffic light. A green orb, about the size of a baseball, floated in a gentle up and down motion from one side of the road went in front of our car and went into the woods on the other side of the road. We both saw it plain as day.

November 29, 2009

Sue @ 1:15 pm

In the past month I have seen tiny orbs above my bed at night, they look like faraway twinkling stars or fireflies. White in color mostly. When they come I am overcome with a calmness and feeling of well being. Now I don't see them every night but maybe half a dozen times or so. I have started a log and have noticed usually something happens the day after they appear and its almost always a good thing that happens. Now yesterday not as many appeared, just a few and there was one tiny pink one, then a blue, then a red one, then a few white appeared then they all vanished. Has anyone ever experienced this type of visual? I would love to know. Thanks

December 4, 2009

kathryn @ 3:27 pm

Ghosts..possible..some fleeting observational data..but no real formal rigorous study.. we are not there say for sure anything more than..well, maybe one day this observational stuff can be put thru a more scientific approach( eMF meters and high tech equipment are instruments–not science) — so I like working with gifted studetns in the 5th-8th grade range..we work on improving formal logic ,criticalthinking–not defaulting to supernatural–that is lazy, before you exhaust all possibilities and even when you exhaust them– the supernatural is so ill defined and documented– it is only an educated "guess' despite any "certified ghost hunters" out there. Brain injury/seizure/migriane–epilepsy aura (all codnitions are common –20% of Americans have some form of migriane)–it is a condition that everyone may want to google. variations that are more normal for migraines are migraie with aura–but complicatedimigraine you can have visual , smell, taste, and auditory (hear voices etc) experiences–hallucinations– you will think if uneducated about that condition that you may be being haunted or visited by Jesus or Allah. –almost 20% of the pop. has migraine. Beofre you go paranormal–look for horses whenyou hear hoofbeats as the saying goes–not zebras. Extraoridnary calims require extraordinary evidence…the late astronomer Carl sagan.. .plus, any brain–working fine–can "blip".

I have paranormal experiences(I think–can't know for sure, but my "paranormals" behave differnetly from migriane auras/hallucinations I am very familiar with) and I too have audio/dgital camera stuff that I would have said a year ago if seen with my eyes was some new migraine aura….having true meidcal brain based halluciantions that makes it difficult to study many things–including paranormal (I have a science bkgd and am married to a physicist who does not believe in paranormal things,depsite his seeing a few of the things–he has to attribute them to something –a funny shadow where light is playing tricks with your brain etc) because in Newtowian physics–the world we are made to deal with physically– these encounters– such as picking up EVps simply "cannot be" and a scientist can get really nervous when things don't obey natualr law.. and rules of the phsyical Earth..I think he just thinks i am having more and diff. auras–even I did– but eEgs etc– went and got a compelete brain check when these things began–or I began noticing them (after having taken a hard fall hitting my forehead–May 2009)– that is when the weird stuff began–so I got it checked outmedically–it is not anything new medically..but that is a good way to think about any thing you are unsure of..check out the normal possibliites. and then re-check them in 6 mths..:) –

I discovered my little odd "ghosts/voices" etc quite by accident when I bought a low end Canon digital camera and digital Sony audio recorder for use for my teaching work.. –although as a migrianeur i was quite used to hearing voices and smelling things like my grnam'as denture cleaner–she's dead– and would not have that stuff in myc ar– those are "smell memories" migraine -based– and I am fmailiar with thing s like that.. –not schizophrenic–another think tolook for–esp.if you feelyou are being "possesed"..get they to a doctor fast–psychiatrist and I am not commande dto harm anyone, etc by migriane auras– just random memory type things–mostly "memories" I would say that play back– a person with eplepsy/seizures can have these same types of hallucinations pre-seizure etc.. so i have determined ways to differentiate between what is migraine and what is something that I am not ready to say 100% is a ghost or ssupernatural( but am open to those possibilities)–we cannot doconfrim in any scienitific way yet the existence of ghosts etc..despite all our photos and picutres and voices….even mine..and I think itmight be really attributed to paranormal…but there is no way to formally know thru mainstrream, respectable science.. …anyone who thinks that running around with cameras snapping photos and weird eVPs is working scienctifically IS NOT… For one thing.. we have yet to "find" definitvely and I mean definitvely using the current best available scientific method (a formal way–not an intuitve way of studying somethng) we have never seen a pink zebra or a ghost for sure to the statistical statisfaction of science–in most science–for soemthing to be accepted as being real and "so", your ghost or haunting has to be able to be studied under the very same conditions, repeatedly (for decades–not coming in 2-3 times) and has to be studied against a control situation that is the same or as close to the same as the paranormal thing and area you are studying as possible..under the same conditions of weather, temp, season, same everything– minutely the same and boringly slow is the way of real reserch. Other investigators must be able to come onsite–repeat your slow,long often painfully boring research techniques… and succesfully replicate your results a bunch of times to reach statistical significance to say a ghost let's say or a haunting is "real". that has never happened and it is Dec 3, 2009.

If we had def. results, we would see mainstream reserarch money poured into this field. It is the zillion $ question–what happens after we die. Unless the brain/mind are separate–the mind(intellligence) has to die with the body and the body' brain's death. Energy would be either tranferred into soil or into the air like steam if the brain/mind are the same things…mainstream neuroscience is getting more data that says that when we die..we die andno afterlife..BUT, maybe mainstream science is not right. Mainstream science has been wrong before on lots of things–we later find out something else is proven right to a confidence of being 95% sure. But that is the beauty of real science. When it finds definitively that something we alway s thought was right is not right..then science accepts the new right idea…and that is what sep. scientific thinking from religion..any reigion that tellsyou not too think, but to trust, and have very wary of being willfully ignorant. Being asked and told "not to think" just have faith. What we all are getting w/ our EVPs and photos etc.. is really interesting observations(so there is a part of the Sciencitfic Method being used by some)–some folks just chase for the trhill–that is fine too.. — we are getting observational data–but in an "uncontrolled" way.. so until you can say scientifically that if you and I both went to the same haunted house and 4 other people studied it the same way got the same results enough times over along enough period– and we ran it thru some statistical framework–we woudld be considered valid and right — if we could say that the data shouws w/ a 95% confidence –that means we only have a 5 % chance of being wrong–thensomeone willhave found their ghost.

With what we all have–observational data–your eyes,ears, etc can fool you is just a big idea with some "wathcing the lions like on a safari".. that's ok forthe amateur as long as you do not draw conclusions not supported by your incomplete data. ..and anyone who wants to study the paranormal needs to understand first a bit about the earth world(normal science) and how iEarth's "normal" physics work.. and how our bodies and how our brain is wired together it works.. fo example, how our brians can detect patterns broadly–see them even when they do not exist (Mary in the grilled cheese sandwich) –it is a genetically, evolutionarliy acquired way of thinking–to see something that we think may bedangerous,etc –a built in sruvival mechanism. But science doesnot work that way.It requires formal learning techniques that are independent of your views of the world. For example,.. Correlation does not always equal cause. If you say " Mr ghost, please–bang on that pipe I am standing beside inthis basement and bang 2 times " and that actuallly happens—it is interesting–but not "proof" is a leap of faith, not science to say that your request of the ghost was answered by the ghost(you can't even see the ghost–no one has proven they exist)–and tmany things ar just coincidence or we perceive a "pattern" that is not really a pattern at all. Your brain is wired to do this because someitmes you may be usnusre about something dangerous–so it would be better to be wrong and out breath from running away from animaginary tiger than be right if it was really a tiger and mauled.. –now–your observation (the pipe bangin 2x on command) has more "weight" scientifically if you could get that g"ghost" you are talking to to bang on that pipe in the basement let's say 2x upon your request for 100 times you asked it to do. In a row and then for the next 3-5 yrs when codnitions are the same and you are studying this same dingy basement..that is scienitfic way… That would carry some real weight.

Enough "trials" to maybe say that the command was equated with the sound from the pipe scientifically. So that does not mean you do not study the paranormal..if you are interested. but take a moment to learn about physics on the earth and about the device you will need to know the most about–the brain/mind and how humans think–how they can make leaps of logic etc.. we have to do that at times–it serves us welll in day to day life–but it is a poor way to formally study something..that is why the scientific method has to be is not a "natural way" the brain have to set aside your own brian's baggage and "follow the data" and as I said–that data cannot just be observed–it has to be observed and observable and testable etc by not just a person who is "sensitive" but by the biggest skeptic of all–a physicist like my husband (works for NASA) and I have both 4 yrs of nursing school and and a masters inscienceduc so I have had to formally learn how to think. But learn a little about how your world works on a daily basis–nd how your body works –simple things like light–visible light spectrum, the ways the sound and light carry–and the "way" your eyes and ears /brain process these stimuli things like, what is "energy".. and just wiki Scientific method and I htink you willget the idea as to how something is studied scientifically. and it willhelp you in your own stufy of the Para-normal". Observational data is mostly the best we can do right now with paranormal observation, I think. And we have to also look at formal logic, and philosphy to help us think aobut possiblity.. The answer may lie in subatomic /quantum particle phsyics– and that is so counterintuitive no one understnads it–not even many physicists..

Quantuam physics–we are talking about things smaller than electrons.. operate under different "physics"laws than we use on Earth.. the kind of rules that are Alice in Wonderland..up maybe down– spac and time are 2 ways of looking at the very same thing–that kind of thing–I cannot explain it..but , science may eventually–as it finds "observable" subatamic data and establishes a separate or special form of the Scientific Method and tools–right now we have very blunt instruments for regualr folks –digital cameras and such–even IR etc.. and even the very best equipment used by NASA, CERN etc may help provide the the type of ifnormation that is discovered by those theoretical phsycists that eventually helps us make sense of what we get very quick "fleeting" observations of "in the ghost field.. but, thought exercise and field investigation…and parnaormal researchers who want to work as scientists would do would do better by learning form regualr science–how to do formal reserach.. less hoarding of their work –more sharing and setting up formal international protocols for real'research" even given the limited data they have. As for people like me –an amateur paranormal Natualist" I feel. Obsrvations, feelings, recoridngs, etc and am willing to live with uncertainty of probability that there is afterlife and we sruvive intelligently somehow– but will never ever no matter how manny wraiths or sounds I get on tape tell another human being that I a m"sure" their house is haunted..I cannot be sure..because there isnot a body of scientifically, peer reviewed data that is good enough for me touse as a bsis fr studying this scientifically. I think there is a strong possibility that we "get" sometimes things we don't have ready answers for or that are not "normal" inthe sense of the way our Earth works phsyics -wise. But it is aleap of logic to go from that idea to saying you know for sure…when i began having such horrible migraine aruas before I thougt of the supernatural, iwent to the Medline , National LIbrary of Medicnie on line and learned more aobut migraine and that it and seizures could cause these "hallucinations"..but there is a long history..going back many years and it has been replicated under controled codnitions in the lab of academic medicine– paranormal right now cannot.

But if personally asked my opinion — I would say that I think given my own personal experiences etc and observations and my photos and audio recordings…there is a "possibility" what the probability it is that it is what I think it is " intelligence moving without a body– a former living ,breathing human,etc or whatever..I could not say what the probability of that is..the more things you canuse to verif something–the closer you come to being able to be a bit more conviced of the possible of paranormal. But you will still need to test against controls– of some sort–to see if in whatever is considered "non-haunted" can produce the same results , similar results, or confirms that given 2-3 same situations–hthis one has 'something going on" and under the same conditions "the other 2 do not show the same results". Then you have to ivite 20 of your peers in to be able to get the same results you do to have anyhting more than personal meaning… I am content to live with a "personal meaning" of the apranomral. But I never say that it si "true or untrue" because scientifically it is not possible–if you use the accepted methods of the real science community..a trained scientists ways of working.. but have fun, find patterns, analyze, use criiticalthinking skill, and who knows –today's parnaormal observations may eventually be numerous and compelling enough to get reall funding if the paranrmal commmunity who is interested in science gets together and does more than tell stories, show photos, evps–but sets up real protocal that everyone who studys as science has to cannot do it any other way..that would be comparing apples and oranges.. but perosnal observation is like enjoying "bird watching" or nature study as an amateur–and feel free to satisfy your own curiosity and also form even a personal pilosphy —as long as you do not promote that philosphy as being scienitfic or your results as being 100% "true" .. enjoy,learn, have fun, and just maybe something might come from this will warrant further formal study.

It is enough for me to satisfy personal curiosity. Thanks for listening to this old head..i enjoy this site. And very thoughtful comments –am learning a great deal from you all. Happy Holidays to all and thanks for listening ..Will be shorter in future. Much shorter in text. Cheers, Kath

December 8, 2009

martin @ 6:21 am

Check out this white orb i filmed in my house, I have loads more but this is by far the best.

December 10, 2009

Kasia Kosinski @ 11:38 pm

When I was a teenager, In my country Poland, my parents tooked a pictures and it came out like a massive white orbs surrounded by us. The other thing is that I also discovered that my room has a good spirit attached to it cause the light floated like a blink (simuliar to a flush light). Can u have help? Other things I have been hearing are voices nonstop in my room.

December 11, 2009

Riley @ 5:25 pm

A few months back, I was on a trip in California, taking a tour through the Queen Mary. While wandering an old boiler room, I snapped a of a doorway, and there appeared to be a rather large purple orb near the top of the frame. I can't figure out what it means to this day.

December 17, 2009

Rebecca Goodman @ 10:22 am

I am an indigo child. I have seen many orbs in the few very short years i have lived. I attract different entities. I was also born on the cusp of gemini and cancer. My originality seems to have a magnetic effect on orbs. I scare myself at times because for my age i think way too deeply. usually i just keep to myself but i am also realizing i need to know if there is anyone at all like me? i need to know. i dont fit in with other people.

December 24, 2009

Nicki Hemi @ 4:23 am

Hi, we have just had a work party and an orb appeared over one of our faces. White with a clear view of a skull in it. Another few photos showed the orbs around one with a clear cross. What do you think this may mean? I have taken other pictures with faces before but not any with such a clear orb?

December 26, 2009

Melissa Coveney @ 11:55 am

Laying in bed the other night, in the dark, when on the ceiling was a round bright green circle, bigger than a baseball. It stayed there for about 10 seconds. Then dissapeared. I do not beleive in paranormal stuff, I think there's an explanation for everything, but this I cannot explain. When i told my daughter about this large green light, she told me its called an Orb. Ive never heard of this until now.

sheryl Jackson @ 10:28 pm

During the am of 23 Dec 09 I awoke to a number of green orbs floating around my deceased husband's face. They were very much like green fire flies except larger. I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life. It was frighting to me. Sometimes I smell a strong cigar odor in my home. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experince?

Ryan @ 11:27 pm

Wow. That sounds exactly like what happened to me. I got a camera for christmas and I started taking photos in my bed room. At first I was taking a silly picture. and when I looked at the photo there was one large orb lightblue/gray colored clearly on my leg. After further examination, There was one smaller white orb on my head. So I started taking more photos, more and more orbs started appearing in every photo. Then after 4 photos they all vanished. I took 10 or more photos. In the same areas as before and they were just gone. I waited about 2 hours then took a random shot. there were littlerally a hundred + orbs. Some large some big. I noticed rainbow patterns on one. Blue , Purple ,slight red, green, There are a ton of blue purple and whites. Only 2 or so orbs in the photos had other colors.. I took another photo really fast on a different camera. and There were still alot of orbs. But far less. Then I took a third photo on my first camera and not a sign of any orbs. Its really intriguing. But I think they are shy ^^ (One day a small glass stacked itself into a larger glass and spilled water on my computer desk.. it was very strange. all I heard was a clank and turned on the light. I was the only person in the room :O

Anonymous @ 11:40 pm

Recently I have been looking through my photos and I have been seeing these circular objects that vary in color. This recently started happening and I 'am very scared. Im 13 years old and I dont know what to do. And I dought that it is dust particles because me and my friend took the same picture with her camera and mine and we got the same thing. And her camera is new. Please someone help explain this.

December 27, 2009

kelbycarie @ 11:18 pm

I have a question about red orbs that you can see with the naked eye…..A few days after my daughter was born I woke up in the middle of the night to check on her and when I looked into her bassinet there was a bright red orb the size of a pencil eraser. It stayed above her head for a few seconds and then it disappeared. At first it scared me but the more I thought about it the more it became interesting and I wonder what it was. I only seen it once and it was very bright like one of those laser pens but this was back in 1996 before people had laser pens. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be? Has anyone else seen a red orb around a baby before?

December 28, 2009

Caity @ 4:16 pm

On Christmas this year i took pictures of my tree and on it all the way in the back of the room was a blue circular thing…. is it a ghost?

January 1, 2010

Ray @ 3:02 am

well we were taking pics in my apartment and we saw clouds but not foggy, weird shapes that were brightened up and we kept taking pics. he saw that there were orbs all around.  as i did that i thought that if i could catch a spirit not knowing i turned quickly stayed still and it was like an orange.  we made a close up and it had like another orange dot in the middle. there was another small orange one. is it a good spirit or not? and what kind could it be? is it harmful?

claudia @ 9:33 pm

hi my name is claudia. i recently took some pictures where i was surrounded by spheres of light that weren't there when the picture was taken …in these pictures there seem to be faces in the spheres. what could this be?

February 4, 2010

brian @ 8:44 pm

Hello, I consider myself an expert on orb identification, if you send me the photos, I will analyze them with my infrared scanner, and tell you what I think.

February 5, 2010

elle @ 12:37 pm

Last night I went to bed the usual round 11:00pm. I awoke at 12:29 and used the bathroom. When I went back to bed I began to lift my blanket and saw this extremely yellow or green bright ball of light inside my blanket which startled me so I hit my husband and he awoke startled as well. As he asked me what happened, I thought to myself it must have been the light on his cell phone hanging on his pants on the left hand side post of the bed… I told my husband if the heat was still on because I was too hot. I didn't want to try to explain what I'd seen. He quickly fell back into a deep sleep and I kept trying to spot the light from his phone but couldn't. Again, I lifted my sheet and blanket only to see this exact same light now completely opposite where I'd originally seen it. This time it was lower all the way to my left. I was no longer startled but scared and turned on my tummy covering myself completely till I forced myself back to sleep.
Whatever the round ball of light was was inside my blanket not hovering over it but inside. Also, it was no bigger than a lil larger than the size of a quarter.

elle @ 12:45 pm

Also, while on the subject my daughter took this photo a couple of years ago. She wanted to capture the colors of the foliage that fall from our terrace where we live. One day I was going to use her camera and noticed a tiny speck from the small screen and asked her to upload it. This is what was captured. Not exactly sure what it is some sort of anomaly? A co-worker mentioned it looks like a face inside – sort of like a pixie – if that makes sense? Also, on one side of the diamond shape there's a blue light on the other yellow. Any ideas? I'd appreciate your response.

Two photos taken on the same day no flash was used.

angel @ 5:51 pm

Beginning of January 2010 at 10am i saw an oblong shape ORB. its color is purple and it changed into violet. it was moving on my wall on my headboard of my bed. it really moved up and down like it was dancing. i saw it for about 5 mins. pls help me. what is the meaning of it?

February 8, 2010

truth @ 2:38 pm

well my first encounter with a orb was when my first child was born. he was a month old. i was in my room getting him ready for bed that when i saw a white orb on my wall. i was surprised that it was just there and it wouldn't go anywhere. my mother lived next door to me so i ran out the house and banged on the door. my sister answered the door.  she said what's wrong. i did'nt want to frighten her so i said nothing just bored. she said you act like you just seen a ghost. i said 'naw.' so the next morning she told me she had seen something that looked like a ball of light in the hallway. she said it seemed like it was staring at her. she said she closed her eyes and went to sleep. i told her that's why i came over. she said maybe it was following me. what do you guys think?

truth @ 2:49 pm

now i dont know if this was a orb, but when i had my second son he was a month old. i laid next to him. he looked like he had a red light on his face. his face lit up like he had a light inside his skin. i rubbed his face but it was still there. i started praying to God and the light went away. can someone please tell me what that was?

February 9, 2010

sarah @ 12:04 am

hi my name is sarah. i went camping with my friend and her family and we were taking photos and thease white orbs started poping up…the next day the park rangers told us where her parents tent was it used to be an indian burial ground…when we went home we zoomed in on the photos and it looked as if there were faces in them ….its kinda freeky so i became more interested in knowing if it was paranormal or if you could please answer my question it would be greatful!! thank you

February 12, 2010

Kimmy @ 5:57 am

Hi, I was wondering if some one could answer this question. does anyone know what a black orb means? I havent seen it myself, but our grand daughter is 14 months old, and for about the last 6 months, my husband, grandad, has been seeing little black orbs floating around her face on a regular basis. sometimes they are there and some times they are not. I was nursing her on my knee one day and he said that there was one floating around her forhead, but I could not see it. Does anyone know what it could be!!!, thanks Kimmy

February 14, 2010

glenn @ 7:35 pm

i bought i cctv thingy for my dad yesterday, night vision the usual, just to watch foxes that come into our back garden! we were shocked n still are shocked by some off the things we have seen on it. seems there are orbs, or what i believe to be orbs, all over, and im not just talking a few. im talking 100s, they go quiet, until someone moves. then they're back brighter than ever and they seem to follow people.

February 15, 2010

Lillie @ 10:59 pm

i have a picture that we took and was just flipping through them and I found a dark color orb, on the eye of my grandmother. it was like a charcoal gray color. i even have the picture. i can e-mail, i was standing by the door and she was in her chair. if someone could please tell me what it is?

February 16, 2010

Darlene Bressette-Sherman @ 11:52 pm

I have a question that I have been seeking answers to and have not come up with much of anything, yet. My grandmother and I were very close, she passed away this past Thursday February 12th at 2:53 pm. My mother and I were there on both sides of the bed hysterical and crying. After about 5 minutes, we calmed down a bit and the first thing I noticed was a song, rather a theme from Young and the Restless by henri Mancini playing on the TV (music channel). This struck me as odd at the time because I don't think that she ever missed an episode since it aired, and she was just talking about the theme song and how pretty it was a week earlier. Then my mother was telling me that she and my grandmother had been seeing lights and shapes of mist in the apt. (my grandfather passed jan 30th 2008). So, my mother told me to look up, and I am not one who has ever seen anything but I do believe. I looked up and it is quit hard to explain but there was a fog not white but greyish, charcoal in color… could feel the heaviness when your hand touched it. Then there were at least 20 or more black like specs, small almost looked like it was a dustball. That is what I thought until it went straight toward my head, I moved back watched it go through my hand and then it shot back up to the ceiling. They were all moving around , it was so surreal and 3-d looking. I know I saw this and was perplexed by the color???? Also when the body was removed they where gone , I have not seen them since. Interesting fact as well my grandfather died 6 days before my mother birthday and my grandmother exactly 6 days afterward……I would like to know if anyone can tell me what the color of these , what I believe to be spirits, mean?

February 21, 2010

bryant ebron @ 6:52 pm

i live in derby ct. just moved here about a month ago and i live about 3 blocks from an old cemetery and one cold wintery nite i went to that graveyard and i went up to the gates. i don't know, i guess the keeper locked them. when i took my camera phone, on the camera, in between the bar zooming towards tombstones i can see a flaming red ball (which looks like a hot red orb) and i couldnt see it with my own eyes. i was like what the hell? And i snapped it and got the red orb and towards the upper right, a ghostly looking face.

February 24, 2010

CARLA LUYBER @ 9:12 am

My father passed away last year and i recently have been asking him to show himself to me. i have several pictures of orbs and was wondering who could i get to take a look at them to tell me if it's real or not. The big white orb that keeps showing up in my photos is very large and very bright. i believe it to be my father but is there someone who can take a look??

March 3, 2010

Nicole @ 2:36 am

A good way to tell the difference in the orbs is if it has a ring or several rings in the orb in a picture than it is dust or just a reflection of some sort of particle in the air. If the so called orb has somewhat of a smiley face inside of it than it is also some sort of dust or particle in the air. I dont believe in posting orbs in pictures as paranormal evidence only because the chances of it being a real paranormal orb is about slim to none. I am sorry if that sounded harsh, I am an investigator myself and I am personally tired of looking at other paranormal investigators websites and seeing every picture they post being either orbs when you can clearly see it is either dust or some other particle, lens flare, or reflection off of something in the room. And they also post the energy mist and that is more than likely breath (even tho you cant see it yourself it still shows up in the cam) or smoke regardless of the person saying oh noone was smoking.

But to answer your question, a real orb will emit its own light, and you will be able to see its own flight path, sometimes it will look like a tail behind it. These are just some of the descriptions of an orb. I hope this helped some. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me.

March 4, 2010

Maryjo Woods And Amy Little @ 11:00 am

I took lots of photos of my friends and when we looked at them there were orbs around their head.  may went to a party and when she looked at the photos there were orbs around her friends heads too.

March 8, 2010

amber @ 12:52 pm

i've seen orbs before, but mostly orange orbs. im not expecting them of course.

amber @ 12:55 pm

In pictures, why do they pop up like that?

amber @ 1:07 pm

well sarah, that was kind of paranormal. i would be freaked out too, notice that it was an indian burial ground.

March 12, 2010

mark @ 12:57 pm

I had a dream last night that I was at my wedding, and in real life I'm not even married. I'm only 18 but in the dream my whole family was there and it's in a church, kind of angled down. as I'm walking down these stairs/aisle I see something quite unusual. it's my grandfather who has been deceased since I was about 6. in the dream when I see him I can't help but to start crying. the weird thing is my whole family is aware that he's there for my wedding too. they are all staring up at me, and next thing I know he's gone. as I sit in the aisle next to a cousin I begin to cry again. I ask how it was posible, and they tell me at first they all saw a pink rubbery orb/ball floating at one of the pews/seats next to them and he appeared. as they were saying this, I see the same exact thing. it is going up the aisle and it stops directly in front of me. I can actually feel the orb, it feels as if it were made of a verry soft rubber and looks like as if it were two circles intertwined. in this circle I see an image of my grandfather smiling at me. I feel his arm around me squeezing me tight hugging me. I begin to cry again. this is when I wakeup from my dream, only to see I am still in tears. I still felt his arms around me as I woke up. will someone PLEASE tell me what this means. it will mean alot if you told me or made an attempt. u can get ahold of me at my email thank you

March 16, 2010

joni burke @ 1:49 am

my group and i were visiting a closed nursing home i used to work at. the place is haunted. i have a pic of a red, blue orb in the hand of my friend, creepy. she is a nurse. other orbs i have are white n clear. outside orbs around the building, on top of the roof are light blue, red orange and green. a few white ones on the walls outside of the building. it was pitch black outside when i took these pics with my digital cam. i also have pics of faces looking out of windows and one pic that looks like a dog or some kind of creature i dont know what. we also got some evps of a voice saying get out right after i spoke. i heard that evp thru headphones my friend recorded on a common recorder. anyone like to see pics, ill email. i also have some orbs sitting on a chair in my bedroom. they are white. creepy. saw them thru my eyes. ty

March 17, 2010

emily @ 11:51 pm

i have a picture taken at my aunty's wedding with all of all the family. there are 2 pictures taken one after the other. in one of the pictures there is a big purple orb in front of my face and a purple shine in my right eye, but in the other picture there is nothing? i also have a picture of me at my friend's house with a duller purple orb again in front of my face, with a duller purple shine in my right eye. its as if im looking streight at it. i have seen orbs before but they are always white. what does the colour purple mean?

March 20, 2010

stephanie cox @ 5:26 pm

I have seen orbs three times since my brother in law was violently murdered the night before our wedding. 6 months after he passed we finally got married in Santa fe and I saw two circling orbs super white light next to each other. I saw a red one fly over me when at a silent retreat in the woods months later. finally i saw one last week that split apart in the sky and danced around the sky, again white in color. i've been angry and confused about his passing and some of his life choices. Could this be him trying to connect or simply angels? i never feel anything during the experiences but do wonder what's going on. Any ideas?

March 21, 2010

amber @ 4:25 pm

whats an orange orb mean? if someone could answer that for me id be so grateful.

March 22, 2010

ethon and josh @ 10:41 pm

look im not gonna lie me an my buddie have been experiencing some unexplainable encounters with what we think are to be are orbs..we have both seen orbs together, and apart from each other … just this last weekend we were having a get together taking pics from a digital camera at night, just catching up an remembering the good times. well when we put the pics on the computer there are unexplainable white yellowish transparent floating balls there were "orbs" on us literally on us chilling there …ranging from 5 to 20+ orbs in different picture… some clearly gave off light . there were 3 ppl in one photo at a time and they were literally right next to me and josh nobody else .. we get goose bumps just looking at the pictures or telling a story .. we havent let it bother us till now.. after we have seen these pictures with 20+ orbs in one pic jsut around me and josh … We are not making this up. We need some sort of advice, some sort of help with this.  We don't know what to do.  Honestly could some one please help us out…

Alex @ 11:05 pm

I have recently been experiencing really bright little looking orbs around me. I notice them out of my peripheral vision but they are very vivid. It's really strange they just appear out of nowhere, I find this to be a little strange because I am experiencing them in person. they only last a few seconds then disappear. Can anyone let me know if they know what this is or if anyone else has experienced this before.

March 24, 2010

inquisitive @ 1:58 pm

The orb I saw was a translucent red, about the the size of a baseball, and moved like a wiffle ball, like someone else accurately described. It appeared out of nowhere in my large backyard in a very populated suburb of california. When it appeared, it was 30 feet directly in front of me at a height of about 10 feet.. it drifted north, along a fence line (3 feet above it), and when it came to a very large bushy tree it proceeded to arc into a VERTICAL ASCENT to avoid the tree. After ascending about 5 feet it either faded out, sped up to speeds my eyes cant detect… or ?????? This was in the middle of the city around 10 o'clock at night. Lasted approx 1 min. The orb was not completely uniform in color (red). It seemed to be radiating energy, pulsing, moving, (something) very midly, because of the variations of orange to red that happened from the center out. There may have been movement within the orb as well, imagine a ball of light with a gyrating center of energy. Trippy huh? How the f am I supposed to interpret that, lol. I was 18, good health, never needed glasses.. just walking through my backyard. Nothing ever again. At the time I thought it was intelligent vs an actual illuminated ball. Remote or internal intelligence idk ^.^

March 25, 2010

Bradley @ 8:17 am

The first orb that I saw was around a little girl about eight years old. I saw in a dream and she had a dark red orb around her. I looked up the color dark red and it means anger, pain, and psychological impairment. Now I take this into consideration and take the orbs I see more seriously.

Bradley @ 8:24 am

What you saw was an orb. Do not fear because all it is is a spirit trying to communicate with you. I have the ability to see orbs and I'm looking for the answers I have. Charlotte, you have to communicate with it.

Brandy White @ 1:12 pm

My in laws came to visit thanksgiving and they have a fancy camera where you take quick frame by frame pics. so we told them that we hear stuff and pics fly off the wall and such. he went to the stairs and made pics. well in them was a blue orb that was flying around and into the wall. then my sister in law proceeded to go upstairs and ask it questions. one of my pictures then flew off the wall. As they were leaving, she was making pictures and there was a redish orange orb floating around outside. someone please tell me what these colored orbs mean.

March 26, 2010

amber @ 5:01 am

what do orange orbs mean?  usually i know they're trying to talk to you. they just cant because some of them are orbs and light.

April 2, 2010

Jean @ 9:48 pm

I had an unusual experience. 9 years ago I had saved a friend's life, and when she was out of the hospital we sat in total darkness in my TV room discussing Kaballah. I was exhausted at the time. All of a sudden I saw a stationary purple orb about 3 feet high and somewhere between a round and oval shape in the next room. I kept blinking my eyes because I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. Then the orb floated into my room and placed itself about 8 feet away from me in front of the couch. After a minute or so it disappeared. Then all of a sudden 3 similar purple orbs appeared together in the same spot in a formation in the other room, remained stationary for a littl bit, then floated into my room and placed themselves in front of the couch. After about a minute they suddenly vanished. I didn't know what to make of what I had just seen, and waited a few minutes before asking my friend if she had seen anything unusual. She had not. So, these orbs appeared to me for some reason, and I have yet to figure out just what type of energy being they were. Some people have speculated that they were angels.

April 3, 2010

Marilyn @ 12:07 pm

I saw a white orb when I was little inside my house. I put my hand over it

Marilyn @ 12:18 pm

Hi Fran, I have seen 2 orbs. One at my moms house when I was little. I got married and was living in another house and saw another one. Inside my house is where they were. I put my hand over the light and I covered it. Weird. They did not move around. What do you think this means?


April 4, 2010

Anna Kock @ 9:05 pm

Everything start in Oct.23, 2007 untill now 2009 when my daughter start seeing things like the old woman sitting on the swinging chair in my mother's house. Then she continue seeing other things like black shadows. My daughter said that the black shadows were not good. Then she saw a little 2yr old girl raising her two arms, so my daughter can carry her, but my daughter just holds her little hand, and she was walking all over in the house. My daughter said that she has white shoes, her dress was on top white and her skirt was light blue. Than my start talking with a girl name Paulina. She was 15 a 16 yrs old, long black hair, her skin was white, blue eyes and she has a car accident. My daughter said that this girl was her only friend and she want it to go with her. She took even picture of this girl. When I ask my daughter to ask this ghost, why is she here, who are her parents etc. My daughter said that she don't want to know that, because she want to feel alive. I almost lost my daughter because of all those things that was happening to her. And a lots more things. My daughter voice change sometimes to. My instinct as a mother, know that, that is not my daughter. She always talk alone, wel with this thing. I even brought her to a psychology. But my daughter told me that Paulina (the ghost) tell her that the psychology doesn't know nothing. My daughter took a picture with the ghost behind her. March 24, 2010 Now she began to see Aura of people. She said that she saw her own Aura. And that was black. My daughter told me that my Aura was white, our dog was white and our cat was yellow. Pls. I need some Help with my Daughter. I hope that someone out there can help me. I want to know why this thing is happening to my daughter!!

April 5, 2010

tracy long @ 10:33 pm

i have a picture of my son at his soccer game with ghosts behind him. not orbs, but faces in a tree and a girl with red hair looking from behind the tree. he has a white shadow going over him. my son sees the dead. mainly his uncle. he has been able to see him for the last 4 years. at first it freaked me out. i know my brother is still here with him cause he turns on his t.v. and i can hear him talk to him. the picture is what concerns me. if any one knows anyone i can send it to, to get them to tell me exactly what it is, please do.

April 6, 2010

Patty @ 12:29 am

There are always weird lights of pictures i take of my daughter, can someone please help me read them. Thank you

April 13, 2010

Anastasia @ 7:17 am

I took a photo of a friend of mine and on the top right hand side of his torso he has an orb in the picture. Later he was showing me another photo taken maybe a year earlier with an orb in the same place. I have since noticed that most of the photos of him taken by all different people, in different places at different times of the day have this orb in the same spot.

Any clues on what's going on?

Ginny @ 8:53 am

My husband had almost exactly the same experience at his parents' home three days ago…old farm house…my research led me to your posting…cell phone, etc. But the air was cold. Please…if you get any more info I would really like to hear about it.

April 14, 2010

brenda @ 12:04 am

can someone help me figure out what has happened to me? i was in my bathroom getting ready for work. a bright light or fireball flew over my head and hit my bath tub and made a big boom and dissappeared without a trace of anything left behind. if anyone else has had this happen please let me know what you have found out about this.

April 15, 2010

Scott @ 12:39 am

So two nights in a row I had translucent purple see through skulls floating like three feet in front of me for like 2-3 hours each night. They where rotating and each one was a different shape. Fat heat, tall head, average head. Well when I looked to left of the room they driffed farther away acording to how far I looked. And the more I looked straight, the closer they came. So they were there when I closed my eyes too. I couldn't get rid of them till two hours into the second night. I jumped out from under my covers and swang at them and they vanished. So what do 3 purple skulls rotating in front of u mean? Or what spirit is represented by skulls…purple see through. I just was so scared and I really think this has to do with the spiritual.. Respond please and thanks for your time.

Ali Naim @ 1:35 am

Hey Please email me about this green orb of yours. I'm starting to see something like that in my new home, but i happen to see couple of times like for a mili second. but there are noises around our rooms and beds at night time. It is 2:35am and it's starting to get increase but I wouldn't consider it something serious. I see something like greenish with mix of a bright blue.

April 16, 2010

Jeannie Melville @ 8:39 pm

My niece (6 years old) has seen many red orbs at night in a bedroom of my mom's 100 yr. old house not long ago. She woke and saw like 100's, they were moving up and down and side to side, and touching her grandma and granddad who were asleep, but she woke them and was very scared. It happened the next night too. I know of 3 people who have died in this house. My mom has seen only 1 or 2 white orbs every so often in the middle of the night in her bedroom, but she's never scared.

Elizabeth @ 9:55 pm

I am 70 yrs old and have seen orbs for years. There are gold ones….red always appears when there is danger or trouble. Green is near if i am ill. I see white and yellow, and blue as well. They are spirits….and always helpful in some way. they behave in an intelligent and helpful manner.

Elizabeth @ 9:57 pm

Orbs are also in churches. i went to a service where there were 3 priests. There was a gold orb above each of their heads. Also….when sincere people pray the room can fill up with tiny gold lights…but only if it is sincere and from the heart.

April 17, 2010

Debra Hardy @ 6:04 pm

How many people have seen the orbs at Lake Las Vegas? My friends go out to concerts, and see them out over the lake? We are going to go out to see a concert next week,and I hope to see them there.

April 24, 2010

Julie Bates @ 9:49 pm

Pink denotes "The Heart Chakra" and indicates "Love."


Julie Bates @ 9:50 pm

To me "blue" denotes "communication."


shanna @ 10:22 pm

I have seen with my own two eyes a BRIGHT blue orb at least 3 ft by 2ft that froze me stone cold for at least a minute. Im absolutely not joking, it scared the shit out of me and i can see it still in my mind to this day. It was 3 am and i woke for no reason cause it felt like something was watching me and i looked up… I was so shocked i could not even shake my boyfriend awake. Strange thing is i was not scared but i knew i did not want to get up and fool with it. Honestly i cant remember how it dissappeared, it just did. 

What is worse is it wasnt one of those orbs you see on the tv where they have pictures of tiny orbs. No this was a huge mass of an orb that i dont think i will ever see again… I dont know if i would want to.

May 1, 2010

Karleigh Whetsel @ 10:51 am

This is insane. I'm a 13 year old and i have been seeing abnormal things like this for a long time. I have just recently become scared of them because i have a dark red one and  white one following me. I feel the need to be blessed but i dont want to disturb it…help on ideas and any help i would love :)

May 8, 2010

Bre @ 11:02 am

I've taken mutliple pictures with orbs in them and i've seen and felt some stuff around here…. i give them their space generally and only interact with the spirits if they do first. only scared of one in my house in the back room. but i pretend it isnt there and keep the door closed.

Bre @ 11:06 am

Karleigh, don't be afraid, they feed off your energy. i'm 14 myself and i understand. if they mess with you just ask them what they want or simply tell them to leave you alone for awhile. they usually will only contact you if they need help. they may be following you to protect you or because they feel attached to you or something. they shouldn't do anything to harm you. just ask what they want. good luck.

May 12, 2010

annie @ 5:50 am

what do red orbs mean? cause when i once took a picture of my hallway i saw one.

Heeni @ 9:45 pm

i had took a photo last night. it was my friends birthday, anyway the lights were off and the candles were still burning on the cake.d i took a photo on my phone, the next morning i woke had a look and noticed these two red orbs, and they were large orbs. they wern't tiny as seen in some photos. i want to know what the red orbs mean? why were they there on that night of 13-05-2010.  please email me back

May 23, 2010

Kala @ 4:45 pm

Re: Floating Purple Skulls:

Hi, in ancent times skulls meant wisdom and knowledge and purple was the color that corresponds to this as well. Research the various crystals skulls and the various unknown skulls being found around the world. There are crystal skulls that have been found whose shape denote other alien races that have/may exist or intereacted with humans here on Earth. What you are experiencing sounds like a Shamanic initiation should you choose to accept it.

By taking the skulls into yourself you would be in contact with those races of beings and begin downloading information from those people. Why? Because as we approach 2012 we as a race are changing from a carbon based being to that of a sila base. This means we are graduating and as we do will be allowed to move among more spiritual and knowing beings. You, seeing the skulls, more than likely have come to Earth for the sole purpose of helping to seat such knowledge within yourself and thus would gain the ability to give it to others in the world.

We, as a species, have incarnated time and time again. Well, now it is time for graduation and some of us have come with a purpose and a mission to assist others in waking up… Congradulations, it sounds like you have a very intersting mission and will be working with the Crystals Skulls. May I suggest you arrange a meeting with one of the skulls to get more answers. There are several people that own the skulls and travel around the world with them allowing people to touch them and communicate with them. Sound too fantastic??? Not at all, a single skull of crystal can house more information that all our worldly computers now combined… research..research..research… your path is before you now. What you do with it is up to you.

Bright Blessings and Good Luck

Kala @ 4:50 pm

RE: Orbs

Some orbs are spirits this is true. However, there are larger orbs that are a plasma type of ship that can be driven by people of various species. How do I know…been there…done that…

Kala @ 5:09 pm

RE: Orbs

Orbs can come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. The color of the orb is the key to the energy of the being or spirit within and many life forms can take the shape what is commonly known as a orb. But there are also pin pricks of lights from the fairy or elemental kingdom and larger orbs that can house smaller and larger humanoids as a mode of transportation.

These energy balls are a form of living plazma and we are all beginning to feel or see them because we are evolving. This means our vibrations are rising and so we can not into connect and contact such beings. Most of the orbs are friendly and inteligent, with very few being negative. If, you think you have a negative energy…send it pink love and white light. Do not send anger or fear. Anger and fear feed lower energies as that is all they know or can feed on.

By sending LOVE, Compasion, Forgiveness and asking for guidence for the orb you can discern which are posiitve and which are negative. Negative Energies/Orbs cannot feed or exist except by creating mischeif. By calling out to "The Source" for guidence, education and the removal of the negative energy you clear your space and the negative energy will be removed for help and assistance. This is best for you both.

Otherwise, many orbs are in your life to bring joy, love, healing and help…

May 29, 2010

Anna @ 8:39 am

Indigo child-You are not like others. I am like you and am older. Since young like you, I had the "knowing", am so empathetic I pick up feelings on the living and the passed on souls. You can probably feel all of creation in your soul and mind. You don't think like others probably huh? Feel alone often within your own thoughts that others never think of. You may have what I call my "epiphanies." So much with an Indigo Child that no one can understand, but you will find others who are like you as you grow and learn. Develop your skills and don't be afraid.

May 30, 2010

chris @ 4:58 am

i seen loads of things.  i just try not to think about it.

May 31, 2010

Mary Huivenaar @ 11:55 am

I recently did a house clearing and took pictures in different rooms. Two clear ones and one very unusual one. It wasn't round and it was 4 different colors. Black red green and yellow.It also changed its shape at one point.

The other morning as the sun was coming up I decided to take some pictures and discoved these orbs. Red on the ouside and yellow in the center.At first I thought it was a refection of the sun but when I enlarged the picture it was very obvious it wasn't.Very interesting.This is the first time That any of my pictures have ever shown orbs.

June 16, 2010

Rachael @ 8:29 am

Whenever my grandmother would come over we would always take pictures and all these white orbs would be around her. White means protection so we have nothing to worry about. We may think it's our family that is these orbs. Her daughter ( my aunt ) died and her husband died also( my grandfather). It could be them it could not. My house is really old so it could likely someone else.

June 28, 2010

diana gun @ 10:45 am

For four years now I've seen apparitions and orbs this starting during my first pregnancy. I have tried to recently ignore the blue and white orbs I usually see and a couple days ago one tried to gain it's energy by the TV as usual and i deliberately rolled my eyes and stared harder at the TV. The orb went from blue to red and in that instant that I saw red I watched it float over and knock down my crutches leaning top up against the couch a few feet away from me. I looked straight at it and said "Please don't do that" and the orb changed to a big blue white and purple one as if to say "Thank you for finally aknowledging me." I usually don't get physical interactions like that but I don't want to start talking to the orbs like they are a person next to me because people who don't know about it can think your crazy or weird to talk to the open air. It gets pretty frustrating and I feel I put up a huge guard whenever I go anywhere public so that there are no wierd instances while I'm out and about with my family. I feel like I'm stuck between being a normal fun loving parent and an accepting and understanding medium, I guess I have to roll with it and try to naturally go back and forth between the two.

diana gun @ 11:14 am

Dear anna I can understand what you say, I have always been a quiet and sensitive girl scared of the dark and secretly beleiving in spirits. I have grown into my early twenties now and with all my experiences combined I have become more open with my family and close freinds about what I have witnessed but only a few people. My whole family has always looked at me as being highly intellectual and sensitive to feelings, but I still feel that I can't reveal my true self to many because some people i start to tell things to get a confused look to their face and they seem to tell themselves " I thought I knew this person but now I'm not so sure." The only person I can talk freely about it with is my mother in law who is of strong cherokee heritage but due to the hardships of her life she can be manipulative and deceiving when it comes to being social with people. Sometimes I think the only truths that come ot of her mouth are things that involve the paranormal. I am one who beleives in things just and fair and I start to feel very alone sometimes. I just wish Icould meet someone who truly knows what I feel. My husband had scarry experiences as a child so he does not like to talk about it at all. My mother in law says my children are very strong with "the gift" as she calls it, and I get tinges of excitement, knowing I'm not alone, and fear, also knowing that if a person gets too scared it can lead to isolation and I strive for my kids to be outgoing and happy in their future. I was one who became isolated and I have been working on this my whole life. I am farther in progressing toward having and keeping freinds but even those I met in high school and are stiil freinds with to this day do not know all about meIf you know what i mean. I don't want to scare people away with what i know to be true. I almost feel that my best freind is science because science is never wrong or judgemental. Thanks!

June 29, 2010

karren murphy @ 1:34 pm

hi my son who is 9 years old says he sees red dots all around him and shadows hes so scared to go to bed at night on his own what can i do please help anybody thanks.

Kay @ 7:30 pm

I took a picture of my self on my cell phone and down loaded it on the computer. When it came up on the screen i noticed a blue haze to the left of me with a figure of my ex husbands wife that recently passed a way a year ago. You can tell it is a woman and it looks like her. It is a face figure of her. I had not seen him in about ten years and he showed up at my door for help, him and his kids. We got back together and now we are apart again. I pray a lot and asked his wife to please send some kind of signal to him from her to make him straighten up his life for his kids. Do you think that it is a sign from her to me. Letting me known she is here to help.

July 5, 2010

Buddy @ 4:56 pm

I live in Southeast Texas. in the area around our Bayou we have cemetery's. they are the most active with Orbs and a lot of Orbs with faces. this is a Paranormal Orb. they are very interesting. So look closely at your orbs in your pictures and show your friends .

July 11, 2010

d @ 3:51 pm

well last night i was lying in bed just listening to music in the dark when a white orb appears above me next to my bed. I freaked out and moving my ipod incase it was light reflecting off of it, and of course it wasn't. So i got up and ran past it which made all the hair on my body stand up.
Before i saw it i got emotional and cried over some family issues
so i dont know if the spirit was there to comfort me or what

July 13, 2010

Karen @ 10:15 pm

My mother passed away on April 30 of this year. As she was dying my sister and I whispered in her ear to give us a sign that she was ok after death. I was sitting in my recliner on July 8 about 12:30 – 1:00am just looking up at the ceiling – the room was totally dark when suddenly I noticed a bright white light about the size of a baseball (maybe a bit larger) slowly move along the ceiling right up to where I was sitting. I got a little nervous and turned on the light and it disappeard. This light was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was not an outside reflection or headlights or a flashlight. I was not dreaming it either. I tried to recreate it the following night with a flashlight and couldn't. I am sure this was my mother letting me know she was ok.

July 18, 2010

Pat Regan @ 3:19 pm

This is absolutely fascinating stuff. My own research into similar phenomena has been recorded in 'UFO: The Search for Truth', which was my last book.

Jackie @ 11:38 pm

I just saw 4 orbs go across my room i looked them up online and it says that the colors mean…

*peach-ability to comfort
*gold- free flowing energy, tolerance
*light blue- tranquility
*white- high frequency protection and shielding
before my great-grandmother died, she said that i will always be protected and looked after when others couldn't, is this what she ment?

July 25, 2010

Dancryer @ 7:49 pm

As a young child I have memories of seeing up-close Red and yellow beachball size orbs of light behind my head while sleeping in my bed that would move from left to right and stay there for quite some time but would never allow me to get a face to face clear look at them, I know the orbs was moving in this pattern becuase they would light up the whole wall behind my head and I could see them out of the corner of my eye sort of speak. for the fist couple of occasions this happened It would scare me to the point of hiding under my duvet covers until it went away although I could still see the light shining through the sheets so often I would shut my eyes hoping it would go! After this had happened a few times it no longer scared me and I would often ignore the fact it was there and simply go back to sleep, But I clearly remember the yellow orb to have a calming, soothing/peacefull effect on me and give me a sense of safeness even though there was no reason to feel unsafe.

eventually I think it simply stopped happening as it became a normal thing I didnt really notice when it stopped totally, but ive often thought what it meant or what they were now im much older (32). Ive never seen anything like it since and I KNOW it was real, it wasnt some reflection or light source from eleswhere this was a physical floating ball of light that you could litrally reach out and touch!

maybe someone out there has seen the same ….?

July 27, 2010

Jade @ 12:00 am

Hey! i liked your story id love to see the pix :)

lynn @ 7:45 am

red orbs mean anger so becareful. not necessarily angry with you, probably angry of a situation that happend when they were alive and it never got resolved.

lynn @ 7:59 am

religion and science are far from the same,so tired of people saying that!

lynn @ 8:07 am

green orbs mean fertility or healing

lynn @ 8:52 am

Hi Anna,i believe your daughter can see into another world.This little girl knows your daughter can see them and your daughter has im sure lots of energy and the ones on the other side like that,thats how they still feel alive.your daughter needs to some how learn to either ignore them,or tell them they have to leave.that should make them go.No phycoligist can help.your daughter has to do this.and yes black shadows are not good,thats evil.sometimes they will make child ghosts do things they dont want to do or manipulate them into doing so.

lynn @ 9:03 am

i believe the white orb is there to protect you.

July 29, 2010

amber @ 6:15 am

Lynn is right red does mean anger, so be careful.

July 31, 2010

jimmy @ 11:51 pm

Do you teach new students in Reiki ? If yes pls provide your contact and address. Might be interested. Jimmy

August 1, 2010

Jason @ 2:16 am

When I was 14 i was in New Mexico in my Grandmothers trailer with my dad. We were going to sleep in a room and I was not sleeping. There was a window at the head of the bed and for some reason I touched it with my hand. I put my hand back down and without me know why and for no reason I did the same motion again. When I did all of a sudden an extremely bright blue orb like neon blue the size of softball went straight through my face and followed by one more really quickly.

These two orbs hit me and went straight through my body and it felt like the most powerful awakening flash of pure energy. A moment after they went through my body , I looked at my my father who was lying to the left of me and we simultaneously looked to the left side of the bed and for about 10 seconds the two orbs hovered and about 10 inches apart and about 5 feet in the air. Then they slowly floated one after the other in front of the bed and through the door and down the hall I suppose because the door was closed.

My dad grabbed me after that and asked if I was ok. He thought I must have been electrocuted or something. Then I laid my head back down and peacefully went to sleep.
**As a side note: I dont know if this is connected but. That day earlier we went to visit my grandfathers grave in Santa Fe that I had never been too and I also went down into a Hopi Kiva and was down there for about an hour by my self and felt as if I may have had a bit of a vision of sorts as me sitting around the fire with men putting red tail hawk feathers down my arm. Then I came out. It felt like I was only sitting down there for 10 min. But my Pop said I was there for about an hour.

Please help if anyone has any footage of something like these orbs or has ever had one pass through there body. This is very real. I am not lying. I have studied my whole life and never heard of another story similar to this. I am glad at least my Pop was there to confirm my story. Help Please.

August 7, 2010

Chuck @ 12:17 pm

Jason, New Mexico is a very spiritual place. I'm sure you were definitely experiencing your Grandfather's presence.. I lived outside of Santa Fe of 6 years and have heard many stories from people..

Liz @ 7:22 pm

My house is probably around 100+ years old. My mom went into the basement and saw an orb. At first she thought that it was her watch reflecting light, but she couldn't recreate the scene. She also had said that it was a yellow orange color. Say that a – represents an orb. She said that is moved as follows (left to right):

– _ _ _ – – _ _ –

and then it disappeared.

I've also myself heard some noises (tapping, footsteps etc.) and my question was always do we have a ghost or is it my imagination. My question is, can orbs make noises? And can they harm you?

Please and thanks.

August 15, 2010

JB @ 8:19 pm

@ Tammy Weaver – do you by any chance live in Eastern Colorado? Because there is an area there where I saw a very large bright blue orb hovering over (but moving, like… following the curves of the land, but from high up) what looked like an old wagon trail. I do not normally believe in anything paranormal, but I saw that with my own eyes, right next to my car. It is so funny you mention a wagon trail.

August 19, 2010

angelica @ 7:56 pm

the only time i have seen these "orbs" we pictures taken in my house. But anywhere else they are not there. I even have one of my cat and dog looking at it…

August 25, 2010

Dallas Releford @ 11:11 pm

My wife of thirty years passed away last week. Prior to that, by about two weeks, I installed a security surveillance system in my home office which is about sixty feet from the house. My intention was to be able to watch the house while I was working and when I was at work. I have been working in the computer and security field for most of my life. By profession I'm a writer so I have seen a lot, but nothing like what I'm seeing now. I also have an electronic background and have several major degrees. I just want you to know that I'm not a quack even though I have written several horror novels among others. A few days after I installed the first camera's the motion detectors began picking up all kinds of weird stuff including orbs, spikes, rods, small clouds and an assortment of geometrical entities too numerous to describe.

I have seen these on cameras for many years while working in securing but nothing like this. My cameras are night vision camera's that use IR (infrared beams) and they are extremely powerful. I have eliminated bugs, lens flare, reflections from the moon and all the common things. I was also a UFO investigator so I know all about how most people misidentify most common reasons for a sighting and other objects. As I sit here now I'm looking at several orbs that are strung together like a translucent pipe or spike. As this thing moves in front of the camera (which the motion detector has activated) the coin-like orbs make it look a little like a large spine. The fact that it has activated the motion detector is proof enough that it is real and not some defect in the electronics or active molecules. It acts like a human or animal would act. It hovers in front of the camera, real close up and sometimes you can only see part of it. I went outside and checked for small spider webs and there were none. I never saw any moths or bugs around. It is absolute dark outside but the night vision picks it up clearly.

You can see objects in the background through its body. Sometimes it hovers there right in front of the camera and at other times it moves in different directions. The fact that it can appear on camera one at one instance and then fly away (zip is more like it) to appear on several other cameras and activate them is pretty good proof that it is some kind of energy. They seem rally interested in the beam coming from the camera. I don't know if they are curious or if they are getting energy from the cameras. Right at the moment I have three of twelve camera's activated by these creatures. It is really scary late at night. As a writer, I'm writing this as it is happening trying to document everything in exact detail so some of my spelling may be off.

At the moment I can see an orb at the bottom of the string (it is translucent) and dimmer orbs. I believe when you see orbs (as I'm seeing one on another camera) I believe that they are only one orb of many that exists in a string. If you took a flexible glass tube and put silver dollars in it so they could move back and forth with variable spaces between the dollars and you could see thorough it then you'd know what I'm talking about. A black cat just activated my motion detector on my light and the orb has disappeared on one camera. That has happened before but as soon as the light went back, it is back again.

If these things can activate IR cameras with night vision then they must be physical. This thing is annoying. This camera has been activated for over an hour now. The other night one of them hovered around the camera for over half an hour and then zipped back toward the rear fence. Instead of going through the fence like I expected it to do, it went right over the fence and appeared on another camera later.

I'm inclined to believe that when we die we just release our souls (I prefer to believe the soul is just some form of electromagnetic energy like you get when you wrap copper wire around a nail and run low voltage through it) and that what I am seeing are souls or ghosts. I don't believe they can see us but I do believe they can sense us like we sense them. My wife's urn is in the living room waiting for transfer somewhere else. When I walk into that room I get cold chills all over.

I live in Cincinnati and can't explain the high amount of activity here. I have worked in many security control centers late at night and you might see a few of these worms or orbs in an entire year. I have seen hundreds of them here in less than a month. Right at the moment, I am looking at three of them. Remember, I know moths from these things. IR turns almost everything white when it's viewed on the screen. Some of these things show a little color but not many. The other night while it was so dark out you couldn't see the tip of your nose, one appeared at one of two camera's outside the office door so I took my Nikon camera out and shot twelve pictures. None of the orbs showed up on the camera but they were still on the monitor inside. The cat doesn't seem to be disturbed by these things although I'm sure the animal can see it. They probably ignore the ghosts.

More proof of the reality of these things will be this winter when bugs and other insects won't be out. I have recorded some of these things on a DVR but sometimes you cannot record them. When they activate the camera's the DVR begins recording. If these things appear in the winter when spiders are out then I will know that it is not spider webs or anything like that. I have seen these on security cameras when it was snowing outside.

Well, it is still activating my camera outside my office door. I stepped outside and there aren't any moths or spider webs on the camera or near it. It is pitch black out. It acts like a bumble bee sometimes that hovers over and around the camera. They can move up, down, in/out and can move very fast. They can move forward and backward. They only show up at night. Noise and other human activity doesn't disturb them. Two nights before my wife died there were several on the camera in the backyard all night.

If this was lens flare or something inside the camera they would not be able to move in every direction. It's almost like it is trying to aggravate me. It's doing one hell of a job. If you want to experience this phenomena you can get a complete night vision camera system from for well under three hundred. Do not point night vision cameras at each other and mount them on wood not something like the siding on your house that is grounded.

This thing definitely reminds me of a human spine. I'm only seeing a little of it in the left bottom corner of the camera. Perhaps this is like going to Myrtle Beach for them. A day at the beach to soak up infrared beams. Someone could make a fortune by attaching a small IR night vision camera to a monitor in a small case and selling it for a couple of hundred dollars.

As I close I now have four camera's activated and not getting much writing done. I'm sorry about the length of this but I'm trying to document everything as it happens. Some of the things are not orbs. They are smaller and could be moths but I don't think so. This area I live in was once a cemetery where people came to escape cholera. They call it Mt. Healthy. I'm not feeling that way now.

Dallas Releford
Scared out of my wits.

September 15, 2010

Gord H @ 3:39 pm

I have a 35 second recording on my camera, when slowed down, shows a blue orb and a red orb basically chasing and or playing tag. Two nights later I got the same thing except this time they provided me with a 6 minute and 32 second light show. I also have two pictures of my colleague taken 3 seconds apart, one showing every normal and the next with approximately 70+ clearly visible orbs on it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my full spectrum camera's batteries died 6 minutes and 32 seconds into it's recording (time sound familiar?) and the next night with new fully charged batteries, it died in "8 seconds." And we still haven't gone over our EVP's yet. Have a nice day.

September 21, 2010

asialyn @ 2:05 pm

My husband, sister and her boyfriend and I have been going out to simple old cemetery`s and we take pictures as we talk to whoever, whatever is out there! we have three picture from two different cemetery's. one picture has a skull face made of fog > no explanation for it and it wasn't foggy out and noone was smoking?
also the other two we have look like orbs one is purple and very bright and the other looks like a swiggle going towards the sky it goes from dim to bright, anyone have any suggestions of what this could be???

September 22, 2010

lynn @ 6:24 am

just an hour ago, i shit you not, i was watching a lady gaga video, on the laptop. heres how my living room is made up. big huge window looking out the front of the house, and curtains closed all the way, no open curtains in this room, its like 7 am. in front of the window the couch, and infront of that the lap top. so the computer is facing the curtains. only one little lamp on the far left side of the room. in front of all this like 6 feet is the bird rocky's cage, a parrot sleeping sound. not moving. and to the left of him is our big screen. i looked up into the tv, the tv is off. and i saw this very solid and very bright red circly thing, orb like yea. it only appeared maybe a sec at the most, it seemed as if it was coming from up stairs and had came down into the living room in a fast hury.

it went right threw the bird's cage. i sat for a minute to see if the lap top or lamp or anything in the room was reflecting red. and nothing. ive never seen anything like this. ive heard evp's multiple times. and orbs on pictures but never this. i'm scared to move out of this room. can anyone tell me what kind of spirit this is? ive always felt bad beings in this house, as if suffocated when i walk up stairs, or followed. pleeeaase?

September 25, 2010

Ashley @ 1:55 pm

i found a pink orb in my room. scary, but my house is pretty old. it may have secrets from the past. omg.

September 28, 2010

Dro GodChild @ 4:23 am

well my girlfriend had a friend from the spritual world and she says the red and orange ones are very dangrous energies. red can even go inside humans and lead them to kill other humans. and orange can too. the blue orbs are just untrusting orbs. and white are needing spiritual developments and yellow is good, and golden is well wisher!

Beth @ 7:09 pm

my daughter passed february of this year and while sitting on my sofa shortly after her death staring towards the tv but not really watching it as l was thinking about her and so wrapped up in my grief. I see this large earthy tone orb for about 2 seconds. It was not small it was about the size of a soccer ball. To this day l am not really sure what l saw. On one other occasion to while sitting in the same spot l look out the window through the blinds onto my porch and see this silouhette get up from the small table and chairs out there. l emmediatey told my husband someone was on the porch. When he went out no one was there. My 12 year old granddaughter saw the same silouhette in the driveway coming towards the house real quick. Other things have happened over the last 7 months like a baby spoon and fork showing up in my utensil draw. Sometimes l feel that something is here in our house. What do you think it was that l saw.

October 13, 2010

David @ 1:59 pm

Another possible explanation for some of the activity in these photos: I am a treasure hunter… and, have researched Auras that are posssibly the results of electro-magnetic energy released, by all metals (buried gold or silver are my main interest). When using certain infa-red cameras, IE: the now obsolete Polaroid sx-70 slr camera or now most any easily acquired digital camera, with a little modification can also "see" this energy….. The digital cameras can see this "False Color IR" at the low end of the spectrum, by attaching a suitable infra red filter to the outside of the lens.==== I photograph possible sites where I think buried gold or Silver might be located, Most of the time, if there is anything there I will get a bright red aura for Gold and a slight Orange/Silver color for silver. —- The longer the metal has been buried, and the hotter the weather the better Aura I normally get. So,,,, What I am suggesting is that you may want to look at the area that you see the whitish color = (iron/copper etc metal) to see if there is any gold/silver or other jewelry in the area that may be giving off electro-magnetic energy that your camera is picking up.. Just a Suggestion. **** email me if any questions:

October 14, 2010

Ana @ 1:52 am

Sarah if you like you could send me the picture and i have friend that studies this and i can let you know what she says email it thanks hope that helps

October 19, 2010

lindsay @ 9:27 pm

let me tell you about my experances with orbs and ghost so it has been about a month now that my grandpaw has passed with cancer and one day my cousin was like i want to go to the cementary at night to see if ghost are realy and we searched all info we needed and we went at frist on a saturaday night about 8:30 and we were out there and took photos and photos and noticed that white figure of light and we clean the lens and everything the ors dont appear in every photo but in a lot so that night we went back to my aunts house and looked at the photos We zoomed in on the pic and actually saw faces in the ors not all of them but in a lot of them so when went bback on the next day and but before we went and got blessed with holy water that my brother in law had got from his church and had headed out to the same cementary at the same time

The next day it was sunday and we had took pic and pics and saw the same stuff so we went back to my aunts house and as we turned down the street beside our house the shooting/murder or tenisha monique williams was taking place and we saw eveything detail by detail if we were a second late we all would have died but i guessed the holy water had worked so the police didnt leave till noon the next day so we went to sleep and on tuesday we uploaded the photos for that sunday night and this whole body ghost appeared it was like a real person we all freaked out there was nobody eles but us six ut you could see detail for detail the glass glowing eyes curly hair dress clothes it all it was freaky!!

October 20, 2010

Andrea Broom @ 7:06 pm

I have been snapping orbs on my mobile phone camera for about a year now. One of my wee cats passed away & i could feel a weird presence in the room like he was still around & sometimes i could see a shadow dart across the room or road when i shout for my other cat to come indoors. 2 months later i noticed that on a day when my son was sitting playing the guitar & i decided to take a pic of him with my mobile phone camera. I saw there was a little round white light at the back of his head. there are lots of them around him now. He has a kidney condition & i get scared about it now cos i don't know what they mean. i took one tonight & Its a little very bright gold one. My 18yr old cat sees them too & sometimes i watch her head dart across the room & take a pic & they are there. i took one recently & it was sitting right in front of her & i now beilieve it is the one of her kittens that stayed with us & ran away & later i found out it had died. can somebody explain about these. I am scared because they are surrounding my boy all the time. i want them to go away & leave him alone.

Andrea Broom @ 7:26 pm

Well from what i have gathered from this web site is that gold is good blue & yellow & white are okay red & orange are danger & green is illness which i see alot of. but mostly white. i have also came to the conclusion now from what i know & from what i have read is that cats can see them. my email is if anyone wants to update me on more i would be grateful cos they surround my son & i would like to know what the are or who they are or who they were cos from where i am sitting they are there for a reason. so if someone could help i would be grateful. i have lots of photos of them as well if anyone wants to see them. also the house i live in is 150years old & i can watch my cat watching them & click my camera where she is watching them & get pictures all the time. it would be good to hear from others. andrea

October 23, 2010

kristi @ 11:23 pm

I went to the haunted mortuary in new orleans last night. Its supposedly haunted, and at this time of year a haunted house is made in it. After leaving the haunted mortuary I decided to take some pictures of the graveyard surrounding it. The first picture I took behind the mortuary showed lots of white orbs. Of course just leaving the haunted house I was freaked out and was rationalizing. I cleaned my lense and stepped a little farther away from the house, there were a few more orbs showing up, and I proceeded to go a little farther and manage to get one white orb. I decided to go around the front of the haunted mortuary to the other side of the graveyard. Once again, when I took a picture of the graves closest to the mortuary my pic was clouded with white orbs, that's when I realized it wasnt my camera at all. I was capturing something. I stepped a little further away and got a few white orbs, some small and i manage to get a big one. I dont know if size matters or not. Then I noticed a red orb. I don't know what I was seeing but something was there and it/they were staying close to the mortuary. Just had to share my experience with others and if you ever come to New Orleans,La. be sure to pass by the haunted mortuary and see for yourself……Kristi

kristi @ 11:26 pm

If I emailed you some pics could you have them checked out for me? I went to a supposedly haunted mortuary in New Orleans,La and captured lots of white orbs and 1 red orb. I would love to know what I'm looking at.

October 24, 2010

Dee @ 1:27 pm

So I just recently found out I was pregnant Well I decieded to take some pics and well I was surprised to find there are Orbs in my pictures I have never really had any orbs show up in my pictures before I have a friend that gets them all the time . Well In the pics there is also a mirror on my wall and there in a tiny face in the corner of the mirror well the expression on the face changes in all the pics . There is also a purple redish orb in two of the pics not sure if its from the light or what . These orbs are big and small there is on actually on me they are all around me kinda looks like they are all coming towards me If anyone knows what this could mean I would love some feed back thank you Dee

October 26, 2010

lori @ 12:35 pm

i work at a old hotel and bar,and last week while doing paper work i started seeing orbs on our camra,it shows every room in the bar ,they only are seen in the room with inferred camras..last night i had someone watch while i walked in and turn lights out and a red one when behind me,i havent seen any red myself just white and gray!so what do you think???what are they,i thought i was crazy but everyone i show have seen them!
it even live on the tape we didnt replay it!!

Cassie @ 2:01 pm

My husband, I, a friend of his who has "looked" for the paranormal with his ex gf and a couple of other people have been going on quests recently. I have quite a few photos on my fb page from recent expeditions but there is one that really stands out. I'd love for someone, with more knowledge than me, to look at it and let me know what you think. We recently purchased a voice recorder and will now be bringing a video camera in addition to all our other stuff to see what we get.

Jessica @ 4:27 pm

Okay, so my mom, my dad and I were in St. augustine for the 4th of July, and we were just sitting around by some steps waiting for everything to clear, so my mom told me and my dad to sit on the corner of the steps so she could take a picture, but me and my dad both didn't want our picture taken an we said no, so my mom decided to just take a picture of the steps, because my dad had built them a couple years ago. And as we were looking at the pictures for the night, we came across that picture, which had a bright red orb, right on the corner of the step, exactly where she had told me to step. And before she had taken the picture, i was sitting there, waiting for her to hurry up && take the picture, but she took to long, and as I was sitting there, I was getting cold, which I thought was wierd because it was July, and in Florida. But uhh, the whole thing was really weird, i felt like I was being watchedd. '-'

October 27, 2010

Joe @ 8:17 am

Hi, I have just recently done the exact same thing as you in my house. I'm a bit scared out of my mind… Well, not scared but really bothered by what I have been seeing after taking pictures. My sons room is the heavest activity. I actuall y saw a very clear image of what appears to be a younger boy in the center of one of the brightest ORBS!!! That freaked me out,. I need some real help with this.. If anyone can tell me what to do here, I would really like that. Is there someone that I can call to get these things out of my house????



October 28, 2010

Scott @ 5:00 pm

I've been taking some pics. outside and seem to be getting orbs so I think. They have tails on them. What I'm trying to say is that they look like they are shooting up in the air, its like they have a streak of light behind them. What do you think?

October 29, 2010

Maricela Lozano @ 12:32 am

i took a picture about 4 months ago and noticed there is a face behind it what does it mean? am i in danger?

October 30, 2010

Julie @ 1:36 am

Hi, Maricela.. I am very interested in looking at your picture. tonight on 10-29-10. A friend and I were at a nearby cemetary not far from my house and took a picture, didnt see anything near the grave stone, nothing at all. Came home looked at the picture.. It was amazing. I would love to send you the picture. if you can email me or add me on messenger. And i'd love to look at yours if you still have it.

Julie @ 1:39 am

Red orbs, mean stress and restlessness.

Julie @ 1:40 am

Can you remember what color the orb was. Joe?

Jdee. @ 1:44 am

Were there any green orbs.. I was recently at the cemetary with a friend she snapped shot a picture, got home looked at the pic and saw complete figure.. like a actual ghost. the orb that was marked for the head was green. I am also pregnant and green means. Healing and fertility.

November 1, 2010

marjorie @ 8:04 pm

*hi a few month ago my uncle passaway as usually in catolic family we did a mass for him in the local church so obviusly i was desbataded so i ask to a family friend to take some pictures to send to my family in Ecuador. just me and him lived in the USA and rest of the family are in ecuador.any way my friend take the pictures and time passbecouse for me was painfullto see it i wait like 10 d without to see them finaly i did under and over his cofin it was 2 difernts sphers like bright light blue i got scare but after that i relaise that was a good thing becouse for me how he pass it was a horrible tragedy an accident when he was working as landskiping cuting a big tree that fall over his head he was a great persons excelent in every single word for me and my father family.since them i take many picture w my camara so i see many of them en diferents places

November 2, 2010

Cindy @ 7:37 am

I see balls of lights outside at night when I'm out riding my bike after the gym. They look sort of magical. I have never captured one in a picture. Last night, I saw a dark one floating about 40 feet in the air. It was not dark out yet. I watched it stay in one spot for about a minute then slowly drift off. I watched it until it was too far away to see. Does anyone know what this is? I see the white alot, but never the dark…..

Andrew Marsh @ 8:51 pm

Dust particles are shown by light and they scatter from everywhere. Orbs kind shimmer and probe in the air and they don't move all over the place. Like for one moment you can see the orb and then it could disappear. But however dust particles don't as long as they don't touch the floor. Hope this helps!*

Andrew Marsh @ 8:55 pm

@ Cindy. It depends on if you know what you're looking at.. If you say it's magical looking, it could be an orb. Orbs are also known as a spirit or a ghost without figure. They give off negative energy to produce positive energy. I don't see how you would not capture one on camera, considering that more orbs are see on camera than in person. And they are not always orbs. Sometimes there ARE orbs where you can see humanoid faces in them. There can be a human apparition, or a black or white mist. Hope this helps!*

Andrew Marsh @ 8:58 pm

marjorie, What you may be experiencing, is the afterlife. See when, you see orbs, the first thing that should come into your mind is that whoever's orb it is (whoever died) apparently didn't make it to the light.

Andrew Marsh @ 9:04 pm

I only have one question though… I live in Clinton North Carolina. In Clinton there was a man named Rufus A. King… I don't know much of the main story, but he shot his 6 children then himself in the house he lived in. In the picture I am about to show you, you will see that the house is not there, because a year ago, Rufus's house was relocated. But there is a mysterious stream of light. Now we've caught this on camera 2 times on separate photos. I think it represents the bullet of his gun. Here's the link:

What am I looking at here?

Andrew Marsh @ 9:22 pm

Maricela Lozano. No you are not in danger my friend, but I do suggest if you ever do come across it again is to try your best to avoid it. This is one of the signs of evil spirits. They don't show up as often as orbs do and that's because evil spirits try to stay hidden. I really suggest you stay away from the area where you saw the apparition.

Andrew Marsh @ 9:27 pm

Jessica, so you say you were in St. Augustine on your 4th of July vacation. The only explanation is there is a presence. A spirit, maybe. The cold air you felt it the negative energy that spirits give of to try and produce positive energy. As far as i'm concerned, your only dealing with something minor nothing major. If you ever do come across this red orb again, I would just ignore it because it's really nothing. I mean an orb is an orb and as long as you do not see faces in the orb, you should not feel bothered. And as for your "feeling like someone is watching me" part, that is real often when a spirit's presence is nearby.

Andrew Marsh @ 9:42 pm

Bre, yes that is PARTLY true. From what I know, the grayish whitish orbs are there to protect you. They also may feel the need to make a connection with you or they feel like you are the one that can help them. But remember not all spirits are friendly. Some may deceive you.

November 5, 2010

Jennifer L. Bradt @ 1:35 am

My mom Gwen K. Bradt passed away in a house fire the early morning of March 19th, 2005. She was 56 yrs. old. We lived a few hours from each other in Iowa and I was going to meet her the next day and drive her back to Des Moines where I lived. We were planning a fun a fun late St. Patrick's Day. We were best friends. She knew that I was out with my boyfriend and would not be home, as I was staying with him that night. I called her from a cell phone and told her that and that I would talk to her tomorrow morning when I woke up so we could make our plans. So, the next day I was checking my home messages from my boyfriends house phone and received at least 4 messages from my mom…it was very strange because the last message said that she was worried to death about me, yet she had no reason to say this. She knew that I was not home when she called that night. I know that she was drinking, but she would never say anything like that.

The next message after hers was from her dad, my grandpa, saying that she had a house fire and had passed away. I was devastated and hysterical. I am still devastated to this day. However, because the fire had started slowly with a cigarette after she had fallen asleep with it lit, the time of her passing was unknown. When I got to my house that day, I was sick and numb. I was in shock. I went and got drunk. I genuinely wanted to die. My mom was my only real family member and the only family I had really ever known or grown up around after my parents divorced. But, things started happening which scared me at first. I had several of my moms pictures sitting on a mantel in my house. All of a sudden, a gust of light wind swept over me as I was sitting on my couch. I had a very large mirrored clock behind the couch on the wall. It did not keep time because I never put batteries in it. It had always been set at a certain time. After the wind gush, it made me turn around. I realized that the clock had moved to 2:40. I was shocked. It had always been set at 5:20..always.

Then, something made me look to the left where I had my moms pictures sitting. As I looked, I saw a white, small orb. It began at the bottom of her pics and slowly moved up towards the window behind. It sat there for a minute, as if it were saying..Jen, its Mom..I am ok and I am on my way to Heaven. I knew thats what it was and meant. I told her I Loved her and I would see her again and it was ok..then, it slowly drifted up andout the window and disappeared. I know that it was her..I felt it. Then, the t.v. shut itself off for no reason. A few other occurrences microwave beeped while I was in the shower..I realized when I got out, it was off, yet it was plugged in and worked fine. My apple kitchen clocked which my mom had just bought me that very Christmas with new batteries stopped at 2:40! Then, my brother came down from Colorado for the funeral and ealized that the clock in my garage had stopped at ..yes..2:40!! My mom was telling me what time she died. There is no other explanation. Other occurrences and dreams have happened since, but I will also mention that my mom died the exact amount of days before her 57th birthday..born in Feb and died in Mar as her mom, my Grandma Erma who was born in Sept and died in Oct..the exact same days between their births and deaths. I have had two paranormal type experiences in the when I was very little and one when I was 16…But, I do know for a fact that the orb I witnessed personally was good and it was my mom:0)

November 13, 2010

Connie @ 7:58 pm

God Bless you!!!!! We are on a continuous plane – and we WILL all meet together again!

November 17, 2010

Jo @ 2:52 pm

i have been a photographic enthusiast for a few years, becoming increasingly interested in capturing what i feel is beautiful over the past year. I often look at my photos on my laptop for hours, admiring them, like any artist and picked up on one similarity other than my choice of scenery…orbs, or bright circles in almost every photograph I have taken. At first I liked to think this was a spirit of someone I loved and lost a few years ago, my father. I was comforted in this, just sort of thinking he was by me every time I took a snapshot. Then a few weeks ago I was looking through some older photos, that I took long before Dad passed and noticed that they also had orbs. One in particular, a shot I took while leaving my dad at the hospital in a snow storm was bright red, the only coloured orb I could find. It makes me think, a lot of my photos are in the sunlight but this was a dark dreary night so it does make me wonder what it could have been. The background is the hospital the forefront the snow covered bushes. I didn't even notice the orb until a few weeks ago, there are snowflakes falling and I guess it masked the red dot. After looking through all of my photos, it is safe to say 60% of them have orbs present….what does this mean? It is odd to have it occur so often in photos for one person? I have just started researching this but any suggestions and advice would be appreciated! thank you in advance!

November 20, 2010

Claud @ 4:52 pm

I'm very curious about these orb occurrences. I see them every time I visit my family in and around the house. There is definitely a lot of paranormal activity in my family home. I believe that there is a playful child entity as well as an angry older one. I don't believe that I ever came into waking contact with the older one, but I did with the child on an almost daily basis. I never called for this, it just happened. Now that I've moved out it makes itself known to my family. As I lay in bed I would feel it jump up and down on the bed and I would also hear light footsteps and then sudden scurrying in my room. I few years ago, when I still lived there, I was going through a deep depression and prayer would sometimes help me feel better.

One night I was so overtaken by anxiety and sadness that I cried as I prayed. It was a long prayer, and towards the end of that prayer a huge red orb appeared on my wall. I was praying with my eyes open ( like I usually do) facing my white bedroom wall and an orb about a foot in diameter appeared right before my eyes. The orb was red but it also had an orange and yellow outline. It reminded me of the sun. It stayed in place for like four seconds, and then disappeared. I was immediately overcome with happiness when I saw this, yet pretty much every time I search for the meaning of red orbs it seems to be connected with negativity. I've even been told that it could have just been a reflection of my own anxiety. I don't think so, well I don't know. I would really appreciate anyones thoughts on this. Your insight would really help. It was an amazing experience.

allie benedict @ 5:27 pm

my family has seen quite a few shadows running across the halway n to the bathroom a lot. once my mom was taking a shower and BANG some was knocking on the door. it was not me or my dad? then we were at st.augustine in the light tour in the day. they said at nite u can see glowing footprints. what does that mean? and i like ur pics.

allie elizabeth benedict

November 23, 2010

Dannyboy @ 9:54 am

I see the orbs, white, clear transparent , and a smokey black ball the size of a softball that zipps low to the floor (this is a demon which is in my home) and can feel the energy they create by my right hand when I hunt for them. I emit apparently a very high energy and it possibly is the reason why they attach to me. I also get the electrical shocks when Im sleeping and the chill many times as the demon comes to me. Lots to say about that one.. I have unfortunately been the brunt of their harrasment since May 4 2010 when I felt this very wierd and burning, heavy sensation on my head which would come and go. I can see them at night in the dark as a spark of light (tiny and red or white) floating around.

I have done much learning about this and still combat them as there are 6-7 that swarm me and use hair particles and dust to anoy my face. Also theyre energy anoys the hair on my face and ear drum ports. I can catch them in my hand with a real quick swipe over my head with my right hand and I feel the fizzle of energy when Ive caught one.

They are also penetrating my flesh and entering into my blood stream for energy manifestation. I can feel them down in the feet. I have done many tests so dont say its medical…When I catch one in my hand, the fizzling feeling disapates and the skin that came in contact remains energised with a pulse. I believe that the demonic entity has brought in extra help to try to destoy my sanity but that wont work. There are many things this year that I have been fighting and this seems to be the last one with a stronghold. There is much more to say with not enough time right now. Danny

Peggy R. @ 1:19 pm

Maybe you should consult a priest. I know they are helpful in demons. Holy water is another consideration. Demons don't like it. Just trying to help. P.Richarts

November 24, 2010

Dannyboy @ 7:19 am

Had the priest over and he blessedy home but left with a parylized arm which lasted for two hours after he left. Have you ever been touched in the middle of the night when your the only one in the house! Have you been growled at from under your bed while saying your prayer beside ? I use holy water amd a salt mix to repel. I use also different scented oils with water to spray when they are near. Salt on the carpets at the doorways. Salt around the perimeter of my home, when i closed my eyes in bed a week ago, I saw the images of a beautiful Womans face, electric blue eyes, long eyelashes, then an image of a horrible looking beast face with three eyes. So that meant, please me and this is what you can have, make me angry and the other is what you'll get. Well now, I'm tucked under the wing of my savior, and I fear not. I'm used to hearing the ( pock) sound, that is when another demon enters into the atmosphere. I can go on and on and on. Not enough time. Have you ever seen the sound waves and a portal opening and stay open while your looking at it? I've seen three! Seen the ET also standing in it!

Bobbie @ 1:47 pm

I took some pictures of rooms in the dark and got various sizes and colors of these orbs. The house never had anyone die in it and I keep getting a feeling of being watched in my house and I don't want to go down hallway unless I'm with someone. I ended up sleeping last night with a light on. I had caught red, blue, and white orbs on camera last night.

Dannyboy @ 3:38 pm

Just because the house never had anyone die in it doesnt mean someone didnt die before on the land long time ago. How long have you lived there? Has anyone played with a weeja board in the house to your knowledge? Are you a drinker or on hard drugs? Do you get a chill and the hair raise up on your body? You cannot show your fear because if it is malevolant, it will feed off your fear and get stronger as you get weaker. Being aware it is there is good, but gather your strenght and faith and do not threaten it if you get mad. Remember, they feed of negativity. Just say "dont bother me and leave. You are not welcome here" calmly….

You dont know what it is yet,so do not try to comunicate with it. You should get outside help. Where do you live? Sleeping with the light on will help calm your nerves and thats ok. I have been living is a hell of my own and most people would be insane right now from what I have experienced. I have gone thru a nasty divorce this year,joined AA to quit alcohol and substance usage, lost my father last month, been fighting a demon and malevolent entity in my home, been beat up many, many, many nights from them, and something else very threatening which I dont care to get into because most people are thin and wouldnt believe…Remember…you are not alone in this, you have allies and you need to call on them to deal with this before it gets out of control. I hope this has helped, Dannyboy

November 28, 2010

Karl @ 10:41 pm

I have seen a orb inside our house.
I have seen many orbs inside our house when taking pictures. i don't understand what does it mean?

December 5, 2010

Misti @ 11:37 pm

I also am sensitive and have seen the same type of translucent rainbow colored apparition but looked like very thin jelly floating through the air or had a soap bubble gleam or reflection, it would turn green then orange then red. It also swayed back and forth in smooth slinky motion & this one had a distintive ozone smell that accompanied it.

All this activity took place in the same time period of an acute illness which lasted abt 5 months.. it was last winter & to late spring. In my current house which is beside a cemetery, in an area that has a ghost legend about a women tarred n feathered by an angry lynch mob of townfolk w/ no justice to this day, & where my Cherokee ancestors had a village. I live in a brand new house, in a new subdivision along side a rd called Dark Hollow..which is where the lynching took place yrs and yrs ago, supposedly buried in the cemetery attaching my property..related? Not sure.

There have been mists, orbs, & translucent things that has appeared in my bedroom..all taking form of an element ex..water droplet in color moving and swaying in unison..also with a ozone smell but a skunky sweet hint to it as well or in shadow form. A few times it was the same mist like form but white in color, the ozone smell again. Also had many UFO "star poser" type experiences in the same time period with my family witnessing most of it, that's a story in itself.

I have pics of some of that activity, one huge Orb, again translucent, shimmering with a pinkish gold color. It was floating over my head in one of the ufo pics. It was also the First Orb ever in a pic that Ive taken & I'm really into photography. Also, during the same time period, I believe my Kundalini/chakras were unconsciously activated through beginners mediatation/ignorance. I think that's when my third eye opened anb a tickling/itching feeling I get inside my inner skull wall, well, actually in my entire forehead.

From what I gather my pineal glands had been stimulated by meditation or maybe the paranormal activity? Not sure. I dont know much abt all that but from what I gather that's what was happening. Now during this time I also saw a 7ft tall Shadow Spirit on the wall of my bedroom beside my tv again. He was looking straight ahead, proud like, had weird hair, an outline of a lower clothed area like a cloth hanging? This was just a glance either, but as soon as I realized it was an entity & not just a shadow that was similar to an indian…It startled me so that I looked back down at my laptop, but when I looked back it was gone?

I now have several gifts or ESP, for ex know when a deer is gonna be in the road & exactly which side, I see it in like a broken movie screen with vertical lines of the picture missing..this particular gift came after my illness. I've also heard indian chanting in a male voice carried by the treetops around the tops of a huge mountain at abt 6000ft elev. Noone was in sight near our homestead I also sense when someone close is dying or has just passed & right before something bad happens. I dont encourage or nuture these skills as I don't fully understand them at this point. I also think I saw a tall grey being standing in my yard at 3am thee night of my last birthday again same time period..also had a close friend to die in a motor cycle accident at 3a when I saw this tall being in my yard? This sighting was at almost the same time she was killed. The UFO & apparition activity was peaking at the time of & after my friends accident as well.

During this time I was also very sick with Epstein Barr Virus, when the activity started & have been almost bedridden off and on ever since. Still some activity but not as much now..but I can still sense unseen spirits occasionally, I try to ignore them as much as possible. My 6 y/o also saw one of the rainbow apparitions in my bedroom saying " I could see it in my head." I have three children and 2 have ESP gifts, stronger and more naturally cultivated than my abiities & it grows by the day. Could it be the indigo & rainbow children thing? IDK, I've done alot of research and gained a wealth of info abt our world during my search..spiritually & worldly.

I also see number synchronizations frequently such as 1234 111 222 333 444 555 which appear on clocks of all sorts. All these experiences have also taken back to my native Cherokee & Nordic roots – prompting a deep studies about my ancestors and the history of our land. I also spoke about this with a Cherokee herbalist/medicine woman & she said it was my ancient ancestors communicating, healing, & watching over me. She also said that each color & smell that the spirit took had some meaning. There's more but I'll spare you.

December 7, 2010

pam @ 2:13 am

I saw 3 orbs in the attic. One was medium size and was golden the other 2 were smaller and were white. That was the same moment i saw a full bodied man that took me a sec to realise that i could see through him. He was handsome but had eyes large and shaped like alien eyes, all black. Then the orbs hovered and went up through the roof as if some one let the air out of a baloon. this wont let me fill the other spaces out .

December 8, 2010

debbie @ 4:53 pm

I saw two large orbs one green/yellow and one purple so bright in my pitch black bedroom at 3:30 am on Nov. 19th. I dont know what woke me. But in the morning at 7:30 we received a telephone call that my husbands grandfather had passed away that night at about 3:30 am. they were very close. The orbs were by my husband while he slept then moved on. Then last night I saw the purple orb again. I have seen spirits at times and a white round orb once. These were large and odd shaped. Does anyone know what this means? What do the colors mean?

December 9, 2010

tatorbugtaxi @ 8:01 pm

I have about 9 different pictures that I took during a halloween party I had at my house. In these photos the same 3 orbs. (Big, med, & small) were in the pictures. Many pictures were taken in my house and outside. It was cold. So I doubt it was a bug flying around… The orbs would make since.. Due to my grandfather passing away last August. Then my grandmother passed away this mast March.. Then my brother n laws close cousin was killed just 3 months ago. So to us the orbs make since.. But are they orbs? or are they something else?? All 3 stayed the same size and their just in random pictures taken within a 3 hr time frame…

December 12, 2010

Ruby @ 3:27 pm

One time me and my frend were takin pictures we encountered white orbs. we thoguht that it was dust so we cleaned the camara lens then the orbs still apeared. we didnt think it was the flash because we have a picture were we can tell b/w the flash and the orbs. then we thought it was the rain so we went inside and the orbs only apeared with some of us. since that day i've been experiencing weird things in my house. what could it be?

December 14, 2010

robert @ 12:47 am

black shadows and electrical shocks..ive experienced theese things..any suggestions please reply

cherrie @ 2:24 am

i have one pic with a dark figure in it and a ton with orbs, why would these things choose me?

cherrie @ 2:26 am

ive seen black shadows too, it was years ago, i was like 9 but they're shadow people.

December 17, 2010

Miss Kitty @ 9:04 am

It came at me…I was across the country visiting my brother's house. At 4:00am I was up getting ready to catch a plane home. I stepped outside to check the weather and looked up at the street light in front of the house as it was still dark. There was what looked like a cloud of smoke drifting past the street light…it was thicker than mist or fog, as I tried to figure out why it was only around the street light, it suddenly pulled together and formed a perfect round white orb about the size of a large dinner plate. It suddenly dropped down from the street light, then started coming right at me. I felt a presence…it wasn't a nice feeling…more like I was in danger. I opened the door and jumped in the house as fast as I could. I stood there quite scared and prayed for God's protection. As my brother's family was still asleep I pictured a white dome of light from god protecting the house as I prayed. I don't know why I even pictured the white light protecting the home…where did that come from?

I am no different than anyone else but this now puts me in a different placement with people that have never seen an orb let alone one come at them. I told my brother and his wife about it and they looked at me like I was a nut. It also irks me when I see comments from so called specialists that say they don't exist. The entire reason I am on this site is because I experienced this and I wish I hadn't. So please don't make comments that they don't exist…believe me they do.

December 18, 2010

oriahna @ 11:16 am

i know about the orbs. i see them in my my eyes and outside. i see shapes of people, colorful things, evening faces too.

debbie i think u have a gift of seeing one of your realitives die and that u see that person. that spirit is telling u something!

miss kitty u see that orb your talking about it is trying to tell u something maybe your a witch like me.

ruby it is paranormal thats happened to u. don't be scared, handle it.

Kate matthews @ 9:00 pm

@January 27, 2009
Nichole @ 12:49 pm
Before my fiance passed away…we were sitting on our couch and a ring-like black orb was floating inches away from our faces. He pointed it out first and I didn't actually believe him until it floated close to my face..backed off…then floated up and floated closer to his face…then backed up…went up and down…side to side…lol for a whole like 5 mins…as we just sat there in shock…could that really have been a ghost? If so, why a black orb?

My 7 year old niece just seen this exact same thing the other night. is this bad? because im very worried about her. she said "mommie there was this black ring thing that was going around us last night" her mom got worried and told me to google it and i found this exact same thing happened to you. someone please let me know if this is bad.

December 19, 2010

Phil @ 8:40 pm

December 19 2010 The blue orb I experienced was March 2010 I am 47 and believe in truth and God . This orb was about 2 to 3 feet in diameter and less than 20 feet from me above the small river that flows through our town. I was traveling north on the road near the river at 8:45 pm where there are no houses. This was beautiful and translucent and full of life and scared the heck out of me. I am not sure what it was or what it means and I will never forget it. I would prefer not to guess exactly what it was doing there at that time and place, but as time passes I feel it was benevolent and there for my viewing. When I returned and passed by where I had seen this object ten minutes before, it was gone. I have not seen it since although I look for it everytime I pass by and wonder if i'll ever see it again. The experience gives me shivers and makes my hair feel like it's standing up when I think about it.

December 24, 2010

Richard Cosden @ 5:25 pm

I saw a small blue orb blinking in my alarm early one morning, picked up the clock it started moving fast then shot out the window with a tail. Freaked me out for months, have never seen anything paranormal in my life. Happened about 10 yrs in a summer house. As sure as I am alive, I know I saw this. It was alive! I am still freaked out, would give anything to know what it was. Help

December 25, 2010

Duder @ 5:48 pm

I don't know if this photo I took counts. Click on the link underneath my name. I have been haunted off & on for years. i try to not let it bother me. Whatever they are, they are jealous, probably that they are not human.

December 27, 2010

dion obrien @ 1:48 am

I've got pics of my 2yr old boy and he has 5 orbs Green two purple a yellow and a white all in a line and beside them there is a yellow rod streaming down and a light that looks like its opening up to another world sounds crazy but its true,the orbs look like the linement of the planets, ill send pics to any one that can tell me what the hell they mean not joking..thanks

December 29, 2010

Phil @ 7:20 pm

Duder; I looked at your photo straight on at first, but as I studied the features at all angles, the details were quite revealing. Please explain the details that you see in this photo so I will know if we are seeing the same features. This is very interesting and should be studied by others that may have a different perspective or explaination for this photo. Thanks Phil

December 31, 2010

amy @ 12:10 pm

i saw an orb shaped light on my wall and it was going in weird shapes. it stayed for about 15min and then i began to wonder what it was. i said circle and it went in a circle. as this sounds fake my friend did not believe me and i said come in and look. as she came in, the orb went behind the wardrobe and when she left, it came back. I checked if there could be a reflection of a watch or anything but there was nothing then i placed a glass over the orb and i felt pressure under the cup and a crack appeared on the glass then my hand was pushed back and the orb instantly went behind the wardrobe and i never saw it again.

January 1, 2011

Lauren @ 5:08 pm

My sister has come to spend new years with us. The 2nd night she was here I took her picture, and it was full of white orbs, a lot, big and small. It was only in her guest room, no others in our house. Today we took pictures in the living room and a huge deep white orb with black dots in it, and a dark orange outline ppeared on my Mom's face.. Explanations? Thanks.

January 6, 2011

christen @ 1:04 am

just a few nights ago my friend was searching thru his videos on his phone n came across and video of us sleeping. It was pitch black dark you can hear his clock ticking and me snoring and you see a white orb just floating about me then all of a sudden it lowered toward my body n stayed there for three to five seconds then the video cut off. He does not remember taking this video but it has me freaked out! What do you guys think?

January 7, 2011

bethany @ 4:03 pm

me and my friends took a picture and behind us was a orange face and another one was next to my friend what would you say this is??

bethany @ 4:13 pm

omg thats well creepy:O

January 10, 2011

niven @ 6:32 pm

shortly after a friend of mine passed away, me and my girlfriend at the time woke and there were two bright gold orbs following each other in a figure of eight pattern. i got out of bed and turned the light on and they continued. this lasted for over two hours it wasnt frightening at all but weird. just wondered if anyone has any idea what it means. thanks.

January 11, 2011

kimberly @ 4:08 pm

my friend was at my house doing the dishes and she turned around and found an orb right behind her. My house is totally hunted.

January 14, 2011

Kimberly Firkus @ 10:16 am

Hey, it's me again. i was upstairs in my bedroom and then i turned around and there was an orb in my bedroom. that was the scariest moment of my life.

January 18, 2011

Adam @ 9:23 am

Hi, everyone. Recently, I recorded a guitar riff onto my iflip camcorder. When I played it back, I could not believe what I saw and heard. At the bottom on this comment, I've pasted the url for my video on youtube. Make the video full screen before you do anything. At 3 seconds, this white orb floats off my wall and out of the view of the camera. At 13 seconds, you hear this voice until about 18 seconds. I understand that many believe orbs are dust particles, but it's quite a coincidence to see an orb and hear a voice within 10 seconds of each other. Please tell me what you think of it. You can find the video by clicking on my name above. Thanks, everyone. -Adam

January 19, 2011

Gavin @ 1:49 pm

my question is about black orbs. me and my partner have moved in to a new place been here for about two years and at first it was just me who had seen them and did not want to worry my partner so did not say anythink to her but about a year later she mentioned to me she had seen black orbs so i tought i wood check it out and cant find any info on it the orbs are about the size of a grapefruit and are always head hight normaly in the front room i wold like to know if they are dangerous because i've got three young kids

January 21, 2011

britanymccoy @ 11:51 pm

Ever since I was a little girl I've seen things that can't really be explain and just recently figured out that almost all the men in my family have the same (or worse ) experiences like me ,before it would be just things flying off the shelf and something whispering my name or red hazes following me, but lately it just sits on my bed , i can tell when my bed dips down when no one is on it and i can hear it creak and I've been seeing orbs all around me in pictures and in general they have faces in them i dont know what any of this means.

recently i had an automatic recorder in my sleep and i keep getting electronic interferences and my dog freaks out and something is like shaking my bed and there is a little girl's laughter in the backround and a deep laugh and i would really like to know what is exactly following me and why is there eight to ten orbs following me with sad faces on them i dont think it would be dangerous cause it would of hurt me by now really it just sleeps beside me but id like to have an idea

January 22, 2011

ann @ 12:00 am

I have been seeing a lot of different things but never payed attention since i have always seen things, but now its increasing alot. also seeing white and green orbs. please if any one could help me understand what it is

January 23, 2011

Barbara @ 8:51 pm

can u plz email the pics

montana @ 10:52 pm

My name is montana and recently my fiance's good friend went missing they have been looking for him almost a week and my fiance has a naging feeling he is dead. A few nights ago he started seeing a large black or grey ball of light floating in the door way or going past im not sure if this is an orb or something else but me and him both r worried it may be a sign that his friend is no longer with us. If any 1 can tell me if this is an orb or maybe even a spirit please let me and does it being black or gray mean its a bad spirit? thanks

January 25, 2011

david sparks @ 11:17 am

what is your email i will send you pics with orbs and faces

Nat @ 8:35 pm

I see a white flash like but it's kind of like a shooting star in my room. It usually happens when I'm about to go to bed. It's usually goes towards my salt lamp and disappears. Also, I have been woken up at 2:30 am every night for 10 or so days. It's usually a big bang, or something hitting my window (I live 8 floors up) I know it's not a bad dream cause my dog also gets awoken. I'm freaking and wondering what's going on. Can you help me please?

January 27, 2011

Jennifer @ 10:35 am

My father passed away when my kids were 9 months old (I have triplets) and from the time one of my daughters was able to speak she has often talked about seeing her Pop-Pop or talking to him. In many pictures of her there is a very promanent orb around her. It is usually greenish blue color. Sometimes there are up to three orbs. I find it strange because they are usually found in pictures of important days, such as Christmas pictures, nursery school graduations etc., events I know my father would not want to miss. We also have video recording of the kids at my parents house, where my mother still lives and you can see several orbs circling around them. It is kind of creepy, but nothing scary or harmful has come from them.

January 31, 2011

imran ali @ 7:23 am

I would really like to see your pics, I too have had these experiences for the first time in my life never have i seen this before, and also my dada pased away recentley and it seems as though I have been seeing this since then, Last night was the most vivid, I saw the red one the night before whilst in bed and suddenly waking up it was the size of my hand oval shaped bright red even in a dark room, and what appears to be tenticls you know looks like the suns rays shape when drawn in abstract.

Last night I saw a peach colour one which was almost pear shaped, and also a golden one and a silver one and also i think the red one, the strange thing is they all have tenticle like things not long but shortish, all around the outside edge looks like a sun which has been drawn with rays around it in cartoon form. It seems to only happen when I wake up sudenly to try an catch my breath I wasnt as scared as I thought I would be, although it was startling.

February 1, 2011

Michael @ 1:54 pm

I sometimes see multiple white orbs through my eyes at one time, not photographs. They sometimes occur when I'm out walking, or sometimes when I've been lying down. One time was when I was in a country park, another time was today in the local mall… and through confusion I shook my head, closed my eyes and when opening my eyes and they were gone.

It's quite rare that I'll have this, maybe twice every six months and have always had this, since I can remember. I don't know what it is, as far as my eye sight goes, I've been told its good!? Any ideas???

February 2, 2011

jodi @ 11:39 am

When l was 8yrs old my mom passed. When l was around 10yrs old a friend and l were dancing around in my living room dressed in my moms clothing and her high heals. It was a hot august night so the front door was open.My friends parent were across the street setting on there deck with some friends enjoying the music we were playing, WHEN a orb shoots l mean shoots out of the laundry room( bright screaming neon blue in color) and turned and shout down the hallway at the end of the hallway the orb made a hug bang as if a gun just was fired.My friends father came running across the street screaming at us WHERE IS THE GUN!

We are so scared we couldn't speak at first as he running around the house looking everywhere for the gun. He stops and looks at us and said what just happened? We said a blue light shoot out of the laundry room and was screaming all the way down the hallway until it got to the end and then bang and it was gone.He checked around nothing was wired wrong checking power box ect. Never found anything wrong, But at the end of the hallway was a black burn mark where the orb exited. Any idea what this was and why so loud?

February 4, 2011

Sharon @ 7.40pm @ 2:39 pm

We moved into an old bungalow that was converted into a house. From day one I have never been able to have a peaceful sleep in our room. Then today my husband was taking photo's of every room in the house for a project and he called me in to show me that our bedroom had about 20 orbs floating just in one particular part of the room some were big and some where small. There was sooooo many of them, do you think that is the reson for my restlessness at night?

February 5, 2011

Alan @ 12:08 am

I saw 2 red, energy imiting red orbs in my room the other night. They swirled around my bed room before going through my body. I felt an amazing surge of energy throughout my body when the went through it. I have an electric heater in my room that actually lost power when the orbs were in the room. They were approx. 1 1/2 ft in diameter. the second one was a little smaller. Do you know what happened in my room 2 nights ago? Why do you say red orbs mean danger or trouble? Alan.

February 8, 2011

Sally @ 9:46 am

I've seen red orbs on 4 different occasions in 4 years. The most recent sighting was last night and on an opposite side of the room from where they usually appear. It seemed to hover there and then exit through the front wall of the house. As it went out of the room, there was small bird sound like a whippoorwill.
I just lost a neighbor (8 days ago) that was a close friend and think it was her spirit paying me a visit on this sighting.
This only appear when I'm sleeping alone and always wake me up.
I'd certainly like to think red isn't anger or danger. My days after the sightings seem to be blessed with goodness in some way.
Any insight from others will be appreciated.

February 10, 2011

RmM @ 3:12 am

ok, ive witnessed orange orb before and by experience from what has happened to me. since then it is safe to say that it is an angry spirit.

February 13, 2011

Tamera Tyrrell @ 11:59 pm

When I was younger, around 11 yrs of age, I shared a room w/ my sister, she was sleeping but I woke up late at night and seen an orange reddish ball come into my room (the size of thoses lil bouncy balls from the machine) it was glowing, I remember just watching it float across my room and drop near my dresser onto the floor, I was so freaked out and scared, but I got up and looked for it and couldnt find it anywhere. Then I hopped into bed as fast as I could and pulled the blanket over my head. For the rest of the night, I layed in bed awake w/ my eyes tightly shut, too scared to open them and see something again, I couldnt believe what Id seen, I was so scared but I also didnt want anyone to think I was crazy, so I never told anybody. I dont know either but all I felt like is it was something evil going through my room.

February 14, 2011

Dillon @ 12:02 pm

When i was 7 i saw an orange orb with a blue circle around it. that night i went to sleep and awoke the next morning with a burn or cut of some sort on my right hand that looked as if some one had cut or branded me in my sleep. Ive kept it to myself for along time …. im 20 now and 1 week ago my wife and i were taking a walk at night and i saw the same orb but it stayed infront of me even when i closed my eyes i saw it. that night i didnt remember falling asleep and when i woke up the same wound with the exact same distinct pattern was on my left hand but there was no sign of blood and i still had the hairs on my hand in the wound attached to the folicule but they were white i have dark brown hair. i beleave it is an exit mark from an entity but i cannot tell for sure as im not a scientist or a defined paranormal activist. please i need help with this its a mystery id like to solve or atleast relate to some one elses experience. email me at

February 15, 2011

Danielle @ 11:26 pm

In my early teenaged years I suffered from chronic strep throat, I was sick every 3 months it seems now that I look back on it. One of the last times I was sick I was about 13 or 14 and I was sleeping on the couch in the living room, which was something I usually did when I was sick. I awoke in the middle of the night to find a blue orb of light floating above me, it didn't frighten me, but I think I frightened it because it promptly flew very, very fast down the hall towards my bedroom and disapeared, to never be seen again. At the time I had never heard of orbs and just called it a "ball of blue light",it's funny because the first time I heard this phenomenon reffered to as an orb it made so much sense. I knew at the time that I had experienced something paranormal, I knew that it was some intelligent entity that I had seen and I felt that it was protecting me. I did'nt get strep again until I was 17. I haven't had strep again since I was 17 and haven't seen any more orbs. I know what I saw at the time but actually forgot after years of wondering about the experience until recently when a tenants child was sick with strep and it reminded me of my experience. I have had a couple more paranormal experiences since then but not anything as jolting (I guess you could say) as the orb. My orb was about the size of a silver dollar.

February 19, 2011

Ken @ 9:58 pm

I have taken a photograph (actually three) of the same area to see if I had a reflection from the camera. There was no reflection. It was taken at a warehouse at work. The photograph at a distance is a brass looking orb, but when I zoom in on the object it is a spoked wheel with what appears to be a face (nose, eyes, mouth) with the head appearing 3 dimensional within the wheels. Since my dad died I have been experiencing the capturing of other people long past in another photograph. So far I have counted approximately 16 people in one photo where there was no one there as it was a photo of a house (old stagecoach stop)and farm house. I am looking for someone that has had a similar experience.

February 20, 2011

Margot @ 12:47 pm

I have seen some awesome and some very scary things in my life. The scariest was the first…I saw the devil in my room when I was 19. I started to pray the Our Father and he went away right away. 6 Years later my mother passed away. The day we burried her we were all at the funeral home saying the rosary. I looked up and saw my mother standing next to the Blessed Virgin Mary. (I wasn't the only one that saw that, so I know I am not crazy. My Grandmothers sister-in-law saw the same thing) A week later after I went back to my appartment I was in deep prayer.

I opened my eyes and saw a moving light go from small to about the size of a basketball and then back down until it disapeared. I got up and walked into my restroom area and looked in the mirror to wipe away my tears. I then saw another orb grow behind my left shoulder (both were white). I looked behinde me and there was just a wooden door. I am pretty sure it was probably my mom looking after me. I haven't seen anything since then. Is there a way to try to get them back? (not the devil, but the orbs?)

February 23, 2011

emily @ 12:04 pm

I saw a orb last night above my bed it was 3ish
I had not had a wink of sleep last night
It was round white with a tinge of yellow
It seemed a bit bright but i really cant remember
I was so scared
I wonder why this could be
There are many reasons such as
I had just moved my furnishing round in the day so my bed was at a diffrent angle
There is a street lamp outside my curtions were drawn but there was a gap and a line on the wall coming through the gap the line was there all night
I had dusted my room in the day so dust could of been in my room
I have carpit and have had the same one since we moved in 10 years ago
My grandad died a few mouths ago could it be him trying to vist me
It was near my tv there could have been static on my tv and could be from that
Is there any reason why its yellow?
I was just about to fall asleep i suddley opened my eyes
It was right infrount of me just above my bed
I was shocked it flew of i think threw the wall
I was very tierd could my eyes have been playing tricks on me
Any help ????????

CatteryLuv @ 6:02 pm

I used to live in a house far in the country. My Auntie was sleeping over one night, and when she awoke in the night, she saw an orb with her eyes and it was apparently outside my room! I would have wished to see it.

CatteryLuv @ 6:37 pm

Wow, your stories are amazing!! I got goose bumps just reading them. Please share when you see something else, i'd love to follow your case. :)

March 1, 2011

eddie howard @ 5:57 pm

to anybody that wants to know if the orbs are ghosts or not, get a camera that zooms in an out. so when you catch an orb in the picture, zoom in on the orb and if it's a ghost, you will see the face of the ghost in the orb.

eddie howard @ 6:07 pm

ken, what you are seeing is real. the orbs do have a face to them when you zoom in on them. i had over 100 pics with differents orbs. how i know they were different is because they had there ion faces. you just gotta look real close.

March 3, 2011

Hannah @ 6:53 pm

Hi can anyone explain for me? i was sitting at my desk as i worked from home and i noticed something on the wall. it was a white thing with black lines going through it, similar to a barcode but a lot bigger around the size of a basketball. it went from one side of the wall to the other, then vanished. can anyone shed any light on this for me?

March 6, 2011

kaelen @ 4:17 pm

I believe in ghosts. i can pick out about 10 in 1 pic. my mom is amazed of what i can do. she doesnt even see them. i love ghosts and i can hear them.

March 8, 2011

Jule Bates @ 10:03 pm

Love this! J

March 11, 2011

alex haarman @ 7:35 pm

my theory on whats the difference between colored orbs is that red and black orbs mean a demon and a white orb means an angel.

March 13, 2011

Thom @ 8:04 pm

Well i have a picture of a blue orb and it has eyes and a nose like figure if i look closely. if your spiritual some say it is an angel watching over you. ever get that sudden feeling or thought that pops in your head. and tells u dont do this or that and normally if u disobey it something happens without a very good ending. well its because spirits/angels communicate thru thoughts. they dont say hey im an angel they give u a thought and no matter how hard u try that thought will keep coming back. its God or sometimes the spirit warning you of something.

March 15, 2011

tony @ 4:22 pm

I was lying in bed one night and I saw an orange orb flashing on and off like a firefly does. Then I saw a red orb the size of a bouncy ball squiggling thru the air at the foot of my bed. then that disappeared and a flash of green light the size of a basketball appeared at the door, then was gone. Never saw it again but weird things have been happening like pictures comming off the wall, the bed being messed up and my leg getting grabbed at night. Im clueless and telling the truth.

March 18, 2011

Josh @ 3:17 am


My belief is that the orbs are guardian angels, I have had orbs in pictures with me for quite some time now. I am a very positive and "white light" kind of guy who has been able to see color around people with a very intuitive mind. I believe God touches some of us and enlightens us with gifts…your grandson is definitely your kids guardian angel and I"m almost positive it was him checking up on you guys especially if it was in honor of him..and how awesome for him, he got to float above the skyline of NYC. I think orbs are a way for spirits to look in upon us from Heaven…like travel. Just my two cents and my condolences.


March 21, 2011

PortlandGhosts @ 10:52 am

Any time you take a photograph with a flash all bets are off. When my group takes photos we do so with a digital SLR capable of seeing infrared light and use an external IR light source, no flash, a tripod and a shutter release (to avoid blurry photos due to long exposure times, usually 2-4 seconds).

In doing so, we eliminate any dust/moisture/insects reflections (orbs) entirely and get cool IR photos, as shown at the link above.

March 26, 2011

oliver @ 1:11 pm

try sprinkling some holy water in the room. if the orb is still spotted, it means it is a good orb protecting your son. IF IT IS a white orb, it is an angel.

Ryan @ 9:16 pm

When i go in my room to play xbox, i see orbs around my tv. as i walk farther in my room, they come more frequently. they seem to come at me so i usually get scared and run out my room. this all happens at night, when nothing is on in my room.

March 27, 2011

Carol Cannon @ 1:45 am

My family has lived in a very active home for over 50 years. We have our photos of orbs, people, all kinds of things but just recently we got pictures of thousands of orbs forming tunnels in our front yard. The orbs are bigger, brighter and in full color like nothing I have ever seen. Lots of thick mist with and without the orbs. if anyone has had similar experiences and can tell us what may be going on, please reply.

March 29, 2011

Theresa @ 7:05 pm

They are spirits. When I see an orb, I end up being visited later that night by a spirit who communicates with me, usually showing me how they died, some ask for help. The orbs I see are as if a camera flash went off – very bright and somehwhat round in shape. I see mostly white orbs, but have seen two black orbs recently. I don't know what the color significance is, but I do not sense any evil.

March 31, 2011

Shelby @ 4:12 pm

Okay, so last night I was about to go to sleep. All of the lights were off and all of a sudden this ball of light hovers across my room. Now this is the most recent thing that has happened. The past several months I have had unexplainable pounding on my walls and my closet doors shaking. I live in a house that is roughly 160 years old and out in the country. So I know for sure that it isn't a neighbor fooling me in any way. I don't know whether I am losing my mind or I actually have a ghost in my room. If you could help me out that would be great!
Thank you,

April 1, 2011

dorothy @ 10:54 pm

once along time ago was laying in the bed with my aunt she was facing the wall and i was facing the hall. in the hall there was a door going outside. i saw a glowing light golden looking slowly moving into the bathroom almost as if someone was walking slowly across the hall into the bathroom. i asked my aunt hey aunt lecie, did you see that? she said see what? i said that light. but it went into the bathroom and disapeared. heck i thought i was hallucinating, you no??

i dont tell things unless it really happened. im skeptical about anything i see online or what people say. im one of those people that i have to see it with my own eyes. but anyways i thought i would share that with you all. ive never seen anything like that again. thats been many moons ago. wow what a trip. plz tell me what you think about that. thanks so much and godbless.

April 2, 2011

Brett @ 8:20 pm

Have had a large gold orb taken in day light. Also orbs have been bright pink, blue, and the usual white ones. Now some have been changing to other objects. Some have turned into unusual light orange animals, cherubs, other images have appeared on walls near the orbs. Look closely at your photos.

April 5, 2011

Eli @ 5:07 am

So… I'm rolling down the interstate and pull over to stretch my legs on an exit ramp, it's about 3am. Right at the edge of the road is a line of trees. I have stopped here many times but only this time something strange happens. I take a leak and turn around to walk around the front of my vehicle when right next to me a large orange (orb?) or something almost like an explosion pops!! it's about head high and I can see the glow all up and down my body as it flashes and then disappears. I get really hot and feel like prickly heat on my chest, arms and neck. I freak out and jump back in my vehicle and haul butt out of there.

All the way back, I feel like someone is sitting next to me, just watching, and I'm beginning to feel frustrated and agitated. I finish work and go home. Half way to the house I look up at the outside temp reading on the dash and it reads 97 degrees.. It's like 60 outside. Once home I start to eat just about everything in sight and don't realize it until I see the pile of plates on the coffee table. I also realize I didn't change clothes like I usually do and my boots are still on. Where did the time go? I think something followed me home…..

Celene @ 10:00 am

Hi. I am a member of a paranormal group in Portland, Oregon. One of our other members has seen spheres, mostly blue-green, basketball sized, in his home. They hover for about 1-3 minutes and then fade or disappear when he looks away. In our past web searches, we have had difficulty finding any similar stories so I am happy to have read your comments.

Currently, we have a case scheduled in which the client is seeing similar "orbs" or spheres. If anyone has the time to e-mail me, I would like to ask some more questions about your experience to see if there is a connection to these experiences and other things in the house (paranormal activity, near water,……). Thank you for sharing your stories here.

April 6, 2011

Marylou Gutierrez @ 11:58 pm

Me and my son were coming from the store. he started telling me that he felt a little dizzy. i asked him if he wanted to sit down which he did for a little bit, while sitting he started telling me that he was feeling more dizzy i got a little worried and started praying because i was scared that something would happened to him. i asked him after a little while later if he thought he could make it home he said yes. i was still praying.

well about a block later he tells me is it bad when you start seeing like round blue balls. i see white ones and some light blue colored ones. i said where? he said there in the sky in front of us in the air.this was wierd becuase i started seeing them as well. i saw a couple white ones. i saw a light colored red one. i saw a couple light blues ones. alot of dark blue ones. i asked my son, “where do you see them?” to see if he was seeing the same ones i was. he stated pointing to the same places i was seeing them. i asked what colors did you see and where are they?

he started to tell me the same thing i was seeing. can anyone out there explain all of this to me? is it possible that two people can see the same ones? the same color and at the same place? then he starts telling me, “mom i have been seeing those since i was small.” he is now 19 years old. he also said he saw a dark one. i said where? he said, “back there.” “it’s gone,” i said. he said yes.

April 11, 2011

Demi @ 11:09 am

The other night when i slept at my friends house, we were sat on her bed just talking for a bit, then we were on her DSI and we were on record. we diddn't say anything though, we were being really quiet, but when noone was talking, we heard some people chatting on the record when we played it back. it sounded like a girl and a boy. So then me and my friend started getting abit frightened and curious, so we got her camera and was taking pics from where the sounds were coming from. When we looked at them and nothing was there, we shook the camera then took it, and we saw a bright red orb, right in the middle of the picture. it was a perfect circle, though. Can anyone help me and my friend?

Nikki @ 8:23 pm

Okay, here is my dilemma. In this new place I moved into, I see what I can only describe as "windows of light" on walls. Only walls, that's it. I will always see the same light pattern on certain sections of walls. For example, in my room, I always see what looks like a great big slanting rectangle on one portion of the wall, while in my living room, I see what looks like different widths of stripes, side by side, slanting also. They don't move by themselves, but tend to move slightly as my eyes move. There is one picture that I took with my cell phone that has a slanting figure in it. It cannot be a dust speck because it is a shape of a person, with an indistinguishable face and HAIR, and it extends up tall from the floor. It is blue in color. I am almost positive it is paranormal.

There is also a picture I took two houses ago on a digital camera where there is a very distinct picture of a boy, sitting Indian style between two chairs, with a bowl haircut. When my mother moved from that very house, my brother and I, on the same day, without one consulting the other, saw a blonde boy's head, with a bowl-cut, moving amongst her stacks of boxes at different times. I think maybe he was agitated and confused by the sudden change. (I also felt a very strong pressure on my chest one night and a pins-and-needles sensation all over my body and I couldn't move, but it turned out to be a sleeping disorder.) If anybody has any thought or opinions on the things I have seen or am seeing, I would love to hear them. Thanks for reading and thanks for your time, those of you who respond…

Nikki @ 8:31 pm

I see these all the time. Usually, it is when I get dizzy or light-headed. It is actually a visual thing entirely, nothing paranormal. The specks I tend to see when I get dizzy are white and blue. As for you seeing it as well as your son, it was probably the power for suggestion or even a psychic connection you share. It is common between mothers and their children, and it tends to increase in the mother when her child especially wants her to understand what he is experiencing, or in this case, seeing.

Nikki @ 8:41 pm

I was not there, so I can't say for sure, but I believe that one of two things are in the scenario here: 1) When you are tired, you're eyes do tend to play tricks on you. There were many sleep-deprived instances where I was driving and thought I saw an animal dart into the road, but it turned out to be nothing. Staring at a television set can also mess with your eyes MAJORLY. 2) There are instances when people move things around or make some kind of spectacular change in the house they live in. If there is a presence there, even if it does not majorly manifest, it will become agitated or confused and you will notice the changes in energy, and it will even WANT to make itself known to you.

Nikki @ 8:52 pm

Wow, I got chills reading this. I believe you, and I am normally a huge skeptic. This is insane. Start keeping a journal of these experiences, bub. Bad things have happened to people who start to manifest behavior after experiencing something similar to what you did. And if you start seeing physical differences in your body (i.e. changes in your eyecolor, ruddy skin, circles under your eyes), then you need to think about looking into an exorcism. It is never good to let these things go on if it's effecting your behavior. It means something is trying to take over, and no matter how you look at it, it is sinister.

April 14, 2011

Susan @ 2:20 am

I've gotten orbs in photos off and on for quite some time. I had no idea what they were and assumed they were dust in the air, etc. Not quite a year ago, a customer (I sell cameras and am a photo lab tech), had orbs in his photos, and I commented on them and said I had been deleting such photos. He about had "heart failure" and told me all about Orbs. At that point, I started collecting the ones I got with my camera..and the more I "shot" FOR them, the more they appeared, to the point that I have photos with HUNDREDS in one shot.

Then I started to notice that whenever I had a huge number of Orbs in the picture I took of a horse, that horse had a problem developing…illness or injury within 12 hours. They became a reliable barometer for whether or not all was well. I've gotten all colors, and one that was two colors (bright white/silver center with an edging of red)which was at the grave of one of the horses that died of a freak accident, that night after she was buried.

Most of the Orbs I "shoot" have faces, and those faces are all ages/both sexes and several different races. A week ago, I had seven "rescued" horses arrive here. The next day there were dark blue and gray orbs over the rescues, but none of the other horses, here. I have seen them without the camera, but not nearly as often. On the other hand, I am a senior citizen with vision problems, and don't always see other things right in front of me!

Whatever they are, I don't believe "dust" can identify a sick or injured animal just before it happens. I am comforted by their presence, and after I started accepting the orbs, I also started seeing "mist" which takes shapes, inside my barn. Indoors or outside, they seem to have their preferences among the horses, and I suspect they are attracted to light…I get less in my first shots and huge numbers in later shots, leading me to believe they are attracted to the flash of the camera.

April 19, 2011

Anita @ 6:10 am

Please email me so I can send you a picture of me and the orbs.

April 20, 2011

Joanna @ 12:52 am

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what this means? When I was a baby, apparently my mom, dad and sisters witnessed the side door open and a red ball of light floated in and went into my room, where I was in my crib. It circled around my head three times and went out the window. Made a crackle sound as it exited the room. Have no idea what this is suppose to signify. Any help would be appreciated.

April 29, 2011

Mr. Happy @ 2:35 pm

My brother killed himself in August of 2007. He was very angry when he shot himself in the head and he wanted to hurt and anger others by taking himself out of thier lives for good. He has since been captured as a red orb in several family locations. I believe theory #2 because his death has ALL the qualities that other ghost hunters (such as myself) pointed out as reasons for the red color.

Anger at his death/suicide associated with a violent act, standing guard (in a bad way) over the family, the energy at the time of his death was very angry and sorrowfull. His feeling was "if you don't want me now, you can never have me." I have pictures of the orbs as well as an actual picture of him(it is erie)in my parents house. Although I do depute the theory of the red orb NOT being bad.

Whenever we capture the red orb at family locations it is associated with an arguement and unjustified anger from nowhere. It seems he comes to spread his anger around to continue to destroy the family left in the wake of his hurtfull and defient act. My experience has been that you should beware and use caution when red orbs are present. Boost your aura and and grag your Mo-Jo/gri-gri whatever you call your protection. Any other hunters interested in some of my findings can contact me at my email.

April 30, 2011

Sparky @ 9:07 pm

My 13 year old daughter has been seeing floating colors since 1st grade or so. The colors are always there, whether its during the day or night, at home or in school. Her vision is fine, does not have headaches and is a healthy active kid. She explains the colors are in many shapes and move. The 2 main colors she sees is purple and pink. Sometimes these colors distract her at school (she sees them moving on the floor, walls, etc). She has never been scared of the colors.

What is this?! Any info/feedback is much appreciated!!

May 2, 2011

Jule Bates @ 10:27 pm

Green for the Irish shamrock and St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland and also renewal and regeneration.


Jule Bates @ 10:30 pm

Purple for spirituality and pink for the heart chakra and love.

May 7, 2011

Robbie @ 7:16 am

MY STORY – Last night i got into bed with my jacket on (my room was freezing cold) and as i layed there warming up i got the chills up and down my spine and i had a feeling i was being watched.. After awhile i warmed up so i sat up in bed and took off my jacket…I un zipped, one arm out, the other out.. and as i began to put my jacket down on my bed i saw a bright white light attached to the back of it. ( about the size of a golf ball ) I lifted it up and there it was again. i couldnt belive what i was seeing. i shook it, and it was gone.

It all happened very quickly. I was amazed but felt uneasy about the experince. I couldnt sleep and tried to see if it would do it again. So i put the jacket back on and did the process all over again… But to no avail. I have been going on a spiritual journey lately reading angel books, buying assorted semi precious rocks and meditating. I have always been a deep dreamer and have had dreams come true. I want to know how to protect myself so i don't invite unwanted guests from visiting me… Can anyone help..

May 9, 2011

Chase @ 5:31 pm

I wouldnt mind see the orb pictures if you've still got them. i've been going through alot of mine and noticed very big and little clear and tranparent orbs but nothing with color for the most part. If anything maybe a yellow tint. Thanks!

May 14, 2011

Trista @ 7:40 pm

I have seen bright red and bright blue colors appear over my daughter's bed, numerous times and it isn't orb like. it is all over color. So my question is what do the colors mean? Also she sees people in her room sometimes, a man and soemtimes a girl like 12 or 14. I have seen the man myself and so has a couple other kids. She has always been able to see these things. I also want to know can the colors make her sick? ever since i saw the red color she gets this mysterious illness!

May 15, 2011

Debbie @ 5:09 pm

We have had a surveilance monitor for around 4 years now. My mom moved in with us after my brother died. She passed away this December. After that I noticed two solid round floating balls of light on the monitor. It only starts after 2:00 am she passed away around 2:30 am. I thought it might be dust a very slow moving bug. Or reflection off automobiles at first. Its driving me nuts. We have four cameras I have seen it on three of them that are around the house. The other is at the gate and I have never seen it on that one.

I have been outside at 2:00 am and have swept the cameras and cleaned them with a wipe. Only to come back in and see them again. They only start after 2:00 I may not see them but about three times that night.One moves very slow and the other one faster. I have video tape the surveilience monitor when I can catch one if you want to see. Please if you have any ideas, email me. I would appreciate it.

May 16, 2011

Melisa @ 9:37 pm

Hi, I have recently been introduced to the concept of Indigo Children, Children of the stars and etc… a topic that has been of interest for some time. One of the chapters of the book I am reading talks about orbs, as energy belonging from these children – who are able to communicate from other dimensions – where they (and apparently all of us) can operate.

Almost automatically, I started seeing all the orbs that have been appearing in a lot of my recent photos. They seem to appear close to me and one other person who I am close to. They are normally white or gray, very transparent.

I don’t know what they mean… if the book that I am reading has the right information… they could be enlightened entities trying to show their selves to me as a way of reassuring what I am learning. Any ideas? Anyone?

May 17, 2011

Anna @ 12:14 am

Orbs are real I have seen them moving before I take a photo of them. I have seen bright white, orange, grey, and red. I have seen them with my own eyes about four times now. The last one I saw was bright white and as it floated or sauntered away it turned orange and grew smaller. At that moment I snapped the photo then the orange orb turned into an old woman who kept going in the same direction of the original orb. IT WAS SOOOO COOL!!! I have channeled spirits from the other side and asked them to sit for a photo, they agree and then they appear in my photo. Again, I am a BELIEVER now. From my experience, spirits are able to use the environment around them to glow, move, and appear. They are sooooooooo real, real in dust, water and even without flash.

Keep talking, some can talk back.

Alma @ 7:32 pm

Good Day. My fiance and i were in bed one night, i'd say about a few weeks ago and there were two blue orbs. I didn't think much of it becaue i've seen shadows and floating black figures and frankly grew tired of getting scared of them and got mad and telling them to get away from my family. Anyway, one of the orbs was directly above my fiance and was able to touch it. He described it as "cold but very cool" I, saw another one by our bathroom.

As i said before, i didn't think much of it so i ignored it. i looked up the meaning or colored orbs and it said "tranquility." So my question to you is, was it evil or just a lost little soul? please note, this has happened many time before to my fiance. he claims that they follow him. We see things a couple time a week. we had our house blessed but they always seem to come back. I know they feed off of fear which im trying to overcome. what do we do now?

May 18, 2011

Connie @ 8:49 am

I would be sitting during the day in my living room and in the corner of my eye I saw my plant move, like if someone walked past it and hit it…I looked and could see that something was transparent…I got my camera and started taking pictures…sure enough, I got orbs..Now every night i take pictures and have blue, red, and mostly white orbs..some very big…

May 20, 2011

mary elizabeth @ 3:38 am

In my personal experience over nearly a year now with orbs, among other sightings, photos and gifts – the GLOWING, seeminlgly from a sci fi movie, COLORED orbs are divine, angelic beings/essences – colors associated typically with Arch Angels. Sometimes your guardian Angels though they communicate much more silently. Darker shapes that move fast (can be circular, linear, strange) impress me as being 'spirit guides, or master spirit guides'- the whitish, wispy types and Ive seen these in streams, wispy shapes, orbs, lots of shapes – are spirit, of a person, though in some of my family photos & video there are MANY whitish orbs and even streaks of whitish light/see-through on one or more family member – still unsure if this is a loved one passed over, or angelic.

Ive done incredible amounts of research including having many mentors & readings/discussions with friends and acquaintances who are mediums, clairvoyants, psychic, astrologers, etc who are highly experienced and scholarly in their fields – as WELL as a paranormal Dr. expert who confirmed my photos that what I believed to be angelic – were, in fact. Others were my Grandmother, etc. I intuit messages, answers, even confirming SYMBOLS – physical things the next day afer asking questions, so, much of this I have garnered clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, as well. I get 'stuff' from lights – ANY light source, even things that reflect light. That is where it all started for me shortly after seeing patterns of colors in my eyes just after or during nightly prayers, then started seeing it all with my open eyes – hasnt stopped since and only gets BIGGER/different :) ~ mb

mary elizabeth @ 3:47 am

She is seeing either the colors of her own guardian angels (we each have TWO – sometimes more depending on need) or colors of arch angels, I see the same, daily, nightly – often two colors or more in each. Purple is typically AA Michael, St. Michael (also in varied shades of lavender, deep blue to other blues as well) Pink is Jophiel – depending on deep pink, or pale (she is deep pink) Angels are around your daughter and they often FLOCK to children like magnets due to their love and vulnerability, and that children are OPEN – not like us adults :) She can ask them questions and often (this works for me after MUCH self study and MANY mentors when I started seeing this just less than a year ago) she will get 'impressions in her head' of the answers OR symbols, within the next 24-72 hours that help to answer her (coins, feathers, something she NOTICES – even animals, usually something in nature, or out of the ordinary like a coin in an area where she often walks, etc..) Doreen Virtue has EXCELLENT books on this. Angels 101 a very good one! The Angels are VERY much with her, and are adoring her and showing themselves to her – and they love when they are acknowledged!

May 21, 2011

cb @ 10:57 pm

i have to say i saw a circled red orb a few days ago. i was listening to my audio book after midnight in bed around 2 and i had my window open in front and i saw it pass my neighbors car beside the house. the dog was looking outside at that time and didn't react. i watched for at least an hour after that to see if id see it again but nope…..???

May 23, 2011

eric hill, dakota snow and jonathan cooksey @ 4:37 pm

okay my name is dakota snow and i have a problem. i have been trying to put a video on youtube of me playing piano. i was looking over the video after i was done, and i saw a white looking orb shoot across the camera. then i wasnt thinking nothin of it so i recorded another one. it showed up again but right behind my head. so i got kinda freaked out. so i started looking it up on the internet and did some research and still making videos, but it seems like it's getting worse.

May 26, 2011

Justin @ 10:55 pm

Ok, my girlfriend and I were sitting on the couch one night talking in the pitch dark and an orb landed on her pants. Why would it land on her? I see stuff moving in the corners of my eyes sometimes. I think I am nuts but that orb just made me believe. do I have a spirit in my house?

May 27, 2011

Tiffany Victoria @ 12:03 pm

Hello, I have many pictures of orbs, but the orbs only are in the pictures if I'm in the picture. I have some pictures with like 6 different orbs red & blue & a big purple one that always over my head. The blue and red one are also big and the have faces in them. I happen to know that the orbs in my pictures are supernatural. Because I don't only have pictures of orbs I have about 10 chips full of things you wouldn't believe. & I happen to be a psychic medium. Feel free tonlook at some of my pictures on Facebook.

May 28, 2011

crystal @ 7:10 am

I am now 38 years old, and was affected by the paranormal, or unexplained, when I was just 16 years old. On several different ocassions I would see lime-green 3 inch balls of light (usually around 7). At first they would only hover up in the corner of the exit of my bedroom door, and only very late in the night. They always brought about fear to me. Within a month, they made themselves known to others, adults. Once at a friends swimming party, the power went out in the dead of night while all of us girls were in different showers (the father worked at the power co. and showed that we should have power).

We heard a loud scream for all of us to gather in the kitchen by the mother, who showed us what she was seeing. It was the balls of green lights I had been seeing, only their were prob. 50 of them hovering. So scary. But this was only what was to come. Can these orbs be demons or even demonic warnings? Please, this has plagued me for years.

CarolWhiley @ 8:48 am

what does a white aura mean?

colton villa @ 10:32 pm

hi, when my dad took a picture of me in new pjs and a little to the left of my foot was an orb. it was not dust nor a bug. I think it was my Nana who's ashes were in the room.

colton villa @ 10:37 pm

i think what u saw was a spirit trying to be seen. if u see an different orb, put something electric near it

May 30, 2011

Ernest Proo @ 3:04 am

When I was ten my older brother and i shared a bedroom together. One night in 1961 while both in our bunk beds, we saw a small red orb enter through a closed window and curtain. This red orb was about six inches round and floated over each of us. We were unable to move or talk until it left the room. The red orb mystery followed me until 1975. My wife and I surgically took out a small strange thorn looking item from my left forearm, that had me sratching crazy since loosing a lot of weight. At first it appeared barely under the skin, with the pointed end of the rose shaped thorn ready to penetrate. But as we held it and cut what appeared as ligaments, attached to muscle tissue it tried to move away. After this cream colored crystal item was removed, I no longer was ever troubled with the red orb that had instilled a paralyzing fear effect on my body.

May 31, 2011

snowfallzz @ 1:09 am

I've seen the balls too. I'm 36 now. It was when I was 14-15. No one had ever told me about them, I awoke to see them in my room, exactly as you was about 1-3am I'm assuming. There were many colors..all very neon and vibrant like one you would find in a rainbow. I wasn't afraid..more curious..and watched them float as if on an invisible breeze. they would stop abruptly, then vanish and reappear somewhere else adjacent to the spot it had been, like they were having a get together or something. One of the oddest things I have ever seen in my life. Don't be fooled by the witchdoctor posts where ppl tell you what the colors mean good or bad or whatever. Or, how some are more intelligent or wise etc etc, depending on the color. I think thats BS.

The universe made us all colors, ppl, flowers, everything. It just happens to be that individual's color is all. I would tend to feel more excited about it than anything, and no they're not demons lol. There are many laws at work in this universe that neither detracts nor adds to my faith in a supreme spirit/God.. whatever they were there for, it had to do with you. And most of the time, we never get a "what we need to do" message etc. All things are made in circles. water droplets, planets, stars, atoms, human cells…even human souls. :)

June 3, 2011

lydia @ 12:35 pm

and red orbs mean angry or need to be healed

June 5, 2011

Lynn @ 6:59 pm

Im a true believer of orbs.. I see them in pic's often, more so with special occasions such as my X-Mas pictures, so on. But something bizzaar happened the other morning that I don't fully understand…I was sitting at my computer when something caught my attention at the corner of my right eye…I looked over and wittenessed a blue tinged orb that was slowly moving where I was able to follow it for a second before it decided to "zoom" off. That is the way it happened and the only way I'm able to explain it….It was almost like this orb was trying to get my attention…I don't know…wish someone could explain this to me.

You see, I lost my son 4 years ago and don't want to read too much into something that may mean nothing at all….But then again it is a nice feeling thinking it may be him letting me know that he's always with me. Now this leads me to my next question….are orbs considered lost souls? Please help me make sense of this…Thank you

Willow Shay Rose @ 10:23 pm

I saw an orange little orb and I would like to know what that is and I'm also a Witch.

June 6, 2011

Jule Bates @ 12:53 am

Don't be alarmed by your orb experience. It just means that you are becoming more attuned to Spirit. If you do get frightened call on The Archangel Michael. Also, mentally enshroud yourself in an egg of white-light for protection.

Jennifer H @ 9:05 pm

When I was a teenager I had an experience with what I would consider an Orb. I was laying in my bed listening to my Walkman with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes to reach over and get another cassette tape and hovering above my bed was a bright ball of white light. I remember being amazed at how bright it was yet it was condensed light and didn't light up anything around it. It seemed like it noticed that I was looking at it and it quickly flew through the wall. I laid there for a moment trying to make sense of what I had just seen and then I got out of bed to check the house. I never saw it again. I can't say that it really frightened me but it could never explain it away as anything "normal."

June 15, 2011

S_Tiffin @ 7:36 am

I can feel someone watching me all the time. I have looked through all my photos on my mobile phone and all my photo's on facebook but yet, I can't really see anything. I look at like little blurs on photo's and think nothing of it. I know there is someone there. I heard them shout my name twice and so did my boyfriend. I have a dog too but he was laid at the bottom of the stairs when I heard someone whisper my name. But yet the noise was up stairs and the dog didn't do anything. People say if there was something in the house, the dog would go wild but he doesn't do anything. I am not crazy! I am not imagining things! Its real!! What do I do? The only thing I can think of is go to a vicar but I have not been christened… Please give me some advice because I am only 16 and I have no idea what to do. I have spoken to my mam and she doesn't believe me. I think its my nana. I have wrote a note and hid it in my room and I am gonna leave it where it is. One of the things I said was, if it is you nana, please show me or signify that you are there.

June 16, 2011

carlos @ 6:50 am

The truth is that we are always being watched. It is nothing to be paranoid about, it is a fact. For one, the Lord is always watching, and if you see something like red eyes watching you or shadows staring you, it is good to remember that God is present. The thing also to remember is that these orbs or spirits can not really do anything to you. it is what you do to yourself at these moments that matters. And at all moments. These things, whatever they are, can only try to scare you.

June 18, 2011

Anonymous @ 9:34 am

I see about a dozen orbs every month, all white orbs with a blue glow. but last night was different. the orb was a green glow.

June 20, 2011

kandy @ 3:52 am

My experience with orbs was in our previous home. For 7 years, we heard music every night. The kids thought it was under the floor. The orbs seemed to be attracted to me. They would float up, several together, and pop around me. It happened the first time in front of friends and family. I was never afraid but very curious about this phenomenon and why me? Any ideas?

June 24, 2011

Eric @ 6:44 am

I've seen white orbs countless times. Do they always move fast?? Every time I've seen it they fly by kinda like someone is taking a flashlight and moving it real fast and It's always been outside. I've never seen it inside. What does this mean? The weird thing is every where I've moved I've always seen it outside and it goes so fast for like 5 seconds and it's gone. If someone could give me some insight I'd really appreciate it.

experience4 @ 8:31 am

A few years back, I was 24, I moved out of a home that was haunted. I had been suspicious for awhile, and then I saw the ghost manifest itself. It was the second ghost I had witnessed, the first time I was 12. This time I was so scared, I moved back home for awhile.

It was my first night back home, and I was going to sleep on the couch, when I heard someone whisper my name. Assuming it was my step-dad I tried to pull the blanket back and my body felt paralyzed, as if it was fighting me. I began to pray to God to be with me and protect me, and after 30 seconds or so, I was able to look. I saw two white orbs flying towards my head very fast, and I ducked back under the blankets.

If anyone has an idea of what they think happened, I'm open to hearing your thoughts.

June 28, 2011

kandy @ 2:51 am

"My" orbs floated up kind of slow and when they popped it was almost firecracker loud. They were blue. I haven't talked to anyone yet with quite the same experience. Twice was indoors.

July 1, 2011

joshua ryan wilson @ 7:12 pm

okay ive ACTUALLY seen a red orb. it was quite large in size about the size of a basketball. my ex-girlfriend was standing next to me smoking a cigarette. we were just shoot'n the shiz, when out of no where this thing pops up in the woods behind her apt. and kinda drifts away through the trees. we both looked at each other like WTF, and we confirmed what had both just seen. whether or not it is paranormal i cannot say, but i can say ive sure as heck seen one!

July 2, 2011

Vi @ 4:44 pm

As my daughter laid dying, the doorbell rang once in the middle of the night at 3 A.M. and then the next day at 3 P.M. Nobody was there. I did not go out. When my son in law was in the hospital dying, my front door bell kept ringing. I could not turn it off. It did it for about 5 mins and then quit. He passed the next day. Have you ever heard of anything like this?

July 3, 2011

tabitha johnson @ 3:20 pm

well i have pics on my facebook of all of orbs. if you want to see them look me up on facebook and find me, tabitha johnson.

July 5, 2011

Jlady @ 2:13 am

When I was in basic training in the Army out in the woods we were setting up camp for the night. It was dusk and we were getting ready for some sleep. We were about 10 ft away from each other when a blue orb about the size of a soccer ball flew between us pretty fast and then disappeared. We stared in shock at each other and asked each other what the heck was that…we were so freaked and tired we just got into our little tent. I would have thought what I saw was just because I was so stressed and tired. But my friend saw it too. I wish to this day I knew what it was.

Lewistown Ghost @ 9:00 pm

Lewistown ghost / orb sightings

I live in Ofallon Missouri and have property 2 hours from where I live. This is a brief story of our ORB sightings at the property.

In a nutshell we moved a large rock at my brothers 140 acre property in northern Missouri. The property is used for camping and hunting. Spent many nights around the campfire. We often saw lights going thru the woods, ufo looking lights in the sky, they would come close to camp, shine down at us then swiftly fly away and vanish. My guess is that between 12 family members and over 3-4 years we probably saw 60 or more sightings. We once saw a jello/blob looking cloud lit like a glow / pastell color light, churning and moving just float cross camp. It was about 30 feet above us and moved very slow. It moved the opposite direction of the clouds.

Each one of the light sightings have a story too them. What they did, how big they were, how many etc….My wife and i witnessed one the size of a street light come out of a field, shine on a tree, come close to us, move back where it came from, shrink down to a spec of light, fly above our hears (now looks like Tinkerbell) then fly away….all over about 40 minutes.

Then came the feelings. My son and i were riding the 4 wheeler when we were hit with an "emotion". Then were made aware that something is with us. Then next weekend my brother was hit with the sane thing. He did not know of our experience as he was telling us his story. Then one by one hit hit a few other family members. Best i can describe is that it is an "emotion" and it somehow makes you aware of its presence.

We too have had lights/ circuit breakers turn on at the electrical box, car windows shatter without heat or cold being a possible cause, My family and my brothers family went to visit the rock area (grave?) and were visited by what i describe as swift moving white objects/ghosts swirreling at our feet. We got scared and ran.

We would love to ge a good paramormal team up there to investigate.

Meanwhile, i am sure this is a true haunting, have you ever heard of anything outdoors to this magnitude? I feel in my gut that it is indian burrial. Any thoughts? "lewistown ghost"

July 7, 2011

tina asensio @ 4:43 am

i had been to a country western night with my girlfiend and i took my video camera to film the night. i caught some orbs on video. i have about 90 min of the night and when i edit the film i have about 45 min of orbs. then i went home to my friends and switched my camera on. what i have is almost 2 hours of orbs on video. some big ones, some different colors, some like shapes and some flashing. it was a wonderful experience. i could not get over the fact that they were so many and they came morning, noon, and night. if you would like to contact me i can give you more details. i am also contacting a number of similar sights. i think a lot of news media and tv shows would be very intrested in my video of my orbs. the whole experience was wonderful, exciting, warm, loving, and beautiful and made us both feel very happy. kind regards, this all happend 2 weeks ago.

alan & tina

July 12, 2011

Richard @ 4:40 pm

I just got the book by Klaus & Gundi Heinemann Ph.D On Orbs & Entities today. I talked to a few other folks who I can trust and was amazed that one of my friends saw the same thing but many orbs in one picture. The orbs were in the forest and in a sacred place. She thought it was the camera and the store sales clerk said it was the camera. The orbs only appeared in this one picture. She told me her camera had an infrared UV filter and some other high technology.

I asked her to have a friend take some pictures of the same place and with a different camera and compare the two. Process of elimination and testing a hypothesis. I swear I thought it was the lighting on the first picture and reshot it in the same spot and same angle, but the orb was gone. It's out of the ordinary and got me thinking and why I'm doing research on it.


Like I said before I just got a digital camera and before was using a 35mm and never saw anything like this until last week. I've taking pictures all over the place and one hasn't been displayed again in any picture. I just got a red Nikon Cool Pics digital camera and before that always used a 35mm camera. Yes – Faces! Orb the book by Klaus and Gundi Heinemann Ph.D. explains this in detail with photos.

On my first digital picture with the red Nikon Cool Pic there was an orb over my wife's head. I took another picture in the same spot one minute later and it was not there. I had a difficult time distinguishing how close the orb was to the camera due to the size of it – about the size of a basketball. Other orbs I took pictures of in the house were about 20 feet away and the size of a baseball. The Orb book explains a lot and is reassuring.

To the skeptics:

On Page 108 in book: Quote "Unfortunately, even though the vast majority of orbs observed by people all over the world are real, this has no bearing on skeptics who continue with their argument–that because flash reflections at airborne particles resemble orbs, all such images must therefore be reflections at airborne particulates. It is of little avail to try to convince such critics otherwise, just as it was of little avail to convince the clerical echelons in the 16th century that the earth was revolving around the sun." Unquote

July 15, 2011

Jose Torres @ 9:41 am

First off let me start by saying that I do not believe in ghosts or the supernatural. That being said, last night I had fallen asleep downstairs on the couch when @ 5am I hear my 4 month old daughter crying in her room because she is hungry. Across the hall is the Master Bedroom where my wife was sleeping. She turns on the dimming light in the Master Bathroom to go check on the baby and comes out of the room to ask me to make a bottle. At the same time that she opens the door to tell me this, I see an Orb leave the Master Bedroom, go over the balcony, down the stairs and make a hard right passing me in the Living room and go out the window in the dining room!

It was very bright white, with a little Blue, like an LED light would look. It wasn't round like you would see in pictures – but thin and long, about 3-4 inches. It was quick but wasn't very straight. It came down the stairs kind of wavy.

I am looking for some sort of explanation of what it could have been


July 16, 2011

Ryan @ 3:58 pm

Greetings, I have been having bad dreams for quite some time now. Dreams of ethereal beings in shrouds, sleep paralysis, the feeling of a presence around me all of a sudden. I have kind of put this back in my mind and admitted I have a strong imagination and this is something my subconscious has created to deal with the sleep paralysis. Well last night I slept so fricken long I could not wake up. everytime I woke up I just had to go right back to sleep. I must of slept for 12 hours or more. Anyways in one of my dreams (I am assuming this was a dream)… In my dream it was a perfect resemblance of what I see sleeping in my bed. the TV was on, there was even random pieces of trash which were laying on the floor that my girlfriend complained about me cleaning up the night before. Well I saw this extremely neon pink orbish shape of light floating above me. When I saw this I was experiencing sleep paralysis so it was extremely hard for me to turn my head and see it as I was laying on my stomach. Anyways to make a story I could drag on for hours short… I saw this orb and this time I was not that scared compared to some of the other things I have seen during paralysis..

But I woke up to something caressing me. later in the dream I was with someone and it wasnt sexual but in my dream someone was caressing me, in some not so proper areas. I woke up to something caressing me in some not so proper areas, and my back, and my head. I laid there with my eyes shut thinking maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me and it continued until I got up about 10 minutes later. This is not the first time I have woke up to something caressing me, not gonna speculate what it is (if anything at all), but this is the first time I have seen a pink orb in a dream or maybe it was when I was awake. I cannot tell at this point my dreams are so lucid sometimes I am dreaming that I am dreaming, so it is hard for me to tell what is a dream and what is real sometimes. Anyone have any insight on what this could be? I have studied a lot on UFOs, and things of that nature… Maybe I got the attention of something I shouldn't have? I know that what we see in our dreams is what god wants us to see. maybe he has answered my prayers.

July 18, 2011

yantra27 @ 12:03 am

Yes, indeed I have seen the ball of lights as well. I don't know what it means right now, but I will find out. We are seeing this for a reason.

July 20, 2011

Nicole @ 3:07 pm

Hi Indigo child, I am very much like you but I am 27. I still do not fit in with many people. I saw an orb over my bed last night and ever since I was little I've had spirit entities following me, trying to make contact. I have always been too scared to connect. I too think way too deeply and can never get to bed on time. When I was your age, I would stay up until 2-3am after laying in bed at 10pm. Tell me, do you make contact with them, and are any of your skills developing?

July 22, 2011

MiraCleOmen @ 10:42 am

My theory on orbs takes into account that if a spirit wanted to contact you, they would do it in a way that only you would receive the message. so taking a photo of an orb exclusively to "prove" they exist would not be able to be understood by everyone, due to the separation in cultures and educational knowledge base. I believe that whatever the orb is (the shape, how it's felt, and the color)…as long as what's felt when you see the particular occurrence should be thought about and interpreted by the observer. Differing from the knowledge base would change the message for the observer, thus leading the message down an alternate thought pattern and skewing the message.

MiraCleOmen @ 10:45 am

And hey, who said dust particles can't be spirits? They came from dead skin or wood or something of the like, broken down and the energy is captured along with the flash and the image. Happy pondering.

July 25, 2011

Kyleigh @ 8:12 am

My best friend, my mom, and I were taking pictures (in the same spot) three different times. Same lighting, everything. My little digital camera caught a bunch of blue and black orb type things floating above my best friend and my heads. Our house has had two people die in it and my cat was recently put to sleep. My mom and I have heard things before throughout the house. I.E. People yelling, different smells. My mom and I were just looking through the pic with zoom and saw my old cat's eyes. It's really creepy. Could this be my cat? Could it be her watching over me? I need answers. Thanks.

July 26, 2011

Eli @ 3:57 pm

When i go to my cousins house, we bike past a church. We leave at night because that's when the orb comes out. My aunt, grandfather, and many people who live around there have seen it. does anyone know what it could be?

Andrea @ 5:01 pm

its an orb spirit, that is an angry orb. i dont understand a lot of it anymore than anyone else. Imagine inhaling bright white air in through your nose & from the pit of your stomach breathing out red which is all the anger & tell your girlfriend to do the same … that should clear the red & make white protectors ;0)

July 28, 2011

Happ @ 10:43 am

Hi. Today i took photos of our newly planted wheat, which has grown to about 5 inches. I downloaded the pics to my p.c late tonight and did so after not being able to sleep. I got a bit of a shock as in one picture at the bottom end of the farm, at the tree line is a huge green Orb the size of several trees. its really big! I zoomed in on the Orb and rotated it all ways on my P.C there is what appears to be the top half of a person, midrift, the chest and head and arms outstretched? in the Orbs normal position As i rotated it there looks to be a young girl kneeling and towards the left of the orb at the top… other 2 dimensional…well i dont know…its left me feeling a bit shocked.

We bought this property 8 mnths ago, at the forefront of the property on our drive is the original pioneer cemetery dating to 1842. There are 12 grave sights. i have never been worried about it. My children lost their precious father to a fatal accident 2yrs 8 mnths ago, which is why we came to this place…to heal as we are far from over the shock of it, and there are ambiguities surrounding the accident. I believe in Spirit, but believe scientific evidence should always be ruled out first. The day was a normal day, no rain or dust, nothing to reflect off? I took more pics directly after and several hours later, no orbs are present. This has me in a bit of turmoil. At first i nearly laughed out loud as i thought of the slime from a Ghostbuster movie i think…then i realised.

I have read that Green Orbs' (its a bright limey green) means healing and fertility…both of which are appropriate, we moved here to heal and the fertility could mean the wheat and land as i have been anxious being our first crop in? I am not a nutter and dont take these things lightly. I have read that Orbs are circular. This doesnt look perfectly circular on looking at the pic even without zooming in? i should also mention that I have been feeling anxious about whether the right decision was made to move here and whether cropping wheat was the wise thing. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.

July 29, 2011

Jovana @ 5:36 pm

Me and my boyfriend took a picture at St. Vincent Pauls and theres an orbit behind us. its kinda weird. people say its haunted but i dont know what it could be.

July 30, 2011

jj @ 12:49 pm

Military technology, sorry to say.

July 31, 2011

Erica Dawson @ 10:19 am

* Please, don't think that I'm crazy or something, but believe me I have seen bright blue orbs in front of my eyes. And shining human figures too…But I have never taken any photo's because it always happened when I'm just about to sleep.*

August 1, 2011

Cathleen Hendrickson Spitson @ 5:42 am

I have 4 pictures with dark blue/black medium size ob in each picture. it was on a wall above our head. my walls and my curtains are light pink/ivory no dark colors in any of the photos my 2girls were in. I do not worry of the orbs ive seen as i wonder why since 2009 there had been dark figures of people waking me up. at 1st it was a child, looked to be my youngest daughter but i turned on the light and no one was there. i went to her room, looked close at her face. she was soundly sleeping. this was the 1st time i saw it. the 2nd was about a week later.

my room was dark. my 3 children were sleeping and i was too, until i was awakened by pressure on the foot of my bed. i sat up in my bed fully awake. i saw 3 dark figures. 1 tall, 1 medium tall, and the 3rd was shorter. they took the pressure off my bed but stood there. The 3rd time i didnt see anything or anyone. i was home alone. my children were at school. all my doors were deadbolted. i was awakened from my daytime nap by my 260lb body being pulled down to the foot of my bed!

Cathleen Hendrickson Spitson @ 6:08 am

Nightly i feel their presence but see nothing. i talk to thin air when i feel them, when my children arent around. my daughter josephine says she saw a man in our basement watching me do our laundry and take care of our pantry. she wont go near the small space he stands at. the 1st time she told me this, she was 3. she still says he is watching and she is 10/11. i dont want my children to be afraid of living in our house so i dont discuss any of the dead standing by my bed when i sleep. i dont fear them who have shown theirselves to me, but i do ask them to not scare my children since we all need a place to stay. in some ways it is a comfort. none of this was encouraged, no EVPs. I think it would be harmful to have them answer us, but I would like someone to find out what they want with me, without angering them to violence on my kids or me.?

mel @ 12:21 pm

I lost my dad suddenly in a work accident 5 months ago that has devastated the family. Two days before his funeral which took 3 months my mum was woken up by her neck being massaged. When she opened her eyes, she saw the most amazing purple orb which she watched for ages. At the time she said she felt very peaceful and content. She watched it until it slowly disappeared but she described the centre of the orb as having shapes that she couldnt see. She found the whole experience beautiful.

August 2, 2011

armen s @ 2:11 am

I was writing poetry of crying in the dark with a lot of feeling, and I saw an orange orb to the right of me. Then, I remembered that I promised God I wouldn't write any poetry in my whole life because I sacrificed it.

And right away, I started to search for what the colors mean. Above, it says that orange orbs either mean that an entity is mad, or is in need of a healing. Crying is defined as healing in spiritual terms, I think. So that answers my question. That orb was either an Angel angry of the breaking of my sacrifice, or an entity who was looking for an answer to his/her need of healing. Right on the money.

Puffin @ 5:33 pm

Ok, a daft question….I've been trying to find this out for a friend who saw it. He was out jogging and says he saw this very large orange ball/globe/orb….only it was BIG. He says it was the size of a house??? It was hovering above the river and he says it was a ball of light…mainly orange but did alter colour. It was full of light, but wasnt omitting light if that makes sense? He says he stayed watching it, and then left……pinching himself to make sure he was awake. Anyway….I said I'd try and find out online if there was anything similar people had seen…but its a hard one to google. I mean…..what do you *google* lol.

Anyway…..any ideas so I can let him know? He was sober, not on drugs and the weather was clear, and it was dark.

August 9, 2011

matt gifford @ 8:58 pm

i need help and a lot of info on a purple apparition… one of my best friends (larry) co-workers and his good friend died recently. my best friend is now having dreams with a purple apparition that only shows from the waist up… but my friend (larry) says in his dream right as he feels as he is about to be robbed, the spirit pulls out his brown and black wallet…. im lost to all of this… can someone help me or talk to me about this…. i would really appreciate it…

August 13, 2011

bobby @ 1:37 am

Call me crazy, but I been hearing my wife's name in my house, once or twice a week. I think a ghost is somehow attached to my wife. I'm not crazy, but its getting worse. My wife just gave birth to twin boys and I'm in the hospital with her, and sure enough, we heard the voice again. its very clear, doesn't sound human, but very clear. I'm not scared of it, but if it followed her from our home to the hospital, and we have two twins that are coming home with us, I'm a little afraid for my babies. Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of this thing, or what it can possibility be? Thanks. bobby. Please don't make silly comments, we really want to get to the bottom of this. If anyone has any idea please help. I can't have this thing harm my babies…

Chris @ 9:14 pm

My daughter and I saw a bright lime-colored orb that was approximately 12 inches in diameter. It just hung in the air, approximately four feet off the ground. It just hung there – right between her opened bedroom door and mine, for what seemed like about two minutes. We were both frightened because it was such a different experience than we had ever had. It was bright neon-lime green, large, and mysterious. We wondered if it could have been my deceased father. It felt a little like someone was checking in on us, or taking some kind of reading. Does anyone have more information on the bright green orbs?

August 14, 2011

brisnake @ 5:41 pm

what does a green orb with an x mean?

August 16, 2011

Wes Hatt @ 4:31 pm

I work in an old schoolhouse where we are currently putting in lofts. My photographer took a 30-second exposure photo of the attic structure. Not only did we manage to photograph an orb, we managed to track it's movement. Often "orbs" are dust reflected by the flash or a "lense-flare". Seriously, you should check out the photo by clicking on the link underneath my name.

Now the reason that I am writing in regards to the post from Chris @9:14pm. My wife woke me up saying that there was a green light in the hallway and it grew in intensity and was actually seen as it passed by the bedroom door. I would call my wife an extreme skeptic of the paranormal until last night. The strangest thing is that she stated that it was shaped more like a square than a spherical orb.

By chance I did have a videographer offer yesterday that he wished to camp-out in the attic to try to experience and film our orb. Could the green orb seen in my house be the confirmation that it is ok, or a warning? If anyone has any real insight to orbs, please email me.

August 18, 2011

Gracie @ 3:57 pm

Well, my uncle died about three or four years ago and we have this picture of him on a shelf. Well before he died, nothing was in the picture but him. But whenever he passed away, a white orb appeared. no joke.

Jill @ 8:48 pm

My 9 year old daughter keeps telling me she sees fog in her room @ night that goes into the walls, her baskets, down the hall. She says they're fast & gone. It scares her & I didnt know how to explain that to her because Ive never experienced it before. what happens when you see fog?

August 20, 2011

Domenica @ 1:26 pm

I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink. I stopped in the living room because there was green sparkles (the only way I could describe it) from the floor to the ceiling. it was green and glowing like a glow stick, just a whole bunch of sparkles. I didnt get scared. it actually was calming. I looked it up and down and said 'oh hi.' I do not know why I said that. I continued to get a drink and went back to sleep. Anyone know what the green sparkles were? Also i could have sworn I'd seen it before but I cant remember where.

Nathan Harvey @ 7:07 pm

Hi there. I have recently had very strange things happening when I've had photographs taken of me. Over the last week, every time I've had a picture taken of me at night and with a flash I've had hundreds of white dots all over me and no – one else. It's on my skin, clothes – everything and the dots stop at me and the rest of the shot is clear. I've had photos taken with other people right next to me and we've tried photos with other people's cameras and single shots with different people all sitting in the same place. The result is the same. I have all of these dots all over me, and no one else does. I have friends who are professional photographers and they can't figure it out either. Any suggestions?? I'm happy to send you some shots. Nathan

Roy @ 10:40 pm

Happy to have found this site. Orbs … never knew they were called that but sometime ago living in Asia with my parents, I was 15 years old. I woke up one night seeing red lights floating in the left upper corner of my room, maybe 7 or 8 of them all of them in motion. Turning on my light they disappeared…turned off the light and layed down again. Curious, I looked again and there they were again, same corner all turning and moving around each other. Turned on my light again but this time they remained visible. Clearing my eyes to make sure what I saw was real, these things started "attacking" me by flying very fast from that corner to my face and back. Scared, I ran to my sister's room noting this mist all around me. I woke up my sis and started explaining but she immediately noticed this mist around me but it stopped after she got out of bed. Both my parents thought we were crazy when we told them. Not long after, I started burning myself with cigarettes and doing all sort of crazy stuff, hurting myself while in some sort of trance. Too ashamed to tell anyone this went on for a few years. Luckily it stopped long ago. Anybody able to explain this?

August 22, 2011

Justin B @ 6:57 pm

This exact thing happened to me just last night…I was just on the verge of sleep when I opened my eyes and there was a bright glowing red orb like thing floating up and in front of the bed. as soon as I acknowledged it, it moved to the right and disappeared…A few years ago I had a similar thing occur only it was much more vivid and terrifying…It was also in another apartment but when I opened my eyes then a very vivid mass of almost glowing red tentacles was flowing towards my face from the ceiling…I had eaten a block of cheese that night before bed and attributed it to that because I had once heard somewhere that cheese can give you nightmares. But I didn't have any cheese before bed last night so…not exactly sure where these are coming from.. I've read that being in the presence of granite, because of its strong electromagnetism, can cause you to see bright moving lights. I don't know why but that's another possibility, seeing how half of my home province Nova Scotia, Canada is a giant granite mass.

August 28, 2011

Savannah Marie @ 7:50 pm

A few nights ago my mom had troubles sleeping. She felt uneasy. She felt as if she was being watched. And for some reason she decided to video tape her room, while she was awake. She kept moving the camera around the room till it got to her opened door. there was a face. I am not kidding. You could make out a shadow of a body. But you could definitely see the face. After a few seconds it disappeared, than appeared again. But then it left. Then after about a whole minute, there was a quick flash of a white orb in the camera. Im not kidding. I have a video to prove it.

August 30, 2011

Jo Keene @ 11:58 am

I've been very interested reading everybody's comments on orbs. I've seen many things over the years, lights, colours, symbols, orbs, scripts, and lots of things around my children as they slept. These things have never bothered me, and to tell you the truth, I've never really attempted to question them. I'm lucky to have many people around me that are in tune. But I would like to share with you an experience I had the other month. I woke in the night to see an orb that was about 10 inches in size, orange and had tentacles. It was an amazing sight. The tentacles looked as though they could retract because at the base of each one was a perfect circle. The tentacles were perfectly identical and bent half way up. If the orb had eyes it would of been looking at me directly. It moved gently with its tentacles moving in sync and in an aquatic way. The orb was still, and then very slowly went through the wall. I had no fear at all – it was just an amazing and interesting sight. Any thoughts on this one would be gratefully received.

September 1, 2011

Michelina @ 5:43 pm

Ray, I have also followed the eyes of my little fuzzball companions and also my old Cockatoo. I followed their eyes a lot when I notice them following something around the room. I have also captured blue light or blue orbs in my pictures. Frame by frame, it moved around the room.

Michelina @ 5:52 pm

@Jo Keene, I actually saw something similar to what you described except without tentacles. This happened outdoors about 5 or 6 months ago. I was gazing at the stars in an open parking lot, As I sat in my car, I noticed something floating by, but almost "aquatic", gracefully floating as I had never seen before. The object was peachy orange color, the shape was like an upside down pear. It looked like it had big windows, but really I couldn't make out its size or distance. It was very strange when i saw it…like I was hypnotised watching it float on by. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, and no, it was not a balloon…it was something i have never seen before. And it floated by and as i tried to follow it. it had vanished quick as i had noticed it.

Michelina @ 6:03 pm

Wow Ryan, I have actually experienced very vivid Lucid dreams lately. I have read up on a lot of those same topics you have mentioned. I believe my dreams have become more clear because i have been sleeping with gemstones and am in a new house. For some odd reason i keep being woken up by an arousal of some sort although I really haven't nor could i care less about being aroused…i just find it odd that it keeps happening. I did also write a post about seeing an upside down pear shaped object in the sky, peachy orange in color and hypnotizing to look at…still don't have any explanation for what i saw…it was fascinating and I've since been "led" to research UFOs and Paranormal for some answers…good luck!!

September 2, 2011

Mark Congleton @ 11:43 am

Nothing to be alarmed about…just a spirit telling u it is there and wants to be noticed..probably a deceased friend or relative..most of the time they just run by u and if u dont notice they will sometimes fly right into ur face…some presences can make u sick or feel funny but i think they are harmless..

September 5, 2011

Michelle @ 6:37 am

I've just come back from a country road trip for work (I'm a BDM) and stopped a few times at interesting places, one of which was a very old cemetery in the middle of nowhere (for those who know South Africa, it is in the middle of the Great Karoo), and caught some interesting shots with my digital camera. About 10km further down the road is a historic little village called Matjiesfontein. If anyone can tell me how to upload pictures on this site, I would like some comments on what I have caught. One was a red (which looked like a) orb at the outlook post of the hotel (which used to be the outlook during the Anglo-Boer War).

September 11, 2011

Graham @ 3:54 pm

Well this feels a little crazy just putting it out there, but seems there's a lot of you out there that have seen unexplained things. I was walking down the road at night when a screeching transparent ball came firing along the ground at me. Time slowed and everything seemed to gravity well into it. I kicked through it defensively as though it were an imaginary soccer ball. It vanished and normal sense of time returned.

I know it sounds crazy but just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. ps.. wasn't drinking or high, lol.

September 13, 2011

jessica @ 10:36 am

I just experienced something that looked like large flakes of gold glitter falling only around me. I'm not really into spirits and paranormal activity and didn't know if it was something like that or a hallucination from getting up too quick. What made me do some research is that my grandmother passed away last year this month on the the 19th and we were very close. I now live in a new home out of state and asked my mammaw to be with me and keep me safe here. Even though what I saw was beautiful, it kind of freaked me out.

Sarah @ 3:09 pm

Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm 15 years old, almost sixteen. The other night I was outside with my friends sitting outside in my friend driveway to wait for our parents to pick us up. As we were talking, I look in the sky and see a faded green colored orb. I freaked out and asked if anyone else saw it. Only one of my friends did and he described it in the same way. My friends thought it was a firefly, but I know it wasn't. It carefully floated in a diagonal line and looked very graceful. I have no idea what it is! I would love to hear from anyone who has an explanation for what I saw. thanks!

September 15, 2011

Paul @ 12:26 pm

Found this blog Googling for something that woke me up the other night, thought I'd share…

I was asleep beside my wife and after I'd dropped off I was awoken by a loud, clear 'TWANG', like a thick elastic band or spring snapping. For a second or so I distinctly saw a large orangy-yellow spiked ball floating between us. It was like a spore but tennis ball sized, maybe a bit smaller, with soft spikes all over it.

Damnest thing is, since then, I've largely been free of a crippling depression. Like it just lifted, and I let go off everything I was holding.

September 16, 2011

Ricky Morgan @ 7:13 pm

I am looking for some answers as a paranormal investigator myself. I would like to know if anyone has any answers as to why every time pictures of orbs appear and I zoom in as close as I can to the orb I see a nucleus in about half of them, or what appears to be a nucleus. The other half I have confirmed as paranormal for the simply fact they usually contain faces or images of bodily forms in them! I have one pic in particular on my facebook page of an orb that I caught that traveled all over the living room of a house I investigated. The orb later comes to full manifestation to show a man's face inside of it that would appear to be dressed in garb from the victorian ages!

September 17, 2011

Beckah @ 3:30 pm

I have photos of me ranging in years from the age of newborn to present days. in a majority of these photos i seem to have a bright white dot on my body somewhere, usually my face. I do not know what this means. I also have a photo that was taken 2 winters ago and in the photo there is a wolf figure in fog, that is not in the picture taken seconds before or after. Please let me know what you think these things might mean. Beckah

September 23, 2011

Sherry @ 8:59 am

My Mama died in 2005. The night before her death, my sisters & I were sleeping in the hospital room with her. Mama seemed to have lights on her face. I thought I was the only one awake & seeing this, when my sister sat up & said, You see them too? Our older sister woke up & told us we were seeing lights from outside…well, the lights stopped then.

The next day, I was in Mama's room watering the plants. I was standing at the foot of her bed & saw 3 Beautiful Orbs! They seemed to float & Bounce Joyfully around Mama's nose & mouth area. They were a Silvery color with something inside them that looked like light gold swirls! Mama died about 10 hrs later. I believe that these were Spirits of Her Mama Her Step Mama & My Daddy coming to get Her & take Her to Heaven. I know I will NEVER forget this & am SURE that this was NOT *Dust*!!! Praise The Lord!


Diann @ 3:48 pm

Hi Beckah – Two years ago I started seeing orbs. The first were like the energy balls you see at the science fair. They were a darker color on the outside with very bright light inside, and they moved around in a circle. There were 3 of them and they moved together, like they were a part of each other. They woke me up, and I felt their energy was peaceful. They diminished in size over a one hour period, and then were gone. The second time I saw one was not long after, it was the same, but there was just one.

It hovered over me for 20 min's or so, then moved up to the ceiling and vanished. The next time, there were 2. They were outside my bedroom window. They were a very bright orange. The color was so bright in the center and it radiated out to the edges. They were beautiful, I could see them from 2 angles out my windows. They floated softly outside for over 3 hours, and as the sun came up, they vanished too. I was home alone and afraid to go outside and try to touch them. Next time I will. My daughter just took pictures of her home she's selling and there are two pic's with bright orange orbs in them. The pic's were taken seconds apart but the orb moved about 3 feet in that time. Not sure who or what they are, but damn sure they're interesting.

September 24, 2011

Amy @ 11:20 am

Hi all. My beautiful 13 year old son passed away on 2/20/11. he went to sleep and never woke up. They say it was from heart problems. My family, me, husband, son (22), other son (16) went to CA for 2 weeks vacation in July to see my husband's family. My dear neighbor just told me yesterday that while we were gone, she saw a dark red circle (orb) around our dog pen (2 golden retrievers). It circled around the pen then started moving beside our woods toward the house. Do you guys think he was just checking on the dogs/property while we were gone?

I have had many beautiful signs from him, the most amazing when I was weeding and looked behind me and there were 7 daffodils arranged in bouquet style behind me. A couple were in good shape, the rest on their last legs (like something a kid would pick). I was the only one home and I checked my own daffodils to make sure. The dogs were not out, and even if they were, it seems odd that they would be lying in that position. That is the main sign that totally blew my mind!

But at the same time I knew it was from him because his family is still in shock and grief. I hope some of you will have some insight on this. We miss him so badly and any sign from him just makes my day! I know he is alive and well in heaven but I want to see him so badly! To see him walk to the bus, to kiss his cheek (you get what I'm saying). Please if anyone has anything to help me please write back!

Thank you, Amy

September 25, 2011

jennifer @ 5:10 pm

I have much Paranormal around outside my home. At night i always see tiny white lights flash so quickly it makes me wonder was that my eyes — but i do feel they are Paranormal, whatever they may be. Last year there was a similar thing that happened four nights ago. my fiance watched two UfO's in our backyard (our field) for quite sometime before he came and told me. i also went outside to watch. there was only one when i went out, about the size of an egg. it was very bright white light, about 30 feet from us and 9 feet high. when i walked towards it, it vanished. so i walked back and we watched some more but it was dimmer.

Last year there was an orb that moved across our field and my fiance and his friend only watched it come and go. It was the same type of night. it was foggy and warm cloudy and dark, same as four nights ago. Anyways it was awesome and i hope we dont have to wait a year to see this again! I have many orb pictures, very very interesting orbs. i even caught a full apparition of a lady in a long white dress across the road from our home! Another picture my friend has some kind of ….creature i will call it beside her! This blows my mind and i find it very exciting!

September 28, 2011

jesse @ 3:18 am

A couple friends and I were out on one of the many bridges that used to be used for trains. Anyway it was about 1-2 A.M. when we decided to start heading back. To paint you the picture of how the place was set up, from the road there's a half mile tunnel, followed by the very high bridge, followed by another half mile tunnel that caved in about halfway years ago. We started back from the middle of the bridge when one of my friends stopped dead and turned around. So, we all turned around and witnessed what looked like a flashlight at the end of the caved in tunnel. It was bright orange and did not move an inch. We thought it was someone else, but realized no one could be in there. Instantly, it shined incredibly bright, like it was right in front of us, then flashed and shot away, like the beam from a laser pointer.

It was foggy that night, and at first we thought it was an atv or a gator. But for one, we heard nothing (no engine). Secondly, the speed in which it vanished was inhuman, and lastly, we would have heard someone's echo from the tunnel. Very weird stuff. Also, it turns out one or two people have died there, some have actually disappeared. Not to mention we had heard some very unpleasant sounds after that.

Sounds include a woman's scream, a baby crying, footsteps in the water below us which sounded like a two legged entity, glass breaking, and all of this happens when the place becomes deathly silent. IDK, what do you think about this place, because all of this stuff can be confirmed by at least 4 people, including myself. Worst part of this is we still go back there one in a while, but it only seems to happen in the fall-early winter.

October 4, 2011

RyanDP @ 7:58 am

I'm prior US Navy and I worked on the bridge. On several occasions I was alerted of sightings of fast flying lights. We had contacted the ship's radar crew to identify anything but nothing came up on any of the radars.

1. The first time it happened was on the ship USS Boxer LHD-4 2009, between Guam and Hawaii, slightly before Guam. The lookout reported she saw flying lights on the starboard side. The Officer of the Deck (OOD) contacted the CIC (Combat Information Control) to attempt to figure out what they are, but could not pick anything up on their systems.

Then I visually saw what I was looking at. I saw 3-4 yellowish orbs flying fast. When I say fast it would cover well over 3 miles in under seconds. The distance was closer to the horizon and with 'Hight of Eye' this would of been around 7 to 11 miles. I was ordered by the OOD to write a, 'Unidentified Flying Object' report on the ship's deck log.

2. The second time I was on the USS Dewey 2010. This was a day before we had hit port in Hawaii. Again there were sightings of flying objects on our starboard side. The OOD and the Conning Officer at first thought it was a Carrier operating night time Flight Ops. I looked at what these people were looking at, I saw at least 30 to 40 'Blue Lights' flying around that ship. We initally couldn't identify the ship through CIC or Visually. So this sparked interest with the ship's Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer. So the order was given to pursue the ship.

The lights had disappeared, and the ship finally showed its International Navigation Light scheme for, Fishing at Night. So we left pursuit and continued our voyage to Hawaii. Later it was reported that a missing fishing vessel was found and a dozen of seasoned fisherman had suddenly disappeared.

Despite my particular luck running into these situations, I found that it is actually rare for something like this to happen or other people are just not telling me about their sightings.


October 5, 2011

alan and tina @ 1:51 am

i have 6 hours of video of all kind of orbs in my house. it all started 4 months ago and is still happening now check out my clips on Youtube.

October 8, 2011

J @ 12:01 pm

I was sleeping on the sofa last March because my dog was about to have her puppies. I was awoken to a red, sparkling orb that flew past me and went up to the corner and bounced back and forth on the corner walls, and then disappeared through the corner ceiling. It was quite clear, sparkling…seemed to rotate.

It was like a bright, shiny, Christmas ball. The next night, the puppies were born. It was the strangest thing. Not a bad feeling. Like someone watching. It is crazy, but a year before, my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Delila, had passed away in this same room. I never knew what it was, but I will never forget it.

Joyce @ 5:28 pm

I think what I saw may have been an orb. I was sitting in the kitchen talking on the phone. nobody was home but me. no tv on. in my dinning area, which is small, I saw 3 transparent white things fly by, different sizes.

They were white, but it was within a minute. I just sat there in shock. I live in a row home, and my house sits back from the other homes. They went up my staircase.

October 9, 2011

Ziggyman @ 12:50 pm

what about orbs on digital video? I was recording my dogs in my room and have some very strange orbs of light moving across the room, and coming out from my floor like a fountain. I would be happy to send it so you could see for yourself. Thanks, Ziggyman

October 12, 2011

Beth @ 2:57 pm

just today i had seen a very tiny orb in the right side vision. i was on the computer and it was yellow and traveled behind me. i turned to follow it, but thinking it had gone already i was about to turn back to the computer. my eyes caught it again and i watched it float for just a fraction of a second, before it disappeared. i have no idea what it is. it could have been a figment of my imagination, but i do know that i have experienced so many paranormal happenings in my house before. does anyone have any ideas?

October 16, 2011

Kimberly @ 6:01 am

I have seen a red orb in gilcrest oregon. the ball was rolling forward in a circular motion and saw it and move again, forward and back. when i started following the orb, it got closer. it became more frequent and then a black shadow appeared beside me. I immediately looked to the foot of my bed. there it was, I looked to the window and it was there.

I jumped out of my bed and got out of my house. the swings down from my house would swing on their own with no wind or other reason. I have not seen another orb nor shadow but me and my husband took pictures together. they were coming out blurry. I took several – my husband doesnt scare easily. he said with a firm voice, "Erase those pictures. I look dead." I said one more try, and ill erase the blurry ones. the pic came out clear as a bell. I looked at the crazy pics and caught a bright image that appears to have a face that was not taken by me – but camera must have taken itself. as im telling this comment, my typing is getting worse. the cursor is erasing the letters and adding. so I hope you get the point. Im trying to fix but I have to just type the best I can.

Jake @ 8:15 pm

I saw an orb a few months ago. I don't think camera orbs represent anything paranormal but maybe I'm wrong. The orb I saw was bright yellow, about the size of a baseball, perfectly round and bright. Even though it was at night the light was almost contained within the orb. It lasted for a few seconds then went out of view. Me and my brother both saw it. Right after it left, I went to see if it could be a plane or a person maybe, but nothing was there.

ashley @ 11:01 pm

Yes, ever since I was little I have had weird things happen to me. I was eight yrs. old and scissors lifted off the dresser, came at me, and i caught them. I also hear things move in the baby monitor and go to the baby's room and toys have been moved. I also woke up and the front door was locking and unlocking. I also woke up and saw two dark shadows moving as if they were pacing back and forth. I went to wake my partner and flu across room and knocked off a glow in the dark star off the ceiling.

Then one night I saw a orb of light, I guess, a green colored floating object moving in a zig zag movment at a slow pace. Lots more has happened. But at different homes. It is like it is following me. I have tried talking to it. Tried to film it. Nothing. But my daughter has took pictures and gets some weird photos. Scary that. Why are these weird things happening to me? Should I worry?

October 17, 2011

Aaron @ 5:06 am

I don't know if others can't see the orb I'm seeing, but I see them with eyes closed, and open… I noticed it has a meaning, and it speaks to me when I pray, or without praying. I mean I'm seeing it all the time, but as I've gotten older it has gotten more crisp, and more accurate… The common colors I see are black, and white…I would see more black than white. I have seen red 3 times in 15 years. it's extremely rare. I've seen many different colors, but the most common one are white, and black…

Since I'm seeing it so often, and I'm able to guess what certain colors represent, and I can try my best to tell you what my opinions are…

(White) = represents about you
(BLack) = Other
(Red) = Angry, usually related to spirit, not human like my best opinion (a spirit that attacks saints) It only happens if I'm trying to convert a person. I would see red orb, but if I am fighting, or arguing without trying to convert, I have never seen red. I think it means caution a demon may attack you, and the force you're dealing with isn't human. it's the spirit you're dealing with, or maybe you're dealing with a spirit that attacks saints. It only happened to me 3 times so I haven't experienced enough red to fully understand.
(all other colors) = I haven't seen them enough to understand them.

Let me better explain what I mean by white, and black mean.

(White)= When I see white orb, 99% of the time it's usually about me. Like I could read words and lets say it says, I'm gonna make money. I would see white, then sometime during that day I'll receive money.
(Black)= When I see Black 99% of the time it usually about somebody else, and it has nothing to do with me. If I read something that says I'll make money, and if I see black it will mean somebody close to me will receive money.

I've always misunderstood the black orb just because you see its black, it doesn't mean something evil is gonna happen. that's what I thought for 15 years too…

October 19, 2011

HANNAH @ 12:50 pm

My nine year old sister says she sees yellow, black, red, blue, and green orbs in our house, and in other houses that we have lived in.

October 20, 2011

Edwin Cruz @ 10:17 am

I see like every half hour a white orb at the left corner of my eyelid, going up one sec and going down the next. it has happened frequently, every day for the past 4 days. sometimes it's fast and sometimes it's slow. what could it be?

October 21, 2011

melissa @ 9:18 am

hi, im just wondering if anyone can help me! i was looking out my window yesterday and i saw a blackbird flying around my trampoline. so i thought id film it. as i started filming, i saw this white ball floating. i looked to see if i could see anything around the trampoline, and there was nothing there. i have been told that since the orb was with the blackbird, it could be a sign of a death or birth around me!! just wondering if there are any other answers.

October 25, 2011

Glenda @ 4:43 am

A clicking sound woke me up, and then there was an undulating white mist over me. Anybody ever experience this?

October 29, 2011

Alison bateson @ 6:59 am

My boyfriend walked into our dark room and was surrounded by green lights. We went to sleep, but later I woke up and saw green lights in a corner of the room. What could this be?

November 3, 2011

Paul L @ 6:31 pm

We just put our baby to bed. i came downstairs and picked up the video baby monitor and watched for a min then saw two white circles fly by the the camera about 5 sec apart. I've never seen this, ever, when i watch my baby….

November 5, 2011

Ari @ 10:47 pm

One night back in 2009, I was up working on my computer. A moving orange point of light–it was like a laser and had a streaking tail as it moved–came to where I was and hovered in front of me. I said "Hello! Who are you?" and it went still for a moment, like it had become aware I could see it. Then the light moved slowly across the room towards the window, faded then disappeared right in front of the window. FYI: It happened in a brand new apartment building on the 7th floor.

November 6, 2011

Ani G @ 5:27 pm

I've seen orbs of light on three occasions, each one came to me with a message. The most recent was three orbs of light that glowed and faded. A few days later, on the same morning that my mother had passed away 17 yrs. earlier of a heart attack, a family member suffered a cardiac arrest in a national forest in New Hampshire. There was no cellphone service and they were 1/2 hr. away from a hospital. By some miracle, three doctors were in the vicinity and performed CPR until help arrived. My family member survived, despite having no heart beat and not breathing for 40 minutes.

He was shocked twice until his heart started again, driven to a NH hospital then airlifted to a hospital in Maine for cardiac care. No one got the names of the three doctors. The cardiologist referred to them as "angels." I think that was what the three orbs of light meant. I knew then that when my family member would awake and when the breathing tube was removed, that he would be fine. And he was. The cardiologists and EMTs called it a miracle.

November 7, 2011

Ashley @ 12:34 am

I have this crazy picture that I would love to have looked at. I understand that pictures aren't as reliable as seeing it with your own eyes, but gosh this picture still freaks me out. I was on a field trip to Washington and we went on a tour to see some haunted houses. The story of one of the houses was of a man who killed his cat and buried it in the foundation of the house for good luck. They say that they believe the cat was the reason for the family's death and the death of all the servants and slaves who also lived there.

Our guide said often times, pictures of orbs have been taken at this house. I snapped a picture before she told the story. Of course, i didn't know what orbs were so I had thought the lens was dirty. After the story, I went back and looked at the picture, and I don't think it was dust. There were tons of them. And they all seemed to have faces. The brightest one seems to resemble a cat. I'm curious if its true, or if its just my imagination. What brought me here though was a picture that contained a blue and a yellow orb. It didn't make sense to me.

crystal @ 4:12 pm

Late one night when I was a teen I was lying in bed when I noticed about 5 or 6 lime green 3in. diameter balls. They were moving only slightly…like floating. They were located just below the ceiling in the corner of the door. Yes, I was very frightened! I could see nothing that could "naturally" explain this. Several days later after an evening of swimming at a friends house about 7 of us girls and my friends mother all came inside to shower and retire for the night.

Around midnight, the power went out, and the entire back yard was filled with these "balls of light", and again they were fluorescent green and the same size….but, this time, so many! We were amazed and scared. The mom called to report the power outage and was told that she did in fact have power, but, we could not get anything to work. Within an hour the power came back on, and all returned to normal (along with the balls of light disappearing). Just wondered if anyone knew what this was and what it meant. I was the only one there to experience the balls before they made themselves known to the others that summer night.

November 12, 2011

Tori & Bekah @ 1:05 pm

Me and my best friend were sitting in a van taking random videos and she noticed that there were "orbs" flying across the screen and coming from very random places. There was a light on my phone but w/ the aspect because they occurred so often and a few even stuck around for awhile. others would be a bright blob and then just disappear. we also ruled out the car headlights causing the spots since they only appeared when it was dark in the car. I can upload the videos on YouTube if you would like to see them, and tell us if they were paranormal orbs or just dust. Thanks.

November 14, 2011

tiffany @ 9:13 am

hi my name is tiffany and i was just married on november 11. that night we had a party at my grandmother's house. i took a picture of my cousin, his girlfriend, and my nephew. i saw three orbs – one big one behind him, another small one over his other shoulder, and one on his forehead. my cousin's father had passed away in march of this year and my grandfather passed a while back. do you think that the "orbs" i saw in the pictures could be them with us?

November 19, 2011

lorraine @ 8:30 pm

hi, i have been seeing ultra violet purple rays at night on and off. it's been going on for about 3 months now…could it be angels?

Sierra And Kiana @ 10:36 pm

So Kiana and I were outside and it was dark. We were already talking about ghost stories. whenever she would talk, a white light would flash quickly to a tree and then go away. then the light (or orb, whatever it is) kept going to the tree. when i finally told Kiana that i keep seeing that light, we got up and went behind a bush. we looked up and the light orb thing is circling around us (the orb was a white circle). it kept following us wherever we would move. I live by a field so we go back there to see if it would keep following us. it did.

But when we got to the field, the orb would go faster and faster. when we left the field, it would still be circling around us kinda fast. Then Kiana had to leave to go to Church. So she says, "The light thing is still here, but its getting thinner the closer i get to church." The orb was still following me and i would walk outside and there would be no wind but this bird feeder would still be swaying – and so were the leaves on the trees. Then i would go into my house, and i would hear something moving papers really loudly. then i could hear a big dog barking viciously. I live in an apartment and no one is allowed to have big dogs or animals.

So my question is, why it this all of the sudden happening? And why is it following us? Why all of the sudden this is happening ? Oh and the last time i went outside the orb thing was leading me somewhere dark or i don't know but it kept moving away slowly but it was still following me. Please answer and help me !!!

November 20, 2011

Chloe @ 4:20 am

It does sound serious, but it will not hurt your babies. My friend has experienced this before. it's like a recorder. when you talk, it may sound weird but the walls somehow can store memories and replay them back. Ive heard it many times before.

November 23, 2011

Shia lee @ 7:52 pm

I SAW SOMETHING WHITE, BUT IT WAS ALMOST BIG AS A BASKETBALL. it happened around 1:00am when my dog needed to take a dump outside. then something caught my eye. it kept going in circles and it was white, but it scared me. it was about 6 or 7 feet off the ground. i saw it with my own eyes. it freaked me out to the point where i couldn't sleep.

November 25, 2011

kayla @ 8:49 pm

My friend sent her mom a picture her neighbor took during a recent snow storm. she captured what looks to be a angel holding a box. Someone said that an angel holding a box is a angel collecting souls. does anyone know if there is any truth in this?

November 26, 2011

Sam @ 2:47 pm

Hello my aunt just passed away this morning. I am editing pictures for her and I noticed some odd things on 2 pictures. In one picture, it looks like there is a flame over her head. And in the other she is standing in the sunset and there are trees in the background. Just above her head, in the leaves, is a skull. Like a skull made from the pattern of leaves…What does this mean? And whats a good site to learn more about it? Thank you!

Danielle @ 7:36 pm

Ok, well I recently saw a picture on my dads tablet, and there is a picture of my mom with 2 orbs coming down from the top right, leaving a path behind them. One orb is bright and clearly able to see. the other one is the same color, but it's hard to see b/c of the path the first one left behind. But you can clearly see two orbs. But I'm not sure if it's a orb. But I know for sure, it's not a reflection from the camera flash.

Now, I have a picture of my grandma, and there are 2 clearly bright white orbs right next to her. She is standing up and there is 1 orb on her right side and 1 orb on her left side…It looks like the one on my mom, but just on a different angle. instead of coming down from the right top, it comes down from the middle of the right bottom corner. I have asked my friends and I have done ALOT of research. But I just don't know? When my dad took the picture, he said that when he looked at it.. They weren't on there, so I don't know if that means that it takes a while for an orb to appear on a pic? So I would just like to know if anyone could give me some, more information!

December 3, 2011

hannah and celeste @ 3:33 pm

Me and my sister Celeste were looking at our photos that we took of my b-day party. when we looked at them we saw about 27 to 28 orbs in different pictures, some small others large. the largest orb we saw was white and looked kind of like a ying-yang symbol. isn't that weird? what should we do?

Hannah and Celeste

December 4, 2011

Kelsey @ 3:53 pm

What does it mean when orbs get big, and what does it mean when orbs get small? I would appreciate it if somebody would please let me know.

December 6, 2011

Mike @ 9:43 am

As a child, I was always troubled at night by vivid illusions or actual encounters with some form of intelligence. The word Orb seems to describe what I would see. However, they were not round or spheres — these orbs were unique fluorescent patterns forming on walls and ceilings. They would sometimes expand rapidly and resemble trees with branches or just swirly designs that would accompany some bone-chilling experiences. A thunderous pounding would take over my audio ear waves in the distinct sound of steps or a person walking towards me. Soon, thereafter some of the most unspeakable, unmentionable experiences were realized, which I have been too embarrassed to discuss to this day.

These glowing patterns would soon appear every night. my family had chalked it up to me being afraid of the dark throughout all of my cries for comfort. I recall one particular evening they started early as me and my brother were still watching TV. I was probably 10 years old at this point and had mustered up the courage to do something about it. I jumped out of bed and hit the light switch, ran over to the wall, put my hands on the glowing patterns and asked "do you see this?", humiliation again as he looked at me like I was telling a bad joke. As I got older these visions had developed into verbal encounters with a female being through a wormhole or portal. She struck me as some kind of royalty and had a very comforting personality, unlike most of my encounters.

I was once surrounded by scheming gnomes. they had climbed up the foot of my bed. I watched a human face rise out of my living room wall that must have been 6 feet tall. I've been mute and comatose awake in bed screaming for my family to help, to no avail. I've been sent back to bed by a tall man dressed in black guarding my doorway with the uncanny ability to speak in my family members voices. I'm sure you can imagine the reaction I would get as a child trying to discuss this with any reasonable thinking person. I am now 28 years old and feel as if I am dropping the ball if I don't find others with similar experiences — or just try to express my own experiences with others. Honestly, I don't know what to do, or what to make of this.

December 10, 2011

Greg @ 5:21 pm

I'm no authority on this subject, but I have been seeing too much paranormal activity in the past 10 years. My brother was born with a defective heart and died at the age of 13 in my Dads arms. I have a picture of him when he was a baby and a white orbish or glow is around him in the photo. My mother is holding him and the whitish color is around my brother only.

Have your son get a good medical check up to make sure he is ok. Again im no expert, and im not wanting to scare or overly alarm you. A good medical exam may be a good thing.

December 15, 2011

Jennifer @ 4:17 pm

I have been searching the internet day and night to try to find someone or something that can tell me what a BLACK ORB means, or what it wants???

December 18, 2011

Nancy Nardella @ 7:17 am

Last night, my daughter took a picture of my cat. When we looked at the picture, there was a bright yellow glow around her head. Does anyone know what this could mean?

Sharon @ 10:38 am

A couple of months ago, i was alone sitting in my living room watching TV. From the corner of my left eye, i saw something floating towards me. The only description i can give is that it looked as if someone had blown a smoke ring towards me. Its movement was controlled, unlike smoke, and it was heading towards the left side of my face, which made me distance myself from its approach.

It kept on coming causing me to touch it with my finger, as I was thinking what the hell is this — where did it come from? It was an irregular round shape and the size was as if you put your index finger and thumb together. Anyway as i touched it, the texture was like candy floss. it felt wet, but there was no dampness. it kinda clung to my finger before instantly disappearing. This made me think it had fallen to the floor. I looked on the floor to see if it was there, and there was nothing. Immediately after this, i panicked simply because I realised then, i had encountered an Orb and that i'd touched it.

Throughout my research, i have not heard or read of anyone who has ever touched an orb, which freaks me a little. I don't understand why this orb came so close to me, or wanted to. I often see flashes of light in my bedroom behind my tv, but they dont frighten me like this orb did. Maybe it was telling me to give up smoking, but i assure you i wasn't smoking at that time. Has anyone ever identified what orb colours signify. it would be interesting to know. So please if anyone has had a similar experience, please let me know..Thanks

Blessing and Wishes to you all,

December 24, 2011

alfonso vega @ 2:00 am

i recently went to my aunt's viewing that was at her house. at the end, the family was taking pictures. in every picture we took, there was a orb — only one and in different places. but we even took off the flash, and that one orb was still there. could this orb be my aunt?

nina @ 5:17 pm

I have dozens of pictures with orbs – different colors and some with animals, some with faces, some that have stairways that look like a portal to another dimension.

December 25, 2011

Karen Daugherty @ 3:24 am

On Jan. 3, 2010 I lost my only niece to a really bad seizure. She was only 2 months and 24 days old. Today is Christmas Eve and my whole family was together today. My sister was grieving really badly over her still. We took lots of pictures while opening presents. Me & my other sister looked thru the camera at the different pics we had taken, and what we saw made me realize that our little angel let us know that she was here with us too. On the camera, we snapped pictures of the dad of the baby coming into the door, walking to the couch to sit and open gifts.

In each picture, there were 3 different orbs, like it followed him right to the couch. Again as they opened presents, I also took a picture of my sister on the couch by herself and there was like a really bright halo over top of her head. These orbs were white and see thru, and they were only on the parents of the baby that had passed. I think that the baby was showing us a sign and trying to comfort my sister in this hard time for her. I think this was her way of showing us she was here with us too. What do you all think? Am I crazy or what?

tom @ 8:09 pm

On Christmas Day, me and my partner spent all day following my toddler around the house snapping pics of him — opening prezzies, playing, eating, etc. when we loaded the SD card onto the computer, we found hundreds of orbs. out of about 150+ pics, there was only about 20 that didn't have any orbs in the frame. but on a couple of pics there are dozens in the frame.

about 70% of the orbs seem to be around my toddler, 25% around my Mrs. and 5% around me. most of them are white, but some are either light pink or light blue. some are tiny and some are huge and theres a common occurrence of them hovering smack bang behind, to the side, or above us, as if to get into the picture maybe.

Ive had the same camera for years, have filled loads of SD cards and have never noticed any orbs before today. any experts out there? can anyone give me any info? could they be relatives? cuz its only happened on xmas day. does anyone know what type i have in the pics? any replies would be appreciated! ps i might leave it a few weeks and go around the house taking snaps of my lad again and see what happens, i do like to think relatives are looking out for him.

December 26, 2011

Zoe @ 4:07 pm

Hi, im known to have high ESP and telepathy. I see visions all the time. a few days ago, i had one of me and my lover getting married. He is away quite alot, so it would be impossible — however, when i looked at a previous picture of both of us, i saw a white orb for the first time and it had a face in it. I looked at the face through a magnifying glass and it was definitely a man in at least his late 50's, and he looked rather evil. When my mother witnessed the photo, she also saw the face straight away. I just want to know what it means! Please Help! thanks x

josh @ 10:05 pm

I was siting on the couch watching tv, and noticed my dog looking at one spot for awhile. I looked over a few times and saw nothing. Then, I turned my head and saw a white orb moving across my living room. I saw it 3 times in 5 minutes. I didn't have my camera close, so I didn't take a picture. But I did see it.

December 27, 2011

patti @ 12:12 pm

A few years ago, my 2 grandchildren were spending the night with my husband and me. They slept in their sleeping bags on the floor in our bedroom. I woke up around 3 a.m. and saw 2 hot pink large balls of light floating over the kids. The lights hovered over them for a short time, and then vanished. To this day, i don't know what it could have been, but it was beautiful

December 28, 2011

Louise @ 11:36 am


About 15 minutes ago, I think I experienced my first orb sighting. I was walking to the bathroom in pitch black (it is 3:30am here), and all of a sudden a flash of light flew past me at eye level — so close to my face it was almost blinding.

It went from my left side to my right. it was very white with a long "trail" behind it, which had a faint rainbow through it. Again,the whole house is pitch black, no one is awake and I was not near any windows or anything to make that sort of light. It has never happened before.

I am curious as to what it is and why it is here. My parents built this house 25 years ago and I have lived in it all my life, nothing like this has happened before. Your help or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Iris Cruz @ 3:53 pm

I have been taking pictures of my four year old daughter, just random pics of her and my son. However, there seems to always be one or two orbs by her. At one time, I took a picture of her outside, and in the background there appear to be wings coming off her.

As with the orbs, I tried debunking it right in the moment by taking a pic of my son in the same spot, but nothing shows. I do it again with my daughter, and there they are! I don't really know what to make of it. I want to think is an angel watching after her :)

January 2, 2012

jessica @ 5:14 pm

That ghost or (orb) is actually a ghost who is very shy, is not very open to people. hope this helps! XD

emily @ 6:27 pm

we lived across a road from a church when i was around 12 yrs old. my friends talked me into playing ouija board. of course we freaked out! later that nite as i was getting into my nightdress, i saw in my mirror a perfectly round shining orb about the size of a tennis ball floating about 2 feet above my bed. i could see it in the mirror but not when i turned to see it for real.

after that, i would sometimes see one or two orbs in my room, in the day or evening, (with lights on in the room). they have always puzzled me. i'm sure i saw the same thing in the cabin of an airplane we took in the european area. they flitted around the cabin, ppl were checking their watches and items to see if they were reflections. i saw the cabin staff looking at them, they remained quiet about it! on the plane (there was a good bit of turbulence), I felt that maybe the orbs were there to protect us? no reason for feeling this, but i did think it.

Whisper @ 10:20 pm

One silent dark black night, my 2 friends and i are looking up at the starry sky with binoculars. We were looking for a red planet from my friends back porch. We looked out and across..and saw something unexpected..truly i cannot describe it so well, for it was along time ago.. but i can tell you the main things.

it was a mist.. a green mist.. it moved.. without the binoculars all i could see was a greenish fog. But with the binoculars, i saw a shape that was a man, holding a cane… suddenly my friends and i were shaken up, so we ran inside. We went out to the front yard. Curious of what might be out there…

then the paranoia settled in… we grabbed the binoculars again and looked at this house with lights. my friends started to freak out.. then i demanded for the binoculars to see what spooked them. i then saw it after a few minutes. We raced for the door.. ever since that day.. alot has and is happening….any suggestions?

January 3, 2012

Jill @ 6:55 pm

This morning, all of a sudden, I woke up at 6:00 AM and was lying on my right side looking towards my window. All of a sudden, I saw a really bright blue light come from my window and inside my room about one foot from my face. I kept trying to focus to see if my eyes needed to adjust, but the light was still there.

It was about softball sized, and blue while flickering. The ball stayed for about 3 seconds and then disappeared. I then thought I saw another red light out my window, so I opened the curtains to see and nothing was there. I wasn't scared, just curious to know what it is. Cam you help me?

January 8, 2012

Mike D @ 7:37 pm

I took a photo in a church recently. It contains an orb with an undeniable, fairly clear image of a the face of a child or young woman within the orb. Several other orbs are in other photos that i took the same day.

They contain more distorted images of faces. There were no photos or paintings in the church or on my camera that could have reflected off a dust particle or overlayed on my photo. These are images of something paranormal. I took the photo – I know for a fact what i took a photo of.

January 9, 2012

Natalie @ 2:50 am

I was sitting on my bed, and suddenly saw a solid white orb (good size ball) float down from my ceiling in my apartment and then disappeared. I thought I was tripping. I said to myself (in my head) that if what I saw was real, please let me see it again. No lie SERIOUSLY, my tv (connected to the playstation) was in Netflix and then suddenly went to a different screen. The only way you can do that is to control the remote, but it was right next to me untouched. The remote/playstation has NEVER wigged like this. The only other time it did this was a few days prior, when we first moved in here. I also live pretty close to a cemetery. I don't know, I don't feel the presence to be bad and I hope to experience more positive encounters.

January 10, 2012

Waylon @ 7:23 am

I was laying in bed not too long ago (in total darkness) and witnessed a bright blue orb about the size of a soccer ball move from one corner of the room (ceiling height) to the other. Very strange, but really cool.

January 12, 2012

Michelle A. @ 1:38 pm

Until the last year or so, I was always skeptical about anything paranormal or religious. I won't get into what changed this, but as I opened myself up to general spirituality, my life changed.

The last three or four months I've had a very strong, powerful sense of spirituality, and I started seeing thousands of what I could only describe as "energy" or "molecules" in the air. Some appeared almost like glitter, some like larger transparent circles, and others a hollowed transparent circle. This "energy" moved freely and seemed interact with each other. I will watch it for around 10 minutes at a time, and will start to feel emotionally mixed and overwhelmed. I feel a sense of overwhelming happiness, sadness, frustration, mourning, confusion, peace, and bitterness, all at once, and then will start to feel nauseous.

I recently spoke to a psychic, only asking for a general reading and she was so uncannily accurate that I asked her what I was seeing. She told me that they are spirits, and that if I tried to channel love, understanding, and a sense of being playful with them, they would show themselves in photographs for me. Well, I tried that out today and it worked.

I know that these orbs cannot be explained away, because I see them on my own, with absolutely no camera. They are not what you would generally imagine them to be. There were only two pretty big ones, the rest were mid-sized and small. If you would like to see them, I'd be more than happy to send them!

Thank you :)

January 15, 2012

Brenda @ 12:30 pm

I have been waking up to 3-5 seconds of various balls of light, sometimes a mist, sometimes a black stringy ball of yarn, white, gold, near, far — but always in my line of sight. Sometimes its a gold light sort of like a christmas ornament, but usually circular.

It doesn't matter where I'm sleeping either… at home, at my moms, friends, or a different city> I'm learning to live with this, but one time it was soooooo intense and practically floating on my nose almost with a high frequency sound in gold, with a red ring around it. It scared me so bad, I haven't slept without a light on, or tv on, for 6 months.

January 21, 2012

Demolishun @ 4:49 am

Some advice and some perspective:

I have never seen an orb or a ghost. My spouse has always been able to see them for as long as I can remember. I have been attacked by something I could not see twice. Both times it tried to make me feel like I could not speak. However, as soon as I began to recite the "Lord's Prayer" it was gone. No lingering, just gone. I would recommend everyone learn that prayer.

My kids have seen a black shape or orb. It filled them with fear. I will say that black is most likely evil. My sister when going through some scary stuff (husband was attracting bad things into the house) saw white orbs at a church. My wife has also seen white orbs and shapes at churches. So I will say that white is most likely good. I watched a show about a house that was haunted and actually had a high end $15K camera destroyed. It was preceded by a red shape (not an orb, an amorphous mass). None of the things my family has seen have we ever caught on tape or film. It was a person who viewed it.

My recommendation overall is to rely on Christ. Anytime I have been confronted with some invisible force or entity I have always been able to overcome with His help. If you are seeing black or things that give you a sense of dread without explanation then it is most likely an evil entity. My perspective on this is intertwined with my faith. There are 2 separate creations: the first was spiritual beings known as angels, the second was physical and spiritual know as humans. 1/3 of the angels were ticked off that God would be born to a human. This started the enmity between demons (fallen angels) and women in particular.

One tactic for these evil creatures is to focus on the woman of a home. They know if they can influence her it can bring down the family. Your best defense is looking to the source of this angst. If you want some data search an electronic Bible for demons and spirits. You will get a lot of info and some understanding of what and who they are. There is even some practical advice there as well.

This information is not up to debate in my book. Take it or leave it. I just hope it helps people realize the potential danger of these objects called orbs. I am not sure what the colors mean, but I will hazard that an evil being will have the ability to take on any color. They are the masters of deception and understand human psychology VERY well. Yes, this kind of stuff is fascinating, and without some guidance it can lead to some dangerous things like possession (also covered in the Bible) and home obsession (when a demon clings to a home, object, or structure). Prayer and seeking spiritual guidance (in any God fearing faith) is the best advice.

One last note. Demons will hang out in places where mind altering substances are used a lot. Why? Because mind altering substance: drugs, alcohol, etc will affect the subconscious and make it more likely to allow possession. This is the same reason a guy will try and get a girl drunk to get her to want to be intimate. So it does not surprise me that large quantities of orbs can be found in places like pubs and bars. There is actually a legal court case on the books somewhere where people were attacked in a bar bathroom by an unseen attacker. It nearly killed a guy so he sued. There was enough evidence and witnesses that they could prove the owner knew there was a danger to the public due to previous instances. The guy won the case. This is not proof of anything related to orbs, but it may have interesting details to the case.

January 22, 2012

jorge hernandez @ 2:05 am

my brother took five pics of me. on one of the pics, i noticed it has round floating balls or orbs, but they're clear. i always felt a presence around me, like somebody is watching over me. me and my mom have been told by several spiritual people that our deceased aunt's spirit is always around us, watching over us. the same place where the pic was taken, one morning when i was waking up, i felt somebody was giving me a message. for a minute, i thought it was my dog moving around, but noticed he was sleeping by my feet. there was one morning i woke up to a kiss on my mouth and i returned a kiss back, and actually felt somebody's lips. i snapped out of my waking and said what was that, there's nobody here. it freaked me out, but now i take it as a sign.

January 23, 2012

Lori @ 11:09 am

I am experiencing the same in all my pictures that I take. for years I just blew it off, until last year I lost my son of 27 years — the ever changing day in my life. now I go through all of his pictures and he has one of these halos over him in almost every single picture.

this Christmas we had taken more of the family as usual, and there is this one that is the size of a moon and it is in more than one camera. What is this?? I still am not even close to being over my pain, but trying to put all the pieces together. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

January 25, 2012

Doug Cherry @ 12:20 am

i wouldnt be too worried about orbs just appearing out of nowhere. an Orb is a Ball of energy, forming as a light display. As Long as you're not having any entities. like waking up with cut marks scratches on your body. There is nothing to worry about. And if you would like, i will explain more in detail via phone or Email.

Founder Unbelievable-Paranormal
Doug Cherry

January 29, 2012

Izzi @ 8:16 pm

Hey maybe you should try salt; they say demons don't like it.

January 30, 2012

New Orleans Lady @ 11:44 am


It's not always necessary to confirm with EVP or other equipment. Everything can't be explained scientifically. If your instincts tell you it's paranormal, then it probably is. Go with your gut, heart, soul – what you're feeling. Keep the electronic "confirming" equipment out of it. If you feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck or arms, you suddenly have difficulty breathing, etc., it's paranormal, which is OK.

People with engineering and science degrees need a physical explanation for everything. You obviously think on the other side of your brain, which is a good thing! You're likely to get way more than your scientist neighbor. I recently went on a ghost tour in the woods in Louisiana, and saw a huge blue orb right in front of my face. Before it even appeared, I suddenly had a peaceful feeling come over me. It's real. Have fun with it! And don't forget to open with prayers of protection ALWAYS before opening yourself up.

Good luck!

New Orleans Lady @ 11:59 am

Lori @ 11:09 am

Lori – my 24 yr old son passed 10/20/09. My pain and loneliness for him only gets worse with time. Of course, I'm always seeking him out, and hoping he comes through, which he does in many, many different ways.

I've been "practicing" crossing over contact for over a decade. Before Hurricane Katrina (I live in the southern most part of southeast Louisiana completely wiped out by Katrina), I was able to get massive orbs in photos. Now, nothing. Nada. Until this weekend. I've used many different cameras in many different conditions. This past weekend, I even ruffled up dust on purpose, snapping photos, to see if they would be orbs. Nope. They are high def bits of dust floating in the air. You can see they are dust. They don't take on the shape of orbs. I even put dust on my cam lens on purpose. Nothing. Can't even see the dust when it's directly on the lens!

Went on a ghost tour in the woods Saturday nite and captured many, many anomalies. First time ever with this new camera I got last Mother's Day. And believe me, I've been trying for almost a year. I go on this tour on 12 acres wedged between 7 cemeteries, and voila! Anomalies galore with this cam I could never get anything. Then I get home, try, try, try – giving up now – last photo has a rainbow colored orb plain as day in my backyard. On my son's memorial poster for his funeral reads: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (his fave song; Wizard of Oz fave movie).


Check out the website linked to my name, if you'd like to be in touch with other parents in our group. Great bunch of people. We're also on FB.

February 2, 2012

Maritza @ 12:41 am

@waylon, Definitely sounds like a spirit guide. They are making sure things go good in your life. You should try to communicate with it.

caroline jones @ 3:20 pm

can you please tell me what does a large black orb mean? i have seen red and white. thank you, caroline jones

February 3, 2012

manda @ 6:10 pm

i have five children and three are in the back room. the other day i put my phone in my little boys room as he hasn't been sleeping right. in the videos all you can see are balls of light going around his room. its very upsetting. is this normal?

Daniel Beasley @ 8:52 pm

Am I crazy?…I am a big skeptic when it comes to paranormal events until two nights ago when this happened…..A couple nights ago, I was reading about guardian angels. then I glanced to the corner of the room and, for a split, I saw what appeared to be a blue orb. it did not scare me. it almost seemed to comfort me….I would have just ruled it out thinking it was just my eyes playing a trick on me. But it happened while I was reading about guardian angels.

February 6, 2012

theloneorb @ 11:56 pm

when I was really young, I can remember sitting in my room when my parents were arguing and being surrounded by these "orb" like things. I never really thought much about them, thinking they may some figment of my imagination or something. Then I took an arrow to the knee!

February 7, 2012

Snir G. @ 11:33 pm

I have seen these orbs twice in the past year… I did not know so many people see such things!

During both experiences, I was fully awake and they remained by my bedside for 10-30 minutes (both times, it was approximately at 2-3am).

I was fully awake, fully conscious, typing what I saw into my iPod touch (yes, the note was still there in the morning). The first time it was a purple / blue orb. the second time it was more energetic, and orange. They were very large, and not frightening at all, as if it were just watching me peacefully.

Bloody amazing. If this is only what we see now, imagine what awaits beyond the veil! God is great :)

Snir G.

February 12, 2012

Brenda @ 3:04 pm

I'm curious to know if anyone else has been seeing orbs of balls of light above their heads when they wake up or looking for some insight. See Jan.15th and please feel free to contact me. I'm thinking of actually moving out of my apartment. I can't sleep there anymore.

February 18, 2012

Gretchen @ 2:27 pm

@Manda (Feb 3.) – Have you found a resolution to this issue?? I have a 10-1/2 month old and have been witnessing orbs "bothering" him in his bedroom for about a month and a half. I am accepting of this, if it were to not bother him. but when they are present, he is upset and does not sleep. I have tried smudging, but that didn't seem to work. Thank you!

February 25, 2012

marisa @ 12:52 am

I woke up at around 3 a.m. in December 2011 to see a red ball of yarn floating in the room, about the size of a bag of onions. The ball seemed to lightly sway as if it was in front of an air vent. It was not pulsating, it was staying in the same position and looked like it was caught on the corner of the painting on the wall and being blown by a slight breeze. This lasted for about 2 minutes and faded away.

I was not seeing things, I rubbed my eyes, looked around the room, was fully awake and could not explain it. It didn't fade away until I thought to myself that I could not explain it for the life of me. I was not afraid, though, and moved from where I had fallen asleep to the sofa directly under the red mass. I woke another hour later unexplainably and saw the same red mass on the opposite wall doing the exact same thing as before. It lasted a little less, too. I was in a weird daze all day long.

February 26, 2012

Ashley @ 2:41 am

Tonight my husband and I were driving home when, all of sudden, a white orb circular shape in the front of it, appeared in the clear night sky — flying at the same rate of speed. It was low in the sky, so we knew it wasn't a shooting star. It flew from east to west. As quickly as it appeared, within 5 to 10 seconds it disappeared. We were so amazed at what we had both seen. We immediately thought it was paranormal. But of coarse we still want a explanation of we had seen. We live in west phoenix out of the city so it is pretty dark out were we live.

We actually sited this orb 1 mile and a half away from our house, so it seems very odd. for the past three years we have gone that route most of the time to get to the city and back home and this was the first time we have ever seen something like that. If anyone has experienced this or may have a scientific theory and would like to share that with me , I would greatly appreciate it. Or if someone who knows about paranormal experiences and has encountered knowledge of sort please share – I am very curious. I am glad to share this and hope it helped someone else. Thanks.

February 28, 2012

jazz @ 5:41 pm

I was taking pictures in my upstairs hallway. As I was going through these pictures, only the 2 last pictures had a reddish blue orb in it. One pic it was in the air and the other a bit lower. I did, however, have a red and blue dress on — but it had tan in it too. I really think it could be my mother who passed away one week before my birthday on January 10, 2012. But if it is her, does it mean that she is visiting? Shouldn't she be in heaven?

March 1, 2012

Torhona @ 5:39 pm

Hi Fran,

How do you know this?

March 4, 2012

randy manuel @ 6:40 pm

twice I have had a large orb in my bedroom – bright florescent red about 4 feet circular. this is a doorway to the other side. I have seen a dull yellow orb, the size of a soccer ball shoot across then vanish. we also witnessed two spinning electric blue orbs, one spinning over gransons chest. then they vanished. I awoke another night to loud clicking sounds near the ceiling. It was a pearlescent orb, changing shapes. I felt a presence that was thanking me, then it vanished. the red doorway was present also. orbs are ghosts in another form.

I went to an old cemetery that has an old church. I was alone as I read some gravestones. I felt bad looking at one family who lost 5 kids. as I walked back towards the church I heard lots of noises, like bats hitting the walls coming from the church. I never heard this before. as I approached a window to look inside, the whole side I was on was covered in large blowflies. I never saw so many. all were big — a large swarm of them all over the window, the door. then it all went quiet and the flies went away.

I believe I saw the old parents of this family near the altar. she had her head resting on his shoulder. over the years I had been to this place and never felt anything. I have had a lot of paranormal experiences and did take lots of pics all over my house daytime, nighttime, with and without a flash. in almost every photo with my young grandson, there are orbs. a lot in some photos. When I let him take my pics, I get no orbs, or the odd one.

randy manuel @ 7:04 pm

I do not feel threatened by orbs. I have had other bad things happen without an orb present. I have felt the cold icy presence in my dark bedroom, been touched, had this ugly thing that looked like an old witch, white and grey in color breathing in my face — feeling its cold breath in my face and floating over me in a long flowing gown. All I could do was stare it down and fight it mentally. If I could not have fought it mentally, I dont think I would have lived.

Who or what it was, I do not know. My guess would be the old hag. I guess I am going off track. for what I have dealt with, there are worse things than orbs to worry about. I do find most ghosts are okay with me. once I ackowledge their presence, they soon know I can see them or feel their presence and I dont show fear. they seem to accept this from me. truth is, sometimes I am scared to death, but try not to show it.

March 5, 2012

Karen @ 12:48 am

My 19 year old son was living alone in a basement apartment in Philly. He had major drug problems and was in a methadone program. I would come to visit from NY on weekends. It was very depressing. He lived to get high. One day while he was sleeping it off in the other room, I sat there and cried and asked God what should I do? I was working to pay his rent, buy his food and methadone, electricity and cable and he was like helpless. I had always felt that if I stepped away, he would die of a foolish choice to get money. Now I was seriously questioning it. Maybe I did need to give him some tough love.

While i was having this silent debate with myself and crying the whole time, I looked up and in the corner of the ceiling, a small pulsating golden sphere appeared. It caught my attention immediately. I wanted to say what was obvious – it was alive. As I stared at it, the liquid-y gold pulsating material began to pour out of it and made another orb. now there were two identical pulsating golden shimmering orbs in the corner of my ceiling. As I watched they joined in the middle. Soon a line of more liquid-y gold pulsating material began to leak from each orb. The space between the orbs grew and the outline of a heart appeared connected to both orbs.

I watched and the final image stayed for several minutes, then it all gently faded away. My interpretation was someone was trying to tell me Together with Love. So I hung in there. A couple of years later, he did a full rapid detox and joined the Army. He served in Iraq on a generals security squad. I don't who the orb was — only that it was alive. Anyone with similar experience? It's been over 10 years and I've never experienced anything like it again.

Paula Swauger @ 2:39 pm

Hi Reece, is this Cliff Reece of Idaho? If it is,…it is the same light which you and I saw in 1993 and 1994 in Sagle, Idaho, on your Grandpa's 40 acres? It was a ball of red light, which hovered about 4 feet off of the ground, and had swirling little lights moving within it. No consciousness or voice or message, just a red ball of light presence. To this day, neither one of us were sure what, or who–it was.

Not to worry, just close your eyes and ask that white light come in and clear your space. Ask the presence to leave your space and surround yourself with light. It is harmless, that I know of, but will appear again if you wonder about it or ask about it. That's all I can tell you. If this is Cliff, you know, you saw it a long time ago.


March 9, 2012

Tina @ 1:01 pm

My husband and I were sitting in our finished basement. It was about 2:30 – 3 am. We had just gotten in from a holiday party. (Note: neither of us were drinking) we were both sitting on the sofa. I saw from about 4 ft off the ground a brown, fuzzy looking 'orb' float down slowly, then quickly shoot to the left under the love seat. We both saw it.

Lots of unexplained events in this home as well as other homes. Husband believe I attract 'something' weird. I have always had unexplained things happen to me. However, I am the biggest skeptic as far as ghosts go. Any info would help. Hundreds of stories of weird occurrences. I've even called the police after seeing 'something' I believed to be a person in my basement. Police checked home, all was secure.

March 10, 2012

kath @ 12:47 pm

I know it was along time ago since your comment about orbs, but I have just come across it.

I agree with you about most orbs being dust particles. In fact, I did an experiment where I took a photo with my camera and caught a few orbs. Then I shook my husbands work clothes in front of the lens. This created many many orbs, thus proving the theory.

BUT a big BUT. I needed to use the loo one night at 4.20 in the morning. I was fully awake and couldn't make the effort to move. Eventually, I could not wait any longer and had to rush onto the landing. There in the corner was a bright blue orb, the size of a melon. It vanished immediately from the outside in. The centre was more solid and a darker blue and the outer edges were lighter in colour and not as solid. It was three dimensional. In fact, I was looking down on it. I am a spiritual person but this felt more technological. I don't have a clue what it was and have not seen anything since. This was about 3 years ago. It affected me in many ways at the time, but now I just get on with my life.

I have a degree and was teacher, so level headed. I don't drink or do drugs. I have no explanation for what I saw.

Thanks for listening.


March 11, 2012

Adam @ 6:09 pm

OK, so last night I saw a bright neon green translucent ball of light that pretty much freaked me out. I started searching the internet to try and find an explanation for what I saw and my search brought me to this discussion. So, while it’s fresh in my head, I will describe what happened last night and hopefully someone out there might know what the heck happened.

Just for the record, I don’t believe in ghosts, and while I don’t think we are alone in this universe, I am the kind of person that is very skeptical when I hear UFO stories. I also never hallucinate, have never experienced anything traumatizing, and I have a very straight-forward and logical type of personality. Honestly, I don’t think that what happened was real; I think it was all in my head, but I am very intrigued by it and I am wondering what could have triggered it. Anyway, here is my story…

I got home from work yesterday around 5pm completely exhausted. I ended up going to bed around 7pm, which is very early for me, but again, I was exhausted. This was on a Saturday night and I live in a townhome in a metropolitan area, so there was still plenty of activity outside as I was falling asleep. But I live alone and I was here alone all night. I just moved here about 2 weeks ago, and I am new to the area. My bedroom is on the 2nd floor, and my bed is centered on a window, which the blinds were closed last night as they usually are. I know I fell asleep pretty fast because I don’t remember lying in bed for very long.

At about 10:40pm (the clock in the kitchen said 10:41 when I ended up going downstairs) I was woken up by something, more of a feeling of a presence. My eyes shot open and I saw a bright neon green ball of light floating right in front of my face (like the color of a green glow-stick). It seemed translucent, almost as if it were just a ball of gas. It was so close to my face that it’s hard to tell how big it was, but I think it was somewhere between the size of a softball to a basketball. It seemed almost to be kind of fuzzy, but that may be just because my eyes didn’t have a chance to focus in on it. I was lying on my stomach, with my head on my pillow facing to the left, and my hands under my pillow. The “orb” (not sure if it was an orb, but that’s what I’m going to call it for now) was hovering about an inch above my sheets, almost perfectly level with my head, as if it were someone else’s head that was lying next to me. The green glow was emanating from the orb, as my white sheets under it were being illuminated with the green light, as well as the entire room, but the brightest concentration of its reflected light was just under it on my white sheets. I can even remember seeing the shadow on the wall it created of the lamp that is next to my bed, which was behind the orb.

I’ve read other people’s accounts that described orbs that move up and down and left to right. I didn’t have time to tell if this one was moving, because at almost the exact instant that I saw it, I reflexively swung at it with my pillow. My left hand, which was already under my pillow, grabbed the pillow and swung it at the orb extremely hard and fast as I turned and moved my head away from the orb all in one motion. You can imagine this by picturing yourself waking up to a wasp or a bee buzzing in front of your face, I swatted it away instinctively and moved my face away as if to avoid getting “stung” by it.

Now this is the interesting part. I remember seeing the orb dissipate just as the pillow was heading for it. It was like slow-motion as it was happening. First it turned from a homogenous hazy ball to a sparkly cluster of stars, which each then expanded outward as it grew dimmer, completely disappearing just as the pillow would have been impacting it. At this time, I remember hearing a loud pop, almost like a balloon getting popped or a small firecracker exploding. The next thing I knew, I was standing outside my room in my hallway, heart racing and full of adrenaline. I was standing there with the feeling of being prepared to fight for my life. Thinking back to this really makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

As I eased back into my room and turned on the light, I noticed that feathers had exploded out of my pillow. I still can’t figure out what my pillow could have hit to make it explode. I don’t have a headboard on my bed yet (still haven’t unpacked it yet) and the night stand and lamp were un-touched. The closest solid object the pillow could have hit would be the window, but the blinds were shut and they seem undisturbed. All I know is I swung that pillow so hard that my arm has been extremely sore all day; I feel like I pulled a muscle around my tricep area. I ended up going down stairs to sleep on the couch, which is when I found out that it was only 10:41pm. I got a glass of water and remember feeling very hot and sweaty, even though I know it was cold in my house. I fell back asleep OK and woke up around 8am the next morning and everything was normal, except for the feather mess.

Sorry for making you read all that, but I wanted to make sure I covered all of the details while they are still fresh in my mind. If anyone has any feedback that can help me figure this out, it will be much appreciated. I’m going to set up a camera tonight to see if I catch anything interesting on video. If I don’t figure anything out in the next couple of weeks, I’m just going to write it off as a weird dream combined with a muscle spasm in my arm, lol.

March 17, 2012

lobsangkhamaro @ 2:46 am

I heard that colored orbs are the spiritually advanced human spirits, who come to guide and teach all the white orbs (the majority of the orbs are white). A friend of mine who went to a spiritual university told me that the wise orbs: gold and blue and other colors are usually seen around people who are happy. And the colored orbs help teach the white orbs to see beyond duality.

He said the white orbs were typical people who were caught up in duality. That the orbs hear us and listen to us. And will obey when we ask them things. They can be photographed easily. Seems believable to me — after all anything is possible!

lobsangkhamaro @ 2:51 am

I live in Costa Rica in Tamarindo. Five nights ago on March 13, 2012, I saw a red light outside my window, hovering still for about 20 seconds…i thought that couldnt be my solar lights because i had moved them to the other side of the house…i saw the light through my window. behind the curtain you could see a red glow…and I thought what the hell is that?? so very slowly, i walked outside and heard no footsteps…no sounds..I didnt see anyone. There were no humans around my house. On two sides it's only forest. So I think it was some kind of spirit protector…looks like other people have seen these red lights…it was the size of 10 inches by 10 inches and stayed still and then disappeared without a sound and without a trace. Hmmmm..??

lobsangkhamaro @ 3:22 am

Hi Jill -
I also had the same experience with a red light outside my window for about 20 seconds (on march 13, 2012). i noticed it was the size of a softball, and looked like a round red light. I was not afraid. I was just curious and my mind wanted to figure it out. So I went outside and could not find any evidence of it…So I asked my pendulum and it said that the red light was a spirit protector.

I hope this helps. It helps me to hear that other people are seeing things also…

March 18, 2012

paulette @ 2:18 pm

I feel they are healing. That is what they do for me. I do ask them, and they always help me. All I have ever seen are white orbs.

March 23, 2012

Hyman Ortlieb @ 12:48 am

Thanks for the wonderful article. I was researching for details like this, going to check out the other articles.

March 24, 2012

Beckie @ 7:19 pm

My mom passed away Sept of 2010 & died in her house from natural causes. My husband & I have been going to her house and trying to fix it up to rent it out. It's in a city 65 miles from where we live and also in an area of town that isn't so great (high crime). We put up a few cameras outside the house, so we could keep our eyes on it while we are so far away. We can log into a website and see the view around the outside of the house through our computer at home. On October 31st (Halloween) of 2011 during the evening hours (dark outside) my husband had logged into the cameras and was casually watching the monitor as we watched TV. My husband had mentioned that he was watching something really strange. He saw a glowing thing dancing in front of the camera, and for me to come over and see it. He said it came into view on the camera in the back of the house and went away for a minute or two, then came back. It then disappeared again and that's when he called me over to see it. He said to watch for it to appear again, if it would. It did a half minute or so later.

I saw this old fashioned Christmas bulb looking thing dancing in front of the camera, like it was attracted to it. The shape of it was just like the big old fashioned Christmas light bulb that you would find on a string of lights. Sort of like an egg shape. Keep in mind that the cameras have night vision and this is why we could see it. This particular camera is also sitting about the second story height of the house. This thing danced and bobbed in front of the camera and we sat frozen watching with great interest. It looked like there was a "tail" attached to it…sort of like a wavy cord type thing. Since there is no color with night vision, it looked like it was bright white. Just like a white bulb lit up. I was thinking something was hanging from the roof for some reason which would be odd since we were just there and saw nothing. My parents had never had Christmas lights up on their house, ever, so it couldn't be that. Then I thought maybe it was some kind of spider egg sac but it was way too big to be that.

Then something happened to really confuse my husband and I. It disappeared and we discussed what it may have been, and, after a few minutes, it returned to the camera, danced and bobbed again in front of it, and then moved back…staying in sight of the camera, slightly dancing….and kept moving away from the camera until you couldn't see it anymore. Approximately within 20 feet, it disappeared into the night (away from the house and out towards the back alley). It stayed about the same height, but was definitely not attached to anything. You could see the tail attached to it and hanging free. It wasn't a balloon, it looked EXACTLY like the old fashioned Christmas type light bulb you used to see back in the 50's & 60's. We were dumbfounded. Let me add that there wasn't a touch of wind or a breeze that night. Everything was as calm as could be.

A little quick history…when I was little until I was in my late teens, I experienced a ghost in the house. From the day I was born, I had grown up in that house. I experienced (as did my parents) several things until it followed me when I moved out. My kids, when they were little, saw a demon-type thing in the house and explained it in detail, not knowing anything about my experiences. This was about 18 years ago that my kids saw this (them being 5 yrs. old & 3 yrs. old) until this orb was spotted at the camera.

Does anyone have any ideas what this may be? We've never seen anything like it before and since!

bostonguy @ 11:05 pm

Hi. I am a freelance photographer and have noticed "orbs" on a couple of occasions. The first was actually taken by someone else at a friends birthday party. There were about 16 of us, and three white orbs in the middle of the picture. Second time was when I was shooting pictures in the evening at a religious college which has two churches and a graveyard. There were a few white "orbs" outside the church. I then went to the center of the campus and took a picture of the main hall and there were a bunch of them, last fall.

My latest experience was yesterday when I went to an historical location and took pictures of a waterfall and pond. There were orbs to the left of the waterfall at the darker part of the building next to it, and they were white. I also took pictures before and after in the same area without them. I then took some pictures near the pond and there were many white orbs. I could see a creepy one with a face almost — or its eyes anyway.

Again, I took a lot of pictures in the same area and there would be no orbs. I usually miss details of my pics until I get home and look at them. I am also a neat freak about keeping my camera clean. If they are "orbs," I am glad they are white. I think cameras can pick up things the eye can not because it has "better vision." I am skeptical, but also think they might be orbs.

March 25, 2012

Michael Tagg @ 3:13 am

Both my Ex Wife and daughter saw an orb once, but it was a completely un-ghostly experience. We were watching TV at my Ex In-laws house when a light Orb went across the ceiling. It disappeared when it hit the far wall. I exclaimed to both Michelle and Elizabeth, "Did you see that?" which they both did. It was perplexing but not creepy at all. Is there a rational explanation?

Melissa Durham @ 12:03 pm

I saw a black orb right beside the space heater last night & I had the lights on. I couldn't see its eyes.

These orbs are hanging around my niece & they are freaking her out. We don't know what they want with her. There's one hanging around the stairway, one in the shower, one in the living room, and one in the garage.

March 28, 2012

dawn @ 2:13 pm

I have them everywhere (especially following my son)…I told my son to go sit on the bench and take a pic with his angels…he declined but they didn't…they were waiting for him!!… I always enlarged one photo and I see an angel…if anyone is interested email me and I will send it to you…just beautiful (old email but I check it).

March 30, 2012

Robyne @ 6:17 am

One night I was getting ready to take photos of the night sky. When I put the camera up to my face and looked through the lens, it felt like i was being bombarded all over my upper half, especially my face. The feeling was similar to something soft popping on my face. I almost dropped the camera, as I started slapping at the things that were gently popping in my face. The moment was so abrupt and intense.

I wasn't quite sure what it was. So i put my camera up to my face again and same exact thing happened. Eventually I figured it was ok, and started taking photos. I have several photos that night and the next few nights, all in different locations. There are hundreds of orb looking circles in a multitude of colors. One orb had all the colors of a rainbow. Even various sizes too. My first conscious experience with orbs.

April 3, 2012

gerry @ 7:44 pm

Something told me to take a photo of myself today in my car and I did. It was a very interesting shot. There is the sun peering in through the window, creating a cast with 2 long rays of the sun and then there is a light blue orb by the right side of my head. It is like nothing I've ever seen before in any photo I've ever taken with my iphone — or any camera for that matter.

I am a born again Christian and I have been praying to the Lord that His Angels would be with me during the many trials I will face. I did say this prayer very recently, if not yesterday…it could indeed have been today…the day I took this photo. I pray quite often, every single day, really. So, could have been yesterday or today… I read somewhere that a light blue orb represents the Arch Angel Michael…I have to tell you that did make my eyes well up…as I pray to Michael and Gabriel for protection in this world, very often. If anyone would like to see the photo I'd be glad to share:


April 7, 2012

Terri @ 9:15 pm

I live in upstate New York and my sister and I were out doing our weekly Cemetery Ghost Hunt (passing time till another investigation), when we noticed something weird in one of our pictures we took. It was a full moon night last night and we wanted a great picture of the moon over this really old (1800's) tombstone. We couldn't get the camera to actually focus well and we disregarded that as due to lack of light and angle. But on the last picture I took, I was squatting down on the ground holding the camera in an upwards angle in the direction of the moon. I was somewhat excited because I actually got it this time. My sister was already in the car (it was so cold out we were shivering), getting warmed up while I took the last picture.

I yelled to my sister "I finally got it!" and ran and jumped in the car. She said, "Let me see it," so I turned my camera on, found the last picture i took and pulled it up for her. We couldn't believe it! The picture shows the large stone and the moon (kinda fuzzy because of the focus issue) and next to the stone was a softball size reddish orange orb looking form. We could not believe it. I would love if you could look at this picture for me, and see for yourself and anyone else, if what we saw was a true orb. Let me finish this by saying, we debunked every possible cause, for instance, reflection of another stone because there was none other of that height and any other light coming towards it…there was nothing that we could find that could make it. I would love to hear back so i can send this to you. Thank you so much!

Terri @ 9:27 pm

Hi Adam,

I am writing to ask you if you had another encounter like that, since that night? Also have you actually got any history on the place you are staying at? This would be beneficial to get a better understanding. I would love to find out more.

April 10, 2012

mandy @ 3:41 am

Last night my 3 yr old daughter awoke with a bit of a cold. She kept asking me if i could see the 2 white balloon type balls floating in the room. I couldnt, but she wasnt scared by them, just mezmerised. although she didnt like them getting too close. i placed my hand in the air and gently waved it around and she watched with a smile.

then she asked me if i could see the old man who was sad, and a young boy dressed as a fireman who was happy. although this didnt freak her out, it certainly did me! when she woke this morning, i gently quizzed her over what she had said to me. while watchin thomas the tank engine, the little white ball that jumps over the song lyrics at the end she looked at me and said they looked like that…. its all very strange. i have a cat that was sitting in the same room, but it didnt react. if something was there i kinda think my cat would have sensed it ???? im not sure.

April 24, 2012

Nicole @ 6:13 pm

Hi Adam,

I saw an orb in my car just last night. I, just like you, have never had any traumatic events or anything of that nature and have a sound mind. My husband works two jobs. We live on Long Island in NY. Every night of the week, I go to my husband's night job (he is a custodian) and bring coffee and wait until he's finished working. Then we leave to go home together. We leave each night at 11:30, and I've been doing this for years and have never had anything like this happen.

Last night, as usual, I went up to his job with coffee in hand and waited for him to finish work. At 11:30, we headed to our separate cars to drive home. I got into my car while my husband was setting the alarm and locking the building. I saw two small balls of light whiz past my passenger side door. I figured it was a couple of those white moths or something. A couple seconds later, a white orb comes down from the roof of my car and sits in front of me on the outside of my windshield, then disappears. Then, yet another ball appears inside my car near the dashboard and stayed there for a few seconds! I was like Holy Cow! I have never seen one of these before, I was a little startled by it but not afraid of it. Very weird!

April 25, 2012

Susie @ 4:06 pm

I have numerous pictures I would love for you to look at. Can I send them thru email?

May 8, 2012

DEBI @ 7:35 pm

My husband got up monday 5-7-12 at 4:30 am, and it was raining hard. Looked outside and saw what looked like sparking wires shining below our patio, reflecting off our swimming pool wall, outside our basement french doors. He went downstairs, saw nothing out of the ordinary. Went out onto the patio, in heavy rain and saw flashing colored lites, reflecting on our above ground pool wall. He looked over the edge of our patio wall, about 3 ft, and was standing over an orb with protruding flashing lites of red, blue, green, and purple. Since it was raining hard, he thought it was a pool lite that we purchased a couple of years ago – maybe our grandsons brought it outside to play with and left it turned on.

When he returned to our bedroom, he woke me up and asked me to look outside, then he asked if i took our pool light outside? It was 5:00am, dark and raining. i looked outside and saw the flashing lites, reflectng on our pool wall. I told him that it looked like our pool lite was finally working (it got water inside and i tried to get it to lite up several times, without success). I went to work.

My husband, who was off work, went out at 8:00am and the orb was not there. There was no trace of it. He went back inside the basement and found our pool light, in its package and the batteries were lying on top of it – and it was dry. He called my work phone and asked if i went out and picked up the orb. I told him, "I did not."

If anyone has had this same experience, please let us know. The orb was the size of a baseball and had multi-colored, protruding lights around the entire surface. We did not see it move.

June 6, 2012

Dora D. White @ 7:24 pm

I believe it is your grandson's spirit. I would not dismiss the possibility since I am questioning something similar at this time.

June 11, 2012

christine marshall @ 1:31 am

After my husband passed, my daughter and l were sitting in the living room about a week later crying our eyes out. Suddenly, above her head on the ceiling, l saw this white egg shaped thing. l said to her, "Look up, what is that?"

When l told certain friends about it, they said you saw an orb. l have never seen another one, but am curious about what we saw. Even my daughter looked up, and said, "What is that?"

Jan Alles @ 7:02 am

Hi, I also saw a purple orb about the size of a hula hoop. I got a pretty good look at it. I was reading in bed and fell asleep. I woke with violent jerk and floating about 5 feet in the air, at the end of my bed, was this huge purple orb.

My mother-in-law passed away about 10 months ago, and we have moved into her home. I wonder if this could have been her. She loved this home and was very close to my wife. Any thoughts on what this could be?


June 21, 2012

SpiritualNinja @ 12:00 pm

Hey Adrainsjah!

You said that youre a Reiki master…I am in the process of decalifying my third eye…please help! Here is my email address:
Chemicalfirefly7 [at]

June 23, 2012

Ines Perez @ 9:54 am

It was last Sunday on Father's day, and we were having a family get together to spend time with my dad. We lost my mom 4 months ago. So we had a sad moment, and we took pictures. But, a specific picture of only my dad, brother, and me has a light white color in a ball shape. It appears between all of us. I've be reading and I wonder if it was my mom present with us?

July 2, 2012

Brixton @ 3:25 pm

Very recently, I experienced two orbs in my room with my own naked eyes – the first one shone like a diamond. And within its circle of light, it appeared to be rotating, similar to how a cop car light does. It stayed illuminated in the room for only 2-3 seconds. I couldn't believe my eyes, and my boyfriend was already asleep, so I had to shrug it off. There was no scary feeling in the room; however, there had been some sort of quiet that was keeping me awake that night.

Maybe 3 days went by, before I saw the 2nd orb, only this time it was orange and smaller. My boyfriend was not asleep this time, but wasn't looking in the same direction and missed it. In the morning, I realized the area where I had seen these orbs had been really close to where I had leaned a portrait up against the wall (for temporary storage while it dried) that I had been working on of my recently deceased aunt. She was only 34, and died of breast cancer.

I took the portrait out into the living room, and have not seen ANYTHING like those orbs since. I read above that maybe orange was someone who had passed that needed healing, or that reddish orbs were loved ones that were recently deceased or angry. She could possibly be angry that I wasn't finishing her portrait quickly enough, haha! Or needed healing, because she slipped into a coma before she even knew that she would certainly die that week from liver failure, due to all the medications/chemo.

All I know for sure is that I saw it, and that it's a big coincidence that it was by her unfinished portrait. I know there were no spooky feelings from seeing these orbs, even though they were absolutely unexplainable. Orbs certainly must be a very personal phenomena.

July 5, 2012

Jacqui @ 1:36 pm

I just got married 2 weeks ago. I was looking through my pictures and saw in a few different pictures an orb by my side. My grandparents passed away before I was born. I had seen a few times an orb in my mom's house, always floating behind but above her head. I always had a feeling it was my grandmother. On my wedding day, I wore my grandmother's anklet that had her and my grandfather's initials carved into it.

My husband's grandparents were best friends with my grandparents when my mom was young. I have a feeling that the orbs in my wedding pictures are my grandparents. Even though they had passed before I was born, I feel like I know them. What do you think? Do you think it could be my grandparents?

July 6, 2012

marcel @ 11:25 pm

It is very possible that an orb with colors red, orange, and purple could represent a dead loved one.

July 7, 2012

Julie @ 12:10 am

I have seen several orbs in my lifetime, usually in the middle of the night. I will roll over and one will be floating on my side of the bed. Blue in color about the size of a baseball. I turned back over after it disappeared, only to be awakened by a loud buzzing, humming noise in my ear. My hair even moved. Can those things really do that?

July 10, 2012

brian mcgregor @ 3:53 pm

Hi, I was in my living room. My partner was sitting on the sofa, and I was on the floor at her feet. The window was behind her and it was a fine day outside. As we were chatting, a white silvery ball, the size of a marble, floated softly and gently from over her shoulder towards me, then disappeared. It was the strangest thing I have ever witnessed, and in a surprised voice I asked her if she had seen that. She said yes, and described a white silvery orb, exactly as I had seen. I have to admit, it was a calming feeling as i watched it — although it only was visible for seconds. Both our parents have passed away. Was this paranormal, or simply a spec of dust enhanced by sunlight. Any thoughts??

July 15, 2012

Mandi @ 1:21 pm

Hi my name is Mandi. When I was staying with my fiance, I took some pics of him and his 2 children. I captured orbs with faces…Lots of orbs in different shapes… But what got me the most is that I have one picture that's very sinister looking…The picture I took before and after is not there.. Could someone just email and give me a heads up on how worried I should be? Can it follow you? He still has his house, but we have been living at my grandma's.. I would like to get a ghost kit and he said that he doesn't think that it is a good idea. That I need to just leave it alone. If someone could e-mail me and let me know, that would be great.

July 23, 2012

Mark @ 2:21 pm

I think that these so called orbs are consciousness gates of life/world changing/controlling entities.

I can't see the inertia by myself but my friend can… I see these dimensional "orbs" when someone near me is in strong emotional pain. From my experiences, I would say that these "orbs" cannot interact with a human conceptual mind but they do construct something hidden to subconscious minds so that people end up behaving differently. The karmic reality is always supposed to stay hidden, as like the Tao is what is not.

July 26, 2012

Anthony Rendon @ 3:05 pm

I was about 6 or 7 when I awoke one night, and for some reason I had the urge to look out my window. I did and I saw four red colored orbs in a diamond like shape right outside my window. What does it mean? Where my family was living at the time, it was found out to be built atop Indian burial grounds. Could that have something to do with it?

July 28, 2012

Roland @ 2:53 pm

I saw an orb in 1973 when I was 12 years old. I was sitting in a chair in the kitchen and my little 9 year old sister was sitting on the floor playing with a doll. I was nodding in the chair when I opened my eyes to see a bright light pulsating and floating across the room about waist high to an adult. I watched this light float across the room and through the wall of our kitchen. I got up and ran to the door and looked out the window to see if I could see it on the other side. I gave up looking for it because it was so bright outside that I assumed I would not be able to see it.

I didn't think about it again until I was an adult watching a TV show about ghost hunters. They showed a video of an orb and when I saw it I immediately remembered seeing the same thing as a child. I never knew what the light was until I saw this TV show. Then, it all made sense. My mother had died just three days before and no one even knew it at that time. She had come up missing or didn't return home and it wasn't until two weeks later that a hiker found her body on a mountainside in California. So my belief is that the orb that I saw was my Mother's spirit coming back to check on her children. From that day forward, I had no doubt in my mind that there is some form of life after death and I no longer fear dying.

Now my Mother's orb was solid and bright white. It's the only orb I've ever seen, and it does not look like the orbs that I've seen in most pictures. It was about the size of a quarter and it was super white. However, I didn't notice it casting its brilliance on the floor or the kitchen table or the wall as it went through it. However it was as bright as the sun, in my opinion. That's what made me think about it today. I was watching a commercial on TV and someone had what they called lightning in a bottle. The brightness of that object in the bottle reminded me of my Mother's orb, unlike the pictures that I've seen on the web. I guess I came to the web today hoping to find some pictures or video that resemble what I saw when I was 12. Unfortunately I've yet to find what I'm looking for.

So to those who doubt that orbs exist, or that they are spirits, it's clear you just haven't seen one for yourself. I'm not quite sure I believe in aliens, but that's only because I haven't seen one yet. They probably do exist.

I just want to add a little more information to my story above. My Mother's orb passed in between me and my sister, who was sitting on the floor about 5 feet away. She didn't see it and I never got a chance to ask her to look because I was trying to figure out what I was seeing. Within a matter of seconds, it had passed through the kitchen wall. I never even mentioned it to her. I wish I had, but it didn't hang around long enough. Also, in my story above, I said that the orb was solid. Well, I kind of doubt that it was solid, considering it passed through the concrete wall of our kitchen. It was probably just the brightness of it that made me feel like it was not translucent. I'm trying to say that I couldn't see through it.

I've read so many stories here about people seeing orbs. Although I've only read one story that matches mine very closely, I guess there could be 5 foot diameter orbs that are purple. I guess nothing is impossible. :-) I'm just happy to know that when we die, that it's not the end. See you all on the other side! :-)

July 29, 2012

tina @ 5:24 pm

I went with two other friends on a ghost hunt at several locations. When we went to our last location, I caught several green orbs with tails. Several of the orbs were dotted. I have never seen anything like this. Does anyone know what they mean? This location was a cemetery. It was 80 degrees outside but when we got here, it felt very cold.

August 5, 2012

phyllis @ 4:23 pm

Last night I saw a white light that shot across my bedroom and moved behind my bed. I started saying the "Our Father" prayer, and a loud bang came from the wall as if someone hit it hard. Two weeks ago I saw a blue orb. Should I be concerned?

August 9, 2012

Tonya @ 5:36 pm

I have one Blue Orb that hangs back in the kids' room, and a reflective orb that's in the front room. Sometimes they are in the front room together, zipping around waist high.