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Ghost on the Stairs, Photos and Weird Footprints

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Tim wrote to us asking for opinions (feel free to share yours below) regarding a photo and paranormal activity.  His story and photos are included below.

I've added a green rectangular box around the brown mass that appears on the stairs.  It appears that the person is holding the handrail and is wearing something on his head (i.e. hat).

brown mass on stairs - ghost?

Here is a closer version of Tim's photo:

Mass on Stairs Ghost Photo
Tim writes:

"I would appreciate it if you could post this for me.  I need all the help I can get.  I recently got involved in paranormal investigations after having two experiences that I could never explain. My first was when I was 12 years old and the second when I was 35.

I contacted a well known [paranormal investigation] group on Cape Cod and was invited to become a member—but because of job constraints I haven't been able to do so. I started doing research on my own and have been able to become quite knowledgeable in things paranormal.

About a month ago, I learned that one of my co-workers and his girlfriend moved out of her house 9 months ago because of paranormal activity and due to circumstances beyond her control have to move back in. Needless to say, they're afraid of the house and asked me for help.

Activity includes disembodied voices, blankets yanked off her kids beds, footsteps, doors slamming shut, full body apparitions, shadow figures, etc, etc. The phenomena was also witnessed by a few of her friends as well as her whole family for a span of about a year or so. I instructed her to take pictures throughout the house and would be there the next night. The morning before my 1st investigation she emailed me a picture taken in her basement by her friend and there appears to be an apparition on the stairs. It was taken at 10:30 in the morning and when the picture was taken nothing unusual was noticed until she viewed the pictures after the fact.

During my first investigation, I captured the sound of footsteps on the stairs where the picture was taken and 3 distinct laughs in an upstairs bedroom on a digital recorder. I saw a distinct shadow figure and had a bottle cap thrown into a room where me and several people were standing around talking. At the conclusion of my 1st investigation, I spread a spot of baby powder on the floor in the dining room and wrote my name about 12 inches across in the powder. The next day I instructed the homeowners to stay away from the house and not let any one go inside the house as another investigation was scheduled about a week later with the paranormal group I contacted. The day before the 2nd investigation, the homeowner called to inform me that she went to the house to pick up a vacuum cleaner and noticed there were footprints in the powder.

She assured me that no one had been in the house after we locked it up on the night when I spread the powder on the floor. I was involved with the 2nd investigation with the group and nothing was captured and no one had any personal experiences. A week later, I returned to the house and have on video knocks somewhere in the house responding to me and an overhead fluorescent light turning on by itself. What intrigues me about the light is that the only way to turn it on is to plug it in. On the video, you can see me turn the light off. Twenty-two minutes into the recording, the light pops on.

I've enclosed a picture of the apparition on the stairs and you'll notice the top of the head partially covers a beam. I've also enclose 3 pictures of the footprints. The homeowners have asked me to help them and are dissatisfied with the way the investigation was conducted by the group. I was disappointed as well, since I take this seriously and felt the group didn't. I've taken numerous witness statements that don't change and have some evidence that is very compelling. The homeowners trust me and have asked me for help. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated."

The footprint photos (posted below) are sure to create some debate.  I mentioned to Tim that the footprints may have been caused by a human being, and perhaps the homeowner accidentally stepped in the powder.  Tim replied with some interesting information.  He writes:

"I thought the same about the footprints until I saw them up close. One of the group members has been in law enforcement for years and examined them. He seems to think they're like engineer’s shoes or work shoes from a mill, but they're equal to a size 14 or 15. They're extremely large. I questioned the homeowner and her boyfriend and no one had been in the house until she took those pictures. I also took a "before" picture of the powder the night I completed my first investigation and I was the last one in the house and locked the door. I have that picture, if any one would like to see the powder as it appeared when I left the house and locked it up. Another interesting fact…While doing research on the property, I found out the house was built in 1910 by a mill as housing for Polish immigrant millworkers. A previous homeowner worked in the mill until it closed in 1936 and he doesn't appear on any local census report after that, and the house was sold in 1937."

weird footprintscloseup of weird footprints

Tim has done a great job researching the history of the property.  It's interesting that the shoes are very large, and seem to be "workmen's shoes."  The fact that the house was previously used by immigrant millworkers is very interesting—especially given the law enforcement officer's comments about the shoes.

Tim has asked for opinions, comments, and feedback from the community.  Feel free to share your thoughts below, as long as they are respectful.

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Comments on Ghost on the Stairs, Photos and Weird Footprints

October 2, 2009

tim @ 1:30 pm

Michelle. Thanks for posting my photos and story. If any one has any comments, I'd be interested in hearing them. Especially the photo on the basement stairs. I've had 2 people comment about a hat and another think the "apparition" on the stairs may be wearing an apron similar to what a millwright or blacksmith would wear.

October 14, 2009

christine @ 5:07 am

This is a very interesting place you have here and the pics are thought provoking. I would love to see it for myself and any pics you may have.

tim @ 2:21 pm

Hi Christine. You can email me at and I'd be happy to share my evidence and talk to you about this house.

October 31, 2009

Wayne Takabayashi @ 5:19 pm

Aloha Tim, I have a few remaining questions.
- How long has the family been living in the house prior to their initial reports of experiencing activity?
- Did the family experience any paranormal activity during the period they had vacated the house?
- Have you been able to measure the distance in the steps found in the powder to try to come up with a possible height? Did this height match that of the entity captured on the stairs?

What resources did you use to research the house information that dated back to 1910?

Spooky Kine Investigations
President/Lead Investigator/Field Supervisor

November 25, 2009

alex @ 11:20 am

That is creepy, but a demon is worse than a ghost.  If you're interested in that type of stuff, i would suggest you watch the movie called paranormal.

January 13, 2010

sara @ 9:22 am

I don't know much about any of this but am very interested in all of it. I've been having strange feelings in my bedroom like something is there watching me, everytime i start to close my eyes I instantly feel like it's there. I've been searching the internet for some answers and for someone to hopefully just tell me it's in my head.. Maybe someone could give me some advice or lead me in the direction for the answer i'm looking for. E-mail me at

January 21, 2010

Marti Will @ 2:55 pm

Hi to all, I have just talked to my sister in southern Illinois, and this past week, she has had something come onto her back porch. She has had paranormal investigators there in November and there were voices caught on the EVP's taken. But every year about this time, she has something come onto her back porch. She has put several security things to make sure the door can not be opened from the outside, but 3 mornings now, she has gotten up and the porch door to the outside is open and her securtiy "fixes" have been messed with. last year, she had snow, and there was snow prints of a shoe on her porch and many prints out in her back yard, it was a couple of days, that no one in right mind should have been out just walking around, the weather was a blizzard and snow. I told her to put down some flour, or body powder tonight to see if she can get any foot prints. She is not really scared, just concerned.

February 16, 2010

eric b. @ 3:14 pm

the picture is very interesting. you can see how the top of it actually blocks out the beam, so the form has some actual density to it.

as for the "prints", i do not see how anyone deduced this was a "work shoe" from a footprint in babypowder. it looks more like a sock print since the toe area is shaped more like toes and not rounded like a shoe print. further, you can see a distinctive print artifact in each step under the midsole/arch. what stock print was this compared to to indicate a work type boot print? did you measure the length of the step, print, etc? what other measures did you take to insure the powder was not disturbed while you were not there?

i live in new england, so email me if you would like some additional assistance with this site.

February 19, 2010

Colleen @ 5:34 am

Hi Folks, I tend to agree with eric b. regarding the footprint. The toe, to me, indicates that is is indeed a sock print and I would try to get, and investigate, as much information from the "distinctive print artefact" to see if that could shed some more light on the "origins" of the print.

As for the photo. It may have been helpful to have another shot, taken from the same position, so that the background etc can be compared, it can be difficult for the eye to separate background, natural patterns etc. especially in photos. The human brain is hardwired to look for familiar patterns, faces etc. That is not to say that Tim hasn't captured something paranormal. I think that Tim has done a great job and I would like to hear how things turn out. Cheers!

March 3, 2010

Nicole @ 2:49 am

From one paranormal investigator to another, I must praise you for all the research you have done. I myself am a researcher and I think most of the time that is the most important part to the investigation.

I am one that tries to debunk absolutely everything I can before presenting any evidence. I would hate to give the homeowners any false hope. I do like the picture that was captured of the apparition on the stairs. There isnt much else that could create that. I would say matrixing possibly and maybe a collection of dust there but that is too much like a human apparition. I think you may have caught someone there in that photo, and than a size 15 shoe? Thats not an average size, and if you do your research on the polish it is interesting you will find taht the males, are usually very tall. I know not all are but yes that would explain the large shoe as well as the tall figure. If you have any questions please feel free to comment me back. 

Also I did want to know if you caught any evps other than the knocking and actually I would love to hear all the ones you recorded.

March 13, 2010

Tim McHenry @ 6:22 pm

Nicole, I appreciate your input. You are correct on the height of the apparition. The night the photo on the stairs was taken, I saw a shadow figure that blocked out the light coming in from the living room door and it's over 6 1/2 feet high. The figure completely blocked out the door and was at least 7 feet tall. That also matches the size of the same figure the homeowners saw. As far as the footprints being a "sock print" as some one suggests, there were distinct patterns on the sole which wouldn't be on a sock. My email address is: and you can also check out my website at the link above. I'm always open to networking with other investigators. Look me up.

April 4, 2010

Sue @ 12:05 am

Hi, I am on here for the first time today. I have been studying ghosts and the paranormal for many years now. I grew up in a haunted house in Connecticut, and that was what triggered my interest in the paranormal. I have experienced several ghosts myself. These experiences usually happened when I was alone. I have read many books on these subjects. I watch some favorite T.V. shows on ghosts and other paranormal activity. I have gone on some ghost hunts of my own. I have had ghosts show up in several different photos I have taken, in different places. I have never felt the need to over analyze paranormal activity. When it happens, and it's real, you know it. What I want to say is that if a house is haunted by ghosts,and the people living in the house want it to stop, they can take some steps to remove the ghosts….to get them to cross over. If the haunting is suspected to be demonic in nature, then the people should probably get help in trying to remove the entity. Help from a priest, or from a paranormal professional. I have to admit that I didn't believe in ghosts and the paranormal until I experienced it myself. I was a real shock to me, and it shook up my whole perception of reality. This happened when I was 14 years old. I am now 54. Ghostly things happened in the house when I was younger than 14, but, at that time, I was too young to understand about ghosts. It all hit home when I was 14. I would not sleep with the light off at night for several years after that.

May 3, 2010

Garrett @ 7:40 pm

Very strange. I have a similar story. Literally it's 830 PM on Monday and I just saw a white pair of shoes as if someone was walking down the stairs since. This is the second time I've saw this. I only see the shoes? My Grandma is in the Living room, and I was in the game room, no one was up stairs. My Grandfather passed away 6 years ago, and last I remember he never wore white dress shoes. A few months ago I saw the same exact dress shoes at the last few steps walk down and then vanish. Seems to be to be it never starts at the top it's as if the spirit or alien spirit is watching over me or was standing there. It only takes a few steps and the it's gone. . I did not feel scared, I thought I could have just been seeing things, I felt at peace. Today was the second time this has happened. I went from watching T.V and then my head just turns and go to the stairs, that's what happened last time. I have a great feeling that we are being visited by the the higher beings = Aliens and the Super Natural. I guess we will never know why they visit and why we see them, in till you have seen them in your own eyes it may be hard to believe, but believe it because the truth will be told. Email me if you'd like to speak about your discoveries and experiences. -Garrett

July 25, 2010

alvinwriter @ 7:17 pm

Things like this in a house can be scary and sometimes disruptive. It seems to be a ghost attached to the house. A cleansing ritual may help, although a psychic who can talk to the ghost may be best.

February 17, 2011

tammy smith @ 8:01 am

ghosts around me on a regular basis at night there presense is so strong no need to see them and they only make sure they show there presence to me with noise banging walking along my landing and its 4 hours .and electrical things in kitchen making unusual noises that dont happen in day ,flickering of lights and talking when u know there is no way its anyone else in house cos there in bed asleep and nobody hears the extreme noise of footsteps upstairs ,its absolutley unbelievable cos u wud av to be deaF NOT TO HEAR AND THIS ONLY HAPPENS at 2oclock in early hours and goes on until 6 and if im in on my own in day u can hear walking about in my daughters room and she is at school shes 12 yrs old…..and her floorboard near the window creeks when u walk to look out of window are if im cleaning up in there just that certain place ….its so wierd…

its not scarey but it's an unusual feeling i get cos they are making sure i know they are here …but close friends and family think im going mad ,and i am defo not its so fustrating cos they are so sceptic and narrow minded to brand me as crazy but my brother who is 19 as seen a few things and he wouldnt lie and its the same spirit he sees and he hears alsorts so im not alone ……im so worried cos im very interested in spiritual things ghosts and afterlife as ive lost a lot of people and family and friends ..also my daughter dad and brother and a 2 other exs boyfriends in past and close companians its a very wierd thing the people male and female im close to seem to passaway and it really is like a curse its uncanny …but i think that when phantoms loiter around a certain person,

its a sign they are gonna die are some fatal tragedy is gonna occur so i would really appreciate it if i could get some info …i av frequent clairvoyants at my house and only the best and they av picked up on the amount of spirits presant around me and the last reading i had she was quite concerned about it but i know she couldent tell me what she really wanted to so not stupid i av read up and watched a lot of paranormal activity things on and of tv i av certain feeling and dreams that av come true so i just dont always see ,but it makes up 4 it with the chaos so what ever is accuring its noise makes up 4 it …….

March 16, 2011

Conner Bartoli @ 4:13 pm

i support you so much and hope to work with you one day because things like this make me puzzled yet exited. i love investigating (little scared though lol). anyways, wish you luck on your work. p.s. if i were able to work with you, i probably couldn't. im only 15 oh well…. i have had a demon in my house. it killed my cat and we had footage but it was erased on accident by my sister. a woman came to bless our house and she said it was a demon. but we blessed the house, and he hasnt bothered us in a long time.

Conner Bartoli @ 4:37 pm

u know i had a simaler thing with my grandma. she died at age 82. i think it makes me sad because she was a very good person and if it is her i wonder why she is not in heaven. but, i see this thing sometimes at night like a shadow and it feels like it is standing on the side of me. it creeps me out. i dont let it know that i feel it, and eventualy it goes away.

-Conner Bartoli

June 7, 2011

may @ 2:15 pm

I see your name in the powder. It says TIM!

August 24, 2011

charlotte @ 9:27 pm

looks like the shoe prints are further apart than usual.

October 15, 2011

Sash Gryphyth @ 4:47 am

I can't really account for what I see much, but when I browsed through some effect changes in adobe photoshop. it looked a lot like the apparition had ram horns on its head. Anything else was too non-distinct. The face, though, appeared squished or something. I'm not sure if I can upload the resulting picture, but all I did was adjust the contrast and saturation. I tried to "find edges" and the swirl of the "horns" was still apparent, but it was still too unidentifiable.

November 3, 2011

Toby @ 9:06 pm

I've done the powder on the floor test before and the results are chilling. The photo in this post with the shoe prints are very impressive. I did notice a brand gravure of some sort on the heel of the shoe. Were you able to make out what the brand is? Would be very interesting to be able to make out what it is. If you can make it out, please post or email me.

November 29, 2011

Jenny @ 1:31 pm

Very Interesting. I have been questioning some activity going on in my home and have recently caught some orbs in some pictures on my camera. I just wanted to say the apparition on the stairs is amazing; however when i first saw his hat, i thought it looked like a fire fighter's helmet. Thanks for sharing your information.

December 30, 2011

Tim McHenry @ 2:57 pm

Thank you for your everyone's comments. Unfortunately, I was never able to identify a brand of shoe other than the prints left were similar to a "mill shoe" or work shoe made years ago. I was recently an exhibitor at a paranormal conference and a lot of investigators thought the pictures of the shoe prints were impressive. A few tried to duplicate them and ended up with the same results that I did. They couldn't be duplicated and still remain a mystery. A lot of investigators also commented on the ghost on the stairs and the most common thoughts were that "it" was wearing some type of hat.

Thanks for everyone's support.

February 12, 2012

Pattie @ 4:02 pm

Hello Tim, I was reading your story. You captured some interesting stuff. It does seem by the distance between the footprints that it was a tall person. Have you been able to find more evidence since those pics were taken? I am truly interested in hearing more about that case. I have been investigating over 15 yrs now, and run my own team.

Would love to chat with another investigator that has the same interest as I do. I look up to you for the help you have given that family, unlike the group that was there. Good luck on each and every family that you are able to help.

March 22, 2012

William France @ 11:38 am

I've seen something very similar, even heard what sounds like muffled voices talking at once. My dog even sees it, and reacts.

April 1, 2012

kim @ 9:05 am

Hello, just starting out in ghost inquiry. I have a photo of a pair of what looks like shoe marks/feet. I snapped 2 shots, then marks gone. I never thought of the powder. However, I seem to get better results when outside, or visiting a cemetery. Why? I will try upload photo. Love your site. Thanks.

June 28, 2012

josiah @ 2:44 am

If you look at the photo, there is another way you can tell. By the door underneath the stairs, there is a big sign of daemonic presence. Look by the door, and you will see what my Indian ancestors called the FINCH OF HELL.