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Orb Photo with a Face Inside? Carl's Story

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One of my subscribers, Carl, sent me an interesting orb photo and story.  He asked me to share his story and photos online with you.  Carl writes:

"I have a photo that will send a cold shiver down your spine.  My daughter at the time was 8, and she kept telling me about a woman who came to see her at night.  When I asked my daughter what the woman looked like, she described my aunt who died a few years ago (to the tee).  Then one night, my daughter told me the woman wanted her to come outside in the backyard (thank god she didn't).  Anyhow, I took a picture of my kids outside and there was an orb—but not just any orb, this had a complete FACE inside of it.  Eyes, nose, mouth… everything.  There is one photo with nothing on it, and another photo with a face inside the orb.  I took two pictures, and only one had the orb. "

Here is the photo without the orb:


Here is the photo with the orb:

orb photo with face inside

Close-up images of the orb:

orb photo face inside closeuporb picture closeup face skull inside

"I zoomed-in as much as I could on the picture, and these are the best up-close images I can get.  PLEASE believe me when I say this house had to be haunted.  This picture was not messed with in any way or form—this is a true picture.  The image inside the orb looks like a skull to me.  Please remember my daughter was only 8 at the time, and she was telling us stuff that there's is no way she would know.  As you can see, I sent you both pictures, and only one had this orb in it—the other didn't.  There was no light, no moon, and the inside light and screen door were behind her.  This is the same time my daughter started seeing things—she was really scared at this house.  We had to move because of it, and the same day we moved she has NEVER seen anything again.

"However, ever since we arrived in Florida in 2005, it seems like a cloud follows us everywhere we go.  Now in our new home, we are hearing things like children crying, seeing candles fall off the wall.  Last night, I went outside and took some pictures.  The moon was covered by clouds, and no lights were on for a block.  I turned my flash off, and captured images of orbs around the outside of the house.  I’m not scared or anything.  I would even love to become a ghost hunter, just because I never really believed in them until now."


What do you think of Carl's story and orb photo?  Feel free to leave a comment below.  I will try to post more photos when possible—since many people ask for them.  Thanks to Carl for sharing his story.

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Comments on Orb Photo with a Face Inside? Carl's Story

February 3, 2009

debby @ 1:13 pm

Well, let me ask you something, sometimes I don't see ghosts but I could feel the energy of like cold airs, or cold breeze.  I'm 22, my ethnicity is Hmong.  I don't usually see it, but I feel an energetic cold breeze, like someone's watching me and my boyfriend.  So, what's the answer  – You don't ever see ghosts, but you feel and hear.  E-mail me back, I'm trying to look for answers out there about ghosts. Thanks.

Carl @ 11:49 pm

I know what you are saying, I feel that as well.  I would love to talk to you about it… Carl

February 4, 2009

Michelle T. from Canada @ 8:15 am

Hey, I believe you.  I have so many orb pics, and a lot of them zoomed-in have faces in them.  I live in a haunted house, we are so used to all the activity and visitors. lol

February 7, 2009

David @ 4:19 pm

Those are great photos.  That is what makes an orb photo intriguing, the context.

March 6, 2009

dan @ 9:53 pm

I like others have some great orb pictures, and also mist and vortex.  Even though it was a clear night out and 46 degrees , people don't realize that particles float through the air, out of 500 pictures we took at night in a cemetery, we got 3.  A white ball coming down the road floating in the air, but the orb we also got was bigger than a beach ball.  This still could of been particles, but it's up to you to judge what you think stuff is.  Remember you were there, so always be your own judge, and never get upset at what others think and tell you.

March 18, 2009

Katheryn @ 10:46 am

Carl, Send me your email address and I will send you a copy of a photo that I took of my neice.  It was at Christmas and we were all outside.  Do you have more photos with orbs?  I have tons.  I for some reason have found it strange that of all of the people in my family, I am the only one that sees them.  I was in an old mine yesterday and have photos of colored orbs.  Very interesting, do you believe?

April 5, 2009

Carl @ 11:24 pm

Hi Katheryn…sorry it took a while for me to email…but my email address is  Email me anytime.  I would love to see you pictures!  So very interesting.  Look forward to hearing from you…Carl

April 25, 2009

Jason @ 2:19 pm

Normally a skull means death, but don't over-react.  If there was something haunting your house, it would stay in the house.  So look outside for something out of the ordinary, k.  Feel free to e-mail me.

April 27, 2009

Carl @ 9:19 pm

Thanks for the info.  Did it look like a skull to you?  I wasn't for sure…about 6 months after that photo, my cousin was killed in a bad motorcycle crash.  I would like to learn more on hunting for ghosts.  I really find it very interesting.. thanks Carl

July 26, 2009

Elizabet @ 10:39 am

Interesting article. As a psychic, I see ghosts often. They appear to me as an ordinary human being appears (in full) but what I do experience more often than not, is a sort of orb that materialises first and then the ghost grows from that starting point. Don't know if this is interesting or not to anyone else????

August 24, 2009

pixy @ 12:26 pm

I think the paranormal is very interesting and I love all the stories and evps. As a kid I saw my papa and talked to him as I also saw my great grandmother rose. I described her because she died before I was born.  My nana found a pic of her and I descibed her just like the pic.  Believe me I never knew about her or the pic until she came to me! Yes I have talk to many other spirits at that time and my grandma told me I have a gift to talk and see spirits.  I am a psychic medium, but I have lost touch with my gift as I'm 17 now, and I want to get it to come back!

September 1, 2009

Sue @ 2:05 am

Really interesting. Learning a lot about orbs, thanks everyone. I have a really good photo of a face in an orb I took at the Old County Jail in Jim Thorpe, PA. It was a really creepy place to be in and I couldn't wait to get out of there. If any one is interested, I can forward it on. Let me know.

September 13, 2009

Kelly @ 2:43 pm

We, for entertainment on occassion, started doing a oujii board in the backyard. Now everytime we go outside and sit in our backyard half of our photographs have orbs in them. They all have faces. Some faces are so prominent that you can see hair flowing and a complete non-distorted face. It is amazing. Not all pictures have them even though taken right after another in the same place. There are hundreds. It is actually very sad. Like they are all waiting for us to do the oujii board again. We have never been bothered by them in our house or they have never made me feel uncomfortable. I would love to send you the pics. They are incredible.

October 7, 2009

Ken @ 7:34 pm

I took a picture of a sign on 10/2/09. Above the sign is an orb almost the size of the sign. I was truly amazed at what I had found when I zoomed in on the orb after downloading it onto my computer. People. And many of them. All dressed in clothing from the 1800s.

October 28, 2009

courtney webb @ 11:23 pm

i just recently witnessed two orbs in my bedroom. this is my first experience with seeing anything and i'm curious why one was like a light–orange colored and the second was light and dark grey? both were round shaped and about the size of an adult head….and appeared a couple feet above the floor. although i was spooked, i didn't get a bad feeling and actually remained in the room after what i had witnessed. both appeared in the wee morning hours; between roughly 2-4am. any info would be greatly appreciated!

November 30, 2009

jennifer mcdermott @ 10:49 am

my son was taking photos of my 3 year old daughter, and when we looked at this we could see a large orb next to my daughters face, when we zoomed in we could see a clearface of my mother, i sent this photo to a clairvoyant, who gave me a reading on this, im looking for a second opinion on this, as i need to know if the things she told me where true.
does anyone know of anyone who reads orbs?????

December 9, 2009

Monica @ 9:32 am

so i go outside my house at night and i take a bunch of orb pictures as much as i can. they dont relly scare me but i enjoy taking the pictures….alot of people kinda think its kinda creepy….but i dont relly care. i dont think that they can harm people….but im not relly sure. sometimes i feel like someone or something is watching me…in my own home. its kinda funny….because i get relly scared…and worked up over it….but its kinda fun…that might be why i enjoy taking the pictures. but i love to look at the pics. im not relly sure if ghosts are real…but these are kinda fun. ive been thinking and i know that they aren't light reflections…but if they arent then im not quite sure what else can explain them. but i really so love the sight.

Monica @ 9:33 am

sue. i kinda wanna see the picture..if you could send it to me at

December 12, 2009

Kristie @ 9:08 pm

My 3.5 year old son on more than one occasion has talked about seeing flying "circles". He describes them usually as being purple or blue and sometimes pink. Last night (around 1am) his younger sister was having a rough night and was keeping him up so I brought him into bed with me. He was saying "look! Look!" and pointing at nothing I could see. He told me there was little pink and blue circles, that they liked to fly around him then they would leave and go to their "favorite place" which he only described as a "long building". He says he isn't scared because "they are friendly". He's only 3 so getting a really good description can be tough! But I believe that he is telling the truth, he gets so excited when he sees them and gets frustrated when I can't. Could these be orbs he's seeing? Has anyone ever had an experience like this? I too, am highly sensitive to the paranormal, and my son often freaks us out with stuff he says and experiences, but I have never experienced anything like this. Anyone with something similar to share would be so appreciated!

December 14, 2009

Alexie @ 3:08 am

Hi, I have been seeing various orbs in my home, but it seems that about 90% have some type of human face, be it a woman, man and or baby. I have started to see images as well, on my living room walls of people, Ive seen an elderly man, a woman, a baby, a few children maybe around the age of 5-9, a distinguished man as well. I have heard a voice say "hey" in my ear and awoke me from my sleep, my daughter woke up with a woman sitting at the edge of her bed, my son saw a man sitting in the steps outside my backyard door, he was so scared he couldnt speak for about 5 minutes, he just said that the man stared at him, and looked very mean. I also had an incident where someone grabbed my thigh as I slept. My partner has noticed black shadows here and there, and my son states that he hears people (mainly children) having conversations in the kitchen, the place where my dogs tends to bark at almost every night. Do u know of someone who can help me? Thank You.

January 27, 2010

B. Henry @ 1:15 am

first i would like to thank you for putting these pictures on the web. To me it does not look like a skull, however it looks like a face of a person you would see in a very old picture. No matter it is still a very interesting picture!

February 13, 2010

Richard @ 8:11 pm

First picture was of orbs very curious, bad mistake, other pics were of a youngish male laid out on my kitchen floor, perfect detail.. A picture of my old dad and his favorite dog but many negative shots, culminating in a picture of what I beleive was a demon, didnt examine it too long erased it as fast as my fingers would allow. My wife and I now see faces on wallpaper and many other surfaces, mostly negative. My son who came to stay over Christmas, and doesnt believe in this sort of thing was awoken by a feeling of being gripped behind the neck…slept with the light on for the rest of his stay ….Wish I never took photos, just want rid ….

February 19, 2010

sharon clark @ 4:25 am

i also have a strange orb picture with what looks like a young girl in an old photo inside this colorful orb.  It's not until you zoom in towards it then you can see it more clearly. i am looking for someone to help shed some light on this…

many thanks  
sharon clark

February 28, 2010

Evelyn Brown @ 11:28 am

I also have an orb picture with a face. I know that my house is haunted. we have music being played when we come home and different things have been broken. I just started taking pictures in the dark. I notice that every picture that had orbs in them leads me to my bedroom. I just need to know why, and what does it mean with a face. I can e-mail anyone that wants to look at the picture. Evelyn

March 3, 2010

Nicole @ 2:22 am

Hi I dont mean to sound rude here…but I am not a big fan of the orb because there are too many risks of what else it could be. I am not saying that your house isnt haunted, it might be, but have you had true investigators come in to your home and check it out? Do you have any true evidence aside from this picture about your home? Do you have EVPS that you have caught or other pictures?

March 16, 2010

joni burke @ 2:16 am

hey carl, im joni. i have pics of orbs with faces and skulls in them. what do they mean??? white orbs are supp. to be protectors. like a halo, an angel. but skulls, i would like to know what they mean. those ones i have of are in a closed nursing home we visited. looking out the windows are these pics i captured with skulls in them. i just dont know, wish i did. any comments, pls let me know. thanx

Heather @ 3:44 pm

Hi there, i am new to this but last friday night, my boyfriend felt very sick and asked me to pass him my camera and after he took a picture he caught a white ball in the corner of my room. on every picture i have seen at least 3 or 4 orbs. But tonight i was messing about when i took a picture and on it is a single white orb but the size of the orb is alot bigger then what ive ever caught…. i zoomed in on the orb and i can make out a skull inside it. I dont know what this means but i'm scared in case it means something bad. I'm not sure how to upload pics on here but if someone could help me id be a lot happier and feel more at ease, as at the minute im getting the vibe that this is something evil in my house. Someone please get back to me a.s.ap. Thank you.

March 23, 2010

Michele Shepherd @ 7:25 pm

Hi Carl! I recently just attended my cousin's Memorial Benefit this past weekend. While going through some of the pictures that were taken, I've noticed quite a few orbs in the pictures. Most of them have one orb and one has 2 orbs. When I zoom in on these pictures I see faces in each and every one of them. Not a skull like face or anything, but mainly just a full face. In one of them I see just a profile view. I would really love for you to look at these pictures and tell me what you think. Please let me know if I can send these to you and you can take a look at them. I will also mention that my cousin was murdered last year at the age of 32. His Memorial/Benefit was actually on his birthday. I'm not sure if that matters. :) Thanks so much!

April 29, 2010

Carl @ 10:24 pm

Hi, Michele  Sorry it took me awhile to contact you. I would really love to see the photo's. Please send me an email along with the pictures. they sound very interesting. email them to me at

May 3, 2010

Christine Mattiola @ 10:47 pm

Hi, I just saw my first orb tonight around my Marilyn Monroe picture on the wall in my home. I took 2 pictures one right after the other. The second picture of Marilyn Monroe shows an orb around her shoulder. I blew up the picture and looked inside the gray orb and saw light colored eyes and a mouth. Mind you, I am a skeptic. I do beleive it may be my dad or a spirit of some sort. My dad's ashes are in my home. He passed 2 years ago. Could this be a sign that he sees us? The person's face did not look like anyone I knew that passed. Can you explain why this is happening? The picture is on facebook as my profile pic if you want to look at it.

May 7, 2010

Angela Peck @ 9:23 pm

I had my dog Bonny for 13 years, sadly on friday 7th may 2010 we had to get her put down due to bad arthritis making her unable to walk anymore. half an hour before my dad took her to be put down i took a photo of her, later on looking at the photo i realised there was an orb next to her. What does this mean?? And also whilst i was attending the Midnight Youth concert over summer i had a photo taken of me and I had an orb on my right elbow and on my stomach, my daughter also has a particular picture where there are at least 9 orbs in it, one of which is huge. What's happening?

May 16, 2010

Carl @ 11:09 pm

Hi Angela, Sorry to hear about your problem. I would like to see the Orbs, please email them to me at sometime we may think these are Orbs we are seeing but in reality they are not. I live by this: If you take a picture and the Orb is completely round then it is usually dust or some particle floating in the air in which we don't see. A true Orb is usually Not perfectly round and sometimes it may have a face in it and/or be a different color then white because ghosts are drawn to enegry and energy will show up in different colors. Im not saying a round white orb is not, Im just saying people sometimes get floating objects like dust, etc mixed up with a Orb. Hope this helps! please visit my site at the link above.  Just click on my name. Carl

May 21, 2010

Carl @ 6:56 pm

Hi everyone, Hope you are all enjoying michelles site. it is one of the best sites out there! Please visit my as well, using the link under my name.  Carl

September 29, 2010

Sureshot @ 11:16 pm

Hi everyone. I know this is an older site and wish I would have found it sooner. I as well have many pic's of orbs. I even have actually video footage from a camcorder coming out of my wall and back into my wall. Most activity I thought would take place in one area but they are following me "everywhere" I went to my neighbors a few days ago and jumped on his Harley (im getting rdy to get my license) and yes im a girl….lol… anyhow in the pic printed out its right by me even there.

Funny thing is I dont feel scared but every once in a while I feel like im being watched or something is right by me or get a cold breeze….well all was fine until two nights ago one of my obs now has a face. He has appeared two nights in a row…..same exact face yet different location but close to same area. It looks like an older man. Do you think they are simply passing through and were seeing many? or do you think we have the same ones and they all live here?

they are getting bigger and bigger more active and now the same face twice in two nights. could it be somebody checking on me like a grandpa I never met? or could it be he needs something? There has only been one family live in this prior to us. Nobody died here and they were good people I asked around to all the neighbors. Now my 8 yr old girl as seen a lady full bodied person and I know she is telling the truth cause I have seen her to. I let her decribed what happened and what she looked like and everything. She asked me if I believed her and I said yes. I dont want my 8 yr old to think she cannot talk to me.Did I do the right thing? Also sometimes I feel as though the orbs are protecting our home and us? I have many examples but dont know if anyone will read this or not and so dont want to type it all out. It is the lady that lived here.

The man in the orb I dont know what he looked like. Im going to see what I can find out. I found some old clothes in our attic from the 1900's area. I returned every single item and clothing to the lady you lived here daughters. They were so very happy……… I know I asked a lot of questions….If anyone can answer even a couple of them it would help me. There are so many websites about orbs and so many thoughts on them. Well, everyone have a great night. I am just curious what is going on in my home and make sure we actually are safe. Even moving does not help they follow me they have for years. Some say they are angels?

October 28, 2010

JENN @ 11:45 pm

My husband daughter and I spent a week at The Stanley Hotel in July. A full week – it was a family reunion and we didn't have a choice – and enjoyed most of it. We saw things we didn't think were possible….we heard things, my 11 month old would point and talk to things in the air, and still does….We have pictures of orbs, videos of orbs, vidoes of something turning on and off our lights.

JENN @ 11:51 pm

I am late on the site as well! We didn't even know what ghosts were until we stayed a week at the Stanley in July. We had our daughter and now I think we brought everything home. I have pictures of my husband holding my daughter…..BRIGHT CIRCULAR oRBS! ….in our house!!! what is up with this???

I do think it is an angel! No doubt!

November 29, 2010

Ashlyn Bowmaster @ 11:31 am

I believe you 100% I have two stories to tell you. I was only 13 and I was spending the night with 2 of my friends at their place. My friend Amber told me that I should try to play with a ouija board. I tried it and recently in 2008 my friend was killed, she was ran over by a car. I was asking questions and I was under the impression that I was talking to Jasmine, the girl who was killed. The answers to my questions were correct, every single one of them. I was done asking questions and my friend went to put the board away and the board was thrown halfway across her room. She still has a dent in her wall from it. I went home that evening and I told my mom that I was talking to Jasmine and she asked me how. I told her that my friend had ouija board and she got it out to play. She heard the word "Ouija" and started yelling. I asked her why she was so mad and she said "Because, Ashlyn you were not talking to Jasmine, you were talking to demons, spirits, and or ghosts." I went to my room and I cried and called everyone I knew including my friend and I told her to throw the ouija board out and never to play it again. She threw it out that night and called me back the next night and told me that it was sitting on her floor where we had played it at. I got on the computer and looked up how to get rid of the curse from the Ouija board and someone had told me to burn it. She burnt it and it never came back.

My second story taked place in Old Bedford Village. I was staying at a friends house for her birthday. I didn't know anything about Old Bedford Village. I didn't know where it was, what is was, nothing… I stayed up late one night and her father asked me if I wanted to go ghost hunting with him. I asked him what he meant by that and he said, "well we can go up to the church in old bedford village and talk to spirits." I said ok. We walked up, it was like 2 or 3 in the morning and he opened the doors and we went inside. We sat down in the pues and I put my phone on record and left it sit on the alter. We were asking all kinds of questions like who are you, just common questions that are asked while ghost hunting. All of the sudden, my friends father looked over at me and his feet were kicked out from under him. I am telling the complete truth, I was touched and my hair was messed with the next night , we did this 3 nights in a row. This church is really haunted. My grandparents and aunt and cousins came up the next day to give me some clothes so I had something to change into. I took them up to the church during the daytime and my pap told me that he had felt something touch the back of his neck. Me and my friend Morgan went upstairs and were watching down on my grandparents and the church bell rang all by itself 4 times. I was walking late one night again with my friends father and i shined my phone on one of the homes in the old bedford village and took a pic. My phone has no flash or anything. I got a picture of an orb which looks like a face or something. I wish I could put the picture on here but I don't know how to. I am only 15 years old right now and I am in 10th grade. I have had some scary moments in my life for only being this old but I feel that maybe someone can relate to my story and possibly help me out with what I am telling you. Just contact me at Thankyou and have a nice day.

December 30, 2010

Angel @ 10:20 pm

Just stumbled upon this site. Everyone's stories sound so awesome, i love hearing about this sort of stuff! I found this when i was searching "orbs with a face in it" because this past Christmas there are several pictures with big orbs in them at a new house my parents just bought. One picture in particular has a very distinct, clear face in it. I'd love to see anyone's orb pics if they want to send! Email me at

March 22, 2011

Marcus @ 6:57 pm

I live in an old pre-war Building in New York I recently took pictures with my digital camera. I notice orbs, faces on the walls in the apaprtment. I was scratched on my leg also, it looked like a cat scratched me, three scratches in a row. I have no cat? my house mate told me that he had seen a cat standinging next to his bedroom door and then disapeared. He also seen the cat in the bath tub standing up on its hind legs with it's top paws holding on to the side of the tube looking up at him.
I also have a tiffany lamp light move on it's own a few times. I am afraid at night sometimes.I took a picture of the television, an old movie was playing so I took a picture of a nun and to my surprise the left part of her head and body is a man he looks like an angel. I pray to God every day now and have become more religous.I am really afraid of the alien looking face I see mostly. I have no idea what to do am I in danger? I hope not.

April 23, 2011

Pat @ 4:36 pm

Anytime I've taken a picture of an orb with a face, or eyes, or any distinctive image at all, I've noticed two things 1) almost everyone who looks at it will see something different, and 2) no matter what they see, it seems (this has so far been true for me)that there has never been anything malevolent or scary, bad, or anything of that nature (so far) in any orb that I've encountered. As a matter of fact, when my son and I started looking for places to photograph orbs, all of the places we thought we'd find them…places where there was bad or negative energy, old hospitals, old jails…we'd get a few, but we'd get so many more at regular places.

One place we find them a lot…abandoned or empty houses…they will come to have their pictures taken…even at the same time of evening if they know that we'll be there, then go away…I think they live at those houses, and they're maybe a little lonely for the people who once lived there too. I have orbs on my property who don't emit the glowing light you usually see…they are a funny greenish, burgundy color, all roiling together…they hang back in the pictures too…they're kind of interesting…anyone seen orbs that color?

Finally there's the girl who was killed Dec. 23, 2005 in a car accident a block away from my house on the highway…so sad…here I was, coming home from Christmas shopping with my family, while her family was losing her. I put some flowers up for her a couple of weeks ago, and took a picture, just because…she shows up as the most beautiful golden glow in the world. But nothing bad…I hope it stays that way…for everyone…Pat R.

May 1, 2011

Susan G @ 8:56 am

I have seen orbs in 4 or 5 photos taken with different cameras. One of them is with me, IT is a face orb on my pants, I am with my 5 year old daughter. The other one is above the head of my 5 year old daughter, and then third is next to my husband hovering over his shoulder. Now we were in an office setting not in a house, and it saw it for myself. I enhanced the photos very large, and saw them with my own eyes.

Then, i have 2 photos when i am @ my mom's grave she passed in 1999. I never noticed of them. I scanned them and noticed there is in one picture 3 orbs, one is next to my ear, and the other 2 floating. Then again another photo that i am @ my mom's grave, and there is one on my shoulder. I never noticed until now. Email me @ if you want to see the photos.

July 5, 2011

Ken @ 10:05 am

I have an orb pic that when you zoom in on it, it is a face in a spoked wheel. The wheel rim is bright copper in color. email me an address if you want to see it. I also have other pics that include a stage coach stop with about 20 faces and figures in it.

August 23, 2011

Conor @ 4:37 am

we took a picture inside our house and there was one next to a picture of my dead great grandmother. sometimes i hear things. sometimes in the morning i wake up and look at the end of my bed and sometimes i see her sitting on the end of my bed. and then bam, shes gone.

August 27, 2011

jackie @ 2:06 pm

hi i was wondering if i could get some insight on a picture i have. its with myself and a friend and there 3 orbs in the picture. when zoomed up, it shows faces in the middle. theres what appears to look like an angel. if anyone could take time to reply back to my post it would be much appreciated. thank you.

October 7, 2011

Jillian @ 10:06 pm

Hello. I have some questions regarding an orb. I have never had an experience like this so I am a bit worried and I would like some assistance. I had been taking pictures outside of my home the other day and had gone back on my camera to view them. All of the pictures were taken in the same location of my front lawn. In one picture, I noticed a huge round floating "bubble-like" object in one of the photos.

It was transparent, but yet it had a marbled effect with different shades of color. I refocused and zoomed for a closer look and it appears to have a face in the center of it. I sent the photo to my sister and she also sees that face, as well as several smaller ones. Is there a site that I could send the photo to, or is there someone here who can look at this and tell me if it is really an orb, or just something freaky that happened with the sunlight and my camera? Thanks.

October 25, 2011

Victoria @ 4:47 pm

I have some pictures with these "so called" orbs in them too. Im not sure what they mean but the ones that have shown up have left me feeling uneasy. I have a picture of my son, a year old laying on my belly…a VERY bright light is next & somewhat on his face. Then just under that there are 3 perfect circles all interlinking with the other…with a face in each. I have to say im not someone that goes looking for this sort of thing. However you simply cant miss this.

Would like to speak with someone who can help me understand whats caused these to show up.

November 22, 2011

Lydia @ 6:01 pm


I'm intrigued by a white orb in a photo which was taken in a living room a few weeks ago. when you look at it the right way up, it shows a very narrow face. when you turn the picture the other way, it shows another face… I would be very interested if someone could tell me why there are two images in the white orb. is this normal??


November 23, 2011

William Nelson @ 2:05 pm

Dude can you email me if you know your stuff? I got a really weird face in my picture. please email me. ill send you the picture, super weird. My email is w.nelson [at] someone email who knows their stuff, really freaking me out this picture.

January 28, 2012

Ray Harrison @ 9:40 pm

I believe you too, they are great photos. The first time I experienced an encounter with a ghost, it completely changed my life. I also have a great orb photo with a face in it. I'll be sending it soon for every one to see.

February 14, 2012

christine webster @ 10:35 am

Hi everyone. i just came across this site while looking for information about orbs. i had my picture taken on a night out recently with a digital camera. looking at one picture, there is a bright white circle on my stomach and someone mentioned it looks like a orb? none of the other pictures with this camera have them! Im not really sure what this means. any any info would be greatly appreciated :)

February 23, 2012

Claudia @ 6:16 pm

I have a picture I'm disturbed about. When I took this picture my 26 yr old son was acting quite odd. A few weeks later, I noticed orbs on the picture.

March 6, 2012

Todd @ 2:02 am

Ok. I will tell everyone. Any orb is just that. its an orb. There are 50 different things out there or more that will cause orbs. Unless that orb manifests itself right in front of you and you caught it on a camcorder, then it has to be thrown out. Most cameras nowadays have what they call, face recognition on it. If there is anything out there it can put a face on it, it will. I have been doing this for 11 yrs., and even some of my people in my group up to 40 yrs. They have also written books on this and there are more out there that tell you the truth about orbs.

Even if you see one glowing and flashing in total darkness, like i said, unless it turns into a complete spirit, or shadow person and you caught it on tape, then thats all you have. it could be a bug, lite glistening off water vapor. you cant see but through the cameras eye, it shows. these are the facts, the truths about orbs. Look up Dan Guthrie on facebook and friend him, and then ask him. Also, Anthony Zepeda. There are more out there. you can go on believing what you want, but you will only be lying to yourself if you use it and count it.

I would ask everyone to take a year course in orbs and understanding them so you can see and understand them. Until you do, please dont cheat yourself or lie to yourself and others, no matter how real it looks. There are also different things that these can be tested on in the computers with the right equipment that can and will let you know what you have. if you're going to or wanting to be a good or great investigator, this is where it starts.

April 23, 2012

Nina @ 9:34 pm

I have taken several pictures where white orbs have appeared. In a couple of the pictures, you can see a face but are unable to make out who it may be. Also weird things have been happening in my apt. Can anyone help?