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TAPS Ghost Hunters – Investigates the Haunted Stanley Hotel

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By popular request, I've added several videos of The Atlantic Paranormal Society as the team investigates the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration behind Stephen King's novel, The Shining.

Watch as Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and the TAPS team explore The Stanley Hotel for evidence of paranormal activity.  Some of these videos show some very strange paranormal activity.  In Part 1, Bill Ward, the Concierge at The Stanley Hotel, explains some of the unusual activity that has been reported by guests and employees at the hotel.

In Part 2, the TAPS team begins the initial stages of the investigation, and captures evidence, including EVP recordings, and thermal and digital video recordings.  Jason has two unexplained events happen in his room while he is sleeping (both caught on film).

In Part 3, Grant & Kendall have an uncanny experience in Room 1302 after asking, "Can you give us a sign of your presence?"

In Part 4, Jason and Grant try to find a reasonable explanation for the events that happened in Jason's room.  The technical team analyzes the evidence that has been captured, and Jason and Grant present the evidence to representatives of The Stanley Hotel.

Jason and Grant conclude that The Stanley Hotel is definitely haunted.

What are your thoughts on how The Atlantic Paranormal Society handled this investigation?  The evidence from Room 401 (Jason's room) was nothing short of amazing.  It's hard to explain the broken glass and closet door activity. Based on these videos, it seems The Stanley Hotel has both residual hauntings (children on the stairs and party guests in the Concert Hall), and intelligent hauntings (the closet door ghost in Jason's room, and the ghost that moved the table/chair in Room 1302).

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Comments on TAPS Ghost Hunters – Investigates the Haunted Stanley Hotel

September 3, 2007

TAPS Ghost Hunters - Stanley Hotel Investigation (Part II) @ 12:03 am

[...] 3, 2007TAPS Ghost Hunters – Stanley Hotel Investigation (Part II) In Videos 1-4 of the Stanley Hotel Paranormal Investigation, the initial evidence was captured and the TAPS team wired other sections of the hotel to see what [...]

October 25, 2007

rita mottram @ 2:05 am

Hiya. Jason and Grant i think ur series is brill. I am just watching ur ghost hunting in Ireland at the castle. Its great. Would love u to email me and keep me up to date with ur investigations.

December 31, 2007

grisella & archie @ 3:38 am

We think you guys are just great. why not do something in South Africa? We're from South Africa and there is alot of haunted places. is there any way we can chat or email you guys direct. thanks for a great show. and the stanley hotel epesode made my husband, archie, almost a beliver

January 7, 2008

Michelle @ 5:28 pm

Hi Rita, Grisella & Archie. If you want to contact TAPS, you can find contact information on their website which is the-atlantic-paranormal-society .com.  These are simply videos from one of their investigations.

February 6, 2008

Shafique Qureshi @ 2:11 am

Hello every body in TAPS team, First of all I really appreciate your work and tasks done to explore and research on Ghost and Supernatural things in the world, I often get a chance to watch your programs at Starmovies (or maybe some other channel) namely Ghost Hunters (TAPS) which really attract me to know your research and analysis tacts and ways of reserach. In this I would like to inform you that I also made some of my research on GENE (JINN the Supernatural living thing in the world) if you will require I would definitely share with you. I also want to request you to make your program schedule for twice or thrice in a week as I could only watch your program in Pakistan on Sunday night (at Karachi channel), that would be really appreciative to me. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks & regards, Shafique Qureshi, Karachi Pakistan E-mails:

Michelle @ 7:37 pm

Hi Shafique. If you want to contact TAPS, you can find contact information on their website which is the-atlantic-paranormal-society .com. These are simply videos from one of their investigations.

May 7, 2008

Rebecca @ 9:00 pm

I was wondering if you ever plan or if you already have investigate Pythian Castle.

May 12, 2008

Michelle @ 10:49 pm

Hi Rebecca.  No, I have never investigated the Pythian Castle in Springfield, Missouri—although it's certainly a good choice for an investigation.  From what I've read, the castle is one of the more haunted places in the Ozarks.

June 30, 2008

Jessica @ 3:11 pm

I would like to say that I love Ghost Hunters.  I would also like to say that my mom lives right by this haunted house and no one has lived in it for 30 years and the house is very old, to tell that it is old is that it has servants quarters and there are rooms with the most paranormal activity such as.. the upstaris bedroom, when my step-dad was a kid he and his friends went in that house and spent the night and messed up the room and then the next day when they came back the room was perfect again.   And like i said no one lived there for 30 years!  So, I just wanted to tell you guys that!

July 3, 2008

kellly @ 12:45 pm

My name is Kelly Azevedo.  I love ghost hunters.  I watch it every time the show is on, even online I watch the show too.  I love what they do.  I would love to do what they do.  Please contact me if you guys need help at 860-904-5778.

August 4, 2008

Morgan @ 2:39 pm

Hey me and my husband watch their show every week.  We just watched a movie that is a true story about a ghost hunter named Carter Simms that goes and investigates a haunted house…The Masterson House.  I think they should go there and investigate!!!

Joanne @ 8:14 pm

None of the videos work for me.

August 6, 2008

Michelle @ 4:38 am

Hi Joanne.  Are you using an old browser (i.e. an old version of Internet Explorer)?  If so, you may need to download the most recent version of Adobe Flash player.  Try downloading and installing Flash player.  Let me know if that works for you.

Michelle @ 4:48 am

Hi Morgan.  Sorry to disappoint, but the movie you mentioned is pure fiction (and very dramatic fiction).  To my knowledge, there is no real-world Masterson House. 

August 12, 2008

Amanda @ 8:54 pm

I have at least 30 orb pictures I want TAPS to see!!!  My name's Amanda, I have been highly interested in the paranormal my whole life, honestly it is my life. I don't have money for the equipment you guys use, but I do use my camera and I love to do some night investigating when I get the chance.

My friend Bill and I love to go night fishing, and one night in Groton Massachusetts he caught a good size bass, so I took a picture of him holding it.  Once I checked the picture, I was amazed at what I saw.  I saw a numerous number of orbs.  I even checked the camera lense for dust, water spots, ect.  But there was nothing, no bugs either.  I took quite a few pictures in the area, we even went back to that spot the other night along with a spot by the Nashua river.  When we got back to my house, we put the pictures on the computer and were amazed!  I even lightened the pictures since his camera has very good quality and does capture images in the distance, but since it was night, the flash didn't reach too far.  But when I lightened the pictures on the computer, I did see further trees in the distance… along with 10 times the amount of orbs we saw when we took the pictures.

I'd love to have some good quality equipment as used by TAPS, but sadly I can only afford the camera I have, which I have not caught much activity on. Bill's camera on the other hand, is very new and has captured a good amount of activity in the areas we were fishing.

I know you are very busy but please contact me so I can show you these pictures!  I have always wanted to be a paranormal investigator and when I got these pictures, I literally cried I was so happy.  I even called Bill to go back there tonight, both places, "Lost Lake" in Groton and the "Nashua River" by the Groton/Peppril line.  I know that you will be amazed at these pictures and also if you ever have the time to investigate that area, on the show or not, I think you will get more than you expect.  And I would love to be there to help.  Thank you!

(CONTACT NUMBER): (978)-298-5106

August 13, 2008

AMBER @ 9:45 pm

Hi Morgan, I don't know about Michelle but I also saw that movie.  I did some extensive research and could find nothing on either the Masterson House, murders, or Carter Simms.  Also, if you noticed in the credits of the movie, they gave no thanks or credit to any living relatives or notes, journals, etc.  There were also no credits for the "actual footage" shown.  I also agree with Michelle that it was just fiction.  Fiction I thought was good if taken as intended.


August 14, 2008

Francis @ 6:44 pm

The Masterson House, as 'portrayed' in the movie ("Death Of A Ghost Hunter") does NOT exist.  Everything is pure fiction.

Vicki Somers @ 6:56 pm

Yes, Carter Simms wasn't real.  Fictious, from the looks of things.  Else, where's the original footage, any documentation of her journal, newspaper records?  It was a fun movie to watch though.

August 19, 2008

Anna Holliday @ 6:00 pm

I just watched Death of A Ghost Hunter….. bad movie, I mean really bad from the acting to the audio going up and down through the whole dang thing.  I am not surprised to find that it wasn't based on a true story…. I will stick to the show Ghost Hunters to get my scare on…. again bad bad bad movie……blah.

September 1, 2008

Shannon @ 3:38 pm

I also just watched that movie Death of a Ghost Hunter mostly because my boyfriend's mother said it was really good and I needed to.  It would be creepy if it was real, but I looked on the internet last night and could find nothing referencing a Carter Simms or the Masterson House.  I did find a Masterson House on the Better Homes & Gardens website (I think that was it) but it was from 1790 or something and located in a completely different place.  Unless the names have been changed, it has to be completely fiction.

I do have a picture that I'm curious about.  I took it over a year ago on a ghost walk in Tennessee with my mom and little brother.  The guide had told us about a ghost woman who would scare off men if she saw they were unfaithful.  I'm not sure about it because my little brother had a laser pointer out playing with it.  But I took this picture at the top of the hill away from him and everyone else.  It's two red dots spaced perfectly apart like eyes, but when it was printed off, the red dots turned to white dots.  And the only thing behind the fence was woods.  Do you think it's anything or probably just a reflection of something?

September 5, 2008

Jaye @ 12:09 am

So, I left a comment on the TAPS site regarding our experience at the Stanley Hotel this past weekend of Labor Day '08.  I understand the thing of the shakey bed, that happened to me in Room 432 which is across from 401.  I was also faint, absorbed and just plain no energy and had to lay down a lot in there.  I had 3 fans going, and it still was way too hot. I set up my video camera in the bathroom with the light on, and picked up interesting noises like about 3ish in the a.m.  I let that run probably a good 40 min or so.  There was no comfort in the room at all, verrrry hot!  The next night we stayed in room 426.  Wow, what a room.  I have on video an account of me being attacked by a succubus… really.  Then, I also have conversations of what may be children or two young girls asking about my camera.  Really odd, I thought.  And the various noises, moans and the likes.  I had this running while we were sleeping, and yeah, my husband really snores, but the it is most distinctive of me calling—which I am sure it was me—for help at the time.  The wierd part being that I told my husband about all these dreams I had through the night including the succubus attack, and did not see any of this until the next day when I uploaded this all to my iMovie.  I was stunned to say the least, but proved to him that it was true what happened to me, and the conversations were unbelievable and so clear… you think someone may have been in the room. 

When I asked him to take our luggage to the car and I would tighten up the room for loose ends, the door kept banging, which I accounted for the wind, and then the bathroom light kept flickering, which I joked and said, yeah, I know we need to check out soon… quite a few things happened there, and we had no fans.  It was somewhat cooler there, but still not comfortable.  So there you go.  I have all this on tape and so excited by it.  Now, I am sensitive and intuitive, and have encounters at every very old place I go.  Lots to tell especially from New Orleans, and Jamestown, RI. to Vermont, and any historic place I lay my head at.  I wonder what I can do to help these restless spirits, and how to deal with them.  Maybe in time I will learn, but any help would do from you all.  Keep up the good work.

September 13, 2008

dave @ 1:23 am

Hi my name is Dave.  Like you said if this always happens when you lie your head down in old places, it might not be the place that is haunted but you, yourself.  I have a few ideas that work, and you say you are sensitve and intuitve now, but how open minded are you?  I have to know what you are capable of, and where you are in your dreams.  Once you start on the track, you will eventually hear this clear as day wide awake.  Every thing I may say might sound weird or out to lunch, but I promise you everything is true.

1# What dream powers do you have?
2# What do you usually dream of?
3# Can you control your dreams yet?

September 23, 2008

april rice @ 9:02 pm

I am a huge fan of ghost hunters and the TAPS team.  I have purchased the first season and will be getting the rest.  Jay is hot and so is Steve.  I find the fact that they all have their personal reasons for interest in the field reassuring.  I am glad that there is finally a good show on the subject, and will follow the crew as long as I can. 

September 24, 2008

Heather @ 11:18 am

That movie wasn't real, the death of a ghost hunter…I was pe-oed that they tried to claim it was real…stuff like that makes me mad.

October 1, 2008

James @ 2:28 am

Hello, was wondering if TAPS has ever considered investigating the abandoned Norwich State Hospital in Norwich, CT?  I have been there personally several times and it seems like a ripe place to investigate.

October 5, 2008

Shelly @ 9:26 am

My husband and I watched Death of a Ghost Hunter last night.  What a joke; acting was horrible as well as the sound constantly going up and down.  Too bad, this would have been a great idea for a scary movie if it was filmed and scripted better.

Jessica Mogensen @ 4:42 pm

Wow, I have watched pretty much every episode.  I love TAPS.  It would be awesome to come along with you on one of your trips.  Well, just wanted to say I love the show.  Keep up the good work :]

October 10, 2008

Holley @ 7:17 pm

Well, let me start off by saying that I really enjoy the show Ghost Hunters, it's very entertaining.  I am a believer in paranormal activities.  I have had my own experiences, but I am a sceptic to recordings of them.  I feel that if such anomalies have actually been recorded, we would be watching the investigations on The Early Show with Harry on location.  America wants tangible proof of the paranormal, therefore the media would be all over it!  But, I don't recall ever hearing or seeing anything regarding the paranormal on the 5:00 news.  Example, a couple of months ago, they found bigfoot, which, of course, was proven to be a practical joke.  Never-the-less, the story aired "Live" on CNN.  I went to The Atlantic Paranormal Society's website and my first thought was "Damn, they're making money."  The website appears designed to direct you to purchase something.  Fantastic profitable idea!  But, because of such, it is difficult for me to actually believe the credibility of the paranormal experiences recorded by TAPS.  I understand TAPS' position, that they do need some recordable paranormal happenings or the show wouldn't be as sucessful.  So guys, Jason, Grant…….Think you got enough evidence for CNN?  That is something I would like to see.

October 31, 2008

Skeptic @ 12:56 am

Ghost Hunters is good entertainment however, I don't believe it is real.  Reason being, they hear sounds but you don't (you only hear them during the "reveal"), they capture these sounds on recorders but the camera's audio equipment (which is recording also) doesn’t capture it.  They always seem to "see something" off camera which the camera then pans toward them.  On the episode at Wright Patterson, one of the ghost hunters explains EMF which he wrongly explains the definition as Electromagnetic Frequency, the correct definition is Electromagnetic Field.  I could go on but I don’t want to beat a deal horse’s spirit.  Thanks for the entertainment, don’t quit your day job.

November 1, 2008

Renico @ 5:58 am

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for a great program.  I watch it every Friday here in South Africa, I am 21 years old and I love the ghost hunting thing.  I have seen them myself as well, and we have 2 here in our house sometimes moveing stuff around, but nothing to say that it's evil.  If i can really have a dream job, it would be looking for ghosts.  It's just very interesting for me and yes I have some evidence of the ghost in my house.  Recordinngs and pics, lol.  Thanx again.

Valen @ 8:19 am

Skeptic, I agree with you.  I'm getting pretty bored with the "Oh, we see something" routine, but the camera is always pointed at the investigators.  It certainly gives the appearance of being unprofessional and bogus.  Same with the "Oh, we heard something" routine.  Isn't it interesting how some members almost never have an experience but Jason and Grant always do?  There could be an argument in their favor, as to them being more sensitive or receptive, but that doesn't translate on TV.  The other thing I'm disappointed in is that they have moved away from investigating homes and now go to popular haunted places.  What is the real motivation here?  Grant likes to say "We're here to help" but really, who are they helping?

November 5, 2008

Shelley @ 1:48 pm

I just watched the movie and found it entertaining and informative.  However, I'm disappointed to find it is a hoax, with there being no non-film mentions of a "Carter Simms" or "Masterson House" across the internet.

November 8, 2008

Rachel @ 6:36 pm

I live in the UK, and am a huge fan.  GHI is all right, but I still like watching Jason and Grant.  I always catch episodes online, as it takes ages for us to get the new series, if at all.  I have Spastic Paraplegia, and have had experiences of the paranormal from the age of four.  My condition seems to make me a beacon for paranormal phenomenon, plus the fact that I am a NDE-er.  I can't find anything about this Carter Simms, but the Masterson House, I seem to recall from somewhere.  I will have to keep searching the internet.  I know I have heard something or read something relating to a house with that name or very similar.  Isn't it possible that the film could be loosely based on fact and the characters are fictionalized to protect the real people? 

I have seen stories based on fact, but fictionalized for drama.  The 'Amityville Horror'.  I had an email from the real couple, before George died, and the events they experienced were true, but the film enhanced the drama to the point that fact soon became fiction to where the truth was blurred.  George Lutz, may he rest in peace, left this world insisting that what they experienced was real.  The truth got blurred with all the media-hype.  George Lutz was a well loved, and respected man, despite the media-hype about the film.  So, I believe there could be a shred of truth interwoven into this film somewhere.  I will keep searching, until I find the truth.

December 10, 2008

lesa lowell @ 2:45 pm

The story about carter simms , did she really die from going in the masterson house?  And was that story made up or real?  And how could I get in touch with her?  Could you send me pictures of carter simms and the ghost in the masterson's home?  Thank you.

lesa lowell

December 21, 2008

Ally @ 7:59 pm

My name is Aly.  I am fourteen.  I love watching Jay and Grant ghost hunt!  I can't wait for the '09 season!

February 3, 2009

Ghost Hunters Addict @ 2:17 am

To any skeptics, watch at the St. Augustine Lighthouse episode, if any episode gives you chills, it will be that one.  Well, I chronicle all the Ghost Hunters episodes on my website, and I follow the reviews with a skeptical view of the findings, but for that episode, I couldn't come up with any good skepticism except for maybe an accomplice.

March 3, 2009

jim wheeler @ 9:29 pm

Hello, my name is Jim and I am a real life ghosthunter.  I used to live in Springfield, MO and I am well aware of the Pythian Castle.  Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of investigating that place but if you ever visit Springfield, MO and want to check out a truly haunted place check out Green Lawn Cemetery in North Springfield on North National.

March 6, 2009

Deborah Woehr » Review: Death of a Ghost Hunter @ 10:17 pm

[...] the caption in the beginning of the movie. After some research, I found some commentary on the TAPS blog which leads me to believe that this is fiction . . . much like The Blair Witch Project. A good [...]

March 8, 2009

kelly currey @ 7:12 pm

I was wondering if you guys ever went to Athens, Ohio or will be going there.  I think it's the creepiest place ever.  Lots of history there!

April 16, 2009

Ryan Smith @ 11:20 am

Hi, I am kinda embarrassed cause I have ghosts in my house and I have seen a woman walk through a stair rail with the sound of her high heels clicking across the wood floor.. my girlfriend has seen mist in the basement and felt the bed vibrate…I have seen in the baby's room that the door has been opened and and heard something fall in the baby's bedroom.  It was the baby's sound monitor and it's never fell.  It's been up there ever since we got it and just today fell…I am just scared for my baby's safety.  It makes it harder for me to let him in his room cause he is only 5 months and I am scared that …something could hit him in his room … I live in bardstown, kentucky where jessie james hit out at.  Write back, let me know if you can come out.

john carey @ 7:48 pm

Hi, I'm John from wooster, oh.  A couple of my friends and I went ghost hunting for the first time this past saturday april 10th 2009 at an abandoned house outside millersburg, oh.  We caught some very compelling evidence on my digital camera.  If anyone is interested in seeing the photos I'm curently working on a website.  We are known as "Mid Ohio Ghost Hunters" (M.O.G.H.)  We plan on going back to the same house VERY SOON!  After we accumulate more evidence, we'll post our website.

April 22, 2009

former skeptic @ 4:44 pm

In response to Jaye: Our family was also at the Stanley on Labor Day Weekend, 2008.  We have an entity pic that can be seen by googling: paranormal investigators "visitor submitted evidence"…at the website click "visitor submitted evidence"…So shocked by the discovery of this, that I've sent the pic to several paranormal investigators.  Two independent investigators called it a "non-human presence/entity,"(better known as a demon to some).  Tom, the webmaster? of the previously mentioned website preferred "non-human entity."   We, too, were staying on the 4th floor that weekend, in room 413 (on the top corner as you look at the front of the hotel.)  All I can tell you is that I am definitely doing a lot more praying these days!

April 24, 2009

Rob Giefer @ 9:35 pm

Jay, Grant and the rest of the TAPS crew, keep up the good work!  There are some good places here in Minnesota to take a look at.  Good luck guys!  I will be watching! :-)

Betty Valchar @ 9:39 pm

My sister-in-law and I are older ladies who love watching TAPS.  We would both love to be Ghost Hunters.  We live in South Texas where there are lots of old Missions.  There's one in Goliad, Texas I know is haunted.  All my life I have had ghosts visit me.  We saw where you are looking for Ghost Hunters and we both would love to do this.  If nothing else, it would make a funny show, either Norma or I (Betty) running over each other getting away from the ghosts.  LOL. We are very serious about this, please email me, we're ready to go!

April 26, 2009

Pravinesh Singh @ 4:31 pm

Look, I believe in paranormal activities and I have experiences of my own….I've seen a light that flashed right in front of me that I could not explain and I'm still wondering if my mind was playing a trick on me or I had just experienced the paranormal.  I've been watching TAPS for a long time now but I don't like the fact that these guys would add fake encounters that you could clearly see in some of their shows…and I don't like the fact that some of these people who call on taps for investigation are all in this.  If you notice, most of the places are hotels and museums!  Why only hotels and museums?  OK, I understand they pay you a lot of money to investigate, but is it ok?  What's more important, money or the truth?  What do hotels and muse'ums get out of this? its all about customer traffic for these dying businesses, a little boost from TAPS should do it, right?  I don't understand why people lead the public in the wrong directions just for sum ratings for their show.  Please cry out loud if you gonna do show like this do it out of your heart, don't put no extras…keep it real and ratings will go up regardless…you know what bothers me the most?  I'm a big fan of sci-fi and discovery channel and I watch em religiously…when I see they put up shows like Taps and I'm pretty sure they know half of they show is fake and they still air it without doing their own breaks my heart and trust.  I thought whatever sci-fi and discovery put on their show is real not fake, but watching taps is like watching a comedy show…lol now I'm second guessing sci-fi and discovery channel.  I wonder how many other shows are fake like TAPS.

May 3, 2009

Autumn @ 9:07 pm

The Orpheum Theatre
West 7th Street
Okmulgee, OK

Ask for John McConell

May 12, 2009

Gary Coon @ 9:50 pm

I have been watching Ghost Hunters going on now for 3 years. I was in CA last year and I was on the uss Midway.  I was on the 2 deck to your left and saw what I think was a ghost and also I was looking down the hole where they keep all the bones.  I think I saw one there also.  If you go back to the uss midway I would like to be there with you. I am liking Ghost Hunters a lot, hope you will stay on tv.

Gary Coon

May 29, 2009

Lisa Beauparlant @ 8:34 am

Hi, I too was interested to know whether Carter Simms was a real ghosthunter and whether or not there is a Materson house. Unfortunately, after extensive research on the web and at my school and city library, my conclusion is that it is just well made horror movie. No newspaper articles, websites, news reports, mention the murders of the Mastersons or of Carter Simms and the videographer and reporter. Considering that the owner is a supposedly rich and famous producer, that the church in the movie was a cult, the fact tht the police knew nothing of the murder of Mary Young's mother, and that the death of a reporter would have made big news, at least by the news organization she worked for. I have to deduce that, though it scared the shit out of me, all of it is untrue. I hope you have a great day.

Lisa Ann Beauparlant

June 3, 2009

karl @ 7:20 pm

I would like to know how I could join you guys investigating hauntings. Me and my soon to be wife are very interested in joining you guys. I've always thought it would be cool to do that. We live in NJ. Please e-mail us and let us know.

July 10, 2009

vyktorya reedy @ 12:01 am

Ok, I have a ghost story. It's about a girl that was killed about 250 years ago  if you copy and paste in you search bar thing you will get the story. A few days ago, I went there with my bf and we didn't think anything was gonna happen cuz it was gettin so late out. Well we read the story on her and we were about to leave. When we turned to go, we saw a light like a candle and then we saw people three of them and the candle was like the old candle sticks so we went to hide behind a tree. When we got out to run, we turned and they were there. Then we looked again, and they were gone. It was so creepy…it would be awesome if TAPS could look into the story a little bit.

thanks tory =]

July 11, 2009

Joanna Miranda @ 9:47 am

I have something that gets on top of me. I can't scream or move. I need some info or help.

July 18, 2009

Kasey Hembree @ 12:24 am

My name is Kasey and my mother and I are two of TAPS biggest fans I do believe. I would have to say that TAPS investigations have brought me and my mother together by giving us a common ground on something we both have interests in. I have always believed in supernatural beings because I have seen two unexplained figures when I was younger. However my mother is now a believer after years of arguing with me when I had told her I saw something in the basement of our old house in Southern Illinois. Thank you so much for all the work you do in the paranormal investigations, but furthermore thank you for opening my mother's eyes to the fact that there very well could be supernatural forces in our everyday lives.

Kasey H
Apache Junction, AZ

July 20, 2009

mark @ 10:11 pm

You must be indian, very smart fellow you are. You're on the right track but there's a lot more to it than just dreams. For instance, a person can be walking around with 5 or more entities in him which will cause other ghosts around him to react. I had a friend, he is of english descent from a very wealthy family. He was posessed by a red eyed creature that has a terrible odor when apearing, also red glowing eyes and looked like a deformed fox of about 2 feet tall with crazy looking teeth. Yes I saw it while I was living with him. When it showed itself, it seemed that a lot of black shadows would show theirselves and would be like playing games with you and they are uncatchable. Thank you for letting me share this story.

July 23, 2009

Joanne down under @ 7:13 am

I was just wondering if you guys had ever considered coming to Australia. There are some really creepy places here some that have been standing since the early settlement of the convicts. I used to live on the Point Cook RAAF base which was really creepy. Everywhere you go on that base you feel that you're not alone.

One place I remember in particular is the house I lived in, which was one of the first house's built on the base. I would often feel like someone was sitting on my bed, but when I looked nothing was there. I also had my bedroom cupboard open and close a few times and hear a boy's voice whisper. There was one night I was sitting in the sunroom watching t.v and I saw out the corner of my eye a little boy about 5 years old in old fashioned clothes staring at me with a sad look on his face. I went and told my mum and she said she saw the same thing in the back door. I definately believe that the house is haunted and the entire base too. The question is though would you ever consider coming down to Australia?

July 24, 2009

William Henry @ 1:58 pm

I can't find anything on the Masterson's house, or the supposed paranormalist protrayed. I'm thinking it was a fake "true story." Please tell me if you have some links that could help me verify the claims on "The Death of a Ghost Hunter." Thanks.

July 26, 2009

Sgt Mack @ 2:21 am

Hi folks. I never heard of Ghost Hunters before I got back from Iraq, about 4 years ago. I knew of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, but I never knew they started a show. My wife told me about it. I enjoy it a lot, as an amateur "spirit searcher" I use very primitive equiptment, compared to TAPS, but like Jason, Grant and the others say, use your gut felling to determine wether its real or not, and try to "Debunk" it if it's too good to be true. I am not a part of a group, I am alone on this. But I do get some good insight on what to look for on the show, and apply it when needed. I have to say, they do a great job, whether people believe in them or not……I know I do.

August 1, 2009

cactus @ 7:21 pm

@JOANNA MIRANDA have you looked up hypnopompic and hypnogogic hallucinations, I used to suffer from them. It's a terrifying feeling until you get used to it. See if you can relate to it and rule it out. Just a suggestion. I was put on clonazepam for medical reasons and it stopped them dead in their tracks. Also try a sleep disorder clinic to get them ruled out.

August 6, 2009

Sherry @ 1:00 am

I absolutely love TAPS show. I think it is awesome! I have always wanted to be a ghost hunter myself, but I never have the time, or equipment. Keep up the good work guys!

Kathy Bush @ 11:04 am

I wanted to let you know what was said by the ghost of Sharon Tate . When she was asked if she was upset about what happened to her . She responded Thank thank thank the lord. She was making fun of the girl that asked the question. At least she still has a sense of humor.

August 8, 2009

Corey @ 11:16 am

Can you send me updates on where your investigation will be at?

August 9, 2009

paul moss @ 8:25 am

I'd just like to say I'm from RI originally, now in AZ.  I think you people are outstanding at what you do. Would love to try my own investigations someday. Just wondering how come you don't investigate the Ammityville house, that would be the ultimate house to go to I think. Anyways good luck on future projects and keep safe.

August 10, 2009

Chris @ 12:23 am

To anyone talking about how the sound went up and down in "Death of a Ghost Hunter"…I'm pretty sure it did that on purpose for dramatic effect. I noticed a lot of times the sound when up during things like screams, etc. almost to make it more scary or startling.

August 13, 2009

deonna @ 1:45 pm

Folks, this site is not TAPS' website. They are just writing stuff.

August 15, 2009

Caroline @ 8:37 am

Hello, I would like to say that I love watching ghosthunters. I found it on the internet. The way TAPS works is amazing.You clearly can see what happens on tape while investegating. I had also seen the English version..Most Haunted. I must say..they have a lot of personal experiences,but the way they film is bad. Everytime they hear something they begin to scream and run away from it. Mostly you hear sounds on tape,and not caught something on it. Except for the stones that the ghosts throw back. Ghosthunters ( taps ) are way much better with that. When there is a sound that they hear, they get quiet. That's much better for the proof TAPS finds. The show on the internet here in Holland gets to season 5. It's not broadcasted on tv..( shame on Holland ha ha) I wonder if Brian is still on the team. I hope this is readable for you guys…my english I mean. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!


August 16, 2009

rick @ 12:39 am

hi everyone, im a truck driver, i travel all over the country. In my spare time wherever i'm at, i do some inv work, well not really work, lol but it s a fun way to pass the time while i'm getting loaded. i'm sure lots of people watched scooby doo as kids from some of the post here sound like. I've never exp one thing, ever. i'm looking everywere, it's nice to have hope there's something out there after we pass but i cant find anything.

dianna @ 9:37 am

i would like to be on a ghost hunt. I love the work that TAPS does. Keep up the great work. I hope to meet TAPS in person some day.

August 19, 2009

Shannon @ 11:07 pm

I was curious. I live in Co. and love the stanley hotel me and my friends always love to go there and hear all the ghost stories they have but I heard Ghost Hunters was coming back to check out the Stanley again. Is that true? Or is it just a rumor going around here?

August 22, 2009

Julia Carrillo,Texas @ 11:06 pm

I know you hear it from everyone. I watched TAPS shows until they became reruns. (I've got cold spot on me right now, weird) Uhm. I recently caught orbs at the hotel where I work on camera, where it's said there is a little boy who haunts there. Don't necessarily know if the owners would be open to your research though. I am sensitive so I don't find it odd, truly. My laptop keeps blinking, which is odd, while I am typing this to you. Personal experiences are what makes a good hunter, as I noticed you guys have. Wow, my computer is really going wacko, how odd. To be fair, I live down the road from the oldest cemetary in town. I am wonderng about the whole, "Death of a Ghost Hunter" also. How 'bout some truth or not?

August 23, 2009

brandon @ 9:07 pm

Has TAPS ever tried investigating the neverland ranch? On CNN there was a report on michael jackson's ghost.

August 25, 2009

SH @ 9:47 am

Stayed at the Stanley Hotel last night, Room 325 and the night was very interesting. Didn't get much sleep at all. Took lots of photos and have lots of orbs from in our room and in the Music Room. Also had a very strange feeling while in the Music Room. Kind of an electrical current feeling, cold in an area and then the almost nauseous feeling. Is this what is felt by others?????? Have never had this feeling before. Went back into the room later, and same feeling but in a different area of the room. Person in room with me said she didn't feel anything.

big dog magee @ 1:57 pm

To all you who want to know if this is true, well yes it is. But you have to know the history of the real masterson's family. They were from missouri when they moved to arizona. The father was a preist, but a child touching one as you all may know. But there was more to it than that. There was a murder by now you all must think this is fake, but the truth is that the name has been changed so people would not go looking for it. But all you have to do is look up the top ten most haunted places in the usa. That is the only way you will be able to find out what really happened. I know how it really goes. most people see this and think fake because the records have been changed. But it was done because of the church related fact to help cover things. So if you have any questions just ask and I will help you find it ok.

September 5, 2009

Anthony Trujillo @ 6:40 pm

JUNE 4th 2009. My 16 yr. old sons b-day. We rented the room 407. We went through the gost tour and heard many interesting stories about the Stanley. Later that evening after a good meal we went to our room and took a few pictures hoping to see an image of Mrs. Stanley. Nothing happend. We never really expected anything to happen anyway. The fact of staying at the Hotel was enough. Around 11:00 p.m. I asked my son and nephew if they would like to take some pictures near the most famous rooms just for fun. So we all left and went to 401 where it all began with a deadly blast back in the days of the Stanleys. Anyway the boys were standing in front of 401 and as I was about to snap a shot, their heads were moving back and forth and my wife who was standing near the staircase was also doing the same. She looked at me and put her finger to her mouth as to be quiet. Then I heard the Children Giggling and running back and forth passing 401 to the stairs and back. The funny thing is that no words were said as to influence anyone else. Our heads were in going back and forth in the same direction. It was great !!

September 29, 2009

Just_A_Girl @ 9:21 pm

I don't know if this is legitimate or not, but I did actually find photos of the Masterson house… some kind of Historic thing. Don't know if URL listed above has anything to do with the movie.

Maria @ 10:19 pm

Hi. Have you guys ever thought of going to Key West or have you gone to Key West? Went there not too long ago. My non-believing significant other had an experience there.

October 17, 2009

Cedric luci Perreault @ 12:14 pm

Hi My Name Is cedric I Come from Sorel-Trcay Quebec Canada…! Sorry But I dont Speak Anglish….! Je Trouve V otre emission Super …!jen apre nd a chaque fois …! chu vrm passionner par ske vous faites….! You Make A Great Job….! I Need A COnseil For Ghost Hauted …?

October 23, 2009

Christopher Fowler @ 6:12 am

After last years Halloween special I wouldn't let TAPS investigate my out house and dog house for fleas and ticks. I think they have sold out to the production company. They have gotten where they will do anything for the cameras. Since last season everyone has started having all of these personal experiences,But not one single one has been caught on camera, not even the hand held. I have seen Grant stand there with a hand held camera claim he is watching something move from window to window and not even attempt to film it.Also that Steve he is afraid of everything except paranormal phenomena.I have wonder if there is somekind of metaphor in that.If I have offended anyone I am sorry the truth is the truth.

October 31, 2009

Dystaney @ 1:10 pm

My husband and I visted the Stanley Hotel March of 2009 and went on the ghost tours. We forgot our digital camera at home so during our visit to Estes Park we baught a disposable camera. We took pictures out side of the Stantley as we were entering, and then took pitures inside the hotel through out the ghost tour. We then took some pictures outside of the Stanley again on our way out. When we got home to Wyoming and developed our pictures, none of the picutres that we took inside the Stanley developed. All the pictures that we took outside before we entered and when we left developed, but none of them that we took inside the building developed.

November 2, 2009

Anthony Trujillo @ 12:29 pm

I have a few pics of the Stanley inside. I'll be glad to share with you.
for more info contact me at.

November 13, 2009

Brett @ 7:13 pm

I am glad the internet is available to ask questions, this way I don't feel so stupid. I have been awakened by my bed vibrating or it being nudged and not to mention a knock on my bedroom wall a few times over the years. I usually just wake up thinking…I am half asleep and I shrug it off. Just the other night I woke up and saw a black mist over my head and I yelled at it and it disappeared. Maybe I am losing it…lol. I live in a new home though and the only one that has ever lived here. Anyone have any answers by chance? Or am I just a bizarre sleeper?


November 18, 2009

Joseph Walker @ 10:05 pm

How do I become a taps member. I've got my own equipment, I would really like to be a TAPS Group member, I will not let TAPS down. I have been interested my whole life, I believe I know enough to work with TAPS.

December 2, 2009

marilyn @ 3:31 pm

I never miss a TAPS show. I'm very interested in what you do. my mom won't sleep in her bed anymore due to the fact that she is scared. She says my dad sits at the edge of her bed. And there's shadows walking around in the living room. I don't have the things you have to go and check it out. What do i do?

December 20, 2009

Karrie @ 3:39 pm

has anyone replied to you yet?

December 31, 2009

Robert @ 4:19 pm

Why haven't you checked out the Amity House from the movie Amityville Horror? I dare you to!

January 4, 2010

Chandler @ 1:27 pm

when you hear the phrase “based on a true story”, hang on to your wallet. Even the slightest sliver of truth in a movie qualifies it for “based on a true story” classification because they need never tell you just HOW based it is. Let me put it to you this way–if I have a story where an elderly woman bashed a burglar’s head in with a frying pan (and something like that happened not so long ago) and I make a movie about an elderly woman who’s a serial killer, goes around bashing open heads with her frying pan and say that it’s “based on a true story”, it’s not like I’ve lied to you. There may be some legal differences–I’m not a lawyer–but it’s been my experience that “based on a true story” is little more than a marketing gimmick.

January 5, 2010

Brighid @ 8:15 pm

hello, i'm brighid. i have a few questions to ask. well last march 09 this kid i knew killed hiself and we havent talked since middle school an when he died i felt like he was tryin to tell me something. i felt really weird after his death. he was always on my mind an i was really confused cause i heardly knew him well. ever since that happened, i couldnt sleep in my room for months cause felt like he was really here in my house tryin to tell me something an i was scared. i mean it would be really cool to see a ghost, but at the same time im really scared lol. when i had on one light and that light turned off and the other lamp went on i didnt move. i was just like ok??  so i went up to it an it started flicking, it's happened a couple times to me. also i can feel when things are going to happen and it will happen but not the same thing as im thinking but the same subject. idk it's really weird ill think things about someone like ill say she's gonna go outside and she does, and i can also feel when bad things are going to happen. please help me. i really need it. thxs

January 17, 2010

Kaci @ 6:01 pm

Back to the masterson house with the whole carter simms thing. Loved the movie but it was definitely another Blair witch project. Meaning they want it to appear real to make people more inclined to watch it but definitely a fake.

Great movie to watch though as far as ghost doc's go if you want a scare.

Kaci @ 6:04 pm

"The story was written by Mike Marsh and Sean Tretta. There is no such person as Carter Simms (the main character), there never was. There is no such place as Masterson House (where the story takes place). There are multiple goofs in the storyline (Masterson House has not been lived in since 1982, but its décor comes from the 1990's). What do you think? " Got this from WikiAnswers if it helps.

January 27, 2010

Jessica Martin @ 4:39 pm

Omg i love taps. i really want to go on a investigation with ya'll, so look me up.

February 1, 2010

haley @ 8:39 am

hi, I'm going to college this fall to become a paranormal investigator and I was wondering if you have any tips for me ?? ps: love the TAPS TV show. I've been watching it since it first aired. ttyl

February 13, 2010

clark kent @ 7:07 pm

i used to watch Taps until it became FAKE. Taps were my favorite ghost hunters but now, Ghost adventures is my #1 show.

February 14, 2010

Moe @ 9:36 pm

My husband and I are staying at The Stanley Hotel this summer…just two weeks before TAPS will be back investigating! We love the TAPS show. I have been in love with this hotel since first seeing it on The Shining. We are just thrilled to be finally going to stay there.

February 23, 2010

jimmy benedict @ 9:15 pm

my name is jimmy benedict. i live in miami. ok i lived here more then twenty years when my mother passed away. when i go to sleep at night my bed shakes and sometimes i feel not alone in my room. it's very hard to know that you've got something in your house. how can you handle it or how to get rid of it? i've been thinking about what when you died. when you die your spirit lives here on earth. you might have to travel around so you can get in open doors to get in our world. we all do what we can do. some spirits may need help so they can cross over to the other side. i thank you very much.

yours truly

February 25, 2010

Lynn @ 10:22 am

ok so my children and myself moved in w/ my husband and his family back in october…my son is 7 and he refuses to go upstairs by himself. there has been known activity up there…such as my husband was the ONLY one home and the water in the bathroom just went on full force…my son won't sleep on his bed. he would rather sleep on the floor, right next to my step sons bed b/c he says he feels someone standing over him watching him…then the other day the 2 boys were in the kitchen and my son came running out freakin that someone pinched him…my step son swears it wasn't him…then on this past monday morning it was 430am and my son came down stairs to me all wet down the one side of his pants. i asked him if he peed himself (mind u he hasnt had an accident since he was 3) and he said no mom. so i smelled it just to make sure thats what it was. it smelled like pee but the weird thing is it was just the side not the front of his pants and the floor was DRY. is it possible for an apparition to pee on someone in all seriousness…my step son said that he saw a black shadow of what lookied to be a tall man wearing a baseball cap…and there has been plenty of other things that happen sometimes on a regular basis so please help me!

thank u so much Lynn

February 26, 2010

vanessa @ 12:36 am

hey dave, you left a comment for another post-er on this site having to do with dreams. I am curious, what do the dreams conclude? while fairly intuitive and open minded myself, the dream question really caught me. Perhaps you and I could talk a little bit more about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

1# What dream powers do you have?
2# What do you usually dream of?
3# Can you control your dreams yet?

February 27, 2010

Elaine @ 2:16 am

Awesome show! My husband and I stayed at the Stanley Hotel for my birthday weekend last month (feb). It's a creepy place for sure. I couldn't sleep the first night with the heater clicking (sounded like a door moving). We stayed in room 223 (just across the stairs from 217). I wouldn't let my husband go up to the fourth floor even though we had no idea it's supossed to be the most haunted. It just didn't feel right. Thanks for checking the place out. You guys are awesome!

March 11, 2010

Diamond @ 2:45 pm

OMG i'm a big fan. Because of TAPS i plan to go to college to become a paranormal investigator. But of course… thats a couple years from now. I would love to hear about any of your future investigations. Hook me up!

March 18, 2010

Derek @ 1:48 am

My family has owned property in Estes for the past 9 years, and I've been going to EP for approximately 35 years, my entire life. We originally lived in Cheyenne Wy, 'till '89 then moved to Nebraska.

We frequent Estes at least 10-20 times a year, maybe even more. I was actually there with my niece, visiting my brother, whom is a full-time resident of Estes Park, and during the taping of the GH Stanley episode in 2006, We ran into TAPS at 2:30 am in the Stanley's Parking lot. they asked us "where can you get something to eat this time of night?". We had NO idea who they even were then, until they said who they were. we thought nothing of it as we'd never heard of Ghost hunters, Till a couple years later, and boom. we realized who we'd met.

I'm in that building quite a lot. It's quite a majestic place to say the least. Estes Park is majestic in itself as over a few million people come through there every summer, of every year, to a town with less than 8,000 people. Crazy eh? I RECOMMEND visiting soon to ANYONE who's never been to EP. you'll probably see us there:)

Omaha, NE

March 31, 2010

alex cortez @ 5:25 pm

my name is alex cortez. im looking for any of you or taps to teach me the steps. i would like to go with you guys on a investigation. im 13 years old. im very religous and thats one of the reason i believe in ghosts and the other is my grandmother lives right acorss from an indian burial ground and i believe it is still some what haunted by the tribe that's buried there. i would really be honored if you guys would teach me and add me to your group. i watch your show ghost hunters. my favorite is when you guys went to the light house. i cant remember the name of the light house. please help me and let me join the taps family. please contact me as soon as possible. thank you

April 13, 2010

bianca @ 3:13 pm

ok so i love taps. and i want to become a ghost hunter. but im scared of it. LOL.

June 7, 2010

Tyler Hermann @ 2:54 am

Dude just watched these videos on your site and i loved it…
My home i grew up in had alot of weird things happen in it as we first moved in. One thing that happened several times to us was a glass breaking randomly like you guys had… the most recent thing was my brother was asking the ghosts to show him how they worked and got an answer frim our tredmil… the only way the damn thing will turn on is with a magnet switch and the magnet was nowhere near the pad to turn it on, in fact it has hangin…

I love your stuff and am curious about your equipment i wanna get into it a little bit. my home is haunted by an intelligent being and i know i could capture some interesting things. recently i was asking the presence to turn on a light for me and it did it… several times.

July 17, 2010

Lily @ 5:50 pm

i would enjoy being with because i am fearless when it comes to ghosts.

July 18, 2010

Jackie @ 11:59 pm

I just saw 4 orbs go across my room i looked them up online and it says that the colors mean…

*peach-ability to comfort
*gold- free flowing energy, tolerance
*light blue- tranquility
*white- high frequency protection and shielding

Before my great-grandmother died, she said that i will always be protected and looked after when others couldn't. Because this figure tried to touch me while i was under my sheets and these orb came and the figure went away i saw them stay in place for a moment and then they were gone.Is this what she meant? Please try and give me some answers!!!!

July 23, 2010

Ashley Nicole @ 11:19 pm

Taps should do the amityville house. So many people are anxious of seeing this.

July 28, 2010

Ashley Nicole @ 4:51 pm

Not only that house, Old town Spring is supposed to be haunted. they should look into that too. ive heard alot about that. i live like 20 minutes from old town spring.

July 29, 2010

Amanda Marshall @ 11:01 pm

Now, I know that you guys get a lot of requests regarding paranormal activity and visitations, but I was wondering if you guys would considering visiting a drive-in movie theater? I work at the Sunset Drive-In in Shelby, NC.. and the activity that not only the employes encounter, but the customers as well, is constant. Not necessarily on a 'haunted' level, since we have never been harmed, and we actually had the most activity after we were robbed. It was almost like they were there protecting us, and they seem very friendly. Anywho, I feel it would be a great experience for the team, and for everyone at the drive-in!

August 25, 2010

Jason @ 4:05 pm

Ghost hunters should def do something on the Molly Mcquires. Schuylkill County Pennsylvania is extremely haunted by dead coal miners.

September 2, 2010

Erika @ 6:27 am

On section 4-4 the reveil. At the begining 2 seconds before the door clicks. you can hear a childs voice. At point 8:54-8:55 you hear a child say Goofy eye, just after you say it's 5:30 am and I'm figuring I'm gonna stay asleep..then you hear goofy -click……
What are your thoughts? sounds like a little girl…

[...] he looked at me like I was insane but turns out that the only room still left on the 4th floor was room 401, which was still available because it's supposedly the most haunted room in the hotel. [...]

November 13, 2010

Heather @ 12:29 am

i know that you guys did this investigation at the stanley hotel a while back and a couple years ago me and my family went and stayed in one of the rooms there for a couple nights and i got some pretty good pictures that are very creepy of ghost. there is one that i took on my phone and uploaded on myspace and just happend to notice what was in the picture when it was bigger and on the screen. it looked like the old man who was supposed to be haunting the top floor and who used to own the hotel or who built it or whatever . also the building next to the hotel that has a stage in it i was just taking pictures of the building outside and if you look at it it looks like there is a figure of a person standing on the stage. pretty interesting.

November 17, 2010

Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck @ 11:36 pm

Not only that house, Old town Spring is supposed to be haunted. they should look into that too. ive heard alot about that. i live like 20 minutes from old town spring.

December 11, 2010

Kat @ 3:58 pm

Actually there is a real Mastersons House located in Kentucky. It is not known to be haunted but it is historical, and was built and run by a highly Methadist family, they even held the church service in there home before the town church was built, but that is the only real history to movie tie. (sorry about the spelling)

December 30, 2010

Tracie @ 4:37 pm

I really love your show. I have seen things in my life time that I nor the people that were with me could not explain. One thing that has haunted me since I can remember is this house that was next door to me in Ensley, Al.

I grew up next door to an old man and lady that always dressed from head to toe in black. The man never said anthing to us but the old woman was very mean. She didn't like children and was a self proclaimed witch. She was always watching us from over the 5' cinderblock wall dividing our homes. When one of our toys went over the wall and we tried to retrieve it, she would chase us with a farm tool and take the toy in her house. Once my cousin went over the wall when our kickball went over and she caught her and put a curse on her stating she would never bare children. We laughed. Of course we did not believe in curses. To this day she has not had any children of her own. Doctors say she can not.

One day the old man disapeared from our sight. We never knew what happened to him. He always sat on the front porch every day til night fall only to go in around lunch time. A few months or so later we heard that she died. I was only about 6. Since then the house was cleaned up and put up for rent. No one ever stayed in it more than 3 months always leaving in the middle of the night with no explination. I was 9 when my mother sold our home to my uncle. The house stood vacant for many years until a single young woman rented it.

After almost 6 months my aunt called me asking if my husband (which was a plumber) could come clean out the septic line. She smelled a really bad odor and suspected it to be the sewer. He went and ran the machine. Nothing. He went under the house to see if the source might be a dead rat. He found nothing. A few days later she called again asking if he could try again. I told her that he did all he could. She decided to go next door to see if her new neighbor could smell it. Her car was there but she did not come to the door. Getting worried, she called I believe it was the girls sister that had a key. She came but could not get in. The house and windows were locked from the inside.

They then decided to call the police. When the police finally got in they found the house turned upside down. When they reached her bedroom they found blood splattered all over the room and her dismembered body under her matress on the floor. She had a new puppy which was feeding on her remains. The police said they retrieved no evidence of a forced entry and since the housed was locked from the inside they came up with no clues. They suspected the boyfrind for a while but was cleared later. Last I heard the murder remains unsolved.

I am a realtor and check on this house from time to time and last I looked it was vacant once again and for sale. This is one place I would love for taps to go in and find out if there is a paranormal reason for these events. I have thought about going through it myself but that is always a very quick thought! I don't scare easily but I'm not stupid either. If your ever interested in investigating it, I will give you an address.

February 11, 2011

Pearl @ 11:20 pm

I love the skeptic view the TAPS team brings with them to interviews. I grew up in a home that was a church, converted into a house by my great-grandfather, so I have seen and heard many things that make me a believer. I have the utmost respect for the TAPS team and thank them for sharing their experiences with the world. Also, thanks to your families for the hardships you must deal with when your spouses are gone. As a military veteran and wife, I know all too well the strain this can have on your family. God Bless you and thank you.

Pearl @ 11:25 pm

I know this is a VERY old post, but I wanted you to know that from what I have found, the Carter Simms case at the Masterson house is nothing more than a movie.

Pearl @ 11:42 pm

Dave, I can only hope you are still on this site. If you are, please contact me, as I would love to speak to you about my dreams and other things that "bother" me. You seem like a smart person so I'd love to hear your interpretation. Thank you so much.

February 17, 2011

Michael @ 9:04 am

Hi, I am Michael from Düsseldorf/Germany. I have just a question 'bout a movie namned 'Paranormal Investigations – Death Of A Ghost Hunter' from 2007. It tells the story of Carter Simms a Ghost Hunter and her investigations at the Masterson House (Queen Creek AZ). Where Minister Joseph Masterson and his family were murdered inside their own home in 1982. Now my question: Is it really based on a true story or fiction? I can't really find facts about Carter Simms.

February 18, 2011

david anonyomos @ 9:10 pm

hate to say this, but this house does exist in arizona, the movie probably "changed the names to protect the innocent" but i can give you the exact location in arizona, and there was a whole family mudered here, there is also several other groups investigated this location, and several newspaper articals about the murder. and my team plan to investigate this location soon. GHI also had episode, where i watched and watched, and you can see them plant evidence. ya'll need to research the location before you say it is faked…… this is a real movie and this location does exist. just the movie changed the location probably for privacy reasons, and i agree with everybody on here that states ghost hunters is faked.

February 22, 2011

JBonds @ 12:27 am

I think the "ghost hunters" from t.v. are A joke and they treat the "investigations" as A joke. People who learn from them could get themselves into A lot of trouble. These investigations must be taken seriously and rules followed.

March 19, 2011

Carol Anne Robertson @ 8:07 pm

Why not do a tour of Scottish castle, plenty of history. if you can, i'd come with you, as when i moved in to my first house, weird things would happen like a drill starting up when not plugged in. but I moved from that house, but the new house has all same feelings, eg, 20 lightbulbs can blow in 1 month, water being turned off when running a bath, water turns on, turning the night. i can also sense things that are going to happen if I spend enough time with someone.

March 22, 2011

raj @ 2:14 am

hi, this is raj. i'm very interested in ghost hunting. some months ago, my puppy died at home. it suffered from heavy respiratory problem. is it possible i can talk or see its soul……..plz reply. thank u

April 14, 2011

Jaime @ 9:42 pm

Omg hi! I love Ghost Hunters. I havn't missed an episode! It's one of my favourite shows. I really appreciate what TAPS does and why they do it. Every time I watch Ghost Hunters it makes me feel creeped out. Sometimes it makes my mind think that there are footsteps and voices around my house. I'm not sure whether it's just me or something else. Hopefully there are many more series to come! <3

April 29, 2011

chris @ 4:40 am

i to have seen that film (death of a ghost hunter) and since it says it based on a true story i wanted to find out more. so i went to the trusty internet and everything i can find says the story is a load of bull. it seems films can say their based on true events, no matter how little of its true. in other words its based on the sort of house being hunted and someone investigates it. heck it could be based on the show taps, for all we know.

May 17, 2011

Brian Mirfin @ 11:38 am

Watch the show, find it interesting. I have been blessed with the 'Spiritual Understanding' for 55 years and a Medium for; (who knows?). What 'IS' important regarding the acceptance of the 'blessing' of life beyond the life we know, is for any person here on earth to identify which particular 'secular' understanding they are to follow. In the case of the expectation that Spiritual 'phenomena' should be ready to identify itself within a specified time undermines the blessing that is 'True Spirit' (our endless continuity of life).

Their 'essence' is that they are 'Openistic Volumes' that search out the energies, like spotlights of perfection, who choose to bind together on behalf of man. (This is an extract from my book which includes photographic identities) which was given by 'Spirit' to pass on behalf of 'The Light' for the benefit of mankind to identify the 'understanding' of life beyond our own);;;

Spirit's voice;
Seek to find the face within each and every 'heavenly gift' that is a connection to the afterlife, and we seek to find the answer to the workings of the evolve-meant pertaining to the existence within the understanding, that takes mankind to the very edge of his earthbound knowledge (at this point in time), for 'beyond' that gift of this 'learned understanding,' lies the pathway to the 'heavenly realm.'

It is the 'Spirit of belief' that is there for him to open his heart to, it is the use of his 'Will' for the 'betterment' of his life and the lives of all others for man to chose to reach out to 'The Light' and man's salvation or not. It is his choice to call upon his own pure Spiritual ideals, his own beliefs, his own actions, and his own endings, Man makes his own bed he must there-for lay within it.

In a 'nut-shell' there is no place for 'unionship' and a 'working acceptance' with Spirit with a heart of 'disbelief,' so 'ALL' those who expect to see, must first 'see' to expect!


July 9, 2011

dawn hansen @ 5:02 pm

i tend to like ghost adventures better. ive never had a paranormal experience myself, so i dont fully believe. however i do not doubt this stuff happens either. i love to read and watch paranormal stuff. i live in WV and plenty of haunted things go on around here, so people say. keep up the good work paranormal teams. thanx

July 23, 2011

Chelsea @ 8:18 am

My House I Feel Is Haunted. I Feel Things Are Behind Me. And My Cupboard Is Always Closing And Opening. We Even Did a Recording. We were in the lounge, while the recording was in my bedroom. when We Played the recording back, we heard a message clearly Saying, "Lose the Watch." It wasn't Us. And Then a Few Weeks Later a Friend Came Over and she had a watch and she placed it on a drawer. In the morning It was Gone. So we searched everywhere including shoes. And then she went home and when she got home, it was in her shoes. Im Scared. What Should I Do?

July 27, 2011

Ghost Hunters Of Southern Tennessee, Lawrenceburg @ 1:58 pm

We are Ghost Hunters Of Southern Tennessee, Lawrenceburg. what are some things we can do to get some investigations?

August 8, 2011

jammie redman @ 6:54 am

i visited the Stanley back in Feb. and got an amazing EVP after leaving the 4th floor. I was walking alone and got a young boy telling me, "I'll catch you, ok?" this happened right after i said, "oops I almost fell." The Stanley is haunted!!! It was great and I will be back soon!!

August 11, 2011

Sherry Soule @ 9:16 pm

Awesome! Great blog!


September 18, 2011

Jaimie @ 12:40 pm

There is no Carter Simms or Masterson house on the internet so apparently its a made up movie. I found the movie to be awesome, but alot of people on here disagree with me.

October 13, 2011

emily @ 9:09 am

I'd appreciate it if you can assist me with places that have supernatural things in South Africa. I need to assist my daughter with sources for her assignment. I have been searching forever without success. Places like where it's said there is a breathing rock, etc.

October 19, 2011

sue-ellen @ 10:11 am

me and my better-half love to watch the TAPS show when we can. we have been doing our own checking on stuff. when someone tries to tell us some place is creepy or haunted, we go there and spend hours to find out if what they tell us is true or not. cause well we are missourians and it is the "show me" state. still havent really found much other than sounds and orbs. any tips or places ya think I should try, please let me know. we have our favorite one place we go here in springfield that is welcoming at times. its called kerr.

November 11, 2011

summer @ 8:40 am

loved it !

November 22, 2011

Adeel Ahmed @ 1:34 am

Hey Ghost Hunters team, you work quite well. But I dare you to visit a place if you can afford security. The place is Shamshan Ghat (Crematory) which is 200 years old in Mirpurkhas, Hyderabad Pakistan. I dare you guys! You can not stay for an half an hour. I can send you the video of investigation there, but it is in Urdu.

January 27, 2012

Aleasha @ 12:55 pm

I have been looking for the answer about The Death of a Ghost Hunter and if it was based on a true story or not. thank you for the answer. everywhere I went they had conflicting answers, so thanks for saving me some time.

March 21, 2012

BARBARA @ 12:53 am

Great place, I love it. Maybe you should have placed a thermal camera in the closet to see if you could have captured something in there?

deborah @ 11:21 pm

Hi, me and my family have lived in our home for 5 years. We have seen a little girl, and a man and a women, and heard noises. Things come up missing and my daughter is afraid of her room and has serious behaviour problems. I feel she is in trouble. What do I do to help her?

We have been to the docs and are seeking help from the school. We live in an old school house. It's over 100 years old, but I fear for my child. What should I do? Please help us. We live in Marshall, Michigan.

April 23, 2012

Taylor @ 6:58 pm

Does Jay mean Jason? I love ghost hunters TAPS. Have you watched the episode where the team goes to Higgins Armory and in the kids play room there is a piece of wood with 3 chains on it and only 1 of the chains was moving but nobody was in the room? Jason and Grant were by the other door on the other side of the room and they also heard knocking and random music. However, it was actually the other team members of TAPS that turned the music on.

May 27, 2012

Cyndie @ 6:31 am

I have watched various cable shows on ghost hunting. I now live in a house with spirits and have lived in other houses with spirits. Me and my 23 year old son are very sensitive to them, and im getting tired of dealing with them. Im not like the long island medium. They dont directly talk to me, but i have heard them talking to each other and I have seen several including a WWI army man in uniform in my house in Bloomington, IL.

When i went & looked up the history of the house, the family that built it lost a son overseas. They never found his body, but I know for a fact he came home. He is still there because the new owners i sold the house to didnt stay long!! He wasnt scary at all, but I cant ever get them to leave. Ive tried everything i can think of. It just seems like a spirit finds me no matter where I live. Its getting old and im afraid I will run into a bad, evil one, sooner or later. Any suggestions I dont already know?

August 8, 2012

Emily @ 10:57 am

Hey… So I'm visiting with my Father in Colorado when one of the cleaning ladies tells me that the Stanley Hotel is hiring. I've been trying to get a job for several years. Well I hadn't seen this episode yet… but I knew as soon as I got to the hotel that it was most definitely haunted… The energy around the place is just so vibrant and electric! I'm hoping they are all kind and gentle spirits…