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Can you feel the presence of a ghost? Why?

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I've received some questions about how (and why) people respond to ghosts and paranormal activity.  Holly writes:

I've never seen a ghost before.  But can you feel their presence?  For example, there is an area on Hwy. 71 where there has been quite a few fatal wrecks.  For some unknown reason, my heart will start racing, making it hard for me to breathe.  I also get goose bumps. This happens when I come up on this area and I'm fine after I pass it.  Doesn't always happen, but it freaks me out when it does.  Do you have any idea of why this happens?

Jacob asks a similar question.  He writes:

How do you feel the presence of ghosts around you?  I mean do you just feel cold spots or do you get shivers up your spine?

night_ghosts.jpgDifferent people feel different things around ghosts.  Some people get goosebumps—other people feel cold spots, or hot spots, or increased heartbeat.  Some people feel like they are being watched.  Others feel a strong, dense-ness of energy.  Meanwhile, some people feel nothing at all.

Everyone responds a bit differently.  Want to see how you respond?  Spend some time in a location that is known to be haunted.  Be careful though — how you respond in one situation may be different from how you respond in another situation.

In Holly's case, a certain section of Hwy. 71 may be haunted (or it could have collected a large amount of negative energy) due to all the fatal car wrecks.  Most people can sense—on some level—energy that is different from the surrounding environment.

A "bad vibe" feeling (in the form of goosebumps, increased heartbeat) is commonly felt in areas where negative emotionally-charged events have happened—such as death, car accidents, battle wounds, or suicide.  The human body—and the surrounding electromagnetic field—is remarkably sensitive to changes in the external environment, and will respond to these changes.  Of course, it's also possible that *fear* of a car wreck could cause goosebumps, increased heartbeat, and difficulty breathing.  Holly would need to research and investigate Hwy. 71 (that particular section) to see if there is legitimate paranormal activity.

Why Do Some People Respond with Physical Symptoms in the Presence of Ghosts & Paranormal Activity?

No one knows why some people respond physically (i.e. goosebumps) to ghosts and paranormal activity.  As mentioned earlier, the human body is remarkably sensitive and can sense changes in the external environment.  So, when things feel "unusual" (due to paranormal activity) your body is alerted.  This is an instinctive, biological response.  It may also be connected to the strong electromagnetic fields that appear in the presence of paranormal activity.

So, why do some people feel nothing in the presence of paranormal activity?  The number of people who feel absolutely nothing in the presence of strong paranormal activity is very, very small—however, factors such as your physical health, your mental and emotional state, your intelligence/awareness, and your belief system could all play a role in how you respond.

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Comments on Can you feel the presence of a ghost? Why?

March 13, 2008

Lycanthrope @ 5:17 pm

This is a VERY interesting subject, to me. There have been many scientific studies done on Extra Sensory Perception, which seems to be the ability used when sensing a spirit or haunting.

Michelle is right on the money when she says everyone can sense spirits to a certain extent.  A study funded by the CIA in the early 70's, run by Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, scientifically studied the ability of "remote viewing".  Though remote viewing was considered a failure, their scientific findings were legitimate.  Their study proved that virtually anyone can be trained to use and strengthen their ESP.  Many of their early studies were done with self proclaimed psychics. (Ingo Swann is thought to be a psychic, though he calls himself a "consciousness researcher".)  There are other researchers that have tried to make a connection between ESP and the "Fight or Flight" instinct.  I'll see if I can locate any online info regarding these studies for anyone who is interested in reading about it more extensively.

March 15, 2008

Michelle @ 8:17 am

Hi Lycanthrope. Yes, the studies on "remote viewing," and the CIA-sponsored ESP/psychic spying program (called Stargate) are fascinating.  There is an organization located about 30 minutes from me called The Rhine Research Center.  This group has been studying human consciousness, parapsychology, and ESP for over 60 years now.  They have concluded that most people have some degree of ESP—and as you mentioned, it can be strengthened with practice and training.  Sure, if you find additional info. please feel free to post it.

April 19, 2008

Jennifer @ 6:55 am

I know I get the feeling of the presence of a ghost.  I feel cold, and I know someone is beside me.  I feel a type of dense energy as well.  Recently, a lot of bad things have happened to me.  My boyfriend and I have split up, and my best friend is in hospital with a mass in his brain.  I think someone is with me on this difficult time, or someone is trying to tell me that something is going to happen.

April 22, 2008

Nicola @ 3:19 pm

I get the feeling of a presence of a ghost when i am trying to get to sleep at night. It has happened twice to me now. The first time it grabbed my arm, and I was trying to tell my mum and dad what happened, but I lost my breath and my words wouldn't come out. It also happened to me last night and I got a cold tingling feeling all over my body, and even my jack russell dog started barking. And in my bedroom it felt ice cold, and I'm really scared of going in my room now.

May 5, 2008

nova star brewer @ 12:34 pm

I have had experiences over the years like someone calling my name and I'd turn around no one would be there.  This happened more than three times.  I had felt like some one was watching me but there was no one there.  When I went to sleep, my bed would start shaking, and at one time, the bed felt like some one was trying to climb on by their knees. It froze when I moved.  It stayed like that for ten seconds, then as if moving off, it went back up.  My door was locked, my window sealed shut.  I have a small room, so when I turned on my night stand light, I found I was completely alone.  I had saw shadows jump across the room.  I heard babies crying I'd go looking for where the cry came from and found no one there.  I had no toys that made noise.  I really kept toys in the house and once when I was in my sister's house at night time, I heard a little girl laughing.  I looked outside the window and found no one was there…I know I have never imagined these things and everywhere I moved there's always something following.

May 12, 2008


I am a ghost hunter and when you feel like someone or something is with you some people feel someone touch them.  I had a case when I felt someone touch me on the back. So if you've been haunted just talk to me on my website. Thx.

June 5, 2008

belinda @ 8:15 am

Hi, Can anyone tell me if this feeling has got to do with paranormal.  It happens at night — the last time it happened to me was about 10 years ago, and all of a sudden it happened two days ago again.  I woke up in the middle of the night and I could see the room and everything else in it.  I knew something was going on because I could feel something.  When I tried to wake my husband, my whole body was lame and I couldnt move, no matter how hard I tried.  When I tried to call my husband, no sound came out of my mouth.  I don't know long this whole feeling stayed, but it eventually went away.

Michelle @ 12:30 pm

Hi Belinda.  Don't worry — what you experienced is pretty normal.  It's called the "catatonic state" (or sleep paralysis), and I have experienced it twice myself.  This occurs shortly after waking, or just before falling asleep.  You cannot move any body part, cannot speak, and you only have minimal control over blinking and breathing.  It usually lasts for a couple of minutes/seconds, although to the person experiencing this, it can feel like a really long time.  You can find out more information here:

June 18, 2008

Pauline @ 9:05 am

Hi.  Am a 22 year old female.  I lost my daughter a year ago on the 3rd July by stillbirth at 42wks and my son by miscarriage.  Then in November, I've also had a few friends and family deaths since.  Ever since I lost my 2nd baby.. I feel like i have somebody with me all the time even when am home alone like I am 6 out of 7 days of the week.. I get cold numbing feelings, shivers , goosebumps and just major tingely feelings all over, but the coldness is surreal it really does NUMB my whole body.  At night, I tend to feel someone with me, once I taught felt something touch my hand where I was holding the remote of my telly, and every night (could be just a breeze or enything) my door creaks open the slightest.  A couple of times, I was at a spritualist and she picked up on me sensing things at night and she said it was sprits that they tend to visit me nights when I am more relaxed.. I'd like to think all these strange feelings I have is my loved ones, especially even my beautiful little girl that's come to visit me.  Also when I am upset and badly crying, I ask my little girl to keep mummy strong and I automatically STOP crying.  It's freaking me out, if anybody can talk to me, I'd greatly appreciate it, as I think on top of my depression, maybe am just going completely crazy..

Appreciate much.


Michelle @ 10:31 pm

Hi Pauline.  Very sorry to hear about your loss.  I know it can be tough to lose family & friends.  I do not think you are crazy, but I *do* think you should spend more time with other people.  It's not healthy to be alone 6 out of 7 days—especially since you're struggling with depression.  Make yourself a goal to get out of the house at least 3 times each week.  Talk to people, join a hobby group, meet someone for dinner/coffee, participate in a sports team.  Connecting with other people (even if we don't always feel like it) is healthy and very much needed. 

If you want to investigate the presence that is with you, I suggest EVP.  If it is a spirit (i.e. your daughter), you should be able to discover who it is through EVP.  Let us know how things go for you.

June 19, 2008

johnnyboy @ 4:17 pm

I was having a dream where there was someone outside my window.  I am then conscious that its just a dream and I am half awake and half asleep still.  So as I am keeping myself aware of what is going on, I hear like a "crumpling" of a paper bag which sounds real and I'm telling myself "it's all in my head."  By this time, I'm more awake than asleep and I feel that there were feet softly pressing on my bed around me—which had me just still and waiting for what would happen.  Suddenly like as if all in one motion, I felt this wavely current in my body—it didn't hurt or anything, it just felt like a a smooth entering of rythmic waves in my body for like a couple of seconds maybe 5-10.  It felt like I was in control and I could stop it if I wanted to.  So in my mind, I tell myself "enough."  And then I felt it end, and it was immediately followed by a cold shivery feeling and then all the hairs on my body stood straight up and I was feeling hella cold.

Around this time, I was relocating from my home in Los Angeles to a room for rent in San Francisco.  Earlier that day, I was having a headache, and it was a pretty stressful day to say the least.  So in the afternoon, I decided to do some jogging instead of smoke some marijuana as I used to do. (It was my second week of being sober from marijuana as well).  After I went for my jog, my headache kinda went away and I did some meditation and stretching before I went to sleep.  Then it all happened around 2:45 am.  Also, right after it happened, I felt like I was able to see my situation in a different light—I mean before I was feeling good about the house I was renting and the family I was staying with.  But after it happened, I started realizing that the house was always cold, the house might have been haunted.  And my energy levels were so drained the next day too.  I'm feeling better now, and starting to see things differently about my life and I'm living back in L.A. with my family—so—I think if it wasn't a ghostly spirit (which I think it was because of the feet on the bed), then maybe it was a self enlightening experience that helped me really see what has happening in my life and that me moving to S.F was never meant to be.  If anybody can let me know what's up with this, I'd appreciate it to the utmost…


June 22, 2008

Lycanthrope @ 5:31 pm

Hey Johnnyboy, you have an interesting situation on your hands.  I've read about a couple different sleep studies that have produced similar results to what you've described. There is a point between presleep and REM sleep where you could feel awake but STILL experience dreamlike sensations that SEEM real.  If you TRULY feel this was something paranormal, I would suggest you start asking family members if they've ever experienced anything similar.  There are a FEW cases of investigators and psychics believing they have a spirit "guide" attached to them.  Most don't know why or how this attachment has occurred but, some believe these spirits may have been connected to the family through several generations.  If you think this may be the situation you have, it is possible an older family member may have had an experience VERY similar to your own.

June 27, 2008

johnnyboy @ 12:40 am

Thanks Lycanthrope for the feedback… As a follow up on all of this, I had to go back to SF to get the rest of my stuff and my mom talked to the lady I was staying with to arrange the schedule.. Anyways, the lady can hardly speak English and my mom is the only one who can communicate to her in their native language.  So as they were talking, conincidentally the old lady started saying she can communicate with spirits (no lie)…so that really tripped me out.  Aside from all of this, I am told that it is important to go to church and pray.  Because if not, the spirits feel comfortable inside one's body…. For real though, my parents be clowning me about "Casper the friendly ghost"–it sucks.

josh w @ 4:31 pm

hi johnnyboy. first i want to clear up one thing the thing you said about church and spirits aren't true. spirits don't always want to get inside of you. they just try to get your attention or to scare you, they draw energy from you or they environment that is what causes ( cold spots, t.v's turn on or channels change, lights flicker, phones ring, computers turn on and off by themselves etc.) also when they get enough energy they can physically do stuff (touch you, move stuff,move bed covers, etc.)spirits CAN BE GOOD OR BAD. has a family member close to you died recently? if so it could be that person trying to keep you on the right track, or it could be your spirit guide(guardian angel) and they don't travel through families to my knowledge each person has there own. also if the women you were staying with could talk to them then that makes her a medium and mediums naturally attract spirits. Once you completely get back to LA then be a little more aware of your surroundings, (if stuff moves or stuff like that) and if anything else happens contact me at  CLAYCOUNTYPARANORMALSOCIETY@YAHOO.COM


josh w @ 4:41 pm

i agree with michelle.  please go out and try to be social, have some fun.  i doubt it is a spirit without more solid proof or evidence.  it might just be your depression.  you should have a doctor check that out.  also any depression medications can make you a little paranoid and make you sense or see things sometimes.  if you actually see something, or it gets worse please contact me at / or  i hope everything gets better.

-god bless-

josh w @ 4:42 pm

the message above is meant to pauline.  thanks.

June 29, 2008

johnnyboy @ 3:32 am

Right On Josh W.  I appreciate your advice. –Thank you so much.

-God Bless-

July 2, 2008

Audrey @ 11:40 pm

I believe, and this is just my opinion I am no expert, people feel the presence of a ghost that has some association to them in a past life of yourself…and they are calling out to you and often I think it is associated with them speaking to you and touching you.  I get to accept I can understand them much more thoroughly than just chills and increased heart rate.

July 4, 2008

mike @ 11:30 am

Hey I think I can sense a ghost, I had someone come to my house and question me.  She was a professional, I haven't got the results from her yet, I had almost all the things above.

tammy weaver @ 7:16 pm

Feeling a ghost is like when you reach your arm around back to feel the hair stand up on it.  It's a creepy electic feeling but cold, and your senses sorta go on alert cause it's not a natural feeling your brain can understand.  So you go in fear mode, cause your senses can't let you know what emotion to use to comprehend the energy, thats how I know.

tammy weaver @ 7:29 pm

@jonnyboy  A spirit awakening is very clear, real and honest.  It would not mess with your head.  The people who say they are helping you will confuse your head to feel what they think you should feel, not about what is meant for you to learn.  It's all by yourself, only it's your feelings, your body, your mind, you are in control of this energy.  Don't allow others to misread your energy, it could cause you to get depressed, cause you're not feeling what they tell you.  GOD sends angels to help you if you get too messed up with this.  It's okay, I've been there.

July 5, 2008

tammy weaver @ 8:03 pm

Pauline, your children would not come back, they are angels.  You want to feel some attachment to them I know, but God doesn't leave little children behind. Your mental awareness is letting you want a spirit to be with you, don't leave yourself open for a deep sadness, feel life, feel warmth, try helping at the local hospital, be there for other families who need your heart.  Going through a time like you have, your energy will grow, your heart will heal, your children would be proud of you using your heart for others.  – Tammy

July 6, 2008

johnnyboy @ 12:47 am

I feel your guidance Tammy Weaver…Thank You very much.

GARY @ 12:03 pm

I can see spirits when I walk by a graveyard about a mile from my house, and they sometimes yell things to me but I cannot understand them.

July 7, 2008

tammy weaver @ 7:18 pm

@Gary  Dont get too close, act like you don't see them.  Ghosts don't do that unless someone has been messing around in the graveyard breaking stuff.  Never follow an energy that's contained to one place, it could cause you unpleasent feelings, confusion, and if it's a bunch at 1 time it's of a bad energy, dont play into it.  Walk away, trust your feelings, you can't help them, they're dead.  Not you, keep on going.

July 15, 2008

Kim @ 10:51 am

Hopefully some one can tell me I haven't lost it…between the ages 11-22, I've off and on heard a soft voice just say my name..not lately, earlier when I was younger…I would turn around and nothing would be there.  Lately, things are alittle different…Within the past 2 years, I've had my tv turn on in the middle of the night a few times.  One night b4 my fiance and I went to sleep, I blew a candle out, and also licked my finger to make sure it was out..then woke up and it was lit in the middle of the night.

I don't feel "cold spots" but I do feel like im being watched, or something is around…I get very hot and wake up sweating…when i shouldnt be because it's cool in our home.

Does anyone have any input?… thanks.

HH @ 12:29 pm

This is the second or third time in a month or two that I've felt pressure and a slight tingling sensation on the middle of my back/shoulder.  It happens during the day when I'm working or just messing around the house.  No pain, just gentle pressure like a hand.  Am I losing it or is something there?  Thanks!

Lycanthrope @ 5:35 pm

Hi Kim, don't feel like you're alone or "strange" in any way.  MANY cases of paranormal activity revolve around adolescent girls.  Nobody has come up with a solid theory as to why this happens, but many, many paranormal cases involve adolescent girls.  As for what is happening now?  A little research into any change that has happened RECENTLY in your life may give you some insight into why this is manifesting now.  Keep us updated!

Hi HH, this sort of attempt at contact isn't unusual.  If this is the first time you've EVER experienced anything "paranormal" you should probably try and contact someone more experienced so that you can conduct an investigation.  If you're comfortable with paranormal activity, you should consider conducting an investigation so that you can have some sort of idea as to whether or not this sensation you are feeling is paranormal.

July 16, 2008

misty hatch @ 12:26 am

I can't say that I have been touched but I have gotten head to toe chills with hair standing on end from head to toe, very weird.  Has anyone experienced something like that?  I've seen shadowed figures and had the feeling of being followed or watched, very eerie but cool.  Felt the difference of cold and hot spots etc…just to let everyone know I'm a newbie LOL :) so hello to all of you and I enjoy reading your stuff.  You guys have some real good insight on things and interesting stories, and it's awesome.

July 21, 2008

kevin @ 6:29 am

Hello my name is Kevin.  I have been trouble sleeping lately, as you can see by looking at the time.  But for those who wake up in the middle of the night, seeing everything and trying to talk or scream or move.  You can't, all you can do is look around and then think, what you do is you pray and pray or chant then think about the person you love the most and say sorry to the ghost in your mind because you can't say it out loud.  But in my culture they call it a ghost stepping on you because they can't breathe and etc….

August 1, 2008

Cory @ 8:38 am

Hello ppl, I really don't know how to start but I will try my best.  For the past few months, about every 3rd day or so, I have the feeling that someone is running their hand across my cheek and through my hair but it isn't as if someone is physically doing it.  All my hair stands up in those spots from where my cheek starts and ends at the back of my head.  The thing that gets me is the hair only stands up in those spots where I have the sensation.  Also, I have a feeling someone is standing in my kitchen doorway or is in my daughter's room at times.  I have always thought I've seen or felt things through my entire life, but after this started happenning I just dont know what to think.

August 10, 2008

Julie @ 2:17 pm

Hi everyone,

I have had quite a few odd things happen to me in my life, but in the past few weeks things have become more persistant.  Back in March, I was half awake, and I felt someone put a gun to my head, and heard the deafening sound as they shot.  No one was there, and I was obviously ok, so I got up.  A few nights later at the same time, I felt an uneasy presence in the room, my body was getting really warm, and my heart was racing.  So I rolled over, and covered myself with the blankets.  The feeling slowly went away.  But lately this feeling happens more often… It always comes from the same direction.  I finally faced my fear and asked the question, who are you.  And although I still think I am half crazy, I could hear a response in my mind.  I was given the name "Edward Paul"… I have never heard this name before… So I faced part of my fear, but now what? 

And this getting warm, and heart racing… I always thought it was suppose to get cold… strange!

September 7, 2008

Liz @ 1:34 pm

Can a ghost choke you?

I was at my boyfriend's house, and there is clearly a ghost there – people have seen it, apparently.  He just moved in about a month ago, and I have only stayed over there three or four times.  Three of the four, I woke up at 3am, unable to sleep.  Last night, the fourth time, I felt the ghost touching me for awhile.  I've never had a ghost touch me, so I just laid there very freaked out.  After a while it stopped, I think because I eventually moved and turned on the TV.  I went back to sleep a few hours later (it took a long time for me to get back to sleep), and I dreamed that the ghost was saying something to me… When I understood the message, my airways apparently closed.  My boyfriend woke up to me gurgling because I couldn't breathe, and helped me wake up out of a semi-sleep paralysis.

September 11, 2008

traci @ 6:02 pm

For the past few weeks, I have felt pressure against me in bed like an animal is walking on me.  It was staying around my feet, but now it is moving all around me and I feel the pressure up against me.  I am not asleep or awoken, so I know it is not me dreaming it.  As soon as I turn the tv off to go to sleep and roll over, it begins.  Sometimes the bed even shakes.  I started kicking when I felt it because it was freaking me out and you would hear something hit the armoir at the end of my bed afterwards and it would quit temporarily.  My dog even was awoken by the noise and barked.  There is nothing else in the room with me.  This has happened in the past also, but now it is an every day thing.  Please help me figure out what it is.  My brother died 23 years ago when I was a teenager and I have lost a cat that I was very attached to around 15 years ago.  I haven't lived in that house for years.  In the house I use to live in 3 years ago, I would see a shadow going across the hall and it was always from the bedroom to the bathroom.  I don't know if any of this is connected but I need to know what this is.

September 18, 2008

steve @ 10:48 pm

Traci – I am having the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCES right now.  It's every night.  At first I thought it was our cat that passed away about 6 months ago, because it felt sort of like he did when he would walk up and down the bed when you were in it, but then it changed.  The ghost (whoever this is) will push down on the mattress and will hold my foot.  I don't see anyone, but I can see the mattress move and can physically FEEL the touch. 

I am on antidepressants and also meds for insomnia, so I've told my doctor, and he thinks it's probably because I take a high dose of Ambien before bed, so that it's just a hallucination, but IT HAS WOKEN ME UP BEFORE also.  In fact, this morning it was the same routine – pressing down on the bed. And this was in full daylight, as I was waking up! Needless to say, I finally said "Who is this? I know you are there?  What do you want?" but I didn't hear any reply.

September 28, 2008

traci @ 1:45 pm

I am not on any medication and this is an every night thing. It has happened to me during daylight also.

I have left a couple of things out after discussing this with others that may be significant. I was only focusing on the cat that died because that is what it feels like to me. My grandfather died around the same time this became a daily occurrence. I know that sounds pretty bad that I left that part out but I have never been close to him due to him leaving my mother as a baby and not coming back into her life until she was a late teen. They have since become close but I haven't seen him in 15 years or more plus only saw him around 6 or 7 times my whole life. I am 36 now. I had resentment for what he had done to her and hurt her. Therefore, I didn't really connect this to him since I am not close to him. But when it was pointed out to me, after looking back, it did start around the same time on a daily basis. Again, this has happened before but not an every day thing like it is now, so I kind of brushed it off that it was connected to him anyway. I just feel I need to bring it up just in case there could be a connection that someone may know. I have felt it grab my foot also. As soon as I roll over to go to sleep it starts, when I turn around to see what it is, it stops so I don't see anything moving like the blankets. When I roll back over, it will start again. It is almost like something is messing with me. It is very real however and not in my mind. I have spoken to it also, but never get anything back.

My brother died by being struck by lightning so I don't know if that holds any significance. I was not there with him when this happened but it drastically affected by life at a young age.

One more thing, I haven't pointed out that may be significant and I was going to do a search on this also. When I was a teenager, several years back, not long after my brother died, I became rebellious and started drinking at a young age. I clinically died due to drinking. I was shocked and brought back twice. It is very rare that I drink anymore, maybe once a month and I never get drunk when I do. This has been going on for several years now so it has nothing to do with drinking for me to be feeling these things either. These are the only things I can think of that could possibly have a connection with anything. Again, it is very real and it is not my imagination.

September 30, 2008

sheryl @ 5:10 pm

I was woken up around 8am this morning to something that was applying pressure to my mattress.  Something was pressing my edge of the bed, behind me, since I was laying on my side.  No one was in the room and it was also daylight.  The pressure was light, and like the weight of a cat walking, but it was like pressure behind my back on the mattress going up and down as if something was trying to wake me up………so I laid there wide awake to make sure this was not related to any dream or sleep state and it kept happening until I quickly turned my head to see if it was my cat and nothing was there.  Right before this thing started, my cat that was laying on my legs SPRANG up fast and jolted to the living room like she got scared by something (which she doesn't normally do).  I just hope it stops.

October 2, 2008

arliga @ 12:41 am

Hi everyone,
My issue is not a constant one anymore, however, I would like advice on how I can investigate it.  A few years ago, I would wake up around 3:10am every morning for at least a month.  I started waking my exwife up everytime I woke up just for proof that I wasn't dreaming.  One night I woke up to find that my t.v was glowing purple, seen it glow blue before when the vcr was on, but never purple.  It was an old tv that you had to push a number in for the channel you wanted then the number lit up.. something more odd then it being purple was that the cable box was off (the tv plugged into the cable box to feed the power), also the vcr was off and the number on the tv was off… I woke my wife for proof, turned the cable on then all went on.  Then back to black when I turned it off…I checked the vcr and that still caused a blue screen…a few nights later it happened again…. many other weird things have happened in this house before and after that time.. but I can go months and witness nothing at all.. a man died in the basement here of a heart attack in the 50's or 60's and my grandmother passed in this house last year…I do not have any equipment to ghost hunt just yet but am looking forward to buying.  But for now does anyone have any good ideas to communicate without any equipment??  All the experiences I have had made me look into ghost hunting teams…I am very interested if anyone has an opening for me…. thanx

Shar @ 9:04 am

Hi HH,

Recently my boyfriend passed away very suddenly and I am obviously in bits with grief.  For the first time in my life, before I fall asleep, I feel a tingling on my cheek and sometimes a light pressure on my back or shoulder area.  It is very relaxing for me.  Maybe Simon's come back to kiss me or hug me.  I look forward to sleeping now!

October 4, 2008

Michelle, a reader from Canada @ 9:51 pm

Hi Nicola,

I came upon this website for a different reason, but saw your post, and what you had described in your post on April 22 had been a similar experience to mine about 20 years ago  (also of several of my friends said this had happened to them).  I am compelled to respond because I didn't know what to do, or why this happened, and neither did anyone else. One of my friends thought that since this happened at a time in my life when I was making changes to become a better person, that the negative side of the universe didn't want to let me change.  I don't know if that made any sense then or now but that's what she'd said.  Don't know if this will work for you, but it worked for me.  Here is the approach that I took.  I figured that whatever it was wanted me to be afraid, like somehow this energy could gain power from my fear.  I didn't want to give up any of my power, and expected fully for an Almighty being to help me a.s.a.p.  Just know that positive energy, attracts positive energy (so go ahead and create lots of it in your life.  Laugh, Live, and Love).  Be true to yourself, belong to yourself, and trust in a Higher Power that will protect you from negative energy – then let go of any fear you may have surrounding this situation.  You don't have to worry about this, ask and trust your Higher Power (God,The Creator, or however you refer to it) to protect you and to stop this from ever happening to you again.  If it helps you to pray, then pray. Pray for whatever you need, any way you need to.  Remember that our creator is the the ultimate and all powerful – so any energy interfering with you is not nearly as powerful as your God/Creator, or any Angel that you ask to protect you.  If you ask an Angel to protect you, then an Angel will protect you.  Take Care and God Bless you.

October 6, 2008

Montis @ 11:40 pm

Hi people and good night.  It's now 12:40am.  I was thinking about the event that happened last night.  I don't claim I see things or that I have powers to see things too.. I have gone to eye docs and they said my eyes are fine.

Last night at 1:30 I would say, I could not go to sleep.  It was weird that this night was so hot I had to put on my fan facing my bed.  I sleep next to my mother and she has a big bed that makes noises when she moves on it.  She's about 56.  Okay so I can't fall asleep it's too hot, and I toss and turn.  And then I am on my side and facing out the door.  Okay… It's very dark and I have taken off my glasses to go to sleep like always.  I saw my mother walk to the living room, and so I waited for like 5 secs and she did not turn the light on yet.  So I called out for her, and she was still on the bed.  I said mom I think im seeing things.  Then after that event is when I went to sleep.  I was not scared at all.  See, just telling you this makes me see and feel.  Every time I feel something pass by me, they never seem to stay because I can look at them.  I don't want to think I have abilities.  I just want to know why I see things, and feel them and hear them.  I have a lot of stories to tell.  Like my new apartment, I hear and feel, not see, little kids running and laughing with joy.  But that's another story.  I'm not scared, I just want answers…

October 11, 2008

nikki.k @ 5:08 pm

Hi there, On Canada Day of this year my nonna (italian for grandma) passed away in a hospice peacefully by her side and holding her.  I held her hand when she went.  Now, a few months have passed, and my parents moved into my nonna and nono's house to take care of my nono as my nonna used to do everything for him.  What I am curious about is this:

The other night I drove up to my nonna's in my mom's jeep and I felt something looking at me through the passenger side window.  Nothing was visibly there, but I felt it so strongly.  I ran inside in the pitch black and it chased me.  Again still couldn't see it.  I put my stuff down inside, and then I ran into the living room with my mom and nono.  I felt this strong energy in the house, and a presence was looking at me from the left, then from the right.  I started crying because it was sooo strong I couldnt control myself.  I became instantly terrified, with this energy and presence I didnt know what to do. I told my mom and spoke with a family friend that said I am just more intune to spiritual things than others, because my mom didn't feel it.  However earlier in the day my mom did see a shadow.  We figure my nonna is just around the house, however as I write this I am feeling a very negative energy and am feeling VERY uncomfortable… So please someone help me out with what I am feeling.  Thanks – Nikki, 19

October 14, 2008

stephen @ 4:39 pm

God am I glad I have read these replies.  I have been thinking I've been going nuts, about 10 months or so ago I awoke one night and something touched my toe.  I had a feeling of a presence in the room and thought I was being burglarized.  I lay deaad still and feared to look around but nothing more happened and I fell asleep.  Ever since then, things have progressed alot.  The following is a true and genuine account of a nightly happening, and if anyone can explain it to me, it would be greatly appreciated.  I live in a modern ground floor flat.  I do not have any cats, as soon as I get into bed and very much wide awake I feel what feels like a feline jump up and walk along the mattress edge, then circle and lie on my foot or knee.  I feel its weight and when it lies down, I feel a tingly static type feeling and it makes my foot or knee warm.  I have felt 4 separate individuals on the bed at one time, one is far heavier than the others.  I have videoed all night long, yet seen nothing.  Though I do have some stills with interesting stuff on them, these things are real, what are they?  Are they paranormal, or just something yet to be recorded?  I am content with them, but curiousity is killing me.  I can find nothing out about them, thanks for reading. Stephen

October 20, 2008

Natalie @ 3:44 pm

I've been having nightmares for about a year.  Some are of ppl I've never met or seen, and stories of how they died.  I don't know if they're real or what, but I keep having them about different people.  Sometimes I wonder if it's something in my room because most of the time when I wake up from a nightmare I feel a sudden presence in my room and it's always on the left side.  Even sometimes I'll just wake up and I feel a change and my heart starts to beat like crazy.  Like I'm being watched.  I dont know what to do, or why it's happening.  It's really confusing and fustrating.  I don't watch scary movies or read books that would make me have nightmares.  One nightmare I'll never forget, it was a girl and it was very dark but there was a storm going on and she was crying tears of blood.  I don't get it, so is it a bad energy in my room or what?  I'm running out of options to explain it.

October 25, 2008

jason @ 12:46 pm

I do believe a ghost can get in anyone's dream, but you really don't know if it's a ghost or a dream.  And for me I've never been scared of nothing, but a dream I had was a shadow of a figure outside my house so I got up to see who it was.  When I went outside he moved to a different spot, so I went up to it and was going to touch the figure on the shoulder. Before I touched him, he turn towards me.  For some reason, I look to the night sky and lighting was about to hit me.  I woke up before it did, and after that every time I hear lightening or somthing loud it still gives me chills and that dream happend 8 to 10 years ago.  I never forget it .  Now I maybe dream 2 times out of a year, everything else is blank…ever since I was a kid this figure was leading me somewhere.  Then he told me to hurry that my mom is coming.  When he said that, I looked back and then looked at the figure and it was gone.  I looked back, my mom was coming out the door.  Ever since then, I could feel the presence of ghosts.

October 27, 2008

louise @ 7:56 am

I was wondering if someone can help me, I've got a list as long as my arm from the experiences I have, but I will knock it down to one.  Whenever I have a boyfriend, things start happening.  It feels like they are warnings to let me know these boyfriends are no good and they are no good.  How do I find out who could be doing this?  Once I heard a deep gruff man's voice say my son's name as if to say get out of the relationship cus my kid would get hurt by the man I was seeing.  Sure enough, whatever it was, was right.  It's right everytime.  It it's my grandparents, who I was very close to, could it be them?  I have tried EVP on my mobile phone and I'm a little scared, but I don't ever hear anything on playback.  I would love to think it's my grandparents but I don't know.  Please can someone help me on this?  Also, a bit of background.  When I was around 8 years old, my best friend's mum and her friends did the Ouija board every week.  Could something negative have followed me?  I would love to be able to write to someone in detail about my experiences and get some answers.  Many thanks.

October 28, 2008

Lisa @ 5:27 pm

I have been struggling with this for the past 4 months or so off and on.  I often wake up in the middle of night, being nudged, shaken awake and feel a cold pressence.  Last night I woke up and my jaw was quivering and body shaking as if I been been in a cold bath.  The funny thing is I just turned on the heat up prior to going to bed.  I have heard my share of the ghost stories over the years and often laughed it off.  I am a 32 year woman, of very sound mind so even telling anyone is not an option.  I can feel something there, more than once right beside me in my bed and I have been awake.  I have lost a lot of sleep, often dragged myself in to work but too ashamed to tell anyone, fearful they will think that I have lost it.  I've been doing research and it gives me the creeps even reading about it.  I would love some insight.

Chloe @ 5:51 pm

Whilst I'm sitting in my bedroom I always feel as though I'm being watched.  I start to feel uncomfortable, as this usually happens when my curtains and door are shut.  It sometimes feels as though someone's reaching out to me.  I'm not sure why.  I often find myself replying to a question in my head which nobody has asked.  I would spend ages trying to answer the question then get confused on who asked it, as I had no need to ask myself that question and nobody else had.  This sometimes un-nerves me.  Can somebody give me some input on this please?

October 29, 2008

Rebecca @ 2:49 pm

As I am a huge believer in ghosts, I'm always looking at these sites.  Whenever I do look at them, I always feel watched and that I'm doing something wrong.  My heart doesn't beat faster exactly, but I can feel it beating heavier.  Also every month or so, when I'm in bed I feel the need to cover myself up and hide away, like I'm scared of something that I can't see.  Whenever I feel like this, I always turn on the light and check if anything is there, as it always makes me nervous.  Please help.

November 1, 2008

Bobby Corwen @ 2:29 pm

I've always been interested in the paranormal, when I was a child.  But I sort of grew out of it…until I've realized that was in contact with Shadow People a couple or several times.  I seriously thought I had a health condition…or some disorder occurring within my brain that might disconnect with my breathing and body movements.  But when I heard that I wasn't alone in my experiences…my interests in the paranormal gradually comes back again.  But I'm still confused…It's either Sleep Apnoea Syndrome or Shadow People…which I don't see at all, but a blur and feel its presence.  Anyways…I'm not of the religious sort…I'm pretty agnostic because there hasn't been significant proof that God, his messengers, and Satan ever existed.  But our intuition tells us otherwise…that is significant proof enough.  The paranormal is subtle.

November 5, 2008

cassandra @ 8:34 pm

I can feel ghosts in my very old house.  I feel as if I have to look around every few minutes to make sure no one's there.  I can imagine the movements of the spirits.  I can't tell if it's my mind or if it's really my senses.  I really get interested in ghosts but I believe I have a fear problem.  In my mind I hear voices.  I want to ask who's there but no one would undertsand.  I'm not that old.  I'm very confused.  I have a friend who is like me, and understands my feelings.  She acutally had one time where she felt someone ripping her arm and now she is going to see a medium.  I fear my parents wouldn't understand.  How can I control this?  Do I really have it or not?  Please help. 

~young cassandra

November 8, 2008

Rachel @ 6:57 pm

My husband recently went to help sort out a friend's house, who recently passed away.  When he came through the door, I immediately felt another presence behind him.  The presence felt like a solid mass, but was invisible.  Why I am saying this was because the presence pushed right past me.  It was very strong.  I told my husband that he has a spirit attached to him. 

So far, the spirit hasn't done anything profound.  However, I was able to get its name on an EVP.  I have cleared my property once and was able to send the person into the light to be with his family.  However, I have only been able to get his name.  I don't feel threatened by him, but being he attached himself to my husband, who had spent time several miles from our home.  It is hard to find out anything about him.  My husband did clue me in that one of the pubs that they went to for a meal was reputed to be haunted.  I am guessing one of the spirits attached itself to my husband, as the friend was like a father to him, as he was in shock over his death.

November 14, 2008

Carrie @ 2:01 pm

Just by reading your mail I can tell it's your grandfather, and your nana is there but does not say much.  I felt that I needed to write you as I have saw and spoken before to the passed over, but never has it came to me by reading emails.  He is worried about you, he wants to watch over you still as he did not want to leave this side of life.  If you are not afraid, sit quietly in a room when you think of him, open your hand and ask him to touch it….. it's definately no bad spirit.  xx

Will @ 11:49 pm

WOW.  So, It took awhile but I finally finished reading all the comments.  I think I should start by saying that we are not crazy and that something is definitely "occurring."  Just because we can't prove that it's there doesn't mean it isn't.  Dark matter has not been detected, but it is a common scientific term.  I have a few theories, but 1st let me tell you my experiences.

My 1st exp was the day after this kid from my school climbed a tower and died from electrocution.  It was a misty day.  After a moment of silence, standing outside in a school formation, a few of us noticed smoke coming from the highest tree across the street.  The smoke started to look light a tower with a squiggly line climbing it.  Seconds later everyone else noticed this. 

Nothing really happened to me since then until earlier this year.  Around 1, 2, or 3 o'clock sometimes, when I am downstairs by myself, I start to feel a presence.  And it is not a product of fear.  I am not afraid of anything.  The crazy part is that I think I can hear the presence of whatever it is.  Not words or random sounds, but a high pitch frequency.  Now I have found that black noise is the sound of silence.

If you have never heard it before, hop in your car and close your eyes.  When I think I can hear a presence, at night, the frequency of the sound of silence increases very high.  Sometimes it even fluctuates.  Last time it happened, It fluctuated so much, that I felt like throwing up.  I believe I can sense presences.  Can someone do me a favor?  The next time something unexplainable is happening, can you focus on what you hear in terms of the loudness of silence.  -loudness of silence- that's pretty funny!

November 16, 2008

Jerad @ 10:47 pm

Recently I've been really interested in the paranormal.  In the next couple weeks, me and a friend of mine are going to attempt to find some evidence of paranormal activity in the Bridgewater Triangle, namely the Hockomock Swamp, also known as The Devil's Swamp, named by early settlers.  This is going to be the first time either of us have done anything of this sort before.  We're both really interested and intrigued (SP) by the unknown.  We've been researching the history behind the swamp and triangle for the last couple days, fairly sure that we know almost everything that has happened there for the last couple hundred years.  I'm just wondering if anyone has any kind of advice for the both of us.  Any and all advice will be glady put to use.  Thank you for your time, and I'm going to be looking forward to responses from anyone.

November 23, 2008

Michelle from New Jersey @ 6:30 pm

I think I have a ghost in my house.  A couple of times at night when I am in bed but not asleep I heard a voice whisper my name.  Very strange.  What is making me write this right now is I just went in my bedroom where my son (2) is taking a nap, he woke up yelling mama mama.  I put him back asleep and just as I was lying next to him, it felt like someone sat next to me on my bed.  Now I don't want to shut the door, I need to see my son.  And a lot of other strange things have been happening as well.  My mom's volume on her tv kept going up and down.  The microwave goes on by itself.  I just want to know who it is.  Whoever or whatever it is, I dont think it/they are harmful, just lost.

February 4, 2009

gomsi @ 4:00 pm

A few days back while I was sleeping on my bed inside my quilt, I felt like somebody spoke….. into my ears but nobody was there…. after a few seconds the dog outside also started crying.  Is all this coincidence or I can feel the presence of ghosts?

February 7, 2009

Ethan @ 11:34 pm

Hello Michelle, I doubt you will get my message, but it does sound like it is a ghost.  The reason I believe this is because I have almost the same experiences you say you have, pretty often.  If you want to talk about experiences, or talk to me about who the spirit could be if is a spirit (I am not saying it isn't) then just post here a second time saying something like you want to talk (include my name if you can) and I will try to get back to you. (This also goes for anyone else who has similar experiences.)

February 15, 2009

Lori B @ 10:48 pm

Hi Nicola:
Recently I have been trying to contact a well known psychologist that died while I was in Iraq.  He was also a friend of mine.  I have had that freezing feeling as well…and I was in a warm shower.

Lori B @ 10:53 pm

You should definitely contact a medium.  You are fine.

Lori B @ 10:58 pm

Thanks for the Wikipedia color of noise link. playstation has this weird buzz, and the TV is perfect.  Also, my light bulbs burn out and then work again.  I also have felt like I need to throw up.  You see, I have been working very hard on contacting a famous psychologist, very old, who died and he was also a sort of boyfriend too.  I have wanted signs very badly.  He has given me small signs, like moving objects while I sleep (very tiny ones)..but never moves what I dare him too.  Apparently, their strength resembles that of humans.

Lori B @ 11:01 pm

As I have said in other comments, I have been trying desperately to contact my dead and somewhat famous ex-boyfriend psychologist friend.  He was very old when he died.  Anyway, after that, sometimes when I went to my parents' house, they all heard footsteps coming down the hall…they thought someone had broken in, but there was never anyone there.

February 18, 2009

jessa @ 4:35 pm

Wow—it's nice to know I'm not losing my mind.  Two weeks ago, I was fast asleep and I felt like I was woken up…right away I got really abnormally hot and I was sweating.  It's hard to explain, but I could feel someone in the room with me, the air was kinda blurry and I could see a figure … I completely lost my voice couldn't speak or move.   I felt this figure come near me and touch me—right as it happened I turned ice cold.  I've never experienced anything like it before in my life.  Eventually maybe 10 minutes later everything went back to normal and I left my room crying.  When I went back to my room a few minutes later, I brought my dog with me because I didn't want to be alone even though usually he's not allowed in the bedroom—crazy as this sounds the first thing he did when he got into the room is sniff up in air exactly where I had seen this figure.  Two nights ago, I was sleeping in a different room same house and I experienced the feeling once more…

Does anyone have any advice what to do?   I'm scared of it, and I'm scared most people will think I'm absolutely insane.  I've lived in this same house for more than 10 years and it has never happened to me before.

February 19, 2009

Sandra Nordstrom @ 11:49 am

I have also felt something on my mattress, as if someone were pushing down on the mattress.  For the entire month of December 2009 , it felt like there was someone else in the room with me.  And I would see strange apparitions in my room.  One night, I had woken up and above me it looked as though there was a door and people were going thru it..  I thought how odd not really realizing what I was seeing or associating any of this with the paranormal until the first day of 2009.  For the first six days of the New Year, something strange happened to me.  From seeing a ghost, to something attaching itself to me, to ghost spirits going inside me.  I still feel the pressure on my bed, but it's not every night now.

February 25, 2009

charlie @ 12:39 am

Jessa, I have to ask first if anyone you know has recently passed away.  Possibly, someone is attempting to make contact with you.  Or if not, and you feel the presence might be evil, have you been to any known haunted locations, used a ouija board or anything to talk to the dead, or possibly brought an item like an antique home prior to this occurring?  If you're a religous person, you can get your pastor to bless your home(item) and that should take care of it.  If ouija boards were the cause, I would definitely stop using it, just because you can't trust whatever it is you contact.  If you need something stronger, I would definitely contact a priest (Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal) and have them bless some salt, oil and water for you to keep in your home.  Any will do, epsom salt, olive oil, and plain tap water.  Hope that helps!  God Bless

March 2, 2009

Jay polson @ 9:38 pm

I'm 11 and I used to live in a house with lots of paranormal activity.  I used to see them walk through the hall past my bedroom.  Sometimes they scream when they walk.  My sister had gotten the most visits by angry spirits.  One of them possessed a doll (sister's case).  My mom had had a couple of visits too. She had a old man who came and talked to her about revenge against his wife.  My sister had an old woman come up to her side of the bed, and jump on her shaking her head and scream.  My sister was astonished.  Holy water.

March 3, 2009

Vicky @ 2:40 pm

I too have felt ghosts at night.  It's the same feeling everytime… last night was the first time in a few months.  It wakes me while sleeping on my stomach.  I sleep alone.  The touch is gentle yet with pressure.  I bite my hand to make sure I am awake.  Then without moving my head, I glance over to a picture in my room to make sure I am awake.  Once I decide I must be awake, I concentrate on what I am feeling.  ALWAYS on my tummy and ALWAYS at my legs.  I sleep under bedding so no direct touch ( I guess???) with "it".  Something is working its way up my legs (nothing sexual, I repeat nothing sexual).  It's a slow move at both my legs.  Both sides.. a slow cat kneading type feel.  Once I allowed it to move all the way to my shoulders before I moved.  Every time I move slightly, it would stop then start again. 

I call out and ask what they want.  They stop kneading and moving, then start again.  The only time it stops completely is when I turn over and look for it.  This morning I decided I would turn the t.v. on without turning over.  I reached the headboard for the remote.  I fumbled with the buttons and the kneading slowed but never stopped.  When I finally did get the t.v. on, the kneading moved back down my legs to my feet and stopped.  Almost like someone was sliding off the bed and my feet were the last to touch.  That was 3 AM.  I called my sister to verify I was not dreaming.  I wish "it" would stop.  This time, I was uncomfortable.  Past times, I didn't feel scared and thought it was kinda cool.  Not last night.

March 12, 2009

wendy @ 12:35 pm

I had a very scary experience and am wondering if anyone can explain it.  In the Fall, I was visiting Budapest and rented an apartment.  It was an old craftsman workshop with two-story vaulted ceilings that had been converted with a loft for a bed.  As soon as I walked in the door, I knew I didn't want to stay there, but as that reaction seemed silly I just left my stuff and went out to explore.  I came back to the apt. after dark and was overwhelmed with the bad energy right away, especially in the loft area where I was sleeping.  The reaction was so strong that I was shivering and sweating and didn't get any sleep until dawn. Is Budapest a very haunted place?  It seemed to have a general bad energy.  Why would the ceiling area be particularly creepy?  I didn't see or feel anything touching me.

March 13, 2009

joanne @ 9:07 am

Since my mom died November 30, 2007, I have been getting premonitions. I see things, people, occurances.  Then they happen, maybe a day, week or so later.  At first I dismissed them.  But then they started happening more frequently.  At first I didn't notice until I recognized certain things in the paper, and situations..If you tell people, they think "your nuts."  So I don't tell anyone, anymore.  How do I find out information about this?  I'm not afraid, but want to know more or be educated about these strong feelings.  They come without a moments notice, at work, rest, play.  Am I just hoping for something?  Am I really reacting to some form?  Please help.  Any suggestions?

March 14, 2009

Dave @ 10:18 pm

My mum had an heart attack in front of me in the car and died a day and a half later.  I have felt coldness in the house, especially in the kitchen and room where she sat, but no traumatic events took place there.  Also had knocking sounds on doors leading to the room where she sat, and also goosebumps and hairs stand on end.

March 20, 2009

Gabrielle @ 12:32 pm

I am seeking an answer as to why and if this has happened to anyone alse?  I have experienced a presence about 4 times in the space of 4 years.  It has come into my room, it is male and as to say "evil."  When it would enter my room, my back was always to the door and it would take control of me and I would not be able to move.  It would speak to me in a violent way and would threaten me and I could even hear the sound of a knife being pulled out and could feel it bend over me.  The last time this has happend was Christmas time in 2008 and I was in my room (this has happened in 4 seperate houses and 4 seperate towns and is the same presence each time.)  I was sleeping but woke to my door opening, I thought it was my brother, but of course was this "spirit" or presence and i was frozen again it moved ever so quikly like the speed of light. and then (im getting goose bumps as i type this) it was right beside me standing by my bed and I could not see a face just a dark figure like a shadow.  It then seemed like it dove inside me through my neck.  I felt its anger it had taken over me but I was still me but the presence as well and I was fighting it and trying to wake up and get out of bed.  I was rolling around on my bed trying to get it out of me.  I asked it a question, I asked "What do you want from me? "  It replied in an angry man's voice "answers!!!"  Then it left my body, and I could move and got up out of bed and turned the light on.  I was absolutely frightened and shaking and stared crying hysterically.

I woke my family up because i was so scared and I was to frightened to sleep.  It took me about a year to be able to sleep in a room alone again and I could not sleep properly for so long.  My twin brother decided to tell me about 6 months after my final interaction with this "presence," that it happened to him a few times but the presence would lay on his bad next to him but never did anything alse.  This has not happend to either of us since.   I would really like to know the answer as to why this has happened, and what does it mean and was it a presence or spirit and WHO is it?

Gabrielle @ 12:40 pm

I have had the same experience and try not to tell people either because yes they think we are nuts.  I dream of somthing and then it is either in the paper the next or following days, or on tv, or just happens to me or someone I know.  I'm not scared of it either, but I don't want it to happen anymore.

March 23, 2009

Keni @ 7:19 pm

Hi Belinda,

This is regarding your message written on June 5, 2008. 

I think that what you describe is the beginning of an OBE (Out of Body Experience).  I say this to you because my husband has been having these experiences since he was a little boy.  The first stage of his OBEs is when he hears a buzzing sound, and he wants to wake up because he hates having these OBEs, and he finds himself floating in the room, as an energy light.  But, as soon as he wants to move his body to "wake up," he just can't no matter how much he tries.  Sometimes, he tells me to wake him up if I feel him doing small sudden involuntary movements with his fingers or hands, because he knows he will have an OBE.  I think you should try to relax and let yourself go, and start wandering INSIDE your house.  By thought you can be in any place in a second, passing through walls and all matter.  Don't go outside.  My husband has told me that he has gone only a few times outside the house and had found other dark lights.  He says he can see us sleeping and can see our lights.  It might be the beginning of your OBEs.

Lil @ 9:59 pm

Ok, well I live in a 2 story house.  And I cannot sleep downstairs.  I'd wake up in the middle of the night very scared.  EVERYTIME.  I'll feel things, like the feeling in your back when someone's behind you.  I can't sleep on my side with it facing the oepn space.  Even upstairs in my mom's room it's weird.  I cant sleep there.  Once I fell asleep and I woke up to a scream in my ear and each time it woke me, it got louder and louder.  In my room, I feel wierd but not as much as other places in my house.  One time I felt something going down my back and I laid on my back and I felt tingles in my fingers.  It was extremely weird.  Once I actually got to speak to a friend who recently passed away but a lot of wierd stuff has happened before and after that.  We're the only ones who lived in this house.  We built it.  Lived in it for 18 yrs, going on 19.

March 26, 2009

Gene @ 4:35 pm

Please Help!  I recently have had similar experiences to what I have been reading about.  No auditory sensations, but I have had a tap on the foot and hand and one afternoon I awoke to something brushing my hair very aggressively.  I am scared to say I saw something floating in a figure eight motion above me the other night.  It was dark with a sort of glow around it and I could make out the features it looked scary (the glow consists of like when oil hits water and has a type of rainbow tint to it).  Nevertheless, it was very frightening.  I have also gone through a paralyzed state where I can't move or yell for help.  I am scared this is a demon or could it be a ghost… please help.


March 29, 2009

Michelle Myers @ 2:13 am

Gene – The paralyzed state is known as "sleep paralysis."  This often happens early in the morning just before waking—or right before sleep at night.   As Keni commented (2 comments before yours), it could also be the beginning stages of astral projection/OBE.  Google "sleep paralysis" for more information on this topic. 

The feeling of being touched (on the foot, hand, hair) is fairly common.  If you think you may have paranormal activity, please see this post on how to test a house for paranormal activity.  Based on what you've written, I don't think you have anything to worry about. 

March 30, 2009

sky @ 12:03 am

My best friend died a few days ago in a fatal car accident.  When she died, her neck broke.  When I was driving today, I felt a strong presence that someone was with me in the car and my neck tightned up.  I got this sense of negative energy and started panicking a lil bit.  I felt weak and felt like if I looked over in the driver's seat, I would see her there all deformed from the wreck and stuff.  Shouldn't I feel a warmth that she's looking out for me, instead of this dense scary energy?

April 1, 2009

Gene @ 5:37 pm

Thanks Michelle.

April 10, 2009

Brittany @ 1:19 pm

Sky – I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.

I'm not completely a professional on this, but I've been experiencing paranormal activity almost all my life.  From what I've read, this could be you feeling your friend in the car with you since it happened such a short time ago, and panicked because you didn't want to see her at the time and just thought of the worst. But don't worry…if you did see her you, you wouldn't see her in the state that she was in after the crash…you'd see her how she looked before.  I'm not sure why it happens this way…but that's all I know.  I hope I helped you some.

April 12, 2009

sharne jacobs @ 1:46 pm

I have something in my room…I have felt it so much.  My room gets cold.  I wake up and see someone standing over me.  I really don't know what to do…I have recorded it and taken photos, so no one thinks I'm crazy, and they can see it too.  I recorded, and I saw about 15 different faces on my wall.  I have photos, each one different and they don't look good at all.  What brings this in??  The video I took, it looked like a lady was trying to tell me something.  It looked like someone was getting beaten up.  I am a very depressed person, could they be hanging on to me??  I see them at work, follows me a lot and I don't like it.  What is the 3rd eye, have I opened it up?

April 14, 2009

Tami @ 10:24 pm

I've owned a home for 10 years now and just moved into it five months ago.  Since then I have had 2 incidents in the home and 1 at another home.  About 2 months ago while sleeping, I was awakened by the weight of someone getting in the bed and pulling me back towards them.  I was not frightened at the time but said "don't" a few times and was let go.  Two nights ago, I again felt the weight behind me and the feeling of the beginnings of a beard brush against my cheek.  This time, I was unable to move or say anything, but it went away.  I don't feel like I know the person.  Since the day I first came into this home, I felt at peace and everyone that visits says the same thing.  So, I am surprised by this person, who could it be?  Would it just be someone connected to the home, or could it be someone that I knew?

Two months ago, I was at a friend's house sleeping and woke to hear my dog (who passed away after 16 years, 1 year ago) jumping and whining to get up on the side of the bed.  I didn't want to look because I knew she wouldn't be there, but a moment later she jumped up and I felt her lay down against the back of my legs in a ball like she used to do.  Again, I couldn't bring myself to reach down and pet her, for fear she would go away.

April 18, 2009

shirley @ 7:02 am

I haven't seen anything but I do get this feeling on top of my head.  My husband died just over 2 years ago.  At nightime, just as I am getting off to sleep, I sometimes have this feeling of a tremendous gust of wind or energy behind me.  Sometimes I go with the flow and let it happen and other times like last night, it was so strong I felt as though my body was shaking—as though something was going right through me.  I let out a scream and my daughter heard me.  What can this be?

Gina @ 4:09 pm

Okay so it started when I was like 5 years old.  I was asleep and all of a sudden I felt something stroke my hair so I jumped up in bed and saw this woman with dark hair curled up lying on the end of the bed.  I glanced back at the spot where she was again, and there was nothing there.  After that, nothing happened for years until I was 11 years old.  When I was that age, I had just recently started sharing a room with my sister and at first I slept like a baby but then I started to feel like someone was watching me so I couldn't sleep at all.  I would basically stay up all night.  So then one night I got really scared and ran to my mother's room and slept in there then I didn't feel eyes on me.  And sadly I am now 13 years old and will be 14 this year and I still sleep in my mother's room and nothing's happened.  But lately during the day and at night no matter where I am I feel eyes on me,and I swear sometimes I see random people walking past me when I'm alone in a room.  And feel like something's touching my hair or mostly my back but I always flinch away, then it stops.  And just recently I was in my mother's room talking on the phone on my knees, partly on the bed and then suddenly I felt a finger going down my spine but when I turned around nothing was there.  And whenever I'm alone, I always feel like someone's eyes are watching my every move.  Can someone please help me!

April 26, 2009

katie @ 4:40 am

Hey, I haven't seen a ghost in my room but can definately feel the presence of one.  I can feel it moving around me and making strange noises.  Last night my friend stayed over and heard someone whisper her name.  What can I do?  x

May 3, 2009

maya @ 7:20 pm

Hi, I always feel the presence of someone watching me even when I'm not alone.  I don't get scared when someone is there in the house or outside with me but when I'm alone.  I've been through lots of situations related to ghosts, so sometimes I even think it's just in my head, but when I think it at the same time something happens, lights turn on or off.  I get the goose bumps and feeling of someone walking away from me.  Idk if it is some spirit or ghost, or just in my head.

May 7, 2009

Vicky @ 8:03 pm

I'm normally not one to believe in ghosts…or religion for that matter, but lately i've been getting a strong feeling of a ghost's presense.  It's kind of hard to explain, and I feel really ridiculous trying to talk about with other people about it—but I'm beginning to get really worried.  I seem to only feel the presense of this ghost whenever I'm in my room (usually resting), and between the hours of 7-10pm.  Whatever it is, it's not friendly.  It's happend to me three times since the beginning of the year—usually the room gets slightly colder, I hear a slight ringing, and then I almost feel paralyzed – unable to move or call for help.  It's then that I feel as though something is touching me, sometimes it feels as though something is pulling the blankets over my head, or just lying next to me.  If that's not weird enough – I can also hear it.  By that, I mean I can actually "hear" the blankets moving towards my head or someone's obvious presence next to me.  No one close to me has died recently, and I can't figure out why I'm the only one in my house to experience this.  Please help.

wendy @ 11:04 pm

Hello, one day I went to the neighbour's dads home with her to get some old tubs out of the yard.  I knew that her dad layed dead in there for ten days of a heart attack, the neighbour lady was actully born in my house.  Anyway, in the middle of the night I woke up and had very intense pins and needles all over my entire body and was paralyzed, this lasted for about 30 seconds.  Could you help me understand this?

May 8, 2009

jason @ 11:37 pm

MAY 08 2009  You say you can feel the energy, but I feel everything.  First, it started about at 10.00 pm tonight.  I dropped a friend off and as soon as they got out of the car I felt an energy, a warm feeling in my heart and I got goose bumps and out of nowhere tears.  An hour later, the pain comes and goes but the tears keep flowing.  My roomate thinks I'm having anxiety attacks but I don't think he is right.  I believe that something is telling me sometthing.  How do I help? What do i do?  It's real strong the energy.  I can help.  I want to.

May 11, 2009

kathy @ 5:49 am

Hi, my brother has just moved into a house with his girlfriend & her 3 children.  She split from her husband who was violent, he keeps seeing a little girl around the age of 5 in the house but just lately she goes out in the car with them and to my mums house.  She seems to be guarding the children, but last night things changed.  My bro saw her several times last night and when he went upstairs he called to his g/f.  She said I'm just coming, then he heard a noise like a chair moving he ran down to find his g/f on the floor face down in a state of death.  He tried for ages to bring her round, then he slapped her face she screamed and ran upstairs locking herself in.  Her ex used to do this so she thought it was him, so my bro was upset and tried to flee the house but could not find his keys to get out so he stayed.  Today he asked he what happened, she said that something pushed her to the ground and held her hands behind her back she saw my bro but she was watching from the ceiling she saw and heard all but couldnot respond.  Something was holding her back, he also asked about the keys.  She said she locked the door before he went to bed with her keys and left them in the lock, but when they looked his keys were in there and hers were on the computer.  Can anyone help them, as they are really scared.

May 16, 2009

Alicia @ 3:21 pm

I feel these voices in my head of other people telling me what they want me to do and sometimes I see them all the time in the middle of the night in the corner of my eye by my door.  And it's scary because I'm only 13 and I don't know what to tell my parents.  I know what they are because I get the feeling there's a woman, man, and sometimes a child.  But at my old house, there was a woman and about five of her kids and I don't know what to do anymore.

May 19, 2009

Nikki @ 11:43 am

I always witness some type of paranormal stuff…like…when I was younger I would lay in my bed and I would see a dark cloud forming toward the ceiling. Then one day I was going to the bathroom, and I saw a man sitting in my grandma's chair and when I told her what I saw, she said that was her father.  When I am trying to go to sleep, I hear people talking.  There have been times where I thought I have seen someone and they quickly disappeared.  I have been pinned down in my sleep..couldn't even talk or move.  I sometimes feel ghosts or spirits around me, sometimes even smell tobacco or perfume I know I don't smoke or wear.  I used to live in a house with my grandma and strange things would the vcr tape would go in by itself and play…or the tv would come on if I have it turned off…

I often dream about dead people but it never make any sense at all. We moved into another house and one day, I was laying on my bed and I felt someone sit on my bed.  I thought it was a relative, but when I looked up I saw no one.  My grandma and I decided to get our own seperate apartments.  On my first day at my apartment, I was laying in the bed waiting on my son to come home…I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked up again, no one was there.  A lot has been going on…my grandmother who is now deceased used to tell me that I was weird.  One day I was sleeping after her death…I could hear her calling me right in my eardrums…but I knew she was dead and she told whoever she was talking to "She always does that" in a joking way…I got up to see her and she wasn't there.  I always dream about people who have passed on, but I dont understand what is it that they want from me.  I was asleep on my couch and I had my door open…I was awaken by a loud noise…My door had slammed…and the wind was not blowing…What is going on?  I know I am not crazy, I am not on drugs…Whoever this spirit or ghost is, they like to do things when or while I am trying to sleep.  It's like I am being followed…Things come up missing when I know I just had them.

May 20, 2009

Jamie W @ 4:33 am

Hi, I have a story about my previous house. The house was 80+ years old, we moved in but couldn't afford to decorate straight away, the decor was old fashioned etc but clean and well looked after. Just to add, we were told that the owners died of old age in a nursing home/hospital. The night we moved in I sat on an armchair in front of the window watching tv when I got a very strong smell of tobaco, as soon as my wife came over to smell it, it was gone. Months went by and then we had the money to start home improvements. 1st job was ripping out old fireplace and then replaced kitchen, a few weeks after the work was done my wife had a strange experience. We had went to bed and she was woke up by the presence of somebody staring at her, she turned towards me (I was fast asleep) and there was an old man leaning on me staring at her, she said she couldn't move and couldn't talk, the figure went backover into the wall and she drifted off back to sleep, confused that she felt semi-concious during this.

This freaked us a little but we put it down to a dream etc. My wife also described this figure to have a black hat on, grey hair at the sides and a heavy wrinkled face. (The shock is at the end) Next strange thing was one of the kids (5 yrs old at the time) kept having nightmares about an old man's face coming out of the wall (the wall that separated his bedroom from ours). He said it was looking at him, but he couldn't do anything or scream etc. I just passed these experiences off as bad dreams etc and chose not to think anything into it…..until. One night I was asleep and awakened by an ice cold feeling on my face and shoulder, I turned onto my back but couldn't move my arms, legs, couldn't even open my eyes etc.  The cold got worse and then I felt a pressure on my ankles, kind of pushing into the matress and then letting them spring up and then repeating it again.  I felt fully awake in mind but not body, this feeing went and I then woke up on the morning shocked and confused. I told my wife about it and both our experiences had this same semi consious feeling. Just to top it all off, 3 days later the other kid who shares the same room as his brother was having his breakfast and asked my wife why we left the cat on his bed during the night, he said that he felt it bouncing on his feet, the cat was put out on a night.

Now the biggest shock came when my wife was doing a bit of work in the front garden, the neighbour passed and in conversation mentioned that the previous owner would have been proud of the work she had put in, my wife used this oppertunity to ask what he looked like, the response was "funny old bloke, we used to laugh coz he never took his hat off, even in the summer", she then went on to describe the grey hair and heavy wrinkles. Just to top it off she then went on to say he dropped down dead in the garden and his wife died in the living room in an arm chair in front of the window. We immediatly put the house on the market and moved. Thanks for reading, long but tried to put as much detail as I could into it.

May 23, 2009

Darien @ 11:38 pm

Hey, when I'm in my room alone, I feel like I'm being watched and when I lie down, I feel like something's touching me.  Like it starts at my hair and sends a tingling sensation down half my body.  At the begining I feel like a hand is resting on my side then it feels like the hand is moving all over my side.  Is that normal?  Well not normal, but how should i say this, bad?

May 26, 2009

Ti @ 3:49 pm

I feel different, more like some one's touching me. Like spider webs are all over my body. Sometimes, at night when I feel bad like my muscles, it cares for them. I used to be able to see them when I was young. Call me crazy if you want. I don't like the way it feels when they touch me.

May 27, 2009

henry @ 3:13 pm

Yeah, I get that too.  Sometimes I feel tingly and some one is touching my hand, when I'm laying down.

June 2, 2009

Julia @ 4:07 pm

Alright ever since my brother passed away six years ago I have had paranormal experiences. My first experience was with my step-sister Sammy while we were outside. The same girl from a year ago was standing at the end of our drive-way. Sammy told me not to move as the girl started walking up to the porch. Soon the walking turned into inhuman speed and she was on our porch about two feet away. Well Sammy went inside because she said she had an uneasy feeling but I stayed. I felt a cold presence around me (this was a hot summer night) and I felt really sad. This girl's coat was torn with the stuffing coming out and her hair was tatted and greasy too. Finally I said sorry to her and walked inside the house.

The second was when I started dating my boyfriend three years ago. I was talking to him on the phone and I felt someone put their arms around my waist. Then it got tighter everytime I spoke to my him. I felt like something was jealous or being very protective of me.

The third was at my dad's house. I took a picture with no flash in a closet and a face appeared in it. It looked as if it was screaming. And it also looked like someone was standing in a bent doorway. Later on the radio would come on by itself plugged in or not. That was in my sisters room. My mom and I decided to sleep in there but I had to rush her out because I had a bad vibe from the room and closet. Then my dad left and we couldn't find him so we went to the cemetery where my brother is buried. My mom said she saw something move over near Tanis's (my brother) tomb stone so she got out of the car. A black figure ended up running infront of the car and there was a bunch of other paranormal activity going on there. I am not lying on any of this. I speak only the truth and only want to find out more.

June 3, 2009

Candy Mohr @ 3:25 pm

I just want to say I never believed in ghosts, but I had something happened just in the past month.  Can you email me your address so I can discuss somethings that I don't understand?  I need your help in understand what I need to communicate with them.

June 5, 2009

Sabrena @ 3:12 pm

I believe I am a medium, I can feel the presence of ghosts and can tell if you have a demon or spirit in you… I know, weird right? Does anyone else get that weird feeling when a ghost or someone or something is near/watching you? My feeling is like the feeling of fear down my spine (only my spine) and then my stomach seems to disolve into the air…

June 9, 2009

lance @ 3:40 am

I totally believe in ghosts and I swear there is one in this one room in the basement in my house…I used this room for the longest time for the computer room it was also the spare bedroom but it is seriously always so damn cold no matter what.  The room across is never that cold and it doesn't make sense.  It's a small closed area with a vent. I have always felt like I'd hear voices when I was in there of ppl inside my house and I would seriously look around the house and nothing then I'd go back down and hear them and still nothing.  I just have always had mad chills in that room…the other day my friend walked in there he said he felt something walk through him and it scared the crap out of him lol but I don't know, it doesnt make any sense. This room never heats up no matter how high the furnace is on. Sorry for the run-on sentences but yeah that's my story.  Might think it's lame, but just thought I'd share.

mya @ 11:50 pm

woah…that's crazy

June 14, 2009

Ashley @ 5:10 pm

It happens to me alot. Like mostly when I'm alone. When I go to sleep, I have the tv on, and everything goes blank even though it is still there. I hear this ringing noise, and I can feel a ghost. Somtimes it's really bad energy, but I have to live with it. I'm used to it already.

June 17, 2009

sophie @ 3:04 am

I want to know why I have an overwhelming feeling of fear that just comes over me and then I can feel like something is watching me, or is in the same room with me. I can walk in certain areas of a facility and certain doorways I will not cross because of the overwhelming fear that hits me all of a sudden when I try to enter the room. I can sense events that happened in the room, and if it's bad I find myself not being able to enter because of the presence that is there.

June 26, 2009

Tom @ 5:10 pm

Finally…people who can actually 'feel' ghosts with me. I can sense where they are in a room or something..some will be easy too 'look at' but others..they just disappear. Is it stupid to say that teenagers like me get this 'thing' alot? It really scares me sometimes.

July 1, 2009

susan @ 12:49 pm

I just found this site. I hve been told I am a sensitive, and I was also told by two renowned psychics, that I have the same gift they do! How do you cultivate this gift? My sister also has this, and actually had to be taught to turn it off.

I was concerned the other day, when I was standing in my kitchen, I felt uneasy, and them I got really sick like I wanted to vomit, I ran out of the kitchen. Said a prayer of protection. What could this have been?

July 5, 2009

Michelle Baker @ 11:47 am

I am not sure if this is anything to do with feeling the presence of a ghost, but this is what happened to me this morning. I woke up this morning around 6am and came into my living room and tried to have a little sleep on the sofa. I then felt like there was somebody else was in the room with me. I also heard a strange noise which I would describe as the sea late at night. Where you can hear the waves and wind…. I then felt as if someone had sat next to me on the sofa, even the sofa slightly went down where there was an extra pressure of someone sitting down on it.

I refused to open my eyes because I was so terrified. My heart was racing and my body felt really heavy, almost where I couldn't move. I'm not not sure what this feeling was but it really scared me. My grandma passed away last week who lived in another country. I'm not sure if it was her but it just felt really uncomfortable. I don't know if it was her or something else, or not anything to do with ghosts. Does anybody know anything about what I experienced today?

July 6, 2009

Dennis @ 4:08 am

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share some experiences I've had, and I was wondering if anyone has felt anything similar, or if anyone knows what types of spirits cause this. While I've certainly felt the "tingly" "electric", and cold, numb "goosebumpy" feelings that others have mentioned here, I've also felt some other types of sensations. I've had cold droplets of water sprinkled on me a few times over the years, (indoors, no leaky roof or anything). The first time it happened, I was laying in bed and a drop fell right on my forehead – it was very cold water, and there was nothing overhead that could have caused it.

Another time a fine spray hit me on the side of the head, on my temple. My wife has had this happen to her as well. Also, on a few occasions, both my wife and I have felt a jet or puff of air blown on our heads, in our hair (indoors, windows closed). It was a puff of air like you would feel if someone was above you trying to blow air on your head through pursed lips. It was a narrow jet of air and had a vibrating quality to it (almost like one would expect if a hummingbird was hovering over their head, but with a bit more force.)

On some occasions, we've smelled a floral smell in the house, as though someone brought in a bouquet of fresh flowers. A couple of times, the house smelled like someone lit a candle. We first started experiencing these things when my wife was pregnant with our first child, and they were more common when our two daughters were very young. We've moved a few times and these experiences have followed us – so they don't seem specific to one location. Although less common now, we still experience these things once in a while, although it's usually just a mild tickling or "electric" sensation in our hair once in a while. Has anyone else felt these types of things? What do you make of this?

Ally Tu @ 4:28 am

Hi everyone, I'm not sure how this works but here goes. Here's my first experience that I believe I was visited by a spirit; in the fallof '08, I don't remember exactly, i was sleeping one night like normal then all of a sudden in the middle of the night I begin to sort of wake up and and all of a sudden I hear like this a roaring noise like when you jump into a pool and all the water rushes around you, anyways that happens to me and then like what's been said. I open my eyes and I see this shadow-dark figure standing above me and it gets vague here like I THINK he tried to grab me or something (this happened when I still shared a room with my twin sister, this has never happened to her) and I tried to move or scream but I couldn't and I shut my eyes (that's the only way I can move) and then the man is gone.

That's my first experience, and then a like 4 or 5 months ago it happened to me again. I had moved into my new place by now for a couple of months now. This is what happened, I had just fallen asleep and then all of a sudden I get that roaring noise in my ears again and I realized what was happening to me again so I tried to move again couldn't. Then all of a sudden, I get this tugging feeling like on my right side, I peek through my eyes and it''s a boy about 7 or 8, and hes saying to me, "Come play with me, come play with me."  Then he's shaking my legs and he's gone, but then not even 5 min later he comes back (still can't move) but on my left side and he whispers into my ears like 3 thimes "He's coming to get me, help me, save me, help me" then he's gone. Could someone please explain if I was really visited by spirits? And if yes what does this mean for me? Also this all happened in the same house, the house is only 5 or 6 years old, my family is the first to move into it. Please someone tell what is going on, I'm terrified to sleep now in my house/room. Everytime I hear anything late at night, no matter what, I can't sleep now.

July 7, 2009

Jessica @ 11:08 am

Alicia (and to anyone else who is afraid when they feel spirits around them),

I hope you get this. Don't be afraid because that will give the spirits power. They are probably not trying to hurt you. I have a presence in my house who likes to watch me and sometimes she tries to get really close and touch me. Whenever I feel her get too close, I just tell her to stop. Be confident and say "Please leave me alone. I don't want you to touch me." Most of the time, this should work. Just be sure of yourself when you say this. After you tell them this, go on with what you were doing.

Jessica @ 11:10 am

The same thing goes for if they are talking to you and you want them to stop.

Angela @ 12:15 pm

Hi all,

I think I've had visions and felt the presence of spirits as well, however I'm a very skeptical person, and don't like to believe it. I was in a car accident with my mother back in 2001, and I think I was unconscious when I had a vision of a woman dressed in white smiling at me, she was sort of floating in the air and smiling constantly. I asked her "why are you smiling, can't you see I'm dying?" she didn't reply, but just kept smiling. Then I woke up, and noticed the airbag had opened, so I figured it was just my airbag. Another time, as I climbing up the stairs at my old house, I suddenly saw my mom's dead aunt sitting in our couch, I freaked out, and my heart was beating really fast, I felt very scared, and had immense anxiety. In another occasion, I visited Eastern Europe and I went to see some ancient ruins, as I was standing there, I felt the presence of spirits, I suddenly had this vision of a young woman and a young man laughing with each-other and running around me. They were dressed in white, and they were just laughing and playing with each-other. Their presence made me feel good, but also strange. I didn't say a word to anyone though.

I also dream every night, sometimes I have very bad nightmares. Most times, I can feel presences. I get a shivery feeling down my spine, and I look around me, but no one's there. Is this normal, do any of you know why this happens to me???

Michelle Myers @ 10:26 pm

Jamie W — Great story, thanks for sharing.

Dennis — Yes, phantom smells are very common.  So is the mild tickling or "electric" sensation (thought to be connected to when a spirit touches you).  Cold droplets of water, however, are more unusual.  After ruling out a leaky roof or HVAC problems, it could be connected to condensation from ectoplasm, apparitions, cold spots, mist, etc.

Jessica — Good advice.  If you are ever uncomfortable with something that a spirit is doing (banging things, turning lights on and off, touching you, etc.), tell them to stop in a respectful but confident way.  Most spirits are completely harmless, and some of them are unaware that they have died/passed on.

July 10, 2009

susan @ 9:33 am

The smell of flowers, especially roses, is said to be associated with the Virgin Mary…that is a good thing.

July 13, 2009

Thelma @ 3:04 am

Is it true that 'prime hour' is at 3:00am, when most ghost activity is active? If that's the case, could this be the reason for my feeling this bad feeling in my room at night as well as the feeling of being watched? Is it actually a spirit or paranoia- expecting it to happen?

I've had a few experience with spirits and for the most part those experiences have happened between 3-4am. Another question: Other than orbs, it is true that people can see ther personified ghost/ spirit? And if so…can only some people see spirits and then others not? I have seen some spirits, yet people around me have not.

July 14, 2009

Al Harkness @ 12:08 am

I don't believe in ghosts, nor have I really ever. I am not a religious person, I don't believe in God or the devil, and I consider myself an open minded person, and I ascribe to Buddhist philosophy more than anything.

However, last night, I had an experience which still freaks me out a little. Between 2-3 in the morning, I had trouble sleeping and I would toss and turn. As I lay on my back, I would feel my body become very stiff and I would get really uncomfortable. I was still awake, but my body was stiff and I couldn't move. I felt very weird and I felt like someone was there. So I forced myself awake and got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face. I went back to bed, left my door open and went back to sleep. Again, before I could fall fully asleep, my body became stiff again and I couldn't move again, but I was aware of what was going on around me. I saw something near me, like a shadowy looking figure, but I was thinking that maybe it was all in my head. I still didn't like the feeling, so I got up again and went to the kitchen for a snack….

I went into my room a third time and went back to bed again. This time I felt stiff AND cold. I saw a shadowy figure again, and I swear to all of you, i started shivering. My jaw started cackling like a wound up toy mouth….I was shivering, then i woke myself up again, and I was like "wtf" I knew something wasn't right. I tried to get my dog to sleep in my room with me, but he was in the living room already knocked out sleeping.So I decided to open my window shades to let some light in, and fell asleep facing the wall with my blankets covering me completely, even though my room was stuffy. I don't exactly understand what happened, but I just know…someone was in my room last night sitting on my bed right next to me. I don't know who. I would have dismissed this experience as a hallucination caused by lack of sleep if it weren't for the fact that I was shivering in my room which is always stuffy as hell.

Today I spoke in my room saying that I know someone is here, and to please leave me in peace. I need to sleep, i have a long full time job and a lot of things to take care of. I asked this presence to please respect my private time and my rest. I need it, I suffer from insomnia very often. I don't know what else to do, but I do know that I lived here for five years and have been fine.

I am not making any of this up, but It's hard for me to believe in any of it, because I don't. But then again, if this was real and not all in my head (don't know how I can hallucinate about being cold) then at least that would confirm that there is life after death, and death does not equate to absolute non-existence, something far scarier than any ghost lol.

Peace be with you all

July 20, 2009

ChristineBlondee @ 3:12 am

Hello everyone, I want to share my story. My whole life, I've been followed, by this spirit or perhaps spirits. When I was about 2 or 3 I distinctly remember waking up in bed/crib, terrified, having about 6-8 stereotypical ghost figures in a circle around me, (by stereotypical I mean KKK outfit-looking except more like a veil..a lacy veil cloak outfit covering everyones faces) and as I was freaking out trying to scream, the "leader" or the ghost directly in front of me touched my forehead. Ever since, I could feel spirits..I know something is following me. I have lived in a total of 2 houses neither of them have been old if that makes sense. And I've always gotten that someone is watching you sensation. ALWAYS. When I am alone. And I always see those subtle "objects" moving very fast, not solid enough to be described as an object but like if something was moving and I see vertical strands of light but it's very very subtle. I figure nothing means harm because Im 15 now, and it probably would have tried to hurt me or whatever if it meant to.

Most importantly the main reason I am here, ever since I moved (new establishment) about when I was in 6th grade, the sensations and observations weren't very strong but just recently in the course of..about 8 months..I've been feeling something strong in my basement coming from the closet containing all the household maintenance appliances. It watches me..and it makes a rattling noise like if you were tapping on a can. It does this like every minute..pretty much. It would make this noise for 15-20 seconds and I would feel warm spots in my feet plus I start to see "movements". When my dog is down there, she starts to stare fearfully at the direction of the stairs which is where I see most of the movements.

Also to note, in front of the closet is a very old couch that belonged to my Jewish grandmother of my father's side who had the gift. She and everybody on my dad's side has passed away besides my uncle who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia 35 years ago ever since he and my father messed around with ouiji boards, he would talk to demons a lot. So could anybody tell me what's going on with me? And to add, the oddly hot sensations I feel are usually in my feet, when I am in bed I feel something tickling my foot ocassionally…like right now!! I am also a very lonely depressed person, growing up as an only child, seeing the world in a big-picture mentality..being alone in a crowd, perhaps that may have a stimulation to it?

July 21, 2009

BekiTaylor @ 1:17 pm

Every since I was very young I've been seeing ghosts. My mom is a medium and I've been practicing contact with spirits ever since I've known what they were. Most of the activity I see are orbs and mists. It's really amazing in my room also as I can see small glimpses of orbs cascade around my ceiling fan and the quiet regular shadow or mist at the foot of my bed. There is this one spirit which I call 'Buddy' that every night would (and still does) tap my ceiling fan around 9pm-10pmEST. Before I couldn't see him until one night as I was watching my orbs or rather the 'light show' I used to call it when I was younger. I saw a rather huge orb rush at my ceiling fan. Within a second later, I heard the tap. It started me so much because of the size of it. He looked like a comet shooting from the top of my attic door.

Now I am going to college 75miles away in a town called Lock Haven. There is a LOT of spiritual activity here since this town was founded in the 1700's. Very close to my school there is an old cemetery. Around 1am, my one friend from high school and I went up to the cemetery to see if we could see anything. What we caught was wonderfully amazing and scary. We caught just in the entrance alone we caught over 30 orbs floating on the outside and in the inside. I went closer to the stone gate to see if I could get more photos and luckily (but a bit frighting since an apparition never approached me while materialized). I see a girl standing on the hill walking towards me.

She continued to walk to me until almost 10 feet in front of me when I panicked and ran the opposite direction. This was only a year ago during my first semester of college and it still gives me the chill of excitement and mystery. I have her picture and also in the back ground seems to be another figure and a huge amount of orb activity. I am enamored with the paranormal and I can't wait to go out to another little ghost hunt. ([{Camera I used *which I find is the best digital camera to use* is a Canon PowerShot A560}]) 

Anyone else have any experiences like this? If so tell me. Nothing like a good ghost story! =)

July 27, 2009

Aaron Thompson @ 8:16 pm

Tapping omg me too. I am now 47 and when I was younger like in my 20’s every time I went down south, and it didn't matter where I stayed, in the middle of the night I was awaken by a tapping on my mattress or a pushing on it. I would look and nothing and as soon as I lay back down it would start again. In the morning, I told my grandmother about it and the look on her face frighted me. She told me it was death, and I need to go back home. When I got back to the north (phila) it doesnt happen. To read that someone else was going to this was a relief. I just returned from the south last week and it happened at a best western. Can anyone help on telling me wtf.

July 29, 2009

andrea @ 2:09 am

I had a similar experience, shortly after I moved into my current home. The only difference was the blankets were being pulled off. But you're right, it makes a russly or crinkly noise that in the middle of the night is very easy to hear! After some research, personal interviews, a bout with an ouija board and a visit from G.L.A.S.S. (Great Lakes Area Spiritual Society) I found out that my home, built by a dutch immigrant family, was occupied from 1885 to 1948 by the first son, who also built the creamery next door. He ran the creamery as a sucessful business from 1895 to 1915, when he ran into a spot of trouble. He was having a dispute over an overdue account when the two came to blows. Unfortunately, he picked up a board that had a nail sticking out of it and hit the other man in the head. The injury caused the man's death and my dutch man was forced to give up his business.

After learning more of this man, I am convinced he is my "ghost". Activity increased when my children were younger or when there were renovations done. Activity decreased when I (feeling like a fool) explained out loud that I had nothing but respect for the work that had gone into the house and intended to maintain it in a fashion that was fitting. The only other time I "felt" things was when I was undergoing treatment for cancer and the medication felt more like death than the illness.During those times I would feel someone sitting with me or smell something like fabic softener or my light would go off when I really should have been trying to sleep. Advice? Talk nice, make peace and rest assured that death is not the end.

July 30, 2009

Anne @ 9:04 am

There was a time when I spotted a blonde woman walking across her front lawn early one morning. By the time I blinked again she was gone. I knew that it was many years ago she lived there. Don't ask me how I knew..I just did. I read somewhere that when we die we remain where we felt most comfortable. Maybe that's why I saw her there.

I have felt presences around me many times. I even felt "someone" brush against my shoulder as they passed right by me. When I look around there's no one there. Every so often I feel a presence around me but unlike what other people say…spooky things don't happen. Strangely, the presence that I feel is never a bad one. It never spooks me.

There was once a time when the inside of the frame of a photograph on my wall kept getting wet. No matter how many times we took that picture down and dried it…it just kept getting wet. But, only the inside of the glass frame…not the picture. The moisture never affected the picture! After a while we just left it alone and soon enough the water didn't come back.

I've been alone and sensed things and the only evidence that I had that something was around was that my 2 cats would simultaneously stop what they were doing and stare in the same direction…transfixed until the presence left. Yet again I was not spooked. What do you guys think?

August 5, 2009

Beth @ 11:14 am

Hi the same thing that happened to sheryl happened to me. my best friends father was in the hopital dying of cancer and i really wanted to go see him before he died. so the same day i had planned to go see him i woke up at but was still in bed because i wanted to continue sleeping when all of a sudden i felt someone/presence in my room, then i felt a dent or some sort of pressure on the side of my bed like someone had just sat down. i thought it was my son or daughter trying to get me to get out of bed and were sneaking up on me. but it was all quiet and i just lay there waiting for either one to say the words "mommy get out of bed" but there was none, so i turn around to face the door and there was no one there, and the door was closed. so what really freaked me out was that when we got to the hospital, we got lost, so i called my friend to ask her for more information and she told me that her dad had passed away that same sunday morning around 3-4 am. i was so devastated, because i was unable to say goodbye to him. now i think that it was him who sat in my bed to tell me goodbye.

August 25, 2009

Tor @ 7:06 pm

I've been living in an apartment for a year now, and it seems like it's impossible to get to sleep without Ambien in my bedroom. There is unrest, I kinda feel like something's making my skin itch, like some force passing thru me… I see nothing, but my girlfriend insists on it being dead people around. Now I don't really care other than I wanna have my apartment to myself and I want to be able to sleep in a sound and good way, without medications. So I'm looking for someone to advise me to get rid of the friggin annoyance in this place. Maybe even just someone to ask the right questions so I know if these are in my head or not.

September 14, 2009

Tanya @ 6:02 pm

Oh my goodness. I have been experiencing this for the last year. I am so relieved to have found that someone other than myself has had these experiences. I have not lost an animal and my boyfriend died last year in November but the experiences were happening prior to him passing. It's as though I was being prepared by some presence and now even after I have moved it has followed me to my new location. So it's obviously intended to have some type of reliationshi with me either a ghost or guardian angel. Would love to know wha??. It sometimes shakes my bed and other times walks around me and yet at other times I feel a comfortable pressure of energy around my legs, feet or back. Have tried to communicate to no avail.

September 15, 2009

Amber @ 9:43 am

I have been feeling a presence since my husbands father passed, and then my Great Grandma passed a year later. I have always noticed things going on. You will know when there is a spirit around. Just this morning after I sent my son to school, I had fallen back to sleep, I was so very tired cause my 7 month old didn't sleep well that night, so when I went back to sleep, i fell into a deep sleep, and felt my body shaking and all of a sudden even though I was asleep, I felt a presence in the room. It was kinda creepy, but I was OUT.

September 19, 2009

JOHN @ 1:25 am

It is the cat you have loved and lost. If not, it is a cat that had died around there… If you go lay on your bed and call him the way you used to he will come and you will feel it. The pressure is his way of communicating with you. Sometimes you will feel him purring. Sometime it will be more intense than other times. You may also feel him kneading. He just wants your attention like he always did.

September 24, 2009

amanda @ 2:31 pm

hi my step sister passed away just about a year ago and i do not live at home anymore cause i can not stay there. she didn't pass away in the house but when ever i sleep there, my body goes in to a deep sweat and i cannot sleep. its cold but sweating. my heart races and i become very scared to the point where i do not sleep at nite. the same thing happened when i stay at my grandfather's place when he passed away and i find myself feeling watched and when ever i can feel somthing around i get very scared and uncomfortable and feel very aware of every sound movement, anything. and its always been like this for me every since i was little. i was always curious about it, but super scared at once. why is this? can anyone help me please

September 25, 2009

Lisa Fogarty @ 8:03 am

I had a strange occurance yesterday. It maybe nothing but my 7 yr. old has autism and she is non-verbal. We were at an occupational therapy session with her therapist. We were in a therapy room at the place were she gets therapies. I was present along with her therapist. My daughter was into the session happy and laughing sitting in a chair at a table then suddenly her mood changed. She had goosebumps all over, turned pale and had this blank expression on her face and especially in her eyes. The room temperature was very comfortable. Then she stood up and ran over to the sink in the corner of the room and stared at the wall in back of the sink. Then we called her name and she sat back down but still had goosebumps. At that point we cut the session short. Can anyone give me any feedback?

September 29, 2009

Wayne @ 12:12 pm

To start with, I love this ongoing discussion about this topic. I just came across this website today. What I was trying to find out was: does hot/warm spots mean ghostly activity like cold spots do? In my friend's apartment, I noticed a "warm spot" in the kitchen that had no explainable cause for it. It was a small space of air near the counter and left of the oven/stove (that was not on, nor had it been on all morning). She told me that she hadn't noticed it but said, "I didn't have a problem with ghosts until you moved back up here." She is refering to a ghost in the home that we both work in.

I had asked her if she had ever "saw anything that you had no explaination for". She told me, "No. I was about to ask you if you had heard anything that you had no explaination for". I told her no. She said that she had heard a scratching noise in the hallway, one night when all of the residents were all in bed asleep. But when she checked it out, there was no sign of anything ever being there to cause the sound. It gets better.

A week later, she had told me to go to a local State Farm office to get a auto insurance quote. I went there and the agent that I talked to had just started that week. She asked who had refered me to them. When I gave her my friend's name, she said, "Oh yes, she called and got a quote earlier this week." When she found out where I was working and what home I was working in, she told me, "My grandmother was the original owner of that house." I then asked her if she believed in ghosts. She said yes. I asked if anyone had died at the house. She said, "My grandfather did." That's when I told her, "I think your grandfather may still be around the house." She was pleased o hear this. I told my friend this and she said, "I never called her for an insurance quote" (why would she have, she hasn't had a car in two years). It gets even better.

At work, we were told to make sure the house cordless phone was no longer working before they would but us a new one. We charged it for 24 hours; tried to call out; got no dial tone; and threw the phone and the base in the trash. As I was leaving at the end of my shift carrying out the trash bag, I heard a phone ring. I knew it wasn't coming from the temporary house phone on the counter, because the sound was closer, and I ruled out that it was from my cell phone. the ringing was coming – from the trash bag! Before I could untie the bag, the ringing had stopped. My instant thought was that something had hit the phone finder button on the base unit (but this couldn't have happened because the base didn't get charged/no power and there was no phone line connected to it!)I went out the door and was headed to the trash can in the carport, when the ringing started again! The ringing stopped again before I got the bag untied. The phone did not ring again, and there was no "voice message from the beyond". I believe that someone was just trying to get my attention. And they did. Maybe it was to encourage me to continue with "my calling" in the area of psychic awareness. I'm going with that.

Wayne @ 1:00 pm

I have another story, that is not about a ghost but a watchful protecter in the night. I was heading home after visting my relatives for Christmas six years ago. I knew the trip would take me at least five hours. Problem was that my car stereo has one of those removal security face plates, and one of the plastic locking tabs had broken off.

Many times the stereo would turn off or on when I would hit a bump in the road. Also, the lighted display would usually only stay on for about three minutes and then go out. Knowing this, I decided to turn it on and hope for the best on the long trip home alone in the night. Not only did the stereo not turn off for the entire trip, the lighted display stayed on as well, and neither could I turn off except when I shut off the car engine.

I had been attending a spritualist church meeting for two months before making this trip, which was led by a psychic minister. when I attended the next service, I told the minister and the small group of attendees my story, and that I believed that someone had been with me that night and was watching over me. He had made contact with that spirit, which was of my deceased mother (someone who I had a close relationship with, that we were also buddies – she had died at 40 years of age, 13 years earlier). He was laughing. I asked him what was funny. He told me, "She said that she wanted to sit in the front seat next to you, but you had too much stuff in the seat!" I had told no one that I usually put all of my food, drinks, snacks, and other stuff in the front passenger seat when I went on trips. I know that she has been around me, before then and still is today.

I also believe that we live many lives, not just the one that most religions claim, for the purpose of experiencing a human life – that cannot be fully experienced in one lifetime, just as learning in school takes more than one year – and not "spiritual" as in religious servitude (with or without a middleman – the church).

Mayra @ 8:55 pm

Hi!  A month ago, me and my husband were getting ready to go to sleep…I felt him moving I was not asleep yet… I felt him getting up and turning off the alarm didn't know why. then few minutes later i felt him moving his head up and down then he woke me up… he told me that he was a black shadow pulling back either an angel or a women that he felt was trying to tell him something.. i told him to draw it out ….then a few minutes later he said its ok i see a bright light now… i was really creeped out…. ever since that day, most nights I feel him. weird. he starts turning all the lights off because he says he feels he has to or someone is telling him and he sees better at night when that happens or his body gets chills and his eyes get red and watery.. i need to understand what's happening to him and this happens always after 12:00am. he says he feels like his day is coming or either they're fighting for his soul. another thing is i know we have a guardian angel …my baby passed away 8 months ago and we had a cremation. the only thing is that we have her ashes at home, is that ok? please help.

October 3, 2009

Chaz @ 6:15 pm


I recently visited a family graveyard rumored to be haunted. I went in the evening time, dusk, and always when entering a cemetery I feel as though everyone buried there knows I am there. Its like walking out of one room that is peaceful and into another room that is crowded with people paying attention to you, knows your there, not necessarily watching you. What is this? email me back if you want at



October 10, 2009

ANDREW @ 11:37 am

HI everyone, I know that this could sound a little foolish but the world isn´t suchlike the most people think. There are some strange things – ghost, I saw she – it was a girl, maybe young woman and I´ve never ever felt like that. She stood by the mirror and I felt very strange – I felt numb, my heart was breaking on a thousand pieces and it was running so fast, I got a shivers down my was so terrible..Since then I´ve not seen a ghost. I´ve just felt them…

October 19, 2009

Mandi @ 4:11 pm

Ever since I can remember from being a small child, I have always "felt" like someone was there watching me, usually when I am alone or at night mainly. I sleep with lights on and can't sleep when I am alone in the house. I have had issues with ghosts and encounters with them. I have felt someone brush my hair, like run their hand through it recently. It doesnt matter where I am, who's house I am in I alwyas feel like someone/something is there. Also two things have happened to me twice that freaked me out. I was falling asleep, froze and heard something whisper in my ear "die, die, die" and also when I falling asleep, everything was in the exact same place in my dream but I felt like something/someone was on top of me crushing me, and pushing my face into a pillow and my husband in my dream was trying to pull me out of bed but couldnt. My husband thinks I'm paranoid but this really does scare me sometimes. Do you think I am nuts or something is there?

Daisy @ 9:50 pm

Hi, i am sure i have a ghost in my house. One time i was watching tv and a mans voice asked me to turn around. when i did nothing was there. Today while i was naping but not fully sleeping i felt like someone was walking around me like a cat on my bed, and then all of a suden i couldnt move or say anything. Once i finally could say say something i told him/her to stop. What do you think?

October 21, 2009

Jenny @ 1:23 pm

Hey Guys,

I just moved into my new apartment about 2 months ago. It was a place my boyfriend rented, in a house that was built in 1830. I never really noticed anything in the house until recently. I won't say that I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe they are few and far between. When I was a child, I used to ask my parents about a nurse that would visit me at night. They assured me there was no nurse that they had visiting me. It turns out there was an old man who died in our house, and I believe maybe that nurse was his nurse before he passed.

Anyway… a couple of weeks ago, my son started getting really scared of being anywhere in the house alone. Especially at night. He said that he can hear the ghosts. We tried explaining to him that he was just hearing our neighbors.

The night before last, I was sleeping in his room with him because my boyfriend is out of town on business, and when he leaves, my son and I have "sleepovers." I woke in the middle of the night a couple of times. Once, completely shaking. Another, with what they call Sleep Paralysis. I've woken to the SP many more times than I can count, but I never think much of it.

Well yesterday, after discussing the ghosts with my boyfriend, he asked me if I had seen the man. Absolutely NO CLUE what he was talking about. Apparently my boyfriend is very aware of surrounding spirits and said that the ones in our apartment mean no harm. This man, however, he said was from a different time, with Victorian era clothing perhaps. And that he had only seen him in the bathroom adjusting his cuffs.

Now yesterday afternoon, my son was in the bathroom and he came running out asking me if I just used a silly voice to talk to him. I said no and that he just heard the neighbors. He said "No, mommy. They said my name and giggled." From that point on, I kept my son by my side all night. More for my comfort than his, as he wasn't scared.

I awoke again last night a couple of times to the body shaking, scared feeling. And thought I saw something standing by the window one of those times. But all it was, was a color. The color red.

I don't know what any of this means. I am not scared of ghosts. I don't believe they can harm me. My boyfriend thinks that they are just bored because our apartment went unoccupied for so long. And that they like my son and just want to play. I feel if I could actually see these spirits, or communicate with them in some way, I'd be less frightened. My boyfriend also believe that they like having us there.

Any thoughts on any of this?

On a side note, probably not important. There are ladybugs flocking to the window in my son's bedroom. Now science says that the ladybugs are just thirsty. Faith says they are bringing good luck. Now they are all dead on the inside window sill of my son's bedroom. It's the only area in the house where they die. Perhaps they fear the ghosts?

Any input would be awesome. Thanks guys.

October 23, 2009

dylan @ 7:41 am

that happened to me.

October 24, 2009

louise @ 6:58 am

Carrie, thank you is all i can say.

louise @ 7:23 am

i'm reading alot on here that people are waking at 3.00am and onwards, ive been told that this is the devil's hour. what does everyone else think to this?

November 1, 2009

Thomas @ 7:29 pm

I live with my aunt and uncle and when I'm alone in my bedroom as I'm on my computer I feel like there is someone behind me and I get a weird tingle all over my body and I try to ignore it. When I'm laying on my bed trying to go to sleep I feel very tingly all over my body. I stay still and try to sleep.

During the day when I'm alone as I walk around the house I feel a presence in some parts of the house. I never tell my aunt or uncle because I don't want to sound like I'm losing my mind.  I am more open and seems that they are closed. Some people can sense things, and others can't.

November 2, 2009

Ann1963 @ 2:39 pm

My son has felt a presence since he was a little boy (he's now 20), and last night he was in his room and felt someone hold his ankles and he couldn't get up, when he finally got out of his room and came to me he was shaking and his heartbeat was out of control. I've read several stories on this website, but has anyone determined why and what causes these feelings of the presence of another being in their rooms?

Courtney Cochran @ 8:50 pm

Well, I'm 14 years old, and have been living in the same house for 14 years now. Just a coulpe of years ago my parents switched rooms with me. Well, in my old room I ALWAYS had expierences. My toys(when i was little)would always come on and off, i would have lots of bad dreams(mostly about ghost), i would feel someone following me out of the room, i would hear voices every now and then, and I used to be VERY scared to sleep in that room. Once i switched rooms those things stopped happening.But i would always be, and STILL am scared to be in that room. But my friend, just last year, brought over a Oujia board. Then i got one soon after. Since we got the oujia board I always felt a presence of ghost or ghost's. At night i feel someone touching me and sometimes possibly laying with me. I dont feel Cold Spots.. I feel Hot Spots. Sometimes i get chills, and I hear people talk sometimes. I remeber i was petting my dog outside and she was looking up like someone was there. Then in my head i heard someone say "It's Raining" then i looked up and it started to rain! I always feel ghosts around me. I dont really get scared, but i want to know if they are "bad entitys" or what not. I hear people talk about everyday. It's very weird! :)

November 3, 2009

Jea @ 11:59 pm

hi. i hope someone responds to my comment. i am 16 years old. i haven't seen any ghosts or spirits but i think i can sense them. i am not sure if i am actually sensing them or i am just losing my mind. you see, our house have been renovated last 2006. we found bombs from the world war ii burried under the house. of course we got rid of them. the construction was just finished this year. i think this is the reason why i can sense ghosts. sometimes i hear bumps from the bedroom. i have an uneasy feeling when i am alone in the house. i can't see any ghosts nor have i tried to communicate with them. right now i don't know what to do, i don't even know if this is a ghost.

November 7, 2009

shawna @ 1:47 pm

I too have been in bed and felt someone lay down next to me and when I look, there is no one there and it frightens me but I eventually go back to sleep because I feel that there is not much to do to change it . What on earth is this?? and why me?

November 20, 2009

Hope @ 7:21 pm

I live in a new home, and have lived here since it was built 20 some years ago. About 15 years ago, I thought I saw a shadow of thin man sitting in the living room – I could tell he was a thin man, but when I refocused, he was no longer there. I did not feel fear.

Just now, I was in my bedroom watching television, and I first saw a shadow of a man by my bedroom door, as if briefly looking into the bedroom, then he walked quickly away – but get this, I HEARD the floor creak. I was sure it was my son or husband, so I called out – but neither were home. Again, I didn't feel fear – but am wondering what's going on.

November 21, 2009

Rita @ 7:39 pm

I had a rather strange ghost encounter. I was sharing an upstairs loft with my sisters and her baby. I was 9 months pregnant and i woke up to 3 men and one woman in some type of old looking millitary garb, standing over me. They were poking at my pregnant belly. I was sooo scared and i was sleeping at the edge of the bed. I froze, i couldn't move at all.  I almost fell off the bed.  As soon as i could, i pulled the blankets over my head and started praying. I knew i wasn't dreaming because my niece was crying at that same time. I heard rumors that someone commited suicide up there, but i didn't know for sure. The elderly neighbors were also concerned when the kids were digging in the back yard for worms, they never said why. Also,every picture taken in that house had numerous orbs, one of mine was directly on my forehead and i was wondering if that is because i was touched by one of those ghosts!  I am definately a believer!  I will never forget that night!

December 1, 2009

Jessicaj @ 10:08 pm

Ghosts are among us, as you know.  We may become one of them.  You don't have to kill yourself to be one.  You can talk with them, even they get lonely.

December 2, 2009

kitty @ 8:55 pm

I've lived in this house for 10 years and never saw anything, it has had a happy vibe about it . Until I have just started a home day care and have started seeing a child ghost and have never talked about it in front of my children as not to scare them, until the other day my oldest daughter came out and said I thought I saw some one playing with the blocks on the floor. It has been around for about 3 months.  I do not know why this child is here, and how do I talk to it to find out?

December 8, 2009

Sarah @ 9:42 am

For the past few weeks, i have been having crazy dreams, and i KNOW for a fact that i have spirits within me. but for some weird reason, i have been waking up in the middle of the night, with pain going through my whole body, and i have been waking up in the morning to a ghost/spirit trying to urge me to go somewhere with him/her. what do i do about it?

Sarah @ 9:46 am

when you go to bed at night, and have that feeling like someone is sleeping next to you, but nobody is there, it ususally means that you have a "soothing spirit" with you. just making sure that you're ok. if you've been stressed out, and have that feeling like your not safe, sometimes spirits will sooth you and try to help you. some people might get chest pains, like they have weights on their shoulders because the spirit is probably holding on to you and protecting you. this might sound crazy, but try talking to your spirit, you might get chills or have a physical reaction, but thats just their way of responding like "hey im here, its okay"

Anthony @ 3:42 pm

I honestly don't know myself. Because I myself am an extremely hardened atheist and I do not believe in anything paranormal or anything of the spiritual realm, but just recently I have had a strange occurrence and a really crazy one at that. I was all alone in my room watching a movie at around 12: 30 midnight taking a break from programing my camcorder. It was 97 degrees because that's what I had my thermostat set on. Anyways, while I was watching a movie I got up to use the bathroom and I went into the living room for a second and suddenly when I went back into my room It was cold! I felt nothing like 97 degrees it wasn't even room temp. It was flat out cold. Being in my state of mind, I assumed I did not seal my window but when I looked at it, it was sealed tightly shut so I assumed the chill was coming from my closet so I closed it and assumed that the chill would go away but never happened. Not at first anyway till several hours later. Then after the movie I was watching went off, I went back to work on my camcorder and when I replayed my calibration recording after about 1 hour, it picked up something I could not make out.

Because of my beliefs, I refused to believe it was a ghost, maybe it was a slight malfunction with the camera and I replayed that part of it again and again trying to figure out what it was so I thought maybe I can post this on youtube (follow this link: and maybe I can get a good answer from someone hoping I get a damn good answer so I can make sure if I was going crazy or not and just last night when I was in my room, I got that cool feeling again. The temperature dropped rapidly and I had an uneasy feeling that someone… something is watching me. So earlier today I made a plan to go to the hospital to get a cat scan to really make sure that I'm not going crazy and now in one week when I get my results back, it will be the determination whether if I'm going crazy or if shit like this really happens. All I can say is if I get an answer, it better be a good one.

heather @ 3:49 pm

it's sleep paralysis!! xxx

December 9, 2009

Steven @ 4:59 pm

Several months ago my Mom passed away.
From the day my Mom passed away I could feel a light tingle on my face to the back of my head and neck.
I realized over time this was the Spirit of my Mom.
Thoughts would come into my mind at times from childhood years.
Kind of like when someone brings something to your attention and you remember something you had long forgotten.
I do not feel my Mothers Spirit all the time.
But I do find comfort in knowing she cares enough to let me know even if she passed away.
Mom is still there in spirit watching over me.
Some undestand these things and others do not.
I have no fear to tell my friends and family I belive 100% confirmation has been made that this is in fact the Spirit of my Mom.
Because some of the things of my young past that was brought back to me in thought.
Only my Mother would have known the facts and I was too young to have remembered on my own.

December 11, 2009

renee Burns @ 1:05 pm

I was living with a ghost at my old apartment. As soon as you enter the apartment there is a thick muggy hot presence that enveloped the room and your eyes automaticaly drew to where you were being watched. But even though you knew it was coming from a certain place the whole apartment felt as though it had eyes. I could get through it in the day, but at night it became scary. Sometimes during the day I would be in front of the fridge and it would poke me on the back. It felt like a human beings finger dug into my back but no one was there. Then at night I saw it fly across my ceiling, next to me was bitter cold and sometimes a slight light would radiate. There was one experience when I was in the opened the door and watched me and then left 10 minutes later. Just before I completely wake up is the worst. My neck was exposed and it poked me in the neck quite hard. Again, it felt like a human being just poked me with its finger but nothing was there. I laid in bed thinking and it laid on top of me. I felt a rib cage and teh weight of an actual human lay on me but nothing was there and I jumped up and screamed as it kind of squashed me and I couldnt breathe. At night I felt a human arm across my chest and breathing on my face. I got used to it but it still scares me now that I have left.

December 15, 2009

Jisenia @ 3:42 am

well its 1:38 am. i was doing my hair becuse i dont have time in the moring well as i was doing my hair the miorr was shaking then i open the door becuse i was scared well i came back and said well its late im just seeing stuff well as i was doing my hair i felt my shoulder hurting like some one was pulling me down but i ignore it well then as im typeing right now i feel like some one is watching me by the door and im getting really freaked out, so please tell me what is it. am i going crazy, or is it real?

December 16, 2009

bryahara @ 2:20 am

My family has, as long as I can remember, been surrounded with people who can not pass on(ghost). For the most part I have learned to adjust to them and treat them as if they were apart of the family reprimanding them as if they were just another sibling annoying me. Well, lately at night when I go to sleep I will get this pressure on my body making me feel as if I can not move at all and when I wake up I still feel this pressure and when I try to scream I cant move. I have no Idea what is going on. But I do not get the same feeling I do when it is all the others that are around. When I asked my mother about this she said that my uncle an my aunt had told her about dreams they had like this all the time (but they didn't believe it was really dreams) what does this type of occurrences mean?

December 18, 2009

kim Wells @ 8:06 am

Hello My name is Kim Welcome to the paranormal world I found out last year that I have the opportunity to be a strong psychic spiritual medium and since last year have ghost contact around me 24/7 so I understand It can be pretty daunting,since last year strange paranormal events have happened to me in my london flat and are still happening and not just in my flat but also my parents house.I have the opportunity to see,sense,feel and hear spirits,if they approach me or are very close I am very hot almost to sweating point but as they come nearer or are around me,standing next to me,infront of me,or behind me there is a cool breeze,if they pass me on the stairs there is a huge breeze.If the ghosts hug me I usually gasp and if they hold my hand then my hand is freezing cold,my ghosts especially the children enjoy sitting on my lap if I am either on the laptop or watching television they are also known to lie with their head resting on my chest if I am reading either in bed or on a chair sometimes I have to ask them to move a bit If I am sweating and they are happy to cooperate.I always find someone sitting on the end of my bed or chair or lying beside me on the bed during the day and night.The Children enjoy moving items ie shoe repositioning and other pranks aswell as my adults and will do anything to gain my attention.I have been told I have the ability to tap into the spirit world whenever I wish,be spiritually powerful,open doors of the afterlife,see beyond the veil,be a very strong ghost attractor which means I have the ability to pick up energies very quickly and be able to have the opportunity to tune into their feelings and talk to them and hopefully help them if I can and have the opportunity to have my spirit guides and angels work with me while I perform ghost rescue when necessary if they wish to cross over.I feel I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to be heavily guarded by all my spirit guides 24/7 and all my angels but because I have the opportunity to have ghost contact 24/7 I make sure that I divide my time in other words I have to take time out for myself and literally shut down and ground myself.As having ghosts around you 24/7 can really drain you as they take your energy.My big Advice is to anyone dealing with or seeing paranormal is try not to show fear I know it is not easy to say but ghosts feed on fear,plus do NOT attempt to do ghost rescue if you do not know what your doing,it can be dangerous ask someone who knows what they are doing,It is NOT a Harry Potter Film it is REAL and your safety and the publics safety is Paramount.You are welcome to email me at if you wish to have more questions answered and I will try and help.Keep safe.

December 19, 2009

kim @ 8:45 am

Hello Kim, I hope you do not mind me using your first name as I do not know your surname re your story in july 15th 2008 mentioning you heard a voice and the answer is No you are not in any uncertain terms going crazy, you have a gift called clairaudiency in paranormal terms, Ghosts are able to speak to us and some of us have been blessed to either see,sense,hear and talk to ghosts.if you are wondering why are I know this you may like to read my experiences I have within the spiritual world 24/7 under Kim Wells december 19th 2009.You mentioned that you lit a candle and the candle was relit and the television went on and off as far without trumatizing you you have a visitor, At the beginning of my paranormal events I had the same happen to me not with the television but my light switches would be flickering and I had an electric shock from one of my plugs then I had cards falling off my mantlepiece by themselves,shoes being repositioned and coats being moved then I saw more paranormal events and am still seeing hearing and talking to them to this day around the clock.

Ghosts can gain the livings attention in anyway they can and they can disrupt electrical equipment. I live with my 12 Casper friends and they know when to not push me too far. To answer the question why you felt so hot and yet the room is cool a ghost/spirit has to use your energy and the nearer they get to you the hotter you become as the ghosts/spirits are taking your energy away from you,you can ask them nicely to move back abit just use an ordinary speaking voice and they will hopefully cooperate,one of my twelve ghosts especially the children lie very close to me or sit on my lap and I myself get absolutely sweaty so I have to ask them to step back,with my twelve I work with them and they work with me. Before you do anything re talking to a ghost you must protect yourself that is absolutely paramount, pretend you're wrapped in a robe of light nothing can harm you. Remember you have more power than them.I hope I have been of some help if you wish to ask me more questions you are most welcome and able to email me anytime. But there maybe a time difference as I live in England. Keep safe           

December 20, 2009

jj @ 9:32 am

Hi. i am really happy i found this site, so i can finally share with people who believe in ghosts. ok this is about 3 years, i have feelings very strong feelings that ghosts are in my room and i am being watched alot. i can't even sleep. i hear sounds and i feel when they touch me and wake me up. everytime i try to tell someone, no body belives me. about one year ago, i lost my uncle. he was very very infinitely dear to me, and i've seen him alot alot of times. i just sit down and talk to him!! ok so what do you think? is it true? what should i do?  i want to see my uncle, but i want to get my room back.

December 21, 2009

Tammy @ 10:34 am

I have been feeling a presence in my house like someone is there. I have seen something out of the corner of my eye like a figure of a man. I was affraid to say anything to anyone THENNNNN-My son came down stairs and said he saw a black shadow of a person going toward my bedroom. He also has seen the black silhouette of this man (shadow on the wall) leaving his room. He had the dog outside and said he has seen in the upstairs window an arm go by the window with a white short sleeve shirt on (no one else was home).

He has been waking up in the middle of the night with scratches on his back. There were 2 very visible scratches and one faint one. Scratches were gone in the morning. A few weeks later he woke up in the middle of the night to many scratches on his back and then a couple days later more scratches. The weird thing is the scratches are gone by morning and he says they don't hurt. I have pictures of the scratches. So I know we are not losing it. I don't know really what to do as my husband does not believe us and does not believe in this kind of stuff. I didn't either until it started happening to me and my son. Our security alarm started beeping around 3:oo am and I have a trouble shooting light on the security monitor that I can't get rid of. My husband has even tried to get rid of the light and once he finds the book he may be able to get rid of it. Could be coincidence. But not the other stuff happening. Concerned.

December 22, 2009

Missy @ 9:44 pm

Well, I feel chills run down my spine when I feel presences of a ghost. The thing is my grandfather passed away a couple months ago, now its getting kind of scary for me. I smell roses in random and certain places sometimes? It comes and goes, I feel like Im always watched over. My grandfather used to sit in his favorite chair, and when I sat on it, it felt warm. I could of sworn I saw shadows move? How do I know if its a ghost or spirit? And what should I do, to overcome my frightness of ghosts?

Taylor. @ 10:13 pm

I am thirteen years old and ever since i moved to a certain house in North Picayune(Mississipp) when I was two and a half, I've had some pretty strange things happen to me. I lived across the street from three houses that were supposedly 'haunted'.. Nothing really happened to me till I was about seven. I was outside with my friend, and we were walking down the road past one of the 'haunted' houses and at the same time we turned and said "Someone's watching." Since there were woods where we lived, we thought it was one of our friends running through them or something. Then, I turned to look at the house (which had been very old at the time) I seen a black figure run past the window. Since we had no african american people living in the neighborhood at the time, I was pretty spooked. And things got worse from there. I would have horrible dreams about what had happened to the people who had lived in the house and why it was abandoned. I had dreams about a dark figure breaking into the house one night through a window and killing tthe elderly couple who had lived there. I had no clue how I knew that happened, but when I asked my grandfather about it, he said that's what had happened. The dreams I had were so vivid. he house next door to it was 'haunted',too. My bestfriend lived in that house.

At night, things would bump and fall all by themselves. I heard voices. Very vivid voices saying "Leave" or "help me mommy" and also "what are you doing in here daddy" all were children's voices. I was often pushed in her house, and when we would be at the end of my driveway, we would look at her bedroom window, and we would see a big white orb. It scared me to the point where I refused to go into her house. In the house next to hers, two old ladies had lived there. One had died in the back bedroom. And every night, the light would come on, then go off about an hour later. All this lasted until I was ten, and they tore the first house down, my friend moved, and someone bought the old ladies' house and started redecorating. Things got a little calmer and the voices went away. Then, in June 2007 I moved to Poplarville(Mississippi) and then things started again. The voices came back and they scared me. I was living in a nice trailer in town by the high school, but people had told me that not the nicest things have went down in the trailer I lived in. They said the couple that had lived there before were always fighting. And sure enough, the voices I heard were angry and sometimes suicidal. I would hear things like "im gona beat the sh** out of you if you don't get out of my house" and "if i don't get of out of here soon, im gonna have to kill myself before he does"..Then, my closet doors would swing open. My door to my bedroom would creak open and then close again. I would see things other people wouldn't. My mom literally thought I was crazy. Until I used my phone one night. I layed it there and it recorded everything that was said and she kind of believed me. The heaviness in my room got so bad for me that me and my mom had to change rooms. I stayed at friends house frequently because I couldnt stand the hatrid I felt in my house. No one else felt it. Except for one of my friends, who can feel, see, and hear the same things I can. Anyway, me and her talked about it and we decided to set up a video camera, and the next morning when we watched it, we saw the whole scene that went down when the couple killed each other. It seemed like they just kept pressing repeat. It went on and on and on. It finally stopped when the sun started to coming up.

But luckily, on November 25, 2008, I moved out of the house to somewhere else in Poplarville, and the voices from Picayune came back. I felt like the spirit was following me. I finally made out the ghost one night. It was a little girl, about 11 or 12, with pretty long black hair. Very pale. She looked as if she was a real person. And there was no coincedence that when I walked into my new room, opened the closet, on the floor was a chunk of long black hair. I was mortified. One day, shortly after that, I was putting up posters, I noticed long black streaks going down my wall. It looked like nail(or claw) marks. Then, the dreams came back. I had dreams about a little girl with long black hair getting off the school bus. She walked inside her house and set her bookbag down. She went outside and played with her neighbors. She came back inside around dark. Her mom and dad were at the dinner table and they told her to sit down and eat. She ate and put on her pj's and got into bed. Then her parents started fighting and she heard her mom scream. She ran out of her room and saw her mother dead on the floor. Her dad had a crazed look on his face. The little girl screamed,ran in her room, and grabbed her cell phone, ran in her closet and closed the door, and started to dial 911. Her father ran in and was screaming "Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Where are you,sweetheart?" He swung open the closet and the little girl was crying and he yanked her hair, and threw a chink of hair on the floor. He grabbed her and she ran, trying to get out by scraping the walls, but he stabbed her in the back. And she yelled "help me mommy!" and then she died. And that's when I always woke up. I heard the voices. I saw the dad's crazed look outside the window. I saw shadows. My mom's door would come open when nobody but me and my brother would be home. Then, just a few weeks ago, we moved into my deceased grandmother's house. As we left the other house for good, I seen the little girl with black hair waving. I could tell that she wasnt there to hurt me. But so far, nothing worse than hearing whispering has happened here. This has been happening since I was six or seven and I just want to know what's wrong with me. I hear things that nobody else does. I see things that people wouldn't believe. I talk to ghosts, dangit. I want to know what to do and how to handle it. I also hear and see ghosts at school. Help? Please.

Carole @ 10:44 pm

sometimes when im just lying in bed or sitting around in my room i'll sense something, it kinda feels like someone just entered the room, but no one is there, and about a month ago i swear i heard someone walking quietly around on some paper i had lying on the ground in my room, but when i looked, nothing. almost every night when im lying in bed trying to go to sleep, i get the feeling like somebody came in the room, could this be a ghost wandering around my house? also ive had 5 or more dreams where im living in a haunted house, they where very life like and realistic dreams.

peace out :)

December 26, 2009

Melissa Conquest @ 8:48 pm

My grandfather passed away back in may 8th 2002. But i know he's looking down at me. sometimes i can feel him standing next to me. I do have pictures of him and me. we were very close to one another. Whenever i needed anything i would call him for help. Like one year when i was just 19 years old i had got thrown out of the house i lived in with my mom and stepfather only because i had gotten pregnant by a black man. But anyway when i was out of food and didn't have money to buy food i called him to ask him if he could send me at least $200.00 so i could buy some groceries so i could have something to eat. Everytime i tell people this story i start feeling like crying, but that is nature for me.Only because i miss him very much. So that is my story about my grandfather who's now resting in peace and i know he is in heaven. So i know for a fact that the presences of the past do exist. Plus I believe in angels. I hope you enjoy this story.

December 28, 2009

alex o @ 3:36 pm

Im 38 years old I belive in spirit and often have readings with mediums around one a month. I consider myself to be street wise and have a lot of young fashionable friends (that dont believe). I live in a house that is 150 years old and often smell a smell of male body odour near the front door. it can be any time of day. I also weekly, sometimes daily see a light or mass ball in the room (just a bit bigger than an english football) near the ceiling hovering. its normaly in one place but sometimes it is in others and I see the same light in the bedroom as I go to sleep. other times and especially more recently I see many many small lights like butterflies all round the room but I only see this In the bedroom for about five mins at most about once a month. recently in the last week or two I had an experience that was more intence than ever before. the room filled with many little lights and the shape of a white light being came and sat next to me (it didnt speak and was unrecognisable).

I woulnt say it scared me but I remember thinking this is not normal and was a bit on edge as soon as it sat down they all disapeared. just yesterday I was watching tv and my wrist went really cold as if someone with a cold hand was trying to help me up! there was no one there and I was sober and nowhere for a draft to come from. Ive lived in this house for around 8 years and although Ive seen the odd thing weekly i never wrote to anyone like this but its the last couple of things that have concerned me! is somone trying to contact me to tell me something. another thing what was weird but maybe just coincidence is that two of the mediums i see contacted me within a day of this they havnt spoke about it but i was always the one that contacted them I know that people have died in this house but from natural causes and one of my friends wont babysit because she is scared of the house. I have never felt scared always comfortable but this last week has been a little different. any advise or similar stories.  oh one more thing, we had a little cat that we had for eighteen years and the cat used to look at the ball downstairs too if it was dark and we were watching tv the cat would be looking in the other direction so when I looked the ball was there!

December 29, 2009

marie @ 5:03 pm

Could someone tell me what this means? I was asleep next to my husband and i felt something strange. i awoke and saw this dark figure with a black coat and hood. i remember trying to reach out, and it just disappeared. i tried to wake my husband but couldnt move. it was so scary. i never forgot it to this day, my husband tells me what i described was like a grim reaper.

January 3, 2010

Robyn @ 6:33 pm

most of the things you read happened to me, at first i felt cold spots on my walls, i thought it was the air conditioning but it was not on. so the next couple of nights i kept feeling it in my room by my bed like someone was watching over me, then when i was reading on my bed a hand touched my shoulder, not like pushing or grabbing but like a pat om my back so i started feeling comforted by this presence then i remembered that my great grandmother passed away a few months ago and the second i said great gramma a warm feeling came over me and i felt like someone was trying to hug me so i hugged the air and then a voice said "Robyn i miss you" i was so happy for the next week later

January 4, 2010

corinne @ 2:32 pm


I am 25 years old and I have read through some of the experiences on this page and I would like to share mine, because for once I don't feel crazy. I've been having what I believe to be paranormal experiences since I was a young child. I can sense energy, I see quickly moving shadows, sense that something is near me or watching me. My most vivid childhood memory of these experiences is at when I could hear footsteps and feel as if someone was breathing on my face and watching me sleep. These experiences were so common that I got in a habit of sleeping under my covers and plug my ears.

These days however, I mostly experience energy and have come a lot more sensitive to it over the years. I mostly sense negative energy. This energy feels very threatening and overwhelming, and often makes me stop in my tracks until it passes. Some people say I just freak myself out, but I sense this energy in the most random and sometimes most unlikely of times, it doesn't always have to be in a dark scarey place. For example: in one family members house I sense a very negative energy at the top of their stairs and another lighter energy by their kitchen table. The energy is always there but at different intensities from day to day. The family member later admited to hearing things in the basement just near the table. I've heard these sounds too but have never told them for fear of sounding crazy.

Anyways, please comment if you have any similar experiences, or any conformation that I am not crazy.


Pam @ 11:28 pm

My name is Pam, and I'm 15 years old. In my family, all the women have a "gift." My sister, she's Wiccan, and she can see and feel the presence of ghosts. My mom, she can feel them. I can also feel them. My nephew, he's 2 and we've noticed that he has the gift as well. We all thought that it was just a gift to the women, but because my sister is so sensitive we think that he might have it too. I've had a lot of experiences with the paranormal, or I'm pretty sure thats what it is. One day, my dad and I were at a resturant and I felt like someone was behind me, and when I turned around, no one was there. I kept feeling that the entire time we were there. I didn't feel it the next day. Then the next day I got out of the shower, and when I opened the door I felt this strong energy. It was an energy I had never felt before. It was a strong hatred, almost murderous. It really freaked me out. I ran upstairs to my bedroom and felt like this person was chasing me. When I turned around I saw a flash of white light, and I fell at the top stair. I got up and ran to my room. I told it to leave me alone and that I didn't want it there, as my mom had told me to do if I didn't want them around. I haven't felt it since. Then another time, my nephew was trying to sleep one day and out of the blue, we heard him say, "No, stop it, stop it." I had felt something, but it wasn't very strong. No sooner had my mom said she banished it, he fell asleep. Later that week, my friend and I were leaving around 7 30 in the morning. My mom was asleep and we have this toy, that if you push an animal, it will go off. No one was around the toy, and it started going off. It only went off when my friend put his hand on the doorknob to leave. When we got back around 8am it started going off again. I told it to leave, it wouildn't leave. I told it, it had one chance before I would shut the toy off. It still didn't stop. I shut off the toy, and went to talk to my mom. She said the toy was off, so the little kid must have turned it on. I've been curious as to why these things happen to me.

January 5, 2010

mason harvey @ 12:17 pm

I've been feeling the same way since 3 months ago and its been happening constantly……i find my self getting weak every 15 to 20 mins. and my body just collapses to the floor and i feel like Im half awake and asleep…. and when i go into that state I always see a ghost and its always grabbing me and my body gets so weak like my body"s energy is being drained out of my life and when it lets go my energy comes back… but its weird I've also had it to where I've felt karma, like I feel and see myself leaving my body and I've also felt and seen my own history.

January 7, 2010

Helen @ 9:58 pm

Hi I am 13 years old and i think i have the same problem in a way except I just sort of found out about it. My dad and I saw ghost whisperers on tv and we got on the subject where he said some people in my family can hear see or feel ghosts. He said I used to mention feeling the presence of someone when I was younger, and I can always feel if a deceased family member is around. I just can tell or i can feel if someone is watching me like a strong energy and time slows and gets quiet, and i either feel it or see it in my dreams. I remember feeling it but I don't remember the dream. And so I guess I don't really know what to do.

January 9, 2010

catherine @ 7:19 am

don't feel bad..I'm 58 and these things have been with since I was 7..maybe younger but I don't remember. I can remember lying in my bed not ready to sleep. As I rolled over facing my door, there appeared a large black image in the doorway. It seemed to engulf the entire door. Remeber, I was 7 or so and maybe the image seemed that large. At any rate, I rolled over and tried to go to sleep.

Over the years since then, I've had more unexplained events happen. I have learned to accept them and try to decipher what they are. Most recently, I've had times at night while asleep and felt someone within inches of my face breathing. This woke me up from a sound sleep.  And sometimes while in the shower, I've noticed finger imprints [like bruises] on both my arms in the same places on my arms. I could go on..but there ae too many to mention.

My dog has also seen things in my house. But I acredit those instances to the mirror I purchased from an Antique store. I have since taken it down and it's in my storage area.

January 11, 2010

Traci @ 9:43 pm

today is 1-11-2010. my father passed away in his sleep new years eve morning. He lived with me, I helped my mom care for him. She had no signs he was going to bed and never waking up. my mother spoke to him about 3:30 am then went back into his room about 5am and he was cold. since he passed away in my house, could his sprit still be here, or him watching over us? I have a cat that is real shy, but has been acting real strange. he was even laying next to my dad after he passed. So iam wondering if his sprit could still be in my home.

January 15, 2010

Lisa @ 6:00 pm

This is for Traci…How did you know you had a ghost or spirit in you?  I mean how did it feel?

January 16, 2010

Katelyn @ 6:23 pm

This subject interests me so much because as long as I can remember I could sense changes in energy. It started at night when I'd close my eyes and I could sense when someone or something came into a room even for a second it's never failed. Have you ever heard the electric or magnetic field when you first turn the tv on when there was complete silenc the minute before? That's what I always feel. It's always scared me a little because I can in a sense "hear" things come in the room but when I open my eyes nothing is there that I can see. I also happen to have dreams that come true the next day. I have never had a physical reaction to this sense but over time I've learned to deal with it. I can't read peoples minds but I've always known if there was something wrong or different about my relationships with people, I guess it's like a gut feeling that never ever fails. I wish I could explain what it "sounds" like to hear the change in the magnetic energy but it's almost impossible to describe unless you have the ability. A few times ill be laying down and I'll just get a random name that pops into my head. The first time it scared me so bad it made me cry, but I don't think it's anyone that would harm me.

Often I get the "feeling" of a presence at night just around the room but not really trying to make contact. I know from experience this phenomenon is real because after living with this for such a long time I know it's real. I see shows about psychic kids who can talk to an see spirits and while that's never been something I could do, I know normal people can't feel this way and do these things. It makes me really uneasy at times but if I ever feel a serious threat I just bless myself with some holy water. I'm glad people see that you don't have to see ghosts and have them talk to you for you to be "psychic" because this too can be a gift and a curse. In some ways it's given me the upper hand on certain people and situations.

Katelyn @ 6:39 pm

After reading all of these posts I do see a common theme in the stories and in my life, my two older sisters have the same gift that I do. My sisters had more intense experiences than I did when they were younger, but all three of us have this extra sense. I just want to say to all the people who thought they were nuts, just know you're really not alone and it's so much more common than you think. My parents think I'm crazy but I know I'm not. And to anyone with a bad experience with negative energy, I had an issue with that once too I got a bottle of holy water and blessed myself before bed it was the first night I slept in weeks. Please stay positive though because things like that feed off of fear. It becomes your worst nightmare you need a support system so please stay positive.? And animals can see spirits a lot better than us if they're acting afraid or hur or sick, you know it's not a good presence. I just wanted to say those things to anyone listening

January 18, 2010

Traci @ 3:33 pm

Lisa i havent felt one, not that i know of. I was wondering If my fathers spirt is still with us in the house, or how could we tell.

January 19, 2010

2serenitynow @ 8:49 am

From reading all these posts, I think it might help to look into the possibility that the pressure and rush that is sometimes felt, especially upon awakening, could infact be due to your own spirit re-entering your body after astrally projecting. This is a phenomenom that occurs with everyone, some more than others, most are just unaware of it. Sounds like a few of you are waking up before your soul has come back. Just something to consider.

January 22, 2010

Kristen @ 1:30 am

i have been seeing spirits and they have been contacting me since i was 6 years old, and i am now 19. no one else in my family has ever seen them and have not experinced what i have experinced. i still to this day have nightmares, when i can sleep. i am not sure why they contact me or what they want. if anyone can help me to understand this and if they can help me contact them better please i have yahoo messenger. just pm me. or if anyone wants more info or questions.

January 23, 2010

Katie @ 12:55 pm

I know it may sound strange but since i was 17 (i'm now 20) i have felt people touching me in my sleep, sometimes quite spitefully. when it happens i'm in between falling asleep, it really freaks me out. i spoke to someone about it who said it was something to do with my house but it can't be as it happens wherever i sleep, up to 3 times a week. I can stop it by putting music on, or the tele, but i really want it to stop as it's quite scary. I don't think i believe in ghosts but this is my last resort, as its been 3 years now. I don't think it is relevent but it started happening after i did the ougie board on halloween 06 (but nothing contacted us and the people i was doing it with were laughing and stuff)… any ideas?

January 24, 2010

Amber @ 5:24 am

I have experienced the same thing as well. Around 15 years ago, I had rented a room in a house from a good friend of mine. I started noticing that something was always "peeking" around the corners, in the house, at me. I would turn my head to look, and it would quickly disapear. One night,I was alone in my room, and my roommate was in the next room. I remember sorta drifting off to sleep, but, for some reason I could feel myself calling out for help to my roommate,but could not make a sound. And my body could not move, as if something had paralyzed me for a few moments. It was the weirdest feeling, and I will never forget it. Your story sounded exactly like what I had felt that night.

January 25, 2010

Katie @ 3:56 pm

Yea its exactly like paralyzed and the only thing you can do is try to wake up properly. it seems so real and i can actually re-call the pain, i never see whole bodies or faces, just arms or something. But can feel being felt, its horrible.

Melanie @ 5:54 pm

Hi just wanted to know if anyone else had experienced the same sort of thing I have. Well apparently I have been able to see spirits since being a very small child around 3 years old. My mum told me that I told her about a lady who used to come and play with my hair who I described to be my Great Grandmother who passed away when I was a few months old. Since then Ive had dreams about those who have passed either family, or family of people close to me. Since the birth of my son is september I have more of these dreams and I get feelings that spirit people are watching me. For example I recently went to my Grandmothers who is ill in hospital, I felt like someone was watching me and kept feeling there was something in the hallway. I then was able to describe a lady to my mom who seemed to fit the description of my Great Great Grandmother who I had never met. Is this her way of telling me she is there looking out for my nan? Or is it my imagination running overtime? Any input will be greatfully recieved. x

January 28, 2010

Martha Nassauer @ 1:39 pm

While walking up a very steep stairwell in an old house that was newly renovated in WaterMill, NY, something grabbed my right leg below the knee, and tugged on me, almost making me fall off stairs. I leaned into the stairs, and the only person in the room was still locking the back door behind him. It was not him. A few weeks later, we smelled a burning sulphur like smell, at which point my friend began to rip down an entire wall, thinking perhaps a sheetrock nail had come in contact with his electrical wiring. Everything was fine when sheetrock was removed. This smell lingered between two bedrooms that were connected. I asked my friend to pray with me, at which point we acknowledged the presence of an entity of some kind, and performed "spiritual warfare." The presence, smell, and feeling of something being there left. This building had been renovated from an old farmhouse, to a dental office downstairs. The owner/dentist later stated that an older woman had been murdered in the bathtub years prior, and that at least one other patient had reported (prior to expelling of entity) seeing a female figure dressed in old fashioned clothing move from one area of the room through a door that had been sealed off. When I asked the dentist recently if anyone had seen or felt anything lately, she said all had been quiet for quite some time…from the time I believe we ordered it to leave.

January 29, 2010

Catherine @ 7:45 pm

I feel presenses behind me all the time, and there's usually nothing there. I also hear – and this is the only way I can describe it – is low or high pitch sonic noises. Am I gifted, paranoid, or just crazy? Merci bou cou, Michelle. Cheers.

January 31, 2010

Esperanza @ 8:58 am

uhhh right now as i am writing this, i am sitting at my computer and it has gotten really cold all of a sudden. i have been experiencing ghosts for many years and i am a sensittive. i hear them but then i also think that i live on indian ground. i just need to chat with somone to talk about this stuff

Sabrina @ 8:35 pm

Well what happened to me was almost 3 years ago.  I had just been released from the hospital from having a liver transplant.  I was very close to death with only 2 days left to live if a liver wasn't found.  I was saved the very day that would have been my last.  People say I cheated death!  Well what happened to me was a few nights after I got home.  I was in bed – my husband and children were sleeping.  I was in a little pain and having trouble falling to sleep.  I was finally falling to sleep when all of a sudden, I felt something holding me down.  I couldn't move any part of my body.  My eyes were open and I was looking at my husband and was trying to yell but no sound would come out.  I was terrified.  I couldn't do anything.  I just layed there while whatever was holding me down was touching my body.  I could feel hands on me.  This has happened to me twice.  I've had so many other things happen to me.  When I was a teenager, I could feel someone sit next to me on my bed.  I've also heard something call out my name.  I wonder if this is something that is following me?  Ever since I was a child I could remember things happening to me.  I don't know what to think.

February 4, 2010

Lyndsey @ 6:56 am

I highly believe that people can sense when ghosts are around. I remember when I was younger (about 6) I used to be scared of going to the bathroom particularly at night time so I used to run from my attic bedroom down the stairs to the bathroom and then i'd run back to my room again and hide under my covers for about 10 minutes before attempting to go to sleep.

I didn't know why I was scared … I mean I was 6 I didn't even know people believed that spirits could stay with us as ghosts. Then one night when I ran to the bathroom I saw a woman who stood there. My whole body froze and i'll always remember how I felt. I felt cold and emotionally drained like i'd been crying for years for this woman. I felt sorry for her but scared at the same time. I didn't go to the toilet instead I ran back to my room cried my self to sleep. The routine never changed i'd run to the bathroom at night and run back to my room scared. Now that I knew what and who made me scared of the bathroom so much I gave the woman in there a name I called her Violet. As years passed by more things happened I started to feel like I was being watched as I fell to sleep. Then I started seeing more people at night, I saw a little girl and a man dressed in a waist coat. One time I slept at my uncles house and I told my cousin I could see a little girl in her house and I could describe the little girls family to her and even how they died. I didn't know how I knew this stuff to me it was just a very strong feeling i had. I never told my mum any of this. I didn't understand it my self I supposed I felt embarressed and scared she'd think I was lying.

When I was 16 my mum's friend came to the house and they were watching TV and ans talking about a psychic night and it reminded me of everything that used to happen when I was younger. As I told my mum her friend was very curious and asked me to describe the woman from the bathroom as I did she went pale she told me she knew the family who lived in the house before we had and that an elderly woman who was very frail called Violet lived there and that she'd been a victim of a long cancer. This scared me, i'd scared myself how the hell did I choose to name this woman Violet and it turned out that was her name?!?!?
My uncle was pretty freaked out and did some research on his house ….. everything i'd said turned out to be true about that too even how the family died. I now nearly 19 and I haven't seen ghosts in a while but sometimes at night I still get scared and hide under my covers. I can't really explain it but I just know when a ghost is there because I feel really emotional and cold. To me my own experience is enough to prove children can see and feel when spirits are with them.

Unless you've actually been in that situation though I can understand why it's hard to believe in ghosts. For some seeing is believing.

justin @ 8:42 am

i had my first encounter last night around 11:30-12:00. i was watching tv and suddenly my verizon fios box turned off. it then read "HI!!" just like that and then read please play a movie. and my tv changed from chanel 3 to 5 and my remote wasn on my dresser….i then had an icy chill come up my spine and i felt icy on my neck….like some one was breathing on me…i was scared shitlees to get out of bed and haven't sllept since. i also have 2 dogs and they always sleep in my room and for some reason wouldn't last night. the younger one, his name is skeeter, hes a chocolate lab 110lbs started to whimper and ran down stairs then turned around and looked at me like he was about to die or something.

February 8, 2010

LaShell @ 3:19 am

my brothers died on 1/29/10 both in very different ways. one of renal failure and the police shot my other brother ~ i get these crazy uncontrollable chills. I dont feel bad or warm or cold just chills and ive never had them like that till they passed. i figure they are trying to hug me. at least thats how i like to look at it. :)

February 10, 2010

Cynthia @ 8:01 pm

Every so often, my heart would beat really fast and I know that they are there. When it happens, I get up and go to the restroom (just to be certain that I'm awake) and when I get back into bed, my heart starts racing again. It only happens at night, and never during the day. Once before I felt fluttering and wind in my ear. When I opened my eyes, I saw the shadow of and angel's wings stretching from the ceiling to the floor. Sometimes I have to sleep with the lights on to keep them away. Sometimes these spirits tighten the covers around my neck and shoulders to prevent me from moving, but most times I just feel them there, and it feels as if my heart is going to jump out of my chest. Are they trying to tell me something, or warn of some type of danger?

February 11, 2010

Jennifer @ 4:44 pm

When I was about 22 I had an experience that happened to me. My husband and I went to go to sleep and my whole life I slept with my arm over my head. One night as I was almost alseep and still aware of my surroundings, something laid on top of me and I felt a thumb print of a man in my armpit. He spoke to me in my mind and said I bet you cant move it, I bet you cant! At first when I felt it it made me giggle, but then I realized oh my gosh this is really happening to me! I talked back to him in my mind and said Oh I bet you I can too! It felt like all the energy I could muster came to a head and then it was off of me. I got up to tell my husband but he did not believe me. Later that month, I had to go the bathroom it was in the middle of the night. I turned on every light to go across his moms house. On the way back I got half way to our bedroom and heard my name whispered,"Jennifer…" I turned around and called for everyone asleep on that side of the house and no one answered me! I ran!..other things have happened to me in the past things I shrugged off, but after my dad died two years ago in January of 2008 I have been touched a few times.

A week after my dad died I was at my sisters house and stayed in the guestroom upstairs. My mom used to stay in that room and sys she sees spirits and communicates with them. At first I thought she was crazy, but now I don't know? I was laying in the bed it was in the middle of the day and I hadnt slept well because deep down I was scared that my dad was going to come and visit me and it terrified me. My husband said he would let me sleep for an hour and get me for lunch. I did eventually fall asleep but I was awoke by a knock on the door which was a rapping three times and then right after that was a feeling of a mans first three fingers touching my knee out of the covers that tapped me three times. My husband came in and said am I hungry. There was no one in the room and later I asked him why he knocked on the door to come in? He said he didn't knock? I was touched one more time at my house and was asleep in my room and it felt like someone tapped me again but on my elbow to wake me up as my little girl came in the room one morning. The last incident so far was at my sisters house again and we were getting ready to leave the house. I was saying by to my twin and all of a sudden I felt a spiderweb feeling go across my left side of my face as if fingers touched my face but went through my cheeck. I freaked out needless to say! My mom sees things, my two young nieces see and feel things and my sister says she too sees things like black shadows..I do not see things but I have been touched? Can someone tell me what to do about how to cope and not be scared I am going to see something I do not want to see? Some people say I may have a gift and if I just open up to it I may see my father or even hear them.

Jennifer @ 4:48 pm

wow it looks as if you may have a ghost or entity in your house. They say that animals are very perceptive and feel and see things we do not. Pay attention to them..they might be warning you.

February 12, 2010

Mag English @ 3:11 am

Hi everyone i have felt the presence of spirts for years. sometimes the energy feels diffrent and scary. my friend died a couple of years ago. i feel she moves furniture durning the night. can ghosts mess with your dreams? i mean interupt your dream sexually and when you say stop they mess with your head but when you wake up its still there. i end up praying and it goes!!!!

Shannon Chung @ 8:31 pm

Im in the drama club at school and our studio is haunted. not the negative way. But my teacher told me she feels her sometimes and once she heard someone whistle behind her but when she turned it was nothing. And one time, when the whole class was in, they all saw a girl sitting around the corner, and when one of the student asked who's that, she disappeared. It was before i joined the drama club, and today my teacher decided to tell ghost stories, and it was involved with her. Then, i feel really uncomfortable, somoene was watching me and i knew it was her coz i could feel her presence. She didn't speak to me, but she kept giving me the feeling she wanted me to tell my teacher to stop telling all these stories. I know she is negative, i can feel that she doesn't like my teacher telling these stories about her because my teacher encountered her a few times. and she made me feel like she wanted us not to be scared of her. She's been in our a school for quite a long time. i dont know why.

February 13, 2010

Donna @ 4:05 am

Hi, I would like to share with you, my experience. It started when at 14 years old. I had a series of dreams that my bother died. He was killed a short time later from a hit and run. I had a dream the next night my brother was showing me who killed him. I described the person to my family. When the person gave him self up to the police, his description was identical. I am now 48 yrs old. Since then I could write a book on my experiences with the spirit realm. my sister died suddenly 18mths ago, and no it was expected but I always knew her time on earth would be cut short. she was 49. My sister comes to me frequently, let me share with you. I will wake up in the middle of the night and Sharon will be on my mind. I lay in bed thinking of her, I feel her in the room. I don't see her, just feel her. I then roll over & my husband will say are you awake & I reply yeah. Then he says, your sister is here. I reply how do you know? He says she woke me up. I've been awake for ages, she's walking around the room. I talk to her, tell her how much I love her & miss her. Sharon leaves soon afterward. I know I'm not imagining this because then my husband would be too? She wants my attention. She taps on my dresser next to the bed to wake me up. I do not dabble in anything, nor do I let it be known outside the family. Sharon also visits my brother as he took in her dog. Evan the dog senses her presence.

Donna @ 4:25 am

(Continued) I do believe some people are sensitive to the sprite realm, what we don't know or understand can scare us. I have had a few nasty visitors but I tell them to get out of my house and never come uninvited. They soon leave and that is the end of them. When you go to bed talk out loud and tell them not to come in your bedroom that it is a private space. I have had spirits standing at my door just looking in they won't come in. They soon leave. I tell them not to wake me up as I have to work the next day. It works for me.

February 14, 2010

Kim @ 9:34 am

Hello Taylor @10.15pm. my name is Kim I have read your story and no there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I have the opportunity of Being psychic and seeing,sensing,talking and hearing ghosts 24/7 myself but also have the opportunity to help cross spirits over to the light if need be. I hope that this is comforting to you. I always have the opportunity to dream of a certain person who has died in horrible circumstances before I see them, talk to them and cross them over. yes it can be scary but what the ghost is showing you is a reenactment of his/her death but I am sorry you had to see the reenactment of the poor child who was brutally killed. I truly feel for her and for the mother and the other grownups who were also killed. May they all eventually RIP.The Child you saw with long black hair and very pale to me seems that she feels she is unable to cross over to a better place (but for your own safety I advise you not to cross spirits over unless you know what you are doing) as she died in horrible circumstances. to me she is an earthbound spirit. she is a lost spirit child, some ghost children often feel lost and sometimes they do not realise they are dead, especially those who have died in tragic horrible circumstances like your little visitor – as she was not prepared for a horrific death particularly from her father and she was unable to say goodbye to her mother.

I beleive she has come to you are a child like her and would be on the same wavelength as you and hoped you would see her. 2.she had a message for you, as spirits can also warn you of dangers if there are any (ghosts will try and attract the living as much as they can to pass messages on if not through a loved one then through a person who has the opportunity to see sense hear and talk to them(mediums) 3.she is attracted to your strong light around you. Ghost children tend to reach out to the living with a motherly figure. I have the opportunity to have ghost children myself who are around me with their parents who are not only have become my friends but my spirit guides and who work with me, guard me heavily 24/7, but, like yourself I have the same trouble always seeing and hearing other spirits. I tell my spirits who I know to leave me from time to time, as spirits tend to drain your energy and they respect that. they know when not to push it. the strong advice is it is not healthy to see and hear ghosts 24/7.

The strong advice I am able to tell you is you MUST Protect yourself that is ABSOLUTELY paramount and learn to SHUT down. I use the psychic shield words and also vision myself in a bubble of white light. imagine the bubble sits on top of a gold base under your feet. see the white light extending to about 2 feet around your body, head, underneath your feet. make sure light is above your head as well as under the feet. imagine white light is encircling you and then stationary then swirling around you again. open your eyes and feel the light protecting you and say NOTHING can harm me. Also when I need to shut down I pretend I have a box infront of me with a flower in it open the box and take out the opened flower (I choose a rose as pink represents love in the spiritual world) hold the flower in the palm of your hand watch the petals close up one by one. as I mentioned before you MUST shut down and KEEP grounded. DO anything you like go for a swim, have friends round, do anything that involves our world. You CANNOT live in the spirit world 24/7. Remember you have more power than then spirit/ghost has, but if you try and show fear, they can become more powerful than you. they feed on fear. Hope I have been of some help. take care, keep safe.

Justin McNairy @ 3:24 pm

Hey, I have my experience that I want to talk about. I can feel something or someone touch my head in the middle of the night (2:37am). When it touched me, I quickly woke up and started to look around. I though it was my cousin who sleeps on the floor, or my mom who was already sleeping. It was neither of them. Im telling you the truth, I can feel that it's real. I am half sleep and half awake, but I felt it real, like a human touch. It all occurs in my home.

Several weeks ago, I was in college, and have a dorm too. I was sleeping and something something or someone touched my left hip and I started alert and looked around. My roommate was already sleeping, so it was not him. I think I have experienced this before. I told one of my family members (aunt), and she told me it must the the holy ghost, a guardian angel that is protecting me. I just want to let ya know my experience with the holy ghost.

February 19, 2010

seana @ 5:06 am

Hello im 13 years old and i always can feel ghost round i am so freaked out and when the room is really warm i know when a ghost is round because round me gets awfully cold .. And one nite i was sittin on my couch and i felt like a hiss in my ear .. its weird because im only 13 and this is happening to me why if anyone has anwsers about this please feel free 2 comment this back xx

February 20, 2010

Donna @ 5:14 am

Hi Seana I feel a coldness around me and the tingles along my arms when I feel a presence around me. Some people are sensitive like an antenna or conductor picking up on the spirit world. You are only 13, can you discuss this issue with your parents? Kim who commented a few comments back had good advice regarding protecting yourself with a protection prayer or affirmation. You can say it daily or whenever you feel the need to, when you are experiencing these feelings or situation it can be words like (bless and protect me and my family with the divine white light only love and goodness shall come to me). There are a lot of sites on the net for you to read up on.

February 22, 2010

Jenna @ 3:17 pm

im 14 and this has happend 3 times within the past 2 months:
i wake up in the middle of the night (around 2ish) and i feel like theres someone there just standing next to me. it freaks me out SO badly and i cant fall asleep. my dogs then start to cry and bark at the wall and when i look theres nothing there. my father died in september of 2007 and my uncle in febuary of 2008 (it'll be 2 years the 27th). and last night when i tried to go to sleep i feel this pressure on my side and i hear my name called and i freak out. i sometimes feel a light brush against my face. and when i finally went back to sleep i just had dreams of ghosts. when i finally woke up for school at 6 this morning i was lying in my bed when i hear very loud foot steps coming up the stairs. theres about 4 and it stops. it wasnt my mom cause she has a broken leg, it wasn't my sister cause she shares a room with me and it wasnt my brother because he was taking a shower. i always try to convince myself that its just my dad watching over me. but the feeling is just too freaky…

& me and my dad were VERY close. me and my uncle not so much.

what do you think?

February 23, 2010

dd @ 8:17 pm

i cant sleep and i feel like someone is watching me. i feel it when im by myself, no one around me but there are people in the place.. its very weird i cant sleep…. im a kid… my sister has been seeing this girl in her dreams and when she does she cant breathe or move.. she has pics on her wall and theres one of me.. she was sleeping and her friend slept over. then all of a sudden, she scratched the wall and she got 2 the pic of me and her…my situation has occured ever since i moved… my heart feels weird and i get hot… sometimes when people are with me i feel like theres still someone with us.

February 24, 2010

Michael keary @ 3:21 pm

Hello, lately I have been experiencing shivers my back, electronic faults, flickering of lights, strange annoyances and i heard some-one calling my name. when i turned around, no-one was there. About a month ago I made a ouij board. Since then doors have been slamming and books had been falling off the shelf. It was yesterday things started to progress when i felt like some one was watching me. i then heard a lady say "hello." i felt stupid at first but i replyed and found out that she was 53 and her name was louise. she then told me she never got to say goodbye to her family as she died in a car crash. Im not sure if im going mad or there is really a ghost there? Also i was looking for my charger. i searched the whole house then it appered on my bed. I told my mum and she said maybe she wants to play games. as i was talking to her, the phone kept cutting out and i heard heavy breathing as well. im really confused. please feel free to comment :D thanks

Michael keary @ 3:22 pm

I have just walked into my front room and smelt smoke but no-one had lit a candle, is this connected?

February 25, 2010

mondy @ 10:13 am

I'm glad to find out other people have been experiencing things similar to what I've been going through the past month. A common thread that seems to be happening is that people are sensing the presence of an entity around them while half asleep, although many other people have experiences while they are wide awake.

I've had what feels like human fingers touching me late at night. The first time it was a couple of fingers on my leg, then a single finger touching my wrist. The most recent episode, feels like several fingers pushing me in the back as I laid on my side. My wife is laying beside me when this happens, and I haven't talked to her about it, because I don't want to freak her out, but it has been a very frightening experience. My heart starts racing and chills go through my body. Then, after a while I drift off to sleep.

It usually happens when I awaken to go to the bathroom and then I try to get back to sleep. Very vivid dreams accompany the touching sensation, and on nights where I sleep through the night without waking, I don't sense anything strange. Several members of my family are very sensitive and I say what I can describe as my grandmother's spirit when I was young, but I haven't had anything happen to me like this until now, and I'm 52. My mom and dad both passed away a year apart a few years back. I wonder if one of them is trying to reach out to me. Anyway, I'm happy to be able to share this experience with people who have had some similar events take place in their lives.

Moe @ 4:50 pm

Hi I am moe. I always felt someone is watching me and i can feel there is someone in the house, not my family. Please help me. I am scared.

February 27, 2010

andy @ 6:42 pm

i too have felt the same paralyzed feeling in my grandmother's room. also my mother is known for saying she sees the ghost. i've never really belie.ved her until now. my aunt has moved six houses because of this problem. i think its because we're gypsy. also im 15 years old and really want to look into this if you can please contact me at

Thomas @ 10:09 pm

Never buy or make Ouji boards. They are a door way to the spirit world.

March 3, 2010

Grace @ 11:54 pm

I have had a few experiences in the past. Just this morning I was awaken. what I perceive as a being trying to lay on top of me. Sort of like pressure added on top of me. I don't know what it is or wants. Sometimes it just sit near me.  I do not feel cold, chills or anything except what I described above. Can anyone tell me what is going on?

March 6, 2010

phillip anderson @ 12:34 am

Ever since I was a little boy I've felt a presence around me when I'm alone. Only when I'm in a relaxed state is when I feel this force. I have never understood what it was. Everytime I feel nervous and anxious when I feel it. I don't know how to explain what this is, can someone help?

March 7, 2010

Mary @ 2:56 pm

That happens to me every night. my parents said that ever since I was small I refuse to sleep, complaining that someone was in my room, now just i feel nervous and anxious . Now my parents think I am a crazy 12 year old girl with some thing wrong in MY brain. Recently while I was lying in my bed I was fiddling with a pencil then someone or some thing pulled the pencil out of my hand. Also two nights after that I was also lying in my bed listening to the radio, when the fast forward button just clicked on its own!! I was so scared I couldn't move for a while. The next day while I was getting on the bus I heard the bus driver say "what time will I get home". I asked my friend to ask her if the bus driver did say that, but she said no and that the bus driver didn't even open her mouth.

Deborah @ 11:02 pm

Hi, my family and I moved into the rental house we live in and from the very first night, i had the feeling it was haunted. I heard a sound pass by me that I can not describe, but if you saw the movie "White Noise' it was similar to the noise the husband was hearing on his computer. Anyway, every night almost, I feel the room get cold all of a sudden, even though the heat is on, and all of a sudden, my heart starts beating really fast for no apparent reason. I am just lying there trying to go to sleep, (thats when it f____ with me most) and I will feel my hair rising or being played with, and an energy, (i dont know what else to call it, like it's lying on top of me). I have repeatedly told it to go away, and leave me alone. Help!

March 12, 2010

Phoebe @ 1:42 am

My parents house is haunted. They used to admit this, but now they just think I'm crazy. I don't live there anymore, but I've heard and felt things. My old bedroom (now the craft room) is the warmest in their house (big old Victorian) so when I visit I sit in it to go on the Internet after my kids have gone to sleep. Well, a very cold thing(ghost) comes and touches me…sits with me…etc. I know it is there and it knows I am there, because it will leave me alone if I ask. I think the ghost is just happy someone knows it's there!

There are two other ghosts on the property. One is in the root cellar, and does NOT like to be disturbed, otherwise there is poltergeist activity. Luckily the root cellar is another room off of the main cellar, so no one goes in there very much–it has a weird vibe. The other spirit is in the upper room of the carriage house (which my parents use as their junk shed), a very nasty-feeling spirit. I don't ever go in there because my intuition screams **get out** if I start to go up the stairs.

I am an intuitive (third gen–maybe more).

I'm wondering how to let these ghosts know they're dead w/o getting the professionals in…

March 15, 2010

Joe @ 10:56 am

Hey, My name is Joe M.,and for a while now i been having very bad dreams, thoughts of hurting people and thoughts of suicide. When i am getting ready for school in the morning, i always feel as if there is something or some one there, and some times i think my mom is walking to the bathroom and trying to sneak up on me,or something, (cuz she likes to mess around) but when i look there is no one there. A couple months ago i was laying down to sleep and i was almost to sleep and i felt a light touch on my arm, kind of by my elbow, Another night i was going to sleep and i heard a knocking noise on my window and i looked out side there was no one there, i just thought that it could of been some kids playing tricks on me but it was very very freezing out side, i dont think kids would be running around that late in the cold. I also have trouble sleeping, when i am up late at night at about 2 or 3 am i hear footsteps walking by my door, and i go out there and every one is sleeping. It scares me but i have been trying to ignor every thing that happens, somtimes i think its just all in my head. But just last night my cat was in my moms room and it always lays in there all the time, my cat is very calm to, but i was laying down in the living room and my cat came running out of the room verry fast and sudden, she jsut sat there and looked into the room and didnt go back in there for about an hour. That concerned me. I just always feel like there is a pressence with me, Ever since i have done the ouija board, i have messed around with it a couple times about a year ago.

I just need some advise or some thing to inform me about what it could be. Thanx?

March 16, 2010

Sue Hill @ 12:34 am

Not sure what I feel, last night i was woken with the feeling of someone leaning on the bed, but tingling from head to toe and a physical touch to something around my waist. when i fully awoke it continued and although i didnt feel cold my skin was it kept me awake for some time. when it went i went back to sleep. what can this be? I have sensed something in the house only in one spot but i think it may have followed me.

March 19, 2010

Ornella S @ 10:25 pm

Hi , im 15… Im seriously not sure of some of the things that are happening right now. Lately ive been getting really scared from weird footsteps after 1am. There has been times when i wake up sweating around 3am or for no apparent reason. I have a small brother , he is 2 years old . He has really being scaring me and my aunt out… yday we were sat in the living room quietly.. and he just began to burst out laughing .. but looking at an empty space and kept calling me and my sister to come over there. I feel like im being watched all the time by someone .. especially around the house. Sometimes i feel as if it isnt just one person but 2 .. one behind me as well. The feeling of going upstairs or downstairs creeps me out..i swear sometimes i see someone there… but im scared so i tend to look away. One night i switched my tv box off.. i left the control inside a drawer , i then layed in bed … looked up and right in front of my eyes the red light went green as if someone turned it back on. I also have this lamp… which makes a sound whenever you turn it on and off.. and everytime i turn it off before i go to bed… i lay there.. and weirds sounds start coming from it as if someone is trying to turn it on.I have seen odd dark shadows… but small ones as if they were kids ones… walking past quickly…today i was in the kitchen .. and i swear i saw a woman from behind who was tall… by the door. I have no idea who this could be.. since most of the women in my family are short.. we dont know any history of people who haunt the house. There was once a night around 4am .. it was all silent.. and i swear i could hear quick faint whispers from somewhere all of a sudden. I didnt get anything to what it might have being saying since it was fast.Today i went to the bathroom … and i was about to get out and my whole right side of my body went cold.. while the other was normal. Any ideas to explain or help .. please they will be greatly appreciated .. its getting to the point where i cant stand to come in my room or house. Thank you

March 20, 2010

Roni Domi @ 2:02 am

My friend and I were having a discussion about ghosts today. The subject just came up and I was saying how I do not believe but my friend here disagreed, she thinks they exist. So as time went by during the evening, we started talking about something else when all of a sudden the tv went bazarre at 1:52 a.m. We went around the house to see if the other tvs were still working, and they were. Before this, I was taking a shower and left my friend alone in the living room and she told me that during the time I was in there she saw shadows on the ceiling and her heart started racing. Is my house haunted or are we just paranoid because we have been talking about it?

April 3, 2010

Niamh @ 5:38 pm

I get the feeling of cold air around me, and sometimes it feels like gentle breathing on my skin. Other times someone is touching my arm, and cause I looked towards the area of where it was coming from, its being more consistent.

emily @ 8:23 pm

It was after a long block party, and i was having fun except for the fact that i was tired, but i didn't care at the moment. i finally decided to come inside and get ready to go to bed around 5:00am. while i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and finishing up, i suddenly felt a cold, dry air mass rush by me and leave the bathroom. i was cautious but only thought it was a blast of cold air from the air conditioning unit. so i went on with my buissness and finally was able to lie in my bed. [at that time of age{age 9},i didnt like to sleep with my ears uncovered so i pulled the sheets over my ears so that my ears werent uncovered.] my mom and dad just leftmy room a few minutes later after saying goodnight and my sister fell asleep on the other side of the room, so i was a bit scared to be awake in the dark alone. i got up and turned on the television and changed the channel to my favorite cartoon. before i went to sleep i made a quick notice that i was laying down on my stomach and that the sheets were covering my ears and body all the way. after a few minutes i fell asleep and it was a deep sleep. it was probably around 5:30 when my dream went downhill into a total nightmare. it turned completely pitch black and strangely i made out a demon shape. it was black and red and kind of glowing. while it was making its way in the doorway, it was whispering to itself, yet it was still looking at me. [ im still talking about my dream.] i tried to make out the words but i could not. coming closer and closer, he stared at me and in an instant, just burst out laughing. his laugh was of pure evil and created stench of no other living mortal.

By then i was terrified and couldn't move. the creepiest thing was that everything was happening in the same scenario as when i went to sleep except it was happening in my nightmare. all of a sudden he quickly jumped on me with no hesitation at all and began choking me. with a struggle, i threw him off of me and he hit a wall. screaming, he warned me and told me that i was going to regret that move. i suddenly woke up and my breathing was really red and i was shaking uncontrollibly. also, my heart beat was beating at a bursting pressure while i was very dizzy. the dark looking shape left my room and thats when i woke up to notice that my blanket was off my bed and the t.v. was off and i looked towards the door and found a dark shadow leave my room while i was awake. a few days later i went to my niece's birthday party and i broke my wrist VERY pianfully in her bounce house. {the thing was is that the exact moment before i broke my wrist i was thrown in the air and landed.} could this of meant something? was he planning that event?

April 5, 2010

robyn @ 2:17 am

ok, so this is short, but the rock band A7X drummer died on the 28 of December of last year. I was supposed to be born on that day,but instead was born on October 3 1993. In this dream, I was walking up to his house, and for some strange reason, it looked like a section of the yard had once had a tree and I thought this part was crazy but his coffin was sticking up out of the ground and that it was white. I didn't pay much mind to it, so I began to walk towards the house. But when I walked past the 'coffin', it felt like a hand suddenly grabbed my left arm and kept on tugging it down. It felt like it was actually happening. No one else was around me at the time, which happened around 3 or 4 am EST. It scared me, I woke up and my heart was beating fast. I'm pretty I was cryin too. Can anyone tell me if it was tellin me something or is it fake?' 'I also had this weird thought in my head that I was talking to the drummer in my head while I was doing dishes, and he apparently said he was going to shut the back door, which was just beside me, and the door shut by itself after I heard that in my head.

April 9, 2010

Soldier @ 10:07 pm

Yes, I have had that feeling throughout teenage years and have floated to the top of the ceilling and looked down and saw what was hell. The other time a being in a black cloak came into my room and I was trying to scream out when I looked at his feet – he had none, but two beings came in a white cloak and tapped him on the shoulder and they vanished. I have had many experiences like sensing, smelling and dreams of warning. I deeply believe in God but am also not 100% sure of what the dimensional world is except that some spirits will scare and some will warn. The feeling of being paralyzed happened during my darkest moments, and I think when you are down and depressed we attract the wrong energy.

Soldier @ 10:11 pm

Because you were talking, the energy became attracted to you. I have had that experience many times where the conversation or the thought of them attracts them. You must strengthen your mind and not let them make you fearful. I have had many experiences and worked in a rest home where people pass away and they would try to talk by closing a door and saying hello almost like a whisper. They will communicate, but do not be frightened to block them out of your mind and to tell them to go away.

Soldier @ 10:15 pm

Ornella, I would get in contact with a spiritualist church that is christian based. You need to overcome your fear and control it. You will leave it too long and you will become more frightened. They can send it on, or teach you to not to be frightened.

Soldier @ 10:28 pm

I have had spiritual experiences all my life and found that when close people to me had cancer I will smell a hospital smell. When I was pregnant, I could smell flowers constantly. I sometimes smell cigar and that I think is my Grandfather and I also smell my dead aunty. I have seen my dead pets and have had my bed shake also. These things have been going on so long I know not to be in my head. Sometimes they warn and sometimes they scare and make me feel very frightened and once when I was dating this guy who was not very honest and caused alot of trouble (when I stayed the night) I found them flying around the room suffocating me with there pressence and walking very loudly up the stairs.

On one occasion, when he stayed over, they made a very loud noise up the stairs I almost died. It was thump, thump, thump like doom. I have had them lock me out of my bathroom and have had them whisper, asking for a family member. I have had them also come and knock on the window very loudly when I was a child because my sister was scaring me so much I was in tears as she was pretending to be possessed and they knocked on the window and the glass front door so quickly between the two that when we looked there was nothing there. But it was very loud, and my sister knocked back but nothing was there but it knocked back at her. Has anyone had the feeling of calm spirits and scary ones?

April 13, 2010

SouthernBee @ 8:41 pm

Not sure what has and continues to happen from time to time. I was very close to my grandmother. While she was in the nursing home I was one of the few people that she recognized and I loved her dearly. One evening I had a dream that I was lying with her in her hospital bed, holding her in my arms while she passed. The dream was so upsetting that I woke up and went downstairs (about 4AM) to get a drink of water. I flipped on the kitchen lights and they flickered 3 times. I was upset, butit was too early to call anyone so I went/tried to go back to sleep. The next morning at work I got the phone call that she had died peacefully in her sleep during the night. I do not see her ghost. On another occassion some years ago (prior to my grandmothers passing) I was overcome with such emotion that someone I cared for was in trouble/hurt. The feeling was so strong that I seriously considered calling the ER rooms to see if he had been admitted, but did not because I thought it was just some weird random thing that was happening to me for whatever reason and/or my then husband at the time would have become insanely jealous. Again the next day, I found out that he had died of alcohol poisening the night before.

I do not see ghosts, but I truly feel like I am conversing with them in my dreams or sometimes they are in my dreams and I am just looking at them. I definetly feel warm and fuzzy after the dreams. Is it just me not wanting to let go? Just recently, within the past few weeks I also dreamed that I was riding in a truck with my uncle and we were traveling to another uncles house. Normally I only have the dreams/feelings when I'm close to that person. I am not super close to this particular uncle, but again I awoke very early in the morning, headed to my parents house wherein I found out that he had had a heart attack the night before and had been taken to the hospital. This time it was a little 'off' because just a week prior it was my aunt that had passed away. We were not close and I had no 'inclination' that anything was wrong with her. I think my uncles heart attack may have been induced by stress from the loss of hiw wife/my aunt. Anyway, it's happened enough that I felt I should share experiences (if you will). I don't necessarily want to not see them in my dreams. Should I just do nothing and accept it for whatever it is?

April 17, 2010

teagan @ 3:50 pm

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you or seen a shadow but no one is there, or hear your name when you're all alone? The ghosts are out there!

April 19, 2010

C.~ @ 11:27 pm

I can feel what the ghosts or people feel. I have sat down at bus stops and shot straight back up again because she, last occupant, knew her check was too small to buy what he wanted….Hubby, although common law, would beat her when he got home. Items have feelings, and pictures can haunt me because the 'video' plays of what that person sees or feels/felt. I have just recently been able to distract myself so as to not FOCUS on every anger, disgust, heartbreak, hum drum, hurry to get home to make dinner, work sucked today feeling when walking into Wally world to shop. I live in the mountains. Years ago, an Indian girl was left here. It was required since something treasured was to meet her and meet her father further down the line. She feels she cannot leave because her father asked her to stay. I have 'told' her she needs to move on however her beliefs are a native way I haven't any idea on. Not even sure she only feels me and not understands.

Shiny things have disappearred and while I wonder about a certain drunk we had for thanksgiving, I know my ring is here, close. She hasn't seen shiny stones before and oogles at some of the things I have. Music, energy, from stereo, a fire enclosed in the wood burning stove…She isn't always here. She roams that area for some reason, her father's request… I am so lost. why would an Indian man leave a woman in the mountains? She isn't hurting anything, but to have her presence here is…….bizarre. I live alone and the animals do not seem to know anything is amiss=that I have noticed. The tv just turned itself on…I think the cats and horses know…..

April 20, 2010

dani pierce @ 5:01 pm

Every time i go to the mounds i hear somebody. it scares me to death. now im a psychic and im into ghosts and things like that but the other day i was walking in a crystal clear park. i was walking with my friend and she tripped. i looked to see what she tripped on but nothing was there. could this be the work of a ghost?

drew @ 10:38 pm

thats called sleep paralysis.

April 21, 2010

Charlotte @ 12:11 pm

I am currently 15 and went out with someone called tom(17), when i was 12, for about a year and a half, we was very happy together until he turned violent and argumentative. After some time i finally realised this wassn't right and i could do better, well he used to come to my house and bang on the doors and windows and demand to see me we had the police and everything. well he finally left me alone and i hadn't spoken to him for like a year. then 12-02-2010 i was out with my friends all having a drink (as we do on weekends)and tom came out and he was being really nice to me as usual, he was appolagising all night and saying how much i have grew up, and all the feelings i had for him came back. i went home to my grandmas house at 8-45pm and all night i couldnt stop thinking about him. the next morning i heard that he had been killed down the road at 9-15pm.

Obviously i went to the funeral & crematorium and 2 months has past and i havn't cried much since. sunday night i felt the presents of someone, i was laid in bed trying to sleep but i was wide awake and wassn't particulary upset but tears was streaming down my face and i couldnt stop. when ever i closed my eyes i couldn't stop thinking about him and how happy we used to be.(doesn't help that my bestfriend going out with his brother) but i was freezing and before his funeral i saw his body, and i could just see his body next to me in my head. i wasn't frightened at all, but when i was curled up in a ball in bed i imagined that he was behind me cuddled up next to me.i don't feel upset as such or frightened but i don't know if i'm going crazy or someone was actually there, what should i do? Please help :/

shereene @ 8:56 pm

when i go to sleep at night i feel like someone is watching me constantly. i heard something call my name but when i look to see who it is no one is there. i felt like someone was sitting on my bed, i heard people talking and laughing in the middle of the night. i've had my vases knocked off my dresser drawer, i even heard someone blowing into my vases and know one would be there. gives me the CREEPS!!!! i've even been forced down on my bed where i couldn't move or speak and to some growling like noises. i just pray when it happens.

April 23, 2010

Anonymous @ 5:12 am

For a long time now i have been sensing spirits in my house and especially in my room at night. I feel extreme changes in my energy field. Like i would get a rush of hot or cold tingly on my legs or chest. I always feel this heavy weight pressing down on top of my head when i try to get to sleep and thats when i know somethings in the room. Sometimes it feels like im being pushed into the bed but there's nothing there. Many times i have heard things, strange noises in my house. I was standing in my kitchen one day, no-one was at that end of the house, it was completely silent, when suddenly a something shouted in my ear! it was, wierd cause it was a whisper but right in my ear as loud as anyone could shout. I screamed"F**K!!" and turned round but there was no-one, nothing. It was that loud and it sounded like it was saying my name.

I have heard other noises, like one really loud heavy breath in a silent room, and its only me. I have got so annoyed with this that I tell the thing to piss off and leave me alone!lol. I walked outside one very black, eerily silent night just to stand outside, when suddenly, right beside, me I heard a high-pitched note being sung!! it was so loud and short, lots of vibrato! LOL. I just ran like feck inside. But I wasn,t really scared, it was like I had expected it to happen. and plenly of other freaky things…O.o

April 26, 2010

Kelby @ 12:11 pm

My wife and I have been in our house for over a year now and it's since then I have been having these nightmares. In my nightmare I will usually feel a negative presence in the room and I am usually helpless when this happens. Something pokes me in my side(rib) and won't let off. It is very difficult to wake up from this nightmare. I always start praying for it to go away. I usually wake up by sitting up very quickly with my heart racing. I also still feel the pain in my side. This is a terrible feeling. Has anyone else experienced or heard of something like this? I am almost 24 years old if it matters.

April 29, 2010

Ann @ 11:12 am

Recently the presence of a male ghost (in his late 40s early 50s) in my house has become stronger (as well as a little girl). It began about 2 months ago when I woke up at 4am with the sense that someone was watching me sleep. Since beginning March I now hear him walking into my room every 2nd night at 4am, he has clear calm footsteps. Just before he enters the room I get extremely sweaty (even though its cold) and he just stands at the foot of the bed for about 2 minutes then walks out again.

I went away for 2 weeks at the end of March and after returning home there was a smell of cigarettes in the 2nd bedroom. I've considered that as my house was built around 1880 (and living in England), there is bound to be some sort of activity. I have since been in contact with a pshyic who has been able to confirm that there are "positive energies" (I guess meaning good ghosts)in my house and without my mentioning she was able to tell me about the older male presence "visiting" me and making himself heard to me (which took me by surprise, as no-one knew this besides my husband who doesn't hear or sense a thing!). She was also able to confirm that he was addicted to smoking (hence me smelling it), she was also able to tell me that he is visiting often since end February and is very fond of me … Which is daunting and can be scary, though saying that I don't feel afraid of him but just really curious and apprehensive. I have since noticed that whenever I spend time at home alone (going straight home from work) and when I bake or cook (which isn't often), I feel his presence more often. I have now been told that he likes to be around me as I have "positive energy" and is not ready to go yet. I have asked for more information about him but it seems that he is very private & homely & just likes our company.

I'm now beginning to wonder if its ok for him to stay as long as he wants or if he will become too attached to me that it will be difficult to see him off, or if he will become anxious and become bolder, though I have been told he won't hurt me…. The little girl however is very shy and runs up our stairs on Saturdays at 7am, she doesn't play pranks on us and really keeps to herself. The only time I heard her, I was on the phone and standing in the front gardne, the little girl said "HI" on the phone, it was crystal clear as if she was standing besides me! My hearing has now become so acuate that I am waking up at 4am every night wondering what is the next thing that I will hear and I lay in wait to hear them move around. The question is if its ok to let these ghosts stay around or should I find them help? I have had senses of ghosts in the past but none that have been so "polite", there is no sense of fear when I am in the house but more a need to make it homely (even before the knowledge of my guests). What is strange is that neighbours cats seem to be attracted to our front door and garden. Should I be concerned?

May 3, 2010

jessica @ 7:16 am

i feel coldness around my legs when i am sitting in my living room.. and a very weird smell that i cannot describe. its a kind of granny smell .. can they be animal ghosts .. with it being round my legs? i was thinking it could be a cat ??

May 6, 2010

Tatum @ 4:12 pm

I think a spirit is trying to tell me something because i have this urge to look up a local murder that happened 25 years ago and the body was found in an auction barn. i also discovered that it was a local thing…a good friend of the family is having an auction at this location and ever since i have had the worst feeling that i have to go because something is going to happen..i have always been able to sense spirits and kinda know when one was around. i am just uncomfortable with this. i am not sure how to control the situation or understand it. i need another opinion from someone who understands what i am going through.

May 18, 2010

Lise @ 10:34 pm

Three weeks ago I had to put my 11 1/2 yr old Boston Terrier (Coty) to sleep. He had heart disease and I had nursed him for almost two years. I was devastated. It was very hard as he was MY dog and very loyal to me. We spent a lot of time together and were very bonded. For the past few weeks I have felt a strong presence over my left shoulder. Not all the time, but almost daily. It's a bit comforting I suppose but I'm not really sure. I have had times throughout my life that I have been very intuned with things. Dreams about family/friends that die and come true that kind of thing. At times I have this "sense" but I'm not quite sure what it is. Can someone explain any of this to me? At times I have heard someone call my name but noone is there. I also had a dream of Coty last week. I dreamt I had let him outside. I knew he was "gone". When I went to let him in he wouldn't come. The neighbours fence was gone that separates our properties and there was a field of the greenest grass I had ever seen. I tried to coax him in but he looked at me and then at the field and then I woke up. I was really upset by the dream. It was like he was saying goodbye or that he was asking me to let him go.

I am most interested in the presence over my shoulder though. What do you think it is?

May 20, 2010

Troy @ 6:55 am

Hi, lately I have had weird stuff happening to me. Sometimes its like my ears don't work and I hear a high pitched noise for about a minute or so. Sometimes i hear screams in the corner of my room and whispers in my ear. Sometimes I get really sharp pains in my head. Sometimes it's like I stare off into the distance even while someone is talking to me. I feel tingling feelings all over my body. My hair stands up and sometimes when I'm in a public place I feel like I have seen it before. Please help me! Thanks.

May 21, 2010

laura Melina Mansfield @ 4:41 pm

hi id like to know if i am woken in the middle of the night by someone blowing in my face and theres no one there, is there a ghost present in the house?

May 24, 2010

weinsen @ 6:15 am

my dad put a spell in this house. there was a hexagonal mirror and red paper, bamboo that was put around the entrance at 11 pm. i feel something different (i can feel presence of ghost very strong). something sees me at my kitchen and i think my dad put a spell in the middle of the dining room. cause if i cross the middle line i feel someone want to grab me.

weinsen @ 6:21 am

to lise… you've been given a sight into the future of your friend's future. don't be scared cause it will not be permanent.

May 29, 2010

vicki @ 12:57 am

i feel like i have someone standing on my left side right next to me. i have had this feeling for many years could it be a spirt or my imagination? Please i feel like im going crazy sometimes

Stephen Twine @ 5:43 am

You need to call someone to come cleanse your room (get a pentecostal minister or catholic minister to come there) as this sounds quite serious to me … any spirit that causes you to feel scared or to be injured is not a good spirit but a bad one …

I had one that haunted me in my old house for 2 years before I had it excorcised … but you do get good ones … I have sensed my step-father's presence (a friend even saw him standing behind me one day – freaked her out big time LOL) many times in my current abode but he means no harm … if you feel like it intends harming you get help!!!

June 1, 2010

Aaron @ 8:59 pm

hi there,may i know if i dont have a evp equipment how do i get it?or i could just use any sound recorder?

June 2, 2010

Sam @ 6:54 am

In 5th grade we went to colonial williamsburg. I kept getting a headache, getting stronger as we got closer to this house, and vice versa. AND my friends mom photographed a ghost on her camera. So weird.

Rose Chase @ 3:34 pm

hi my name's Rose Chase and lately i've been wide awake and feel somoeone running there fingers through my hair. I really feel it and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it means. its really weird and been freaking me out.

June 4, 2010

Krystal @ 8:01 pm

what else can you feel from the departed?

June 8, 2010

Shauna @ 12:53 pm

Hi there, my names Shauna, and my husband and I have a 3 year old son. Our house has always seemed..kind of "off". Im not sure how to explain it really, it just has a heaviness to it. We've tried painting to lighten it up, remodeled our kitchen, and so on but nothing seems to help. Even with the curtains and windows open this feeling seems to prevail. We both notice it from time to time..and odd things have happened. One night I heard someone in our hallway calling out for someone, is one example.

Anyways, so now our son is having a really difficult time..I know he's 3, and he has an overactive imagination, but I have to wonder at times if theres not more to it. He wakes up countless times a week at night as many children his age often do, and crawls into our bed. He says he doesnt like the man in his room sometimes, and doesnt really elaborate much. And I must admit his room is kind of creepy..It's a nice room, we've painted it, made it really cute for a litle boy, we've gotten him several nightlights and so's just that feeling, again. So, last night he ended up in bed with us and around 2 or 3 am his bedroom door shut, the noise it usually makes, its not an easy door to shut so it makes a lot of noise, but he was already in bed with us so Im not sure what to think.

I feel like, we need to keep putting him in his bed each night to keep him in his routine, but if he ends up in our bed I dont make him go back. On one hand I worry maybe there is something in there frightening him and am I being a bad parent for making him sleep in there? And on the other I feel like perhaps it is just his age as with most kids. But the fact we've experienced things ourselves in this house makes me wonder..  I know that the last two owners of the house have died, one of cancer in the house, and the other of cancer but wasnt in the house when he passed.  Ive always heard that the dead cant hurt the living, is this true? Thats all that really matters to me, I just dont want anything to harm our son. We plan on buying a different home in the next few years but for now we're stuck here.

Oh, one time my son came into our room when we was still awake laying in bed reading and he was crying hysterically, he ran in fast and came up into my arms and kept staring towards the ceiling and screaming dont hurt my mommy and it took us over half an hour to calm him down.

thanks for any insight =)

June 12, 2010

Lauren H @ 8:01 pm

My family recently moved to a new home and we started hearing weird noises @ night such as foot steps and just creaking through the house. One night we were sitting in the bedroom talking about it all and we all got goosebumps and cold chills it was like it went from one person to the next. Since we have lived here my mother in law has felt somebody rub her leg while we were gone one night, last night she tells us she got really hot so she threw the bed covers off of her and when she did it felt like somebody grabbed her last two toes and they immediately turned ice cold.When we walk into our sons room its like we get this weird feeling and every night it seems like there is somebody in the house with us. Could this be a ghost or are we just crazy?? somebody please tell us!

Thank You


June 13, 2010

Arnav @ 5:23 am

hi shauna,

from your post, i can make out that there is surely a presence of heavy negative energy in your house. so obviously, painting it nice wouldnt make it lighter or make you feel relaxed.  let me tell you, your son does not have a powerful imagination. he just has a powerful sense of things which you dont. Recent research (2003) conducted by CIA concludes that children are more prone to pick up and intercept electro-magnetic fields. you yourself say that your room is "kind of creepy."

all i can conclude is that you have a serious paranormal presence at your home. as for the sudden banging doors and windows, it is caused by the ghost/spirit/poltergiest/negative energy present at your home. look out for flickering lights and/or dim lights when everything seems to be all right, because all sorts of negative energy needs to fill themselves up.

now, for what you can do: fix some spy cameras on walls and see if you pick up anything. install audio recorders and ask questions about the soul/ghost/poltergiest. leave it for a day or so, then hear it (by earphones) and see if you pick up anything. if you really want to get the answer to your questions, take an electromagnetic fiels sensor (a device that measures changes in electromagnetic fields) and see if there is strong fluctuation from outside to your house and in your kid's room. also watch out for cold spots, changes in elecric fields, flickering lights, etc

try talking to the spirit/ghost. never lose emotional courage. keep yourself strong, and positive. having a strong mindset will help you. and for the time being, try to make your son sleep with you guys. i am just a part time paranormal investigator, so cant tell you much. please consult a better one.


June 15, 2010

Robin @ 3:52 pm

My Fiance just lost his mother last Wednesday and the Funeral was Saturday. Sunday we went over to his dad's house to check on him, I was speechless, I felt really cold and my heart rate was slowing down. It felt like someone was staring me down and trying to tell me something. My fiance thinks I am going crazy and that I am paranoid! I have seen ghost before and this one is kinda different. Its like an angel trying to tell her kids goodbye and tell them that she is watching over them. Here comes the scary part. This morning our pitbull woke all of us up at 6:30am and whining and coughing. We took her to the vet and the doc said she was fine and that she was grieving over (Nana).

I didn't know Dogs has feelings and she was crying. I told my fiance to take her to Petsmart to buy her a toy and to comfort her. Meanwhile he lost his wallet and it had several hundred dollars in there. We went back to the Gym and looked all over for it. At the corner of my Eye I thought I saw his mom. She was standing there telling me to go to the bleachers. So I did and the gentleman asked me what I was looking for! I told him a wallet that my fiance has lost a couple of hours ago, the nice gentleman told me to go to lost in found. Luckly there was a wallet with all his money in it! I had goosebumps the whole time! I don 't know if it was a ghost or an angel. I am so relieved that she was telling me where to go. My fiance now finally realize that I do believe in both and I can see and feel them. Meantime its going to take sometime to get over the fact that she is still here with us and won't let go! Now my question is how to tell her goodbye and tell her that we are going to be ok! She has 7 kids and they are all still upset! Ages 35 to 14 years old

maeve @ 9:16 pm

i never met my granny she died in 1978 of cancer. i was told that she was a lovely lady and well liked.. i feel her presence and its a gentil presence, when i was younger i lay in bed i used to think something was standing over me watching me and id be afraid to move the house aint old no one died in it. i also recently got the presence her husband was watching me in the middle of the nite i woke up afraid to open my eyes as i taught id get smothered. i had a dream that my sis was looking for money of my father and he wouldnt let him lead her money he followed my dad into a old shead. i told my dad the dream and said wat he was wearing he said he always wore that.. when i changed my bed around in my room i felt i lost the presence of my granny. iused to talk and ask 4 favours wen i was upset and they would come through is this just by chance?? i do believe in spirts but i think if i encountered one it would scare me as i dont no wat power they have over me… i also used to get feelings that i miss her and want to see her AGAIN BUT I NEVER MET HER… im oly 19 yrs old.. i have a old chain belt of hers in my room.. my aunty has her wedding ring and it excatly fits my wedding finger!am i oly exzagerting because i want to know more about her or is she really there?? is she trying to pass a message on to my dad as we live beside where my dad was brought up…. sorry 4 blaBing on.. but please get back with wat u think


jade @ 11:17 pm

i know how you feel. i have to look around to make sure no one is there and im confused and i don't know what to do.

jade @ 11:25 pm

@gabrielle: don't want it to go away. i know your probably scared, but this is a gift and you should use it wisely.

June 16, 2010

arielle @ 11:38 am

i have been recently sensing ghosts around me.  recently i think one moved through me and i couldnt move or talk barely. I have been sitting and a cold breeze didnt leave me alone wherever i walked. does any one have advice or help for me?

June 18, 2010

Stephen c @ 2:40 am

I have been feeling the presence of ghosts or having some very unusual sensations. I'd like to say that I do not drink or take drugs, and am on no medication; nor am I crazy. The story starts about eight years ago. when I decided to quit taking any mind altering substances into my body after i had an wierd reaction to the patch (nicoteen) to help with stopping smoking. I saw dark shadows at the end of my bed in the middle of the night. There was no way that the direction of the light that was thier would cast a shadow in that direction. A few month later I was in a old house, and one night the airs on my back when up like the feeling a scary movie makes me feel and I was not watching a movie or even thinking of anything that might make me feel this way (physically) i just had the hires go up. then a few feet away from my i saw a partial see through figure of what was a petite women or a young girl, due to the white stocking. I talked with some one about it and they told me the gost ran through me. since that day I have been experiencing the presence of ghosts (or some thing) sometimes I't scares me othertimes I qustion, my experience. I may never have an answer, what ever it is, it hasn't killed me yet, nore do I think it will. it sure makes me wonder about what comes after death. God knows.,

I have experience other thing as well, and was told that i have a gift, well I like to send it back, I sure dont want to be a ghost wisper.

Steve C

June 21, 2010

Robin @ 12:58 pm

I have the same feelings! Its your past, whoever u loss in your family, they feel like they have to protect u at all times! Its like a gardian angel! Don't be afraid, she or he is trying to protect u!

Robin @ 1:37 pm

@ Rose: Have you have any exs from the past that died? If so maybe he is missing u and won't let go!

June 22, 2010

Kenya @ 10:58 am

very worried i live in new home for 10 yrs now the same place and i have many ghosts of spirits. i am scared now because they are bothering family members and they think that i am crazy. HELP!  I have witnessed many things that these spirits have done.  Help me remove them please.  

June 28, 2010

Arie @ 10:26 am

yes this has happened but even weirder things have happened only because my guard was down once i was entirly numb couldn't move then a few seconds later i could move. one night a had a dream about flying or something which to me is bad when i woke up i feel down like i was floating in the air it was weird but nothing else like this has happened.

Jason Loughridge @ 1:08 pm

Where are you located? also what have you experienced in the home?

Brenda @ 3:55 pm

Hello, well my names Brenda and I'm 14 years old. Well many things have happened to me, like when I used to live on 124 Lake Avenue in Yonkers New York. Many things like hearing things ( my name being called, knocks on the wall, someone walking around the house with leather boots on with heels and screaming or a conversation being held by two people ) also feeling someone around me just either standing there or sitting next to me starring at me. Also during the long nights when I was the only one awake in my house, it would hit around 3:00 in the morning I used to see a white or black shadow either run across or just standing there from the corner of my eye. The first night this ever started happening was a Sunday Rainy night at 11:30 pm. Its crazy I still remember, then the last night it ever happened was the night we decided it was enough ( my mom and sister ), I've gotten pushed down steps in my apartment building, and felt the hand print on my back and my mom told me my back was a little pinkish.

Ever since I lived there Ive been continuously feeling either a scared, sad, crying, depressed, happy and more energy's around me every where I go. No matter if its inside or outside. I usually get a pain in my chest if its an angry energy. My mom was usually the one who can vision things in her dreams either the night before or a couple days before. My sister usually see's the presence dressed in either black or white. She told me about a dream she had a couple weeks ago about a demon of Christianity called Kasdaye. Dressed in a black dress thingy i think.. and he was a cat with red eyes and a white collar i think… she said it was a dream she never had before because in this one she couldn't wake up, I was scared because she told me I was the one saying "hes here, hes here"

Well all is good now, in the place i live in. Nothing has happened yet besides me hearing my name being called and no one was there, the TV being turned on and off, and things moving around or like i said feeling the weird energy's around me. I'm only writing this because I was sitting in my cousins room alone like i am now, and im feeling a scared presence where ever i go in this house. It scares me sometimes, mostly when im walking around in the dark by myself. Have any advice?

Jenna @ 10:05 pm

I guess maybe I'll start by giving a little history of my ghost experiences. I've been seeing at least what I think are ghosts since I was a child. They've never been a dark silhouette I've heard described by others but rather fully dressed individuals like I was looking at a regular person. I've seen them in my own home, outside, and in all parts of the country. None of these things have ever felt threatening to me. This has been going on periodically throughout my life. I feel, embarrassingly, that I can "feel" if something bad is going to happen. More recently I've felt touches on my body, had things fall from mantels, and my newest experience is hearing a man's voice say, "We have something we must give you." Is this something I need to be concerned about? Even though these things are not threatening, do I need to do something to get them to go away? Should I try and contact this entity considering something has seemed to be with me for a long time?
Let me know what you guys think!

July 2, 2010

Belinda @ 4:36 pm

I had dreams long ago like i was running away from someone and i could fly the last two night i started having this dream again. I have had my bed bumped but i was not scared about it i just figured it was my Boyfriends dad because i got his bed room set. Not the bed itself but the set i was told that his dad had passed away sleeping with that set which i was fine with because i now know the bumping was him. But i had a presence of someone it really scared me i don't frighten easily, but this really felt uncomfortable every time i started falling a sleep i was woken up by a presence i got goosebumps my stomach started tightening up I could not move this happened to me three times last night please let me know what you think.

de @ 8:45 pm

God, i'm so afraid right now. I can feel this chilling feeling in my spine and, just like you wrote, it feels like i'm being watched. I'm very, very, VERY afraid of ghosts so yeah.. you get my point. I can also hear footsteps, like banging footsteps.. It's pretty wierd cuz people live below me, not above me, and i've never heard that before. What should i do?

July 6, 2010

Alexander @ 8:10 pm

@ Nicola april 22 2008…

I've just experienced the excact same thing !! It's now 3:05 am and i was having a bad dream. I saw satan and i felt the evil and sadness he could make people feel. This was intense…VERY intense…! afterwards i kindda woke up while i felt some kind of electro-shocks passing through my body – faster and faster. until i was like choking.. so i tried to scream and make it go away, but i couldnt..i just made babling noises that woke my girlfriend up..she got all freaked out to and started pushing me til i woke up and it stopped. Although i was already awake…this is SICK! im scared of going to sleep again..i was wondering ? did you feel the electro-stuns passing through your body ? ive felt it before but never in such a severe amount !

Glad to know im not alone…

Best regards

July 10, 2010

Isabella @ 12:54 pm

When I was younger everyone said my cousins house was haunted. I remember the dogs where barking like crazy so i looked outside in the back yard and they where running in a circle. in that circle that they where running i saw a white mist. the white mist slowly formed a boy. He had dark brown hair, bowl cut. overals. &&he was just starring at me. Being young I didn't know what just happend so i dropped it. I'm now 15. but I havn't seen that little boy anymore. but other stuff has happend. My bestfriend has mild schizo. &She has a friend. she moved to a new house&&Chose her room. After A While Strange things started happening. It started off with the closet in her room. I was going to grab a shirt. But the door was locked, (for some strange reason there was a lock inside the closet) I asked her why she locked it&&She said she didn't do it. So I picked the lock&Unlocked it. When I was pushing the door open, Immedietly the door slammed shut. &&That was it. For the meantime. Simple stuff would happen. Like if we left the room, the closet light would be off. &&When we came back it would be on. But then one day. We where cooking&&She decided to go up stairs to get the dishes in her room. I suddenly didn't start to feel right so i stepped around the corner&& Looked up at the top of the staircase &&Then she screamed. Loud. She ran down the stairs&Stared up at the hallway for a while then ran to me she had a scratch mark on her stomach&her back.

When she calmed down she told me what happened. She said she saw a figure. Nothing human. Nothing like a ghost. At the end of the hallway by her moms room. She said it was like black mist. &&It glided to her in a strobe like way. She said her door slamed shut&It was in her face breathing hard. We thought it was danny. (her friend) but it wasn't. Because in an odd way him&her grew a strange bond. He's not your normal schizo buddy. He said it was a demon. A demon that lives in his moms room attic. Danny.. I say he's an angel for gloria. Because when i'm not around to protect gloria he's there taking care of her. It's all strange.. i know. But i am not lieing at ALL. See i've known gloria for five six years now &&We grew to be really close. Her family has a history of paronormal stuff happening. Well.. that's not it. I have more to say. After that happend, seeing the demon thing. We stayed downstairs. Because danny said that the thing would not go downstairs. I saw gloria spacing out or looking around like something was weird. She went to an airvent.&&She stayed there for a while. She texted me, because she didnt want to scare her little brother, what she heard. I dont remember exactl what it was but it was something like this. "He's coming to get me.. god please help me. Oh no.. he's coming.. hes coming to get me!" At that time my right wrist was hurting badly. like someone was gripping it tightly&Wouldnt stop.

When i would touch it with my left hand it was insanly cold. I can't explain why that happens to me. But whenever that demon thing is out of the attic or near us. My wrist hurts&Goes cold. I /think/ it's because my cat scratched me when i was like 4.&I still have her three claw marks on my wrist. plus i have another cut that goes across it connecting to my palm. but where it ends. I got a purple line. I don't know. it's stupid, i know. But that's not it. I remember gloria telling me she woke up in the middle of the nght cause something hit her closet door&The light was on. Her phone was plugged next to her. she got up&opend her closet to see what it was. &Once she opend it she said that there was a tall dark figure. black shadow.&&All it said to her was "Hello" She ran back to her bed to grabb her phone but it wasn't connected to her charger anymore. she feel asleep after a while&In the mornignwhen she looked in the closet her phone was perfectly in the middle. Her mom has a boyfriend. &For some reason that demon thing growls at him. I remembe rmy wrist hurting&I told gloria. She said that danny said that the demon is growling at Jesus(her moms boyfriend) while he was sleeping. &It did nothing but that for about 2 hours. No body really likes jesus. (lol) &&Not so long ago it was about 1 am&It was me, gloria, &&her little neice. We where talking about what im tellin you now&Suddenly my wrist hurt&Was cold. I told gloria&She looked up at the airvent in her room. She told me its watching us. &&Once luis came in, Thats jesus's son, the thing started drooling. but when he left it stopped. I dont know. Right now as im talking about this my wrist hurts. but its not cold. When gloria had come home from school there was a package outside her house door. all it said on it wa "Sugar" that's her nick name. She opend it&There was a necklace in there. It was like a black rock. Split into 6 pizza shappes &within each on was a white dot. it was sourrounded by some metal stuff. When she looked to see where it came from it didn't have a return adress or anything.

Danny told her to wear it cause it was blessed in some way to prtoect her. Sometimes when gloria is sleeping &im up by myself in her house I get really depressed . like i just dont want to live anymore. &i start to cry, but i don't know why im crying. i just know i feel really sad. The lady who lived in the house befor gloria was an old russian lady. She's still alive. But living alone in a house like that? i dont know.. Sorry if some of it doesn't make sence.. I just wanted to let someone know. &&Maybe i'll get an answer of some sort. but.. thanks for reading if you did. if you have anything simaler or know something please tell me.

- Isabella

Isabella @ 2:18 pm

I also have another thing to say. This happend to me about a couple days ago? I was playing a video game. it was nothing scary. it was tony hawk. skating game. && out of nowhere i spaced out. My lighting in my room dimmned&i seemed to lose my hearing. && It seemed like i was in a different place. but i dont know where. I heard voices but i couldnt understand. &my wrist was hurting. After 3 minutes or so I snapped out of my trance. but i felt like i couldnt move. && I started talking to something. asking questions. like if someones here. stuff like that. then everything stopped. after a few seconds somthing big hit my door. but i dont know what.

July 17, 2010

de @ 9:22 pm

Is it true tht 3 o clock in the morning is considered the devils hour?? Tell me someone please.

July 18, 2010

adri @ 12:55 pm

it have always happen to me seens a little girl i used to talk to a ghost when i was little in my room and everyone was sleeping and i used to talk to this men and out side there was a lot of ghost i could see them from the doog because it had windows and then i came to california and i didint feel or talk to anyone at nite but then my house got durn and then then i came back because my family made a new house and seens then i just feel people and see them and one time i was in the chiken and i feel someone that got close to me and i hear a weird sound on my ear and then i was all scared and in the nite in my room i feel like one that is with me i just cant go to sleep good with out that feeling and too my mom told me that i should go to the livingroom and iam not because i feel many people there with me when iam watching t.v

issabella @ 11:40 pm

i am a teenage girl and my best friends mom can feel and see ghost i have had some sypmtoms i went to my friends house which she told me an old couple had died there years before and i walked into the kitchen and could feel something standing beside me i normally zone out or i get cold chills and my heart starts to pound i am only 16 and i really have no idea what to do with this my friends mom tells me i have a great gift and i should study up on it but im scared to death i mean i wanna be able to use my ability but i dont wan tto get hurt or have issues in the future or my family get hurt so i really dont know what to do.

July 21, 2010

DP @ 9:03 pm

Recently I stayed at a friends house with my boyfriend. My friend has 2 cats, one black and one black and white. She said the black one just showed up one day and she kept her. I had never been to her house so this was my first time. When I first walked in the black cat came up to me to pet her but when I reached down and picked up the little one, it looked me right in the face and hissed at me. I own 4 cats and have had cats all my life (I can't live with out having a cat in my house) and had never had an experience like that. Normally they hiss at you as soon as you try to get near to them. This one let me pet her and pick her up but when I turned her face to look at me she hissed.

Anyway, we were going to crash in the livingroom at first but then my friend said she was going to go out and we could have the empty bedroom. We laid down to sleep and I felt my body almost immediatly fall asleep. While I was asleep and heard a very clear voice in my ear tell me something which I could not remember once I awoke, but it said something that made me want to run out. but when I tried to move I couldn't. My body was paralyze and could feel this entity approaching to say something else. I wanted to scream so my bf could wake me but I couldn't open my mouth. I knew I was still asleep. Well when I finally managed to make a sound (I heard my self) my bf jumped up (I felt the bed move) and woke me up. I woke up very cold, heart racing and just as I felt the cold I felt super hot and started to sweat.

The strange thing was that I looked straight at the door and both cats were staring at me. Just sitting at the door. They would not come in the room or move, just staring. Shortly after the little black and white slowly moved away but the black one would not take her eyes off of me. She sat there and stared at me. I tried to go back to sleep and sure enough as soon as I fell as sleep I began getting images of something screaming at me, moving around the room. I jumped from met only to meet the stare of the black cat now sitting on top of the couch by the door staring at me. It was already daylight and she was still sitting there, she'd move her head to the side like hidding her face but would keep one eye on me. And I felt this sense that she did not want me to leave the room. My bf went up to her and touched her but she would keep staring at me. I had to go to the bathroom so he tried to distract the cat but the closer I got to the bedroom door I could see the hair on her back raising and she would not take her eyes of of me. He even tried to cover her eyes and she moved his hand. Sure enough, as soon as I was out the door gently trying to get to the RR, the hairs on her back were up and she was crouching gently coming at me. I ran into the restroom but on my way out she was standing in front of the door. I crouched down and she crouched down. I layed down and she laid down. I tried to walk out but got the same response. yet my bf could pet her with no problem. I finally just jumped in the shower and when I came out she sat there in the same spot but now I as I got closer I could hear her purr. I didn't dare go back in the bedroom. and the rest of the day she was fine and ended up falling asleep like she was exausted. My friend said that she has heard strange noises coming from that room and once woke up to find all the doors in the cuboard open. Q: can someone please shed some light on this.

July 24, 2010

Viviana @ 12:26 pm

Well this subject is very interesting, Iam actually one of those people who feels the presence of ghost or shall I say spirits. When i usually feel is bad energy, someone watching me, chills, but I also breath very hard but that's hardly ever. It could be fightening at some points cause your the only one who is experencing this! I thought I was crazy until people told me the houses that I went to where haunted. At those houses I would feel the presence The first house I actually had a kinda of a encounter with one! I was trying to get something from the couch I felt someone watching me then from the corner of my eye I saw someone comming behind me I started breathing hard and I turned around and no one was there! Then the second house I always felt someone watching me and one day my cousin told me he heard someone knocking on the door and that he went and no one was there and he was just two sec away from the door and that he also saw someone staring at him from my auncles room and no
one was home! So from these two stories I have convinced myself that I can feel ghost…it can be scary some points but trust
me you will get used to it. And hey am just 13….and I can feel
ghost only my 2 cousins know
about my secrets
and my best Friends I have a friend that can actually see ghost!

DanielMartinez @ 12:31 pm

hi i have stuff like shadows happen and weird stuff happen when im 12 and when im up watching tv i will here noises from behind me and my heartbeat will increse.i see shadows in my hall way when i try to sleep and when i go to the bathroom at night i here like a dark evil voice in my room.latley i have been figuring out a trick to sleep and to beat a ghost.try to talk to it you maybe surprised if it is there to protect you.after i tryed to talk to my ghost/demon i had a dream of my grandma who past away when i was 2.after i dont get bad fellings or see shadows but one thing that i do see every night at midnignt or 11;00 i will see grandma.good luck

yy @ 6:26 pm

iv e been through a great spiritual experience of a loved one that has passed away. If you have experiences with a ghost bothering you and you want it to stop, all you have to do is get blessed by a shaman or a monk. This small ritual will stop them from crossing over to the real world. But if you want to contact the spirit of a beloved or hear them when they are trying to tell you something. You have to believe and really listen, anything can be a sign from them. Once they know your mind is capable of hearing their world, they will come stronger. But dont be afraid, accept it and be comfortable. Once you do, you will hear the message.

July 31, 2010

kalla Elmore @ 2:30 pm

i am on this site with the same problem. i feel an erie presence behind me. no one is there and weird noises are happening too. my heart is beating faster and i feel cold spots and have shivers. what is going on?

August 2, 2010

alexandra @ 1:52 pm

hi i am an 11 year old female and this has been happening lately. well basically one day i was alone at home and it was morning, i was eating breakfast when i *heard* or thought so someone calling my name i didnt feel anything but i just ignored it. i kept on eating when i heard my great great grandma call my name i was really really freaked out. i got goosbumps, a headache, got cold, and well basically thats it. i was just wondering if someone could help me and tell me what all that was about. P.S i have anxiety and depression

alexandra @ 1:55 pm

hey kalla so i think that it might be just you thinking about someone or something maybe im *wrong* but this is just my opinion. when you feel that kind of presence try and talk to it and ask *it* questions. ignore my advice if you want.

August 5, 2010

juanae @ 12:22 pm

its crazy Because it can be very hot in my house and in my mind i say if theres a ghost in here past by me with a smell or air and it does . i may just be FREAKIN out but i did alot of research !!!

Greg @ 1:54 pm

Ok every time i go to my sink next to my bed i think i can see this figure walking up the stairs is this bad? And my dog died at my house.

August 6, 2010

Susan @ 2:20 pm

Hi everyone. My maternal great grandmother and maternal grandmother were powerful psychics (many family stories here–too many to list), and my mother was mildly psychic, as well. Let me just jump in here, without much of a preamble. When I was 12, I dreamt my father died 3 days before he did. He was not ill at all. Three days before my sister died (she was 29 and I was 28), I dreamt we were in our childhood home. Other people were there, but she told me I was not allowed to see them, only her. She had been given permission to let me know that she was going to be living there from now on. When I woke up, I freaked out, called my family (and her), and told her to see a doctor, etc. It did no good, no one believed me, and she passed away 3 days later.

I have had 1 OBE, where I woke up falling back into my body. I can elaborate on this if anyone wants me to.

When I was a girl, around 13, I was up in my room reading a book, and something whispered my name 3 times. Whatever it was, I knew it was not a "good" something, and I got the heck out of there and ran downstairs to be with my family quickly.

What has prompted this post is this: Last night my best friend's boyfriend committed suicide. How terrible for both of them, right–I feel badly for her, and badly for him, that he suffered so acutely he was driven to end his life. So, I went to her house last night, about 12:15 a.m., after she called me. When I walked in there, I felt nothing out of the ordinary (and to be honest, I was not expecting to–my perceptions have always been patchy, and usually aggressively ignored by me). I was bringing her back to my home to spend the night, so she would not have to be alone.

We walked together into the hallway, getting ready to leave. As soon as I entered the hallway, I felt a wall of energy–no other way to describe it–surround me. I got goosebumps, and all my hair stood on end. My friend was standing right next to me, and did not feel anything, but she actually SAW my hair standing up and the goosebumps. Out of nowhere, I said, "he's here and he's okay."

So–here is my issue–I am trying to figure out if I am a "sensitive" against my will, basically. I would like to be able to intergrate this gift, if I have it, into my life instead of ignoring it or being afraid. This would have to be in the context of my grandmother's life, as we share the same belief system as christians (in the fundamentalist sense, which really does not accept this "gift" or whatever this is).

So, am I deluded or sane? If I am sane, I would like to learn how to live with this–not fight it or let it take over my life.

August 9, 2010

Radi C. @ 7:44 am

Ok well i don't know if it's something paranormal or it's just nothing. At the moment I'm in Cape Cod to stay with a family friend. And I was told by her, that there is a ghost in her house, but everyone just ignores. Her family built and extension of the house recently but nothing paranormal is occuring, but I'm sleeping in the original side of the house and iv noticed things late at night. It was yesterday night and I noticed while I'm half asleep, weight on my back, as if someone was slightly laying on me. Sometimes I feel like there's someone wachin me. Also I knew by alot of friends and historicly, that Masachusets has a lot of haunted locations. So I feel that there might be a chance that I'm not just making all this up. And I'm gna stay here for another week or so, so I gota live with this for just a bit longer. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.

August 17, 2010

Jasmine @ 9:40 pm

i can sometimes feel the presence of ghosts and spirits but only when im mad or sad i end up telling them to go away or leave me alone because i want to be alone but they still stay

August 22, 2010

Leah @ 3:12 am

Ever since i was 12 i've been the only one in my family who has had weird experiences with SOMETHING. it could be cause i was adopted or could not be. i thought just maybe the it was the vibe cause of the bad friends i would choose. yet the other night i was talking to my boyfriend and he was upset. then walking around the corner, i felt something pass right through me. shaky i was yet felt light and heavy. i tried to walk as fast as i could to my bedroom and i felt like i was being pulled away like the feeling of a megnant. I told my boyfriend exotically how it felt he said it was an angel. Yet i just felt something weird again. i was in my kitchen and my light in other room flashed at the corner of my eye i looked it was off so i went to the kitchen light and turned it off the light came back on then off. The other room light i mean. Now was that just a shortage or what. i never recall it. Someone please e-mail me your opinion please.

August 24, 2010

Tom @ 11:34 am

Hello, i got a friend and she feels the presence of a ghost
and she told me that the man showed her how he lived in his past life
she also recently lost her dad.
sorry for the bad english, but i realy wanna know whats wrong with her
when she feels that man, she gets cold, and her head hurts …

August 25, 2010

Sleepless in South Florida @ 9:10 pm

Sleepless in South Florida

Please, someone who has been through this type of paranormal activity (see below) please help with truthful answers.

This is been a really bad year. I have encountered more negativity and it's associated problems more than I could have ever imagined. About two months ago as I began to sleep, the covers on my bed started to move. I thought, may a rodent problem but never a sign of evidence including excrement or hair. This seemed to be the beginning. As soon as I started to fall asleep something would bang in the other room. The noise would start to move toward my room. The same occurrence would happen: I would again start to fall asleep and a noise or two would follow, then the covers would move and then something would touch me and wake me up. It would touch my arm, my side, I even awoke to what felt like a cold finger in my mouth. This occurring decreased my energy levels. I would go to work the next day feeling lethargic and accomplishing very little. A friend spent the night the following week. Without telling him any of this he confirmed my thoughts, my house is haunted as it did the same to him. I have lived in the same apt. for three years and never encountered anything like this. Is this a new resident? He/She was not here when I moved in years ago, or were they? I have always believed the paranormal to be a hoax. Even as a Christian, I could not be more wrong. After endless searches on the internet for remedies, I have lit incense, sage, salt, and tried to communicate with it. No response from or Energy Vampire? When it visits (about every night)it keeps me awake and I am exhausted the next day. My only cure is a sleeping pill I take about a 1/2 hour before bed. Does anybody know what this is or how to exercise it out of my house?

August 26, 2010

BJ @ 7:59 am

I think I felt my grandmothers presence last night. She passed away yesterday morning. I felt really cold when I went to bed even though it was 75 degrees in the house. I was freezing. I thought that was weird. My husband said i love you and i said it back. then I thought he was caressing my hip since I was on my side. I thought "wow that feels so good and that's so nice of him to comfort me" I then realized it wasn't him at all. I then got scared and thought it could be my grandma. It felt like warmness, electricity and pin and needles at the same time. I then heard the cracking of the TV which never happens. Then I felt like a cat was on the bed with me pressing on the mattress. I was so scared I couldn't look because I didn't know what I would see. did I really have her visit me? I really hope so cause I miss her so!!

August 29, 2010

Lilli @ 1:51 am

i have a question- i feel my grandmother around me all the time. i'm a skeptic- so that's the first "weird". secondly- she's not menacing – at all- it's comforting. but what is really strange is my left hand always gets very warm- like she's holding it. i took care of her for a long time while i was very young til i was a teenager. i don't know that i believe in spirits- but we've actually taken the temp from my left hand when this happens compared to my right- it's always 10 to 15 degrees higher- when i have that feeling. i always thought people got "cold spots". i hope it's her around me- but as i said i'm a skeptic so i just really want the truth

August 30, 2010

Natalya @ 8:52 pm

Im just 11-12 and I constintly feel like Im being watched and have head some scary things(well some people dont find the noises scary just weired!)It seems every house I move to It happens.I feel someone watching me,hear noises,feel somene touching me(I just ignore it)I think thats it.I think it started in 3-2 grade(i now in 6th grade).It just now happend!My door is almost closed but its not and it looks like someone is trying to close it.It is scaring me I feel like what ever it is,is following me every were!!!!I really want to know wht it is.I think its a ghost following me(not sure).

September 1, 2010

Becca @ 1:50 pm

I'm trying to find some answers, maybe someone can help? Last night before I went to bed I felt like I was drunk. When I don't drink, Not Wine, Beer, nothing like that. That was the first time I felt like that. I also know that I can feel ghost which I know that I have one in my house. The strange thing is I can't see them, or hear them. My question is that do you think it was a ghost, trying to tell me something? Please help.


Becca @ 1:54 pm

Lilli @ 1:51 am

Hello my name is Becca I had almost the same thing happened to me with my grandfather, he past away about two years ago. I think they come back and let you know that they are okay, and they still see what going on. Because I kid you not The next year to the day I smelled his cologne. My grandmother said it was they way to let you know that they were okay. I hope that helps.

Take care Becca

September 3, 2010

Randy @ 5:08 pm

I was taking a nap today around 3 in the afternoon. I dont remember dreaming or so I thought I was dreaming of a noise that sounded like keys were jingling against a counter top in my living room. So I got up to go look…when I walked into my hallway the house was dark but everything was visible then i had this aweful chill like this cold wind was blowing right through me and I felt like I had left my body and I could hear wind rushing past my head and i started moving very fast forward toward the source in my living room but It didnt feel like i was walking more like floating…i remember cowering on the carpet hearing a loud banging sound in the back ground and a large dog was barking. About this time I woke up and I was clinching my jaw and shaking really badly…this only lasted for a few seconds. So I shrugged it off as a dream and just rolled over in releif…a few moment later i heard keys jingle. So i got up and by this time i was really freaked out. When I stepped into the hallway is was dark just like my dream and i started to get that wierd feeling like something was watching me and my hair was standing up on end and i had really bad chills. When i got to a certain spot in the hallway it got worse..the chills came in waves and greater intensity. So I decided to open the doors and let some light in the house…my cat joined me in the living room at this time and it shortly fell asleep just infront of the hallway. About 10mins later the cat woke up and was hissing…idk wat it was but its got me spooked and my cat…and that same spot is still giving me chills. i dont know wat to do.

September 5, 2010

Sonia @ 5:36 pm


My name is sonia and i have a feeling that someone(spirit) is present at our place, we live in a basement and i feel chillis most of the time in my house and also once i experienced that toys of my son were moving even though there was no air or nothing like that, since my husband and i moved to this basement we are just fighting to each other without any reason and most of the times i dont even remember what did i say to my husband. i also experienced a dark shadow standing behind me or watching me so many times

September 10, 2010

scared and confused @ 12:53 am

In the begining I was only experiencing very little activity in my home that did not bother me so much. But recently I am feeling the presence of a spirit constantly and it is at the point where I find myself running as fast as I can to get away when I feel it. I pray almost every night that God keep the spirit away and keep my family safe from harm. Nothing bad has happened to think this spirit is bad but just getting that strong feeling of a presence around terrifies me. could someone please shed some kind of light to my experiences.

September 14, 2010

rene_penny @ 8:50 am

This message is to Tammy Weaver…you seem to have some knowledge in this area and id like to know what your experiences have been in life. I just might have some questions for you. Hope every one shines bright today, you never know when you might shine some light on someone who really needs it. Thanks for your time Tammy!

September 18, 2010

Matthew @ 9:50 am

La primera vez que me paso estaba en una antigua casa de monjas en Paraguay.. siempre me despierto paralizado pero consciente de mi entorno, como si estaba en trance.. Este dia, escuche miles de gritos de desesperacion como si fueran lejos pero cerca a la misma vez .. trataba de moverme o gritar… me era imposible.. volvi a dormir.. La segunda vez que me paso estaba en estados unidos, me desperte paralizado otra vez, con mucho miedo, senti que alguien estaba sentado en la silla a mi lado, senti que alguien me agarro el brazo y podia imaginar que me estaba mirando.. en este departamento me despertaba varias veces durante la noche y sentia que alguien me tocaba.. Un dia tambien vi algo en el rostro de mi ex-novia cuando me desperte recien, como si fuera que habia alguien dentro de ella, como si fuera que su rostro se descomponia.. Creo que la vez que mas me asusuto fue cuando volvi a Paraguay, hay voces que susuraban en mi oreja, otra vez imposible moverme, pregunte en mi mente, quien sos? me contesto, soy un demonio.. ahi le dije que se vaya a la puta! y luego senti como un soplo en mi oreja de un sonido que me dio mucho miedo… hace un año y medio que no me pasa mas estas cosas… soy ateo y me niego a creer en cosas irracionales.. pero cuando me pasa.. me asusta demasiado

September 19, 2010

keisha @ 12:55 pm

okay so i dont know whats going on. One day i was just sitting there in class and and i heard somebody whisper in my ear,i instently thought it was the guy behind me being a creeper but i turned around and he was sitting at his desk like 5 feet away. Theres no way that he could have gotin back that fast. Then thought about it and the presense was undescribable. then another time when i was standing waiting for my food and the same thing happened. i tured around thinking it was somebody beinga creeper but i look and nobodys there.

September 22, 2010

Mary Arroyo @ 1:45 am

Hi my name is Mary and i just had the worst experience i never wanted to have.

For months ive felt someone is in my house but later i find out nobody but me has this feeling. I feel a presence like everyday and its scaring me sooo bad…i feel it right now and i just want to know if anyone knows what i can do beforew anyone thinks im crazy. Ive caught orbs and when i shower my lights go off or the curtainds move…especially the feeling its on my back.

My fiance is starting to think is because im just too imaginative…not true. Is manifesting and my dog sees it too. My chihuahua perks up her ears and starts to stare at the wall with no movement and i call her and she dont move but whines. Today the brush flong,,,,so scared dude please if anyone knows what i can do or who can help me, let me know iam so scared right now….goodnight its 243am bb

Jordyn @ 11:03 pm

I am really grateful for this. Sometimes I can sense when something like a ghost enters the room that I'm in. I feel like something is watching me and almost as if I'm underwater like everything is tighter feeling, most like the "denseness of energy." I can also usually tell if whatever it is is a good presence or a bad one. It's hard to explain bit it's like if it's bad my whole body gets washed over with a feeling of dread and fear mixed and my chest gets really tight as if someone strong is pressing on it. But if it's something good I feel as though someone who loves me is right by my side and everything is light feeling. I know all this sounds pretty retarded but it's hard to explain exactly. I think I am also beginning to see spirits, I'll see like outlines of people in doorways and such. I'll also see full bodied apparitions or whatever u call it. I think I've always been this way about seeing things and sensing things but never really noticed when I was younger that not everyone could do it. Sometimes thus stuff scares the crap out of me and sometimes it's just plain annoying. Either way I suppose I'm glad u can do this and that I have this "gift" so to speak.

September 30, 2010

chrissydogz @ 3:37 am

is it normal for spirits to touch you and make you feel sticky?. what i mean is i just felt somebody touch my arm and now it feels sticky. I had this happen to me before and i would like to think its the spirit of my cousin who i was trying to communicate with at the time. but right now i wasnt trying to communicate with anybody and my "inner knowing"(thats what i like to call it)tells me its nothing i should be worried about but im just curious.

Rosey @ 8:21 pm

Something is happening to me. I see, hear or feel someone before someone I know pass away.

October 3, 2010

Lanna Raye @ 9:41 am

I believe theres some sorta spirit or ghost in my house. Almost every time I enter my room I get a little feeling someone is watching me. And in the dark at night time the feeling is stronger. I try to ignore it say its all in my head but I cant. I usually sleep with the light on because of this feeling scares me. I have seen a shadow walking towards me before in my room, my door got unlocked right in fromt of me, something slapped me; it was a little off, it hit more towards my nose. I dont really know if that was paranormal or not. No one else in my family experienced this kind of stuff but one of my sisters woke up, and it felt like she was falling form the air on to her bed, and another sister woke up with smoke around her bed. Those both happened a couple years ago. My dad said before he met my mom he would hear something walking up or down the stairs. If anyone could help me understand what this is I would appreciate it.

Evelyn @ 5:53 pm

I lost my brother 4 months ago, and at time I feel that he is with me. Just the other day I was walking to the kitchen at my mother's apartment and thought my son was behind me playing a trick on me and when I looked behind no one was there. There has been 2 instances when I have heard my name being called. What does this all mean? Please help.

October 7, 2010

marie @ 2:36 pm

when i was a little kid, at night in bed i felt something which felt like something was sitting on my back and it felt heavy. noone had come into the room and i remember it like it was yesterday. it was around 40 yrs ago or more. i never forgot it. was that a ghost or a dream? it didn't feel like a dream, felt very real.

October 12, 2010

Ed Thomas @ 1:44 am

I feel ghost's different ways. There are times where i'll hear them, time where i feel them watching me, they touch me… or they like to lock me out of my house like one did today lol. For some reason they come to me for help and i just know that they are all around.

Something that i've had since I was a kid. Well i'm still young but youger lol. I really enjoy it tho.

October 13, 2010

Goku @ 2:44 am

Ive seen ghosts as long as I remember but I know before I could see them. I could feel their energy levels like I can with all living life forms. sometimes when my eyes aren't working I know they're a ghost messing with me but anyway does anyone know what that ghost scratched on my back means?

October 14, 2010

George @ 4:28 pm

Hello everyone

I just move about a week ago in to a new house, my first night there I was awaken by a slap in the face. At first i though it was my wife moving around, but it happen on the right side of my face, I was so sleepy that I saw a dark shadow, but really didn't pay attention to it. However 3 nights ago out, I was watching televiso and out of the corner of my eye I saw a white silohouette of a face kind of peeking at me. It was there for a few seconds and well it was hard to try and focus on it. The next day my step daughter say she hear some banging coming from the mirror in her room. I didnt know what to tell her…Last night I was lying in bed all cover up and I started to get goosebumps only in my legs, but at the same time I felt hot..A few minutes later I hear foot steps outside of my room in the hall way and again out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow running across my room..I prayed in all rooms this morning and well Hope and see what happens..Funny thing is also that the week that I've sleep at the house I've had nightmares and awake more tired than when I go to sleep…Can u please explain this???

October 15, 2010

Elisa @ 3:24 am

So I've been living at my house for over 20 years and ever since I can remember I feel a presence of a lady in the house. On several occasions I've seen her but she just stands there and looks serious/sad. A couple of times when I am asleep I feel a lot of pressure and I can't move or speak and when I finally can I am sweating and really freaked out. I know its real because my parents have felt her too. She doesn't do anything bad but why is she here? Its off and on when we feel her but I am really curious what is going on. Any thoughts?

October 17, 2010

cody @ 6:45 pm

i feel i can feel spirits or ghosts because i have seen one i was sleeping but i had woke up and looked above the couch and the scaryiest person i have ever seen so i jumped up looked away and glanced back and it was gone i can still see the face it happened like yesterday and like 2 years ago i was at my aunts house and i went to get some ice cream aand her shelf was on the wall or cuboard and it was full of glass plates and bowls and i went to pull down a bowl and the whol shelf fell downi jumped back to avoid the shelf and glass obviously but the glass shattered all around me but didnt touch me and there was bood on my leg but i had no cuts and no one els was in the room they all ran in there after it had fallen i was shocked but i dont know whats going on its wierd but yesterday was the first time i have actually seen one as far as i can remember or maybe i was just dreaming but it did not feell fake at all

October 18, 2010

Ramez @ 12:50 am

same happened with me nicola. i felt cold air then i felt like i cant move or speak. i felt i want to scream, but i couldnt. it stayed for few secounds, then left.

October 27, 2010

carlie @ 9:39 pm

Hi all, my experiences have been strange, i try and ignore them.

First experience – was someone trying to choke me or something xmas eve not at my house and the following day i heard a spade scratching cement and that was not possible in the back yard as grass surrounded the house maybe from the street. this happened again the next night. i could actually see the silhouette of the person and that they had short hair is this possible it was pitch dark and sky was lit up by the moon – electro magnetic energy was strong possibly… i was 17 at the time,,, first encounter – prayer helped me,,

2nd Time was at our first owned home when we later found out someone took their life by shooting themselves under a bed but when I was pregnant lying on the bed in a different room i felt weird and then someone said – DO not enter in the name of jesus christ I was like wow,, did something just try and take over me or maybe my soul couldnt make anything of it until today .,,,,and God did not allow that -Amazing

3rd time- was in my garage ,,, always seems to happen when im busy cleaning – it catches me off guard and their images are quite vivid or quick. How do I just deal with it and stop ignoring as I keep telling myself its my imagination –

recently we've had earthquakes here and its especially been hectic with the energies I recently feel watched say last night some guy was at the door way while i was vacuuming but when i tried to look if it was real it was vague and disappeared – so I saw hime then looked away then looked again and then he was missing haha ignoring –

why am i sensitive is the question

October 28, 2010

Tam Tran @ 2:09 pm

@George @ 4:28 pm

George, any updates? Arguments? Anger?
I have almost the exact same experience.

miimi @ 8:24 pm

when I'm alone in my house, i hear some steps, like someone walking very fast
and often my heart beats so fast that i cant move for few seconds..

October 31, 2010

Sophie @ 10:56 pm

last night when i was in bed laying down on my stomache. i heard some noises in my room and felt a little scared but tried think nothing of it. i felt like something was trying to move my hand and then felt pressure on my back and in one split second after that felt a very, very hot tingling flush of energy and it rushed straight through my whole body starting from my head and my heart was beating so fast i felt i couldnt breathe properly. my cat was also laying right beside me and when i looked at her before running out of my room she was sitting up looking around after just being asleep. i ran out of my room and went up stairs crying my eyes out and told my cousin what i just felt. he made a prayer but whilst he was reading the prayer i got cold goosebumps and a hot spot on my hip which didnt go away for at least 5 minutes. i kept feeling light tingling feelings all night and i couldnt sleep :( my parents said i should see a doctor because they think its anxiety but i think it was something else…please reply to my email.

please help im really scared and i dont know what to do :(


November 4, 2010

stephen @ 8:04 pm

hello today i was sleeping on the couch with my wife and i felt a cold chill go up my back. And it kidna felt like something was trying to come by me or something like that. well if you can tell me more about that can you email me back

November 5, 2010

Alina @ 4:26 pm

This happens to me almost every night. i go to bed between 1130-1230 at night. something always keeps me from sleeping, and after 1 am, im still up, and this is what happens: First, my heart will starts beating so fast and hard that i can hear it, then i feel slight panic, as if you were stealing from a store and security put a hand on your shoulder and said, "you better come with me"…this is the only way i can explain it. Then i hear a sound, that sounds like as if someone just turned a tv (kind of like "tzin!"), and it will sound like slight static that you hear when the tv is on mute, or when the program isnt working, and the static is on, but not loud. then i start feeling energy around me, and i cant even explain it, but it almost feels like something enters into my soul. like as if somehow static got inside my body. then i still feel panic, and try to keep my eyes closed, because i am scared, and feel as it there is a presence in my room, and any time it could pull off my covers…sometimes, ill try to fall asleep when this happens, and close my eyes, but then when i open them, the room is pitch black….and i know that it isnt because im not adjusted to the dark, because i can usually see evrything in my room, or at least outlines and shadows of furniture. But this pitch blackness is so dark, that my room is literally black, and i cant see anything at all, and it doesnt go away, only wheni fall asleep i dont see it anymore. The pitch blackness doesnt happen every night, but it does.
what is all this

November 9, 2010

Linda @ 9:11 pm

I was just getting to know many who wrote their stories, yet haven't reponded to any. But it is nice to know that I am not crazy, when it comes to not understanding our extra sensory abilities. I agree with paying attention to animals, since they can vouch what you thought was happening, they would second that. Barking or running away from some entity. I have two cats, and being hearing impaired since age 1.5 yrs old, I have some extra sensory abilities, but I never thought that this could include anything from the other side. This is especially enhanced when my neurologist gave me migraine headache medicine to tone down the nerves to ease the pain. I never really had migraines, but the location of where the nerves are stimulated causes vertigo spells. So, I tried it (Lamotrigine). Well, this is when it all started, the spirit beings were able to channel through that open portal when nerves were toned down, causing me to be more receptive to them. I never get nightmares, I only get alerts when they come. Once grabbing my feet, a few times in a 4 week period did they blow air under my sheets (creepy) to get my attention, once scrapping high pitch sounds (even if I am deaf), I would turn around and no one is there. Since it was during the winter time, I don't use my ceiling fan nor use heat vents (too dry), the ceiling fan would twirl one direction then to the opposite as I look up. Twice I would see two smoky looking beings on each side of furniture (hard to make out) though harmless, I spoke to them to let them know this was no place to be, and told them they were better off in heaven, cuz it was hell down here. Why hang out and bother people, especially if they can't help them when they don't understand them. Also, I felt some disturbing vibrations as if someone dropped something (on hard wood floor) and they stepped to it, I turned around (I was in bed asleep), then the next thing I know something whooshed through my back, it burned like ice and then hot, ever since I still suffer the residual side affect of this sting. This was since Dec 2009. To this day it remains a mystery. So I decided to ask my doctor about the medicines and she said there is no history of a side affect that causes this; however, I stopped taking it and since then they haven't bothered me. But I am sensitive the their nature and presence from time to time. I agree that it would be beneficial to have animals to vouch for their presence. But I do not think they want to harm us. Though I still think about the sting, which seems to bother me from time to time. I wonder if they are attached to me or what. My personality is still the same as before, except that I have separated from my husband in early 2009. The vertigo was from the stress due to sensitivity to labyrinth problems. But I am good now, I just have to take an easy.

November 17, 2010

vanessa @ 11:22 am

i'v had a couple different expeiriences through out my life, and all of them happen when im sleeping, or going to sleep. just last month i woke up to the feeling of either a small dog or cat "sniffing" my face. i could hear them breathing and could actually feel their nose brushing against my face. after it was done sniffing me i felt its fur brush against me. then my bed shook/bounced (i sleep on an air mattress.)like it was jumping off. while i was expeiriencing this i could not move, or even open my eyes no matter how hard i tried. then just yesterday it happend again, but this time it was already daylight, and i physically felt it walk over my legs the whole way to the end of my bed. once its completely off my bed is when i can move again.
i have no animals, and i sleep alone with my bedroom door locked. once i can get up and look around nothing is in the room with me.

November 19, 2010

richard @ 4:40 pm

last night right before bed i was going to sleeep around 10 30 pm and i could feel cold chill run through my legs. but it was warm in the room and i had blankets wrapped around me and was just real fast through my legs and i was like "what was that?" and then few min later i feel the cold chill go through my whole body. and after words for like 20 min i feel random cold chills every few min for like 30 min.

once i fell asleep at 11 30 pm i was dreaming bout something and somebody in my dream says "its the blessings." at the same time i quickly wake up with another cold chill and im covered in sweat and freaked out. does any one know what that is? am i crazy? has anyone experienced this?

November 22, 2010

Alexzandra Harris @ 7:56 am

About five weeks ago i was in school and i heard voices call me. Then i asked my classmates did they hear that and they said no. Then the voices gave me names four in total and i went home that day and ask my grandma did she know them and she said yes those are my kids that died at birth almost 40 yrs ago. And i'm only 14 yrs. And then when i go to bed at night i feel as if something watching me. I just want to know is it bad or good.

Malu @ 4:06 pm

About 3 mos ago my boyfriend and I were being awaken at 3am for six days with nightmares and then strange noises after awake. The strange thing about it was, it only happened to whomever was sleeping on the left side of the bed. It started with a feeling of numbness on the left arm and then strong cold chills on that arm and then paralysis. We could see ourselves but felt an evil presence and could'nt scream for help. By the 4th day we figured how the symptoms started and watched each other that is the person on the left side of the bed. We were able to catch it before it started and woke each other up when we noticed moaning out of control, the hair on the left arm on its end, and fright in our face.

The following morning day 5 I told my mom about it and she reccommended I pray and I asked her to pray with me I wanted to do it right then. So my mother stayed on the phone with me as we prayed together my home is a 2 story I was downstairs praying. When we were half way through the prayer I started hearing footsteps walking back and forth, I got a little scared told my mom and she said we should continue with prayer and so we did. So 3/4 into the prayer it only got worst, now it was stomping and running back and forth from my bedroom to the hallway!!!

It was the worst feeling I have never ever been so scared in my life! I ended up running out of my house and waited for my boyfriend to come home from work that evening. After that we just continued praying daily and brought in a rosary and put up prayers all over the house. It stoped after a week and it's been fine until last night, 3am again!! Except it didn't matter what side of the bed we were in, now both my boyfriend and I felt it at the same time, the cover was ever so slightly being pulled off of us. This time there was no sleep paralysis and no other warning signs we were both wide awake!!!

Also our 4yr old son was sleeping between us and he also woke up at the same time, out of his sleep scared and shaking (that is to much coinsidence). Although this time we reacted differently this time instead of feeling or showing fear we were upset we prayed some but then even cursed at it! We did'nt get any sleep but at least we don't feel as threatned and scared as before. My mom seems to think someone put a hex on us so that we not succeed with our relationship or financially (pretty much strong nasty jelousy). I honestly don't know what to make of it. Does anyone know what the heck is going on? What I could do to protect my family. How do I know if this is in fact some sort of hex? Or maybe its just the home we live in? Help!

George @Tam Tran @ 7:34 pm

Yeah we never argued and now for some reason we do. I did find out that there was two incident that happen. 1st a older man name frank slipped while getting out of the shower and struck his head and died. 2nd was in the backyard there is a canal that did not have a fence and a little kid while riding his bike fell inside and drown. Recently it has seen to have stop,but there are time that I get goose bumps and the hair on my neck stand up for no reason. Any suggetions????? OHH Yess There was very much anger and I'm not like that???

November 25, 2010

Stewie @ 8:42 pm


Every now and then I break out in goosebumps that is brought about by a chill. However this chill isn't quick, it moves slowly as if something is passing thru me. I also know things before they happen such as who's calling ony the phone b4 i answer or what song will play next on the radio.

My mum is a precog and my little sister sees spirits but as far as I know I'd be the only male in the family to experience anything. I know my brother doesn't.

So I suppose my question is am I sensing spirits with this chill thing? It happens in supposed haunted locations but that could be my mind playing into things.

November 28, 2010

Tammy @ 2:37 am

I saw this post down below by Stephen from 2008 and started crying my eyes out! The SAME EXACT thing is happening to me! 9 months NOW and it has intensified greatly! It's driving me crazy! The walking up and down my bed, kneading like a cat, laying on my stomach, laying on my legs, a warm feeling on my thighs, a static tingling ALL over my body and a sucking feeling on my legs, arms, hands & head at different times during the night. It's EVERY night! There seems to be 3 or 4 individuals, 1 being heavier than the others! The bigger one actually shook my bed and growled AT what seemed to be the others!! Please, I need an answer! I'm at my wits end! If anyone can help me, please, please contact me at

Thank you so much,


"October 14, 2008
stephen @ 4:39 pm
God am I glad I have read these replies. I have been thinking I've been going nuts, about 10 months or so ago I awoke one night and something touched my toe. I had a feeling of a presence in the room and thought I was being burglarized. I lay deaad still and feared to look around but nothing more happened and I fell asleep. Ever since then, things have progressed alot. The following is a true and genuine account of a nightly happening, and if anyone can explain it to me, it would be greatly appreciated. I live in a modern ground floor flat. I do not have any cats, as soon as I get into bed and very much wide awake I feel what feels like a feline jump up and walk along the mattress edge, then circle and lie on my foot or knee. I feel its weight and when it lies down, I feel a tingly static type feeling and it makes my foot or knee warm. I have felt 4 separate individuals on the bed at one time, one is far heavier than the others. I have videoed all night long, yet seen nothing. Though I do have some stills with interesting stuff on them, these things are real, what are they? Are they paranormal, or just something yet to be recorded? I am content with them, but curiousity is killing me. I can find nothing out about them, thanks for reading. Stephen"

Tracie @ 3:29 pm

Since I was a little girl around 8 i have experienced alot of strange things. When my grandfather passed away i was at home with my sisters and we were setting on the couch i was at one end and sister was at the other. during my childhood my grandfather never really had much to do with me but at the exact time he passed away i was looking at my sister and it wasnt her it was him setting there and couple minutes later my gramdma called and told us he passed away. Still not sure on why that happened. later in my child hood days my sister lost her son when he was a baby. I was at my grandma's house outside thinking about my grandpa and my nephew and i was sad but something happened i looked up toward the tree i saw 3 figures standing there in front of me about ten foot away. 2 were wht looked like adults and 1 was child holding there hands. Then one night whn i was a teenager me and a friend snuck out of her house on a rainy night. she was wanting to find her friends who was riding around we was walking down a dark road with a huge field to the side and i looked to me left and seen a woman with a white dress on and my friend was like do you see her and pointed straight at her. I said yes and naturally we ran away after a minute of looking later that night the people she was looking for got into a car wreck and got seriously hurt.

i have many other unexplainable things to happen since i was a child and i seem to be very sensitive to any thing to with ghost or parnaormal activity. i really dont knw why these things happen to me but i know that there are things there and i cant explain them what so ever. I know it is real and is happening for some reason i just dont know why. i also have very real dreams about people and some of the dreams i have they pass..i dreamed about 3 deaths and few days later my brother, friend and moma passed away. the dreams were at different times. can someone explain why i do this…all of it i need answers cuz i know that i am not crazy even though it feels like it at times.

if anyone has any answers for me or advice on how to find out why i do this please email me at i hope to figure this out because people i talk to think i am nuts and i know i am not. there are reasons for this.

December 8, 2010

Danielle @ 8:52 pm

Recently, my mom and I have begun to suspect our house has been haunted… I was first to notice feeling a strange presence in the house, and movements out of the corner of my eye… Even now as i type this i feel like im being watched and im getting goosebumps…. Anyways the spirit woke my mom up once before… She felt a nudge and thought it was our dog, only to find him suffocating (poor thing doesnt move out of danger!) under the blanket since he crawled too far down there… Had my mom not woken up he would have died. Also, something kissed her this morning (creepy!! O.o ) and it wasnt any of the family. Louie (my dog) has been shaking recently and barking for no reason, and i was woken up by someone saying my name a night after my mom was woken up, and a few days ago someone said my name in my class but i looked around and no one said anything. Scary enough, the voice sounded the same both times and it didnt sound…. quite human… I think the spirit is watching me type this, lol i dont think he/she is happy. Maybe it'll realize that its slightly worrying the family? Its probably trying to communicate…. But maybe it has to find a less scary way… leave a note?

if anyone has any tips, advice or similar stories, please email i'd really appreciate it :) and no spam, or chain mail please, because i'll send it RIGHT back and this is a spare email anyways :D

December 11, 2010

katielightblue @ 4:04 am

I get this feeling that I am not alone at night in my room or anywhere, at my school, there are a lot of spirits, and for some reason I feel them but i can never see them.

December 14, 2010

Steph @ 3:04 am

Hello everyone okay so I get these feelings as if somebody touches me and felt a cold slight breeze while this happened can anyone explain why it happens? And recently about half a year ago my grandma died that lived here with us if that has anything to do with it. And can anyone explain about seeing ghosts because sometimes I see them and also shadow figures I felt freaked out, but never really talked about it to anyone I just felt like I was crazy can anyone explain why this happens?

December 16, 2010

Audrey Ann @ 10:21 am

I for many years have been trying to get some closure and answers to some things that have really bothered me growing up in my childhood and teenage years. When i was 6 my mother passed away. My aunt adopted me and i lived with my aunt. one night when i was 7 i felt a presence in my room and in the corner of my room i briefly saw my mother standing there but instead of being happy, i was fearful. from the age of 7 all the way up to now at the age of 23 i have had unexplained things happen to me throughout my life at different houses, no matter where i moved. i would see shadows briefly, i always felt like i was not alone. a few times i was so fearful and overwhelmed by a presence or something i couldnt see but felt watching me i took off running, crying. Even sometimes getting out of my car at night i would run to the door sometimes feeling i was being chased.

a few times spread out throughout my life i would be laying in bed and my stereo would turn on and off by itself. at times probably 4 or 5 times i would be laying in bed and would feel like someone was in the room then i would feel this pressure next to my like someone just laid down in bed with me, my whole side would go cold, i would be so scared i couldnt move, i couldnt scream nothing, again sometimes when im laying in bed i feel like someons touching my leg just for a second. ive had my bed shake or vibrate lightly at times, ive had lights turn on and off, I have heard my name twice in my life being called out, it sounds like a mans voice. a few other things that has happened is i would be laying in bed and right before i would doze off, still awake i would hear what sounded like a man and a woman, sometimes 2 men and a woman having a conversation in the room but it was quite, i could never make out what they were saying, i would wake my husband up and ask if he hears that and he would respond with no… go back to sleep.

In november 7th i had my daughter. When she was able to, i have caught her a few times standing up staring at something that wasnt there talking. ive picked up a few times on baby monitors when she was younger as if someone had walked into her room and whispered something to her. She would shortly wake up after ive heard this and cry out. I know for a fact i am not crazy, i dont know what to think since this has not happened in just one house in particular it has happened to me wherever i have moved to. I really need some answers and closure, what is going on???? if anyone can help please post back or email me at

December 17, 2010

Carlos @ 12:53 am

I need help and I don't know how to deal with this. I have never experienced anything of this nature or even thought something like this could ever happen to me. It has been 2 weeks of constant events in my house. It pretty much started when my 17 year old nephew moved in with me, prior to this I was living alone in this apt. and my 2 year old baby would stay with me few days out of the week but we never felt anything. Few months after he moved in, he started telling me that he felt someone watching him; even though he was usually alone in the house. I reply to his comments as he was crazy and I told him to stop taking about those things because he was freaking me out. as time went by he then experienced different things like his closet door open by itself and toys were falling from places where they have never fallen before.

It wasn't until last week when I finally realized that there is a strange presence in the house. it was about 2:00AM when I heard my nephew jumping from his bed and running to my room for help. he was actually pull from his bed. Something grabbed his shirt with some noticeable strength and managed to pull him pretty hard. At that point he came into my room screaming for help and i thought he had a very bad dream. I walked all over the house trying to feel something and when I started screaming for his presence i found 1 of the kitchen cabinet was opened.

After that day I have also been able to feel his presence in my house, now he opens the kitchen cabinets often and few nights ago he knocked a picture frame while I was sleeping. It seems like this wont stop until I do something about it but I don’t know what to do. I feel Goosebumps very often in the night when I am in bed and even though I tried not to be afraid I cant hide it, not to mention that my nephew is terrified to stay in the house. I really need some help with this. My email is

brianna @ 10:12 pm

so i was trying to sleep last night and i felt like something was in the room with me, i closed my eyes, something was sqeezing my legs lightly, up and down sqeezing either side of my thighs with fingers it seemed like, right after that i felt like a tingling sensation rippling threw me, i tryed to tell my self it wasnt real, i rolled over and i felt like it was laying there staring at me breathing in my face almost, it was every cold air, also this whole time my eyes were shut and i felt like if i were to open my eyes it would show it self to me.

sometime last week my roommates left our house and i was alone, i bent down to pet my dog and i felt a hot tingling sensation in my elbow like someones hot hand grabed my arm and what a shock it was for me cause i knew no one was in the house with me, it seemed way too silent cause usually i could hear outside like the cars and stuff but it was dead silent, then i heard like a growling after that it seemed like all the noise of out side was turned back on and i closed my eyes and became really scared like it was right there behind me, i dont know if its nice or trying to scare me or just trying to watch over me or what.

December 18, 2010

bella @ 5:45 pm

I have a feeling that the ghosts in my house don't want to leave. Yes, i said ghosts. we have around 2-3. one of them is an elderly person< while the other two are young and they are very playful with me. I remember when i was 5, one of them was a boy and he asked me to be his friend…I wondered who and why was he was so pale. the other young one seems to be the spirit one my great grandmother, Edna, who's death was forecast by my older brother while he was just sitting in the living room and he told my mother "mom,grammy is dead." and soon after, my mother received a call from a hospital and in a result, she was gone. My brother and I have the tendency to be able to communicate with these spirits that won't leave the family alone and at first my father thought it was our imaginations while it wasn't. How can we get rid of these people? any questions or comments can go to Please don't send any chain mail,spam or any harsh words. it's disrespectful and karma comes around.

December 21, 2010

Jess @ 12:56 pm

Okay.. Im am 17 and i never really have had any experiences or anything like this. Last night i was tired so i went to bed i woke up in the middle of the night around 3 because i was having a low sugar becuase i am diabetic. I went back to bed at this time i was fully awake and i heard rapid breathing i thought maybe i was just scaring myself so i put my fingers in my ears and went to sleep. I woke up and felt just alot of pressure on my body like everywhere it didnt hurt just felt like i could move or breath very well and then it started like rocking me back and forth.i was so scared i wouldnt look at what ever it was. what doe this mean?

December 23, 2010

haley @ 2:45 pm

so last night me and my boyfriend were sleeping on the couch and we heard a extremely loud noise. almost bomb-like. I woke up to my boyfriend screaming his lungs off hiding in the couch looking for protection. We look up and one of my cabinet doors was wide open and all of our vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper etc etc. flew all the way across the room. Our salt was poured all over the floors even though it is sealed shut. We tried to shake the feeling off thinking the shelf fell from too much weight. But the hair on out necks rose and the feeling someone else was in the room. Is this a sign of paranormal activity or are we just being paranoyed?

December 25, 2010

Matt @ 7:07 pm

Okay i lost my grandad few years ago ;( and i really miss him. When i rap about him or try talking to him i feel goosebumps all around my top body. is he near me? this happens in my room :/

December 26, 2010

Tina @ 1:04 pm


I read your story and found it very interesting. I to have seen ghosts and pick up on energy and all sorts off stuff?

I have a feeling that the spirits off passed on souls contact you, and are trying to say hello? Maybe the voice is the voice of a departed relative or your spirit guide maybe? As long as you dont feel uncomfortable with what you feel around you, you are fine? I have a medium friend , who tells me you can tell them to go away and leave you alone if it gets to much, and he should know , ha ha

Let me know what you think?


tash @ 10:20 pm

i also have felt the tingling since my best friend passed. often at night but also through out the day. Often when im thinking about him! Its amazing i feel like he is connecting to my soul. I do believe its your loved ones and you should close your eyes and enjoy every minute!:}

December 27, 2010

Its Lizzy Dude @ 6:19 pm

I dont really get goose bumps but i feel my heart gap inward and i feel parts of my body thumping and you can even see it. lol, may sound weird.

December 28, 2010

brandon @ 7:50 pm

i havent been sleeping well this whole week. i play lots of video games stay up at night till like 1 or 2 in the morning. i dont know if this happens to any of you guys, but i feel weird touches through my neck then i feel my chair moving while im playing. im really scared dont know what to do. i also felt like something was controlling my body which is weird. my arm was moving when i didnt want it to move. I don't know what to do. Plz someone give me some answers. I want to sleep like the past, before I was good. Is there a ghost in my room?

January 2, 2011

Victoria :) @ 6:08 pm

Hi, I'm 17 years old. I have had a lot of odd unexplanatory experiences along the years, and some trace way back to when I was 5, always seeing a dark figure of what looked like a man (that would move) stand slightly behind the curtains of these huge windows of my granparents appartment. But throughout all of my life, I have vivid, really graphic dreams. I mean gory, murderistic stuff where there's always a ghost involved. I don't watch anything on tv of that sort, at all. I hate gore as well. But what leads me to be curious if there is something spirits or ghosts are whatver you want to call them, if they are trying to tell me something, because right after I have dreams, I found out 2-3 days later that what happened in my dream actuallly happened in life, with people who live in different parts of the country. Not to mention, I have the usual feeling of being touched, my earings getting played with, things moving in my room, so on and so forth. Any ideas or advice or…just anything you feel is necessary for me to know? Thank you, so much.

Victoria :) @ 6:12 pm

To brandon: If you're one of those people who beleive in ougi-boards and really want to find out what the deal is, try it out. Be safe with it and avoid stupidity. Who knows, if it is a spirit or ghost, it could be trying to tell you something or want something. After knowing, you it might leave you alone? [:

January 3, 2011

lauren @ 2:41 pm

i am only 13 and i am very interested in the paranormal and any haunted location i go to it seems like i am the only one that feels the presence of something. i have also seen a ghost. i dont know if this is weird or not but it seems that what ever spirit is there, it is only focusing on me.

January 4, 2011

Oscar Trejo @ 6:36 pm

Hola amigos
Espero que alguno de ustedes hable español y pueda mandar sus comentarios en mi idioma, hablo poco ingles, y se que por no hablarlo bien me estoy perdiendo de muchos comentarios y experiencias.
Saludos amigos y si tienen algun comentario, estoy a sus ordenes
mi mail es

January 6, 2011

RPL @ 2:12 pm

Hey guys… When I was little I used to be able to communicate with ghosts/spirits (whatever you want to call them). Some of them gave me a good feeling and some of them gave me a bad one. I haven't been able to see them since i moved out of my old house but I think there is still one with me. Maybe more than one… I can't tell. Sometimes when I feel like there's something there I get that bad feeling or I get that good feeling. Lately, I've been getting more of a bad feeling. Last night I had an out of body experience (my first ever so naturally it scared the crap out of me). But it wasn't your typical out of body experience… they say you leave your body and you can sometimes see it even though you aren't in it. Well I was half asleep when this happened but I remember being pulled by my foot off my bed and then being pulled wildly around the room. I couldn't see my body because I was being pulled to fast. You know maybe it wasn't an OBE maybe it was just an incredibly real dream… All I know is that:
1) before I even went to sleep I was having that bad feeling
2) I never really even knew that much about OBE's until this morning Beause I was researching trying to figure out what happened to me last night. So how could it be a dream that is almost exactly what an OBE is supposed to be like when I hardly knew anything about OBE's in the first place?

January 11, 2011

Jena Castile @ 5:38 pm

When I was told that I was three years old there was a ghost girl standing next to me and spoke to me in a sweet kind voice. My mother claim that the ghost girl has scared my cousin enough to piss his pants. She saw a blood around her neck and she insist to help the girl. She called my grandmother from living room to come in the kitchen. My grandmother came in and she saw the girl looks right at her look scared and ran off and my mother and her went outside to see where she went and the girl disappear. At age 7 I came home from private school to went to my room to get books for my grandmother to read stories with me. I saw a ghost girl in her witch costume flying from my grandmother's room to the master bedroom.

I remember her shady eyes staring right at me and I couldn't even move until she disappear and I ran off. My grandmother is really good at denied that there are no such as ghosts. I remember crying to her and said that I did see one. After my grandfather passed away in 1999 when I was nine then I turn 10 in a month later and I remember having a nightmare seeing my grandfather coming home and that my family rejoice that he didn't died. But when he approach to the front door and I keep reminding myself that he isn't grandfather because he doesn't act or talk like him. His face look bit young than my grandfather. When he came in the house and my family went off to call other family and he would stood there and stare at me and I told him that I know that he is not my grandfather. I remember seeing his eyes were so dark and cold. He smirks and I said to him again that he is not my grandfather and I am not blind to see that. He all of the sudden becomes demonic. His eyes turn black as he drop his mouth open like smoothing very dark gray smoke out of his mouth. I woke up and it was rather frighten. I have seen many different ghosts or feel like they are around whenever that happen and I always get a headache and sometime I don't get them. Its been years and sometime in four years there was nothing they would just come and go as they like.

Last summer when I found out that this girl I have been talking to that never talk to me and that the way I describe her to see if I would find her in my neighborhood nobody knows who I am talking about except my grandmother and my cousin. My cousin was the first person that tells me that she is a ghost and then my grandmother told me that I have seen her when I was 3. Odd is that I don't remember when I was 3 and why I wasn't afraid of her. Until I was 9 I talked to her again when she came over to me outside on summer afternoon where my grandfather was working in the garden and she would watch him doing the work. She never spoke and not even a word. She would just watch me play trouble and she have tired to touch it but refused. It was only 10 minutes until she looked in the woods as if somebody was calling her home. She just got up and left. The last summer as age 21 I was resting in my room because I was so tired. I went off to sleep and I woke up and I saw a hand over my cover and it was the girl's hand and it was fading and appear like often. Then I decided to close my eyes for a minute and then I open them and there another hands, two together and did the same process as before and they stretch out big then back to it shape and fade and such. I caught little of sight of her hair and the color of her dress. The same girl? Yes indeed the same girl. I turned away and looked at jesus picture and in my mind I was praying for his help and out of the whisper from my mouth I pray for him to tell her to go away and that I want to be left alone. That I need his help for that. I count to five and I threw the cover off as I sat up and she was gone. But I don't know if she is gone for good.

The other time I had my friends over at the same time my brother's friend was over and they were doing "ghost hunting" I was no part of it nor my friends. Both boys would come running to me and frighten look on their face and claiming that they saw the ghost girl by the door and upstairs like that quick. Of course I got so mad and holler at them for bothering her. I didn't think that I would ever care about that. I told them to leave her alone and she won't bother if they didn't bother her. My friends decided that they want to leave since they have felt presence sometime and don't want to be around and I was disappoint. So I walk them to their car and we had a little chat and of course my friend is afraid to drive on the country road. My other friend in the car with her keep telling her that she wants to leave now because she wasn't feeling right. While we were arguing with her and I had a sharp pain on my chest as if someone poke me or using object that is hard enough to make me bend over. I just walk in the house and leaving them outside in my driveway. I went in the bathroom lift my shirt to see what it was and I had this red mark on the middle of my chest and my boyfriend walked in and he saw it too. He couldn't believe it and I explain him everything and he thinks that the girl is attach to me. But there is no explain about the other spirits or ghosts around the house beside the girl.

In whole experience that my family have in this house for years is a lot of hitting and strangling in sleep and suffocate, etc from nobody in the room. That happen oftenly when we are alone but sometime it just happen when we have small group of people in the house. If you have the question about this house. We are the first owners in this house and it was built in 1988 where my family moved in. There was a house about two houses away was here for years even before our house built. I hope someone can help me to figured out what this possible could mean?

Jena Castile @ 5:45 pm

And one more thing I was almost killed on train in the past september 12 2008. I left back home to east before that happen and my train number was 111. In few years later I kept seeing number 111 everywhere and today I got my license change and the issued date is 01/11/11. I have done my research about 111 they said its a new beginning of life cycle. The past summer I kept seeing 88 on my brother's toy the navy boat, then it was on my mom's, step dad's and my license plates. I was on vacation to NC last summer and I saw 88 on the sign on 95 south hwy. I don't even understand what is happening around here. My friend did a research on 88 and he told me that it's death. So I was like okay I have see 111 about life and now 88 about death. At the same time? Isn't that rather odd. If anyone have opinion about that please share with me. I will like to hear what you got to say or something that will make me feel better hopefully. I think my life is going insane and I know that I am not crazy. Thank you

January 12, 2011

Oacia @ 10:05 pm

I'm 16, I'm very young but experienced so much of paranormal. I think it all started when I was probably 5 or 6, I seen this woman. I thought she was my Aunt, but she disappeared in a room and I knew what I saw. Since then, I I moved to several houses. Every house i move into I feel this presence nd I see and hear things. You know when your sleeping and something is holding ou down and you can't move or open your eyes, that happened to many times to even count out. It's very scaty and all I can do is deal with it. I can't even sleep in a room alone anymore. But a few nights ago it got worse, it physically touched me in places that re kind of private and it felt my hand. I know it wasn't my imagination because it felt real and I was actually awake. I could open my eyes and I turned and saw my 3 year old brother eyes pitch black looking at me. I closed my eyes and it went away. I fought it to get my strength back and I left the room. That's the closet it ever got to me. The other day, something held me down again, I had to fight it again, it was very hard but I got myself up. This happens so many times, I'll never get used to it htough. But I think it's a girl who's very attached to me because I have dreams about girls and that's very odd because my orrientation is straight. I wish I could get some help but I don't know anybody who understands. I think it's getting worse. I pray for it.

January 13, 2011

Jena Castile @ 2:55 pm

Hey Oacia I totally understand what you have been going through. Thing like that happened to me too I couldn't tell me family what this insane dreams of girls while being straight make no sense at all. I think it just demonic or whatever you want to call it just playing with your mind. I talked to my boyfriend about it and he apparently thinks that I have little interest in girls. I was apparently thinking that talking to someone about it that close to you isn't helping because they either not helpful or tease you about it. But therapist might don't even make sense to themselves and to tell you that you are just confused. You probably goes I am not confused and I know what I want, but I am just having those insane dream and my life have been tortured by ghost. They will think you really need help big time.

I wish I could be big helpful or to be able to suggest you to do something because I can't find solution for it myself either. I personally think and believe that maybe this attachment to the ghost women or girls probably effect your dream and I think it regard to demon's work. About something that hold you down is just sleep paralysis. I had that experience too when you force one body part to move then your body will be back to normal. But sometime I do remember seeing this same girl ghost couple of time when I was in sleep paralysis stage and I come to think that its real but I found research that it could be part of hallucination.

You're probably thinking why is she telling me this if she experience little similarity and doesn't find any solution? Well I did research on that part about sleep paralysis but hey it was just psychology theory. But it would be paranormal activity unexplainable, who knows but they will tell you the same that it just sleep paralysis until they try it for themselves if they believe if it actual paranormal activity. If you have anything that you want to add or think of that you want to share just feel free to email me at and we can talk about it or you can comment on here whatever you want. Remember pray God for protection it will work when you believe in him.

January 15, 2011

sandra @ 3:39 pm

i had a dog called tyson , i moved to england and sadly some evil farmer shot him, it so much broke my heart not being with him, knowing the evil farmer threw him to the side of the road to die,
to cut a long story short everyone in the village knew the story of scottish women and dog not long moves to england, knowing the farmer shot the dog thinking it was another german shepard,
me and my dog was never ever apart in the 4 years of tysons life except this once which i still sadly regret,
it nearly split me and my new partner up as tyson was everything to me, and i mean everything!still to this day i miss him dearly,
when i got the news he was shot that was it, my world came tumbling down,
4years on i still wait to come face to face with that farmer but such a coward is he, and the person that let my dog out as he was pinning for me, some stupid women never closed the gate propar, she knows who she is, which i would kill if i come face to face with her, but she is now in a mental hospital, no sad feelings there for her,

i feel terrible as i never left my dog anywhere except this once!
papers and police where involved etc,
that wont bring my lovely dog back,
and since then ive had an orb that follows me everywhere i go and recently ive discovered its tyson as ive gotten a picture of him in orb form, so now im happy to know my dog is with me in orb form although i do so miss him with all my heart, he is with me always too as i had a poitraid done of him in tattoo form on my arm so he knows how hes so much missed, my dog is always with me, which comforts me so very much

January 21, 2011

Becca @ 1:59 pm

I have a question? Is there any way to get rid of a ghost? I've tried the ones I could think of, like sage, and others. Okay just wanted to know.

Amber @ 3:05 pm

Hi everyone my name is Amber and I'm 21 year old. This morning I woke up to go the the bathroom and I seen somthing. I walked right thought it and my blood ran cold.It was round 10:30am it looked like my grandmom she was in a silk robe but sumthing told me it was not . I would say almost like a gut feeling.I feel like I was not suposed to see this figure. I'm thinking I may have startled us both when I came out. It was not my grandmother she is alive and at work right now . After today I was thinking I need to get to the bottom of this!

Even as a young kid from as far back as I remember at night time I do NOT feel safe. I feel like there is a man spirt hanging over man. I have block alot out over the years. I did not want to believe after today I'm looking for some help. I can not ignore this any more I'm honestly scared to leave my bed righht now ! I have seen many things over the years alot of black and few white moving shadows I would say I see these way to much. I grew up in a row home in phila which I believe is extreamly haunted ! I do not do drugs or drink often so I'm not seeing things. The house I grew up in many people have said they have seen things just sleeping over and hanging out.

These are people I have never said anything to. The male figure till this day still hangs over me at night this only happens when Iam alone he only comes when the lights are out. In my old house many strange things would happen . It seems like the figures and the house is most strong in the winter. For sum reason as a kid I always felt safe in my moms room even when she was not there. I would have a normal day come home from being with friends walk into a room and get chills somtimes weird things would happen.

It was mostly the lights would come on or go out my mother has seen this. Once we were both in our rooms and the hall light went on . I like to block alot out I wish this would not happen to me. Around age 12 was when alot happend i felt like these spirts were out to get me . They would not stop I would cry my self to sleep in fear. Im on here today to get some help I have alot more to tell. I need some 1 talk 2 about this because the spirts are following me to my new home I thought if I moved I would be safe. Please get back to me This is no joke! Thank you

January 24, 2011

Stephanie Figueroa @ 10:21 pm

A year ago I think I had what you can call a ghost experience. I was in bed and it was really late I was like half awake, half asleep anyway at a certain point I could not move at all and I felt cold and I felt hands on my shoulders and then a felt wind in my ear and a voice it sounded like a man he said, "Come with me" about three times I tried to escape it but I couldnt move I felt paralyzeduntil at some point it released me and I felt a great pressure go away I cried and tried to ignore it and fell back asleep. I wasn't completely freaked out because earlier than that I was in my same bed same area and I was half asleep and half awake and I felt someone grab my leg I looked around and no one was there I turned the light on and saw black hand mark on my leg that was scary does anyone know what this can mean I have never put myself in a spirits way I go to church and don't mess with devil related things why did this happen?

January 26, 2011

Marco @ 1:41 pm

So I still haven't figured this out it was a Saturday night just got back from hanging out with friends and had fun drank a little. Only about 4 beers and got home at around 2 a.m. I wasn't tired yet so I was listening to music while in my room which is connected to the sun room. The only light on was my black light and only my dark dim light of my laptop. While writing lyrics since I had gotten an idea from free-styling with my friends earlier that night it being a hobby. I saw a dark shadow in the corner appear all of a sudden in my peripheral vision then turned while at my desk then saw the reflection of my laptop on the sliding door just get covered dark and see something getting closer I freeze. It feels like it puts a hand down on my left shoulder then I felt like my left side of my body was paralyzed. After feeling that scared I grabbed onto my desk with my right hand pulling me up and ran out my door. I still don't know what is following me or why but if you could let me know that be great.

January 27, 2011

Josephine @ 2:27 pm

Hi. I just need to talk to someone. I search so i found this website. I had lot of these experiences and even my youngest sister. Her eye can see ghost mostly everyday she got scared that she wish she never have the gift. And i can hear n feels the presents. What people been telling us we both have the gift. I know spirits let you hear them or move things to scare u. Im used to it since im little. I just ignore everything normal to me.

Every house i lived in always have spirits there. I got touched, hear the singing into my ear or a man breath next to me, things missing and things moved. I ignored do my own things. I never hardly get scare. Today the house i lived now. I know already know there's a spirit since i moved in. Been living there for 3yrs now never happen anything. Since last 2months it start happened. Its a female ghost. How i know? My little sister and her friends saw a black shadow with a long hair went into my room. After 2weeks i actually saw it while im outside the house walking in. I asked my sister is that her walking out from her room. She said no it wasnt her she was in my room.

Then i knew it was the female ghost the one they saw. I guess want attention from me thats why it let see it this time. I dont know i got scared normally, dont know why. It has disturbing me for 2months my pillow moved n keep touhing. I tired to ignore but i couldnt sleep. So i just pretend watch movies on my laptop until morning the sun comes out. I only can sleep on day time. I havent sleep well n dont sleep at all because im scared.

After new year eve 2011, nothing happen anymore. im glad i can sleep at night for 2 months. And then out of blue it happening right now again. I was laying on my bed i heard a girl singing…! So i get up pretend i couldnt sleep turn movie on to watch. I was thinkin why always me…?!?!?!?!?!? Every house i live.

Josephine @ 2:53 pm

Last week the ghost been trying to scare me by open my room door n papers fell off few times. My sister and me knows it the ghost doing. We both ignored,do our own things. The attention didnt work on us because we dont reali care about it. Unleast she didint harm us. Thats why she sang next to me to prove she's there. I got scared. I havent sleep whole night. It 6.52am right now.

Josephine @ 3:27 pm

Hi Jena.

I know how you feel. Your not crazy at all. Some people dont believe because they never seen one or experience before. Sometimes happen to me when i tells people about it. They doesnt believe me at all. They think something wrong with think im crazy hearing things n seeing thing.

Josephine @ 3:29 pm

Hi katielightblue

Same as me can feel the presence and i can hear them too.

Josephine @ 3:34 pm


My sister seens black shadow with whole body without feet just flooding lot of times. She told me they have no face.

January 29, 2011

NINIA @ 8:29 pm

I have a question, I hope someone can help me….After my son was murdered, my daughter and I have experienced different strange things. One of them is that we get water drops falling from the ceiling or other places inside the house. They all land on the back of our hands…What does it mean?? I've looked for logical explanations, but they do not make any sense…Hope someone else has experienced this before!! Thanks Nina

January 31, 2011

Dennis @ 6:11 pm

HI my name is Dennis im 21 years old and have a question about feeling the presence of a ghost. I have allways from time to time felt as if something was close to me like standing behind me or on either of my sides, its this cold feeling, and it feels like someone is watching me. This once for about a year ago i belive it feelt like some cold thing went straigh through me and it was no wind blowing and it was a kinda mild weahter to. After that thing all went calm agin and this presence was gone until now a few days ago i have been starting to feel this agin, its cold, like im being watched and its always at night. outside where i walk my dogs same place everytime. it feels cold and as if something is fallowing me and i think i saw some kinda light or shadow move yesterday. And today i got the same feeling only this time for no real reason i got this sticking feeling in my arm for like 3 seconds and then i felt all sad and got tears in my eyes as if i were sad and after a while once i got pass this and close to my home it went away. and i have no idea what this was or can be all i know is that it was truly unpleasant and that i didnt and dont feel good over it. Suggestions or advice on what it can be or what i can do would be really great.

(mostly i dont get scared or anything over this feelings but this was A bit scary and freaked me out for i have never feelt a emotional change)

February 2, 2011

Michelle and family @ 12:10 am

I have some questions. What does is mean when you see a undiscribable tall, average, black mass within 2 1/2 acres radius, and only in that radius, in the day time and or night time? What if you head music or voices that nobody else hears? What does it mean when a light flickers or shuts off when you are looking directualy at it, or go by it? What does it mean when you go by a light of any sort and, it goes out untill you are so far away from it,that are in sertin places or lights?

February 9, 2011

dustin @ 12:20 am

i experienced the exact symptoms for quite some time, but have now gotten through it so i can live and sleep in peace. the key is to not acknowledge or think about it. if you do, it will get stronger, but focusing on peaceful and relaxing things will weaking it until it will eventually go away. take a deep breath and focus on positive and nice thoughts. you will be fine:) dustin

Earnest Jones @ 5:08 am

When I was younger I could see them and most all were friendly. They just
wanted someone to listen to them. The older I got the less I listened the more I felt. I don't see them any more I just feel them.They know that I feel them.
Last couple apartments I lived in always someone in there. Not always trying to harm just to see if I could see them once realized I could. They tried to talkd to me. I was to scared to listen to them . Now that I am 33 years pld
it becomes harder and harder not to listen. Sometimes I feel like I am losing
my mind. Like maybe I should put myself in a mental institution. I love my
wife. I dont think she always understand what I see and go thru. I try to
explain it to her but she looks at me with no understanding.What should I do?
I am so lost!

Lynzi @ 7:25 pm

I am only a teenager, and i have had several ghosts experiences. my first experience was when i was nine, me and my best friend were in her playroom, and she was playing the violin. next thing we knew, we saw a white whispy hand swip right under the violin, and disappear. Ever since then, i have been feeling watched, and touched. i always feel like someone is touching my hand, and it comforts me. But i wish i knew who it was. I dont live in a old house, But my best friend does. and she has terrible ghost experiences. but i wonder, could that same ghost haunt me? or is my ghost different? Please, i have been wanting to know for the past 7 years. i need to know. please someone tell me, or give me some answers.

February 10, 2011

RmM @ 3:46 am

the presence of a spirit is one were you know there is one there. its the newest feeling u will have. similar to when u feel as if something is looking at u and u turn in that direction but see nothing there. it leaves u with strong goosebumps. ur unable to move and u just know its there. the stronger the feeling, the closer it is.

February 17, 2011

tammy smith @ 5:38 am

Just unsure why im feeling energies every night from spirits and i dont need to see them. their presence is overpowering whether i like it are not. talk about making an entrance. it numbs u 4 ten mins. its worrying me that there here so unexpectedly. that i think im dying or going to dye soon. thats the only conclusion i can think of. constant ghost energys not normal and how quick it has happened to me. one min no ghost. next min powerful one. whats it all about?

February 18, 2011

yessie @ 12:33 pm

Look, i honestly one didn't read all of the above information that might even dismiss what i am about to write. But for the same factor, because i just need to not sound crazy.

I feel it all. The touches, the sounds, the feeling of a presents,see something but think my eyes are playing with me. At one point, i told the doctor i was crazy to put me on some pills, when i final convinced the doctor to give them to me, it didnt work.

I have even taken trips …long trips that is. And it seems to find me. I once wasnt a believer infact thought of it as a sin. But see now i was mistaken.

yessie @ 1:01 pm

The feeling someone is watching you and hands and presences seems to be what i have read is common. I dont feel so bad now, to see things you cant explain. To know that old or new house or around the world, if it wants it will find you. Wanting to what it wants and then again not even what to acknowledge it, it is normal. If someone does run into the answer of how you make them go away. That isnt praying, holy water, olive oil and ammonia. Please let me know.

February 21, 2011

nick @ 12:54 am

ok so i was with my girlfriend and we had my ghost meter she saw a ghost and started talking to it. can you really talk to a ghost straight on, without and evp and such? plzz email back

February 23, 2011

spark @ 8:12 am

Hi there,

I wanted to see if anyone could commment on something that keeps happening to me, I have been interested to read through lots of posts.

When I'm falling asleep I feel like there is a presence there and something trying to contact me. Sometimes I get a vibration in my lower back. I don't feel like it's a nice prescene but maybe that is because i'm not used to this! Anyway, it's always in my bedroom by the side of my bed. I've also felt it pushing down on me. And i've also had it at my Mums house. I've not had any recent deaths close to me. Does anyone know what it is or what I should do? I've tried to relax when it happens but it always shocks me!



February 24, 2011

Amanda @ 3:56 pm

my sister and i both feel like someone is watching us all the time. one morning at about 4:00am, i felt like somebody was choking me, and my head was kind of in a blur, and then i tried to say something and words would not come out! it was very scary.

February 25, 2011

Mayra @ 3:11 pm

We are having these experiences because we are sensitive to the energy of past events. many times when you react in fear it does not help. one must be strong and be confortable with it. I have read all of these and there are solutions for every one of them. The ghosts that have died in a specific place or that energy there in a specific place tend to pick up on the person who generates whatever feeling they like – for instance sadness, feeling alone, any violent situation. Many ghosts are attracted to our energy. most don't know they are dead. we control that energy by telling them to go away or helping them find closure. for the more violent ones that choke or hit you must remove yourself from that energy.

since you have experienced negative energy it is attracted to you. move or get a priest to bless your spirit and house. I have felt and seen many things since I have had back to back to back deaths in my family. I'm confortable believing that they are watching me and helping me. many times I have alerted people to danger and have avoided it myself. Don't be afraid some ghosts that have been murdered or want you to know something will try to tell you they would never harm people they love. most want something and whatever your putting out there they want so try to help them. Some ghosts are evil and that happens when you cross lines playing with the board looking for them then you need to pray and ask that they leave nothing can hurt you unless you INVITE IT IN so don't do that. Ghosts will always share our world and space thay are everywhere and be strong and goodhearted for only tears, heartbreak, violence, sadness, those emotions leave us open to many things we can't explain. the worst one is fear when they smell and feel it you are open to their world.

Mayra @ 3:29 pm

This is common. ghosts need energy flickering of lights means they are needing that energy to manifest and the black mass you speak of is known as dark shadow people or black ectoplasm. All ghosts want something. they want to get a message to you or need help. send them to the light. tell them it's o.k. they will go into it and meet their loved ones.

Mayra @ 3:37 pm

Dennis what you are experiencing is the emotion of the person that died. tears are common of the emotional state of how the ghost felt when it passed and its letting you experience. don't be afraid tell it it is o.k. it can be free now.

Mayra @ 3:47 pm

When we feel that there is real activity happening you have a poltergeist and that is a real manifestation things thrown like papers people being touched,attacked and what you need to do is burn sage have an excorcism because when it becomes real you need help. Pray to Saint Michael who appeared to a boy named Roland Doo to banish demons. the Excorcist movie was based on this happening. Saint Michael is a protector of people.

Mayra @ 4:11 pm

88 in China signifies fortune, good luck.

Mayra @ 4:20 pm

Malu you need to move your bed there is energy in that area that is not good. when you wake up at 3am, you should pray.

February 26, 2011

Rebecca @ 1:22 pm

I have been followed by a spirit for about 15 years. I am 28 now. When I was younger my sister and I used a Ouija board, which is how we met this spirit. He is very powerful, and has the ability to move objects and play with anything electronic. Mostly lights. It has been 10 years since I've used a Ouija. For the past week his presence has been intense and I wanted to know who it was so I bought a Ouija. Now i'm thinkin this was a mistake. I had my sister come over and We contacted the spirit it warned me of potentially dying in a fire like he did, and he wanted to be one with me, and claimed he would harm me if I called for help when the fire happens. He confessed his envy, and love for me. When we finished my boyfriend who wasn't a believer went to the bedroom to hang a fire detector screamed, "you guys better get back here." When we got into the room my rosary from the wall was perfectly laid on the left side fo my bed. Naturally I couldn't sleep all night. Everytime I was about to fall asleep it felt like someone lightly jostled me to stay awake. Finally at 7am I was able to fall asleep. I think I … I'm not sure but I will continue to document future events. Hopefully no harm will come from this. Should I worry?

March 1, 2011

nathan kinney @ 4:15 am

I feel things. I know when there is something there as i feel it through out my body. I dont get cold chills but i feel this odd sensation through out my body. Sometimes it makes me cry but its not sadness but more like my tear ducts open up. It rocks my body at times where i cant stand. i dont know if its good or bad. i just know when they are near.. What does this mean? why does this happen?

March 2, 2011

Nicoli @ 11:19 pm

I agree with Jennifer, I do also feel like im being watched sometimes and I also believe I have a gift. I am interested in this topic as well, especially in ghost hunting.

Nicoli @ 11:25 pm

This message is for Richard…It sounds like to me that you had a spirit encounter in your dream and you must be extra sensitive to things like these like few people are…if your thinking your crazy then your wrong a lot of people claim to have spirit encounters like these and the person in your dream is probably your spirit guide… in the case you do have a sixth sense then you should develop it more and try to get to know your spirit guide.

March 4, 2011

Camily @ 8:59 am

I moved into my house ib 1992. My daughters lived with me off and on and they would be bothered by something like the smell of Brut in bedroom where oldest daughter slept. She also shadows going up and down the hallway. In the basement family room she and my granddaughter fell asleep and around 3am something picked up the Little Tykes plastic table and slammed in down (or she thought it was that) and then the basement door flew open slamming against the wall and waking everyone in the house. My other daughter is very sensitive, she can see them and was bothered a lot by them,i.e. standing in doorway when she got up at night to fix a baby bottle, she could see through it. She had a dream of a man talking to her saying "this is what I looked like when I was alive". She then was walking down the hall and into one of the bedrooms (this also in dream) and saw a skeleton of a man in military uniform laying on a bed with 2 dogs who were alive. Nothing every bothered until both daughters moved out. Now about 2 to 3 times a year for a month or so I am bothered mostly with tapping on my bedside table and at times getting harder and harder and its usually when I'm just about asleep. Last night tapping again each time getting a little louder and for the first time it hit my feet and you could hear the sound of the hit on blankets. No sleep rest of night. I would like to know how to get this thing goneS!

Haley @ 9:29 pm

I'm moving in with my aunt and a widowed man with a daughter sold his house to my aunt and her ex-husband. The man who sold the house to my aunt, his wife has died in the hospital so he packed his self & his daughter & moved away. So, the room I'm staying in has had a few ghost experiences. We think the woman checks to see if any young girl is her daughter. She comes in with no face, it's white, you can see her wavy hair and her white dress. She has come in and sat on the end of the bed and then got up and walked out. It has happened twice to 2 different family members. Now that I am moving in, I get scared easily, how should I react? I don't want to communicate with her or provoke her to come near my face. So, how should I react and do I try not to think of her coming into my room?

March 5, 2011

justine @ 9:41 am

Hi , ive always had feelings of the presence of a ghost since I was really young . When I was 5, my mum bought me tellytubby figurines and I sat them on my window sill. A few weeks later I "wrote a letter to them" as I was only young , and left it beside them. The next morning I woke up and the letter was gone and there was two of the same figurine and I asked my mum if she bought it but she said .." I must have bought two of them " but I swear she didnt and later I asked her about it and she said dont be silly. After that , I moved to my new house when I was 9 and one night I seen a black shadow go down the side of my bed and I looked but nothing was there , I thought that was very strange.

Then , I moved to an old victorian style house when I was 10 and I hated that house. The first weird thing that happened to me was when I was in the room, which I shared with my little brother, the taps used to turn on at night and I would get up and turn them off but they would turn back on as soon as I jumped back into bed . Another night I was lying in the darkness when I looked to my right and there was a floating cats tail , I thought I was dreaming so rubbed my eyes but it was still there so I jumped out of bed as east as I could and got my mum me dad to come in, but it was gone. One night I was sitting on the edge of my bed watching telly with all my lights on, when my music box that was at my window started playing, I ran out my room again shaking. It was really dark outside one night and i was sitting up with my little brother and we just seen these two puppet like figures at the window. I said: "can you see them" and he said "yes". It was like the old fashioned jack and jill puppets fighting, this didnt really scare us and we just laughged. I got up to make sure it wasnt the trees and lifted up my blinds and pulled them down and it was gone , but as soon as I got into bed they returned. After this my family and I moved to brand new houses and I was so excited and thought nothing scary would happen because no one has lived in these houses.

I was 13 and the first year was good and nothing happened, however the second year was different. I was watching telly and turned it off and fell asleep. In the middle of the night I was wakened by the noise of the telly and realised it was on, I turned it off and fell asleep, only to be awakened by it a few hours later. A few weeks on it happens again only this time im actually awake turning it off and it turns on almost instantly which gives me shivers. I turned it off again but within a second it turns back on, it felt like someone was standing by the telly. Eventually after trying for a few minutes I pulled out the plug for my telly, and it never turned back on. I told my mum, but as I guessed she didnt believe me and my dad came up with an electrical explanation which I think was to calm me down. When I was 16 I was in my room and because im a light sleeper I heard the stairs creek and woke up. I had my back to the door and heard shuffling like footsteps right outside my room door, I froze. After a while I heard nothing else and fell asleep. I heard that noise again though a year later. When I was 16 my mum and I met a couple on holiday who we ended up being quite close to. A year later without a word of a lie I was in my room with all my lights on a heard the paper at my door crumple as if someone was walking over it, then nothing else. The next day my to said I have something unbelievable to tell you and I said what and she told me she got a phonecall at 5 this morning saying the woman of the couple we met on holiday committed suicide, I was so sad and asked when did this happen and she said last night about 6. I thought maybe that was her coming to say bye.

I havent had anything strange happen until now ive turned 18. A few weeks ago I was sleeping in my room when my touch lamp turned on and it was red, but you need to tap it twice for it to go red, it never turns on on its own though and it happened again a few nights later. Finally, Last night I was in my house and was listening to my ipod on a boom box type thing when, for the first time ever it just paused during a song and I felt the biggest shivers ever down my spine. I havent told anyone because noone believes me, so I just feel stupid when I tell them this. I dont know if it is a ghost presence, does anyone think it could be? Or is my mum and dad right and im being silly?

March 6, 2011

Alexis @ 7:53 pm

7 months ago, i lost my best friend (almost like my sister!) in a horrible car accident. we had known each other for five years. 20 min. before the car accident, she had asked me to come over, but my response was "i can't i'm very busy". the truth was i had ditched her to hang out with another one of my friends. i recieved a phone call from a friend, telling me she was dead before i could even leave the house.

Ever since her car accident, i have black outs and horrid visions of her car accident and i wasn't even there when the car accident happened. at least 3 times a week at night, my phone will ring (restricted number) and when i answer, no one answers (except for ugly heavy breathing), and while I'm laying in still darkness, i'll hear someone laugh and I'm always the last one to go to sleep in my family. (when me and her use to have 'sleep overs' and 'girls night' we would laugh and always prank call people.) it's gotten to where i get from 3-4 hrs of sleep (and then i have school the next morning).

I've tried to talk to a couple of friends about this, but they tell me "i'm having a hard time coping with losing her." any help?

need help lots,

March 8, 2011

Hailey @ 10:18 pm

When I was little about 2 years old, i didn't know about ghosts or demons or whatever else, I was pure kid. But any time i would walk upstairs i would stomp because I knew there was something up in my sisters room, later to be my room. Sometimes I would sing some random tune with lyrics like "I am coming up the stairs right now so go and hide I'm coming up!" Whatever it was either killed me or saved my life when i was 5 or 6 while I was having a severe asthma attack, but I didn't figure out that I actually died till I was 10 or 11. The thing torments me but still helps me at the same time, its like its telling me not to remember something and keeps it away from me. I'm always cold inside even on a hot summer day.

My dad told me last year sometime that there was a book written about our house and he and my mother had the first copy it is called "From Wisconsin in Bib Overalls" and they lost it by either a guy at work borrowed it because it was worth a lot or our friend had to read it and we forgot about it. But I researched it and a person said it was likely the first edition on and the whole title was "From Wisconsin in Bib Overalls: the story of an ordinary man- how he lived and how he died- told by him himself" By Rita Weldy and I thought I NEED to read the book and find out about everything about my dads house.

March 17, 2011

Felipe @ 1:22 am

hey, I just want to share my experience that i had a few days ago. Exactly a week ago i had a cosmetic surgery (it was very simple, to remove some lump in my chest, nothing bad). The surgery went well, i was sent home on the same day. First off i want to say that I do believe in spirits; all my life, i've felt presences and goosebumps, i've seen shadows, they've knocked my window at night, tv went on, heard steps, etc etc. So i've always been aware of things around me and i pay attention to these things all the time.

I don't really get scared, i just accept it. I mean if there's something there, i hope for a good experience. i guess it would be cool to meet some good spirit one day. Anyway, I was really doped up after the surgery, with all the anaesthesics. I guess due to this my body defences were a bit low, and i got a bit of a sore throat the next day (maybe a flu). And what i want to mention is… that every time that I am feeling a bit sick, and my body defences are low… i believe that my body starts to be a bit more sensitive. I feel more stuff, and i sense presences.

Does that happen to anyone else? I had a weird dream after the surgery, i think it was the next day. Night time at around 11 pm. I was trying to go to sleep on my bed, and i suddenly i was 'transported' somewhere else (knowing it was a dream; some say 'lucid dream') I was at this really big room where i came up from a mechanical stairs, it was all white, walls, stairs, furniture, etc, pure white… i was by my self, walking around. And suddenly i heard a few voices from somewhere behind a big cube (maybe furniture of the size of my own height) it was in front of me so i was trying to look above it to see whose voices were these. I went around it. And i saw this guy, a bit taller than me, all white too. No facial features, but fit looking. He's very plastic looking… anyway, i felt like a knew him, so I decided to say hi and shake his hand. I thought it would feel like a dream, where u can touch things and u dont really know that its in your hand or not.

But actually he grabbed my hand and it felt like REAL, it was just real. And i freaked out, so I started coming back to my body, which was veeery difficult because something was grabbing my leg too. So i can feel half of my body was there and my leg and my hand being hold in the air. I knew i was being hold, i just couldn't help it trying to go back to my body.

I was like wow, when I woke up. I could still feel the hand in mine. I was so tired, i felt like i was there for hours. When i woke up it was 11.20 pm, just 20 mins past. It was impressive and some how cool. I don't know if i should've felt scared or what, at the time. I just know that he/it didn't want to hurt me. I don't know if I should consider this a "Ghost Story" like most of the people's story around here. But i believe there is a complete relationship to when you sleep – you get out of your body and the spirits dimension world.

I haven't really done any researching or assumed that I know what im talking about, but i just believe in what've experience throughout my life. My idea is simple… I think there is another dimension for spirits, somehow our bodies cannot access it completely, but our mind can (through our soul). So, yeah I keep my mind open to whatever happens. I'd love to hear your theories if anyone is up for the chat :) i've got other ghost stories too :) it would be cool to know more about yours. Thnx!

Felipe @ 1:36 am

Alexis, that's a pretty intense story. Im very sorry about your loss. I haven't lost anyone in the way you did, so i don't really know how it feels, but i can imagine that it might be really tough. I am no expert, and i don't have much experience with death, to be honest.

which means you don't have to take my advice if you don't want to.
So i guess that i would like do something about it if i was in your situation, I think you should calm down to certain point where you find peace with yourself. I could try talking to her, ask her what she needs, what she feels. In other words, confront the situation.

I know u maybe won't get a voice response, but im sure you can find the way on communicating. I would try. Try not to be scared. But as i said, if she wants to and you want to communicate, there will be it.
Believe in yourself, and what you feel/believe and verify rather than "i'm having a hard time coping with losing her" comments that you get from others. Take care !

March 26, 2011

Chris @ 6:34 pm

I lost someone I loved very deeply last week. We never met. Fate and an ocean kept us apart. Today driving home I got a feeling of peace, then happiness, and then I got a feeling of my soul being touched. It brought on a gamut of emotions from which I started crying but I was happy. I know she touched me. I know it.

March 30, 2011

Jilly Brownlie @ 9:40 am

i have had for years now a feeling of someone lying next to me, touching me, i thought it was my cat moving, but when i eventually woke up, which also is a problem because i no i have sleep paralyse, and cant wake my self up, when these things happen, but last night was the worst, i thought my husband was lying bye me, i felt him next to me,i felt a pressure on my body, something touching the bedding, i could not move, i knew what was happening but could not find out what it was, i woke up and nothing was there, this has happened to me on and of over the years, it stated when i was about 10, is this normal, is it a presence or is it hallucinations i feel i am going mad!!!, the feeling of some one with you and there is no one is horrible.

Dezrael Genaw @ 6:09 pm

i know how you feel. im scared of going into the bathroom, my bros bedroom, pretty much every room, even my hallway.

April 2, 2011

tammy smith @ 7:00 am

what does it mean, when there is only me its happening to and my partner and daughter dont have any experiences like i have encounted every night …does it mean im going to die ?…..could u plse give me some advise. thank you……

jess @ 8:01 pm

I have a touch activated lamp in my room. Okay with the smallest touch and it's a smart lamp. i tried a pencil eraser to activate it. it doesn't. My lamp would turn on when I'm across the room by myself, and would flicker.

April 3, 2011

michele ann @ 6:37 pm

i have always had spiritual encounters since i have been 6 yrs old voices calling out my name orbs floating over me always at night after midnight up to 5am on different occassions where ever i move to i always experience spirits seeing them mostly but as i get older expecially the last 2 yrs after my brother inlaw died at my home i had 4 mo of activity everynight for the first mo someone was pulling on my blanket sitting on my bed knocking on my doors walking around the house shaking banisteres standing behind me watching me i always felt a crawling sensation threw my whole body and feeling this heaviness behind me and getting poked on my back and arm alot feeling a hand carressing my body over the blanket but in a comforting way not agressive but the agressive tugging at the blanket to get my attention

i just assumeed its my brotherinlaw he was a night owl we were close and talked a lot and he was close to all of us during his time at our home after his surgery know one ever got hurt but it stopped after we moved of course but now its been 6 mo and its starting again at my apt tugging on the blanket somoeone with a finger with a sharp finger nail poked me and pulled on my blanket and pjs and scratching along my matress and couch at times lights flickering and i feel a presence i get the tingling threw my body and the worst thing that happenend my daughters boyfriend got scratched 3 claw marks on his shoulder when he spent the night i could not believe it even happend he showed me right away i got some holy water and tryed to cast out all evil spirits around it was quite without activity for a few days but just last night i felt fibrations in my couch and scrathing and something tall all in black ran into my kitchen but never returned flickering lights at times too dont know what else to do to keep it away maybe a priest well if u have any suggestions email me i know i have a spiritual gift to the other side thats why they are drawn to me i pray to keep it away keep me posted thank you for listening

April 5, 2011

Megs @ 2:01 pm

Any help would be wonderful. :)

Growing up I always thought there was a bad spirit in my house. It did stuff to scare me on purpose and I was perpetually scared. I slept in my parents room for years. Terrified of pretty much nothing. I don't think it was a normal childhood fright. And I know there was a ghost.

At my lake cabin and sometimes at home, I feel my bed shake when I am trying to sleep and so then I can't sleep obviously. And sometimes I feel like when I am walking away something is watching me, and I should run. When I was little this thing would terrorize me like no other. It would jangle door nobs, walk across the hallway. It'd touch me and it felt cold and petrifying and once it said my name. As I got older it didn't do it as much, though it was still there.

A few weeks ago I went home and I was alone (when the ghost normally will bother me) It woke me up by making a loud noise by opening and shutting a little clicky doory on the t.v. and then when I finally got to trying to go back to sleep it began to shake the couch. I didn't end up sleeping till the next day. The next night I talked to the ghost and nicely but calmly explained that I would be moving out soon and I would only be home a few more weekends so if it could just be civil and not bother me, I'd be gone soon enough. As I was talking it changed the music playing on my computer and the volume fluctuated. It hasn't bothered me since.

Now I just began college in August 2010 and I live in a dorm. There are lost of spirits and things that are haunted on campus. It's pretty normal. But my dorm is fairly new and there are no ghosts here.

Unfortunately I think one has found me. I get weird touching sensations all over my body like something is touching me. Mostly when I am laying down at night I get them. It's not really scary or deathly cold like you would think it would be. It feels as though it is supposed to be relaxing. Though it isn't because obviously my senses are going crazy and I know it isn't human. It usually will keep me up if anything. I do not feel scared or frightened as I did as a child. It's like a few fingers are tracing my body it feels good.

I do have nightmares about being possesed often because I am petrified of it. And so, today I was having this dream about being possesed and I woke up very scared with my heart going a billion miles an hour, but I felt the touching sensation all over my body. It was like light pinching motion, but it didn't hurt it was like soothing. It freaked me out, but at the same times made me feel better.

I am not sure if I have a good ghost, or a bad one, or if it is two different spirits or what? I have no clue how to handle this or what to do? Or what is going on? Any help would be appreciated.

Feeling Disturbed @ 8:41 pm

My experiences started when I was three, I was standing in the living room of my Grandma's house and I happened to look down the hallway, and I noticed a man standing there. Straight down the hall was the master bedroom, and the door was closed. I saw the man walk through the door, and I said Grandma who was that man? And I described him for her and she held out a picture of my grandpa who passed away right before I was born.

Then, when I was about 10 we had a dog who ran away, we couldn't find him anywhere. So when we were coming up the road in the car, my grandma stopped the car and said do you see that? My brother and I said yes, and up the road right by our house was appeared to be a white cross with a ball on top, and as we got closer it dissapeared. I was walking down the road with a friend and I saw it again out of the corner of my eye, and turned to look and it was gone… I had asked her if she saw it and she said no. What could that have been?

Also, lately my house and my property (the same property that all of the ghost stories have happened on) has felt very weird to me. I can't explain it really but it feels different, my parents fight a lot and I get depressed when I am home – but I leave for my boyfriend's house and I feel fine. I told one of my friends once that this side of the road feels different, sadder, or something then the other side of the road and she agreed. I also recently painted my room, and I hate it, and every time I come home now it feels totally different and I know I painted it and I know I hate it, but it just FEELS weird… like the whole property feels weird now, like maybe I did something bad or something. What is wrong with me? Why do I feel this way when I am home but when I am away I feel fine?

April 10, 2011

Deborah @ 5:00 pm

When I pray to God I start experiencing cold chills. I continue to pray because I know God is protecting me from harm. However, the chills gets stronger as I pray harder. What is this I'm experiencing. Also I've had the same experience as some of you have had. Sleeping and can't move, speak, yell or anything. I had just gotten home from work and laid down after taking a shower. My eyes wasn't closed I was just lying there. I felt something removing the cover off my my shoulder and then I felt something leaning against the side of my bed. I turned over and started praying and was able to go to bed.

One other incident I had was when I was sleep and felt something climbing in the bed with me and I could actually feel movement of the bed. I heard wings and this pressure on me to the point I was helpless. I started praying in my sleep and after awhile I woke up praying again. I've heard walking and whispers in every place I lived. We had this chain on the door in our bedroom and my husband had already left for work. the noise from the chain moving woke me up and I thought he was still home but he wasn't. I never went back to sleep after that. Could I be haunted instead of my homes? What can I do to detach this thing from me?

Melissa Cardy @ 9:24 pm

I am Native American and I have friends that tell me not to whistle at night because apparently, that calls ghosts and such. Well, I always whistle the Kill Bill song…and just the other night I heard that same whistle. My partner also hear it a couple of weeks back also. That same night, I woke up to unplug my phone charger by the bed on the floor. The next morning, my partner woke up looking for it by the bed but as it turned out…it was beside me where I was sleeping. We also caught a quick scent of cigarettes during that day. Could something be bothering us?

April 11, 2011

Sarah @ 5:10 pm

When I was 3 years old my grandmother died, I don't remember her to well but I know she was fond of me, I was the only grandchild she was close to. The night before she died I woke up in the middle of the night, and I saw these colourful dots floating around, it took me a few seconds to realise they were forming together; eventually they formed into the shape of my nan, she wore the exact outfit she would always wear, a pink dress with white flowers on it. She didn't say anything but she had a peaceful look on her face, then she just disapeared.

The next morning I told my parents "I saw nanny last night." That was about 13 years ago.

Ever since then I have always felt random moments were I felt like a presence was in the room or area. I am not quite sure of its intent, but it scares me. I still see those colourful dots at night, though they never form into anything. Do you know what they are? Could you perhaps explain to me why this happens to me?

April 12, 2011

Jordan Allen @ 8:23 pm

Hey, I'm Jordan Allen. My sister and I changed bedrooms, and I've started having what I'm pretty positive are paranormal experiences. She noticed them too when she was up there. Anyways, My room's ceiling fan's lights didn't work, neither did the ceiling lights. So my mom got a me a metal lamp, that was adjustable. So I'm sitting in my room watching tv, and it flies of the desk and smashes on the floor. So I'm going to pick it up, and I look up,(at my extra tv's screen that was on a chair in front of me)and I see the bottom torso of a woman in a dress behind me.

I was scared to death, and ever since then my room has a uncomfortable feeling. For about a month now I've been dreaming about a woman in a purple floral dress, staring at me. She plays a part in every single dream, I have. Plus I've seen MANY orbs, and light anamoleys going across my wall, and sometimes I hear voices mumbling. And now I wake up EVERY SINGLE morning at 5:10. When my alarm clock's set to 6:30. It's like I'm supposed to do something.. Any advice on this?
-Jordan Allen.

April 18, 2011

abigail @ 3:51 pm

Sorry you are going through that.

abigail @ 4:17 pm

I origionally got on this site to look for answers too. Funny I'm offering it. Jordan… there's a couple things you can do, but the most important is to stick up for yourself. Spirits get their charge from electricity, batteries, and even energy we feel (fear being the easiest 'cause of how scared we can get so fast… I wish I could do that with joy "geeze! you joyed me! don't sneak up on me like that" lol).

So keep your room clutter-free and as clean as possible, this will prevent you from thinking you see things in the dark and it turns out to be a coat hanger. Get rid of things that cause fear and bring things in that add joy and love. Cleaning your room will also give you a sense of reclaiming it as yours, and not someone elses, think of that when you're in it. Ghosts can't hurt you and they need to leave your space alone.

Use power strips that you can plug things into and click everything you're not using off at night… this gives less power sources for energy to be drawn from. It will also feel more peaceful. That is important. Ask your parents if they can get a rock salt lamp if you feel like you don't want to be alone up there, read up on them, we love them and they got rid of my friends nightmares…they can take the 10 watt nightlight bulbs, get a pink bulb.

We need to have manners no matter if we're dead or alive… no one should be throwing your stuff and breaking it. Spirits and ghosts are always around because they, like us, are energy. So literally tell whoever it is to bug off, out loud, if they are bothering you.

abigail @ 4:36 pm

By the way, there are loved ones that choose to hang out to protect us and thats great. There are also spirits who want you fix their problems and project their issues onto to you (seems like some people never quite yea?). It's not your responsibity to help, and stand your ground. A simple GO AWAY. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE HERE, YOU NEED TO LEAVE. and mean it (that's important, don't woos out when you say it) That includes the whole house, your dreams, whatever you call yours. Practice makes perfect, theres not much mistery there, expect to be approached, and expect to say go away, maybe repeatedly.

Would you let some kid on the bus bother you? No way. Same thing, there's always going to be individuals who will push your boundries, and just stick to them. Death does not bring sudden enlightenment to some spirits. Most of all you should be able to go up to YOUR ROOM and enjoy yourself and feel relaxed, let me know how it goes :)

You are safe, don't invest in fear. Catch yourself when you are getting wrapped up in getting scared and practice feeling love and having faith that your love and confidence will wrap you in safety. own it.

abigail @ 5:01 pm

I find being sensitive to energy has had an effect on everthing in my life. I can get nervous just walking into rooms, thinking about the possibilities involving spirits, being around certian people, and I now know that I can make a bad feeling worse by focusing on it too much. If you're finding you are having a lot of bad experiences, your thought process can heighten and attract spirits and energy by the law of attraction.

So I think Faith, however you get it, is a huge asset for sensitive people. Knowing you are safe and protected and having some sort of meditation/prayer for feeling love and kindness. Finding strength in creating boundries and being stong in what you are ok with. This absolutly applies to ghosts as well as living (both being made up of… energy).

Every molecule/atom in existence is made up of nothing more than energy, and is attracted to like kinded energy. So feel good, feel strong!

April 27, 2011

Charlotte @ 2:58 pm

Hello, for a long time when alone in bed at night I will feel a pressure or tingling sensation on a art of my body, usually feet or legs, I read that you have had this experience and I have also had other experiences such as seeing a man watching me when I was in bed when I was aged 9/10/11 (I am now turning 17) and today (27/4/11) at my mums house which I have been living in part time since I was 11/12, my 1 year old dog was staring at a spot in my room and she was shaking and then came and stood behind me, I was trying to reassure when she started barking and ran at the spot then ran downstairs, this was repeated several times and my 3 year old dog came upstairs. She watched the same spot and came and stood behind me she then proceeded to watch my wall as if following something that was moving across it.

The thing she was watching (I saw nothing out of the ordinary) came closer towards me, moving across the ceiling and finally toward me until I got too scared and went downstairs. Nothing has happened since I've been downstairs and I was wondering if you found any useful information or websites that have helped you that could perhaps help me. I hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance, Charlotte

P.S. The above comment was addressed to HH but anyone else who can help me please leave a comment.

jaygirl @ 3:45 pm

My child hears ghosts and sees them in her sleep. This has happened on more than one occassion and is happening more frequently lately. They keep wanting to show her things like how they died, etc. They aren't mean to her, but it leaves her scared and she ends up in my bed and is afraid to go back to sleep. She is 17 so its not like she is a scared little kid. who can we go to talk to about something like this. It really is troubling her and she leaves for college in a few months. I don't think her college room mates are going to be as understanding as her mom. Help!

April 28, 2011

Sandra @ 6:02 pm

To get rid of a ghost burn sage, palo santo wood, candles, incense and also use a ghost buster.

noelia @ 11:38 pm

i know what you mean. my mom has the same thing. its horrible, im so sorry for you. :(

May 6, 2011

Samuel @ 4:32 am

I'd really love to know whats happening to me, well my grandfather is a a very spiritual man as he is something like a high priest and i have been talking to him about my experiences and such because he has experienced ghosts his whole life. I feel as if I have an old soul and feel connected to the spirits. My religion which is Mormon if that matters :P

Just a little background of myself if it helps. Okay, well this has started happening for the past 2 years or year and a half, and I live in an old house, I do believe it's haunted and all but i'm fine with it now and all, also my granddad and his friend who is also a high position said that it will always follow me, they wont leave me.

My first experience was when I was on my school holidays and me and my brother were playing day and night on my computer on a game and we took turns playing and kept the computer going 24/7 and he was playing and i went to sleep and when i woke up to my thought of him typing, he wasn't there and my chair was moving but i didn't see anyone or anything there. As ofcourse i was terrified. After that experience frequently about 5 out of 7 times a week never twice i always heard a voice, but i can't really understand what it's saying also its not just one voice its different ages and genders as i was only able to understand the pitch and tone as such and was able to analyze the type voice. Now onto the visual, about late 2010 I saw my first ghost, I find this really confusing because I suddenly woke up and not thinking my eyes opened and I saw this smokey looking gas about a meter above me and then i followed it as it was kind of a trail.

I noticed a massive white ghost and all it did was float on the ceiling and looking directly at me and it was right above me, It was jst a white massive silhouette with no actual key features only the shoulders and head and it was also disproportional so it was a kind of a human figure. I know I was hallucinating as I was horrified from all the previous incidents I started sleeping in my room with my mother and I woke her up and she saw it aswell.

And really late 2010, I have had dreams where I had a feeling someone was going to get hurt by something, it felt like an evil creature or something was going to kill/hurt them. Before they got hurt I always wake up with an overwhelming feeling and after everyone one of those feelings i get, I can promise you ghosts will be floating around and they are not what you see on cartoons and such because they were like dots as previously stated and a shadowy figure, to me it looks like the smoke monster on "Lost" the tv series, but it is not a smokey look, more of a space looking dot figure, it doesn't look like a human figure its really distorted and you need to really focus on it to see it, I wake up my mum again to observe it but she said she cant see it, i believe she can but because i wake her up from her sleep I believe she has a hazy look on it or what not. So yea I can bet anything after i get that overwhelming feeling in my head that a black ghost will be in front of me floating around the ceiling. Also its not only one, theres multiple amounts of them, it varies theres like 2 – 7. They also move quite freely like the "Lost" smoke monster but not as fast.

Also i forgot to add, 90% of each day of the week i physically have the feeling of someone lightly playing with my hair, like raising my hair on my head, and its not in my mind as some people may think because it has happened to my granddad and I will assure you it is the ghosts doing it.

Hopefully someone can give me advice on what I can do, what really is happening.

May 7, 2011

Jason @ 12:17 pm

Hi I think I have been experiencing paranormal activity going on in my house but I'm not too sure about it. I get goosebumps walking around the house when I'm alone even though it could be that I'm being paranoid but my door had been opening and closing on it's own. I can hear footsteps walking up and down the stairs everyday. I can feel eyes on me at all time of the day and usually at night I get chills going down my spine. There has only been once where I felt a hand on my ankle and that was a few nights ago. If you have any advice, suggestions, or might know what is happening please let me know. Thank you.

May 8, 2011

James @ 12:52 am

I started having these tingling and numbness episodes in 2004 when my niece was killed in a wreck. The night she died I was sitting at home on my couch when I felt her presence in the room. The side of my head facing where I thought she was got all numb and I felt that side of my body go numb. I couldn't move and then felt my whole head go numb and tilt to one side. This went on for a good 3-4 minutes and then slowly went away. Ever since then every time a family member dies I have an episode like this. It also happens sometimes when I think intensely about people I miss who have died.

May 10, 2011

Karen Horton @ 6:09 pm

My son was murdered by a hate crime back in Aug 2010. He was brain dead when I got to the hospital and passed away the early morning of the next day. when I left the hospital, me and my bestfriend smelled him in the car she ran off the road. I came home and from the very beginning the front door sound like it had open and closed but it hadn't, then knocking, moving things but it was being done not to scare but to get my attention. when I would say, son I love you, it would stop. I now am left with him following me room to room and I can feel him because of cold air that passes by me all the time. I even wake up to cold air blowing in my face. When I went to see the DA, I felt him come across me. I think he's here for justice but he was a mama's baby. I miss my son and im here to help him until he's ready to cross over.

May 11, 2011

Ms. Teressa @ 4:29 pm

My mother told me she saw my little sister's spirit lying down on her bed looking at her. mother told me it looked like my sister's spirit was flashing on and off. what does that mean? i think its a sign maybe my sister is trying to contact my mother. My sister evening smile at my mother at all, than she fade away. I wanted to cry so bad after my mother told me this.

May 12, 2011

Andy @ 11:52 am

I've never shared this before online and only said to a few friends about it.

Firstly, when I was about 15 years old (I'm 22 now). For a whole week I kept waking up suddenly around 3am and feeling extremely hot. I'd get out of bed to go to the toilet and I could feel that the room felt dense. Whilst walking through my room to the door, I'd suddenly go all cold and my hairs would stand up.

This feelings increased in intensity over the week it happened and the pattern stayed the same. The last night I remember it happening, same thing I woke up hot, got up, walked to my door feeling extremely cold like I was walking through things. And the room felt really dense but longer. I stood in the upstairs corridor outside my bathroom looking at my bedroom door. And I can only explain the feeling I had about looking at my room door was evil. It felt really dark and scary in my head. I slept in my sister room that night and have no memory what happened after… This is one weird experience that haunted me for a little while and gave me trouble sleeping and made me afraid of the dark.

My biggest 'haunting' is what I'm about to explain. It freaked me out for ages after and was never spoken about again. I must have been about 17 and was staying at my sisters house. It was 1/2am and I was on the couch about to go to sleep. My sister and her boyfriend were in their room. Her daughter who was about 3 was in her cot.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep my Niece (Sister daughter) suddenly burst out crying.. I heard my sister go in there to try and calm her down. I tried to sleep but got up and went in there to, trying to help stop her from crying.

I was leaning over the cot when suddenly everything went really slow, my head became drunk like. I heard whispering in my ear that passed through my right ear, through my head and out of my left ear. At the same time I felt something like fingers run up my arm and felt a wave of 'energy' pass through me.

Everything went quite and I looked at my sister who was tucking the duvet in. I heard deep heavy breathing get louder and something in my head told me that my sister was hurting her daughter. I remember feeling full of anger and power and I grabbed my sister by her throat and lifted her up off her feet and pinned her against the wall. I slightly remember shouting "GET OFF HER".. my sister said I said that in a really deep devlish voice :(

Then I felt a massive release of anger and emotion out of my body and let my sister go.. I started shaking straight away and started crying saying I didn't know what just happened. My sister looked scared but laughed it off. It scared me and I slept in between my sister and her boyfriend.. 10 minutes after that happened we were lying in bed with the light on. Me and my sister were talking about it and her boyfriend told us to be quite. He said he was listening to my niece who was still crying and shouting baby speak.

She was crying so badly, and then we heard from my niece without a doubt "GET OFF ME". My sister's boyfriend jumped straight out of bed and run in to the room shouting "THAT'S ENOUGH LEAVE HER ALONE".. We brought her in to our room and went to sleep.

I found out a couple of days later that her boyfriend said he was the type of person who could 'feel ghosts' and he said there was something evil in her room that night. And that something was behind the curtain when he went in there to get her out… I watched the film "INSIDIOUS" today which reminded me about the situation.. That was very scary night and I can only assume I was possessed by whatever was in there terrifying my sister's daughter :/

May 15, 2011

dee @ 9:21 am

I fell asleep around 3 am, when this occured. I felt a presence in my room. It seems to project itself from my bedroom door. It appears to linger though I try to dismiss it completely. One time it tried to sexual arouse me but I cried out in Jesus name and demand it to reveal itself. It appeared as metallic squared headed being. I jumped out of bed and covered my body with Blessed OIL, said the Lords Prayer for protection and it went away. Well tonight I was sleeping with my arms over my head and another presence came thru my closet door and touched me on my arm. I was not completely asleep and I'm not crazy. So I'm getting my home Blessed, Praying more and keeping my Bible open to the 23 Psalm.

Nathanael Reyes @ 12:59 pm

When i was little and I moved to a new house, I would occasionally see this fat, pale german lady watching me. But just for a split second, then she'd disappear. I just moved about 8 months ago and since then, many things have happened, most of them recently. The first events were I'd just be home alone, and I'd hear sounds like, someone was walking around downstairs and moving stuff. I would think "oh, my mom's home." so i go down to talk to her, yet no one is there, and nothing is changed. I'd go back upstairs and hear the sounds some more.

Then recently, since i have depression I ended up cutting my hand, just once though. And then the next day i woke up, and my hand had over 20 cuts on it. All but the original, and 1 extra had disappeared within two hours. Over a week ago, a blonde woman has been visiting me in school. Once by waking me up in math class by opening my calculator and dropping it onto the floor. Other times by walking past me, or getting close to me, or speaking to me.

Just yesterday, I had taken my wallet out of my bookbag, and everything was in order, but when i got home later that day, there was a waterbottle in the bookbag, where it noticeably wasn't before. And no one had been in my room. And no one in this house even has bottled water. My friend slept over last night and he said he saw a shadow with eyes looking at him. And something today has been touching me. Playing with my hair and probing my neck and my stomach. And I saw a shadow move downstairs earlier.

I am very afraid…can anyone please explain what might be happening here?

May 16, 2011

Nikki @ 9:59 am

Does anyone ever experience this and what does it mean? My husband died a year ago, and ever since then I've noticed a sort of feeling on my head. It happens at some point most days, usually when I'm sitting quiet or just got into bed. It's like someone is ever so gently touching my hair, in a tingling sort of way, as though there is some kind of energy touching my head. (I still haven't found the exact way to describe it, so even this isn't 100% satisfactory). It doesn't hurt or make me feel scared, in fact it feels quite relaxing. Because this only started happening after my husband died, I'm wondering if there is some spiritual connection? It has often happened at times when I've needed support or felt nervous about something. Any ideas please?

Megan @ 12:49 pm

Everytime i walk in a graveyard, or where someone has died or even in a really old place, i feel like i'm being watched. i feel like i'm being squeezed round my stomach. sometimes i struggle to breathe and i also feel sick and dizzy. i'm not sure if it's just fear or something but i don't ever feel it anywhere else and i'm not sure what it would actually mean… i've also experienced paranormal activity near my home, just across the road. my brother pressed a buzzer on a deserted retirement home, no way in, no way out compleatly closed off except for a path that leads up to it. i heard someone speak to me, and ever since then, at home, i keep hearing voices. i've told my mum and she said i just have a vivid imagination, but i think it might be more than that… do you know what it could mean?

May 18, 2011

BriJean @ 5:25 pm

I think there might be something paranormal going on around me. I'm a fourteen year old girl and a few days ago when I was home alone I felt like there was sombody watching me. I closed all the blinds and sat out of view of the windows and watched TV. The feeling that I was being watched kept getting stronger and stronger until it felt there was sombody right there with me in my living room. Then there was some weird noises from my back hall and basement. There was something moving up and down my stairs. I could tell because my house is kind of old and the stairs make a distinctive sound while sombody is walking up and down them.

I heard footsteps in my hall and my dog sat at the gate in the kitchen where we keep her and wouldn't stop growling at something in my hall. Eventually I got so scared I grabbed my dog and the phone and went outside. The feeling followed me. I called my mom and started crying when I told her what happened. I think I might have had a panic attack outside. Halfway through my hysterics the feeling went away and after a little I went back inside. the feeling grew again untill I was almost at the breaking point. It went away suddenly and then about a miniute later my mom got home. all this happened as it was getting dark out. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. When I was like 10 my grandpa died and durring the middle of the day while I was in my room playing a game every door in my house slammed open at once.

I was alone and there was no wind in the house or outside. It happened several times and both me and my sister heard footsteps in the hall around midnight. When she left the foot steps went away and after another couple weeks so did the magically opening doors. The presence I'm sensing now is different from the one four or five years ago. The other one felt like my grandpa and now I'm not sure what it is. I can't tell if it's hostile or not. I'm scared and don't know what's happening. If sombody could tell me if its paranormal or if I'm paranoid It would be greatly appreciated!

May 20, 2011

Rogue Hunter @ 7:01 am

I am sensitive to see orbs and ghost forms and I pickup on people's emotions which affect me – even if they're strangers… I have strangers talk to me just outta the blue and I have dreams of interacting with people who have passed on or still living… but what I have been experiencing now is I am seeing an orb of glittering colours moving within. I have been feeling the presence of someone bedise me at times. I get that 'tingly' feeling' of being caressed on the left side of my face and on the top of my chest… it causes an ache in my heart… I have had my hand pulled out from the blanket today as I had an afternoon nap so that my arm stayed out stretched like how I normally sleep.

I was curled up because it was cold in my room.. I have been feeling like my spiritual strength is being lowered by this presence – nothing sinister but it like hes seeking comfort from me.. I do feel like theres a loss of a loved one he is missing/mourning. Depending of the intensity of the caress I zone out from the background noises and only hear my heartbeating. Its happend when Ive been shopping and I end up staring at the shelf but not registering anything.. It usually lasts for about 5seconds and then I surface into the present time again.
Please can you help me with some explainations as to whats happening…

Thank You

May 21, 2011

liz @ 2:43 pm

the same exact thing happened to me twice now, once couple of years ago and recently again a few months ago. i woke up to this static noise. i saw the clock and it was 3 am. i felt as if someone or something was holding me down on my bed. i couldnt move at ALL!! i tried to scream. i couldnt talk or even whisper to my husband to wake up! it only lasted about 3 or 4 minutes. i dont know what this is or if it has to do with anything paranormal because since then sometimes i can still hear that static when im doing normal things. does that mean theres a ghost around?? i dont know.. DOES ANYBODY?

May 23, 2011

amy @ 6:25 pm

my family is very spiritual. my mother's side practiced in vodoo and witchcraft and things like the ouiji board and seances are the norm for them. my mother picked up a deck of tarot cards and just knew how to read them. she has visions in her dreams that for the most part come true. i too can sometimes see whats gonna happen before it does. i guess like deja vu but much stronger and i can sense when theres something not right. i wouldnt say i have whatever gift my mother does. but part of me thinks maybe i do but i just havent tapped into it bc the whole thing bugs me out.

in the past i feel like i have been visited by something not from this world but i shrug it off as paranoia, or just my imagination gone wild. last night something happened and it was different and has been bothering me all day. i was in bed and i have problems sleeping so i was already awake. it wasnt that sleep paralysis when all of a sudden my whole entire body just froze. i could not move, could not breathe and i just felt such an evil presence. just something bad was right there hovering over me. i tried to yell for my mom but it was as if whatever was there was holding my screams back. all i felt was fear. it was then i glanced over and saw a shadow cross my room.

it was just black and he looked to be in one of those old top hats. and it just stopped at my door. i saw it. then it just walked away and as soon as it did i could move. i could not sleep the rest of the night and it has been bothering me all day. do you think it could still be in my home? my mom tells me that my grandmother who is deceased visits frequently but it did not feel like a good vibe. im afraid to go to sleep or even shut the lights off bc i think it may hurt me. what should i do?

Umar @ 11:19 pm

Today at about 9:00pm, I was lying in my bed. I was very tired and tying to get a few hours of sleep before I go to work. I was looking at my computer desk and I heard a voice keep in mind the lights were off. At the moment I heard the voice I felt a qucik cold chill. Not even 2 seconds later I could not move my body or even speak 5 seconds went by and I was able to moan not very loud but loud enouh for my wife, and children to hear in the living room. I heard them say in a laughing matter what is wrong with daddy. I then moaned out to my mother because I was terrified. I have to admit I was not really scared, of the ghost or whatever happened but the fact that I was paralyzed for some seconds 7 to 10 seconds. later I was able to move. I then called my wife to the room and had her turn on the light. What Just Happened To Me?

May 24, 2011

Domonique @ 4:27 am

i'm 16, this has been going on for 3 years now. i feel like someone is touching me while i'm sleeping. I can feel a hand and it hurts but tingles. Tonight was different though i felt the same sensation on my hands but they were glowing a bright yellow. i'm so scared and i want to know why is this happening. everytime i try to look at it, it disappears.

May 25, 2011

JEN @ 5:30 pm

OMG! So glad I'm not alone in this… my first experience was when I was 10. now 20 yrs later, My boyfriend and I just bought our first house together and as soon as we moved in I started having strange things happen.

First it was the occasional door knob jiggle and a door slam… then to foot steps upstairs when no one is home and our dog is right beside me. Then I had opened the fridge door and it slammed shut! My boyfriend's son and I saw a mist like shape float in the living room and then down and disapated into the floor. My boyfriend and our friend in the same room at that moment did not see it… i had not said anything at the time for i felt like i was going crazy because no one else was experiencing anything like it… now our remote to our t.v. has lost charge and had to replace 2 new batteries. The faucet in our kitchen turned on and when i stepped into the kitchen it turned off… again no one was home. during the day! one morning i woke up my neck was sensitive to the touch.

one morning i woke up and had a bruise on my neck. the windows open and shut themselves. they shut when my boyfriend is sleeping and i'm not there… last night i thought i felt someone touching my leg w/ their finger… i mean it actually felt like a finger! one morning it was pouring down rain and i had to close the living room windows the rain was coming in and soaked the sills. i ran upstairs to close them and they were already closed… I called my boyfriend to thank him for closing them that morning… he stated they were still open when he left. this kind of sounds crazy to me!

May 26, 2011

Andrianna @ 6:59 pm

Since I was very small, I felt as if there was something around me, and sometimes I would feel it so strong I would feel as if I was walking into heat waves! I have been noticing that feeling again when I am trying to sleep at night, and nights that I do I have terrible nightmares. I have to sleep with my TV on to try avoiding the feeling of something being around me, the more I think about it the more serious my dreams seem to be.

I started researching different kinds of religions and their ways of healing and meditation, which is something I never always had knowledge about. I learned to pray to God for protection for me and my son and meditate for relaxation.. and when I pray my son seems to wake up with disturbing nightmares, and I occasionally will wake up from my nightmares feeling as if I am being held down and arguing with something in my head! The first time this happened I eventually lifted my hands up and I could not see them, just my arms.. and I could only move my head while everything else felt useless.

I am scared to pray at night since it feels as if whatever is in my house does not like that and will continue to hurt me, but I don't want to let it take away what faith I am building for happiness. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you think this all relates to each other?

Starr @ 8:36 pm

I have to say I know when there is a Spirit near by in my home and I know who it is. Well the 1st time I knew there was a ghost in the house was just after my grandfather passed away we all head the door bell then we met in the hall way it was my mom and brother and I then we heard the gate open. When we looked there was nothing there. My father did not hear anything.

Then after my father passed away while my mother and I was home we heard the candy dish in the den fall to the floor and the dish was on my fathers desk and no one was there to push it off. Then I was gone to a training class for a week and my mother told me that the door bell started ringing and no one was there. After I came home from my class I also heard it and my mother said ok Mac I know you are hear we are ok go rest. That was the last time the door bell rang or the candt dish droped. 10 months later we lost our mother to cancer and it was 2 weeks after she passed I had 3 little girls here that my mother use to keep during the day.

We did a girls night movies and popcorn and the girls stayed in the house at the door while I closed the gate and as I walked down the driveway there was 2 snow white owl's on the fence. When I looked back, they were gone. I looked and I felt they were mom and dad. Never seen them any more. I know when my mother is here she use to pull the back of my shirt down. And at times I feel a tug on my shirt and then my Yorkie that was my moms when my mom is here she is happy and looking in the air. The other 2 dogs bark but now they don't.

sara @ 9:29 pm

it sounds like you had a spirit pass through. you want to talk???

May 27, 2011

Andrianna @ 10:16 am

That's really sweet :) :) :)

The feeling of fear always made me wonder more what could be around me.. if it was guardian angels or past relatives I doubt they would stick around if they noticed harming me in any way.


May 29, 2011

Carlos Perez @ 2:13 am

I have a question, On saturday may 28, 2011 (yesterday) my mom said she saw an old lady with a white and brownish gown and the hair was braided like how the native americans have it. she said she saw it next to me just looking at me. it was like the old lady was looking a me with emotions like she cared about me (really emotional with a little sadness)… I was awake it was like at 3-5 in the morning. I was on the couch on my laptop and the space there was left on the couch my mom seen her sitting staring at me.

But before that happened my dog kinda growled at the door and was staring at it. But he wasnt aggressive about it. minutes after, thats when my mom saw her. When my mom saw her, my mother said my name "charlie" and i said what and my mom didnt say anything back to me. she was like stuck. I Did not see anything. Can some one tell me what it is and what it means? more information?

May 31, 2011

Haley @ 6:23 pm

Okay, so this is a really really interesting subject for me.. All I want to know is if I'm going crazy or something, everytime I'm somewhere doesn't matter where I feel like someones watching me.. Like I'll be in my room by myself and I feel like someone is there but I look around and NO ONE is there.. It's just really freaks me out.. I just want to know if I'm being haunted or something ya know? But I don't think I'll ever find that out..

June 3, 2011

Bobby @ 8:40 am

Wow "where to start." for a while now at different times of the day I get the chills either entering a room or walking out of one in my home " and I have a feeling some one is there " And i stop and say " Who evers there , Just know this is my house now " and the chills , cold feeling goes away " Then when I go to sleep " I try to wake up but I feel some one either choking me or holding my down to where i cant yell " BUT last nite I rerally had a weird one , To where this time i went to sleep on my stomach and next thing you know It felt like I was dragged to the corner and some one was on my back hlding me down " and I tried to yell out to my wife but couldnt. Then i was let go.

The question is , AM I GOING CRAZY " OR" is there really something to this " does it mean anything , OR is some one trying to tell me something? This is literally driving me nuts." Im to the point where Im going to have my house blessed with Holy water " OR is it a figment of my imagination?

June 8, 2011

Chris @ 8:36 am

I often feel like there is something behind me. like right now im sitting with my back to my bedroom wall, but i can still feel it there. whenever i hear stories or read about or try to explain this i get very severe goose bumps. they start at the top centre of my back and engulf me completely. then my eyes start to water extermely bad. i sometimes gag a bit and i feel my whole body jerk forward. i also get a sick blood taste in my mouth.

June 10, 2011

Sylvia @ 2:06 pm

I have had a couple of recent experiences and in both I was able to open and close my eyes and move freely. I have told my boyfriend and a couple of people but no one believes me and they think it was just a dream. But I am sure it was not. I just stopped talking about it…

June 13, 2011

Jonathan Munoz @ 8:38 pm

I resently started getting closer to God and ever since I was a child Ive known I wasnt alone, where ever I was located. Sometimes I feel a presence so strong I cant move. The first time I ever heard a voice it said, "Im sorry" and my whole upper body went numb and it felt like I was stuck in place for hours but in all reality it was no more than sixty seconts.. The next time I heard my name, and from then on I have heard walking, voices, crying, breathing, talking. Ive always known someone was there by my side, but sometimes it feels scary, overwelming and angry. Other times it feels akward, but peaceful and calm… And sometimes it feels like my emotions react to its feelings… And the name that pops into my head when I hear or feel anything is "Tsunami"

kblish @ 10:47 pm

Two nights ago i was awakened by something that seemed to be trying to get on my bed. it felt as if it had one knee on my bed where my thigh was. I was laying on my back with one hand hear my neck and the on my stomach and when i felt this i just remember i couldnt move at all, but eventually my eyes opened and i could move. I closed my eyes again thinking it was a weird dream, and felt the movement again, this tim i had full use of my left had and tried to take a swing at it. I closed my eyes again and when i felt the movement again I smacked the bed with my right hand.

This is the second time this has happened to me, but the 1st time it was on the other side of my bed and i was lying on my stomach, it always seems to happen around 5-630am. I never see anything, or feel any coldness or anything holding me down like something sittin on me, and it has been about a month and a half since it happened the first time and then this 2nd time sunday the 12th. I was wondering if you had any insight on something like this. Most people i have told just think its someone trying to tell me something, but i would like other opinions. Please email me, Thank you, kblish

June 14, 2011

Maya @ 9:21 am

Sometimes the ghosts are friendly and sometimes not. Sometimes they have a connection to someone. Sometimes they don't. It is not always guaranteed. I know that one time I was trying to talk to a ghost, and instead I got a pat on my back. A while later I found out that it was my grandfather. He didn't want to leave me. I thought that that was sweet but for my family I had to get rid of him. So I talked to an expert and she said that you should never sprinkle holy water. It just pisses the the ghost off. She said that since it was my grandfather I should ask it to go. It worked. All the talking to me and everything stopped. I was sad my grandfather had to leave, but happy my family wasn't scared.

mary @ 5:33 pm

Hi my name is Mary and I am an amateur Ghost Hunter. About a month ago I was taken over by a male spirit, nothing like how they show it in the movies lol. I would go through fits of rage one minute and be fine the next. I secluded myself away from everyone I knew by locking myself in my room. I wouldn't talk to anyone and when I did I had I had thoughts of danger or hurting them or myself. any way I received a cleansing and now I am fine. I am telling this story to let people know that when you go to these haunted places say a prayer, protect yourself. Even though I have the Ability to talk to and feel whenever spirits are around I still am very vulnerable. I leave my guard down because when I get to a location I am very excited about getting started.

I have seen things, felt things. I have been pulled and tugged and pinched a time or two. Spirits come to me. always have since I was a little girl. its now at the age of 39 that I am learning to control it and understand it.


June 15, 2011

jane @ 3:45 pm

For some time i have had many dreams and weird expirences with paranormal things. sometimes i feel that i am never alone. i think it is because my mom had a miscarriage.

June 16, 2011

alicia @ 10:50 am

I just have a few comments regarding some things I don't completely understand. I've had a few weird experiences but they do not occur very often so I'm not sure if they are paranormal or not. This morning just as I was starting to wake up but still sort of dreaming I felt someone pat me on my back side (I was lying on my side). Not only did I feel it but I heard the sound also. A couple of times in the last year or so when I'm at the same sleeping point I've felt myself be lightly shaked back and forth. Also I have heard knocking on my window a couple times in my bedroom. My boyfriend has also heard that in the living room once. No is ever at the windows. I never really feel scared just curious but I have to admit the knocking on the window has unnerved me a bit but these things don't happen very often. Does this sound paranormal or does it sound like I'm going nuts?

June 17, 2011

effy @ 9:26 am

im only young, in my teens. im not a good sleeper never really was. but last night i stayed in a friend of the familys home. ive noticed climbing into the bed last night curtains with no drafts nor wind possible and at the other side of the room from me opened themselves abit… i feel as if im being watched at night in my own home.

im having dreams that i dont remember when i wake up at night. im sweating and other nights i cant sleep at all. im worried because i feel other people's emotions when i talk or stand near them, almost as if i knew they were depressed, happy or sad etc.. almost like vibes put out. i know, all of a sudden just by looking at them. writing this too, my keyboard stoped working for a moment… help please? even facebook me .. search Effy Gamble…thanks…

June 19, 2011

duncan johnston @ 9:54 pm

i have felt watched all my life and i fear my parents room. i sense something and somtimes im too scared to move. I feel as if some spots in my house are safe and others aren't on different levels.

June 20, 2011

emma @ 12:23 am

Over the past year, it has come to my attention i've had a ghost in my room. I felt the presence, and later realized i had predetermined its sex and disposition when a woman who practices reiki came to my home to try and help the ghost move on. She cleansed the room and told me that the ghost may or may not leave. Although I'm not completely sure it's gone I've felt that we have now been able to leave peaceably in the same space. A night or two ago I had a couple of nightmares where I felt like something came in through my window and I felt a peculiar feeling as if my face were a magnet and something was pulling strongly at it which i was resisting.

In the dreams i was struggling to open my eyes and move my head which is something that I wrote off because I know that in certain states of sleep you do experience paralysis. But tonight I was dozing off and heard a couple footsteps creak across my floor. At this point these things don't bother me, and although they make me think of the ghost I don't necessarily let it take ownership of the noise. At any rate, my previous experiences have made me a light sleeper so I awoke. Seeing nothing was there I closed my eyes again, still awake and this time my dream was realized in the waking world. I felt the same feeling which I can only describe as a uncomfortable and magnetizing force pulling at my face and I struggled to resist it.

I was able to lift my head a little and finally get my eyes a little open, but it was until i gave a verbal "ouch" that any of it stopped. It didn't hurt necessarily but I wouldn't call it pleasant. I'm just curious if anyone else has had any kind of experience similar to this. I don't think that whatever it was meant any harm, but it does scare me to have something being able to contact me so strongly physically. This isn't the first time where I've had a dream where I feel a presence trying to make contact in some way, but its the first one where the sensation I experienced became a reality.

briar @ 3:29 am

my house is the oldest house in cambridge, newzealand. i feel there is a presence and im scared because im always home alone and i dont wanna see the ghost….what should i do?

duncan johnston @ 1:09 pm

that sounds serious

June 23, 2011

Karen - Perth, Western Australia @ 9:12 pm

Dear Readers,

About 6 years ago I began experiencing intense spiritual activity, usually at night in my bedroom and hallway of the house. This comment ends well, the symptoms first mentioned (although they are very full on) led to a wonderful, better place.

During these episodes, I didn't know what was happening and I used to sleepwalk, thinking I was dead and my children were dead (it was numbing, all I could feel was that one thing, people had died – it was quiet and felt very real). I used to move them in their beds so I could hear them breathe so I knew they were ok. This went on for months. At that time, I felt weight pushing on my shoulder as I slept and I saw black faces in corners of my house and in the leaves of trees. I got rid of the sleepwalking troubles by yelling at the presence and it never returned but other darkness caused anxiety, stress and depression.

I was fortunate to learn how to use sage to keep my home and personal space cleansed. I would not be without this truly effective and protective smoke. I am a writer, card reader, house cleanser and life coach now and do not believe I could have made it this far without acknowledging what was happening, asking for help and rebuilding my life. I was guided by experienced spiritual folk who stood by me as I rebuilt my world in a positive and protective way.

I now understand that the more you tune in to your own positive power, the more the dark ones will try to hook in because tearing down is their only aim and your progress is their prize…and while these dark ones are not to feared, it is a reality, so I use the sage frequently, am selective about who I have in my home, my life and where I go. I am now able to smell bad energy and I simply smudge immediately with the sage bundle. To anyone experiencing anxiety and concerns with spiritual activity, please seek assistance, these things can be dealt with and your life will improve in many ways. You can email me at if I can help you. Love and light, Karen x.

PS Also, I now see white auras on trees, it is beautiful and I have had a white soldier following me for about 5 years. he keeps me safe and he loves the ocean. when I see him when I am in the water, he fills the whole sky on a sunny day.

Karen - Perth, Western Australia @ 9:49 pm

Also, I have spent the past 5years learning how to read dreams, implement changes within the dreams themselves and listening to the vital messages of the subconscious. There are many different types of dreams and I can help with these too should you wish to email me at the above address. I have dreams that show me things that will happen (it took me a while to accept this). I didn't think it could happen like that, but it has many times and I've mentioned a dream to someone and a few days later, there is evidence of my dream.

I have ones where people close to me communicate and I have black and white visions of people who have passed when I close my eyes to fall asleep and these are nearly always peaceful and comforting. I say nearly because every now and then I get a few strange faces so I focus on my spirit guide and my soldier and the faces go – on the rare occasion that they persist, I light the sage.

My rule for communicating with any spirit, anytime is simple: white is good and graceful and gentle movement is fine – anything dark or moving too quickly, such as eyes flickering or hands waving wildly etc, basically anything quick or flighty, I switch off. These spirits are clever at tricking you too, so listen to your own feelings…they are your pure, safe world. One teacher taught me that the bad things I was seeing were simply my own fear staring back at me and I need simply only to look away…I get that, however, curiosity can be a trap here and I've fallen into it myself.

I've learnt that the dark forces will always try, I simply do not allow them entry, no matter how much I think I can help them or it might be someone in trouble, if it looks, feels or smells bad, it is bad and I burn sage and move forwards from there and do not retain anything. You might find dark activity can increase when you are under stress in areas of your life so taking care of your world walks hand in hand with keeping your spirit clean and functioning well. I have a wonderful spirit guide who grants permission for certain communications and not for others. I do not recommend communicating if you are unsure or have no folk or spirit guide to help you.

Another rule, if you feel uncomfortable or bad, then you are going to a place you should not go… As said above, do not fear the dark energy, just deal with it in a safe and effective way. Thanks for reading, Kx.

June 25, 2011

steve @ 8:47 am

my friend just be nice to them. they are just spirits just like you. they can talk to you. they are just wanting you to know that they are there.

Fred @ 3:05 pm

A cool site. I too can be sitting and feel a coolness touch me and feel being touched and no one there. Also felt my bed shake and no one was there since I sleep alone. One time a friend sent a book to me in the mail and as the mail was put in my box, something invisible poked/grabbed my arm. Found out the book was in the mail that day. Her boyfriend had died years ago and I think he was letting me know to go get the mail. I do believe in ghost and angels and think they too are close by doing this too. Thanks for letting me share.

June 28, 2011

anon @ 6:27 am

Can anybody help me?? I have a huge problem….I feel as if I am being watched at night. During the day too – but mainly at night, and now as well – i am getting a warm sensation on my back (i am at work)

My bfs mother passed away this year, and shortly after that I moved into their house (the mothers house). It was no secret that she was never very fond of me as the whole world knows (eventho she never told me that she disliked me, and she never ever acted funny or nasty towards me, all i ever did was good, and out of good intentions). Ever since I moved in there I have been feeling the presences of an angry spirit…lasnyt i had a dream…I dreamt that she was back, she told me to get out of her house and she doesnt like whats going on. she also told me that I better not hurt her son, and she said that if i dont leave she will make me…she sat there, flicking the lights on and off – i really felt haunted and forced to go. I could feel my legs grazing against our sheet as i moved around all the time (i sleep on my tummy) and it felt like carpet burn on my knees – my legs were burning but I couldn't get myself to wake up totally – eventho my mind was awake.

My bf is away on business so I am alone with his father – i am in our room and his dad is in his room. ( My bf was her everything!!)

I have been feeling these ghosts since I was young – always had Ghost 'friends' etc…my parents got attacked by a very evil spirit when I was young – he never did anything to me – but I have never felt this threatend in my life. I am scared. And I am also thinking of moving out or getting a priest in to pray for me. Can anybody please please tell me what is going on? please advise.

Rina @ 12:54 pm

if anything strong happened and there is a lot of negative energy around your house, or the area you're at, just try to stay away from the situation…and Steve not all spirits are harmless and want you to know that they are there. some of the spirits bring a lot of negative energy…if you are really worried that something is in the area then the best thing to do is move out…if it follows you then try to communicate with it and see what it wants. do not get a ouija board because that can do a lot a damage to your family…i know all of this from experience. just try to stay away.

June 29, 2011

mackenly @ 7:49 pm

hi, i have experienced a couple of odd things around my house lately. some strange things are happning like the water in the bathrooms have turned on repeatedly, foot steps in the hall, radio turns on, knocking on doors, make-up mirror turns on. and i feel like i am being watched and my heart starts racing and suddenly i feel like i am getting cold. also crutches put in the closet as a x, tissues formed in an x on the bed, and my essay papers hade an x on them. also soap was poured into the tub and i was walking with a blanket and something stepped on it. so i wanna know what the x means and advice. so please help me with advice. also how can i get the ghost out my house? i dont think my house is old! how can i find info on who the ghost is?

July 2, 2011

Angela May Syvret Jones @ 8:48 am

I have had quite a few of what I am about to describe. I wake up feeling a body lying next door to me. The first time it happened I thought it was the cat and I was quite calm until I really woke up, realised the cat was outside and then I felt the body move, get up and move away. A few times it felt as though whatever wanted to share my own body space. These have happened in a number of places. Two times ago when living on a hill by the ocean where one side of my house was windowless for weather reasons and I was sleeping on that side I woke with a startle and felt this terror which subside almost as quickly as the body left. The feeling is amazing because it doesn't just appear or disappear but I can feel the movement of bedding as the weight becomes either heavier or lighter as you or I would do.

This time was different as the next morning when pulling out of the driveway I turned the corner and at least 8 police, ambulance, medical examiner vehicles were present. Less than 50 m from my house. There were two figures outlined on the road where there had been a fight and a drunk crazed person had killed a family man who had been trying to calm him down. I was actually working for the Courts at the time. It was then that I realised that these bodies seem to be attracted to me as they were and are dying. I remembered one of the previous occasions that had happened near a dying but I had not worked out that the events were linked. This year this has happened once and after the initial fear I calmed, talked to the body and told it not to be scared and just go to the light. As I was accepting this body for the first time the body just disappeared not getting lighter or moving but just seemed to melt away. I cannot say that I will be less fearful in the future, but I hope that I can stay focused enough to help the body on its way.

July 5, 2011

Michael @ 7:33 pm

Hi, people. I am living in Dunedin, New Zealand. I would like to talk about my experience in this morning 6am, 6 July, 2011. I was sleeping and dreaming. I felt something walking on my body from my feet up to my shoulder, then I woke up from dreaming and opened my eyes, but I was so fearful and did see it. Anyway I still could felt that thing walking on my body, and I clear knew that thing stopped and standing on my shoulder and looking at me.

I move my body a little bit to warn it and, then it escaped from the way it coming up to my shoulder. I knew it was not sleep paralysis coz my body was under control. My door and my window were all locked and I knew that thing was not from outside. I have no idea what was going on, I will see what happens tonight.

July 6, 2011

Amanda @ 6:54 am

Personally I hate being scared. My place doesn't always feel haunted but for the past three nights there has been something going on and i dont know if i can take it anymore. I haven't been able to sleep in my own bed and im losing sleep. If there was only away for me to get rid of the presence!!!

July 8, 2011

jordan @ 2:06 pm

*im 10, i see shadows and feel when they're near. i *cry* and get *goose bumps*. it's horrable and people say its a first stage of being a psychic. they say its a gift, but its a curse. i dont know what to do. please help me.

July 9, 2011

chrissie Allaer @ 11:50 am

My Brother died, then my father died. My brother's ashes are at my Mom's house in Florida which is where my Dad passed away too. Then my dog died in Ca. where I live. My Mother has had 3 pots of coffee premade and ready to drink in the Florida house in the last 3 months. She did not make the pot of coffee, and lives alone. Is this possible? She is also hearing voices sometimes. Any comments?

July 11, 2011

Ryan @ 1:28 am

ok so last night i spent the night at my cousin niki's house. now they say that they have a ghost, but i was skeptical (please excuse my spelling). They say and firmly believe that they have a Poltergeist type ghost in their house. so anyway, when i was trying to go to sleep, i was on my stomach with my arms spread a bit and all of a sudden, i felt someones left foot on my left side. i could tell it wasnt a PERSON because the only other 2 people on the room were on a bed on the other side of the room. Now, the lady that lived in that house, died there. so is it possible that its her spirit just "watching over" or "checking on things" at the house? because the things the spirit does are never threatening. they are just reminders that its there, apparently.

July 12, 2011

Wendy Hayes @ 9:29 am

Hey i have been scared by what ever breathes on me at night. even my husband feels and hears it, so i dont think im insane! I have even had someone pressing on my legs in my sleep! Even though there is only me, most of the time. My 2 Daughters moved out because the weird noises they heard were not by them!

Lisa @ 3:52 pm

I was staying at the Comfort Inn last week. It was about 4:30am and I was trying to go back to sleep. I could hear noises above me like someone was dropping things on the floor. it was really loud. I said out loud, this is ridiculous. My husband was getting ready for work and asked me was he being to loud. I said no the people up stairs are. Later I found out there was no floor above us.

The same morning, after my husband left, I tried to go back to sleep. I had the pillow over my head because I was having a bad headache. As I was drifting off I felt something slowly pressing down on the pillow. I threw the pillow on the floor. I thought maybe I was dreaming. I pulled the blanket up over my head and drifted back to sleep. Then I felt something crawl in the bed under the covers slowly beside me. I could feel it against my back, and the I could feel the blanket pulling tighter around my face. I rolled over real fast to hit at what ever was there, but there was nothing. I started praying STRONGLY and it was gone.

During the time we were there, which was 3 days, I always felt like I was light headed when we were in the hallway or near the elevator. After I had these 2 attacks in the room, I spent the next 3 days with a severe migraine and my spine hurt so bad. I could hardly bend over or lay down. The pressure in my head was so strong, it felt like my head was going to explode. I feel like it was trying to possess me. Ive always been able to feel the presence of evil, but this was by far the worse.

July 13, 2011

Cher bear @ 10:27 pm

I am a 39 year old female who is alone for most of the time. My husband is a long haul truck driver. Lately when I am sleeping in bed I feel something slowly crawling into bed with me. This has happened to me about 5 times now. Each time it does I remember sitting up in bed and then suffering from a panic attack. I've had other strange things happen but it always seems to happen while I'm sleeping or just waking up from sleep. Scary stuff

July 14, 2011

Meg @ 4:39 am

I feel I have always been… haunted I guess you can say. I have seemed to sense and feel the presence of what I felt as demons. As a child from maybe 4 or 5 years old I had always had nightmares almost every night, and at times I would feel watched or sense something in my bedroom. It was never a good feeling, felt eerie and scary.

Once when reading in my bed I looked up toward my door and saw a tall hooded figure go by my doorway and into the bathroom as if it wanted me to see it but it did not seem to notice me. I would sing praise songs and one night every time i would start a song and get to the chorus my light would go out in my room. The last time i felt this bad spirit, I felt really scared but would not give in to it. Then it got colder and i shut off my computer. As i turned to leave the room, i smelled something really bad as if rotten and I left my room. I prayed and prayed and after an hour I went back to my room, it was warm and smelled of a sweet perfume and I felt comfort somehow.

Meg @ 4:43 am

Sometimes when I really open up my senses I can still feel energy around me, but I feel as if those are my guardian spirits or rather angels. Another more recent experience was that I was falling asleep and I sensed and barely heard something whispering in my ear, but as I was drifting off I couldnt really hear it. so when i became aware I jerked wide awake. I feel as if ghosts/spirits try to talk to me but I cant see or really hear or communicate with them, but I feel as if God is keeping that door closed for my protection.

Natasha Funder @ 3:11 pm

Hi, my name is Natasha. im 17 and for my life little things happen that are not normal. as ive got older they are happing more often. ive alot of friends and when they come to say at my house, they wont come back after a night. my doors fly open, my lights will turn on and off. even at the stables ive a black horse who ive had since a baby and at times she looks into my eyes and runs away from me. she does this more now then ever. im not sure if im just paranoid or if something is going on.

July 16, 2011

kaylee @ 6:36 am

hey im kaylee and im 14 and lived in the same house for 13 years in new zealand and a few months ago some weird things have started happening. in my room, some of my old toys and phone randomly turn on and off. i feel i cold wind go past me. once i had a random panic attack when i tried to sleep and i hear scratching on the carpet in my room when none of the animals are in there. i try to talk to my parents about it but they just tell me it's not real and to grow up…

July 18, 2011

ranier camejo @ 4:38 pm

me and my cousin were outside talking when we saw a figure of a female pass by. when we took some pics in our house we caught some shadows on the walls and our dog kept looking at a certain direction. when we took a pic we saw another shadow.

July 19, 2011

suresh @ 4:23 am

@ Natasha, Nothing to worry, 100% your horse is trying to play with you. when it was a baby it would have looked at your eyes and ran away from you. you could have chased to catch it…so its trying to do the same.

* your doors are flying open or closed and light off etc..
Could be due to wind sometime we feel there is no option for windflow. just check analyse in different probabilities, if you feel no way, then just try this…..
Note: if you feel there are spirits in your home dont worry because they didnt harm you. No Spirits will harm you…

Get into your room, Switch off your fan..etc etc and close the windows if any and your door (Dont lock your door just keep it close).
- Sit comfortably some where in your room close your eyes.
- tell yourself that you are the strongest no one can touch you, spirits can't harm you then,
- Just control your mind, your mind should be blank (no more thoughts)…
- feel your presence and your soul.

Just keep your self quite absorb the energy level around you and your room. if there is a spirit (difference in energy level) in your room you can feel that as someone is standing or sitting etc at a particular place. if so just try to talk to them. if they respond to you then its fine (if they are harsh and angry and dont try to talk to them again and again. just leave them). Id there is something, carry on with your day to day activity. if they dont respond to you, then its not that. there is something maybe, but you dont have to worry. walk out and carry on with your day. but dont get scared. spirits cant harm you. they can't harm humans as we see in the movies. I'm sure there is nothing in your home or with you.

About my past experience:
In My childhood i lived near 2 graveyards, but never saw any ghost or demon or spirits, so I never believed them. During my university days, first time I felt and realised that there are spirits (Near my university, not at my home). In the last 7-8 years i had lot of experience. Still dont believe in ghosts or demons, but there are spirits which are not harmful.


suresh @ 4:37 am

@Meg…there might be something…whispering usually happens when you are reading books or looking at your computer…sometimes you would have tried to respond to that as well from your subconscious mind before realizing that there is no one around you.

just go through my above comment to be sure you can communicate with them.

suresh @ 4:48 am

@Cher bear..

you may feel like
*someone is sitting on you..
*you cant move your hand or body or leg for sometime
*if you would have tried to shout you cant…
if all the above symptoms are correct then
It could be due to earth's gravitational force or magnetic field or there is something..whatever it is, just move your bed 3 feet away from where it is now or move the bed to other end of your bedroom. everything will be ok..

you dont have to get scared….

Lisa S. @ 12:34 pm

Hello. I've had three incidents in the recent past, with the most recent incident being last night. First incident: I was asleep, woke up in the middle of the night, opened my eyes just for a second, saw a white floating hand directly in front of my face, palm up. I then shut my eyes and felt a palm cup my face, like in an endearing way. Startled, heart racing, and breathing rapidly, I opened my eyes again and saw nothing there. This was about a year ago. Second incident: I was asleep, woke up in the middle of the night, was going back to sleep on my left side, and then felt a very cool "body" lying up against me, like spooning with me so to speak. I didn't find this scary, but more of a comforting feeling, but as I became colder and colder I brought the covers more up and over me, and the feeling went away. This was a few months ago. Third incident last night: I was asleep, woke up in the middle of the night, opened my eyes, and a small creature was at the right of my bed, next to my arm. It seemingly lunged forward and screeched at me, although there was no noise. Startled and upset, heart racing, and breathing rapidly, I blinked several times, and the image was gone. All incidents have happened when my husband is not in bed with me. Anybody have any thoughts on these episodes?

July 20, 2011

Jessica @ 6:28 pm

At night for the last couple of months when I'm getting ready for bed I feel that someone or something is in front of my face looking at me while I'm in bed. I don't hear or see anything, but just get a strong sense that someone is looking at me. Do you think it's maybe a spirit?

July 22, 2011

natalie @ 8:24 am

i have experienced a lot of different things, some scary, others helpful. i have a 10 month old son. some nights i hear a young girl soothing him back to sleep when he is restless through the baby monitor. sometimes i feel her whizz past during the day, only at my house. years ago, i had a young female presence at a different house i lived in, whom i think drowned, as i used to find kiddy drawings of boats and water on my mirrors in bathroom after it steamed up. with my son, when i was pregnant, i felt an evil presence, like it was there to take my baby. i frequently told it no way. i kept my feelings to myself. toward the end of my pregnancy, the doc was going to induce and didnt book me in. i fretted over my baby being taken from me as the presence lingered strongly, although there was also a divine presence that was stronger keeping it at bay. my doc was days late in inducing. i was the worst person to be around, not voicing my feelings or experiences to anyone.

when my son was born, he had what was called a true knot in his umbilical cord. 1 in 2000 survive, the rest are stillborn. the following day i talked about my experiences with my husband. he too thought the baby was going to be stillborn. had i not begged the doc to bring me on, i too believe he would have been. for a couple months afterwards, the bad presence remained, wanting to take him, but the divine presence was stronger. i am not religious. i dont think i believe in angels as such, but feeling the strength of both the evil/negative presence and the divine/positive one, i do believe there is a force out there – what it is, i dont know. i just listen and trust my instinct. any helpful understanding would be great. thanks

Jess @ 6:06 pm

Hello everyone – For about 2 months now I feel like have been having a spirit visit me at night before I go to sleep. While I am in bed with my eyes closed, I can feel as if someone is in front of my face. The feeling is similar to someone waving their hand in front of my face. Of course when I open my eyes, I don't see or hear anything. I'm really not sure why this is happening. Any thoughts? Ps is my house is old, built in 1793. so the thought of spirits could be possible.

July 24, 2011

Neill G @ 2:24 pm

Ive had several incidents in the past where ive felt a presence around me. Ive felt these in several different places. Most of the time its just a cold sensation with goosebumps, shivers and the hair on arms and back of my neck standing up. On other occations, ive felt a very strong presence of being watched. Most of the time im fine with it but on the odd occasion i feel very scared, almost as if there's evil near by. I got my strongest incident while driving through a village one evening. I drove around a bend when i swear i saw the bottom half of a man. all i saw was black shoes/boots and black trousers, but there was no top to him. I came over all cold, like i was driving in a fridge. My partner was in the car with me and she said i went white, but she never felt the cold, or saw the man herself. The next day i scrolled through the internet and discovered 10 years ago on that particular date, around that time, a policeman was knocked down and killed on that spot. But why did i only see the bottom half of this man? Please answer, id like answers.

stacey @ 5:36 pm

hiya. i always feel a presence with me, as in someone watching me. but they always seem to go away and always seem to be an adult presence. i get the feeling they're just letting me know they're present sort of thing. well last nite i experienced a much stronger presence. it was a presence of a little boy who had been killed/murdered a few yrs ago in the city i live in. For some reason, i knew it was him and know his name etc. all i could hear was HELP.

this little boy just felt so sad and wanted my help. he felt very safe in my company and also very happy. he kept sitting behind me and laughing as in he wanted 2 play. kept hearing peek-a-boo sound, as in he wanted 2 play hide and seek!! was just so happy that he felt happy, but was scared at the same time and felt like i was going mad, AM I? i want to know if i have the ability 2 contact the spirit world. how do i go about this??

Manda Jayne @ 11:22 pm

I had a friend recently pass away on July 4, 2011 in a tragic car accident. She was only 16 and her boyfriend survived. In the car accident, she snapped her neck and had a lot of bleeding internal and external, which was the main cause of her death. Ive been having dreams where im in the car with her and i hold her head back against the seat. then right before the impact, she will turn slightly to me and say, "You need to let me go." A few other of our mutual friends have had similar dreams to this. Ive also, like many friends, have seen her in common places, or so we think. For example, i was about to go to sleep, but felt like someone was watching me. i looked around, but no one was there, so i laid back down. A few minutes later i got a sharp pain in my heart and the back of my neck. The pain was so bad that i thought that i might have to go to the hospital…a few minutes later, it went away. During this whole thing i felt like someone was still watching me. After the pain stopped, i opened my eyes and i saw her right in front of me, only a few inches from my face. It scared me so much i couldnt sleep. I dont know what to think about all of this and neither do most people…does anyone know what might explain this?

July 25, 2011

melinda @ 1:40 am

I wish these feelings would just go away. I have heard and seen things since I was about four years old. I remember two conversations in a former home face to face. I have always gotten the feeling that someone has just walked in the room. Sometimes there would be someone really there, other times no one was there.

The house I am currently living in terrifies me. I want to move so badly. There have been people who have killed themselves or died for other reasons. Between the two houses on this property, we were told about 6 of them have died or killed themselves. These houses were build in the 1900s. We have lived here for a little over a year. My husband and I both have seen things. Last October the noises and the appearances became so severe that I had my kids sleeping in the same bed with me and we would lock ourselves in my bedroom. Nov 1 the noises and sightings went back to normal.

Here recently things have gotten really severe. My husband was painting the attic/extra room to fix it up for me to have a bedroom up there. He swears he saw a man crawl through the wall. We ended up opening up the walls on each side. One side you could see the roof where they added on and didn't bother to fix that section. The other side is bigger and the roof is gone and leads into the older part of the house, but we cannot see that far and there is no floor. Someone had made sure the access panel was near impossible to remove, but we got it off. It was not only caulked from the inside out, but nailed on the inside and out. Tell me how they get nails on the inside when there is no way out from that side? My gut tells me that there is something in the area I can't get to.

I was sitting on the floor one night and felt like someone walking on it, but everyone was asleep. I keep seeing someone standing in the kitchen and noises are becoming quite frequent and loud. I constantly have the feeling someone is in the room. Lately, I feel like someone is watching me. Tonight has been the worst night of them all. I had a really strong feeling that someone walked into the room. Then I was really scared and I don't know why. I just got a really bad feeling. My legs felt like they were on fire. I kept hearing things. I heard the floor board creak. I had the alarm system on and the room I heard it in has the motion detector in it…nothing went off. The feeling just got stronger and my heart was pounding. I was shaking and still am. I got a feeling something horrible was going to happen. I am terrified. I have seen my son's door move twice now and shortly before all of this started happening I swear a shadow moved across the wall near the ceiling.

My husband checked the house and around it. He is not here, so I do not have the safe feeling I normally have when he is here. First he tells me that I should just ignore the feelings, that they aren't going to hurt me and I should just go to bed. I'm too scared to sleep. My gut instinct is telling me to grab my kids and leave, which I would if I still had a vehicle. My husband then tells me I should talk to them, which I refuse to do because once I have proof that there is someone here I will not be staying here and I have nowhere to go. Now my husband just thinks I am crazy when he is the one who speaks of spirits all of the time.

I really truly believe this house is being haunted. I also feel I have always had someone with me too.

July 26, 2011

alan @ 10:59 am

Melinda, it sounds like you have a few spirits of unrest. They need answers, that is why they bother you. You need a good spirit rescue team to help them and yourself move forward. This is how spirits work, they will continue to show they are there until you get help. Choose a proven and professional team to help you, and then you can all rest.

There are so many so-called spirit rescue teams around, so be careful who you choose. Ask them for references or contact numbers and speak to their clients. We find this is very satisfactory for our clients and it eliminates some of the ghost hunting groups who can be very inexperienced. Best wishes to you.


Tom @ 12:48 pm

Hi. It helps to read of others experiencing similar things as me. A year ago, I kept waking up when something invisible to me would pinch me quite hard. It would sometime leave welts on my skin. It always seemed to happen around 3am, but as time went on, it would happen throughout the night, and on very few occasions during the day. It was always while at home, never anywhere else. There would be a feeling of greater electricity in the air, a heavy, cold feeling, and often, a sickening smell. I moved out from that place hoping that things would stop, and they did, for a while…

Just recently, at my new place, I've started to sense similar things, but nothing nearly as severe as before. A night a week ago, I was jolted awake when something pinched me hard on my genitals. (I sleep naked.) I started to get fearful it was happening again. Last night, at 2:59am, it felt like a book, as it was flat feeling, slapped both of my feet which were slightly hanging off of the bed. It was a substantial strike to my feet and I could feel the mass behind something hitting me. I shot out of bed and threw my arms up in the air as if to defend myself. I thought someone was in the room with me. No one was there. I started to feel cold, very cold, and started gathering layers of clothes to warm up. I went down to watch some tv in some warm light.

I eventually settled underneath a down blanket which can easily make you feel hot quickly but I still felt cold. An hour later I started to warm up. I started to feel better while watching some comedy central. During a commercial a large centipede appeared on the wall on the left side of my tv, crawled on to the tv, and across it, until it fell to the ground moments later. It was then that I started to smell the sickening smell that I used to smell at my old place. I prayed and asked for help. Needless to say I'm pretty scared of what to do, or who to talk to, and don't know what I'm going to do.

Jen @ 7:56 pm

I know it's been quite some time between what I'm writing and when this was posted, however I wanted to share a response to these questions.

First question: What you're feeling isn't ghost activity, merely in your head. Knowing it's an area that has the frequency of fatal accidents works your mind into a frenzy. The goosebumps are what you're feeling as a response to your panic. You may not realize you're even thinking about it but it will always be with you just like why some people "just don't" like dogs or snakes. Something happened and you can't specifically think of the reason but it's there.

Second question: I've come to terms over the years that I'm able to detect a ghostly presence. I have to say, that still sounds completely insane anytime I say it. I lived in a haunted house for over 6 years and spent a very large amount of that time in my house alone. I've seen, felt, heard and experienced more than I have time to review here however I learned how to tune into that almost dread-like feeling before a noise or experience and utilize it. Not just that house but almost every place my parents moved to thereafter including a full face in broad daylight. I'll give you an example and a practice I use for "sensing."

My family moved the millionth time in my mid-twenties and I finally took the 2 hour trip with my friend to visit. On this visit was when I realized that this spirit has been following them. I walked in and felt fine until I walked in one of the bathrooms and the basement. Basements generally create a frightful tone however this was more unusual than the normal, creepy basement. I taught myself to sense the electricity in the air by rubbing my hands together and holding them palm down at my sides (still sounds nuts). Bare with me here though. If you do this in an area (you believe) that is active, you will feel tiny, bright pops of electricity in your palms.

I used this at my parents house, felt the pops and convinced myself otherwise with the typical, "you're just working yourself up over nothing." Needless to say, the house is haunted with activity I have yet experienced. That night I went to sleep with my friend on an inflatable mattress in the basement bedroom. Just as we were both falling asleep, something sat at the corner of the bed forcing it to the floor. I asked if that was her and she was unaware of what I was talking about. Later that evening, it happened twice to her while I was asleep. Since then, there has been a chaotic amount of activity and only when I visit or at least I'm told. There is no way to prove my "palm trick" but it works for me and I just feel like spreading the idea around, see if anyone else finds it helps. Hope it does for someone.

Jen @ 8:21 pm

Melinda -

First and foremost, you're not crazy and you're not hopeless. I never believed in ghosts, until I was in your shoes. If there's an intense amount of activity, there is nothing you can do on your own. No one really knows how to take care of this, however your best hope is to contact a local "Ghost Hunter" group and just ensure they are truly experienced in what they're doing. Make sure they walk you through what they're doing beforehand, and object to anything that makes you feel uneasy – especially don't let them antagonize the spirits. In the meantime, don't get angry with the spirits. They are unaware of what's going on, almost like a record skipping even the ones that aren't residual are almost the same. To me, they are only a memory and unfortunately of the most emotionally intense time of their existence. They live in their time and feel possessive because, to them, you're invading their home.

I can't guarantee the same for you but I felt it calmed everyone in the house down when I talked to them calmly. I would apologize and explain that they were gone and I lived here now and that they could stay if they wanted to but they need to leave us alone. It really depends how they died and what kind of spirit they are. If they committed suicide it was obviously over desperation. That sadness and anger will linger and unfortunately always will. To be honest, it became normalcy to me. I grew accustomed to the doors slamming and footsteps, though honestly the shadows never sat well, never will. I'll be honest though, they don't sound like they're trying to get you out. Unfortunately, I know you're scared but that's a positive thing. If you don't allow yourself to get worked up, they won't either. Think of it like when your children fall off their bike, you can't run to them screaming because the situation will only escalate. Instead, like I said, talk to them. About nothing sometimes even. Just talk calmly. Everyone calms down just like the kid off their bike.

The best advice I can really give though is love your family. Decide in your heart what steps need to be taken for yourself and them, and take them. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can find the best action to take.

Jen @ 8:36 pm

Melinda –
Wow…too many posts. I am probably opening myself up to a lot of spam but if you need someone to talk to ever, my email is
…and it's out there.

July 29, 2011

Toby H @ 12:21 pm

i am one of the psychic people. i can make contact with ghosts i see them and hear them very clearly. i have a 6th sense. i can sense the past of the buildings and i dont ever have dreams but when i do have dreams they always come true, so i see the future. plus one day i was about to go into a store and i kept getting urges of shock and the store got robbed right when i walked in.

August 1, 2011

Dan @ 2:23 am

I put up a post the other day, and now it's gone, did it somehow get deleted? Either way, here it is again.

I have always been pretty sensitive, but about 5 or 6 years ago I had a very intimidating encounter with what I believe to be a demon. At the time of the occurence I felt a heavy weight in my left arm. Over time it seems to have developed. In some situations, it is more intense. It seems to be the stronger the presence the more my arm reacts: My arm sometimes gets insanely heavy and it seems like ALL of my muscles are flexed and I can't really move it. More recently my wife's family had a lot of activity at their home. For a while there were scratching noises in the corners of her old room, sometimes deafening, like something was trying to dig its way in. Sometimes there was a presence at her doorway, which is only covered by a curtain, and the curtains would move like someone trying to enter. The night I stayed over, I experienced the same. I fell asleep. I was suddenly woken by the sound of the curtain moving and my arm freaking out. But as soon as I woke up, the curtain closed and the presence backed off slowly until it disappeared. Has anyone ever heard of ANYTHING similar happening in their physical bodies like this?

Andrea @ 1:54 pm

i have felt like someone was touching me, a cold breeze & then got goosebumps! Then it just went away but every time i am in the kitchen with my laptop i feel like someone is watching me & i turn around to see nothing. i don't know what it is. i think im going crazy. I had a break up with my boyfriend & lots of things in my life have been going wrong. Please help.

Nichole @ 3:45 pm

i have air conditioning in my house an when i feel "someone" i get really warm, yet the room is freezing cold and the air feels denser. is that normal? i know ghosts make people feel cold most of the time but could it be a different kind? or my own personal reaction to the other side?

Ashley @ 10:18 pm

I feel a cold breeze and goosebumps while there is a spirit in the room! My heart rate increases and i feel scared. I hear voices at times when im alone in my room or my parents room. Also i have seen some shadows and feel when there's danger. I need to know if i have a gift.

August 2, 2011

jonas @ 12:36 pm

i am psychic but i can't see that many spirits, only evil ones. i had an experience on august first 3:00'c, 2011. i was choked by a evil spirit and nearly died of that. nobody could help me. i nearly died, so anyone here needs to know how to get rid of spirits, send me a message.

Aimee-sue @ 5:20 pm

I don't know why, but this started a few months ago at the end of year 7. I can sense something there, something following me, and i don't like it. I've started to see things too, shadows that go when i look back. I can sense these things are not good, i can sense they are evil, but i can't see them properly. Can someone help me? Am i insane? i want to know whats going to happen to me if this carries on.

August 3, 2011

meladi @ 5:30 pm

I've read many of your posts on this website and the only advice I can give everyone is to "stay strong…mind, body and soul" and prepare what has yet to come. I've had my share of experiences since I was 5 years old and at the time nobody believed therefore I had no choice but to keep it to myself. My encounters/experiences have since increased and instead of wasting my time being afraid of the unknown and the unexplained, I decided I'd rather increase my knowledge about it.

We've never been alone. There has always been aliens, spirits, strange creatures, etc. around, only they all come from other dimensions. Earth is a planet of abundance and these "things" keep coming back for things they need, or they are lost, or have unfinished business here. Unfortunately for them, they are being discovered by people. And because of people's curious nature, we end up prying into things to find out more and fail to see what the consequences may be. Spirits are released via Ouija boards, seances and witchcraft, etc. from those who do not know what they are dealing with or what they are getting themselves into. Aliens and strange creatures are now showing up because people have decided to do harm to their species.

It is too my belief that on June 6, 2006, many portals to other dimensions opened up and released many things that people are now seeing more and more of. I dreamed of this date and what would happen for years before we even reached it. To see is to believe. This would explain all our sightings now and why they are increased in amount and stronger than usual. There is no way of turning things around anymore. What's done is done. You can only cope with it now to the best of your ability.

Also…I am a firm believer that history repeats itself; therefore many of the disasters and events that have happened years ago will happen again only 3 times worse than before. There is only one thing that hasn't changed. A strong belief in God. Many may not believe this but your faith in God may be the only thing that can save you at the end.

August 5, 2011

Sarah @ 7:23 am

Read your post about feeling a presence in your room. I too had a presence like that before. I was pregnant with my son and had to move in with my mom and stepdad at their condo. Every night i would feel a dark cold presence watching me, really close constantly! I was afraid to walk up or down our staircase cuz i felt as if i was almost pushed down. After my son was born, it got worse. My son would choke for no reason. our lights that were off would turn on and flicker. when id talk about it, id feel someone was about to beat me when i did say something. We finally moved and i've never been so relieved but i still feel presences around me. I feel my best friend jamie whom i lost back in february of 2011. I use what gift i have of communicating, but there's a fine line. i do NOT touch and i think we know what that is. Stay away from that energy u felt! Please write to my email.

August 6, 2011

carol oshea @ 9:08 am

hi, i was reading your story. i also have some kind of spirit touching my hair and sometimes i get the feeling my face gets touched too. i am sitting typing this message and a spirit is touching my forehead. i put it down to a little girl lost 9 years ago. i feel her round me all the time. i am also very close to my angels so i know they are round me to protect me. i'm not scared i was at first until my guide told me it was my angels. now i love it. i am hoping to be able to see them soon.

carol oshea @ 9:12 am

i would love to see my spirit guides. how can i learn to be able to see them?

Tahlia @ 5:41 pm

I was recording a video for my Youtube channel, and something flew behind me.

August 7, 2011

Jamie @ 3:58 pm

So I went on a ghost tour of the Bird Cage Theatre. When we went into one of the rooms and lights went out, there was a weird experience. My vision went real dark, and I didn't know if that was just my eyes playing tricks on me in the dark. But the part that really disturbed me is suddenly my arm went numb from my bicep all the way to my fingers. I was not leaning on anything and the chair did not have arms. This lasted for about 5 minutes, then I could feel something touch my pant leg. I can't stop thinking about it and it kind of bothers me. Any thoughts?

ZARA @ 7:45 pm

when I sleep sometimes at nite I feel someone crawl up my body. it has happen 3 times now …….I do not get scared but I am bothered by it cause it crawls up my body and I jump up, turn on the light …one time I seen a man sitting in my bedroom chair and so did my cat. I was scared at first cause I thought someone broke in, but as I blinked he was gone. my cat slowly crawled over to the chair to smell his scent. so if my cat saw it, I know I did too and it was real. I just dont want it crawling up my body while I sleep.

August 9, 2011

Tori @ 12:47 am

For some time now, I feel the presence of something. Randomly, I feel as if someone was breathing on my forehead. Like a warm breath. And there is always an area in my bathroom that stays cold. No matter if the entire room is foggy. At night, it feels as if someone is following me. I get goosebumps on my neck and arms. I have a heater in my bathroom and it randomly turns on. The switch is even on the side (I didn't touch it at all). I'm really scared and need answers ASAP!!!

Dylan @ 3:42 pm

There's a thick forest by our neighborhood and me and my friend found a wood cabin there from a long time ago. Then a week ago we walked by and he got mad and said stop touching my neck dylan!! I got real nervous, so then at night i went back by myself. i felt a cold wind go up my back and whispering sounds around me.

Or that time I swore I saw my Great Grandfather and i closed and opened my eyes and the door starting moving.

Dylan @ 3:44 pm

Oh and what Tom said…same at my old house down two blocks. theres a hallway where my dog used to run down. Her name was candy. She died because we put her down after discovering she had distemper. then every night we'd hear whimpering coming from the hallway.

Andrea @ 5:55 pm

Meladi, does this have to do with what i put? i have felt like someone was touching me, a cold breeze & then got goosebumps! Then it just went away but every time i am in the kitchen with my laptop i feel like someone is watching me & i turn around to see nothing. i don't know what it is. i think im going crazy. I had a break up with my boyfriend & lots of things in my life have been going wrong. i don't know whats wrong & i need to know if what you wrote has anything to do with what i put above.

SG @ 6:58 pm

okay Im from Sweden.
About 10 years ago, I went to Finland with my mom.
We visited my old grandma, and one late evening when I was in bed. I turned off the light to get some sleep. 10-20 mins passed I had my right hand behind my head on the pillow. Suddenly for a second I felt something like a thumb touching the middle of my palm. I hidden under the sheet for a while and was very scared too.
It cannot have been any insects. I have tested it with my own thumb and it feels identical to my memories. Notice my left arm was under the sheet so it was not self made! Since then I always keep them under my sheet.

When I came back home (And some months had passed)
I experienced weird stuff. 5-7 cats used to wait outside of my door when I was leaving for school in the mornings. It was the first and only period a lot of cats shown up like that. (always gone when I came home). They disappeared after 1~ week. None in my family fed them so what did they do there?…

Second thing
You might think Im stupid but under 2-3~ weeks 3 jackdaws and a mouse came to my terrace, "one" at a time, all injured. I wanted to help so I gave some food and brought each one inside my house. Sadly all of the daws was dead when I woke up in the mornings. Except for the mouse, had him for a week then I released him in the woods.

A couple of years later me and my dad made a trip to Denmark. It was near 100 miles from home. Normally we never take a break during the ride. I just bought a game when we arrived, ate some lunch too. But on our way back home when we had like 50miles left. I suddenly in a split second needed a toilet. Because we were on a busy country road, We made a right turn and followed a smaller road by the edge of a little village. 3-4mins later we kept follow this road into the forest.
Less than a half mile in we finally found a good spot. it was A paved ditch 5×5m. I dont know what it was used for. But believe it or not I found a tiny abandoned cat 2-3 weeks old. She had ear mites too. I think someone just dumped her there, the nearest house was very far away. Fortunately we didnt find more than one. However I have no friends so i think it was a gift from above! I still got her and Im so happy for havin her :)

August 10, 2011

lets just say it's me... @ 10:05 am

My sister has a couple of friends that have been having a demonic problem for about 4 years now and just recently lost their home over a number of reasons…so much to say, they just came out of the closet with it. their two children that have there names appear, the mom herself has had her name do the same. At the end it says die……shadows crawling on ceiling very fast. the kids were only infants at the time. now their in grammar school, and can identify these things. they say downstairs there's a little boy with a hat on backwards. theres an older lady with a bonnet on her head, and now the worst the shadow figure on the ceiling. the son has said it looks and the thing takes off. when they were first looking for a home they wondered why the owners they bought it from answered very fast, well take it…..140.000.00 the home was worth 400.000.00…PLEASE SOMEONE HELP MY FRIENDS FAMILY..they have an autistic child in danger and needless to say dont know who to call or who to ask… 304-876-1930….signed concerned

andrea @ 2:02 pm

bueno yo tengo 14 años. hace pocos meses me han pasado cosas raras que no le pasa a cualquiera yo. cuando voy a una casa de otra persona me siento observada y en algunos casos me siento incomoda, como si no pudiera estar hay o escucho ruidos. cuando estoy sola, totalmente sola escucho que me llaman y me dieran quejas. a veces puedo saber el pasado de un objeto por donde a pasado. por favor, ayudame.

Abby Richmann @ 10:43 pm

Hi, I am Abby. Im 14 and I got adopted by my grandma (mom's mom). I used to have a really strong ghost in my old house that ive grown up in and I got ahold of the people that bought it from us 4 years ago. right when they moved in they moved out. they said they heard footsteps and objects moving around upstairs. Now in our new house there's weird things happening ever since we have moved here. I am the only one who has seen and heard weird things. But at my great grandma's house weird things just started happening after my real mom that I was born by (and very close to) passed away on November 25, 2010 (exactly 6 months from her birthday). She was 28 when she passed away and she had 3 really young children and me. Anyways I think I have a ghost at my grandma's house (aka the house I live in), also at my great grandmas house. At my great grandmas house we have this slot machine and it randomly started going off when it was unplugged and it only did it if I was in there. also I have a sliding closet door that slid open by itself. its really old and hard to open so I know its not the air. And at my house I record videos of me playing guitar alot and there was this weird misty shadow that came up in the corner of my room.When I was moving into the house I live in i had a clock that was still packed in a box and it had no batteries in it and it started going off when my friend was over. I dont know if I attract them but I am starting to freak out because I dont know if it might be my mom trying to tell me something at my great grandmas house and if there was somebody that died on the property at my house…please help??my email is

August 12, 2011

breanna @ 3:40 am

i went to a cemetery (at night) and we were waiting for my dad to finish eating, then we would get out and look around. well we started feeling really weird. kinda like we were not welcome. its hard to explain. we were sitting in the truck for about 20 min, then my dad started backing up saying we got to go. well as we were leaving he told us why he wanted to go…because something whispered in his ear leave. he was so spooked that he didnt want to ever go back. a little before that happened, me and my friend felt like we were just going to cry. we were getting really hot then had the feeling that somebody was following us. once we left, we saw a bright blue light right where the truck was and the light didn't move. this wasn't the first time something like that happened to us at that place, it was just the most recent. it was at 12:00 am today. it was super scary. i never felt like that before.

August 13, 2011

this is true @ 3:43 am

The females in my family have always been able to feel spirits. I am the only one that has seen them. When I was young, I felt cold and panic and saw him, he was mean. I remember him whispering something in my ear and felt his touch. to this day I don't remember what he said. I saw another one in a house in the country that we were living in. Our dog would not go upstairs. we all knew there was something there. once I went upstairs to one of our bedrooms by myself (normally we never went up by ourselves) and was looking out the window and left coldness creep up on me, not chills, just cold and felt a hand on my neck. I turned around and saw an old man. then he just vanished. I left very fast. I was at my younger sister's house and she kept dropping my cd's that she borrowed and was getting mad. told her not to sweat it and she said there was a spirit there that was making her drop them. I kept telling her no there wasn't, and she kept getting mad. I saw this spirit and it was looking for something to go into. it looked mad and I remember looking at it and thinking don't even think about it and what the hell you doing here. it turned away and looked at my sister and then back at me and a small part of it I guess you can say, it went into her. Her temper has always been bad, now the least thing will set her off. The last time I was at my sister's house and felt a presence and when I looked, he was a young man about 28-35. I felt no evil and he just looked at me and smiled and walked through the door. It was like he was just checking out the place. I never told my older sister because she freaks out.

She was talking to my younger sister and she said she felt a presence and started praying. And the funny thing I was telling the same sister a day later what I saw, and the presence I felt, she said that my older sister said she felt a presence the same time I did and was scared. I asked my older sister why she didn't tell me and she thought that it would scare me. I asked her if she felt any threat from it and she said no. I asked her about what she did feel and she mentioned what she felt and it was what I felt also and saw. Also visiting my mom's grave we were walking and talking and she stopped and started walking quickly away. She told me she heard someone very mad telling her to get off his grave. She will not go anywhere close to that area. She left in her car and I got mad and went to the grave site and felt his anger, but mine was more, because he scared her. i told him that he better never say that to my sister again, because he did not know who he was dealing with. Maybe I was nuts, but I did not like the ideal of my sister being scared like that. I've also been there walking and felt coldness and walked a few feet ahead and felt warm. I turned around and walked back, and the coldness came back. It was as if I walked five feet it was cold, and walk five feet back and it was warm. I could feel the spirits were not at peace. I visit the graveyard at night and I have felt the spirits not at peace or rest.

Tyler @ 6:18 pm

I do like this subject. I have felt a presence from a ghosts since i was little, but i get all antsy and a bit hyper. i went to the doctor and she said that i was fine. I started seeing shadows. So my question that needs to be answered is, "Are we able to SEE ghosts? Why?"

xhani @ 6:51 pm

hello, my name is xhani. i live in greece, athens. i went to sleep around at 1:00 o'clock am. i had the air conditioning in my room open at 26 Celcius and i was sleeping with the sheets off the bed on me. for some moments during sleep, my mouth was feeling numb and I felt some negative energy around me. in the beginning i didnt pay any attention coz I thought it was a dream. 3-5 times more this kept happening. i opened my eyes and was seeing nothing around me. in one moment as i was under the sheets, I felt like something holding my body very easily, and taking my sheets off me. i was seeing no one around, at least as much as I could move my eyes. my whole body was stopped – like in freezer, frozen completely. my heartbeats went crazy, my body shivered, and i was trying to yell to wake my parents or sister. i could not even yell a word. some seconds later, this energy was gone. personally speaking, my sister too has felt twice a negative presence around her room. for me it was the 1st time.

Ashley @ 11:30 pm


What i think is that whatever is causing these supernatural disturbances isn't trying to hurt you because if it did, it would of already. Maybe they just feel lonely. And that was about the one in your house. Now the one at your great grandmas house, maybe it is your mom. But she would never hurt you!

Ashley @ 11:35 pm

I have many other other experiences. Once i went to St. Agustine and i felt goosebumps almost everywhere. when we passed by the old school house and went in, I felt like somebody or something was trying to tell me something. I felt odd and like somebody was there, and not there, at the same time!

August 14, 2011

meladi @ 10:25 pm

Andrea, what I've written here is directed to everyone who has had some type of unexplained experiences. They could be spirits, they could be from out of this planet. It all depends on what each individual has seen or felt on their own experiences. Also, another explanation could be that scientists have done many experiments that have gone bad in the past that have been "covered up." For example, the breeding of two different species. Thousands of these "mixed breeds" have been born but are unable to live due to the unbalanced environment they are being placed in. In time, these will be out in the open. Spirits are usually seen as apparitions and can be strongly sensed by many. The shadows we are all seeing now are from another dimension whose portal has been opened. They are not fully visible to most people but there are the few who can see them all the time. Some can only feel their presence. What I do not know is if they are good or evil or what their purpose is. I would assume they are just like us people…some are bad and some are good. Unfortunately as for now, the only thing we can do is be strong mind, body and soul and also have a strong belief of God Almighty. Take control. Do not let this scare you or take control of you. Just remember…if someone threatens to take your soul, they cannot unless you say they can. Human beings are very powerful species. Although if you are experiencing these things, it's best to keep it to yourself unless you know that you will have the support of others…however do not allow it to get out of hand. These websites are a good place to share your stories. Sometimes a stranger who shares the same experiences would be better to talk to than a best friend or a family member. Many people refuse to accept the "unknown" and brush it off.

p.s. Each individual reacts differently to things. Some may feel cold, some may feel warm…and some feel really light-headed and weak when there is a presence nearby. Just remember…do not panic and do not be afraid. At first I was terrified and confused, but I've had numerous experiences and have learned to be strong and in control. We can handle most things on your own. But if it gets to a point where it is too strong (when furniture is being thrown across the room), seek help. Lights going off and on or having a television with its own mind are just little things that are not to be concerned about. Most shadows and spirits will do no harm to us.

August 18, 2011

Revati @ 12:55 am

I have somewhat felt the same thing. Almost a year back, I experienced what is called 'out of the body experience.' Around 3 am, I felt my soul out of my body and traveling in the house. And then suddenly, I got a strong feeling that a spirit was around and was going to enter my body. I rushed towards my body and entered…and slept….The spirit must have missed me by a fraction of a second. It started attacking me from behind. It started pushing and pressing me. It was suffocating me and I could not do anything as I couldn't move. I felt like a paralyzed patient. Then it stopped after sometime. The whole day I kept wondering whether it was a dream but even after one year I clearly remember what had happened.

Yesterday, while sleeping, I clearly remember having a dream when suddenly I was interrupted. Someone tapped me with its finger on my right arm. I was facing the wall, so I assume that the spirit must have been present behind me. I was awake but could not open my eyes. It tapped my arm again….and I knew that I was experiencing it again. I could not open my eyes, so I decided to sleep and ignore it. But it tapped again and this time it tried to push it entire body(or whatever it has)on my face and head. I don't know whether it tried to enter my body…I felt like getting up and clicking its snap from my camera but I could not move. I felt like calling my husband but I simply could not move, speak or open my eyes. I wanted to check the time…but in vain. After sometime it stopped and stayed there for sometime. I could feel the dense cloud of energy around me getting mild. It was an uncomfortable feeling which cannot be explained to those who have not experienced it. I opened my eyes after sometime and tried to look around. I could only see my husband back.Slowly I tried moving towards him. And then I slept. I don't know what to expect. Tried taking a few snaps of the room in the morning. Did not capture anything weird. Tried speaking with the spirit, but no message or indication.

karen @ 5:13 pm

This is a new site to me. i didnt think that many people experienced encounters with spirits, which is interesting to me. I feel them around me, smell them and see some shadows. I have pictures of them in my house. One of pic is so real, you can see his complete face. I would like to find a sketch artist and see if i could find out who he is. After i bought this property, they would turn the tv on every night at 11;15 or 11;18 for 2 weeks and play with grandsons toys. my dog molly would see them (dogs and children are sensitive to spirits). she snapped at them, follows them around the ceiling. My grandson in highchair was eating and smiled and waved at one standing in hallway. My back bedroom is colder than other parts of the house. It just feels eerie.

Phoebe @ 9:23 pm

I have experienced different sensations at different times in different places. For example … the distinct sensation of cold water droplets on my arms or legs whenever I am laying on my sofa watching TV. It started happening only a few years ago, even though I have occupied my condo since 1992. It felt so "real" that I carefully investigated the ceiling above my sofa for any possible leaks or wet spots … and found nothing of the sort. This has only happened to me under the circumstance I have described … no place else and under no other circumstances. Very curious, that. Then I recently read a first-hand account posted on a website about some people's personal experiences while staying at the allegedly-haunted Chelsea Hotel in NYC … where one guy described the same sensation of feeling "invisible" cold water droplets on his arms. So apparently … this is a paranormal-type of experience. As I mentioned before … I have also occasionally experienced other sorts of sensations at different times in different places — probably too many to devote a lot of personal time and space here talking about. So I have chosen the topic of the "cold water droplets" sensation to focus on … especially since it is one that I hear or read about less often than other types of more common sensations and paranormal experiences.

August 19, 2011

karen @ 10:53 am

Ravati the only way I've captured pictures is with flash on. And also talk to them like you would a human. dont let them know you scared, but be firm. let them know they are dead and they are in your house. Tell them you dont want them touching you and as long as they behave they can stay. otherwise they have to leave. If you want them gone say, "In the name of Jesus, spirit and Holy Ghost, go to the light." just keep doing that.

Young King @ 11:10 am

I have experienced entities. I have always been intuitive and a conduit, so to speak, but what happened last night was truly horrific. As I laid in bed with the lights out, my whole nervous system came "alive." Best I can describe it was feeling every nerve ending in my body x 1000. I could feel when the entity came in the room and it felt like it stayed forever. I say entity b/c whatever it was felt like pure, concentrated evil. If I was not house sitting for a friend, I would have immediately left. I called a friend over and he said I was just spooked or something of that nature. He sat in the room with me and I told him whatever it was/is is still present, albeit not nearly as strong. Earlier that evening I felt something standing in the doorway of the dining room, but did not enter. I "knew" that's where it was… whatever it was. Also, I felt the presence of "children." I say children b/c whatever these things were, they were mischievous. Unlike the bigger/stronger entity which was completely overpowering and evil. Please forgive all the grammatical errors, etc… I'm in a hurry and just wanted to share.

August 20, 2011

meladi @ 2:02 pm

This is for SG from Sweden. SG, do not worry. It's all good. Someone in your family had "the gift" with animals and that night it was secretly passed on to you by marking the "symbol" in your palms. It's in your family, but not all members of your family are aware of it. It can only be passed on to members of the family who are not afraid of animals completely, by one who has the gift. You obviously are not afraid of animals, therefore you were chosen. It is a gift. Use it wisely. Animals don't just go to anyone, they need to sense if it is safe first. You will find that many will come in contact with you because they know they will be safe with you. My suggestion would be for you to take a course in veterinary because you would be an excellent candidate for that. Also by doing so, you will learn how to care for them medically as well. It will be overwhelming at first, but you will catch on quickly. Try not be big-headed about this, as some have in the past, and it backfired on them. All the best. Congratulations on your newly found power!

Me @ 5:04 pm

A long time ago, in my old house, there was a room in the basement that was always cold. The walls were made of concrete and covered with tangles of pipes. Sometimes the cold caused condensation to drip to the floor. The strangest thing is that the sometimes I could hear strange coughing sounds behind the walls. Once, I felt this prickly feeling as if clammy hands were grasping at my arms. I backed out immediately out the door, and I saw a wispy fog-like formation coming out from one of the pipes. I swear, I could discern a face. It looked like a the face of a young woman, with large sad eyes and a small mouth. It was so creepy!

August 21, 2011

mimi @ 7:39 am

Hi. My hairdresser moved into an old house and opened up her new salon there. I was sitting in the chair chatting about the house and when I ask her if she had any ghosts (since it's an old house) a figure of a woman appeared in my mind…I could clearly "see her" with her long white apron…I felt that she was kind and caring and I wasn't afraid but I felt that I should keep this to myself because I didn't want to freak my hairdresser out. It was a strong image and stayed in my mind for the rest of the day. I know I can sense things, have been able to since I was young. I am not afraid and find it facinating when I "feel" stuff and it happens. I sometimes "know" things before they happen. Like who's calling or what people will say or do. I think we all have the ability to "see" stuff, you just have to be open to it and look closely at what goes on all around you. Try to stop and really tune into your feelings…be aware of your surroundings.

August 22, 2011

G @ 3:45 am

I was standing in the kitchen preparing food. I felt a cool breeze. It sounded like the wings of a large bird opening and closing. I didn't turn around right away. It frightened me for a second, then for some reason, i smiled. When i turned around there was nothing there. I started searching the house for a bird. What the heck was that? That was strange. It freaked me out.

Vicki @ 10:40 am

My feeling, and others in my family, are always warm, which I think is strange. Even without fear, we get hot. I would def. tell this spirit OUT LOUD to leave your house! It has worked for us in the past. Don't be mean, but stern. Tell them you will not tolerate them scaring you or causing harm.

August 23, 2011

Larsen @ 12:23 am

Hey. I have a problem… It's been many years since I have done alot of spiritual stuff, about 20 years ago. This was mostly calling on dead people to let them walk through you + mirror stuff, and look straight at the soul, out of the body. I was "good" at what i was doing. Until the day, i had to quit due the the fact that it got too hardcore… And I admit that even to this day, i can't sleep without the lights on. (They hate, or even cant live in electric lights) *I can confirm how i did it, if anyone here believes i am lying…

I am 40 now, and its not like the past has caught up to me.. its not that I am scared, but i can't get this dead women of my bed. She is lying next to me (If the light source is too low). She doesn't want to do me harm, its like she just "needs it, or something. She is almost like a child, that wanna lay there, quit, and hopes she dint get noticed by me… Again this is not a joke, any tips will help.. (Sorry for my bad English, its not my first language..)

In short I dont wanna have her there (but also feel a bit sorry for her). :) It's been like this every night for the last 1.5 years…

Michael @ 4:42 pm

Hello all. Like many others here, I am sensitive to spirits and I often feel like I'm being watched, or not alone. Just recently, I've been spending the night a lot at my best friend's house. About 3 or 4 times now, I've been woken up at 3 or 3:30 in the morning by something i can't see. but I feel something in the room with me. This scares me a great deal and I feel like this spirit, or whatever it is, wants to communicate with me. all I want to do is go back to sleep. by that point I'm so scared that I drive all the way home at 3 or 4 in the morning so I can go back to sleep. Does anyone have any advice for me to help me figure out what's going on? no one else in the house can feel anything out of the ordinary and my friend probably thinks i'm crazy. I appreciate the gift I have, but I don't like being scared all the time. so I kinda do but kinda don't want it to stop. let me know if there's anything i can do!

August 24, 2011

Larsen @ 9:23 pm

Michael…First of all they can hurt you, and just get some, not much electric lights where you sleep, then they will be gone…

August 26, 2011

Isabelle @ 2:25 pm

I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I was googling some stuff and this site came up. I'm only 14 but I'm pretty sure I can feel the presence of spirits when I'm around them. Sometimes I'll just get the feeling that I'm being watched or something is with me. Other times, I'll feel my hair being touched or tugged at. Usually I get goosebumps too. I also see things like shadows and figures out of the corners of my eyes sometimes. But as soon as I look back, they're gone. I am very interested in this stuff but I'm very confused about whether I really can sense or see spirits, or whether its normal. Can someone please help me?

Kat @ 10:12 pm

My parents recently retired in a neighborhood 5 hours away. Every time I visit I notice weird things, tapping on the window in the middle of the night (on the third floor), hand prints on our window about 9 ft high, footsteps in our attic, which is a crawlspace. I can't help but notice all these instances seem like someone is trying to get in the house. I googled our neighborhood and found two stories from people who grew up on that same street saying the same thing has been happening on that street for years. What does it mean when a spirit/ghost is trying to get inside? And furthermore how can I find out why this is happening?

Julie @ 11:05 pm

I, personally, feel like I'm being watched when a spirit is around me. I'm very sensitive to energies and the presence of a spirit. I've had this feeling since I was a very young child. Maybe because I've always been a sensitive person and very in touch with my emotions. I think spirits take advantage of that. It spooks the hell out of me. It's not a constant feeling. It just depends on the environment.

August 27, 2011

Lauren @ 8:36 am

My dad and his wife just had a very bad split-up. My dad has moved on and has a new girlfriend who lives with us now. I have felt strange presences when I first moved into the house, like something following me down the hall way or even someone standing in front of my bed. there was one night when I heard foot steps upstairs. The presences have gotten worse since my dads girlfriend has moved in. Now its every night I feel that something is in my presence. It has really attached itself to his girlfriend. she has seen shadows and even had stuff thrown at her. The craziest thing is last night when everyone was asleep there was a message printed on the screen of my dads TV. It read "DID YOU HEAR ME". I think the message was intended for his girlfriend, seeing she was the only one that had read it. We dont know what to do because it really acts like it wants us gone. And note this house is over a hundred years old, and we think someone has passed in the house.

Kim @ 7:33 pm

Whenever I'm around or in an area that is known to be haunted, I get horrible headaches or just get horribly sick. Is that normal? I mean I've been able to feel or see things for years, since I was a kid. I've seen shadows. It's only since I was fourteen that I've gotten sick or I've gotten headaches from being around spirits. And it seems that the stronger the spirit, the stronger the headache. Once again, is that normal?

john @ 9:23 pm

Question: For the past few nights I am being visited by something. The first night it made me mad and I yelled in anger. Last night was different. I felt a hand go down my back several times. I turned and looked and noted the room was in a drab yellow and a man was sitting there staring at me. I told him to leave, and he did. but two others visited. So I dont wanna treat with anger, but how should I deal with this?

August 28, 2011

Jon @ 8:18 am

My husband rides his motorcycle to work everyday. he said that he sees a blonde headed woman dressed from the 70's watching him. I thought he was just seeing a real person, but he says he sees her at 5:oo A.M. when no one's really out. she just watches him as he goes by. when he looked back, she was gone. He said sometimes it freaks him out and other times it doesn't. Since this started happening, he feels the presence of something and sometimes he feels like someone touches him. sometimes, also he has the feeling of spider webs going across his face. someone said it was someone or something from another dimension trying to lock on to him like a guardian angel. what does all this mean? Can she hurt him? should he ask if she needs anything? should he ignore? Please help.

rocio martinez @ 5:43 pm

Ive been seeing a woman in the corner of my room. First it started with the corner being really dark. then my room door would open and close around 2 or 3 in the morning. then objects would get thrown at me while sleeping in the night. This happened right after my grandmother past away, but i hadn't seen her for over 11 years. the last time i remember seeing her she said that she hated me. After all that happened, i saw a woman floating in the corner of my room. All she does is watch me. I never see her face. she wears a white dress and has dark black hair. I moved out and she still followed me. I came back to where i used to live and she still then followed me. She sometimes touches me when I'm trying to sleep, or even while taking a shower, but i can never see her in the light. the only way i can see her is if its dark. When she touches me, its in the hand or she touches my hair. sometimes during the day, i can feel her touch my arm. I don't know what this means. i want to understand and maybe help this spirit if i can, but i want some advice. What should i do? do i ignore her and just keep living with her around, or do i talk to her? Please help!

August 29, 2011

Michael @ 2:44 am


I spoke with a friend about all this. she says she thinks it's because i was sleeping across from a mirror and that if i change where i sleep and set boundaries (which i'm not exactly sure how to do) that i should be ok. What do u think? I'm gonna give it a shot…

Tracey @ 6:11 am

I have been energy sensitive most of my life. I can tell if the energy is good or bad, not just from spirit, but from people too. I can tell what a person is like from the moment I talk to them (sometimes not even in person) and I am rarely wrong. My sensitivity has gotten stronger as I have gotten older to the point where I hate going into crowded places and often come back in a cold sweat from blocking out all these 'feelings'. I feel as though I should see spirits as I can sense when they are there but literally feel as if there is a block there and the more I try I get a pressure on the center of my forehead and the back of my neck.

BTW I can sense things through stuff like web cams. if I have been talking to someone over something like a messenger for a while I can sense their energy too. One experience I had when I was about 15, I woke to see a little old man standing in the door of my bedroom. he had a sack in his hand. After a few moments he released a snake from the sack which went under my bed. I jumped out of the bed and locked myself in the bathroom and it took me quite a while to calm myself before returning to bed. I moved my bed after that but had many dreams where I died in all sorts of ways. I woke many times gasping for breath or from someone in the dream telling me it was time to wake.

mimi @ 1:45 pm

I have been experiencing unusual activity since I was 13. I am now 32 and my experiences have led me to question why do I see, hear, and feel other presences. I also dream of the dead. The 1st time I was pulled out of the bed by someone who had recently died and was a great friend of the family. I sleep with my parents for weeks and refused to sleep in my room. Shortly after this person died, his mother died too. He brought his mother to my room and stood in the doorway. He said, "there she is mom." I did not attend the mother's funeral but when I told my father about this experience, I knew exactly what she had on.

Ever since then, I see dead people through my dreams and they tell me things. It got to the point that every night my grandmother would visit me at 2:45 am. This is where i really started losing it. I would see dark clouds in my room, the tv would turn on and off. I was constantly misplacing things and finding coins all throughout the house. My child would speak of my grandmother and she died when he was only 6mths old. I was terrified to leave him in the room by himself. I see her occasionally, now I am experiencing a presence wherever I go. I feel like someone is watching me. I also see a man peeking around a corner or walking in and out doorways. I see only enough to know that its a black object, and he has a hat on. I use to enjoy the visit from my grandma, but I am unsure what is going on now. I do not believe that this is her trying to contact me.

mike revit @ 3:05 pm

I guess I am not alone. I was down in the garage taking video of my new motorcycle. I kept the video going and was going to go back upstairs and saw my dog looking at the top of the stairs down at me. I stopped and said my dogs name. after that I captured a voice on my video that says kill mike. I did not hear it when I was taping. For about two years my dog just stays at the top of the door and does not come to the garage. I live in a town home in Santa Monica. The video is 9 min long just going through my house looking at all the stuff I had redone in my place. On the second floor when I was in the bathroom I see though the mirror a white sheet going across my room. Like I said, I did not see this when taping. Then go into the next bedroom and something answers one of my questions. I was talking through the whole taping. When I watched the video for the first time, it put a chill down my spine. Today I am ok with it, but it took a good 4 months for me to sleep in my bed without thinking about what I captured in my house. Now I sleep with ear plugs in, so nothing wakes me up. Oh at night I would hear stuff crashing in front of my bed. that is why I sleep with ear plugs. If you want to see the video just contact me. it is on youtube and I would need to take it off private. This was all captured on an Iphone and it is clear as day. also it was around 3 pm.

sharolyn @ 3:35 pm

i have had a few moments, and it seems as if an experience is going to occur. i may become very sensitive, it may be a strong emotion of sadness, and dread. then my body more often is waist up. i get funny energy, or a coldness, also sickness, and hotness. but more often i get the good feeling – with the tingling electric like. anyone else get this? i am not a ghost hunter. i'm only trying to figure out my crazy life.

August 30, 2011

mkeys @ 10:27 am


I have a lot of my own experiences (too numerous to mention). My first question: is the woman in the same place or does she move to different areas? If by chance it is the same area over and over again, it could indicate a haunting of that spot or a residual haunting. Of course if he "connected" with her, she could be looking to him for some guidance, if there is a true intelligent spirit. spider web feelings are, from what I have heard, the attempt to contact, a touch-if you will. whether she will hurt him or not, I can't tell you. follow your instincts. you may need to cleanse your home or him. sometimes this does lead the spirit to cross over.

September 1, 2011

jacob @ 12:18 pm

my girlfriend feels like she is being choked by something at random times during the day when she is walking back and forth from classes and going back to her dorm. I was wondering if this could be any kind of haunting?

September 4, 2011

Chrystle @ 1:10 pm

Up until the age of 15 I never believed in ghosts or anything like that. But something happened on my 15th birthday that changed my life forever. It was 3 a.m. in the morning and a guy friend of mine had traveled to Panama City which was where I was living at the time with my Mom and her husband to spend a couple of days with me for my birthday. He and I were in my room with my cat, Talon. We were playing video games and all of a sudden she just starts going crazy meowing and clawing at my bedroom door so I let her out of the room and him and I both go out into the living room and we were just hit by this strange energy, something I have never felt in my life and there was nothing I could compare it to. It was as if the room was full of people and they were everywhere. It scared me so bad that I ran back into my room. About 3 year's before this happened my Godmother passed away from lung cancer, and I had a suspicion that it could of been her.

I just recently turned 21 on the 24th of July. I was thankful that I was able to spend it with my Mother. She passed away in the early morning of July 25th, from a massive brain aneurysm. She was put on life support for two days. during those two days me and my Fiance spent the majority of our time up at the hospital with her. We were up for almost 34 hours before we decided to come home and get a little rest. While me and my Fiance were asleep in bed I woke up to something or someone grabbing my arm. But it wasn't in a hostile way it was more like "Hey, I am here." And last night I had a dream that felt so real that when I woke up I couldn't even believe what I had just saw. I was around 3 or 4 years old and I was playing with some toys in the middle of my Grandparent's living room. an African American male walked in dressed in all white clothing (Keeping in mind that I have never seen this man a day in my life) sits down on the couch in from of me and with the look of genuine sympathy and understanding say's "I am really sorry about your Mother." As soon as he say's this I start crying and my Grandmother run's over to me asking what is wrong? She can't see the Man sitting on her couch. I wake up to my heart pounding, tear's in my eye's, and having hard time breathing almost as if I am having a panic attack. This is the second time I have had a dream like this. Can anyone give me some advice as to why this is happening to me? I believe in God and Spirit's (Good & Bad) I have a very open mind, I have accepted my Mother's death and I am dealing with it the best I can. I just need to know that I am not losing it…

DAWN @ 2:07 pm

my rottweiler adult bitch dog is as tall as my bed and when she walks into my bedroom she rests her big head on my mattress while she is in standing position. it's usually to get my attention for one reason or another. but this time was different. I thought she was in my room with me one night and again I felt the weight drop on my bed and I said to my dog "what is it now? I'm trying to sleep." so I reached out my arm to stroke her head, but I found nothing. I thought she had stepped back away from the bed so I put on my light to find her, but found myself in my room all alone and that scared me shitless.

September 6, 2011

Mary N. @ 6:21 pm

I am half awake at night and see images…that appear like ghosts. then I scream and when I blink the image is gone..don't know what it is. Then sometimes I hear footsteps but everything is calm in the house. Any advise?

Jesse P @ 9:50 pm

i really need help. for over a year i have been getting goosebumps about ten times a day and a lot more recently. also i feel that something is always with me, though it has never touched me. it does not feel evil but weird. i have had 2 near death experiences, one recent though it probably has no connection.

September 7, 2011

rose @ 5:02 pm

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the paranormal or not, but I've had these dreams where something is shaking my whole body. in the dream I'm asleep or just lying in bed. either the bed or myself starts shaking. its like continuous waves of energy or something. its been happening since I was about eight and the first time it happened I felt something on top of me trying to be violent. all of these dreams are very realistic and I know I'm dreaming or asleep when it happens. does this happen to anyone else? Or does anyone know what's going on with me?

September 8, 2011

mark @ 12:34 am

my wife is experiencing things almost every night. she says the bed is moving and the covers are moving, and that she can feel and hear it thru THE MATTRESS. she said the other night she felt it going up her body and i was dead asleep next to her. as it got to her hair she felt it, then it went away and that i started scratching my face saying in my sleep quit, quit, and kept swatting and scratching my face. so she knew it wasnt just her, because i had been telling her it wasnt happening and it was her ambein. she believes with all her heart something is moving our mattress, sheets and bed at night? i dont know what to do. she cries and is truly worried. i dont know what to say or do? help

September 9, 2011

valerie @ 7:20 am

It started when my husband was in hospital for an operation. my sister was looking after the house and when she was leaving she could hear a child crying but there was nobody around. we live in the countryside. since then things have started happening around the house, we didnt want to say to my husband what has being happening in case he would say im mad. but i decided to tell him. he too had an experience with a little girl standing in our kitchen, unexplained sounds, pictures falling down. last night while on the computer with my friend, she went to say something thinking my daughter was leaning over her shoulder. she discovered nobody was there and today while cleaning the house i heard someone walk on my stones on the drive towards the front door. i called out and then heard Eliza whisper in my ear.

MIchelle "MIkka" H @ 8:59 pm

I can relate to lots of people here. Its ever so confusing what is happening to some people. I call mine the "Electric Spider Web." Its a sensation that happens only while I am out in active locations. Its happens when I get "Ghost Rushed." The other situations that happen to me while amongst the "Other Living" is the sensation of my arms and hands and then fingers falling asleep or getting numb. I also get the typical chills and taps and touches. I really do think that this 2012 business is about an ultra awareness in the world. We need to stop and think about our actions. I have discovered too many entities relapsing on their past life.

MIchelle "MIkka" H (death and roses paranormal) @ 9:53 pm

Like a gust of wind at your face or the feeling of heat rolling slowly towards u…ENERGY is invisible…but only to our human eyes. (but not all the time) Energy is a force…it moves in bundles. From what source its delivered from isnt the issue…its the fact that you are feeling the presence of energy. Static from a balloon can't be seen but you can feel it happening. When a bomb sets off…the pressure alone from the blast flattens areas around it. You will be tossed across the street and can also get impact bruises on your body by the invisible bundles of energy forced from the explosion alone. Somebody standing really close to you can be felt because they are affecting the area around you that is basically familiar to you…its a foreign body mixing with your space so u can tell when its happening. Like somebodies bad vibes? Ghosts/spirits/demons what have you are also made of energy. You can reveal energy fields around you by using the right equipment. Frequency is a field of energy controlled by troughs and peeks??? (waves) Also, do you know how to de-magnetize a magnet? Its about changing the energy structure. I believe that we can also repeal some spirit energies in the same fashion. Its a long haul sometimes to discover what kind of impulse…light…vibration…noise it will take to pin point a particular being.But I am working on a few theories.

Also…"FEAR" is a strong energy. Finding fear too is a very strong pull. Its a food source to ppl and beings with bad intention. A being who thrives on your fear will be able to connect to you harder while in the state of fear that it is causing you. You happen to be the the one that it needs to complete a formula. You + this entity =FEAR,then it gobbles up the energy and trauma u r feeling…if that makes sense. Like you are the right battery needed to activate that things light or field. You have to try to keep logic in the picture. Most spirits were once the living. Like we are soon to be the dead. Logic is important. Like when your mother tells you that your sister is only teasing you cuz she is getting a reaction from her actions? Well…its a start. They may be the bloody un-living and or the mis-understood. But logic might keep you on track. We don't know what we don't know so lets start with what we do know and try to not think out of the box right away. You just might be missing the simple solutions first.

The dead are only a product of the living, most likely. If this thing thats got you in a bind is something thats not from anything that was once living…well nothing really that anybody can say will help you and you need to keep a journal and log its every move and your feelings cuz this thing may be creating your feelings be it good or bad. Also bad thing cause sadness and anger and they sometimes try to isolate one from another and make u feel just oh so crazy and stupid. But thats its motive. Contact your local paranormal group and ask for help. ****No group will charge you money if they are for real. If they are heare to help you, they won't charge. If they are here to help themselves only…they will charge. You are doing them the favor by giving them experiences to learn from to better the community in case something like yours happens to another. Ask more groups for help if you first run into an unethical group. Every bundle of bananas has a spider in it, as every bag of apples has a rotten one in it. It doesn't mean that all groups are bad.

September 10, 2011

Emma @ 10:17 am

Hello my name is Emma. There's this weird thing that happens to me. Although it has stopped, this was when i lived back in Wisconsin. (This all happened during the past 5 years.) When I used to sit in my bedroom i'd leave the door wide open and sometimes I could feel like something or someone had entered the room sometimes it would be my cat, or sometimes there was nothing there when i looked at the door. Also one night I was watching Television and the T.V just turned off. I dont know how to use the sleep timer either. And then more recently things are…When I was doing homework in the living room and i felt and saw a black figure go over the top of my head so it was there in my eyesight. I thought it was my cat because you know how animals sometimes do that, but it wasnt. And then my older sister was doing laundry in the hallway, and she called my name so i answered back. she looked in our mothers room which confused me and she said, "Emma where are you? i dont see you in here." So i replied back, "Because im in our room." And then she freaked, "But i saw you enter moms room in the corner of my eye! You were a shadow so i figured the way the light was you just ran into moms room." And sometimes we hear things in our room drop, like a pencil. of course that could not be a presence, but please tell me what the explanation is?

September 11, 2011

meladi @ 2:32 am

Hi Larson. I'm sorry to say this but you do have a problem. However, sometimes these things can be fixed and sometimes not…depending on the spirit. You see, all those years you have been playing with spirits, you have probably "let out" quite a few. Irresponsible people who created the "Ouija" board (bad idea) back in the late 19th century didn't care any about the public who bought and used the "talking board", they did it to make money. Many young people think playing with spirits is exciting, some people play around with black magick and are not real witches but wannabees and many just try out stuff out of curiosity to see if strange things will really happen. So you are not alone, plus that was probably a long time ago when you did these things. The only people who should be handling spirits are licensed professional mediums and those who have inherited the powers from birth. You will only know what I'm talking about if you have this power, otherwise please disregard.

Anyways, this spirit in your bed, is really not just in your bed. You noticed it because it has attached itself to you when you let it out and it had become comfortable that it decided to stay. I suggest that if it does you no harm, let it be. Sometimes it's better that way. Some spirits retaliate if you try to get rid of them, that is if the spirit is evil. Yours seems to be quiet and kind. You are lucky actually! My daughter who has tried some black magick when she was younger let a spirit out accidentally that has attached itself to her everywhere she goes. The one she got is an evil old man who is very jealous. My daughter cannot have a partner because of this. We tried to release the spirit but it fought back. She has no choice now and is stuck with it for life. That is the consequence she has to live with and has accepted it. Hope all goes well for you.

meladi @ 6:39 pm

Mind you all…that spirits aren't the only things out there that has crossed our paths. There could be many explanations for all sorts of strange things happening. In Mexico and the Philippines, they have what is called "dwende." These are little gnome-like creatures that have been around for centuries. They look like tiny wrinkled old men who have the ability to turn themselves invisible when they want. There are only male species of them…I've never seen a female yet. They can be evil and do harm to you. However, there are those who go about their own business. You will know when you've encountered one of these because they like to play with people's hair. You can read up on them to find out more.

Then there are the aliens, who have been here long before men. They are now beginning to indirectly introduce themselves to people more and more and preparing themselves for "the time." I truly believe that come Dec. 21, 2012, earth will transform to what I call "the wave of acceptance." Other people see it as end of the world because they will not be able to get used to the changes as it will be so dramatic and overwhelming. Others will continue to live life…come what may. All I can say about it is that "history repeats itself." You can translate that however you like.

There are more "entities" out there. Way too many to mention. Some you will discover on your own and some you will just hear about. It's up to you to believe…or not.

mike rinaldo @ 9:59 pm

You are probably going to think I am crazy from what I am about to say ….but what the heck here goes

14 years ago my favorite aunt passed away and the day before her funeral she came to me. I was in my garage smoking because i quit smoking in the house ever since my kids came along. I heard my aunt's voice behind me to my right saying Michael….MICHAEL! in quick succession like she would to get my attention. I turned to look and saw no one. (I can only guess because she knows how I am and that it would scare the crap out of me.)

Then I had this intense flowing sensation like I was a living flame, from my feet straight up through my entire body (but not hot) like my hair was standing on end and waving in the breeze or flow of energy or something and goose bumps like I’ve never imagined. (The closest visualization I can think of is on the Anamai series Dragon Ball Z when Goku goes Super Saiyan.) And the realization it was her hugging me goodbye I had the deep and overwhelming feeling of Love in the truest sense of the word beyond any description I can possibly give. SO intense I was uncontrollably sobbing from the sheer beauty of it. And I also sensed incredible happiness from her. All I could say is I love you back repeatedly through the whole experience.

I was able to go to her funeral the next day feeling totally good about it knowing she is happy and still around me. It wasn’t very long after this I started to realize she must be keeping an eye on me because I can feel her presence and if I think long enough or mention her to anyone I can tell she’s near me but in a milder version of the first time, but strong enough I sometimes get teary eyed. Over the years since I notice things like when I happen to find out My uncle was going in for routine elective bypass surgery last year because I work at the hospital he was having this done. The morning of the surgery I woke up knowing I had a dream involving a conversation I couldn’t remember anything about. I only knew I had a strong compulsion to call my uncle and tell him that Aunt Pauline said “don’t get shook up, you’re not going anywhere." Apparently unknown to me he was apparently very worried about it but didn’t tell anyone.

I have more to say but wondered if there someone I can talk to about this and other experiences I have had since then? I want to know if I am just totally nuts or are there other people out there that have had this kind of experience. Is there a way to improve the sensitivity? Stuff like that. Thanks for your time


September 12, 2011

liz @ 8:10 am

ive always been a sensitive. i sense all spirits and see those in which decide to to the reveal themselves to me. ive been through several scary situations. they come and go but there's one specific ghost that wont leave me alone. I have a child ghost which comes to my home from time to time. i usually feel her presence with my chest, feeling as if someone is pushing me down. i am not able to say a word no matter how loud i yell. i usually see her feet under my chinese doors as she walks towards me… i see her shadow but for the first time last night she stood at the end of my bed, just above my feet playing. ive never seen her before unless it was when she would run up to my face quickly, but this was different. she was laughing and playing. of course she left when i called my lords name as she always does. but i dont know what it means when a ghost stands at the edge of ur bed. i know it has a meaning … anyone?

September 13, 2011

Kait @ 2:11 am

sometimes when im lying in bed, my bed shakes not violently but subtly…..its weird. in my old home i used to hear scratching on the walls, growling…..the feelings of not being alone were so strong, sometimes i would get sick and frozen with fear. since ive moved to a new home i have yet to experience anything.

September 15, 2011

anne pere @ 12:16 pm

At first i really didn't believe in these things, but lately I am believing. its been over 3 years. i see shadows whenever i turn my back and at night i feel someone is touching me. a few nights ago someone removed my bracelet. on this bracelet it has the picture of god. and when i was asleep, someone touched me on my back.

September 16, 2011

Charlie @ 3:32 am

I don't really talk about this stuff often, but what the Hell, lets give it a shot.

I've always been sensitive to energy fields, different fields produce different sensations. Standing near an open high voltage source, or being near a lightning strike (I've had it hit within 50 yards at least a half dozen times) gives me goose-pimples. Whereas, being in an area of high magnetic flux with a lower overall charge, or being in very close proximity such as standing next to, or directly inside of an unwanted spirits magnetic field produces a heavy full-body tingle, with shortness of breath. I have many skills, and do not come across many puzzles/challenges that I cannot eventually conquer. I frequently get urges to craft things using primitive methods and tools.

Just the other day I was looking at a pile of my great grandmothers antique sewing stuff, I said to her "wanna help me make something?", and just like a lightswitch it clicked. Next thing I know its 14 hours later, and that I have been sitting in a dead silent room sewing like a machine with 'really good for a guy who has no idea what he's doing' stitching. I come back off auto pilot with a completely handmade eyeglass case with button holes, and two side pockets. Done completely with hidden stitching We didn't stop with that though. We used the buttons as eyes, and embroidered on a face, hands, feet, and a stomach. When I was finished with it, I showed it around to a bunch of people that knew how to sew for a critique, everyone I showed it to couldn't believe that I made it out of nothing with no measurements, or previous experience. That's just one of many examples of my "help me" moments.

I invite spirits to guide me through challenges, or to get me to my destination, like auto-pilot when driving (yes I am aware of the danger of inviting a spirit into your body. I learned the hard way). Never invite anything into your full consciousness… When I had spirits inside of me they often made me say or do harsh things, and rarely in fits of malice I have had electronics such as televisions & radios flicker, or completely shut off at the peak of my anger for absolutely no other confirmable reason, as well as objects falling over on stable surfaces. Through discussion of this with other "non-experts", and copious reading, I learned how to build some walls to lessen the assaults of angry spirits, and control the general traffic as a whole.

I compartmentalize by visualizing a separate area from my main consciousness, a parlor, if you will, that has 2 locked doors. One of these doors leads to myself, and the other leads to elsewhere… that's unknown to me. When I choose to have a brainstorming session, or just need some general guidance I can open my door to elsewhere and have my guests visit the parlor so to speak. Allowing spirits beyond the parlor is not a good practice. They aren't always malignant, but better safe than sorry. Prior learning how to building my mental walls, I would get massive cluster headaches. I would see shadows dart through mirrors, and in my peripherals, right before I would get these massive headaches that would often last for days at a time. Ever since I was a little child, I have been able to communicate with these spirits that guide me, as well as acted like a magnet for restless spirits. During my childhood, I wasn't really troubled by anything malignant, devious maybe, but nothing that tried to hurt me. Somewhere in my mid to late teens I discovered that I could communicate with the dead, and other formless spirits. I started to dabble in parapsychology, conducting my own experiments over the years. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, so there was a bountiful array of places to explore my abilities at.

I have always had premonitions in a lucid sleep state, and often get deja vu with the ability to describe these places I have never been before. I occasionally hear voices trying to communicate with me through random noise without the aid of evp (as if I leave the radio on a pure static station), or in random white noise. I've also had many written conversations with spirits. I usually destroy those immediately, because the content usually is non-productive, sometimes disturbing, and usually in handwriting that varies from my normal, mixed with my responses. I sometimes see shadows in the light, and lights in the shadows, but mostly with the walls up, I don't have visuals unless something strong gets by momentarily.

Which pretty much brings me to why I started browsing on the subject again tonight. A hair more of the backstory first though in relation to this specific event. I'm visiting with my grandmother right now from out of town, I have not lived in this house in approximately 10 years, when I did it was for about 3 years, so I feel that I have a good feel for normal sounds in this house. A couple years ago my grandfather passed away at this house while I was away. I've been back in town for about 3 months now helping her get ready for a long distance move. The area that I am having the most activity is the back hall, and the bedrooms. I have been hearing heavy footsteps (my grandfather was a man of large stature) & knocking coming from the back of the house near the bedrooms, multiple times a day when the house is quiet, I am stationary, and there is no one else physically in the house. When I am walking in the back hall, the door I am heading to will sometimes open itself if unlatched before I am within an arms reach.

I also get the heavy magnetic flux sensation if I am in the back hall, or in my grandparents bedroom. I close all the doors on the house when I leave, and I have even been known to rig them with a slip of paper that falls out when opened, so I know if they have been opened or not. I started to think for a while that I was leaving them open myself and forgetting. I also have heard my familial name, as well as the word "work" several times in radio static bursts, and house creaks. This occurs along with a sense that I am being watched.

Today has been a pretty day. As I said earlier, I am helping my grandmother move all her (and my grandfathers) earthly possessions, and what can I say… I can be a bit of a slacker sometimes, I very easily lose track of time. So it wouldn't be abnormal for one of my grandparents to be reminding me of my responsibilities when I'm lost on the net. Anyways. During the day I heard my name a couple times, had footsteps, and knocking before I left. After I ran my errands, I came home and was back to working/slacking (it's tiresome packing a packrats stuff). I went out to the garage, and moved my grandfathers snowblower (he passed away in the driveway by a stroke while removing snow, and was out there an indeterminate amount of time). Right after I moved his snowblower, I heard several loud bangs from in the house. I went inside to investigate the noises. As I came around the corner into the back hall, I felt an overwhelming tingle from head to toe, like all the nerves in my body just went active at the same time. It's not hot, it's not cold, its just intense energy. There's no real feeling of good or evil, its just presence, almost awe inspiring. The initial onslaught ran right over my barriers… I couldn't move, and repair the image in my head at the same time. The sensation was just that strong. I stood there for what had to be a good minute before I felt like I could move again. While I was standing there getting assaulted, there was a couple bangs from inside my grandmothers room, I also developed a feeling that there was someone just inside the other side of that door. I took a step back, and opened the door, when the door opened, I had another surge of energy hit me from the front, and had several white spots quickly shrink into nothingness throughout the room.

The white spots had no form to them really, they were more like just quick glimpses of white light inside my eyeballs… the closest way I can think to describe it is when you close your eyes and apply pressure to your eyeballs, or look at a light for a while, then look away. I stood there in this new wave of energy, and started to command the spirits to leave the house, that they were not welcome guests, and they had to move on in the name of Jesus Christ. I'm not an overly religious person, I don't know what to believe anymore to tell the truth. But I grew up in a catholic house, so I know the paces too. I can tell you what's beyond, but there is power in those words, when commanding the spirits of god fearing souls to leave.

While I was telling the spirits to leave, and trying to maintain my ability to stand up. I could hear bubble wrap popping, like a challenge to my command, in the spare bedroom where I am putting all the finished packages. I didn't open that door though, I didn't want to risk another wave of energy from a second direction at the same time. So I returned my attention to the open door, and commanded the spirits to leave again, this time telling them that they have no power here, and I will not listen to them anymore tonight. For the most part, things are settling down, there was a couple bangs, but I ignored them. Other than that, the ticking teases me a little here and there, and I got a slight flash headache now.

A few months ago I had a discussion with my grandmother about hauntings, mostly at my other grandparents house that's built in a neighborhood that is haunted. I said something along the lines of, "I'm gonna talk to you about this, cause I know you're the only one in the family that might actually believe me". When I started revealing some of this stuff to her, she informed me that angels visit her, and gave her warning standing over their bed every night for a week before he passed, and that they were telling her "be prepared", and "the time is coming". She continued on to tell me that they came out of the walls from the light switches, and outlets as tiny specs of light, and that they exited the room the same way. She know's nothing about electrical or magnetic fields, so this kinda surprised me. She also took the time to enlighten me with some of her old school paranormal information, and practices. But that's an entirely different novella. Whilst regaling me with her folklore, she also revealed to me that her side of the family is sensitive to spirits. I also have a theory, that my sister can see spirits too. She's alluded to being sensitive in the past, and she sure had an awful lot of imaginary friends that she talked to growing up lol.

Anyways, I think I'm coming to the end of this chapter of the story. Whatcha think, am I nuts? Some days, I'm not so sure myself.

September 17, 2011

Nicky @ 1:05 pm

Since i was born, i never slept with the lights off. i always screamed when i felt something or saw things. when i turned 9, things got worse… i started seeing shadows & figures behind me or next to me starring at me.. & when i look around the room nothing was there. im not crazy. im not imagining stuff. my mother never believed me. she thought i was crazy. my dad thought i was imagining stuff or just scared of the dark. im not to this day. im 14 years old. and i still feel presences in my room watching me, following me to every house i move to. everything i do, i always feel im being watched. its always been a man. sometimes i would hear things…but somehow when i muted my tv to listen to it closely, it stopped. my dad after 9 months later confessed that when i was born i could feel spirits. Please, if anyone has any advice for me my email Please.. tell me something.. i wanna feel safe in my own house.

melissa collins @ 8:36 pm

I saw a transparent figure of a man walk across my bedroom in the daytime and walk through the wall and out of my house. He was a cowboy type I sensed by the way he walked and by the outline of his body/clothing. I didn't feel anything and was shocked of an explanation. I was awakened from sleep by someone slapping my pillow twice and no one was there. that happened once at home and once while I was in the hospital for a week after I had surgery. Since I was in my early teens, I have had feelings that came on suddenly that something was gonna happen and it did. I've had times where I get friends on my mind and reach them, and something great or tragic has happened. What is going on with me?

leisure @ 11:08 pm

Hi, I have lived in haunted places and some people have heard of Gateway Gardens of Kokomo, Indiana. Actually there is an old factory that is haunted there too. Though, I lived in a gateway as a kid and people who have lived there also experienced paranormal experiences. My mother saw three orbs in her room in her bed. my bed lifted an inch off the floor and the tv would turn off and on. the toilet would flush itself. this was all usually around 10:30pm to around midnight. We would hear little kids, and adults talking.

When I was at a friend's house across the yard from me in the same complex, there was a young boy and a father that haunted it. the little boy would literally trip us, my friend was pushed down the stairs. We would hear some odd giggling like it sounded like a little boy. Many people I knew that lived there, also died or left there. they say it always brought them to tears, while most get cold chills and hair would stand on end when they heard or spoke about it. I lived there for 8 years and dealt with that.

Where I live now with my fiance, the shower has turned on by itself twice. I have felt cold spots and heard 30's music playing. I saw an apparition of a male with a tall hat standing in the doorway. it was more of a shadow and it spooked me to the point I would clench my eyes shut and cover my head with a blanket. My fiance at first didn't believe me until we heard thunking and voices when it is calm, and no noises can be heard from outside. I am wondering if I can actually see spirits before anyone else can, probably prior from my experience living in a haunted apartment complex from 8 years ago.

If anyone can give me some insight, it would really clear my mind.

September 20, 2011

RICK @ 1:29 pm

Hi :) my Brother recently passed away. since then i have a hard time sleeping. The first night i dreamed of him, he put his hand on my shoulder and said this was a mistake , a misunderstanding. i looked at him and he said "I'm not Dead!! the second time, for instance, one night just as i layed my head on my pillow, i was poked repeatedly on my shoulder near my back. when my fiance returned to bed from being in the bathroom, she cuddled me and said i love you. Just then i jumped out of bed and yelled at her to stop poking me. she was in the other room. just writing this gives me chills. it was like something wanted my attention. the next night i actually dreampt that i saw the finger poke and press into my shoulder or near my back, and i feel a heavy feeling. Are these dreams real?

Alyssa @ 3:42 pm

i have been waking up in the middle of the night around the same time…feeling like there is a hand laying on my shoulder and my heart begins to race. at first i thought that maybe it was just bad dreams but then my dog and cats started to stare at the same spot and become very uneasy. this happened around the time i would wake up for a few moments afterwards. Can this be something paranormal?

Luca @ 6:08 pm


My mother just passed away about 2 months ago and i swear i feel a touch across my throat and face every day while I am at work… and sometimes i feel a touch on my shoulder … i keep telling my co worker and they smile and sigh… i do talk to my mother everyday as if she was here. But i am not sure if these moments are a good thing or a bad thing… could this meant that she might not have passed over and should I tell her to pass over? I want her with me forever, but i also don't want her to be caught… What does all this meant?


flo @ 9:24 pm

i had some weird experiences in my previous home. id go out come back, and my radio in the bathroom would be on and would play the strangest music, really eerie …..but to turn it on u had to turn the knob all the way around and then it would click on. also i was in the bathroom again and there was nobody in the flat with me! i was leaning over the bath when i felt somebody touch my arm… i remember spinning round so fast i nearly broke my neck… but nobody was there…

then a few weeks before i moved houses… i was alone again and my surround sound DVD player kept turning itself on… and id had it a while and knew it wasn't faulty. again that evening i was in the kitchen and placed a hair grip on top of the microwave. i then walked to the window and began smoking a fag. i then heard a ping and the sound of something hitting the the floor. i turned the light on and their on the floor, was my hair grip! but the sound of that ping has stayed with me… i normally put these experiences down to me partying too much or an over active imagination! until i started getting phone calls day and nite but what i herd on that phone line… frightened the life outta me. even now i hate talking on the phone! but on a nite out i rang my flat as i didn't know if my fella was in, and i didn't have an answering phone. the phone would normally ring out, but this time it would ring a few times and then it stopped as if it had been answered but there was no voice …

i rang about 20 times and every time it was answered. i screamed down the phone that if my fella was playing a joke to speak as it wasn't funny anymore! still nothing… i pegged it home thinking someones in my flat and i get in and no-ones there? i check my mobile to make sure i didn't ring the wrong number…. and guess what i didn't…. but now in my new home i feel as if im being watched! not all the time, but i don't feel safe! even with my family in the house with me! i cant settle. i get cold chills when there isn't a draft or window open, even now there's thumping outside the window… but i think im just letting my imagination run wild…. i tried to explain to my fella but he laughs and tells me to relax. its the living that can hurt you, not the dead…but im not so sure… what do you think? any advice will be greatly received. Flo x

September 21, 2011

Akash srivastava @ 7:10 am

Hello everyone, i just want to know whether ghosts can hurt us? I mean things that we have heard, like ghosts taking possession of people and stuff. These ghosts are energies, but can these energies flow into living people, controlling them?

September 22, 2011

Charlie @ 2:53 am

Additions for this week. More footsteps, and talking. Lamp in my grandparents room shut itself off (thought the bulb blew, but filament was fine, so tried the knob and it had been physically turned). My cousin has stayed several days this week to help me move their stuff, and he has told me that he's been getting goosepimples, feeling funny/queasy, and hearing the same sort of stuff in the same area of the house as I do. My grandmother reports footsteps, voices, and visions of him.

Heather @ 3:59 am

Ever since I was about 5 years old I could feel things around me. I'm now 16 and that feeling is so much stronger. At times I can even see what I'm feeling. When I dream, I speak to people and they tell me about themselves, but when I wake up I find that that person is dead. There is also a spirit that lives in our house. Its friendly and plays with my stuff, but at times its also very protective. Like when strangers come to my house it stands in front of me, or it tries to pull me away. Lately I've been getting very strong and overwelming feelings wherever I go, what can I do?

September 23, 2011

Virginia @ 4:47 am

My family and myself included are very superstitious. I have experienced sleep paralysis twice and felt something get on my chest. I cant breathe and saw shadows in the shadows. I have also seen a figure of a man with my peripheral vision, felt presence of entities around me and have weird nightmares of dead people. I will not say these happenings have not scared me, because they have.

But, something far greater than all of that has me on the verge of insanity. I will try to describe this as best I can.

At night when I am ready for bed is when this usually happens. As i am drifting off into unconsciousness some weird feeling starts to overwhelm me almost like a thrumming tingling sensation. It feels nice, relaxing almost peaceful. i feel content. But, as soon as i accept this feeling i feel like i am getting pulled out of my body (i have done research on OBE so my mind is aware of this.) almost as if i am falling into a dark tunnel, but its not a tunnel. That is when my self preservation kicks in .. Im afraid to give in to the feeling. If I am actually having an OBE (Out of body experience aka ASTRAL PROJECTION) how can i be doing it without being aware of me doing it? Please If any one has some insight on this subject feel free to contact me at GINNY0609@GMAIL [dot] COM It is greatly appreciated!

September 24, 2011

Chris @ 1:25 pm

Hi, One night about a year ago I woke up to what I can only describe as a grey silky thing coming at me. it was the height of a Yorkshire terrier and just passed over me emitting heat as it went. I dont have a clue what it was. I was wondering, is this me dreaming, or has this happened to anyone before?

Virginia (ginny) Creitz @ 11:59 pm

I have had the experience of my spirit leaving my body and I did not like it at all. It was very scary. I was at a meditation class and did not expect this. The teacher said only imagine yourself on the ceiling. It seemed as though I was there right away and not at all happy. It was very scary and part of me even worried that a part of me might of been left there. I have been assured later that this is not possible. Some people try to do this and say they like it, but not me. If I had your problem I would change the setting somehow. Play a relaxing tape , open the window, change something, and hopefully the feeling and experiences will cease.

I have this experience, somewhat like yours in Sweden, I felt I was hurling in outerspace. Very scary. I got up opened the window and when I fell asleep again I was fine. someone suggested that the apt. was built over a vortex. It was a very old building and had many antiques in it. Try removing some of the articles in your room that are old, or test them for being ok with a pendulum. Even books with bad vibes can make things happen that you don't want. Hope this helps. ginny

September 25, 2011

Jonlyn @ 7:17 am

Dear Michelle, When i was 6, i would feel as if somebody was leaning on me and holding me down. And at night I would feel some one rubbing my back and i would wake up and nobody was there. when i'm all alone i hear people call my name…..When that happens my hands start to shake to the point where i have to go in a room with people in it. There have been nights where i would grab my crucifix and curl up with it…

One night when i was 6, i saw a light in my doorway (it was very bright ). And there was a man there just staring at me, making eye contact. (He seemed cold, sad….He had long black hair and deep blue eyes. He was around 6 foot 2, probably around 174 lb…. and i can give a even better description.) And before he left he smiled evily. And now as I type this, I feel something hover around me watching…And my cats would stare at things that were not there….Please just some advice. I'm truly terrified..Please help…

September 26, 2011

Kathy @ 9:12 am

well, lately i have had a lot of trouble sleeping. i feel like something is watching me. it's not every night but it happens a lot and i try to ignore it most of the time. I have felt a couple of times as if someone is leaning on the side of my bed looking over me. i just stay still because im scared to see what will happen. sometimes i do feel like i can't move or speak when i have wanted to call for my parents. i do understand this is maybe "sleep paralysis" but ever sense i was young, i've had weird things like this happen to me. i didn't start sleeping alone until i was 11 because i would usually have the feeling of something being with me. when i was smaller i would see the same person standing in the same spot every night and i would always wake up in the middle of the night to see him. it was kind of like a shadowy figure. i've never forgotten it. can someone tell me what i should do?


ps: my aunt has felt the door ringing and lights and t.v's flickering. she has had many dreams with her mom (my grandmother). on my cousins birthday (my aunts son) i took many pictures. when i got home and put them on the computer, there was this light on my aunts leg in the same spot, even if she would be in different positions. ( i remember during that time i asked for my grandmother to let me know everything was going to be ok because there was a lot going on with my family at the time.) When i have told my mom what's happened to me she always tells me it's my grandmother guarding us. i never met her, but from what i've heard she was big on family and very loving. please help me. i honestly don't know what to think of it. thank you.

mark @ 9:50 am

I have had paranormal experiences for the last almost three years now! no help from the para-community. I posted my evidence on the tube. I have had small poltergeist activity, orbs and even spiritual spooning! that really freaked me out, since I had fallen asleep on the couch and no room for anyone!

my query is— are you experiencing increased psychic ability as I am? dont believe me, then go to mister master mcz seven at the tube and see for yourself! I have always had premonitions but this has gone beyond that! thx mark

jessica @ 9:46 pm

hi my name is jessica. my brother died september 2, 2011. this has been happening to my mom. after my brother died, they have been seeing my brother and my brother called my other brother josh his name. then when my mom was taking a bath, she heard her phone ringing and she looked and it stopped. it only showed the time on it. does this mean anything? please let me know.

Amanda @ 9:51 pm

Hi, I need help. We bought our house about a year ago and I didn't like it — but my husband talked me into it. I just had a feeling. I started waking up in the middle of the night and feeling like someone was standing by my bedroom door staring at me. This has gotten worse over time. My dogs won't come out of my room in the morning. sometimes they go ape shit over nothing.

I'm starting to think I'm going crazy and if I am having heightened senses, I need to know how to control them. Someone please help me. I'm losing so much sleep over this.

September 29, 2011

casey jeanes @ 8:44 pm

My name is casey and i sometimes sense the presence of a ghost. i rarely see them but sometimes i can also hear them. ive seen shadows that run through walls. once i got a vision of someone standing over a spot and they showed me how they died. all the time i feel like i'm being watched. one time i heard my dresser handle start moving. the next time i moved, and it made the exact same noise. And I have seen my dad get up and walk away but when i looked over he had never moved.

September 30, 2011

Brian in Virginia @ 5:26 pm

This morning my wife and I just had the strangest experience. We are new to the area, and are the 2nd people to live in the house we are in. The previous people lived here 45 years and died 2-4 years ago. Don't know how or where.

This morning at 5:24 I was awakened by someone grabbing my foot. I woke up and immediately got mad….I thought my wife was waking me up. However, to my surprise she was laying next to me having the exact same sensation and thought I was doing something. Then we heard a noise….my son 8 year old son just got out of bed saying he had a dream and felt like someone had scratched his leg and woke him up.

I couldn't go back to sleep. We all got up and went on with our day. When we both got home, we talked about the experience (not with my son…I don't need him to have nightmares). We stuck out our feet and at the same time squeezed the others' foot to see how similar…we both made the same action. Don't know what or why, but this could be interesting??

Brian in Virginia @ 5:28 pm

CNN ran a story on this (9/25/2011) called "Crisis Apparitions." Sounds exactly like their story when someone who is leaving needs to say goodbye to someone they care for.

October 1, 2011

donna @ 6:59 am

Since I have gotten older, I have really honed in on my abilities. I feel spirits and sense them. I also had one sit beside me on my bed. You could actually see the indent of someone sitting next to me. I don't want to be frightened because I believe I would be terrified. I ask them to leave and never show themselves to me. I know my Mother tried to contact me after she passed but I asked her to not show herself, that I knew it was her. I loved her and I was alright, so she should crossover. I cared for her until she died and she knew how devastated I was. I could go on, but most people have the ability if they pay attention.

October 2, 2011

Chris @ 11:35 am

I have these feelings like cold air on my legs when i am playing xbox or playstation. right now i have the feeling that i am being watched. Things disappear in my house and i can never find them ever again. When i was little i had a stuffed animal that i had tight in my hands when i was asleep. it disappeared the next day. So yeah, i think that i brought it in my house and it is stuck with me for the rest of my life, now in this house. the scariest part was a shadowy figure outside my window and it banged the glass so hard it almost broke.

Chris @ 11:54 am

yeah, it does mean something jessica. it means that you have to get out of that house. the same thing happened to me. the phone rang. i went into my room, and it stopped. I looked for who called and it was nobody. So yes it means that it is a spirit is trying to let somebody know that they are there. you have to see if it is a bad or good spirit. But do not, i mean do not, do a spirit ritual that summons spirits. get a recorder or a heat sensor or something that can record heat. Spirits feel cold, but they have an inside that is heat. that experience of yours, that is a spirit in your house.

Teresa @ 4:20 pm

Hi. My friends and i are highly superstitious, and were talking about ways to prevent spirits. does putting a dab of olive oil on your mirrors work? thanks.

October 4, 2011

Bruce @ 7:21 am

Hi, I have been wondering about this for years. i hope by posting someone might be able to help explain what this may be. Every once and a while i will be in the middle of something (and it could be anything), and i will get a shiver up my spine that will start at the bottom and work its my up my spine and into my head – sometimes with such force that i feel my eyes roll back into my head. Any ideas what could cause this??

tara @ 8:14 am

hi, i hope someone will comment !!! on this comment

last feb 2011 i moved into a new apartment. i started noticing a feeling of a cat rubbing on me but then i realized that my cats were not at my apartment yet. so i was ok with it. then weeks go on i get moved in and settle down. i was sitting on the edge of my couch typing on my laptop and felt a person jump behind me. i felt this person placed their hand lightly on my shoulders…i turned around thinking it was one of my children. when i turned, no one was there but the imprint of someone sitting there was still there.

i didnt get scared, but happy that they're here and then i announced that we could share this home together…not sure if i did a bad thing but i feel no harm upon me. they do the weirdest stuff like moving my keys or items like my check book when i know i had just set it down. but i just say please give them back. and within a minute, it returns. did i do the right thing by asking them to stay?

October 5, 2011

Charmaine @ 11:29 pm

Hi, all i know is i see spirits. not always but have lost count. i feel them every day. i have had some bad experiences that have scared me for example I was sitting out on my mother's front deck with her having a cuppa and mum was telling me about this spirit that was in the house – an old lady who did not like men. she was telling me about a dream she had, but felt it was more then just a dream from her. out of nowhere i saw a flash sweep across my mothers head, and a slap sound. her hair even moved with it. she jumped up out of her seat and did the hebbie geebie dance.

we both looked at each other and knew straight away we should stop talking about her. this is not the first time i have seen them have physical contact. so i have been turning my back to it all and trying not to see. is it too dangerous to start believing and letting them in a little more? I always feel them touch my head. it gives me a sensation of static electricity only in that spot, but i know when i feel it, its someone that is connected to me like a grandmother or something as it gives me a feeling of such calm and love.

I had my 5th child 4 months ago and i have a strong feeling that spirit that touches me on the side of the head had something to do with it. my sister was here for 3 days before she had to fly back home. we where sitting there chatting, and she was so upset that she was going to miss the birth. a few seconds later we both got touched and decided to stop talking about it and go inside. we both knew that feeling too well. 3 mins later, my waters broke and i gave birth to my daughter a few hours later and she was 3 weeks early. The part that makes me connect this is my sister was talking about missing it and was so upset at the thought of that. i was telling her how my last labour when my waters broke i heard it was amazing. i was saying i wish you had one like that sis where you hear the pop when your waters brake, (she heard my waters pop). the most amazing part was she looked up and asked our grandmother who passed away 9 years ago, please nan dont let me miss it!

I'm used to all of this. i have had this ability since i was a little girl at about the age of 4. i pointed up to three faces looking at me and my mother, and said mummy who are they. well we did not stick around to find out. i slept with my mother till the age of 12 because i was so scared. i can not sleep with my hands or feet hanging over the side of my bed ever. I feel im ready to relax a little. im so tired of blocking them all out, but im just so scared. i have 5 young children and dont want any bad energy finding its way into our home. there is so much more, but i will be here all day. if any one can give me a few tips or thoughts that would be great. Cheers :)

October 6, 2011

Ian (United Kingdom) @ 6:33 am

Hi, After reading many of these comments I am still at a loss. When i was around 9 years old i was declared clinically dead from an Asthma attack. Ever since then, I could hear noises, sounds, like when you're in a crowded room with everyone talking at the same time, never being able to pinpoint 1 voice or 1 conversation.

After years of therapy as a child and all through my teenage life I had suppressed the noises, but now they are back after talking to a woman local to me from a UK dating site. She shares a similar ability, in that she senses feelings and is given random tastes and smells. We have never actually met, but we have both had dates with other people since and they have been sabotaged. she called 1 guy by my name the entire evening they spent together. And I, I actually went blind for around 2 hours 1 evening whilst on a date with another woman.

Could this be the work of a group of spirits? I have now been able to separate the voices i hear into 5 different people (for want of a better word) and when i talk to this woman on the phone i pick up 2 or 3 more from her side. I guess what I'm asking is if 2 people who both have a strong sense of spirits get together, does it amplify?

Ian (United Kingdom) @ 6:54 am


It seems from reading these comments on here, that many people are experiencing things, either for the first time or stronger than they are used to. I don't know if this has some meaning behind it, or if it's just a coincidence.

I personally have experienced things on a much greater scale than is normal for me. In my previous post i have asked if it's because i am in touch with someone with similar ability to myself. We have not met yet and are both very wary of meeting because since talking to each other things for both of us have become unusually active, and neither of us are sure what that means, or if it would get worse if we meet.

monika @ 7:10 am

I had a strange experience last night. I was in a middle of a dream (nothing scary, something about being a part of a theatre play). in this dream, I was meant to walk up the stairs, meet two men sitting at the top of the stairs who were meant to show me the way to changing rooms. So I go up these stairs, and see the two men, they are showing me to go left. then suddenly someone grabs my hand with his very cold freezing hand and sort of pulls me to the left. At this point, there was no dream anymore and I am pretty sure I was waking up due to the sudden coldness, but I couldnt speak or move on the bed for quite some time. Once I could, I turned and pulled on my covers as I felt very cold. I wasnt scared during the whole thing, as if I knew it was going to end soon. I am just wondering if anyone knows whether that was someone touching me (like a ghost visiting) and what that might mean.

luis @ 8:59 pm

I feel like I am being watched all the time. Each night I am visited by this Korean woman. She told me about her death and how her son murdered her. It is really sad and scary that she follows me around. I think maybe she is looking after me. She doesn't do any harm, she just follows me.

October 7, 2011

Larsen @ 1:18 pm

@ Michael

I spoke with a friend about all this. she says she thinks it's because i was sleeping across from a mirror and that if i change where i sleep and set boundaries (which i'm not exactly sure how to do) that i should be ok. What do u think? I'm gonna give it a shot…

What you see is your own soul. Leaving and getting back while you sleep. Mirrors are not recommended for that reason. It has nothing to do with ghosts.

Rose @ 7:12 pm

I have had so many experiences with ghosts, most of them were friendly but some very frightening. Ive heard crying, footsteps, screaming, shadow people, full figured ghosts, and shadow people with horns. Should I be scared? I have seen them since i was really young. They've never tried to hurt me but for some reason it scares me. I think im just the kind of person that is very open to the spirit world, maybe. Oh and about your question, i feel ghost presences everywhere. if there has been a lot of fatal wrecks there, maybe the ghosts are doing that to you so you will be aware — so you will not make the mistakes they did by wrecking on accident.

Rose @ 7:20 pm

Pauline, i think that its just your sweet little baby that wants her mommy. its very sad, but it think its nothing to be afraid of. i just think she wants to be with you and because she's not alive to do so, she visits you from heaven. Also its nothing to be afraid of. i think she is now an angel in heaven watching over you and visiting you.

October 8, 2011

Ian (United Kingdom) @ 2:37 pm

@ Monika,
Sometimes when we wake suddenly from a dream we can suffer something like sleep paralysis, this is a safety measure to stop us acting out our dreams. Not sure what the cold hand means or was, but it could be something to do with the paralysis.

October 10, 2011

meladi @ 8:18 pm

Yes Tyler, but only a few of us have the ability to see spirits, etc. If you are seeing shadows, they are not of spirits, but those of extra dimensional beings. These beings are now being "noticed" more and more by the human eye, but only a glimpse. Unfortunately, we will never be able to see them completely because they are from another dimension that is beyond ours, one that our brains are not capable of acquiring…yet. For now, we humans are limited to the 3rd dimension and that is only by use of special glasses.

Only a handful of us, have the ability to "see" the extra dimensions (4th dimension and up), but they were sent here to earth by special request to help assist us for when the "transition" happens. For those who are not aware of it, there are up to 11 dimensions that exist. Many believe these shadows are evil. I don't. However, there are evil entities/spirits that do exist. Some strong enough that they can do great harm to people. Those are the ones you want to avoid. The rest of the spirits are either lost souls, or ones who have unfinished business and refuse to walk towards the light until they are ready. Hope this helped.

meladi @ 8:48 pm

Hi Amanda. First of all, you must always follow your gut feelings and your heart whenever you make tough decisions like buying a house. But I can understand that it's difficult when your partner has pretty much already made up his mind :D Second, you really need to have your house blessed and have strong faith in God. Third, you need to obtain religious items that also have been blessed…like a rosary, a bible, etc. and have them inside your home (every room if needed). Try these first. It could just be that a member of the last household died there and is not ready to give up his home.

If none of these work, you will need to leave that house as you are not wanted there. That would be the easiest way. But you need to ask yourself and your husband too…did weird things only start happening when I moved into this house? Or has there always been strange things happening even before? Once you have narrowed it down, it will make it easier for you to know what to do. If moving out will be an issue, you will need to find someone who can help you get rid of the spirit(s). This way can be costly and not 100% guaranteed to work. Also it can or may make matters worse sometimes. Good luck.

meladi @ 9:11 pm

Tara, you have children ghosts in your home. If you have children too, just make sure they are not being harmed by the ghost out of jealousy. Some children ghosts get very jealous of other children and place them in danger. If you feel you are in no danger, you are okay to allow them to share your household…BUT set rules for them. Like…you can stay as long as you do us no harm. We have a little girl ghost in our basement who watches our broken tv every 1pm. Mind you this tv no longer has a cord attached to it, but everyday at the same time she turns it on and watches quietly. I made rules for her that she must stay in the basement and that she needs to shut off the tv when she's done. She's been no bother to us. She listens to what I say. Good luck with your newly found friends.

October 11, 2011

andy @ 9:51 pm

hi, I'm andy. i am 31 years old now and when i was 15 or a little older, i moved out of my moms home. as soon as i did, it was raining one night and i looked out the window and saw a man standing in the rain lookin at me – just standing there. i got up, opened the door. he was gone. now i see him in my dreams – an indian man with hat and black rain coat on him with guns on his side boots. some one told me he was my spirit guide i've been seeing ghost since i was a kid and not sure why i feel them and feel like they need help. no one wants to help them for some reason. i can sense they are there and see them when they want me to see them. one time i got on myspace and helped this girl. told her not to go to work. she went to work 3 days later. she came back online and told me what happened. asked me how i knew she going to get into a wreck. i could not tell her how or even why. she told me thank you for telling me, etc.

October 12, 2011

Peter Rodriguez @ 12:58 am

Please help me. My daughter is waking up with very bad scratches on her face, neck, stomach. They are raised and some bleed. They are sometimes in X forms, like slashes and is being told by some entity in her dream to "stop trying to get rid of me". She wakes up screaming and crying and the scratches burn her. I slept next to her one night and she woke up with a burning feeling in her arm, when I looked I saw right before my eyes scratches raising on her arm. They looked like they came from inside her body. I took her to a friends house to sleep there and it happened there too. Also when I speak to it in the open angrily, I feel really bad goose bumps and I get cold. Last night, I cursed it and it scratched my daughter in the neck and she cried "daddy it burns". Please help me somebody. This is affecting her home life, sleep and school life. Please someone help me….

I am not sure what else to do. This has been going on for a while now but its gotten alot worse. I didnt believe her at first till I saw the scratches and felt the goosebumps myself. I sent my daughter away to her grandmas in Nicaragua for the summer and it didnt happen there at all. I am considering pulling her out of school and sending her back to Nicaragua so she can have peace, but theres gotta be a way to clean my house and get rid of this F-ing thing thats terrorizing my poor daughter. Please help. Thank you and God bless

jailene alexandra @ 6:23 pm

today the same thing happened to me, but i was alone. i've always felt like someone was with me, since i was 15. i feel the same today. i was in my room and out of nowhere i felt goosebumps and a cold chill. i went running downstairs but i couldnt talk at all. i just couldnt and my heart was racing.

October 15, 2011

Luccielle @ 6:05 am

Hi, last 2 nights ago, i was awoken (well–half awake actually) by a sudden sensation on my head. I tried to fully wake myself up but it seems that I cant. Everytime I try to open my eyes both of them would just flutter shut. I thought I was having sleep paralysis, but I was too conscious of whatever was happening. Then I suddenly felt some sort of dread and evil above me and it was trying to pry my arms away from my face and my body started shaking. I remembered that something similar also happened to me a few years ago and started praying for help. I focused on moving a part of my hand since I cant scream or move fully (that trick worked for me during that time). Then when I started to pray mentally, the 'entity' just started to recite the same prayer that I did to my ears. Whenever I'll say it in English, it would also say it in english. The same goes when i tried saying it in Tagalog. I fully freaked out that I tried to mentally scream "LLOOORRDD!!" then I was jolted awake.

When I woke up, my room was well over freezing (well the fan also made my room additionally chilly but the cold became too much untollerable after that happened). Then knowing that I wont be able to sleep with that thing in my room, I decided to pray a little so that it would go away. I was half-way through the prayer when it suddenly rained heavily then the feeling of dread went away. After finishing I went to the kitchen to get some salt and started scattering the along the doors and windows of our house.

Do you think that it really was an entity or just a figment of my imagination?? take note our house is not haunted but resides near a forested area. I am not also much of a ghost believer, but I know that there are other things living with us in the world.

Patrick Berry @ 5:04 pm

I recently felt a presence in my bathroom and it got a little colder. The extractor fan wasnt even on. Anyway I was told that a girl died in hospital and she had strong feelings in this place. I was wondering what does this all mean and what do I do? I want to know more and find out what this means. please help me.

October 17, 2011

Micaela @ 6:37 am

Hi, recently my father has sparked up an interest in the paranormal shows on tv. I have noticed the more he watches these shows, the more I feel like there is a presence around me. (the shows don't generally seem scary or concerning to me at all.) I have always felt uneasy at times as if I am not alone. as I get older, it seems to get worse. For instance, at night I feel like there is someone standing behind me just staring. I will get extremely hot for no reason at all and as suddenly as I got hot, I get very cold (like shivering cold) but the temp never changes in the house.

I have also on one occasion felt someone breathing on my neck. just this past night, I was laying on the couch watching tv and felt like someone leaned over me and whispered "hello" but nobody was there. It wasn't a scary or threatening voice (although it did freak me out, seeing as there was nobody else awake inn the house and my dog and I were the only ones in the room.)

I have also on more than one occasion seen bright blue balls of light appear and stay in one spot for a moment, then just shoot off. I told my mom about them and she said it was probably just a firefly (but these were rather large balls of light approx. 2 in.) so I am not convinced these are bugs. Also I have seen shadows out of the corner of my eye, and feel a female presence. I was just wondering has anyone else seen, heard, or felt things like this…or am I just imagining this stuff??

October 19, 2011

JAY @ 3:58 pm

Recently Ive been waking up at 3 am every night. I wake up suddenly as if I was expecting to wake up at that time. It wasnt until last night that I felt a presence in the room. it sent shivers up the left side of my body. Afraid to look or think about it, I got up and turned on the tv. I put the sleep timer on. For the first time it felt very negative, as if something bad was in the room. I told my younger cousin about it and apparently shes been waking up at the same time. The only reason why I asked her is because for some reason, last night I felt as though she was awake too. Has this happened to anybody?! please help, need answers.

Kristy @ 8:32 pm

In my past i have had some strange experiences with negative entities…Recently though in the last couple of years, every night when i lay down to go to sleep after I get comfortable, it feels like something lays down with me, but its always by my legs. Even if i change positions its almost like it waits for me to get comfortable again and then lays down in a different position, fitting my new leg pattern. it kinda feels like the size of a three year old…the feeling is kinda electrical (energy)

Now if i take a nap during the day, it doesn't happen or if i sleep away from home…It is not like the scary negative experiences that i have had before. i have gotten very used to it, BUT i am curious if anyone else has experienced this.

October 21, 2011

Jeremy @ 7:48 am

Hey you guys, so im up very late obviously because i am unable to sleep. for the past few months, whenever i shut off my lights to go to bed and lay down about 5 to 10 mins afterwards i feel pressure on my mattress and blankets. it feels like someone is pushing down on the blankets, or messing with them. The last few weeks its escalated to my feet being touched and messed with. tonight it was like someone was rubbing my foot in a circular motion for about 10 min. It happens every night. some nights are worse than others…

this is accompanied with serious feelings of fear and a knowing that there's something there. yet when i look, i see nothing. Yet i can feel it STILL pushing on the mattress, still messing iwth blankets, still touching my feet. One night i even had my foot outside the blankets and i felt it start with sitting on my mattress then touching my bare foot, so cold and it sends shocks through my foot and up my leg causing all my hair to stand up. Am i just tripping….it's not like im sleeping when it happens. at first i thought i was just crazy, yet after trying different things, i know its not my imagination. Something is here.

natasha-lynn @ 11:37 am

Hey the names tasha, and i read that you're an investigator. im deeply passionate about understanding the other side and what their purpose is to the waking life. Well i just moved into a place, its an old nunnery and i have had numerous things happen to me. i want to know times when you're not busy so i can talk to you better directly rather then email because i dont check much. but if i know times that you are on the net itll be alot easier for me to check more often. talk soon i hope…. i think its needed, and im pretty sure youd be interested. thanks. ive been thinking about cleansing my home with positive energy, but i need to know that im not just crazy, or if everything has an answer.

October 23, 2011

Mina @ 3:55 am

I don't know what it is but starting from about 4-5 years ago, while I was asleep, I suddenly woke to check the time. it was about 4:30am. I went back to sleep but a while later, my entire body felt hot, tingly, strong sense of pins and needles, like the feeling you get when you get goosebumps — except it was in my entire body and EXTREMELY strong.

It also felt like there was a heavy weight on top of me. I was completely aware and conscious, but I couldn't open my eyes. I couldn't move and I couldn't say anything. I felt completely numb. I researched online and the closest thing I found was it could be sleep-paralysis but that still wasn't the same thing that I feel. This occurred a few times a couple years ago. Then for a few years, it stopped. It has come back again recently. It's 5am right now, and about an hour ago, it just happened. I am afraid to fall back asleep. I don't understand….what is happening to me? Is there some medical explanation or a supernatural one? I am not the typical type of girl to believe in supernatural occurrences, but what's happening is forcing me to reconsider what explanation to give myself.

trish @ 8:48 pm

I experience the same thing…I'm 48 yrs old!! I've seen and heard things since I was little! I think its someone we know!

October 25, 2011

Mary Ramsey @ 10:51 am

I have seen my living room door open and shut by itself when im the only one home….and i have tried everything to see if it was wind or something, which it wasn't because my sun porch doesnt have any air-conditioner. do you think its something paranormal?

morgan gregory @ 10:53 am

Sometimes i will feel a presence and something touching me when i go to sleep. is that paranormal activity? I also feel something breathing on me… It really freaks me out what do you think about it? i've checked if its my windows or something, but it is not sadly…

Dana @ 1:09 pm

Hey. I dont know if there's ghost in my room. for about a week i've been waking up in the middle of the night for no reason. if i try to go back to sleep, i get a feeling something's there so i have to open my eyes and keep doing it until my heart stops beating so fast. Then just today when i woke i felt something under my bed hitting my bed and i felt something on my hip. I cant get a good night's sleep, and the only time i feel safe when there is light :[ and i used to love sleeping in the dark. WHY? Also, I've being having bad dreams.

Gloria @ 7:28 pm

Hi. I'm trying to figure out why I get body chills every time I watch paranormal shows. They don't scare me whatsoever because I believe. Everyday I pray and ask my God to send his protecting angels over my house. I'm being protected. I have no fear in my house during the day or at night, however, 1 out of 10 pictures that are taken in my home its almost guaranteed we'll see an orb. Maybe this is a spirit guide taking care of us. I'm not sure, but what I do know is that the chills I get are annoying cause the smoothness of my shaved legs don't last due to these chills every time something excites me like a Ghost Adventures episode. Also I have two dogs and they don't act weird in my house. Regular barks when they hear other dogs, but that's it.

October 26, 2011

Mariah @ 4:03 pm

I AM SO GLAD TO FIND THIS SITE! For the last year My children and I have been terrified. I moved a few months ago thinking that it was the house we were living in. Just recently things haven gotten more intense. We have been experiencing extreme electrical issues. Like cords sparking and setting on fire in the walls. Light bulbs going out seeming to be blown. And they work fine moments later. Objects being moved, foot steps over our heads, loud dragging noises, whispering in my daughters ear, something rubbed my daughters hair several times.

I have heard my name called several times, lights flickering and becoming dim and I have felt someone close like right in my face several times. We have felt breathing in our ears and necks. The other night I felt something climb into bed with me. I was so scared I could not move. When I'm asleep I feel something over me that wakes me up. Many times I have gotten a feeling like I'm awake, but I can't move. I could go and on. If anyone can help us please do, we are not imagining these things. And they are getting much worse.


Alex @ 6:14 pm

This happened just recently I've felt as if someone is watching me, not a demon but a good spirit. My mother witnessed this spirit a few times, but I have not. She explained to me she has seen a full body apparition in our living room. Another time was when I was getting ready for school and she was in the kitchen. She told me she saw a white mist fly by, but quickly. Like I said it doesn't feel like demon, but more like a friendly spirit. Help?

October 27, 2011

Alia @ 9:32 am

I am a 30-year-old woman and I have always been rational — not believing in ghosts. But since the last year, many strange things are happening to me. I don't know who to tell. I even thought of seeing a shrink…My symptoms are: I always see in my dreams dead people. some of them are close and some not. they always ask me to deliver kind of a message. Lately I've been feeling some kind negative energy, especially in my bedroom, and it's like someone is watching me. also whispering my name in my ear when i am almost asleep. Finally 3 days ago I felt someone tapping me twice on my shoulder. it's like he doesn't want me to sleep. since then i am terrified, and i am not sleeping in my room. I am very happy in my life from every angle. I feel so lucky and I can't explain why this is happening to me. Help Please?

Nixs @ 4:02 pm

Hi, Hope someone can help…. Im keeping it short… 7/4/2007 My husband and I took a country ride on our motorcycle. As we passed a house of a person we know from our local town I saw for a few seconds a woman on the side of the road as if she was coming out from the bushes. she was very attractive with straight dark hair and long bangs wearing an electic blue shirt. Since then I see her in many of my photos, but for some reason that is unknown to me they always end up deleted…However I was able to show this to a trusted family member, my brother in law, and as balanced as he is, he cant make common sense out of it. but he doesnt deny seeing her too.. Can anyone help?

fyi, this woman I see is somehow connected to a couple I know from town. the wife has never liked me speaking to her husband…As I said connected, yet I dont know if this has to do with husband's family ranch where I saw this woman…It's confusing and frustrating too… thks nixs

October 28, 2011

Margaret (Pearl) @ 7:56 pm

I have this ability that is extremely weird. I can see the spirits of animals, and maybe occasionally the spirits of humans. Let me tell you, I have an obsession with animals and can almost understand them. I am 14, almost 15. I'm not psychic, definitely not, but I can see animals, clear as day.

A story of one time…I was out one day on the archery field and I see this cat crossing in the path of the targets. I tap one of my friends on the shoulder and point to the cat. Which by then is just sitting there looking at me. They ask me, "What cat? What are you talking about?" Well then I say, "It's a pure black cat, it should not be hard to miss." They just shrug their shoulders and focus on the teacher. I look back and the cat comes towards me but disappears about at the halfway mark.

I had a dog named Max. He died when I was about 2 or 3. I still remember him, and I consider him my older brother. He stays by me, right by my side, except when I'm going to the mall. No one else in my family can see him, even my mom, who loves him so much. He always asks for attention from her, but never gets it since she can't see him. It's really sad to watch.

Could you help me figure out what I have? I only see human ghosts once in a while, not very often. Though it is more frequent the closer it gets to el dia de los muertos or halloween. Special holidays that celebrate the dead.

October 30, 2011

Michael131 @ 10:22 am

All my life Ive had things happen to me. Feeling presences and objects moving and breaking. Yet Im not callous to these things and don't think Ill ever get used to it. I believe what keeps me safe is my belief that God is my protector and through Jesus and their angels Im protected from danger. Saying that, Im not the Christian Im supposed to be. I still struggle with chemical abuse and basically all the things that are considered sin. And this only makes my love and respect for God greater because He's still there for me, which is more then what I can say for any human.

The latest discovery has me on edge. Things seem to be getting a little more intense. however as I stated, I feel protected but don't like that there's these 'things' still around me.

Yesterday at 3pm I left my house and used my Macbook as a security camera because Ive had suspicion of 'friends' that snoop in my apartment. I came home and was surprised to discover my Mac still recording over 7 hrs later! Those who know of iMovie know how quickly you can go through the footage using your finger and track pad. Every now and then skimming the content Id let it play on real time. I was hearing noises–like pops and squeaks and of course this is an old house and so dismissed it as nothing out of the ordinary.

I decided to use head phones, which then changed everything. I heard more noises than I normally hear and even heard something come close to my computer and then heard "Michael," my name, being called in a voice that was male, deep and evil sounding! With ease I can reverse back and hear it over and over again. As I was reversing back I heard the voice that called my name say "Fuck You!" that scared the crap out of me! Im not sure if Michael said backwards is "Fuck You"' but I really doubt it! Also, when I first put my ear buds (headphones) on and heard the strange noises something was tugging at my left ear bud as if to take it off! In my mind I felt like I had a message that was like God or something good saying, "You don't wanna hear this!" But I of course think too much and put it off as "my mind was just in character" of the situation.

There's also strange noises that sound like sci fi sounds as well. I can't explain for the life of me but its sort of like a laser beam gun going louder and lower, as if coming in and leaving. I don't know. But I can tell you that I prayed and asked God to forgive me and bless my house as I do always. I feel like Im protected but there's this thing still here. I finally fell asleep after reading about such stuff online and was woken up by tapping sounds. I think they came in three's but not sure if that was just me realizing of some stuff Iv read about how evil forces do things in 3's, which is believed to mock the Holy Trinity.

On one hand its pretty cool that I have this recorded on video–even though there's nothing you can see, but you can clearly hear it. and on the other hand this 'thing' knowing my name, sounds evil, isn't going to help me sleep tonight! Sorry that this is so long, its like I have so much to say but I just want to share this and find some help. Id like to send the recordings in to be analyzed. I mean who knows, maybe its just noises from appliances–cars going by outside and stuff. The Macbook iSight Mic is actually pretty sensitive for not using an external mic.

October 31, 2011

Keanu @ 12:05 pm

This is weird to me as it has never before happened…last night at around 22:13 I went to bed. I couldnt fall asleep at first, 15 minutes passed and I finally fell asleep. In my "dream" I heard a broom sweep outside my room and a woman screaming out someone's name…I tried then to wake from the trance which I was in but found that I could not open my eyes nor my hands. I tried time and again but it wouldn't budge…I then rolled to the side and woke up as the woman's voice had its last and loudest scream…I found myself full of sweat but I had goosebumps all over.

I looked at my door and saw a womanly figure come up to my bed. she was oldish and as she stood there, she stared at me. at first a thought it was my mom checking in on me so I answerd at it "mom?"… I got no reply and as I said that, the figure turned around. that is when I turned on my lamp. as soon as the light was on, the figure was gone…that same night I could feel that someone was watching me so I didnt sleep…I fell asleep for half an hour at 05:00am, woke up again and didnt sleep any further… If anyone knows what this means and why a "ghost" showed itself to me, please let me know on my E-mail keanu.boonzaier3 [at] I am freaked out…

November 1, 2011

annie @ 1:05 am

hey guys, I am a 20yr old but from the age of 13 i started to hear sounds which truly had no connection with that time. I used to hear sounds of drawing water from well, banging the door twice or thrice mostly during night times.. some times i have experienced the banging of door during day times too…i could clearly see the door, just vibration due to the force. but when i opened the door, no one would be there except me and my little dog…Also all the time I feel like someone is here videotaping me alone…i feel cold and my heart starts to beat high sometimes…i know I am truly healthy and that's not an issue here, but i think something wrong is going on. please help me guys…

Jenna @ 3:21 am


My name is Jenna and I live in Brisbane, Australia.

For over 2 years I have felt a presense in my room – a constant watching in the right hand corner, specifically in the area of my wardrobe…especially on the top section. The house is a relatively new house (10 years) complete with fixtures and I have lived here for 5. I believe that the feeling of being watched has been occurring at an increasing rate and it feels stronger. My reasoning is that there are two lights in the ceiling of my room; one down in the end with the wardrobe, and the other a good four meters away. For the past 6 months, the one near the wardrobe did not work despite putting in new globes. The one near the other end remains in working condition. Last night, the light turned on again after we prayed for our passed on loved ones. When I switched the light on, it was All Hallows Eve and I am of Catholic descent.

I have had the same feeling of being watched at my bf's place, but it feels like a presense that is not the same as this one. I have been to a psychic and I am told that I am surrounded by loved ones, however, I am spiritually open to spirits and this can invite not so good ones. My concern is that after doing tarot last year, I have brought in a spirit? I have done a smudging and it felt empty for a while, but now there is a spirit and I just want to be able to sleep and relax without getting the heebie-jeebies. If someone could please enlighten me I would reallllyyy appreciate it!!! I feel that I know who my spirit guide is, but I would feel comfortable if it was her, and I don't. Please help!!! There have been other dreams/ physical encounters with deceased relatives, but I don't feel that I know this spirit, if it is one….

Diane @ 9:39 am

Omg..I've been living where's not my country. and its been so much fun for me and not really lonely in my case. Since I moved to new place 2 months ago, I got homesickness and depression. Never got those feelings before. Course had hurt memories in the past, but I constantly start to cry and feel so tight like someone squeezes my chest or lungs to not make me breathe well and get headaches. I can tell you my area's not really safe or good to live, but close to everywhere – especially, core of downtown, just a couple blocks away. Just wanna make sure if its from me or my place. Oh me.

November 2, 2011

rashika @ 6:40 am

i get sleepless nights & feel that someone is harassing me physically. i feel dizzy & frustrated. i feel very tired & im not able to concentrate on my work.

G H C @ 6:33 pm

My father passed away last week. Last night he came to me and said, "You are going to be alright." As soon as he said that, the power in my house went off and on again. It was very eerie. The strangest thing about this was I did hear the PC, furnace & fridge come back on, BUT, my alarm clock did not go out, and I did not have to reset it. The other strange thing was that my dead grandfather was with him. My grandfather died over 30 years ago. He was my mother's father. Can you help me make any kind of sense of this?

ruth @ 8:36 pm

ok ever since we moved into our apartment 2 1/2 yrs ago some weird things have happened but the most recent was tonight. i was cleaning up stuff in my girls bedroom about to get them ready for bed. all of a sudden i get this cold eerie chill, and at the same time i felt terrified for no reason. the hair on the back of my neck and arms stood up, and i kept feeling the cold chill on and off for at least 10 minutes. ive always believed that something was here because of things that have happened.

we can all be downstairs watching tv and you can hear footsteps and the floor boards creaking, like when u walk on the floor/ the apartment has very creaky floors going up the steps and the whole upstairs. on top of things, my eldest daughter who sleeps in that room is terrified to sleep alone in there…does anyone think there might be something going on, or am i just crazy, lol. p.s. i do have more stories of weird things that have happened as well.

November 3, 2011

Tara @ 3:04 pm

i lost my mom 18 years ago. I also lost my son at 20 weeks pregnant this past tuesday to a genetic defect. i am a very spiritual person and trying to cope with my grief. last night i woke up and felt the covers close around me, like someone was tucking me in really tight. i felt so scared and said to please leave me alone. then the sheets loosened but then something tugged at my hair. i had it in a ponytail and it felt like someone yanked on it really fast. i said again to please leave me alone. i was so scared. today i thought maybe it was my son i just lost — playing with me letting me know he was there? does that sound weird? i don't know what else it could have been. i had to go under anesthesia for my baby to come out and i am just wondering too, if maybe something could have attached itself while i was under anesthesia at the hospital?

stephen jackson @ 3:26 pm

Hi, I think there is a ghost in my house. I was having a shower and had finished washing. I turned the shower off at the button, and got my towel off the back of the door when the shower turned back on. then it went very cold, so i turned it off and went into my bedroom where I felt like there was somebody watching me. even as I am writing this now, i can feel like there's somebody there. when i lived in blackpool in my mum's house, i would drop off to sleep ok, but would wake up in the night with somebody holding me down on my bed.

i could see around the room, but could not move. then i was taking a picture of me to send to my girlfriend from my phone. when i looked at the picture, there was somebody next to me. when the photo was taken, i was the only one in the room.

Kimberly @ 11:00 pm

Hi there my name is Kim. I am 27 yrs.old and have always known that I've been very open minded since I was small. About 8 years ago, I lost my best friend to murder. He and his mother were killed; he died protecting her. The other night I broke down. Alot of things have been going on in my personal life that have taken alot out of me emotionally and mentally. I began thinking about him and how much he meant to me. I felt such a sadness come over me, cold chills, goosebumps.

I felt like he could hear me so I talked and told him everything I didn't get to say. Not long after this my cat looks in a doorway and doesn't move. she stares for at least 5 min. before stopping. The part that blows my mind is I was supposed to be there and was running late. When I arrived, it was to late. He had already died. I miss him dearly. Please tell me I not going crazy and its possible I can communicate with him?? Please reply to this.

November 4, 2011

Lisa B @ 12:00 pm

I have seen a few ghosts before — some at night, and some in the day. But over the last few years I started seeing tunnels of light in my room. Sometimes on my side of the bed, and sometimes on my husbands side, or in the middle of us. I worked out that it unfortunately meant someone was going to pass away. Either on my side or my husband's side of the family. when it was in the middle, it was someone who affected us both like a friend. I don't know why I have a feeling the information was coming from my Auntie who had passed away about six months before this all started.

After about three years of this I said I didn't like it and it seems to have stopped. But after about a year, I started seeing random objects. I find it very difficult to work out their meaning. A lot of these objects seem to represent hospital stays e.g one night I saw a clip board floating. the next day my mum was taken to hospital. Is this normal? I don't know what to do about it. Last night, for the first time, I got very scared and upset as I saw a boy who was a toddler just bouncing on my bed between me and my husband??? I seem to see more and more things that I can't explain as the years go on.

November 5, 2011

Sierra @ 12:47 pm

I know this is random, but my neighbors house has some unusual energy. i think it's almost a demonic presence because of family and divorce problems. i felt something and told it to use my energy. then i got very tired, almost fell asleep until i left the house just minutes ago. anyone know if it's linked?

Sarah @ 8:41 pm

hey i read some of this and i find it very interesting. i have a question. when me and my mother went to visit an old indian site in new mexico a couple years ago, my hands went numb and they were tingling. this has happened before when i visit a place that people say that it is supposedly haunted, or a tragic event happens at that place. it happens to my mom too. could this actually be something, or could it just be me and my imagination?

November 6, 2011

connie tanner @ 12:02 am

i have a picture of spirits passing through me at a baby funeral. it shows a woman pass through me plus many more faces. the chalkboard behind my friend shows a man with a small girl. this was a chalkboard so many things happened after this happened. ive been trying to find someone to show me what it all means. connie tanner, phone number is 801-548-0556

Kyla @ 9:22 pm

Ok im really scared. every nite I go to sleep and it like im awake looking at myself in my sleep. its really scary and then this symbol appears. then I rise and fall through the floor and I try to scream for help but cant talk. then I wake up. Please help me explain what this is.

November 7, 2011

celine @ 11:16 pm

check out sleep paralysis…i have experienced the same thing. check it out. i think this is probably what you are experiencing.

November 8, 2011

Cubby @ 12:44 am

Wow that's very scary. maybe they are trying to tell you something important – could be a warning or they may have a message that needs to be delivered in order for their spirits to be at rest.

Elize @ 10:19 am

Hi, I read on the Internet that when your deceased loved one dies they don't come back to earth to communicate with us. Its evil spirits that pretend that they are your loved one. How would we know that its a evil spirit? My friends passed away in April this year and ever since I can smell him in my bedroom. I believe in my heart that it was him, but now I dont know. What is your opinion? Regards Elize

November 9, 2011

Clare @ 3:43 pm

Hi, I was wondering if you could help or advise. This has only happened to me twice but has preceded me either winning or receiving some money. There has been a presence that has touched me on the shoulder or a diagonal touch on my back. The first time I was in bed, with no light on alone and I was touched on the right shoulder. I turned over and there was no one there, plus mum was downstairs watching a movie. The next day I went to work and found I'd won £200. The next time I was on my way home to feel a diagonal touch on my back. I turned around and no one was around. I came in for another windfall soon after that. Am I being been told about winning money and just would like to know who is telling me?

November 10, 2011

tara @ 7:48 am

This afternoon, I was supposed to meet my boyfriend. He has been a little depressed lately, and not the greatest to be around. It started a little tense, then when we met, I was talking to him and I was almost pushed away by a force, like a large barrier around him. I felt like there was something there with him that pushed me away. I even asked him about it, wondering if he had noticed.

Later, I was sitting by him and suddenly smelled a horrible smell, but I smelled him, and it wasn't him. We ended up in a small argument and I felt awful, angry and like I wanted to hurt someone, punch them, or whatever — I'm not like that and not violent at all. It took about 15 minutes after I left and I felt much better. I am a little worried that he has something that attached to him – or whatever it is called. I don't know what to do. I have noticed a change in him lately. If anyone has any comments or help please let me know. Thanks

November 12, 2011

lyccz @ 10:32 am

hi, i always feel this hot pressure at my back…like someone's touching me every night or when our class starts…i feel goosebumps like someone just passed by me when it's not…i feel cold all over my body when i see a blurry or sometimes transparent object in front of me. i always see white people and black people in my room every 3 am watching over me…tell me….can i see ghosts? or i'm just imagining things? and most of all…i can see things that my classmates can't see…i'm not taking drugs or anything…i always sleep at 8 pm, except on weekends…my body is perfectly fine and healthy. i have no complications or whatsoever…please help me.

Trask @ 9:12 pm

i am 20 years old, and all of a sudden i am getting ghosts coming to me talking, but i cant understand. it is too quiet. i can also see them and i can talk to them. i need help understanding and controlling this ability. please help me.

November 13, 2011

Nika @ 5:43 pm

I have been surrounded by spirits forever but have always resisted them.
On one hand, I am curious, on the other, I'm kind of scared.
I've seen them – full form shadows when my kids were babies; I was scared, I somehow knew they were there to check on the new babies.
One of my sons was always in and out of the E.R. because he was reckless little guy and was always somehow okay. He was even hit by a car, knocked unconscious, told the medics he was "talking to god" (I have never taken them to church), and after hours in the E.R. we went home and he had nothing but pavement burns.
The accident was worse than the outcome, though; the impact broke the grill of a Ford Bronco in two places, his bike was twisted beyond repair, the medics were unnerved enough that they stayed with us and when we left, the nurses told me they were stunned he was walking out because his initial evaluation "didn't look good".
I know one of those "shadows" that peeked in on my kids as babies, protected him.
He is now in the Army, already served in Iraq and Korea near the DMZ.

Another of my boys was sick from the day he was born until he was a year old with infections in the nose, throat, lungs, intestines and had meningitis and was born with a slightly club foot. Again, he was protected and now he is a 6ft 5, black belt and assistant instructor in Kung Fu and wushu and is serving in the Army currently deployed in Iraq (and I hope his protector is still with him).

So, after all that jabbering, (lol!) I was wondering if it is true about small round unexplained bruises possibly being a ghost trying to make contact? I always get them in oddball spots – like, if it was on my thigh, I could explain it away by saying I bumped a table but didn't realize it but the oddball ones are in my upper arm or shoulder or on my back. Places not easily accidentally bumped.

I assumed that once my kids moved out, the spirits would go with them and for the most part, that was probably true with occasional chills or "presence" showing up here. My daughter moved back home with her little girls and lately things are disappearing (not like the little girls have picked them ip and forgot to put them away, but things happening when the girls are gone for several days visiting their dad, and ALWAYS my things.

Just the other day, my upper arm started to burn like it got scraped but I was just sitting watching tv, not even leaning towards that side and mow I have a small round bruise about the diameter of a pinky fingertip with a little spot that looks like it was dragged; like if you dipped your fingertip in paint, touched it to paper and the paper was pulled out from under your finger it would leave the circle and a drag mark. I also always get this weird thing where my ears will suddenly "prick up" like they hear something that I font- I know that sounds weird, lol! I just dont know how to describe it.

Does this sound like I have "company" again?

(sorry this was so long)

justin @ 11:34 pm

hello there. my wife and my son have been living w/ my parents now for two years due to financial stresses. During my wife's pregnancy, I can recall several times at which she woke me up with telling me that she felt someone in the room and proceeded to walk to the bed and hold her down. She tried to call out my name, but couldn't speak. Since that time, there have been numerous times where i came home from work in the middle of the day and she would explain that a half hour before i came home she swore she heard me walk up to the front door, open the door (door slam), only to find nobody there. She is always tense and feels as though somebody is watching her. She can never relax. Well, tonight out if the blue she brought this up again. She said that this happens quite frequently. She always hears somebody walking up to the front door, opens it, and nobodys there. She says she sees this object, which is nothing she can explain. She hears cabinets open and close all the time. What freaks me the most is that she says sometimes when getting out of the shower she will feel somebody touch her back, or feel her hair. She has become more and more uneasy lately and Im becoming more concerned about a possible presence in the home. My son also says he sees ghosts too.?!!?? What to do?

I also wanted to add that when she started speaking about all of these occurrences, i immediately felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. She hears footsteps all the time, cabinets opening and closing,and that somebody is always there next to her, or watching her every move. She is extremely hesitant talking about this, and almost withdrawn my the fact. She says it is even impossible to pleasure herself, because she feels as though somebody, something, is right there next to her. WE all suffer from terrible nightmares frequently. I however do not have the same feelings as my wife. I dont feel the same things as she. Also want to make note that my wife is not one to make this up, nor pull this from a hat. She is a happy person, has a great job, and is in nursing school.

I also believe that she is only teling me the half of what may be really happening. What is also strange is the fact that she says she sees this figure in the middle of the day, and not at night ( also at night ). She hears it walking up to the front door, open the door, and slam the door shut with force. It calls her name, like if it were me, calling from the bottom step of the basement. Several times she has said this to me. Neither of us believe in this type of thing, but from what shes saying, this all seems a bit too strange to be happening on a regular basis.

She explained to me this evening that while she was at work, she all of a sudden had this dreadful feeling and needed to get back to the house. AS i mentioned before, my son who is 2 1/2 says all the time that there are ghosts in the house. Of course we say "no, no" to him, but at times he'll come running into our room saying ghosts, ghosts. Mind you, we never speak of these occurrences ever, at anytime. We never speak of this, not to ourselves, nor to anyone else. So i dont know where hes getting all this from…

November 14, 2011

Josh @ 2:01 pm

This could be a form of Night Terror – Google the term.

November 15, 2011

Ann @ 3:46 am

I am also hearing a voice of a man in my house. My sister is experiencing domestic abuse about 100 miles from my home. I think I can hear her boyfriend talking remotely. Also, my foster dad is dying of cancer, but the voice is not his. sometimes I can hear remote conversations of family members. I think I am picking up his remote conversation with my sister. Is this possible? sounds kinda similar to your experience.

Quentin @ 12:20 pm

back when I used to live in Lansing, MI with my older cousin, I hated sleeping there. I used to sleep in my little cousins room and weird things happened. One night I was going to sleep and halfway to sleep I felt kinda funny. My body started getting this REALLY strong tingly feeling. At that time I was lying in the bed, and I started hearing the voices of these little kids laughing!! (note that I was sleeping in a 3 year old girls room). now for some strange reason I could see the spirit, floating around the room and such. It seems as though the closer the ghostly figure got, the LOUDER the laughter got. Now as you may have guess, yes I was going BANANAS, just lying in the bed FREAKING OUT. I just ran and turned on the lights and I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night, lol. After that happened, it took me a while to go to sleep in that place.

Now I live in Vegas. Just moved in this new apartment and strange things are happening. now I'm no crazy person, mind you. I have a happy life. I'm getting my college Associates degree in computer networking (CNS). At night ONLY if I sleep in my room I feel someone touching me, shoulder, back or something of that nature. it always seems to happen when I' m TRYING to go to sleep (takes about 5-10mins, lol). once when I was sleeping on my stomach, I started getting a tingly feeling and the hairs on my neck were going nuts. then……I felt a women was sorta lying on top of me…weird eh? yea you're telling me!!!! freaked me the hell OUT!! on top of that, she said something to me and that REALLY took the cake. someone tell me….am I crazy?

November 17, 2011

Mike @ 3:09 pm

It doesn't matter were I am, I can feel something in the room with me. a few weird things have happened to me as well. for some reason its like I know where they are because I am drawn to certain areas.

Joy @ 11:30 pm

I have two questions. once when I was younger I laid down with my first child and I heard a voice say, "you cant have her," amongst other experiences. the other night I was sitting up in bed, and could not move. when I tried to move, I could not. then I felt a set of cold hands grasp my arms and kinda of shake me until I was able to move myself. what was that?

November 19, 2011

MJ @ 3:38 am

I think maybe some of these posts could be night terrors. I've had so many night terrors involving ghosts that now I have an irrational fear of them. I can't speak even when I want to scream and I am paralyzed in my bed with fear thinking that the dream was real, even after I'm awake. My boyfriend has definitely been woken up by me gasping or sobbing and had to comfort me until I realize that I'm ok.

I stumbled onto this thread because I have, for all of my life, felt "something" in certain places that I go to. For example; I am a pet sitter so I go to a lot of different houses when the owners are not home and I have no knowledge of the history they have. There was one particular house that I went to for the first time. I felt like the air was thick and heavy. I was extremely uncomfortable. It was close to winter time and they had bad heating so most of the windows had blankets over them for instillation. Now I am prone to a paranoid feeling hare and there due to overactive imagination but this place was on a totally different plane. I was watching 2 cats, the clients had just moved into the place and the cats were very aloof and odd. They were not allowed in the upstairs rooms because they would hide there and get into things. On one of my first sits the doors upstairs that were supposed to be shut were not. So I had to go up there and coax the cats out. No big deal right?

The SECOND I walked onto the landing I felt awful; I was scared for no reason. I went into the master bedroom and turned on the light, feeling all the while that I didn't belong. One of the cats was under a couch in the room. I tried to coax him out and the lights dimmed. Now I know that could've been a simple power surge but it sent me running down the stairs. I still felt uncomfortable down there, but much less than the upstairs. I had felt "different" in places before but never to this extent. ALL of the hairs on my body were straight up and my stomach churned.

After the sits, I had told my boss how creepy the place was and she said, "I can see why, it's an old building. It's 100 years old actually." I knew the place was old but did not realize it was THAT old. In my gut I had a feeling that is was a Hotel at some point. Whatever it was has stuck to me till this day. I pet-sat there for a few more times and then the client never requested more sits. And I am glad for it.

I know this has gone on for a very long time, but, I wonder if someone can help me with my other "senses" or maybe rationalize this experience for me.

ian nicol mcomish @ 5:25 pm

i see figures of both male and female spirits when awake, or get woken up by them. also i get shivers at times while in my bed.

i feel i am being forced down in my bed. i have seen children which is disturbing. i also drive my car very fast and know when something is going happen. even now while im writing this, i have the heating on and feel a slight chill going from my neck down. this is freaking me out. am i ok, or am i abnormal? dont know the reason for these things. is there an explanation for these feelings?

lexie @ 8:59 pm

hi. i have been living in my house now for about 4 years now.for some reason i've always felt my house is haunted….especially here lately. i have been sick for a few months and just got out of the hospital. that same night, i got in the bed and just about closed my eyes when i felt a tingling sensation to the bone. it was chilling, and it lasted 1-2 minutes. the same night i had a dream. in the dream, my parents and i were in a hotel, on the 4th floor (the same floor when in the hospital).

when i got in the elevator i floated to the top. this happened 1 more time then i fell to the ground. i saw a white house with a black door, and i was in it dead. i woke up with the same sensation and my heart was beating very very fast, and i was drenched in sweat. i always feel negative when i feel like something is there, touching me. most of the time this happens at night. am i crazy??!!?? does it sound like paranormal activity? please let me know what you people think! thnx.

November 20, 2011

Jane @ 6:46 am

I don't know what I should do about what I experience — it scares me to the point that I am afraid to go into some places, even sometimes my boyfriends home. The first time I experienced anything was when I was 15; I am now 21. I had always had this creepy feeling when I was younger, but I just pushed it away because I thought my imagination was taking its toll. I never saw anything, just always felt a presence. I don't know where to begin, I have so much to tell. The first real experience I had was when I was fifteen. I had just moved to a new school and had to live in the school hostel. It first happened during one of my English classes, I heard someone calling my name from behind me. I immediately looked around thinking it was one of my class mates, but no, there was no one, and no one called my name. It happened about four or five times that day within an hour. It really freaked me out. That night I was taking a shower and suddenly I could feel someone standing in the shower with me, so close that I was afraid I would feel their breathing on me.

The thing that bothered me the most was that I could not see what was happening. So much for that… A few days passed with nothing happening, and then the name calling started again, not only during school time, but at the hostel, at my parents house over the weekend and while doing shopping. I talked to my mother about it and she just told me that I had an over active imagination. Well what could I do now, my mom doesn't believe me and these things keep happening. Okay, I am religious so I went to the schools religion teacher and spoke to her about it, she prayed for me, and the name calling stopped. I haven't heard it since.

But the thing is, it wasn't only the name calling and the feeling of someone with me. In the hostel I shared a bedroom with one of my friends who did not believe in the supernatural, if I can be so bold to call it that, at all. The thing about that bedroom is that it was the only one available and nobody else wanted to stay there because they said their gut kept telling them to move out. And so before we moved in, we knew that nobody lived there longer than 2 months, and everyone told us that we are also going to want to move. But we decided to give it a go and moved in. It wasn't long before I started seeing saw shadows against the wall, but just the one wall. And I would wake up at night seeing someone standing in front of my closet, looking into it. I always locked my closet, but some mornings I would wake up and the doors are open. We had windows just beneath the sealing and I would see shadows moving past those windows as well. However the strangest for me was suddenly hearing footsteps outside the bedroom door and then it was gone. It was nothing like hearing soft footsteps come closer and getting louder and then fading again, nothing like that, it was just there and then gone again. My friend didn't hear or see anything of which I just told you. Whatever it was was not trying to harm me, so I saw no need of moving out of the room.

I once saw the same girl sitting in two different bedrooms in when I was walking to my bedroom. Nobody ever left their bedroom doors open and that day every single door was open. We had a sports championship at school and I was the only one being in that part of the hostel at that time I saw her. She did not look familiar, but till today I can't get that picture out of my head. After school I went to university, and stayed in a student house with another 10 students. There the scariest thing happened to me. I met a little girl while watching TV. I was lying on my stomach when I saw this girl standing next to me (This happened 4 months after I moved in), and then she was gone. Then I felt weight being put on my thighs and looked around. She was standing on my thighs. After that she took what felt like her finger and dragged it back and forth across my back. There was a friend of mine (she is a nursing sister who also had experiences with patients that have passed away) watching TV with me and I asked her if she could see the girl (when the girl was standing next to me). she said no, but she could see the footprints of a child on the carpet next to me.

That night going to bed the girl went with me, and she didn't leave for almost a month. I was a pretty weird feeling going literally everywhere with a girl only I can see. I was very upset when this happened and I phoned my mother in the middle of the night when I woke up seeing the girl looking at me while I'm sleeping. Thankfully she believed me this time. After a month or so the little girl disappeared. I started seeing other people, a woman inside our student house and a man outside the house. Whenever I saw them I got this really bad feeling and then the girl would appear again. And from that moment on every time I experience something that upsets me spiritually the girl would be with me and I would feel much better. My boyfriend told me to try and communicate but I was to scared. He kept nagging and out of frustration I just thought "How old are you?", and to my surprise I got a very clear "9" from her. It was very weird because it was in 'n voice that I could not place with anybody and it was in my mind, it was not like a voice that I heard. I've had more experiences since then but that was the once that touched me the most. I still get occasional visits from the girl, but not so much as she visited me in the beginning.

At my boyfriend's home there is a lot of action involving spirits. I have seen three different men outside and inside the house and in his bedroom there is a girl who apparently committed suicide. Whenever I sleep there I get this feeling of I don't belong in this bedroom, and the other night my boyfriend woke me up because I was screaming at the top of my voice. All I could remember was that it felt as if someone was pushing me down on the bed and preventing me to get up. These days almost everywhere I go I feel a presence, but I just follow my gut when going into buildings. If I feel comfortable I stay if not I don't go there again. I even had the weirdest thing happen to me a while back. I wanted to go into and old house on my boyfriends farm and as I wanted to walked into a certain part of the house it was as if there was a block keeping me from going through the door.

I have never seen or felt somebody that I have known, it is and always has been strangers. The other day again I spoke to my mom about it and then she confessed that my grandmother can also experience these things. Can this gift be transferred through generations or are some people just born with it? I do not know what to make of all this, and to be honest, I am quite afraid to experiment with this or have part in it.

November 21, 2011

SH @ 12:36 am

Hi Everyone,

I feel better that I am not the only one feeling these things. I am in university, so I study late into the night. Whenever I get up from my desk to move to my bed, just to feel more comfortable, I feel a cold spot on my left arm all the time. I don't know what it is. It's always there. It never happens during the day when I sit on my bed but at night, it's always there. Even right now, I can feel it. This one time, I had my arm half off the bed and it felt like somebody waved their arm across it. It was the weirdest thing.

There have been other things like my closet door opening randomly, or my dresser's knob randomly start moving. I have told my parents but they don't really believe anything I say. This one time I was sitting in my kitchen on my laptop late at night and my brother was in the living room across from me. All of a sudden, I felt this cold feeling on my left hand (just like in my room). And then for fun, I was so curious, I whispered (I know it's weird), "if you can hear me, come to my other hand." I swear that I felt the cold feeling come into my right hand.

I don't know what this is, or whether I am just overreacting, but I, too, feel as though I am ALWAYS being watched in my house, but never at school. Particularly in my room. I don't know what to make of this.

November 23, 2011

Grandma 54 @ 12:54 am

Scared to death. I'm here to describe what transpired this past Sunday morning at 4 a.m. Let met go back a lil further. About 4 weeks ago, son-in-law had come across an energized stone he had picked up at a yard sale this summer. He said something to the effect of, "show yourself to me if you are real here and now." Well he had put the stone away as nothing happened then.

Two weeks later my daughter is awakened because she feels a presence pushing her on her bed and her blankets too, looks at foot of bed to see a shadow hooded figure. she tried to yell scream but could not. she was paralyzed from moving and just started to pray. that is when the figure went away. She called me and was quite disturbed about this. Being practical, I told her it was probably a dream…wrong I was. Two weeks later I spend the night. At around 4 a.m. I am awakened because I feel a presence on the foot of my bed and next thing I experience is a severe shaking of the bed/feeling like I was being shocked with electricity from my feet and it traveled up to my chest, felt a lifting sensation too. Scared the bejeebers out of me.

I tried to yell for my daughter and I could not get it out. Remember thinking omg, this must be what my daughter saw attacking me. I felt like it was trying to have control over my whole body and remember saying oh god this thing is going to kill me. Think when I said "God" I was able to finally scream and my daughter came running in the room put on the light and asked if i had seen the dark spirit…I did not see anything as I was laying face down on my bed. but even worse, I experienced that severe shaking/electrified feeling.

Whatever it is that has just recently entered the house is not happy, I can feel its evil. Put a call into people who deal with paranormal activity for advise but they have not gotten back to me yet. Does anyone know what we can do to rid the house of this spirit, so we can once again sleep without being terrified to close our eyes….?

beverly quinlan @ 12:42 pm

hi everyone…

i read thru some of the comments submitted on here and i have to say that yes, im a true firm believer in ghost/spirits…etc. i always have been — never really being able to tell an experience, more of a "just knowing" feeling that there is a presence always around someone, for whatever reasons that may be….i have moved in a house before and felt the presence, maybe even accept that that spirit is there and simply asked for that spirit to please leave me alone…and they usually do…

but after a very traumatizing experience losing my brother to a sudden passing, i found myself at night mourning the loss to my brother, praying for him to come see me…after asking over and over, nothing happened… i went to see a spiritualist and he told me that my brother will come when (one)…he knows how too>>>and (two)…when he knows im ready to see him>>>so basically at that point on i stopped asking for him to come. 6 months later after i saw the spiritualist and about a year and a half after my brothers passing, i went to bed one night and i did not have my brother on my mind…i think i went to bed that night trying to remember what i had to do the next day….i was then awakened…to a semi conscious state of mind…and i looked at the end of my bed…i saw what was the shape and form of a mans body but it was like glass….see through, but there was the image….and i knew instantly it was my brother.

i felt his presence…i did not see him — i just saw the figure layered outline of a body and i knew i felt him…i then…dont know if i was physically doing this or in my mind…i remember sitting up and as the image came closer to me…it was him…he came into vision…he leaned down and me and him hugged, while i cried…. i then opened my eyes…and i felt the coldness lift that i was awakened to when i saw the glass image body shape….i felt the coldness leave…and i just smiled as i knew that was him…but when i awakened after it was done, i was then fully awake….so i dont truely know if the hug happened in my mind with him…or physically. all i know is it was cold, and the image was there and the emotional moment was shared…and i did not even ask…a loved one will come…a spirit to a home/house…when they know you are ready…or if its a connection to a home, then they will come to you to let you know and see they are there, if they feel they have to…..but when it happens, you know it happened!!!! thanks for taking the time to read…

Kimberly @ 3:58 pm

Hey there! There are many ways of controlling your abilities. First thing is, the calmer you are, the better you will be able to control it.

Anxiety plays a big part. Do not be afraid! Some spirits sense this and began to play, trust me this can be so uncool. Talk to them! Ask them questions. Who they are? What they need? Most of the time they just need a friend to help them cross over. To the presence, they are excited because they have been able to communicate. If you can communicate, and you get some answers don't be afraid to go researching. The more you can find, the better you will understand it.

If spirits bother you at night or wake you, tell them, "not right now; I'm sleeping. Please leave me alone." Say it loud and stand firm. They will respect your decision. They know their boundaries if you set them. Stay positive! These abilities are a gift! So use it, EMBRACE it! Some of the things I've heard and seen have been terrifying, but you will learn the ways you can handle it! I wish you the best! You are one of the few that was blessed with such an amazing gift!

Kimberly @ 4:23 pm


Hi there! I am so sorry about the negative things going on in your life! I wish you and your friend the best of luck. You are exactly right that someone is near you. That is most likely the presence of a loved one of friend that has passed. They are there to comfort you in your time of need! Get yourself a digital recorder and start asking questions if you want to learn more. Simply make it clear that you are not in anyway trying to harm them. You are simply trying to communicate to see who is there with you.

I have experienced things like this to where a sadness washed over me and within mins. the chills come and I feel the release of sadness slowly leave. I know in my heart I am being comforted. I can feel such an energy that I can't even describe. Embrace it and know that your gift was given to you for a reason! When things happen around you, record your thoughts or keep a journal of things that happen. Then the pieces will start to come together. Some people have been known to figure out who it is by the things they do or say! Its truly an awesome feeling to have, when you know they are still here watching over us!

SH @ 11:56 pm


You seem to know a lot about spirits. My grandmother passed away last year after being sick for a long time but nobody saw it coming. I was really shaken by it, she was everything to me. I think that is when some weird things began to happen. I just felt like I have been watched for so long. I always feel a cold sensation at the end of my bed, around my arm. When I experimented "talking" to whatever the cold sensation was, I felt it move from one hand to the other. It is all so odd.

But I have been the only one in my family to feel these things. I don't know what it is. As my comment said before, my closet door opened once randomly and my dresser's handle moved on its own. Sometimes at night, in my room, I have hardwood floor in and at this one spot it makes noise when you walk on it. I hear it sometimes late at night. Do you have any idea as to what it is? I am a little frightened.

November 26, 2011

Nicole @ 10:11 am

I've had four encounters with a spirit this year. I had a current experience on Thanksgiving morning. I woke up and tried going back to sleep – I was laying on my right side – then suddenly I felt this weight lean against my hip as if a person was leaning their back against me casually with their arms crossed. It stayed there for a few seconds, and then it lifted. I felt it shift over to the right side of my bed where I was facing. I was nervous on what it was going to do next, so I covered my face with my blankets, then I think it left 'cause the extra presence was gone. I know for a fact it's no one I know, because no one hat I know has died yet.

So this is a random spirit. I've always wondered what it wants. Why visit me? I'm very confused by it. The previous times it visited me, it would caress me lovingly like you would in a romantic relationship. It's so weird. I do know for sure that it doesn't wish harm upon me 'cause it hasn't done anything bad to me. It's just all very confusing. I'm dying for answers or someone elses thoughts on it 'cause I'm completely lost on why this is happening.

gayatri thite @ 12:22 pm

hi there we are staying in hostel and for the past 3 days we have been studying on the terrace. i can feel someones presence…a day after while coming down from the terrace, there were door bangs and later that night i had dreams about snakes and grass burning … the very next day there was a fire and a snake also …. moreover there was water outside my room and a friends room …its kind of freaking me out …i am a medical student and i handle dead bodies a lot …pls could anyone suggest advice….

Lena @ 8:24 pm

So I ask this question for my husband. All his life he has felt and seen spirits. usually no issues, they come and go.

We recently moved to another state. we now live in an apartment (only been here about a month). He has been woken up at night. he has seen the spirit during the night and also early evening (he was wide awake watching TV). This last time it passed through the kitchen, past the living room. One night it woke him by grabbing his arm.

he said never before has he