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Ghosts, Strange Lights, and Electrical Activity

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Jamie wants to know whether strange electrical activity could be a sign of paranormal activity.  She writes:

Hi Michelle!  I have a spirit here in our apartment.  I have heard him speak before; I have felt his presence, and even caught an EVP of him.  The past couple days, I noticed something strange: the nightlight in our guest bathroom turned a VERY bright white and then burned out….and last night, the lights on our ficus tree did the same thing (the lights got so bright that it woke me up…was like a sunlight)..and then they burned out, too.

Is this a sign of paranormal activity?  I never heard of anything like this, with the exception of lights flickering and going off and on..all of which we have had in the past month as well.  Thanks so much.

- Jamie from Wisconsin

ghosts weird electrical activity lights Hi Jamie.  Yes, it could be a sign of paranormal activity—or it could be an electrical wiring problem in your home.  Ghosts are known to cause electrical disturbances (including flickering lights, electrical failures) and they can drain freshly charged batteries.  This is because strong electromagnetic fields (EMF's) are usually found in the presence of ghostly/paranormal activity.  Science has shown us that strong electromagnetic fields can cause electrical disturbances, power failures and other anomalies.

Check to see if there are natural causes that could explain the strange electrical activity in your home.  Natural causes could include short circuits, electrical wiring problems, blown fuses, or man-made EMF's.  If there are no natural causes, then it's possible the light activity could be paranormal.

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Comments on Ghosts, Strange Lights, and Electrical Activity

May 9, 2008

Scott Morris @ 7:30 pm

I too have had this happen.  We recently bought a touch lamp and put it in our living room. Well, just a few days ago, it started to change all by itself.  It will go from off to dim then to the next setting and then to the brightest setting and then off again.  It will do this often, and sometimes it will change real fast and sometimes it will do it slower.  Last night my wife told me to come and check it out and I did.  Well, needless to say, she was right and then she would kind of pick and say come on do it again, and it would to our astonishment.  It freaked me out because its like it will respond to us if we tell it to.  Could this be paranormal?  Keep in mind that this light is about 3 weeks old, and just started this a few days ago and no other light plugged in this socket will do this or even go from dim to bright or vice versa.

May 11, 2008

Lycanthrope @ 5:38 pm

Interesting situation.  I'm sure Michelle has more info regarding this phenomenon, but I can give you some info from my own personal experience.  Touch lights are VERY sensitive to both, static electricity and EMF fields.  I'm not saying that what you're experiencing ISN'T paranormal, it's just difficult to validate as evidence.  If you REALLY want to know if it's possibly paranormal, then I would suggest starting off with video taping your interactions with the lamp during these periods.  You can analyze it later to see if the lamp seems to be interacting with you and ALSO you can look for other signs of manifestation.  If you're ambitious enough you could also set a voice recorder near the lamp during these events and then check for EVP's when it's over.  Just a few suggestions, and I'm sure Michelle would know more than me!  Good luck and Good hunting!

May 13, 2008

Michelle @ 7:23 am

Hi Scott.  I agree with Lycanthrope that touch lights are *very sensitive* to a number of different factors.  If you suspect it's paranormal, try to gather additional evidence.  Setting up a voice recorder to capture EVP is an excellent idea.  If it *is* a spirit that's responding to your voice (via the touch lamp), then you will have a HIGH likelihood of getting EVP's.

As Lycanthrope mentioned, video taping is another good idea.  You can try asking the supposed "spirit" to affect a different light, or give a sign of his presence.  See if you can gather evidence that is NOT connected to the touch lamp.  Good luck, and let us know how things go for you.

May 21, 2008

Scott Morris @ 2:59 pm

Well we know it's more than being sensitive.  We have tried using diff tactics.  You make it do the same and it won't, as well as the response to asking it to change diff levels of brightness.  It has 4, and when we say, "If this is so and so, make it go to the brightest setting" it will jump real fast to that setting and so on.  There's no certain time or no events that make this take place.  We have taken pics and find a lot of orbs in the pictures and only when this is happening.  When it stops, and even with the light on, we don't get em.  I had been thinking of the EVP thing and may try it, since we have had the orbs show during this time only.  Thanks for your advice, and anything else you wanna throw out there would be welcome.

June 19, 2008

Prescot @ 12:16 am

My girlfriend and I are experiencing a somewhat similar situation.  She has recently moved in with me and she owns a touch lamp.  On the second night she moved in, she slept over after moving in, she felt a presence behind her in the middle of the night, and the lamp was on the lowest setting.  I woke up from her movement.  She told me what happened.  We turned it off and went bed, then the next day when I returned home, it was on again.  My gf told me that she didn't turn it on.  I turned if off, then that night I saw a dark figure with long hair and it was looking at the lamp.  When I looked back, it was gone.  We talked about it, then turned it off.  I told my gf to move it, but she just pulled the plug, so when i got home I changed the bulb AND moved the lamp to a new socket within the room which has constant current.  I went out and returned to find the lamp on again.  I turned it off and talked to a friend within the room for a time and the light came back on again…this is the first time it's done it with awake persons.  I turned it off again, and came back and it was on once again.  Today is the 18th which is the full moon of this month which I've been told tends to have an effect for more paranormal events to occur.  I have the feeling it's just a malfunctioning touch lamp, but my gf has the feeling it's more, and wishes to either converse with the spirit or cleanse the apartment.  What kind of advice could we receive?

June 21, 2008

Michelle @ 8:44 pm

Hi Prescott.  I'd suggest a lot of the same advice given to Scott Morris.  If your girlfriend wants to converse with the spirit (or find out if it actually *is* a spirit), I'd suggest EVP.  You can also test the apartment for paranormal activity.  As far as cleansing the apartment goes, I would first see if you have paranormal activity.  No use "cleansing" unless you do.  Let us know how things go for you.

November 22, 2008

Don & Patty @ 4:10 pm

A guy at work gave me a tall living room touch lamp, for the first six months it functioned perfectly. Then it would come on during the night. We'd turn it off when we got up, a quarter of the time it would be back on before morning. One day my wife was doing dishes, when the dishes in the built in wall cabinet started shaking, Patty got feaked out telling the ghost; "Knock it the —- off, and if you're going to do something do the dishes or clean the house, otherwise get the —- out!" Well, the touch lamp only worked when we turned it on for a month. I missed having the lamp do this random stuff. So I told the ghost to feel free to turn it off or on if it wanted to. From then on it started doing it but only when Patty walked out of the room, boom it'd go on/off/or brighter, this made me laugh. Gradually, Patty understood how much I enjoyed this and agreed it was very funny. Now it still turns it on/off/or brighter many times when she walks out of the room but now does it when she's just sitting next to it too. She'll turn it off and it'll instantly turn back on several times in a row, she has then told the ghost; "Okay, you win and it wouldn't come back on.

I never turn on the L.R. light on and when I walk into the kitchen it'll turn on. When I try to find something in the L.R. the light sometimes comes on to help. It's not our floors, this place is solid, I don't have to move around for it to go on. I've have had it blink on to full bright just sitting on the can while looking at it in the living room.

I have no EVPs from it, and it does NOT respond to requests. I can walk in the other rooms and nothing ever happens, but let my wife walk out of the room … boom, many times it'll turn it on/off/brighter.

Yesterday the bulb burned out and now the lamp only stays on, I miss my funny & helpful ghost friend, so I'm going to replace the switch in the base.


Don & Patty San Diego, Ca.

December 28, 2008

Bob @ 1:30 pm

I too had an unexplained situation just today and I'm still not done freaking out.  I don't have "touch lamps" but still and all, freaky.  I am from Michigan working in Sarasota for the winter.  Just before I arrived here, my brother committed suicide in his house.  As I was here anyway, I moved into his house to help the family clean out the personal belongings and prep it to sell.  I was there for 2 months and nothing happened until this morning.  There is a ceiling fan in most of the rooms in this house, which I leave on the slowest speed just to keep air moving.  This morning at 5:30am, I woke up and was startled to find the light in my bedroom on and the fan was racing at the highest speed.  I have not been able to dim the light for the 2 months I have been there but this morning it was dim.  Both of these are on separate switches and when you initially turn on the fan, it starts at the lowest speed (this morning it was on the fastest speed.  And the light comes on the brightest setting at it was on the dimmest setting.  Well being as freaked out as I was, I went out to the living room and to my shock, that fan was also on the highest speed, but no light on.  Now talking about freaking out, I walked about 10 feet and clear across the house, about 30-40 feet away, the light in my brother's bedroom was on which definitely was not on last night.  This is the room he killed himself in and the room has been closed up for the last 2 months.  None of these lights and fans are on the same circuit and if there is a power failure, they do not come back on by themselves, you have to re-turn them back on.  How would you explain what I just experienced this morning?

January 7, 2009

vaughan @ 5:42 am

I was running a bath for the kids the other night, when I popped in the bedroom to get something.  When I returned to the bathroom, the light was out…I didn't really think anything of it, and turned it back on.  Then later that night while in bed with the missus (she was asleep), the bathroom light turned on…I thought it may of been one of the kids but then it turned itself off again and I didn't hear any footsteps after it.  I also asked the kids in the morning to make sure and they hadn't got up.  The light in the bathroom is a cord operated one, and I was freaked out as to how it could of happend.  Does anyone have advice for me?

February 17, 2009

Lori @ 10:26 am

I have my ceiling fan in my apartment turn off by itself.  It never happens when I am in the room.  I also had my ipod turn off.  I either close my eyes or leave the room, when this happens.  I bought a light-up toy ball that would go off and on without touching it.  After my pet died, these things have been happening.  No body believes me, but I know these things are happenening.  One night late this ball turned off and on for an hour, sometimes it doesn't happen for days. Last night, my lcd tv remote was turning off and on by itself sitting in its cradle.  I called a spirit communicator and she told me it was my grandfather helping my pet letting me know she is ok.  I did videotape these things.  I gave this ball away to a co-worker and he had it for three weeks and it never turned on for him.  When he gave it back to me, it turned off and on for me.  I do believe now that it is possible for spirits do communicate this way.

Lori @ 10:46 am

Dear Vaughan, I made several calls to a several spirit communicators.  They all told me things only I would know.  I was a skeptic before, but now I do believe. They told me everyone has a spirit guide, usually a relative.  They sometimes do these things to let you know they are still around.  Most people shrug it off as nothing.  But there is more to it, if you give it a chance.  I was told if you believe, you will notice things will happen more often.  I have things happen all the time now.  People that don't beleive block the energy.  That's why things do not happen to them.  I was scared at first, then overcame my fear by inviting my grandfather and my beloved pet to make short visits.  They come all the time now.  I do not see or hear anything, they just turn on and off anything that they are near.  When I talk, either out loud or in my head, the light seems to respond by turning on and off more.  If I ignore it, it stops. Lg

March 13, 2009

Bobby @ 12:38 am

Well, I had a problem like this as well.  My home is an older, southern home in the country.  I thought maybe it was the wiring, so i tried a battery op. camping light with a brand new battery and I got the same.  I also tried it with a solar lamp, and got nothing.  But at the same time, when asking Q on my recorder the house light flashed and got very bright with the camping light and both burned out at the same time.  With the solar light, it did not flash but the house light did.  Not sure what to think on that one, but I got 4 very good E.V.P's in the 3 hour setting.

Bobby @ 12:45 am

Well, I have a very open mind to things like this.  I would take it as a sign that some one was trying to talk to you, or communicate with you.  Try recording E.V.P.'S AND MAYBE VIDEO.

April 29, 2009

Nicole @ 9:43 pm

Ok, I have a situation.  A guy I had a fling with ended it with me and didn't talk to me for a long long time, at least 4-5 months.  He told me his grandma was sick when I was with him.  Well one night..I woke up at exactly 12 am.  I heard whispering…like a little girl praying at the end of my bed.  I ran to my sister's room cuz I was so scared.  Now…2-3 months later…I took a bath and we have a light in there that is controlled by a switch.  I didnt remember if I turned it on the first night or not, but it seemed like it got brighter or just turned on by itself.  So I was kinda freaked out.  So I took a shower a few days later, and it happened again!  I made sure I turned it on, and it turned off and then on again. CREEPY! THEN…. for the THIRD time…I just tried to take a bath again tonight and I was brushing my teeth while the water was running and I had the light on.  It turned off and on by itself, like someone flipped the switch off and on.  My parents think I'm crazy but it's creepy sleeping in my room and going in my bathroom!  What do you think??

May 1, 2009

sharon edwards @ 6:02 am

My dad passed 8 days ago, and I'm experiencing weird stuff…I feel scared to go upstairs, I'm 28 almost and had to put the light on to sleep.  My brand new fridge has blown.  The light works, but there is nothing cold, my washing machine is sparking underneath.  I also went to make toast and found the sweetners have been melted into it, my friend who has never met my dad saw him in her dream.  She recognised a mark on his arm that she couldnt of known about, is he trying to contact us….scare us harm us….I don't know what to think…just want him to be at peace now and don't feel he is….

June 1, 2009

James Matthews @ 9:39 am

I had a roommate die in my home last year around October 2008 time frame. I waited a while to prepare the room for another roommate. Once I got the room prepared in January of 2009, it seemed that I couldn't get anyone to rent the room. People would view but didn't take. It wasn't until May that I got a renter. The renter moved in and happened to tell me that one evening prior to taking a shower, he ate a twinkie out of a box of 12 and left the rest in his room. After taking the shower and returning to the room he went to get another twinkie and the box was empty. He had a 2 liter bottle of rootbeer in the refrigerator. One morning when he went to get it the bottle was gone. On top of all of this I have visible cameras in the kitchen, living room and entrance. Also I have lights that turn on by motion detector in the kitchen and living room. I don't know but I was looking back at recordings to see who might have gone in the kitchen to get the bottle of rootbeer. I have other roomates too.

I chanced to hit 4:40AM. I noticed the kitchen light come on instantly, and later the inferred in the living room came on as if someone walked from one room into the other. However, further review shows no one there. This happens 4:40-4:50 everynight. Something's going on that I simply don't understand. These lights never come on, unless triggered by a walk by. It only happens 4:40AM. I've thought about sitting in the livingroom at that time, but right now I'm kinda freaked out. I awakened this AM at 4:25 and turned my bedroom TV off and just laid there and listened in the dark. My master bedroom is downstairs ajacent to the living room. No sound or nothing like before. The next day when I checked the recording, the kitchen and livingroom lights turned on.

August 14, 2009

chloe baker & gabby smith @ 3:46 pm


August 18, 2009

Tara @ 3:44 pm

I have read many of the stories on this site and my family, especially my mom, is experiencing odd electical activity in her home. My father passed away from cancer on Friday March 13th of this year. Two days after my birthday. Within the last month or so my mom's garage doors have been opened and now lights in the garage are being turned on. I have also noticed certain lights flickering while at her house. My cousin has also experienced her truck door being left open and the light on, knowing she has closed and locked it and even checked to make sure it's locked.

Why is this happening? My mom thinks she is losing her mind but me (who believes in paranormal activity) said it is probably dad trying to communicate to us. But we have NO idea why. He left my mom in a financial pickle and I am not sure if this has something to do with it. Can someone help and give me some ideas as to what to do? Help find answers for my mom….

September 5, 2009

ann @ 1:53 pm

My kitchen light keeps coming on nearly every night on its own. What does this mean? Is someone try to tell me something?

lina @ 6:27 pm

i live on my own, one day after returning home from work i found that my tv and phone charger had both been so confused to how this could have happened. it definatly wasnt me as i was watching the tv just before i left the house, nobody has the keys to my house or could have got in either! does this mean anything?

September 12, 2009

gary @ 2:40 am

hi my name is gary and i don't belive in ghosts or any kind of afterlife. i have never seen anything that i could not explain until the other day. i am 38 years old by the way. ok the story. i was at a friend's apt helping her with the new tv converter box . i look up and see around 4 maybe 5 very small lights on the ceiling and it was not a bright as white light, but dim and off white light. i moved everything in that room thinking it was reflecting from something. i was wrong. i said "do you see that?" she just looked up and said yes and they usually flash a few times then some one i know dies soon after i see them, like it was no big deal. a few min later they were gone. now what in the hell did i see? help, i am one of those got 2 know why and how guys.

Tina @ 9:15 am


We have lived in our house for almost nine years. In the first few years after we moved we had problems with the radio in our lounge switching on by itself which we ignored because we felt it could be explained by perhaps someone in a nearby property with a similar remote. Things have been quite quiet over the last five or six years but this morning my two year old daughter was playing with a switch on a lamp in our lounge. This lamp is situated in exactly the same area as the radio which had switched on in earlier years. Anyway, my daughter pulled the switch on the lamp and the light turned on and off three times slowly. When I stood up to check the lamp it was not even connected to the electrical supply. We are not sure how to explain what happened this morning and wonder if anyone else has experienced something like this.

September 16, 2009

Ron L @ 1:18 pm

Hi Michelle,

Love the newsletters and website – you are an insperation to all investigators far and wide, keep up the awesome work. One question for you, we are soon to be going on an investigation in a home… now the reports from the owners I am getting is the young daughter is seeing a RED person cannot tell if it is man or woman – that area is covered in hair and the RED person has no feet, but hooves. I have searched and searched for something in the paranormal world to see if someone else has come across this type of haunting. If so, do you have any advice or info before we proceed with this investigation? Thanks in advance.

September 18, 2009

Michelle Myers @ 12:37 am

Hi Ron — Thanks for the kind words.  Do you believe the young girl is being truthful with you?  If so, then you might want to take some precautionary measures.  It certainly couldn't hurt, and may make everyone more comfortable during the investigation.  A spirit who is appearing as a reddish color is not necessarily a negative.  However, if the "hooves instead of feet" part is true, then you may be dealing with an animal spirit, or a non-human entity.  Have the home owners experienced any threatening activity, scratches, or growling sounds?  If so, then you might want to "pass" or reconsider this investigation.  If not, then I'd continue as usual.

September 22, 2009

ian duncan @ 3:53 pm

Hi, I moved into my home three years ago and converted my loft space into a bedroom, when clearing the loft i found a old suitcase which had been left by the previous owner. Since then i have experience a few things like my portable radio/cd player wont work up there anymore. I heard footsteps run across the upstairs floor when there nobody upstairs and now i have seen two flashing lights on the bedroom floor in the middle of the night. can you help?

September 29, 2009

Lorena Lima @ 11:22 am

Hello I have a question. My mom always sleeps in my sister's room and she always leaves the light inside the closet on. She said that the switch turns off by itself. She even said that she heard a noise of the switch turning off. This incident happened twice. Can someone help us? Is this scientifically possible?

October 25, 2009

jill @ 1:01 pm

wow that is awesome, that will help.

October 28, 2009

Linda Lopes @ 6:44 pm

Almost any time I walk by or drive by a lamp post the light goes out my friend and my son have seen me walk down a street and watch every light go out as a passed them. When I walk by a radio or TV they have shut off or the radio goes fuzzy. White noise and power lines and transformers really bother me. I could have someone drive me around the city blind folded and I could tell if we are by lots of power lines or a transformer station. Its almost like a loud buzzing noise in my head for me and alot of electrical equipment bothers me as well. Scanners at the grocery store etc. Some people say its a ghost or I just have very strong energy. I was shocked by an electrical fence once as a child and alos I have had my heart stop and physically died and was brought back to life but this phenomena was happening before that. What do you think it is?

November 6, 2009

Linda @ 3:09 pm

Whenever I hear someone talk about ghosts or strange happenings I have always rolled my eyes and I shake my head, until now.  Night before last I woke up at 3 am to my dog shaking violently.  I thought he was cold so tried to cover him up.  He quickly got out from under the covers so it was obvious he wasn't cold.   I noticed a light on in my garage, which went out shortly after.  My bedroom is connected by a hallway from the garage and I could see the light thru the doggie door.  Next I heard the TV come on in the living room.   I went into the living room to see if the cats turned it on with the remote, but the remote was on the table and the two cats were not in the room.   I turned the TV off and went back to bed.  Then I heard my computer turn itself off and on (no power outage).   I couldn't go back to sleep and went into the kitchen where the microwave was showing a message to fix the clock. 

When I realized what day it was, I realized it was my mother's birthday who passed away over 20 years ago.  There have also been previous times where a ceiling fan light or the fan would come on for no reason.  We had the fan replaced thinking it was a short or something.  Then another ceiling fan in other room would come on by itself without explanation.  I have to admit I don't have any explanation or reason for any of this happening.

November 25, 2009

Mary @ 10:05 pm

Hello – we moved into our house in 2005. We have an add-on room with a 1/2 bath. There are three lights over the mirror – the round bulbs you screw in over the mirror which are the lights, themselves. We changed one bulb the first year we were here. The light switch is broken, and we cannot turn off the lights, so the lights are on continuously (it's a back room so we've never called to get it fixed). These lights are burning continuously – it's starting to get wierd, as we've only changed one bulb in four years…the lights burn all night and all day. Does this have a normal explanation? Thanks for your help – Mary

November 30, 2009

Brent @ 3:16 pm

I am living in apt with two roommates, one of whose wife died of sudden illness earlier this year. She used to live here, as well. All her decorations, clothing and personal effects remain here much as they were when she died. I moved here in August and, not long after, began to notice my soap dish be knocked off into the trash can, by no apparent force, while I showered. This happened three or four times before it really got my attention.

One day, while here alone with a dog (her dog), I heard a cabinet (?) door creak and open by itself down the hallway in the bathroom or master bedroom. The dog raised its head up and looked down the hall, as well. I asked if someone was there and got no immediate response. However, a few minutes later, the same sound happened again. As if someone was trying to assure me that I had indeed heard what I had heard. This time, the dog sat on the floor, looked up at me, and cried.

In the past week, an overhead kitchen lamp burned out and the whole unit had to be replaced, not just the bulbs. I turned the porch light on, which I had never done, and it burned out within a few seconds. The TV screen has strange flickering often. My internet has not been working properly, despite a great signal from the modem and a paid-in-full account.

The other night, I reset a digital clock that had been flashing. I left the room for a while, returned and the clock was running two hours ahead. No one had been in that room since I had reset it.

I figure it is probably the spirit of his wife whom he has not grieved.

December 14, 2009

Karen @ 7:35 pm

My story is similar to some of these others….
Just moved in to this house about a week ago. Landlord recently installed
'Hunter' Fan and lights in MSTR BR.

Last Friday night, after moving, we went to sleep. We were exhausted.
The lights, over bed, went on at Midnight, exactly. I turned them off–Boyfriend was asleep. Then, at 12:55AM..lights on. Boyfriend slept through it, again.
We have a Remote for lights and fan that is parked over switch.

Saturday Morning I slept in…Lights turned on at, 11AM (not by Boyfriend) (I checked–he was asleep on sofa…I even asked him). :D

I talked to Spirit and told him I wanted to sleep in, Sunday Morning, also.
Right at 9:30AM, light went on…Once again, I was the only one to see this.

Come Monday, the light went on at 7:30AM—that is when I am supposed to wake.
Boyfriend did NOT turn it on….he was getting ready to wake me!!! o___O

Having problems with xmas minature lights not working (out in front of Mstr Bedroom)…

I want to ask Landlord if anyone ever died here….House is lt.1980's Vintage.
Also, this area was most likely active during Civil War.
Any thoughts?
How do I contact this Spirit? Talking hasn't done any good. Thx

December 29, 2009

Angie @ 3:31 pm

I had a friend who passed in 2005 in a tragic accident. I was close with this friend for many years. We had a falling out about 2 years before he passed. He always tried to talk to me and resolve the issue but I kept a grudge… well I finally let the grudge go about 5 months before he passed. My husband was also very close with him… So everything was mended before his passing.

Upon his passing we helped moving and shutting his business down. And helped his family and friends with anything we could. He died on my birthday, and his celebration of life was held at the same place as my husbands and I wedding 2 months prior, that he and his wife attended.

His wife had a small New Years party for family and friends about a month after his passing. I was sitting in the living room waiting for my husband to get out of the shower so we could leave to attend the party. We have a ceiling fan with lights and a remote. The ceiling fan was on high and the lights were on as I left it. As I was sitting there getting ready to go to his house the lights started flashing, on an off. So first thing I thought was my husband is messing with me…the remote is in the back room, let me go get it and see. Well my husband was still in the shower and the remote was in the desk in the back room. So I get the remote and bring it with me in the front room where this continued to happen. So I asked his name and asked if that's you make it stop. It stopped!! I said do it again, and it did over and over as the fan never skipped a beat, only the lights… so electricity never stopped. As my husband exited the shower I said shhh!! Come look, I think its him, hes responding to me. My husband thinks I'm messing with him until he see's the remote not in my hand. I told him hes responding to me.. he witnessed it the whole thing.

4 years later same remote, same batteries, same house it never happened again. I had a dream one night, it was him clear as day he was above me sitting and I was below him, very bright lights surrounded him, he looked so peaceful. He was smiling at me and I was telling him I did everything I could to help you, and help your family I'm sorry. He said I know, thank you! And he left.

We moved last month about 20 miles away to a new house. And I was home unpacking. I had taken his pics out to put in the cabinet where I kept them and I had'nt put them away yet. I was sitting down right by the pics folding laundry getting ready to put the laundry in the bedroom. And as I left the room I come back to 1 can light out.. 4 can lights on 1 switch…ok maybe a bulb went out no biggie… so i grab some laundry and bring it to the room I come back and the light was on. OK now what the heck is this, my attention is alerted. So I grab more laundry and walk back, come back light is off again, keep in-mind only this 1 can light, all the others were not affected… so it never does it right in front of me only when I leave and walk back has it happened, and nobody's home either… SO I yell out loud hell freakin NO!!!!! As it has happened 4 times now clear as day on and off. With the other lights not affected…So I turn the switch off and get ready and I leave the house. Call my husband and tell him. When I returned I realized this light that was doing this was directly over his pictures I had taken out and not put away… so I put his pics back in the spare room.

He always loved my cat, ever since we moved I let my cat out at night to roam the house and keep him locked in his room during the day. Every morning I awake my cat is downstairs under the couch for four weeks now. This morning when I came out from my bedroom I found my cat right under the can light that did its thing the night prior. He was in a ball looking right at me, he had been there for sometime. When I picked him up he was very warm and so was the carpet.

Can spirits move when you move? Why after 4.5 years with no activity I have activity and its the same with lights? And can animals since spirts? Was he with my cat this morning telling me and reassuring me it was him?

Any info would be appreciated, thank you!

December 31, 2009

Leah Ross @ 11:42 am

Hello. this is my first time on this site. i guess i`ll just start from the beginning…about a year ago i started seeing little shaddows of what presumed was my son – who`s about to turn 3 next month. Once it was 2 perfect hand prints against the shower curtain…i said hi to my son and peeked out and the door was closed and no one was there. Another incident, i was outside on my patio and my kids were in the room sleeping (i also have a 11month old daughter) i saw a perfect outline shaddow of a child my sons size run past along the wall. i looked and the door to their room was still closed and i looked and both were asleep. Anyway, things like things like this happened quite often. most of the time i just chalked it up to my eyes playing tricks on me…

Until just a few days ago. i was in my bedroom, watching a movie on my laptop, with the baby monitor on. i heard chatter over the baby monitor so i turned to look at it, when i was looking at it all of a sudden a small child`s voice started saying "hello hello hello hello…" about 15 or 20 times and ened with a scream. Then it started again and said it less times and stopped and started again andi got the nerve to say hello back and stopped mid hello and i called my grandma at that point and was pretty much freaking out and after she answered it said hello 3 more times. i am aware of phone interference and possibly another baby monitor intercepting but there was no static with this. in fact it was louder than when i hear my kids in the room. it was like as if it were talking right from the monitor receiver. i haven`t had it on since that night i was so terrified… i slept on the floor of the kids room. That was 3 nights ago. last night a bulb i had just replaced blew out in the hall. the only light i had on.

i contacted some paranormal investigators in my area…they said they could do an investigation for me sometime in the next week or so… i apologize for any grammatical errors, im typing on my phone. but any suggestions would be great. thanks! leah

January 12, 2010

justine @ 12:43 am

So about 3 years ago I was dead asleep in my room with the tv on. My would usually get up around 6am or so to get ready for work. Well, one morning around 3:30am I awoke to bright almost blinding light in my doorway. The light shined in from the top of my door to the floor. Thinking it was my dad in bathroom, I said "close my door". I turned over to get the light out of my face. I turned back around about 5 seconds later and noticed it was gone. Not hearing anyone walk down the hallway, I got up to see where my dad was. He was still in bed. along with my mom and brother. I immediatly woke them up and asked them if one of them had gone to the bathroom. Both said no. I went in my brothers room and asked if he just was in the bathroom and he also said no. So I freaked out and didn't sleep the rest of the night. My question is, can spirits really do that? Take form in light? Was it a spirit I saw. I apreciate any response because to this day, I sleep with the light on. Thanks!

January 28, 2010

Elizabeth @ 2:19 pm

This is new for me, I've never posted my experiences on a site before, But im kind of hoping to get some answers.

I just turned 18 this month, so, I guess I was about 16 when I had my first experience and its one thats made me afraid of the dark.

It was about one or two in the morning, and I was laying down in my bed. My bed was against a wall and a corner, and my light sat in the corner, behind my bed, which was a the trundle part of a trundle bed, the closet doors wide open, because thats how I usually left them. I layed down, getting ready to go to sleep,turning off all the lights in my room, because thats how I slept, as did my mom. Every light in the house was off. As i layed down, I heard someone saying my name, and I got up, opened my door, and went to check on my mom, She was dead asleep. The voice didn't sound like my mom, or anyone I knew for that matter, it was a very deep male voice, but I figured it wouldnn't hurt checking on my mom. Puzzled, I went back into my room, layed down, got comfortable and I closed my eyes. When i was just getting to being relaxed, (with my eyes still shut) I saw a very bright light, like a light was turned on in my room, but it wasn't a normal white light, it was a neon green light that filled my room. I dont have a window in my room, and I dont have anything that could have projected a bright green light, so i got up and looked everywhere in my room for something that could be projecting the light and i couldnt find anything. I opened my door and the light slowly faded away. a little freaked out, I went and layed down, yet again, to go to sleep when I closed my eyes I could see a light in my eyes, but the light was so bright (Like when you look at the sun, close your eyes and you can still see the sun as bright as it was when you had your eyes open) and it felt like it was really close to my face, something was there, but I opened my eyes with a squint and there was nothing there, no color, no light, nothing. This time, I sat up, it being maybe three in the morning now and I'm freaking out.

I went to grab my cell phone, because it started ringing, and i wanted to see who it was, but it was no one important, so I put my phone down, sat in the dark and was trying to process what had just happened. I sat there for maybe five more minutes and I saw the hall light turn on, and I saw someone walk by, thinking it was my mom I called for her, very loudly and then the light turned off, with no foot prints walking back through the hall way to turn the light off, I'm freaking out now, and i called out for my mom in a bit of a panic this time, The light turned back on and foot prints walked back through the hall way, only entering, Not exiting. I was crying now, because if my mom was out in the hall way, she would have came in to check on me, and would have made sure i was there, or okay, something. She would have came in. I sat in the corner of my bed, too scared to move and then my bed started shaking, not violently, but enough to scare me, and that it did, I turned on my light, which i probably should have done in the first place, but as a 16 year old, I thought maybe I was going crazy. I turned on the light, the shaking stopped, I jumped off my bed and ran to my moms room, to wake her up and tell her what had just happened.

The next day, my mom went into my room with four bibles, placing one under my bed, one under my pillow, one in my closet and one ontop of my dresser and began yelling at the top of her lungs. I've never had a problem sense then, but i really would like some answers as to what it was, and why it happened. Any sort of response would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

March 12, 2010

Katie @ 10:20 pm

Hey I have a question. Last night my older brother woke up to something trying to close his door, and the hallway light was turned on. when he went to sleep the light was off. Could this be a spirit or ghost?

March 27, 2010

sue @ 5:39 pm

Hi, this is what has been happening to us. We have a small guest house. for ease of use we chose touch lights which have been turning on and off. we have been driving by the house and saw lights on with no guests staying. On a few occassions we have gone in to switch the offending lights off only to find they have gone out. I am wondering if they are faulty or something else is going on……comments or advice would be appreciated.

March 30, 2010

jenny @ 7:33 pm

Hi. My husband & I bought an 1850ish antique house in Middleboro, Massachusetts. It's a rural area & the second biggest town in the state after Plymouth. I grew up in a 1795 antique that had been a church in another historical Massachusetts town & was used to all the noises that come with living in an old house. My husband's dad was a builder, so he grew up in a new home, & had no concept of what I experienced. I had many experiences in my childhood home, but had eventually chalked it up to my imagination-even though at the time I was SURE there were things going on in my room at night when I was trying to sleep, & this went on for YEARS, & was not a fun experience. Well, my opinion of things have changed now that I've been living in this house. We moved here in '04&didn't really experience anything other than seeing a cat-shaped shadow near the floor-assuming it was the spirit of my beloved 19yr old cat that I had just put down. We've slowly been doing the house over, & after a couple of years I started hearing either music, or a conversation between a man & woman-but at a very low volume…making me think it was the radio or tv. This happened several times before I really started paying attention & walking around my house trying to figure out where the noises were coming from. I'd tell my husband about these things & he would just blow me off.

Then I started noticing that I had lots of orbs in pictures I had taken inside the house, & on the property. I didn't see them until my husband had put them on the computer & they were as clear as day. I then began to do little experiments in the house. I would turn all the lights out & start taking pics with my digital camera. My husband was at band practice one night & it was past midnight. I was just snapping away & not looking at them individually. I then sat down-in the dark & started looking through them. White orbs in many pics, but in this one that I came across with no orbs was a huge black shadow thing that was moving across the wall covering furniture as it went by. I had three pics that I had taken in that same area, one after the other. The first pic was fine, then the next one had the shadow, and the next was fine again. They were taken within seconds of each other. Since then, I've caught many pics with strange things in them.

 I've also had lots of electrical things happen—including a light turning on & off when I went near it…only to realize the next day that it wasn't even plugged in. THAT scared me, & I asked my husband's friend who's an electrician if that's even possible & he said he didn't think so. We also have a little clock on a table at the top of my stairs that-after4yrs of sitting up there-it's pull up alarm went off in the middle of the night, & we could NOT figure out what it was. The fire alarms also go off in the middle of the night & even the carbon monoxide detector's gone off-with a warning voice-which is particularly disturbing & unnerving in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. My cats also stare at things that aren't visible to me. My husband recently heard music & told me about it.

 Then last week-when I was at a friend's house, my husband called to tell me that he FINALLY believed me. He said he saw an orb pass by him when he was walking into the kitchen. Thought it was a reflection on his glasses, or a passing car…until it happened again a couple hours later. I'm happy that he's had experiences here now too, because it validates all the things that I've seen & heard here. My sister recently had an experience here too. I have heard of a family's grandmother dying here a couple of decades ago—but everyone died at home back in the day. I'm not scared to live here–I love our house. I think the spirits that live here are actually happy that we're bringing the house back to it's original charm. I'm not threatened in any way to be here & think I'll always want to live here. I tend to think now that people are haunted. I've had experiences in my friend's house growing up too. I believe if you're one of those people that's open to the supernatural, they will show themselves to you, or try to communicate with us in some way to let us know that they are still around…I could go on & on…it IS cool!

March 31, 2010

Maggie @ 8:31 am

Hi. Last night I went to bed about 12midnight, my daughter 30ish was downstairs on the computer. She called me down a couple of hours later because she had heard an electrical popping sound coming from the sitting room at the back of the house. After a minute or two I heard the same thing and it was definitely coming from the sitting room area or I thought it may have been coming from the attached garage both are in the same area of the house. Anyway I turned off the power to the house while we worked out what to do, I checked the fuses and all were ok. I turned the power on again, everything was working ok we were puzzled and then we heard it again.

This time we were both looking into the sitting room. I heard a pop and saw a very large golden flash of light outside the back door, my daughter did not see the light even though she was also looking exactly where I was looking, it was so large and bright there is no way she would have not seen it. The back door is glass and you can see out of it to the back garden. Now I was convinced it must be coming from the attached garage and what I had seen was the flash of light as a wire or appliance was shorting out – the side door to the garage is very close to the back house door and anything illuminated in the garage would show outside a bit because it has opaque corrugated sheets rather than brick as part of the wall.  We decided to check everything by torch light which took some time. I could not find anything in the house or the garage that had blown, all the wiring was checked also. I decided to stay up all night incase a fire started. I kept the electric on to save the freezer full of food and lo and behold no more popping sounds all night. There was no way I was going to sleep.

I called out an electrician in the morning – he could not find anything wrong with the electrics at all – he checked everything  and said that a fuse would have blown had there been problems at all. He could not understand it. So what I am left with is this – it must have been paranormal, I can find no other explanation for it.  Anyone else had this happen to them?  We both often see spirit cats and dogs in the house etc but have never experienced anything like this before.

April 11, 2010

Steven Holt @ 11:25 am

In October last year I went to a psychic show. I was lucky enough to be picked out the audience and he did a accurate reading for me.  My pal she was amazed, but I wasn't too convinced. So a week after attending his show, I noticed my table lamp flickering.  I thought nothing of it and it continued to flicker until I turned round.  As soon as I did turn round, it stopped.  Then a few nights after my lamp incident, my side lamp in my bedroom did the same thing.  I wasn't freaked out by it or anything, I was curious to say the least.  Then the other week I was tidying up my bedroom and the telly came on all by itself, which did give me a fright as it was lound and unexpected. 

I was talking to someone who is a paranormal author and he said, if someone had a message for me at the psychic show these will be suttle signs that they are trying to get my attention.  I'm not scared by it, I find it interesting as to who would be trying to contact me if that's the case. Very interesting.

Thanks for reading.

April 30, 2010

celeste @ 12:25 am

okay i have a question and i really need someone to help me figure this out.  I just recently bought a new cell phone never had problems before…..about 3 weeks ago my phone would ring and i would of course look on the caller ID and it was my number calling my phone! it has happened every day since the start of two weeks ago! i have contacted my cell phone provider and they said they have never heard of anything like that happening or being a problem! and also i have had all kinds of experiences happen to me in my life! i do believe in all this and still do experience a lot! it all started when i was 12 years of age….But i just want to know if this is maybe a ghost/spirit or maybe a loved one trying to contact me!? and can they go through phones like that? please help!

celeste shrader 25 years old in houston tx

June 6, 2010

Aimer @ 5:00 pm

Okay….well.. it all started like this…When i was 2 or 3 we were in new zealand for a holiday and my mum told me that in the night there was something strange…. then suddenley the radio/alarm clock went on playing this 30's style or 20's style music but it was very eerie and my dad thought he would turn it off. Then so he turned it off but then it turned on again and he thought it was batterey operated but ther was a plug so he pulled the plug…. but then it turned on again so it was battery operated so he pulled the batteries out nut it still kept on play…. Why did that happen?

I am now a teenager and i live in an old Victorian (but not from victorian times) like house, but its small and cosy and my mum and i are catholic so she prays in five in the morining. And she said there was a bright light in my room!(i was sleeping on the couch coz of late night movie) All the lights in the house were off and my tv and laptop was off but there was unexplained light. So when I woke up my mum told me what happened and we wento my room and every thing was off!!!! but i also get a strange presence feeling when i walk into my room, Why was it in my room not the livingroom!!!well my room is also originally a kids room and my stuf toy that is a big basset hound dog is in my room and i had him when i was 1, was he the cause or some gost like thing/paranormal activity?


June 26, 2010

Nikole @ 6:27 pm

I live in a house with my family and weird shit always happens here. When we first moved in it was a new house (nobody lived here before us). The first thing that we noticed was in my dads office. The volume on the stereo would turn up very loud on it's own, and sometimes it would turn down. Sometimes it just went on and off.

When I am in my room sometimes I will feel as if I am being watched even if nobody is home and I feel as if there is a presence. My sisters room light flickers sometimes, and on a few occasions the light switch itself flipped up and down on it's own. About three years ago my dad had an electrition come in and check the wiring and he couldn't find anything wrong with it.

At night my mom has felt someone sit down on her bed two seperate times. One time was when we were all on vacation and she had stayed home. She told us that she woke up in the middle of the night (she didn't know why she woke up) and was just laying there and she felt the bed dip down at the end like somebody had sat down on it. The other time was when she was taking a nap during the day and only my sister was home with her.

Another time when my dad was home and me and my sister and mom were at school and work he was sleeping in, and got up to go to the bathroom and the door was shut by itself. Neither of us ever shut the bathroom door unless we are in it, and it couldn't have been a draft because there are no air vents in that bathroom or the hallway.

For the most part i've learned to just live with it and accept it, but sometimes it does get a bit freaky. Especially when i'm alone.. =/

Nikole @ 6:30 pm

Another time I forgot to write in was when me and my sister were watching tv (mom and dad were asleep) and we both heard a very distinctive male voice next to my sister. At first I thought I had been hearing things but I looked at her and she said "did you hear it too?" It wasn't the tv and it wasn't a radio or music player of any kind, and it wasn't someone outside or in the other room.

It was just a male voice speaking for about four seconds and then it stopped. It was saying words but neither of us could understand exactley what it said.

Nikole @ 6:32 pm

Another time my mom and I heard a very odd sounding scream/moan very early in the morning. She was getting up for work and I was woke up by the sound. It wasn't my sister having a dream or sleep talking (she was gone for the night, at a friends house).

August 9, 2010

Pat @ 12:07 am

I was staying at the Venetian two years ago for the Consumer Electronics Show. I went to bed at midnight and truned all the lights off in my room. At 3am in the morning I was being smothered by a ghost or being. The expereince lasted about 15 seconds and was very real. I fought it for some time and finally mustered the energy to push it away. Just as I pushed it away, the light above the other double bed turned on. I immediately prayed and told the ghost in the name of Jesus Christ and God, GET OUT of MY ROOM. My boss was in another room and he had his lights go on in the middle of the night as well. We talked about this at breakfast and the waiter told us that someone committed suicide the day before. Jumped off the building. Very sad. The next night, my boss left, but I had one more visit. as I was turnign off ESPN, the light above the other bed went on again in my room. I prayed again and told it to leave. That was it. I asked the Manager when I left if they were having electrical issues and they said no. Hope it was my first and last encounter until I see the Lord.

September 5, 2010

Keisha @ 1:07 am

The comment link is not working on this page, but I want to ask something. Um well me and my cousin when we were in our early teens and staying the night at her dads for one night. Me and her were in her bedroom getting ready to go to bed. The lights were off and there is a window covered by curtain in the room ok. Within two minutes with the lights off, a random white blinding flash of light filled the entire room for two seconds. I was a bit startled about what just happened. And then I ask my cousin "did you see that?" and she said ya. We left the room and "tried" to sleep in the living room, but never did. We told our family about it and they were like well maybe it was a car that past by the window but the light didn't come from anywhere nor did it ever fade. I don't know if it's ghost or sprit related. That night is still a mystery. I will never forget it. Thanks.

October 20, 2010

Barb Campagnola @ 9:32 pm

Hi. I just stumbled on this link and am so glad to hear you all saying all this. I have had some crazy expereinces with electricity ever since my near death expereince. I think though that its coming from me and not ghosts? Or can you help me? The electrical stuff happened when I was stressed out, (I would blow up stuff and wreck computers etc) but it seems to have esclated recently. I was scared to death. A few months ago I was inside at friends, and my car turned itself on and the lights on all by itself after a few hours of my being inside. Things were blinking and flashing all the way home, and the next day all of it stopped when I was not stressed out. Also when I got home the motion lights, which were off at the switch when I left, came on. Then a few weeks ago in Savanah Ga. I had a strange incident with my camera. IT was on and off and on and off and when the LCD screen faded back? It was not my normal screen. All round orbie things and hazy stringy things. Then as fast as it came. It was Ok again. Can people make this stuff happen or is is ghosts???

October 27, 2010

yessenia @ 12:25 am

something similar just happen to me, my phone charger just flew off the switch wall as soon as i plugged it on, it flew off at such speed that hit my leg badly,….what do you call that? i have had a bit of a history with dangerous things…im scared it might be the same again…

November 21, 2010

kassidy @ 5:27 am

today at about 1:24am ish me and my cousin were watching a movie when a foggy green light filled my back yard for about 2-3 seconds then the house lights started to flicker then everything was fine we are wondering if anyone knows what that is

December 5, 2010

Linden @ 1:46 am

Same here, touch lamp, never before has it turned on or off by itself. There have been cell phones in it's vicinity without any influence. There are no chargers nearby or anything. My husband's and Electrician, there's nothing wrong with the light.

I have a best friend and my father who have both passed long ago, I think it's one of them, yet I think it's my friend for some reason, long story. I was sitting beneath the lamp, it turned on without anyone near it, my roommate saw it happen as well. Then a week later, same story, I walked in and literally thought, "I want that light on again," and it turned on right then, roommate witnessed it again.

This does not happen when I'm not in the room and has never happened other than these two times. I feel like I'm being communicated with, but I'm not scared.

Does that sound out there? My BF from childhood died unexpectedly when he was 21 in a motorcycle accident, I didn't know for 17 years (maiden name changes, private phone etc) and it hit me pretty hard.

Sending out my own hello then to all who have experienced this … they are sensitive little devices to cell chargers and things like that … but this wasn't "that."

December 8, 2010

Shirley @ 11:19 pm

I am so glad I read this site. When my mom died of cancer 20 some years ago, we talked about her coming back and doing certain things. Which she has done, and over the years my husband saw these things. He had cancer and died in our home., before he died we had plenty of time to talk about what I wanted him to do, one was leave dimes and turn on this certain touch lamp as my mom did. He died on the 20th and one month later on the 20th the light went on. He was cremated so had a huge funeral for him on the 3oth taps the works, he was military ranger Army.

On the 30th the light came on again.. I than prayed and asked him to turn on again and it did. We had videos of the service and just at the end of the video all kinds of small orbs were floating around his ashes. Dime size, I have had basketball orbs after my mom died, but these were small. Also Orbs at Christmas outside when we took photos of the snow.. only two photos had orbs. Also years ago had my room (b-4 I married my husband,) my room on a calm night filled with the brightest light I ever saw, almost blinded me… I am a believer in the spirit world .. Shirley.

January 12, 2011

Cody Hart @ 8:57 am

I'm happy I found this site actually. Well, I need to talk about what's been going before I break down. I moved into this new house four years ago. My mom had it built so no one died here. Alot of little things where happening when I came here. Like cabinets rumbling and things like that and nothing would really happen that was bad. But little things happened till last year… When my cousins moved out and my uncle left and it was just me and my mom and boyfriend, yes imma gay male. Don't hate. Well… Shortly after they moved out things started getting alittle more strange.

One night at dinner, we were all eating and talking about school and work and then out of the blue the dineingroom lights flickered violently and then we shut them off and used the window light. After that dinner we all did our thing and mom was upstairs with me and watching tv while my boyfriend was on the pc in our room. After five ten mins we hear a loud thud noise from my little cousins old room. We opened the door and it was quiet but really cold and the heater in that bedroom was on full blast for a week strait. And then one night when my boyfriend was at work and so my was my mom, it was just me and the dog. I decided to get onto the pc and look for a movie on Netflix and then out of no where I feel this feeling of being watched by something intently. I turned around and felt heavy, like I shouldn't be in the room. I looked around and tried to find the cause but the only thing I knew was something is there and isn't happy with me. I darted out of my bedroom and sat my self in the upstairs living room. Then when I thought I was ok I heard this dragging noise against the carpet and looked around the corner To my room and felt the starring feel again.

That next night I was just deathly tariffed to be alone but mom and my bf still whent to work and I was alone. Mom called me at around dinner and asked if I was okay then I told her what happened. She told me she's felt a starring presence but didn't know about it scarring me. So I told my mom "mom I'm scared and keep feeling hated by what ever is here" and at the moment my cell when silent and then beeped at me saying "your bluetooth has been turned on!" I left my blue tooth in my bed room and had no ideah how it found out how to switch on. I hung up and camped in the downstairs living room over six hours till my boyfriend came home. He came with me to our room and asked how my night was and I told him that it was eventful.

I know this is long but bare with me

January 14, 2011

joanne @ 10:55 pm

the other night me and my boyfriend were lying in bed when he asked me why the telly was on. i told him it wasn't and he said look at it. It was all bright n slowly turned an orangy colour. I got up quick to turn on the light and the plug was off. we turned the light off again and it happened again. And now we cant stay in that room at night. i dont know what it was. My nanny only died a couple of weeks ago. do you think she trying to tell me something..?

January 16, 2011

susan @ 8:36 pm

I have had several family member die. My dad died 25 yrs ago in a car accident when I was a child. My mom got very ill with MS and died last year. In one month my 15 yr old cousin died, my uncle, and then my mom. After this I began experiencing many strange occurances. I have had these things happen in every home I ever lived in but now it was impossible to ignore. Light bulbs blow out…one after the other within minutes, one tv will go on (not the same tv each time) in the middle of the night and the cable box goes wild. I took pictures for the first time…all the other tvs/cable boxes normal.

My phones die, shut off, my new computer screen just went blank, my cell cant hold a charge, mycar battery dies…evenafter a new battery was put in. I look around the house and see brand new bulbs are out…my flood light in front and also the solar lights and my doorbell rings when noone is there. Immediately after my mom died last year I saw her, she was sitting at my bed asking me to acknowledge her…I couldnt look and then in the distance I saw a big huge dark figure behind her.

I screamed for my dad…who died but who I felt safe with…and I felt him coming so fast and then all of it disappeared. I ran into the kitchen and called a family member in the middle of the night hysterical….during the call the tv turned on blasting and when I came back in the kitchen after I turned it offone of my stove burners were on. Its been a year and it was just 2 days ago in a new home that the tv turned on like that again…different tv, new cable box. I was very startled since it happens always in the middle of the night..after 4. When I was dicussing it with a family member my light fan went off. I turned it back on and 3 out of 4 lights were blown. I am so afraidI will get another visit….it made me very scared.What is happening?? Like I said its not new…15 yrs ago…2 homes before…the dryer buzzer would go off, the tvs would turn on, and my sons remote car would roam around the house in the middle of the night when the switch was OFF. It would leave his room and come into mine and bang against my bed.

My son was around one, and once he pointed to it and said mama's da da a few times. I was freaked out…my dad died in a car accident. Also all batteries seem to die quickly..I have the hugest supply of batteries and bulbs! I used to believe there was some electrical current in the first home but now 15 yrs later and 3 homes and it still happens. help

January 27, 2011

Nancy @ 7:57 pm

We have two touch lights in our house. One light comes on when you touch the hinge on the china cabinet, and the other touch light is upstairs in the bedroom, my make-up mirror. We noticed the light being on in the dinning room, and turned it off many times. Also, I thought I had left my make-up mirror light on and turned it off. One evening, I went upstairs and the make-up light was on again, and I know I wasn't using it. I went back downstairs, and the china cabinet light was also on. Now, when we see one light on, they are both on, usually the lowest light (one touch). It's not every day, and sometimes a week goes by and they are not on. Today, I came in the house and they were both on the brightest light (third touch). Our son-in-law passed away two months ago from lung cancer. Could he be trying to tell us something?

February 21, 2011

april branson @ 3:56 pm

michelle- i met a couple this weekend who had some very strange occurences this past friday night (2/18/11) at 1:30am lenny's cell phone rang, he recognized the caller picked it up but no one was there. concerned that his friend was in trouble he tried calling back once or twice. in the morning the fellow who the cell belonged to noticed lenny's missed calls realized and that his phone which was left in his kitchen while he slept did place the callto lenny. but it gets better…around 4:30am lenny woke up because it felt like something hit his house. bright lights seemed to be shining in, but he assumed they were the local police patroling his neighborhood. then his bedroom light came on by itself as witnessed by both he and his wife. shortly after this happened the end of island they live on near detroit lost all power for about 7 hrs. does this sound paranormal?ghostly or alien activity? any thoughts?

February 23, 2011

robert @ 9:27 pm

Ok this is about Lights flickering. iam a certified nursing assistant, I take care of the elderly at a nursing home. For about 3yrs now I spot lights very often flickering and guess what shortly after that a resident or patient dies, I check the flickering light and it is burned out "not working." I've accepted this as knowledge of paranormal. To know when someone is about to pass. I see lights flickering away from nursing home to. Matter of fact. The day micheal jackson died just before it hit national news I was walking around my apartment complex and in one of the stairways in the distance a light was flickering. Shortly after that I'm in my apartment cooking dinner with the News on television well micheal jackson is dead. Back to the nursing home I have told a few nurses and cna's about the lights flickering and then a patient or resident dies. We all point this out and sure enough some one passes. And when one patient or resident dies. Well death comes in 3's and its true for the nursing home. robert.

February 25, 2011

Nicci @ 10:25 pm

Hi, in Nov of 2010 we started having issues with our house. Our basement door would be open going into the garage. Problems with the furnance, would stop working and would have to have a repair person come out and he would have to do a reset. On Dec 23rd and 24th the furnance stopped working again. Repair man came out and said that the blower motor and circuit board was fried. Told us that we should contact our electric company because there was def an issue the electricity in the house, he said that based on the damage that has been on it is apparent that the voltage is going from high to low. On the same day while he was working on the furnace the bake element in my electric stove stopped working and he said there was def a prob with the electric. I contacted the electric co and they told me there were no issues and they couldn't help me. In Jan a work light in our garage that hasn't worked in about 3 years was suddenly on in the garage, and we didn't plug it in or turn it on, we went down to the basement and it was just on. Again the basement door has been open a few times and neither of us that live in the house opened it. Now in Feb we heard a noise shortly after we went to bed and my husband got up to check on it, and the hall light was on. The wiring there and the switch is only a year old. It has been checked and there is no short. The switch was physically flipped.

After that we sat down and my husband suspected a ghost. I am sure there are more things that have happened and we just didn't notice. Just two weeks ago I found out that my cousin killed herself on Oct 31st. I just spoke to her sister that went to her apt and she was telling me that everyroom they carried the body thru the built in lights don't work, they thought if they changed the bulbs that they would work but they don't. She said to me it was if she sucked the energy out as they carried her out. After she told me that I started thinking about everthing that has been happening at my house since Nov. Is it possible that she came to my house to seek me out to let me know that she had passed since I did not know? The day after I spoke to her sister, my oven suddenly started to work again. I am tempted to contact a psychic to see if she is with me. Do you think this could be her trying to communicate?

March 13, 2011

Graham @ 4:22 pm

hi im graham and i lost my grandmar on the 21st feb 2011 last year in aughust i moved into my grandmar and grandads house when my grandmar was taken into a care home full time so that my grandad wasnt lonely we sit in the living room every day and on a night we put all the lights on since my grandmar passed away 3 different lights have started to flicker and today a cross that she had on her bedroom wall fell off when all the family were round for dinner we heard i drop but didnt think anything of it i went up stairs put it on the bed and went back down…

2 hours later about 9pm when my grandmar used to go to bed the cross fell off the bed and onto the floor again and the bed looked like someone had been sitting on it but everyone had gone and there was only me and my grandad in the living room…

i didnt actually believe in paramnormal activities until all this has started to happen i was wondering if it is my grandmar trying to contact us… also there is creeking from upstairs even though we are down here! can anyone help me with this and help me get in touch with my grandmar… thanks Graham

March 24, 2011

Kathryn Rolke @ 12:36 pm

I just wanted to quickly ask if anyone has seen quick flashes of light out of the corner of their eye? My husband and I were in our kitchen last night. My cat seemed to be very intently watching something fly around the room. It looked like he was watching something go up and down, to the ceiling, then down to the floor and up again, all around the kitchen. While I was watching the cat, I saw quick, bright yellowish-orange flashes of light out of the corner of my eye. This happened 2 or 3 times, but I thought I was seeing things. I said to my husband "What do you think the cat is looking at?" He said "I don't know, but I keep seeing flashes of light out of the corner of my eye". I was very surprised to hear him tell me that; I wasn't seeing things! My husand also said he saw a sort of "person shape" light go out the back door of the kitchen onto the deck, and back in". My husband is a scientist, and he is very skeptical. I was too, until this happened. My Dad died in November, and I was very close to him. Does anyone have any opinion on this? This has never happened to us before.

April 16, 2011

Chris @ 2:20 am

I, too, lost my Dad about a month ago. About 20 days after his death, an old cell phone that I had in a drawer that had been off for weeks before his passing suddenly sounded it's alarm at 6.30am. This particular cell phone flashes the phrase "Good-Bye" when turned off. As I turned it off I saw the phrase & knew my Dad was sending me that message. It was strange, sad & comforting all at the same time…

April 21, 2011

theresa presotto @ 4:15 am

well my father in law and his sister died one month apart this year. we cleaned out her house and brought home some of her things. I was showing these things to my friend, and sudenly my daughter called to us came fast we went to the kitchen and all of my ceiling reset lights all ten of them were going like a light show.

there are three light switches in the room. none of them would turn off. this went on for about three min. we got the switch to work but when we tried turning them back on, it was the same – a light show. we finally got them off. We all left the room lights off, turned back on later and they went back to normal. hmmm.

May 4, 2011

scott @ 10:53 am

i am investigating an apartment in ct where paranormal activity is prevalent. black masses, lights going on and off, rooms totally dark and the room lights up. no explanation. scratches on son's back, pillows being tugged, black figures making themselves known, furniture being moved by itself. any suggestions on where to start?

May 10, 2011

jess @ 8:38 pm


I have an lCD motion light that only comes on when someone walks by. I was sleeping and I have those lights thru out my house so someone made me open my eyes and I saw the light.. I didn't move or do anything i fell right back to sleep but realized in the morning those lights only come on by someone walking by it. I have felt someone watching me not only here in my new place, but also my old place. I always feel someone watching and I catch myself turning around too like a fool. Can anyone give me any thoughts.

May 11, 2011

SHYGIRL @ 4:18 pm

Does anyone know if paranormal activity in your house can make your electricity bill go up?

May 26, 2011

amanda thompson @ 4:37 am

hi, i have lived in my home for 14 years now and have had a lot of different things going off, such as lights flickering, my sons toys moving on their own, cups moving sudden smells of perfume, little lights floating around my rooms in the home,one nite while stood ironing in my bed room i saw what i thought was my husband walking by so i shouted him to find that he was still in the next room. my daughter came running up stairs one morning saying there's a girl stood in my kitchen and the girl waved and smiled at her. she could describe the girl. along side all this, there has been more.

last night on 25th may 2011 i was sat in my kitchen talking with a few friend when we heard a big smash and straight after something running up the stairs and on the landing so my friend and i went up stairs to check as my daughter was fast a sleep in her bed. by this time we could not see anything nor hear anything. I went back dawn stairs to find my living room door was open which i keep fastened. when we went in, one of my big vases had been pushed off my cupboard and smashed on the floor. please could someone give me advise on what to do as i am getting really scared of being in my home on my own as my husband works nites. i also have taps turning on by themselves. all my life i have had little things happening but chose to ignore. could anyone tell me if it could be something to do with me?

July 5, 2011

louis @ 8:19 pm

i lived in my last home for 8 years and had a lot of strange goings on my electrics lights and sockets would blow regularly. the kettle would switch itself on and off on its own. i had an electrician come out on several occasions and could not find any fault and said it could of been the bulbs. this went on plus an array of other unsettling happenings in the 8 years i lived in this house. me and my family also witnessed banging in regular patterns which sounded to be coming from the bedroom floorboards upstairs. 1 2 3 then again, 1 2 3.

my brother blamed this on the central heating pipes when it was clearly from upstairs. i thought maybe someone was up there. my brother checked and no one was to be seen. when i was alone and it was night time, i would go upstairs and when i would switch my bedroom light on, it would blow regularly. then i would be in the dark and would feel a presence. something stood right in front of me. i would run downstairs and wait outside until my dad came up as i would ring him and explain i was too scared to go back inside.

my family started to say there's no such thing as spirits or ghosts and that i was being insane. also i would go into the kitchen at night to make a drink and on one occasion i remember standing waiting for the kettle to boil and feeling a massive gush of wind around my legs and the bottom cupboard doors banging. the first thing that went through my mind was i haven't any windows or doors open, what the hell was that? then i would run into the front room and sit with my blinds open and the light on so i could see my neighbors' house across the road. so i didn't feel alone. i would eventually fall asleep on the sofa as i was so scared to go in any other room.

i also took pictures on my mobile phone. when i looked at them i saw clearly a white cartoon phantom type face in the pictures. one photo was taken in the living room and one in the kitchen. both times the same face. i began to think i was losing it and imagining things so my brother came up the next day. i asked him to look at the pictures and tell me what he could see he said i white ghostly cartoon head. i explained that i had taken the pictures in the house the day before. he just shook his head and said nothing. when i questioned him on what he thought which made me feel all the more that i was going crazy.

another thing one night i was in my pantry getting my slippers. there was a small double glazed glass window in there leading to the side of the house. i turned around to get out after getting my slippers and hit the window lightly with the side of my hand. on turning one of the glass panels shattered into lots of pieces and the glass was flickering itself round the floor. the first thing i thought was my hand must be cut. i looked there was no mark not even a scratch. then was spooked by the glass still flickering about by itself and to the end of my time of living in this house my electrics blew out once again.

this time the full house i went into the fuse cupboard to the fuse box and none of the switches would lift back up. they were all jammed stiff. i went to the payphone and rang the emergency electrician who came and said he couldn't understand how this had happened and that the fuse box had totally burnt out. He said i would need a new fusebox. lots of times in this house i would see shadows of faces, a cold or blowing presence of something. up until now i still get shivers thinking about what used to happen and all my hairs stand up on my arms. i just thought of sharing this experience for others to read.

July 8, 2011

Jamie @ 11:20 pm

Two days after my uncle passed away when I was three years old, I was playing outside in the front yard with chalk on the driveway behind a neighbor's car. The neighbor started the car not knowing I was behind it and began backing up. My father was in the backyard doing yard work and something made him think of me and he ran out to the front yard, pulling me out from the rear tire of the car. He is to this day still very skeptical about anything paranormal, but swears to this day something made him find me because I was in danger.

As my life went on (even to this day) I've experienced paranormal electric interference that only happens to me in multiple locations. It first started when I can remember with my radio turning on in the middle of the night, full blast a couple times a week for 2 months. After this, at 2:00 a.m. exactly, my alarm clock would flicker so bright that it would wake me. it's flash so bright it would light the room up and I would watch it change to 2:01 and on, eventually falling back asleep. I would wake up in the morning to find that it was not doing that. it was just fine. this happened multiple times. I never had a feeling of being scared of this, just more of a odd calm feeling. Of course telling my parents this it was always a short or some kind of electric failure.

One night when I was watching TV, I heard a strange loud vibration noise coming from the garage. When opening the service door the lights were off and a drill was going off by itself. this was a kind of drill that was really hard to push the trigger in. No one ever really believed me because they never witnessed it with me until one day my mother was helping me make my bed and my TV turned on. we both looked at each other and then looked for the remote which was located 30 feet away on my dresser. She became more of a believer that day.

Our family dog at the time would go downstairs alot (where my bedroom was located)and sit in the living room and would bark for no reason looking at ceiling when nobody was down there. Eventually, I grew older and moved out with my fiance who was then a non believer and I would get upset with him because I thought he was leaving the DVD player on all the time. He was swearing to me that he didn't and of course I didn't believe him. My cat grew kind of obsessed with sitting in front of the DVD player staring at it for hours.

One night while watching TV together the DVD player began shutting on and off at times very fast and then would have pauses inbetween. After this it began opening and closing almost the same fashion. Thinking he was playing a joke on me I began to get upset. come to find out, he wasn't. Both of our hairs on our neck were standing up and he unplugged it. Thinking the remote was in the couch or something, he found it still packed in box with no batteries. After this on and off for the last couple of years I would go into somebody's house and as soon as I would touch the door handle and walk in there would be like a weird electric surge where like the circut breaker would flip, causing everything to shut down for like 1 second. people were beginning to believe me.

About a year ago, we bought a brand new house and all seemed well there as in nothing "weird" was really happening until about a month ago I heard a man with a loud deep voice talking downstairs causing my dogs to bark. but nobody else was home. Granted it was in the day but I though someone broke into the house, but nobody was there and all the windows and sliding glass doors were locked. Two days ago my fiance and I got into a huge fight and I left, within 5 minutes of me leaving every light bulb burnt out in our house within a couple of seconds of each other, except our bedroom light. I did not witness this but he called me in a panic and I headed back. His face was as white as a sheet and he was shakened up by this. Please tell me that I'm not going crazy, and not every place I live at or go there's an electric shortage issue.

August 8, 2011

Donyale Wilson @ 2:58 pm

My aunt called me this morning and told me that this morning about 4am a very big bright light was in her room and it was still dark outside. she said that for some reason this light made her not afraid and after a couple of minutes, it went away… She and I want to know what it was. she was even thinking that it was a death call for her… Please send me what you think that was…

August 14, 2011

Sheki @ 2:11 pm

So does it mean I have a ghost in my apartment, since my three yr old son always says he's too scared to do certain things that I ask him to by himself. Just last night we were in bed sleeping when we heard a big crash of something falling. When his dad went to see, he found our heavy table fan in the middle of the floor still plugged in, but on a lower setting that we left it! I then went in my sons room to check on him and he was still sleeping in the same position as he fell asleep, therefore it sure wasnt him who knocked the fan off the table!

August 19, 2011

Clayton @ 5:37 am

Hey guys, i have a weird story for you. when i was young, about 5 or 6 years old, i was sleeping in bed when my bedroom door closed and SLAMMED hard! my windows were closed and my room was located right beside the kitchen. when i asked my parents why they slammed my door the next morning they said they didnt. they didnt even hear it. in this same house there was a spot in the middle of the hallway with no vents and only in one certain spot it was ice cold and always gave you goosebumps. also me and my family members all have witnessed teenage girls in jeans quickly running across the floor but only for a flash of a second (this has happened more than once). then, i was watching tv and a silhouette of a little girl quickly ran across the screen like lighting speed. i told my mom but she never believed me. my grandma has recently passed within the year, and now since then when i go by lights they turn off. when i was walking in my room i walked under the light and the bulb died. then the same night i was going to the kitchen sink to grab a cup from the dishtray and the lightbulb died. i thought nothing of it. then when i was walking back down the stairs the light shut right back on again behind me. I went back to my room to find the same dead light on again. this has happened about 3 times now too. id love to know what the signs mean and who's trying to reach me. im not scared too much, kinda curious if anything. ive had alot of people i know die in my life. i honestly think they're trying to tell me they're here for me. im going through some depressing times in my life right now, and i just really need alot of them.

August 24, 2011

Meghan & Ryan @ 12:28 am

Hey! My boyfriend and his mom and her boyfriend moved into this apartment. only my boyfriend has moved in so far & has stayed there for about a week. an old man died where he lives & you can hear music coming from the empty basement. lights always turn on and you can hear doors open. it's a house and the people upstairs went on vacation while he's been staying there. we were sitting on the porch & the front door opened slowly. the other front door that only opens from the inside opened by itself too. you get the worst feeling in the house and all you can hear is noises. He was there alone the other day and heard whispering and walking while he was the only one in the house. so he went out side and saw an old man in the doorway. creepy, i know right! but we don't know what to do about it. tonight he went into the kitchen and all the lights were on. he walked back into his room & his phone flew across the room. he doesn't know what to do and doesn't want to stay there alone. we don't know how long it will be before his mom and her boyfriend move in but they don't believe about the ghost! what should he do? it constantly feels like someone's watching you

August 31, 2011

Mari @ 9:33 am

I have had a spirit with me for a long time, lights turning on and off in different rooms here at home and at work, when I am by myself and when my husband is around. I have had car radios that did not turn off, even when the key was out of the ignition. A sun roof in my car that I would close, take out the car key and it would open again. it did that 5 times till I said just said, "fine just stay open then." When I told the rep at the dealership about the sun roof he said, "sorry mam we can not help you. you need a priest."

I was told by a friend to pray before sleeping and to ask the spirit to come to me in my sleep so I would know what it wanted. that night the radio in my room came on full blast at 3AM, but I still don't know what I need to do? I don't think this one that is with me is a bad spirit but I would like to help. any suggestions? Thanks.

September 4, 2011

chris h @ 6:14 pm

Hey michelle,

This evening i was sitting in my girlfriends house and i left all the hall doors open but the upstairs ones closed so no air flow at all. i went to walk to the kitchen from the hall and i saw one of the motion sensor lights for upstairs. these are battery and solar powered lights for my girlfriends little brother. all of a sudden the light went off. then i looked away and looked back and it was on again. i walked into the kitchen and it was as if there was someone upstairs so i went upstairs and no one was there. then at 820pm i unlocked the front door for my girlfriends mother. whilst i was walking over the middle stairs the light went on. then the upstairs light, then the room door lights went on. it was as if someone had ran upstairs and turned them on. i was totally freaked out and still am at the moment.

Martha @ 9:49 pm

My experiences are everywhere. Lights go off. Street lights mostly, but some offices lights and sometimes our bathroom light (but it comes back on not long after). I thought it was electrical, but our electrician checked the light. I have just never taken it for granted and notice it every time. I am not really sure what to think of it. It has been happening for a long time. It mostly happens before I reach the light, but sometimes happens as I reach the light. I have had spirits visit me in different ways in the past and I am not alarmed, but I wonder about the lights. any thoughts?

September 5, 2011

annmarie maclean @ 7:22 am

hi last night around 2am me and partner were arguing in the dark in bed. then all of a sudden there was a strange light that lit up under our bed. i was freaked out and said do u see that light. he did too. we both went to look under the bed and there was nothing under the bed at all to have caused the light. the light was flashing like an sos call. our bed is nowhere near the window and the light flashing was only under our bed. i am now quite frightened of our room. what do u think this could be?

September 8, 2011

jess @ 4:46 am

hello ann marie,
what you are explaining sounds to me like a warning sign from an entity in your bedroom. it also might have been a spirit warning you to stop arguing because of the noise disrupting it. i suggest not to be scared of the light, as my little cousin would say it might 'just being a ghost saying hello.' if it continues on, i recommend these things.
keep a lamp on for a while in your room. and try not to argue in the dark again, to prevent disrupting the entity again.
hope it helps,
a member of the P.I (paranormal investigators)

September 9, 2011

shaunie @ 8:47 am

Hi, Wondering if anyone can help – me and my fiance moved into our flat at the beginning of june whilst I was very heavily pregnant. everything was fine and I didn't notice anything unusual in our flat. In July I had my daughter. She's now 6 weeks old but for the past couple of weeks things have started to happen in the flat.. We're being careful with electricity so we won't get high bills. we turn everything off at the switches on the wall after use except the fish tank, house phone and fridge. so the other morning my partner got up for work and then came back into the bedroom moaning at me about leaving the main living room light on as I was last in the room. but I hadn't left it on. this seemed to happen a couple of times. He wouldn't believe it wasn't me. Then the other night I had cooked dinner and brought his through to the living room, whilst leaving the kitchen I turned the lights off at the wall – ten minutes later the lights turned on by themselves. my partner saw this and this was the first time I'd ever seen it actually happen too – he went into the kitchen to turn it off then told me he never wanted to talk about it as he was freaked out.

The next day I was on the phone to my nan telling her and had made a joke about how scared he was and how I found it funny as it was just a light and it never even happened in the same room we were in .. I got off the phone and went to put it back on its cradle in the living room, then the tv went off by itself and as I panicked and got scared I had the most horrible feeling that I can't explain. I grabbed my daughter and left the flat. That night we went back and nothing that night happened but since last night my partner was working, I stayed at my parents instead. I have a baby daughter and am terrified of anything happening. I don't think it will be anyone I know if its a spirit. my great-grandad died 15years ago and it hasn't happened before and my friend died 4 years ago and again, nothing since that either. I don't want to talk to it as I've heard if its a bad spirit then it gets worse? I want to move but can't afford to at the moment – but I don't want my baby around this if it could get worse – please help!

MIchelle "MIkka" H (death and roses paranormal) @ 10:18 pm

We have to always keep in mind logic. Logic will be your best friend. A white light waking somebody up from their sleep. What direction is the bedroom window facing and could head lights been a factor? Is your aunt already ill? Sometimes when people are sick they become very sensitive to what could be considered omens of any sort. A horrible cough can wake a person who is laying down up by causing a white flash behind their eyes. Sneezing will too. Also while tossing and turning in bed, you can accidentally hit your eye. this causes also a white flash. Seek out the obvious or even the unusual before assuming the paranormal factor. Besides being a Paranormal Investigator/Examiner, I am a certified optician and I see lots of situations related to eye damage and that white light and white flashes result from. Floaters in your eyeshave also been mistaken for paranormal beings.

Thank You

September 14, 2011

Jack @ 11:28 am

I too have had many ghosts…Lived in Tacoma, WA…a Janitor in a building downtown…we heard thumps, things would fall, lights would fail for NO reason! Many quit the job and I did as well. There are many old buildings there–haunted too! I think old spirits stay in them a while.

September 18, 2011

Michelle Tanner @ 10:39 am

We moved into a house about 3 years ago. 2 years ago our tv would go on and off, and the volume would increase while we were watching. So we replaced the tv and now, 6 months later, the tv turns itself off, while you are trying to change channels or turn the volume up or down. We have static on the telephone line and sometimes the line sounds like it is in a hall or somewhere big, it kind of echos. Ghost? or just bad electrical wiring and bad telephone service? i need help!! This is driving me crazy!!!

September 22, 2011

Sarah @ 12:13 am

i am very concerned and would appreciate any advice or suggestions anyone has to give. my fiance called me this morning and told me he woke up sometime between 6 & 7, having a full blown panic attack, and was terrified he was dying. he thought he needed to go to the ER it was so bad. Then tonight he was looking through his phone and found there was a video recorded on his phone at 6:20 this morning. It is pure darkness but there is a loud knocking sound that "knock…knock-knock-knock…knock-knock-knock-knock" then a moaning/yelling sound….then a weird static-y kinda growling sound and the video stops.

at first i thought he possibly had turned the video camera on his phone in his sleep, because he had been taking a new medicine recently that caused him to sleep walk. he's been sleepwalking around our apartment at night, or standing in the room while he's sleeping. however, the noises do not make sense, or that sometime after this he woke up having the panic attack.

i'm very unsettled, and really on the edge of being terrified. if anyone has anything they can share it would be very appreciated.

September 25, 2011

Jonlyn @ 6:57 am

What does it mean when a cup flew off the table? I was sitting on my bed. One of my two cats was lying next to me on my other side. the other cat was somewhere else. my cup flew off the table onto some of my art. This just happened a few minutes ago. I have the feeling im being watched by something and only feel safe with my cat next to me. And the room got cold?—please help! I feel like i should curl up with a bible or something!

Summer Stearns @ 11:15 am

Any help would be much appreciated. We have a 6 month old baby. This last week we have been having some problems with the baby monitor at night. Two nights in a row my husband and I woke up at around 2AM to find that baby monitor had been turned off. Neither of us remembers waking up at all, let alone turning it off. It is about 4 feet from the bed on the dresser. Last night, we went to bed and the monitor was on, about a foot from me on my night stand. When I woke to my alarm at 4:30AM, the monitor was not on my nightstand. I felt around on the floor and found it speakerside down about 5 inches under my bed. I have felt bad energy before in my life and this doesnt feel mean or negative, but it is really starting to freak me out. Anyone know what I could be dealing with? Any help would be great!

September 27, 2011

john @ 6:59 am

a ghost has been knocking down our mirrors, pictures, and soap. it is all very scary. i hear noises at night. what kind of ghost is this, and how do i communicate with it?

Lala @ 8:58 pm

I will really appreciate it if you will give me a confirmation if the happenings below mean paranormal activity?

1. I sometimes hear my cellphone beep (text sound), but when I look at it, I see no message.
2. I am sure I turned off the light in our kitchen, but when I came back, it was turned on.
3. Sometimes during nightime, the lights located at the staircase are turned off — but there are times that they flicker.
4. Just last night, at about 3 am as I woke and opened our door, I saw a strange light, looks like a lighting in our ceiling of the staircase. It was the first time I saw it.

Can you please help me because I am planning to sell our house because of what I am encountering, or can you give advise about how to get rid of it peacefully? Thanks I will really appreciate your prompt reply.

September 29, 2011

Jennifer @ 1:26 pm

I think our apartment might have paranormal activity because sometimes our bedroom light comes on in the middle of the night, or the ceiling fan turns off. And recently the kitchen light has been turned off and we always have it on. The apartment buildings are pretty new and my husband has been living in it before me. He told me how the bedroom light would come on, and if he had the closet door opened, strange things would happen. No spirit has bothered us but it's freaky to know something could be around us.

amy @ 6:30 pm

I was awakened last night by a flickering. It would get light, then dark, and it kept going back and forth. then i saw something fluttering, like wings. I tried to go back to sleep but it kept getting light and dark again. After about five minutes, it quit. What do you think it was?

October 2, 2011

kisti @ 7:14 pm

The house I just moved in I believe is haunted. The people who lived here before heard things and saw 1 orb! We had a cook out and took lots of pictures and when I got the pictures back there was what looked like an orb in almost every picture. I heard a crashing sound from the kitchen area and went to go see what had broken but nothing was broken! I know what I heard…it was loud and the things I hear come from the kitchen….sounds of spoons hitting a bowl or something. I feel like someone is watching me at times. The owner shot his wife and then killed himself. the son lived in the house until about 7yrs ago and he passed away in the house!

October 6, 2011

George @ 2:43 pm

We live in a house built in 1820. Lots of tragedy, death and destruction (all documented) related to the house and the property. The master bedroom light comes on when no one is in the room and in the middle of the night. The same with the ceiling fan. The same happens in both the other bedrooms at other times too. The house was recently rewired (code, state of the art, as are lights and fans). Thoughts? Is this electrical or paranormal? We have 3 dogs and they are not woken or upset by these occurences.

October 10, 2011

Linda Green @ 12:14 am

My beloved cat of 17 years died ten days ago. I was so sad and the grieving was unbearable; he was my dearest little friend. Six days after he passed, I was in my bathroom. I had always brushed him when I was in there (using the bathroom) . . . he would push the door open with his head, and I would brush him all over and he would rub the edge of the open door with his neck. So on this night I went into the bathroom and was so sad, I picked up his brush and rubbed it on the tile floor, then on the edge of the door and said his name. There are four light bulbs above the mirror. When I did this, the third light blinked off and on — swear to god!! The next day, I told my father and he made a joke. Later that night I got home from work, and sat on the toilet and tried it again. I rubbed his brush on the floor, then on the door edge, and called his name. The same light blinked off for a few seconds and then blinked on again!! I am not kidding. I sat their dumbfounded and in disbelief. I said that I had to do it one more time, but I waited a few minutes.

When I did the sequence, the light blinked off, then on, then off again (and stayed off). I cried my eyes out. I know he was responding to me, and with the light going off, he was saying good-bye. He was letting my know not to worry and he was thanking me for everything I did. That was the message I felt. I left the bathroom after a while, turned the light switch off. When I went back on and flipped the switch, all four lights were on again (the lightbulb had not burned out!). The next time, the light was out.The whole next day the light was out, regardless of how many times I was in there. At some point the day after that, I went in and thought I would try it again — nothing happened for a little while,and the light remained out now (a day and a half) and then after thirty seconds to a minute the light blinked on, then off then stayed on. I figure his spirit was not close by and it took a while to come back. I use my bathroom several times a day. In the ten days since he died, there has been no blinking or flickering of that light except for when I beckoned my cat. I had never believed in anything like this, wasn't even religious and now I believe. I know my cat is okay. I now believe in spirits, and my life has changed.

October 12, 2011

Dawn Berger @ 11:09 pm

My mother passed away last year on the 21st Dec. I visited her in the hospital, and while there, I decorated the tree outside her ward.

On boxing day night, my Christmas tree lights lit up and flashed on and off very brightly for at least five minutes. my husband witnessed it also. (the lights were not suppose to flicker). one week later, my granddaughter was visiting and again the same thing happened. two weeks later, an angel cloud appeared in the sky. I would never have believed this was possible. it made me feel at peace.

October 18, 2011

susan @ 2:51 pm

Hi, Mon 17th Oct I had physical paranormal activity. I was the only person in my home. I put the washing in the machine that worked normally, then did some cleaning in my home. afterwards I prepared dinner when the electric went off I checked the switches in the cupboard. still no joy. could not get hold of my husband. I phoned my son to pass a message to my husband, so I had to leave it. i went into the living room to read. the time was 4 minutes past 4 in the afternoon. when I went over to the washing machine I was very surprised to see the plug out, but half way in the socket. you can only do that by hand. so can you send me your theory on this please?

October 27, 2011

Jessica Vitiello @ 4:04 am

Hi, it's 4:40 a.m. and i've been up since 4:00 a.m. I've been searching sites to see if I can find an explanation of what I just saw. your story is the only one I've come across that's just like my experience. I was woken up for no particular reason. I sleep in the same room with my 4 year old. the room has curtains so no light can come in from the outside. I saw these three dim lights going around my bed and my son's bed in circles. There were three of them. They wouldn't go away even though I told them to leave. finally, I just turned on the light and then they were gone. Did you ever find out what it was you saw?

October 31, 2011

mel @ 7:01 am

My son passed away when he was 2 weeks old. Then about two months later, I was sleeping and had the baby monitor on. I got up because the baby monitor was going off. I got to his room and realized that he was still asleep but the baby monitor was still going off. I have the baby monitor next to my son's ashes so I do believe it was him trying to talk to me. Even after I walked back to the bed and laid down, the crying kept coming from the baby monitor.

November 16, 2011

Susan @ 12:56 pm

I was over at one of my friend's houses over the weekend and stood in her hallway. I felt a really strange feeling. I told my Boyfriend about this he thought I was crazy. To find out why her doorbell keeps ringing, her Dad had disconnected the wires. Her dogs are acting strange also. I had found out 12 years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter she had woken up in the middle of the night and felt someone had touched her shoulder and neck. she looked and saw a big red mark on her neck. Please help.

November 25, 2011

cj @ 2:35 am

Just wondering if there is a meaning to the situation I came home to the other night. I have seen shadows, even a woman in a old gown walk down my hall in my house into my son's room. I started night classes and came home about 10:30 pm. as I pulled down the street, I noticed flickering lights in my living room, almost as if there was a fire. my wife and kids were in bed by this time. as I pulled into the driveway, I still saw these lights. walking up to the house, it stopped. I opened the door and all my house lights were off. I woke up my wife asking if she had just left the living room. I went to bed and told her what I saw. she assured me she was in bed by 10. Just wondering if this means anything? Thanks for the input.

November 28, 2011

Marshall @ 2:43 am

i am convinced i saw the works of a ghost. i was laying in my bunk at my hunting camp. its in the middle of nowhere in PA on a little more than 100 acres, which used to belong to my ancestors. we use it as hunting ground now. but anyway it was about 2 am and a flashlight on a chair lit up. ive been up for some time now, and i know some one didnt just turn it on, so i laid there and watched. for about a minute, it stayed on. then it slowly started to turn off. for about another minute it slowly got dimmer and dimmer till it finally flickered out. but as it turned out, a bright flash appeared above one of my uncles. is it possible one of my ancestors was just checking up on us?

November 29, 2011

Edgar @ 2:24 pm

Here goes my story, Ive been around a lot of activities since I was a baby. My dad says that I used to play with my grandfather after he died, at least till I was 2 years old. When I was little I used to hear people call me off the window of the house, when there was no one there. I have been awakened by seeing myself on the bed, while Im floating….lots of stuff.

Recently, I hear a males voice in my fiance's room saying be careful. I have a TV that turns on by itself, in channel 121, which its not a channel available. I cant even get the remote to choose that channel. Every night Ive been waking up between 2 and 4 am, for no reason. I cant recall my dreams or what happens before it, but I have an urge to turn the lights on after that happens.

Last night I was having a weird dream, and in the dream I get disturbed by a white noise/ electrical noise coming out of a radio. I wake up and the TV (which is not the same one that turns on by itself) was flickering like it had a very hard electrical interference — one side red, and the other side green with letters and numbers (which I cant recall). All of the sudden, I look back at the tv and the regular show for the hour was playing. I have night lights all around the apartment, and all of them were off last night, even thought they work with sensors. Isnt this weird?

December 9, 2011

Linda @ 7:28 pm

I know that you would have many questions about your experience. I can relate to you in a way…December 8, 2011 at 6:00 a.m. my clock alarm went off so I had to get my granddaughter up for school. Surprisingly, we both fell asleep again. I woke up and looked at the clock and she was 16 minutes late getting up. I excitedly told her she had to hurry and get up. After I spoke, the power went off. It surprised me and I kind of felt scared.

I was looking into the living room and in the dark room, wavering light with sparkles was moving gently about halfway above the floor. I watched it for a bit and couldn't believe my eyes. Then it went away. I called the power company and they said there were power outages in many counties. The experience still haunts me, and I probably will never know what it was.

Of course my house is haunted because I caught a spirit form on webcam video one evening in 2008.

December 10, 2011

dgy @ 5:11 pm

This is strange, but as long as I can remember, I've been able cause tapping sounds after I've been asleep for a time.

This happens when I wake up — or late at night before I sleep — if I lay in bed and start thinking about tapping. The thing I can affect the most is my television. At first I thought it was a temperature thing in the room, but I've tried adjusting the room temperature and making sure it's always consistent. I thought about paranormal activity and I have had an encounter with a ghost in my room before. A man tried to reach out to me for a week, but i ignored him and he finally went away. He kept standing next to my bed and yelling loudly. He projected his image to my mind and I could see a picture of him on my tv late one night after being awakened from sleep. The tapping is different.. it's constant…and it happens more if I'm stressed or aggravated.

December 11, 2011

Amanda @ 4:21 am

I am not sure what to make of this or what could have caused it, not sure if it could be paranormal or what…

I was sitting in the living room watching tv. my boyfriend was sitting in the chair next to me, but his chair is facing the wall whereas mine faces the window. I can see the front door from where I am sitting, and the little hallway that leads to the front door. there are no windows and the hallway light was not on. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bright moving light. I thought oh, someone has a flashlight outside…but as I turned to look, I realized that's impossible, as there are no windows in the hallway…

I looked over in time to see a bright, bluish-white light, not in the shape of anything in particular, just like a flash and then gone. I immediately said, "whoa! wtf was that?!" My boyfriend said "what, the light?" I said "you saw it too?!" His back was facing the hallway, so he couldn't have seen it head on, but he said he noticed the room get brighter. Very freaking weird. The bright light I directly saw was just about a foot above where my bf was sitting, but towards the front door and in the hallway.

It was so random and I don't know what could have caused this. I turned the hallway light on, and it came on just fine. the light I saw wasn't even by the hallway light…I was trying to find some sort of explanation, but to no avail. I am very weirded out by this experience. My bf doesn't think anything of it — he says he's a little curious but whatever. Am I being dramatic in thinking that this just blew my mind?? What could it have been?

brittany @ 10:34 pm

I have had 3 lights blow out on me when I turn them on in the past 3 days. My sister and I were going through some old pics of our family, and ever since then, this all has been happening. Is this some kind of sign? They don't blow out on anyone else but me! What's going on?

December 25, 2011

Charlotte @ 3:14 am

Early this year, whilst on a short trip to New York (I'm from the UK), me and a family member shared a hotel room. My cousin started mumbling, half asleep about me leaving the bathroom light on and that I should stop opening and closing the door to the bathroom but I turned the light on to find that was not the case and I most certainly was not out of bed opening the door. I then drifted back to sleep and was woken up by the feeling as if someone had turned on the bedside lamp (similar to when someone opens your curtains wide when you're asleep). I grumbled and asked why my cousin put the light on but turned round to the lamp to find the whole room in darkness.

I then heard a whisper, and told my cousin to shut up, to which my cousin responded "what? I didn't say anything!?" For the hours that I lay there, I know something was there whispering things. The room had felt "weird" as soon as we'd got there, even in daylight. The only reason why we had the room (it was bigger than booked) was due to a last minute upgrade. Could this have been why? A ghostly presence? Last year, the refrigerator light turned on after nearly 10 years of it blowing out.

Rather frequently does my kettle switch itself on to boil and flick off (occasionally this does continue to boil). I thought it was the kettle or electrics but this is the third kettle, third different make and completely different switch type. I've also noticed this week that it does it when not plugged in too. It seems to happen once you've been in the kitchen doing something else (not usually after you've used the kettle either), up to 5 minutes later. On rare occasions it happens whilst you are next to it even and you physically SEE the switch move on its own.

Also, I have seen a ball of blue light near the floor by my tv in my bedroom. I thought it could have been the light to my laptop charger but then realised my charger was in another room entirely. Also, the light to my tv is much smaller, this was like a small glowing ball. I had been feeling very vulnerable and lonely the week this occurred and wondered if it could be something due to that? Most of these don't bother me but the experience in NY was frightening, as well as recent bedtime occurrences, which I shall have to post somewhere else at some point..

January 4, 2012

Ashley Marie Mooney @ 9:55 pm

I don't know what's going on, or if it's all just one big coincidence, or some kind of glitch in the computers, or if I'm just going crazy, but something strange is going on in my apartment.

I just lost my mom, very unexpectedly last Thursday (December 29th, 2011), prior to that, I just lost my Grandma too (November 6th, 2011), and no, it doesn't stop there; I lost my little brother very unexpectedly on June 28th, 2010 (he was only 21 years old – drowned).

Anyway, I have this alarm clock that has motion detectors on top of it. sometimes the thing doesn't even register when I wave my hand over it quickly. it's only a year old, never been dropped, nothing. It seems just a couple of months ago it started randomly beeping, and I've been brushing it off, 'cause at the same time, it kind of scares me/creeps me out. ever since last week when my mom passed, this alarm clock has been beeping like crazy; it's only supposed to do this when you wave your hand over it & it shows the time the alarm is set to to wake up at.

I was in the shower yesterday and my step-dad & boyfriend were in the living room & it went off 4x, even dimmed low & turned off & back on again (that's never happened before). Then, earlier today, it beeped, and I was all wth is going on??? and jokingly said "hi Mom" with a little laugh and it beeped @ that exact moment again. Is this bad wiring? Am I losing my mind? The other weird thing is, I'm getting old e-mail notifications sent to my BlackBerry *from my Mom*, e-mails we've sent back + forth to each other from the past; 3 came today; 2 were from September 13, 2010, and the last, August 25th, 2010. I'm not sure what to think? I'm getting other e-mail notifications to my phone from other people (, junk mail, etc…) but only my mom's come to my phone; the new ones go to both my phone and hotmail account.

I don't know what to think? I know my mom wasn't ready to go; she was all I had left :[ and my heart is just broken. so I don't know if I'm being gullible because of everything going on right now, or if I'm just reading into this all too much? Not even sure what I expect to get out of this, but felt I needed to document it somewhere. The activity with the phone seems to be all over the place throughout the day, but more-so between after midnight to 5/5:30AM; the alarm clock, randomly throughout the whole day, but oddly enough, it hasn't beeped in over an hour it seems — and not once since typing all this out.

January 6, 2012

Liz @ 7:07 pm

My husband passed away June 4th 2011, and my dad passed away 2 years earlier, April 6th 2009. This evening my mom, who is 91, and myself, who is 71, noticed my foyer lights and my living room ceiling lights blinking on and off, then dimming and brightening. At one point, I told my mom it was my father and my husband, because it was in two different areas. When I said, "O.K. that's enough; you can stop it now" (to my husband), it stopped for a quick second. Then it started over again. I told mom it's either my husband, dad, or Jesus Christ, telling us that we are being watched over.

These lights kept doing this. I told my mom that I was going to go on the computer and find out about ghosts. The minute I started to Google, the lights came to a complete halt. I had been reading for about a half hour and then started to write a comment. All this time, the lights haven't done anything. Makes me believe whomever the spirit was, is also reading over my shoulder. They left the lights completely alone. I have felt that my husband would look after me, and that Jesus would keep me. P.S. They might be telling me to move out of here because the taxes are so high, LOL. I do believe in spirits.

January 9, 2012

mugwort @ 7:22 pm

January 9,2012 6:30 pm est. the alarm clock of my late hubby went off. He passed from acute myeloid leukemia, sub type M7, despite the best medical care. This was 11/05/08. His chief oncologist phoned me between 7 and 7:30. I remember it was a Wednesday. I never threw out his alarm clock. Uncertain why. Maybe for sentimental reasons.

At any rate, I'm wondering if the alarm suddenly going off could be a supernatural sign of the man I lived with for 20 years, Jerry. Of course I realize the reason could be faulty wiring or some other earthly reason. I didn't set the alarm. I didn't even touch the clock. Could anybody explain this to me?

January 13, 2012

Myra @ 8:34 pm

My Mac laptop recently started turning on in the middle of the night. (Always around the same time — 4 a.m. to 5 a.m.) I recently started reading about an author that wrote in the 1900's. I'm adapting his novel to film.

This all started at the same time I began outlining the script. I'm never afraid when my computer turns on. It feels like a friendly reminder from the author, "Get out of bed! Write!" So …I get up and write. Funny, huh?

January 14, 2012

Kristy @ 11:57 pm

I feel silly writing this, however a very strange thing took place last night and there seems to be no explanation for it, so any thoughts or opinions would help. Last night my Husband, children, and myself were watching a movie. we were midway through, no lights or anything was on, except for the t.v. and sound system. All of a sudden, around 11pm, there was a loud pop and a blinding white light that lit up the house. Fifteen seconds later, it happened again.

My Husband and I paused the movie, and got up to see what it was. there was a light smell in our bathroom, but it faded within a minute. All lights and plugs worked throughout the house. no breaker flipped. we checked everywhere, yet it was like nothing had even happened. our landlord even was confused (He is a electrician along with my father), yet no signs as to what had happened.

Has anyone had a similar experience with this? It is driving me crazy not knowing what it was — in what seemed like two large fireworks going off within 15sec of each other inside my home.

January 16, 2012

Jessy @ 2:45 pm

I and my bf live in an apartment. I didn't see anything weird in my apartment until my bf told me that he saw a small green light moving on my pillow few months ago. At first, I didn't believe about spirit things, and I told him maybe just the reflection of the lights outside the window. Last month, I went back home from work around 4pm. Suddenly, I saw the TV was automatic on, and the DVD disc was being opened out. I didn't think much about that, so I came to turn off the DVD, and it just happened one time.

I was not afraid until last night. When I and my bf came inside the bedroom to sleep, I turned off the light and jumped on the bed. I saw a small dot of green light was moving on my pillow. I hold the pillow near me to my left side, in order to see more clearly. Then I saw a green triangle light on the pillow in front of my eyes. The green triangle light this time is bigger than the dot, and it looks like that the triangle was created from many small dots of green light. I started to freak out, so I used the blanket to cover my face and asked my bf to turn on the light. Then we didn't see the green light anymore. Have anyone here had a same situation with me? is there a spirit in my apartment?

January 18, 2012

ICB @ 4:07 pm

Firstly, Ashley, my heart goes out to you. I'm sorry for your losses. I believe what you are experiencing is your loved ones – especially your mother's – reassurance that death is nothing but a change of address and that she loves you, and knows you love her. I hope you can be comforted in knowing she is now with your grandmother and brother and they will forever live in your heart and mind. Perhpas they are partying and want to include you in their festivities?

the reason i even came across your post is because i had a similar experience last night and I was searching the internet for explanations. You see, I was asleep in my bedroom and was awoken at 3:40 am – but the real time was 3:25 as I keep my bedside clock 25 minutes fast — strange, but that's what i do. Anyway, I heard our small travel alarm clock going off downstairs in our office. I layed there wondering if my son or my husband would get up to turn it off, but as both did not stir, I went downstairs in the dark. Within two and a half steps of entering the office the alarm stopped beeping. I turned on the light, picked up the clock, and found the alarm setting was set to off. In other words, there was absolutely no reason for this battery operated alarm clock to go off because it was NOT set.

This has boggled my mind for the past nine hours. I believe it was my brother who passed away on February 19, 2004; which was three months after Dad passed away on November 25th, 2003. I have just recently had a reading during which the psychic told me my brother was pointing to a clock. She also asked about my husband because she said my brother was attempting to say something about a clock and my husband. She believed he was telling me I had to make time for my husband. I had no reference for this and it made no sense really. It seemed liked she was making up a story.

However, just two nights ago, my husband took our little travel alarm battery operated alarm clock and placed it in my office for no real reason – just an absent minded move. I think that's what my brother was telling me last week because the psychic said he was talking about my husband and a clock. I had no reference for this at the time, and it didn't make sense. But I kept asking for a sign, begging him to let me know he hears me. Perhaps I'm now just making up a story because I miss my brother very much. But I do honour his memory every day. I like to think he was saying hello and letting me know he loves us, and knows we love him.

No, I don't think you are losing your mind, Ashley. I think you are being given a gift.

damian @ 11:14 pm

hi. i am not a strong believer in paranormal activities or any of those other things! i am from trinidad and tobago, so basically i grew up with alot of stories about La Diablesse, Lugarhoo, Soucouyant and a bunch of other stuff. but as of recent, i am staring to think otherwise.

in the year 2000, my grandfather died. two days after, i saw him standing in the old house in the kitchen. i was freaked and thought my mind was playing tricks on me. in 2004, my grandmother on the other side of my family died. she was bed ridden and spent roughly about 6 months in my current room before she passed away. a week later, i awoke and saw her standing at my bed foot, staring at me. this nearly gave me a heart attack, seeing that i was only 13 at the time.

i recently started university and now i have more problems. i have seen shadows that i am not supposed to see. i have been hearing strange things and also i have problems sleeping. i would go on non-stop with out sleep for up to five days always looking over my shoulder. in the last three days, my left eye started jumping normally. this would be a sign of something bad to happen. and within the last three days.

i have switched on three switches in my house on three different days — and each time a bulb blew. i keep telling myself that its probably something electrical, but i really dont know now. the feeling that someone is always watching me, or right at my side every time i'm alone or in a dim place, keeps getting to me. And just to make mention, i'm NOT claustrophobic or afraid of the dark. can anyone please help in this situation or give advice?

January 19, 2012

Lisa @ 10:34 am

To begin, I have a cat and a dog. On occasion, my dog will growl into my room and begin to backup as though someone or something is approaching him, but no one is there obviously. One night my animals were playing in the dark in my room so i decided to record them on my phone with my flash. While I'm standing still you can see an "orb" move across the screen.

Also, I have a lamp in my room that only turns on when you click a button on a remote, and the last few days it has been turning on by itself. Can any of this be attributed to a spirit? Thanks.

Sarah @ 5:05 pm

I recently lay in my daughters bedroom at the back of the house where there are no street lights, or lights of any kind after somewhat of a stressful day. After a while, a light appeared on the top of the curtain rail of the semi parted curtains. The light was yellow greenish and, as I watched, it it danced faster and faster over the curtain rail.

It frightened me, so I turned my back to it. After a while, I turned back and the light was still there — so frightened I hid under the covers and fell asleep. The next day I was discussing this with my partner, as my teenage children had been at a sleepover.

I was totally shocked to know that they had heard bits of the conversation, and had also seen the same lights, but had never mentioned it. I have slept there many times since to see if the light has come back, but wonder if it is paranormal activity. Whilst my grandfather was alive, he said he would find a way of letting me know there was life after death. Thinking about it now, the lights did have a calming effect on me, but only in the cold light of day??

January 20, 2012

Rebecca Reed @ 2:09 pm

January 19, 2012 Rebecca@ 8:00 pm I went outside to have a smoke. I put on the porch light because it was night time. as soon as i came out on the porch, i saw this jet black mass go straight through the garage door from the outside. what does this mean?

January 22, 2012

robyn @ 7:51 am

I can see someone out the corner of my eye, feel a presence all the time, 99% at night. I can hear my lightswitches being turned on and off but no lightbulb in the socket… Ghost or not?

January 27, 2012

Flora @ 2:14 am

My son called me to ask for help. He moved into a new apartment last year. When he first moved in he was painting the bathroom when a light fixture flew from the ceiling and landed in the bathroom without breaking. He has been wakened by his fan or space heater shutting off by themselves, rocking recliner rocks by itself, fan changes speeds by itself, cords come unplugged from socket. He's hearing pounding noises, the cell phone rings with no one there, tv shuts self off or on, volume turns up or down by itself.

I was there for Christmas, and a picture we took has a ghost affect in it. I can send it to you, if you would like to see it. Is this paranormal activity or what can explain these things happening? If it is paranormal, then how we do we get it to go away, as he is quite frightened by all this. All I have found out about the place he is renting is that it was a 2 story house built in 1901. It has since been put into a 3 apartment buildings. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

January 28, 2012

Diane @ 9:48 pm

When my father passed away back in 2000, I was staying in his house when the smoke alarm went off unprovoked. No cooking, no hot showers – nothing to trigger it. My brother was with me at the time.

For the past few years, not regularly, but over a long period of time, my smoke alarm in my townhouse will go off in the middle of the night @ 2:00 a.m. This never ever happens in the day time. The alarm is electrical, not battery operated. I am in deep sleep and wake up with my heart pounding out of my chest from the noise. I turn off all electrical activity from the electrical box in the garage to stop the noise. In the morning, I turn it all back on and all is well. One time, I had a premonition that the alarm would be going off that night, and it did. I can't help but think it is my father trying to communicate with me. We were very close and I miss him to this day. What are your thoughts?

January 30, 2012

scott t @ 12:06 pm

hi i was watching the cctv from my back garden at night, and all of a sudden there was a flash. it was a split second, then it was gone. when i slowed it down and paused the footage, the flash seems to be human shaped with an energy glow around it. I've never seen anything like this in my life. can anyone explain it to me if there has been other light as well? could it be paranormal or something else?

February 1, 2012

Nicole @ 1:28 pm

Hi there, my name is nicole and my fiance and his 2 teenage daughters have been in our new house for about 9 months now. No real history on the property that we know of. We recently started painting and doing some remodeling. Last night the four of us sat down to eat dinner and the oldest girl 13 says," Nicole, i thought i saw something out of the corner of my eye in my room the other day." The rest of us began to give her a hard time, as up until now we have not been believers. her younger sister replied and said, "what a bunch of bullshit." at the time, a wall fixture went falling down breaking on the floor above my fiance. We didnt think anything of it until i examined the wall and the fixture and there was no reason for it to have fallen.

Later that night, 3am to be exact, my fiance was awakened, which never happens as he is a very deep sleeper. I even wear earplugs due to his snoring problem lol. He said, "Nicole, do you hear that?" I took the ear plugs out to hear a womans voice coming from our living room, singing what seemed to be a 1950s style country song. We both thought it was coming from the tv, thinking maybe one of dogs had gotten out of the bedroom and stepped on the remote. far fetched I know, but neither one of us wanted to believe it could have been anything else.

My fiance got up to go to the living room. he came back with a puzzled look on his face and i asked him what was wrong… He simply replied, "It wasnt the tv," and i said "Well, where did it come from?" then, he said my laptop. A laptop that has been dead without a battery for months and a screen that doesnt work. He said it was closed, lit up, and music was coming from it. Im convinced beyond doubt that something is here with us. I dont feel like whatever this is wants to hurt anyone, but I would like more information please, if you could help. I'm worried because I have a 10 year old and a 13year old in the house. Thank you!

J Stuart @ 4:53 pm

Our dog died in June 2011. He was very special and we loved him very much. My wife lost her job in Dec 2011. She was extremely stressed and experiencing hot flashes. Our dog always cuddled with her.

One night the first week of Jan 2012, we noticed our ceiling fan went on. We turned it off, thinking maybe something hit the remote control. Over the next several weeks, the ceiling fan went on most nights at about 8PM. No other time. We removed the batteries from the remote and it still went on. We wondered if Barney was coming back to comfort my wife.

One night a friend was visiting and we talked about the ceiling fan going on. She stayed there past 8PM, and it did not go on. I said that it only goes on when my wife and I were home, and I doubt that it would go in with her there. She left at 9PM. At 9:05PM, the ceiling fan went on.

February 10, 2012

S Matthews @ 11:28 am


There is always something strange that happens around my house. However, it does not bother me and I usually just blow it off. However, this morning when I went to put my bagel in the toaster like every morning, I noticed the cord attached to the toaster was cut clean off!! The toaster sits on my counter top next to the stove, and above my dishwasher.

There are no gaps between the counter tops, and no way the cord could have gotten cut off in between anything. I had a bag of sweet potatoes right next to the toaster that were untouched. So, even if it would have been any kind of rodent, I would think it would have preferred the food over a rubber/electric cord.

My husband looked underneath the cabinets and everywhere. We cannot find the longer end of the cord that was cut off. There has not been anyone in my house. My 12 year old would never do that. That is what makes there favorite french toast stixs and chocolate chip waffles in the morning. We did use the toaster yesterday morning. I am really baffled about what could have done this and why?

February 13, 2012

vicky @ 5:25 am

Hello, i wonder if you could help?? For a long time i've always been able to see white lights and i can hear voices, and sense when we have a visitor in the house or in our lives.

But something strange happened the other night. i went out with the girls on saturday night and everything was fine. went to bed and woke up at 6 in the morning needing the loo. I went down and just sat on the loo and my fire alarms went off??? there was no smoke and there was nothing that could of set them off? that happened again another two times during the night. Also the bathroom light goes off and then back on again.

My parents came over and took some pictures and what we found was shocking!, there was a grey/black shadow near the bathroom and near me. there is one photo with a dark line smokey line going down it. could you please give me some advice. I'm not sure if this ghost is a nice one??

many thanks.

February 21, 2012

Louise @ 12:58 pm

Hello, we have a touch light by our bed that goes off every morning between 7am and 7.30am its on my husbands side of the bed. he always wakes up early before 7am and now he lays still and waits for the light to come on. sure enough, it does every day without fail. this has being going on for at least 6 months. any ideas?

March 4, 2012

Nancy @ 4:44 pm

While standing by my mothers bed as she was dying, my sister and I were suddenly feeling lots of little charges of electricity up and down our arms and on the back of our necks. The whole room seemed charged. She passed away shortly after. What the heck was that?

March 21, 2012

Cathy @ 12:52 pm

I am really puzzled by what I saw the other night at work. I work for a cleaning company and I work at night. I was in this doctor's office and was mopping in the very back part. I always turn off the lights as I mop.

As soon as I rounded the corner, there was a flash of light and it happened for only a second. I am really scared cause it has never happened to me the whole time I have been working there. It's in Alton, Illinois and they say there are a lot of hauntings there. But it just now happened, and I want to know how to deal with it.

April 22, 2012

Peter @ 9:21 pm

The bands of white light that resemble butterflies are supposedly guardian angels. They normally do not show themselves unless their energy is very strong…in the case of my Father who just passed away…I saw these bands twice as I was visiting him myself — because we did shifts to be there for him…one night there were 4 people in the room staying over because he was close…

first my brother awoke from a slumber and looked across at my niece…he said "April, what do you have on your head?" He saw two bands of light flutter away…in astonishment, my brother unable to speak heard our sister Marg say, "Look above the clock!!" There were yet another set of bands…each concurrent and everyone in the room saw them. Believe it or not, we know what we saw since we were there. Two days later, after a Lucid moment, my Father passed.

July 5, 2012

Eileen @ 12:55 am

My 21 month old niece passed away in her sleep back in February 2012. Her death was the result of SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Children). She basically went to sleep and never woke up. Our family has been grief stricken ever since. Many unexplained occurrences have taken place up until this point. I spent the night in my Sister's home recently. The same home where the baby had passed away. I was down in one of the children's rooms – a room that was once a play area where Lily would often play. Her dollhouse was also present in that same room and it made me think of her. I began to talk to her quietly, as I lay in bed about to go to sleep for the night.

I turned over, and suddenly the bathroom light/fan turned on all by itself. It startled me and I literally had goosebumps. The room had been hot since it was well into the 90's earlier that day. At that moment, I suddenly felt cold. I was somewhat a skeptic up until that point, even though I have always been interested in the paranormal and life after death. More recently, I had begun to deny and question there being any afterlife at all.

I am wondering if this was a sign, and if she was just trying to help to restore my faith. I am a changed person. I should add that I asked my Sister about this light switch. It is farthest to the wall of 3 switches and NOT USED at all since it controls a much older sun lamp and fan. The other two switches control the shower light and main light fixture over the sink. None of the switches flip up easily. I am convinced it did not happen on its own…