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Dozens of Flying Orbs – Subscriber Question

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I received an interesting email from one of my subscribers.  Geoffrey writes:

Three years ago my nephew & I witnessed dozens of orbs in Joshua Tree, CA. They were up to 5 feet from us, circled us and we saw them come out of the ground and rocks.  At times they were flying into each other.  When we tried to capture them on film, the second we would lift the camera, they would fade out.  I spoke with 2 physicists about this and they both said that from my description of events, that they defied natural physics; they couldn't be electric plasma.

There are old pioneer and Indian accounts of this in that area.  Anyway, we watched for 4 hours.  At first, it scared the bujesus out of us.  I've been there at least 60 or 70 times and never saw this before, and the time this happened it was only my nephew and me in the entire campground.  Of course there is a lot more I can describe to you about that night but I'll get to my question—what the *!#% do you think it was we saw?

orbs_cemetery.jpgUnfortunately, I don't have any hard answers as to what caused the orbs—your guess is as good as mine.  I wish I could have been there to see it, since it definitely sounds paranormal.  :-)

Maybe that particular area has a lot of electromagnetic energy.  It seems odd that the orbs did not want to be captured on film, and would retreat when you brought out the camera.  This makes me think that the orbs were intelligent spirits since they seemed to be aware of the camera (and perhaps Geoffrey's thoughts).

Have you experienced something similar?  Do you have a theory about what Geoffrey saw?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Comments on Dozens of Flying Orbs – Subscriber Question

February 15, 2008

Erica @ 4:39 pm

I am in the same boat as the two of you. I see orbs everywhere all the time!  Sometimes it's so annoying because even when I blink a thousand times they seem to stay around.

I am a massage therapist and perform alot of energy work on patients so one theory a friend gave me is that because I'm so open spiritually that the orbs have come to play. Now I have accepted them and enjoy their strange presence. But I still have no idea exactly what they are or what they wnat…… let me know if you find out.  Thanks, Erica Boynton Beach, FL.

February 18, 2008

Debbie @ 10:39 pm

To whom it may concern: I live in Cranston R.I. and in my back yard I took some pictures of my Stream. I had the pictures developed and I have so many orbs in the pictures I don't know what this means.  They are all over the pictures.  Please answer back.  Thank you.

Michelle @ 11:12 pm

Hi Debbie. Did you take your photos with a 35 mm camera?  It's possible that the orbs were caused by a film development problem (i.e. overexposure) or sunlight reflecting off the water, or dust on the camera lens, or the flash reflecting off the water.  Any number of possibilities, really. 

On the other hand, it could be legitimate orbs. It's hard to make a determination without seeing your photo.  Try taking some more photos of the stream.  See if you still discover orbs.  If possible, take photos with a digital camera to rule out film development problems.  See this article I wrote about orbs in photographs.

March 16, 2008

nicky @ 9:01 pm

Hi. i see orbs too but only through my camera or video camera.  I feel them zoom past my arm or legs, get the digital camera out and sure enough they are there.  i think its pretty cool but would love to know who is around me!

May 12, 2008

Chris @ 12:04 pm

Hi Michelle,

I too have been stumped by orbs.  I and a couple of members of my group visited a site called Hannah Robinson's rock in South Kingstown RI.  It is said that Hannah has been seen there because this was her favorite place to relax, she would sit on the rock and look out at the Narragansett Bay.  On our first visit, upon entering the path that leads to the rock, our pics had shown nothing.  When we climbed the rock, I snapped some photos of orbs that appeared then disappeared then reappeared at another location ( as if the orbs were circling the rock ).  All my photos would show 1 or 3 orbs ( a large transparent green one, a brite white one & a small transparent one, all not too far from each other ).  As we left, I snapped some pics over my shoulder thinking I would catch them off guard, they were FOLLOWING US.

We had climbed the wooden fire lookout tower near the rock (also named Hannah Robinson Tower).  We reached the 6th floor or top and took more photos, the orbs seemed to be floating up the outside of the tower.  The second visit we only got a couple pics.  Could orbs actually follow you, or are they psychic energy congregating around a specific person or object?

Michelle @ 10:16 pm

Hi Chris.  It is commonly believed that orbs are spirit energy in condensed form.  Some researchers believe that orbs are spirits that can't fully manifest as apparitions (for whatever reason).  Yes, orbs can—and sometimes do—follow investigators.  Usually they are curious, and follow for that reason alone.  I have, however, seen orbs *move away* from investigators.  It depends on the situation, the spirits, and the people present. 

Yes, orbs can congregate around a specific person—they are often attracted to children, sensitives, and people in high emotional states.  Ghost hunting groups often have high emotional energy.  Congrats for getting out there and investigating!  Glad to hear you're working with a group.

June 24, 2008

giselle wilding @ 9:17 am

These orbs fascinate me.  When in a high emotional state the activities seems to increase on the digital photo.  A few days ago, my daughter's friend was acting extreme at a party at my home.  A boy was trying to calm her down and find out what she had taken.  Meanwhile I did not know what to do but while this was going on my photos I was taking looking for orbs started to leave trails.  Huge orbs appeared.  The next night I went to a party but just before my arrival, the road was blocked off due to a poor young girl dying while jogging.  I wanted to photograph the scene to see if there would be lots of orbs but the police moved me on.  When I arrived at the party, not many houses away from the death, the first photos I took had hundreds of perfect orbs.  Today my boss in my part time job in digital media work was showing me a client's new blue ray camera.  I wondered if there were any orbs on the five hundred photos.  Found none.  I then suggested we try the camera.  I took four of my boss and the fourth one had a big, detailed orb on his face.  He was rather amazed.  At first he did not think he would get any, as he believes they are attracted to innocence but I said not to think that way. 

I also got some orbs (and they are quite distinctive in their structure) while scanning some old black and white photos last week. Nothing on the original of course.

Just fascinating.

June 25, 2008

Tina @ 12:47 pm

I have a 6 year old little girl and a 7 month baby boy.  In Oct of 2007, my sister passed away at the age of 28 years, it was quite sudden and unexpected.  My daughter has been taking many pictures, hundreds a day and up till recently I never saw anything on them that was unusual.  I do know about orbs and they aren't a big deal to us since they come and go and we have seen so many of them in our pictures, it's just not a big deal anymore.  Well, when I was going thru my daughter's pics I found about a dozen big orbs in front of our big screen tv, the tv was turned off so they really stood out against the black.

Out of the 200 pics, I didn't see any other orbs but I decided to take some pictures of that area in front the of the tv to see what comes up and sure enough there they were.  When my husband would walk around, I took pictures of him and they would seem to follow him around.  All throughout the day, I would take pics and sometimes they would be in my hallway and I would take one pic after the other and in each pic they were coming closer to the living room, right back in front of the television.  For me this was different, because all the other pics we have taken of orbs, we usually would have to follow them around, not them come to us.  That same day, I grew tired of taking the pictures and said aloud that this is the last picture I am going to take so if you have anything to show me, do it now.

The pic I took show several orbs but 3 of them were very white and in the form of a triangle.  To me, this pic was interesting because of how much brighter these 3 orbs were from the others and also when my sister and I were younger we once saw 3 orbs that were green and they took the form of a triangle.  Not to say that this was my sister, but it was a def a reponse to me saying this was my last picture.

July 17, 2008

geoff @ 12:23 am

Hi its me Geoff, who submited the first story of what my nephew and I witnessed.  I just wanted to say I recently went back to the same exact location.  This time I was alone and it was the end of June.  No one was there that evening and it happened again, there weren't as many, but they were there.  The strange thing is that the 1st day there were a few campers and nothing happened, the 2nd day the others left and it happened.  Same as last time.  Weird huh, I made sure I knew exactly where I saw them, so I could check for any possibility that it could be from other people.  Checked location, and everything else I could think of.  I'm going again the first week of August to try to get this on film.  Oh…I did try to capture images again but they fade out when I pull the camera out,..hahaha, camera shy.  We will see.  If you guys ever come this way, it's at Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree, Ca.  You need to get a camp site on high ground, suggest # 18.  It's very hot but winter time there are too many people, I think they come around when it's mostly empty.

tammy weaver @ 1:30 pm

Orbs that I've seen also show up with things moving, shadows and full body forms.  In pics they have followed me and it makes your hair stand up.  I naturally attract them or can ask them out but only if they are giving off a vibe to form.  Never disrespect an energy, you might get something you can't handle.

misty hatch @ 11:02 pm

Hello everyone :)  Just recently me, my husband and a friend went to Shaw, OR to an old cemetery called Edwards Pioneer Cemetery.  We caught some evps of a little girl named nancy anne—we asked if there was a girl named nancy anne and she replied back in a sweet gentle little voice "nancy anne."  Another one we caught was an older sounding male saying "getting ruder" it was kind of creepy, but it was cool.  We saw shadowy figures at the corner of our eyes.  Our friend, as we were leaving, took pictures on his digital camera and when we got back to the truck we caught these orbs very distict in color (blue).  They were following us out of the cemetery or walking us out like they were saying goodbye or at least that's what I like to think.  It was really cool.  The second time we went there we caught a red orb.  We thought it might have been an animal, but there was none in sight because the orb moved to a different spot and was basically moving back in forth like it was keepig an eye on us.  Then our friend asked the older male to say "getting ruder" and on our evp recorder you hear a long drawn out dominant "nooooo" type of thing.  We figured he might be the owner that owned that cemetery because he had a presence of being protective and dominant, but not in a mean way.  We looked up the history of the cemetery dating back to 17-1800's, and it had a list of the people who died and are buried there.  I don't remember the owner's name, but his wife is also buried up there next to him, and so is the little girl.

August 8, 2008

Michelle @ 3:12 am

Hi Geoff.  Good to hear from you.  Thanks for letting me know more about the exact location.  If I am ever in Joshua Tree, I will definitely check it out.  Very interesting that you were able to witness the same orb phenomena twice.  Good luck with videotaping the orbs—let us know how it goes for you!

September 2, 2008

Beth @ 7:35 pm

Hi Erica,
I believe your friend is correct about the orbs around you.  You are open and the spirits know you can feel and see them.  They are your spirits/guides as well as your clients!  I think it's so cool to capture them in photos.


September 4, 2008

Rob @ 8:43 pm

I have had a lot of experience with orbs and ufos and ghost spirits, if you would like to talk e-mail me back.  Will give you credentials after we talk.  Rob

September 17, 2008

Eddie @ 7:05 pm

Me and my partner moved into an old Victorian house 5 months ago in Bootle, Merseyside and have never seen anything strange until 2250hrs on 17th Sept 2008.  We've both seen Orbs floating around the room.  I'm terrified because I don't know why they've started to appear.  I can't even sleep knowing that someone/something is in the room with me.

September 18, 2008

Michelle @ 2:17 am

Hi Eddie — I don't think you have anything to worry about.  Orbs are harmless and most spirits are too.  Older homes often have some type of paranormal activity, and what you're experiencing is fairly common.  If you'd like to find out who/what is present, you can always capture EVP and test your home for paranormal activity.  Let us know how things go for you.

October 25, 2008

Gary Charles Smith @ 10:28 pm

I was watching YOUTUBE and this guy's video has orbs all over in it. 

December 6, 2008

Geoff @ 8:17 pm

I went back to Joshua Tree on Thanksgiving night.  The park was full so I turned into observation pullout called The Oyster Bar, I think it's a recent addition to the park….anyway, no one was within a mile.  I got out of my car to stretch and the blue orbs came around again, this is the 3rd time in 4 years.  This time it freaked me out cuz I was in unfamiliar settings.  The other times it happened in campgrounds in the summer.  As I was driving away, I was looking at Ryan Mountain, there no roads on this mountain, and noticed an odd shaped light hovering.  It was changing shape, square then triangle.  I stopped my car and started to flash my lights at it, making distinct signals, the light signaled back exactly the same…it was weird… This time I left the park.  I need to go back.  Oh yeah, I'm the same Geoff as the one in the comments above.  If anyone is in So Cal, and wants to see these, I can tell you exactly where to look and what to look for…bye.

February 18, 2009

maya @ 2:55 pm

Could you post or email some of those pictures?

June 13, 2009

John @ 1:07 pm

I have had a lot of things happening. I see things before they happen. I would love to know what the pink orb stands for & yes I see things.  That can't be, but they are. Do we pass on? Yes, we do. I have no worries on that.

June 23, 2009

Sherrry @ 2:16 pm


I own two homes right next door to each other. I rent one and live in the other. We are currently working on the rental home, as the previous tenants literally trashed the inside of this once adorable little home. When taking damage pictures the same day that they have moved out, I captured two orbs in one of the attic storage places and captured a mist in the living room. I didn't realize that I had gotten these things until I checked the pictures hours later. Meanwhile, I'm snapping away and my camera started taking it's own pictures every once in a while. Still not knowing what was on the camera, I didn't think much about it. Then I went home and downloaded the pics, that's when I saw orbs in almost every pic and the mist pics. Since then, we can "call" the orbs and they come out! They'll start with one or two and then go up to 30 or 40 and we've gotten almost 100 in one picture. It's not dust. We've walked very carefully to avoid stirring up anything and then started calling them and I swear to you that they come!! Last eve. we were able to photograph them in the attic, living room, basement and in the back yard! I turned the camera several times to the back yard of my home next door and there is nothing in my yard, just the rental property. I've also taken tons of pics in the house that I live in and there is nothing that appears in the pics anywhere else but on that rental property and I've probably taken 5,000 pics on that camera since I've owned it.

I don't know how to upload pics to this site or I would send some. I'm wondering if just from the state of disarray that the tenants had the place in, that they might have stirred up this activity. There has always been some sort of activity in the house ever since I bought it – creaking in the attic, two people did see a mist and I didn't believe them, I heard footsteps and thought it was my son, but no one was there, the daughter of the previous tenant said she saw her grandmother on the attic steps (dismissed that, too) and another previous tenant said that he saw a grey haired man standing at the attic window on three different occasions (kinda blew that off, too). The list goes on and there's not enough time or room to even name it all here! I'm thinking now that they all told the truth b/c you have to see this stuff to believe it!

anyone have any thoughts?


July 16, 2009

Vilma @ 12:06 pm

Last month I was doing work placement for college. I was working with teenagers, and we had summer camp. That included staying over night in Charlevile Castle (Ireland). I've got many pics with orbs….hundreds of them..with different shapes, colors.. Couple days ago I was making pics in my house of my dog. When I downloaded to PC, I am seeing 2-3 orbs floating. Why would they follow me home? I hope I did not bring any big bad ghosts…How do I ask them leave?

July 22, 2009

Daniel S Raper (Stephen) @ 9:37 pm

Hello. Last Monday night the 13th of July my wife and I were joking around and she was taking pictures of me doing stupid stuff (for laughs). My brother had to put his dog to sleep on Wed the 15th and we were all devastated by it. His name was JACK and he was a Rat Terrier and was 17 years old. I have also been very interested in ORBS and have looked at a zillion pictures on the internet about them. I am a Christian and I love the LORD with all my heart. I do things I know that aren't right (as we all do) but I always am hard on myself when I make mistakes. I have a HUGE heart and try to make people laugh and feel good as much as I can. Well tonight the 22nd of July my wife was looking through the pictures and she said "Youve got to see this" I looked at the picture and it is about 40 Orbs all around me.

I have to tell you nothing like this has ever happened to me before and I am quite scared of it. I dont understand what it means. I am honored if it is the dead spirits of my family and friends that have gone on before me. I also hear they come to sensitive people which I very much am. I keep my feelings on my shoulders a lot. I also had a dream and this has been years ago about a friend. I was in a black room and it was where you could see and my friends brother (who is dead and has been for 14 years) was in the room. It was his twin brother (Reid that was alive) face but I knew it was Ross. Ross was jumping around and going crazy (which was how Ross was) and I asked him "Ross, why are you so happy?" He grabbed me and smiled and didnt say a word and I woke up.

I didnt pay any mind to it and then about a month later his twin brother Reid died unexpectedly. I went to the funeral and all anyone talked about was how Reid grieved for Ross and how he missed him. He grieved so bad that he changed his appearance and grew long hair and a beard to look different. I told there mother about the dream and she didn't bat an eye when she said "Ross knew Reid was coming to see him." I have had other dreams about stuff and I am wondering if these ORBS are good and it's a sign of good things or what. Please anyone that knows anything about them feel free to contact me. I would really like to know. Thanks

November 19, 2009

mary creighton @ 12:58 pm

I saw one orb, it was multicoloured but predominantly blue. A few days later, my brother died.  i was not frightened of it but often wondered why it came to me. i have another brother and one night he knocked on my window as my kitchen faced the front of my house and i was washing dishes.  i said hang on a minute, ill be with you. when i went outside, he pointed to the sky above a school playground and there was a beautiful church floating, yes floating in the sky. i asked my brother why were the lights going on and off around the base and he said they were pulsating. there were colours one could only dream of. we both watched it for quite a while, then i asked a neighbour to take a look and he said there was nothing there. But we had both seen it. my mother asked me what i saw then she dismissed it. But i tell you, it was a solid church with a great arch for the doorway. Can anyone explain? Been told it was the eternal city.

September 19, 2011

carl @ 5:15 pm

Hello i have 2 cameras set up in my spare storage room in my house, and ive noticed lots of orbs flying about. so strange. just wondering if anyone can help me with any answers as its pretty freaky. thank you.

October 10, 2011

sherry @ 12:44 am

Hi my name is sherry and im 42 – i've always had a freaky feeling at my mom's modular home (i say that because it's rather new, about 10 years old). only one couple lived in it before and to my knowledge no one died there. I have always had a weird feeling in the 3 back bedrooms. if i have to sleep back there i make my mom sleep with me. my son (14) and his friend for fun went back there the other night and "talked" to the room, asking if there was an entity there that it would "show" itself.

An orb began to shoot about the room, not steadily, but it would "fly" in front of the iphone and disappear – then "fly" by again. it was big when close, and small when farther away. it would do it on command. One time they set a teddy bear in the middle of the floor and told it it could "play" with it. a bright small "dot" appeared above the teddy's head, shot to the left and went down-slope like and disappeared. do you think this is a ghost or just energy of some sort? i do have a brother who would be older than me who died when he was four. i wonder if it could be him. What do you think? they shot an 11 min vid where it shows up like 15 times. i could only get part of this vid onto the computer. if anyone would like me to email it to them i will, it shows up at 34 and 36 sec in the vid in the top left hand corner of the phone screen. then immediately again in the upper right. email me if you wanna check it out, thanks.

October 12, 2011

jon @ 3:12 am

I would like to leave you my experiences at my home. I live in Las Vegas. I have lived in the house I'm currently at for 3yrs. I have documented amazing EVPs of a woman and a man talking to me after I asked a question. My 4yr old daughter can see the spirits in our house and when she see's them I take pics of their location in the house with respect to where my daughter says they are.

I have a very clear pic of a man standing in my kitchen looking out at me when I was taking pics of my back yard. we have blue orbs, red orbs, and green orbs – very orange to red in color orbs and very white orbs in my house taken when we were praying. some of them taken on our couch as though they were sitting there. I have a pic of a family in my bedroom that showed up in a pic that I took of my bedroom….I have a white spirit orb with a man's face in it, very clear pic. and it goes on with current doors opening, things being moved in front of us…. someone should do a story on my house.

I have all the evidence to back this up…. I hold a security clearance and a metro police security armed card. my wife and I dont drink or gamble or smoke…. I have had priest come to my house to bless it. I have had a medicine man come to the house many times…… we think my house sits near or in a vortex for spirits. thanxs for listening…

June 25, 2012

Karey @ 8:33 pm

Hello everyone. I have snapped about 10,000 photos inside my home, about 3/4 of those photos have orbs, all colors and sizes! Some look exactly like my family that has passed! Some of the pics have tails behind the orbs, as if they are in movement. A couple photos actually look as if one orb is acting as a porthole or vortex for other orbs!

My favorite picture is an orb that is completely white, with gray spots for eyes and gray for the opened mouth; this orb was clearly smiling at me. I have caught 2 Evp's in my home — a woman whispers, "Can you hear it?", and "What are you looking through?" I wish I could have someone come into my home to investigate, but I can't seem to get anyone interested. :( I believe I have some of the best orb photos I have ever seen. If anybody would like to see them, they are on Facebook under the name spirit chasing. Can anyone help me understand this?