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How to Test a House (or Location) for Paranormal Activity

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hauntedhouse_orbs.jpgWould you like to test a house for paranormal activity?   Today's subscriber question covers testing for paranormal activity.

Mike writes:

Can you tell me how to test how paranormally active a house (or location) may be?

This is a great question, although to fully answer it, I would need to write several hundred pages. :-)  In fact, entire books have been written on this subject—so it's tough to give you a short answer. However, here are some basic tips to get you started…

Interview Witnesses & Research the History of Your Location First

Before you begin testing for activity, I suggest interviewing witnesses. Find out if there have been reports of strange activity, what types of strange activity, and where the sightings/activity took place. Interviewing witnesses will give you a good starting point, and provide clues about whether you're dealing with a residual haunting, an intelligent haunting – or no haunting at all.  Be careful, though.  Don't believe everything you're told (stories are often exaggerated) — just listen with an open mind.

Other ways to research the history of a location include searching for information online, talking to past property owners, calling the local police (I'm always surprised at how much information the local police can tell you about a property — they really are great sources of information), or chatting with the neighbors.

Video Tape the Area

If apparitions (ghosts) have been sighted, set up a video camera (on a tripod) to document the strange activity. Doors that open and shut by themselves can usually be captured on video tape. Other strange visual activity (such as faucets and TV sets that turn on-and-off by themselves) can also be captured on film. A digital infrared camera can be used to capture images that are invisible to the human eye.

thermalscanner_ghosthunting.jpgCheck for Extremes in Temperature

Unexplained cold spots are classic haunting symptoms.  If you discover cold spots (or hot spots), a thermal scanner can be used to prove that cold/hot spots are real (and how much they differ from the surrounding temperature).  A thermal scanner (pictured at left) uses infrared technology to instantly detect temperature differences at a distance.  It can tell you the exact temperature, and in what direction the cold spot moved.

Take Photos

If apparitions (ghosts) are reported in a certain area, take photos of the area. You may find orbs or apparitions in your photos.  CAUTION: Sometimes orbs can be caused by dust or light reflecting off the camera lens or flash.  Be sure to account for natural, man-made causes before automatically assuming that all orbs are paranormal.

Capture EVP Audio Recordings

You can test for paranormal activity by capturing EVP audio recordings. Start recording, ask questions, and see if you hear voices during playback.  You may not need a separate voice recorder if you are using a video camera.  The video camera will record EVP.  However, it certainly doesn't hurt to use a voice recorder along with your video camera.

Use an EMF Meter to Check for Moving Fields & Unusual Readings

Areas with high paranormal activity generally have strong electromagnetic fields. Use an EMF meter to measure the electromagnetic fields at your target location. EMF's that move (through walls, around a room, or up-and-down stairs) are very good indicators of paranormal activity. You may also discover EMF's that appear, and then disappear randomly. This is very unusual, and can be a good indicator of paranormal activity.

motiondetector_ghosthuntinggear.jpgMonitor Movement With a Motion Detector

Motion detectors can alert you to movement in an area where there should be none. An entire room or hallway can be easily monitored with just one device.

These are just a few ways to test for paranormal activity—but they should get you started.  Have fun, and thanks for the great question, Mike.

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Comments on How to Test a House (or Location) for Paranormal Activity

November 9, 2007

DARLENE MOORE @ 10:37 pm

I sure do love you emailing me. I am a person that feels when a sprit is around . I was born with a veil over my face. They say persons born like this can feel things.

Michelle @ 11:31 pm

Hi Darlene. Glad you're enjoying the email tips. Yes, some people can naturally "sense" when a spirit is near. It sounds like you may be more sensitive/intuitive than most people.  I will be posting a video soon with a woman is more sensitive than most. She gets mental pictures and can tell whether a ghost is male/female, child/adult, etc.

December 23, 2007

Michael @ 11:49 pm

I had a strange experience once while living in an old two story dwelling. There were also two other occupants of the house who at the time of the occurence were at work. The encounter came when I exited my room headed for the bathroom across the large open area. I got a few steps outside the room when to the left of me the sounds of "patting" of feet. I froze in my stride, shakened by the sound that close to me. I did not see anything but undeniably heard the sound so very close to me. Any clues to who this might be? Months later, one roomate moved out and we subleased the room to a guy that confessed to me of objects moving in the house. Could the "patting of the feet" be a sign of resentment?

December 25, 2007

Michelle @ 10:33 pm

Hi Michael. Yes, disembodied sounds (such as the patting of feet) could possibly signal paranormal activity. The fact that your roommate mentioned moving objects is interesting. No, I don't think the "patting of feet" is necessarily a sign of resentment. If it is an intelligent haunting, there could be a wide variety of reasons why the spirit remains earth-bound. I suggest researching the history of the building. Find out who lived in the house previously, and if anyone died there.

January 12, 2008

Kaila @ 11:47 pm

i was with my friends one night at one of their houses and the subject of a place called Reda Sports Group came up. I was told stories along with my other friends of paranormal activity occuring in the Reda Sports Group factory in Wilson, Pennsylvania.
none of us were sure that it could be real so tonight at around abouts 8:30PM
we all decided to go down the street and stay a night in the Reda Sports Group factory to see if the paranormal activity descriptions were true, so me and the three of my other friends went down there. we saw there was two buildings. and we heard that things went on more in the second building farthest from the street. so that was the one we went to. we all went up to the second floor in the second building. and we were on our way to the last room in the hall and we heard drips of water. so we started walking torwards the last room(where it was coming from) and we heard water running like in a bathtub. we went to that room and opened that door and it all stopped and nothing was there.
we stayed in the room right next to that, and it had no ceiling connecting to the next room. we took alot of pictures of the room and of the rest of that building, and all of them had orbs, some of them were different colors like yellow and blue but most were white. we were all settled down in that room ready to stay there tonight. but as soon as everyone heard a little girl screaming in the building and a dog barking we all ran out. we are pretty sure this was not normal activity. and we also heard glass breaking down in the downstairs floor.
we were looking for investigators to investigate in this bulding.

January 16, 2008

Michelle @ 8:23 am

Hi Kaila. Congratulations for getting out there, and investigating. If you're looking for paranormal investigators in Pennsylvania, there are several options depending on where you live. South Jersey Ghost Research will conduct investigations in Eastern PA. If you live in Philadelphia, you could try contacting Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance. Other options include: N.W. PA Hauntings, Delaware County Paranormal Research, and United Paranormal Investigators.

February 12, 2008

carol E. Kalinich @ 8:14 pm

1/12/2008 by Carol Kalinich I have lived in 2 very highly active houses with a variety of paranormal activity. I'll describe the best one, which was located in Upperville, VA, on an extremely old farm. I lived in one of the tenant houses, which had been rebuilt on an old stone foundation. Most likely a slave quarers at one time. There was an original stucco slave quarters on the farm, also rented out-very old and tiny. My house had "the knocker". Every so often 3 hard knocks would come on the front door-sometimes the back. I often would forget and think I had a visitor-but nope, it was just the "knocker". I enjoyed that one's pranks.

Then I had a battery operated plastic dog bone. I bred Labs. You really had to shake the bone to get it to "bark". I would place it in different parts of the house and it would bark by itself-often! It would be a bright sunny day and I would be getting ready for work or just reading on the sofa. Then the crashing and the banging would begin upstairs. DIB's for some reason like to make these loud banging noises for some reason? My bdrm was on the first floor. I often would awake to the sound of solders or someone making plans-low whispers, papers rattling and such in the lvrm. This was John Mosebys territory, as well as slave escapes.

Then there was the kind old lady. She was very old, as was my landlady. The first time I saw her was the middle of the night ofcourse. I was startled, thinking what in the world does my landlady want at this hour?! But looking closer this old lady was off the ground, came to my bedside and dissipated-smiling the entire time. She also wore an old black dress-a kind spirit-just checking in I guess? It was a very active house to say the least. I never did any "tests". What for? There was so much going on it was hard to keep up with and was harmless. Although, houses this active can drain your energy, which this one began to do. I finally relocated and brought a few with me, had them cleared by longtime Intuitive/spiritual healer and friend Louise Olivi. I loved that old place despite the "action"-and yes, I lived alone with 2 Labs and sometimes lots of Lab puppies. It is interesting to note the bitch liked keeping her pups under the bed, and I had to be careful when they were very young, for they need special heat lamps. It all worked out.

February 13, 2008

Michelle @ 8:31 am

Really interesting Carol. It seems "the knocker" was trying to get your attention with annoying/nuisance behavior. Thanks for sharing.

March 10, 2008

crystal holdiness @ 3:55 pm

I have always wanted to study the paranormal.  Ever since i was a little girl, i could see and hear things no one else could, also the dreams i have sometimes either happen to me or someone close to me.  When i was about 14, my grandfather was very ill and was hospitalized for about 8 months and we went every weekend to visit.  A week or so before he passed when i walked into his hospital room i could sense death.  My mother took me outside the room and said he is gonna be ok, and told me i was crazy to say something like that.  Was i?  So how do i get started in studying the paranormal – how do i tap into it?

March 12, 2008

Michelle @ 1:30 pm

Hi Crystal. No, I don't think what you said was crazy. Most people can sense things—on some level. Of course, some people are more sensitive than others. It's possible that you were picking up on the energy in your grandfather's hospital room. 

You asked how to get started studying the paranormal.  As one of my subscribers, I will be sending you tips on exploring the paranormal – so you will have everything you need to get started.  Pay attention to your instincts—while they're not always right, they can help you out in a number of situations.

March 23, 2008

Keith @ 10:49 pm

Well I was wondering if you could help me with this thing we all have experienced at my house.  We tend to see what looks as if they are drips of silvery water and they leave no trace of moisture.  Me and my brother were tearing up carpet in his room we both saw a drop and now we see them frequently.  Please email me and inform me if you have an idea what this is.

April 3, 2008

Michelle @ 6:51 am

Hi Keith.  Assuming it's not a natural/man-made cause, it's possible that what you're seeing is ectoplasm.  Ectoplasm is a solid or vaporous substance that is used by spirits to materialize.  It is usually milky-white or gray in color, and smells like ozone.

April 8, 2008

Amanda @ 12:56 pm

Hello!  I am a teenage girl, and I just moved out of my old house last year.  My old house used to make strange noises, and our hair dryer always would go on during the week sometimes.  My mom even came home one day, and she said that when she came in the door she saw the cadle light up.  I would never sleep in her room with her when I was really little, because she had an old chair that would always rock.  My great-grandma died in that chair!  Well anyway, I am at my new home and I keep hearing voices and I feel as if something or someone is there.  I never feel alone!  The lights sometimes flicker also when I am home alone.  I try to tell my mother that this is happening, but she won't believe me.  She knew that something was in our old house, but she won't believe that I think that whatever was in our old house followed us here.  My neighbors also told me that the old lady who lived here before us died in our bathroom on the toilet.  At first I did not believe them, but then one day the dead old lady's son came over to see how things were going at the house, and he told us that this was true.  But how do I get my mother to believe me that something is so wrong?  Please answer me back!  At least give me a little tip or something.  I don't want to live like this the rest of my life!

Amanda @ 7:00 pm

Hi, it's Amanda again!  I feel like someone is literally right beside me.  What should I do?  Should I not move?  I just got on the computer, and about 3 minutes ago I started to feel as if someone is there.  I can't see them, or feel them, I just sense them.  It kinda smells around here too.  I can't really explain what it smells like, but all I can say, is that it kind of smells like rotton food and like a dead animal or something.  Well, I can't say that it smells that bad, but it's close.  Do you think that these ghosts could harm me?  How do they even get here anyway?  Am I going to be one someday?  God, I hope not!

April 9, 2008

Lycanthrope @ 10:36 pm

Hey Amanda, it would seem you have a lot going on!  First off, the odds of a spirit being able to hurt you are VERY SLIM.  When you consider the number of cases of hauntings, then also consider the fact that less than a dozen documented cases have involved physical attacks, you should feel pretty safe.  You've got a lot of questions, and I'm sure Michelle will have some better answers than I do.  I just didn't want you to be too worried about your own safety, or the safety of your mother.  How do they get there?  That is a question that has been debated since the first ghost was seen!  The truth is, nobody knows why they exist.  I do know of cases where spirits have been connected to and followed people.  Why this happens, nobody really knows.  It is also possible there is more than one spirit.  As far as how to convince your mom that there is something wrong, I'm not sure you can.  If there was a serious problem, it would be obvious to your mom.  As a teenager, it's a sensitive subject as to whether or not you should investigate this on your own.  Perhaps if you showed your mom some of the techniques investigators use and explain to her that this might make you feel more comfortable, maybe she would sit through a small investigation with you.  In that case, you could try some EVP work, and possibly some camcorder documentation, if you have the equipment for it.  Good Luck.

April 11, 2008

Amanda @ 12:35 pm

Thanks! I feel a lot more safe now.  I really never thought that they would harm me, but the thought just pops in my head sometimes.  I believe that you are right about them being harmless, because I have not yet seen any physical harm.  I just hear them, and sence them most of the time.  Nothing like picking up and throwing something.  But I do have one more question though.  Do all people become ghosts when they die?  I also wanted to tell you that I live in Ohio, and wanted to know if there are any known hauntings in Ohio.  I feel as if I am the only one dealing with this.  It would make me comfortable knowing there are others in the area.  I don't want to think that they are after me or something!

Michelle @ 4:22 pm

Hi Amanda.  Lycanthrope gave you great advice.  You are certainly not alone – a good number of my subscribers have activity in their homes, workplace, church, etc.  Approximately 10% of all homes have paranormal activity.  You asked if everyone becomes a ghost after they die.  No, only a small number of people appear as ghosts after they die.  Most ghosts are what we call residual hauntings, which means that they are just energy that is being "played back" at a certain time.  If you are searching for haunted locations in Ohio, I recommend the Forgotten Ohio website.  You can also find an excellent directory of haunted places through the Shadowlands Directory.

April 13, 2008

Taylor @ 10:35 am

My mom, sister and me just moved into our apartment two years ago.  We keep getting puddles of water on our counter, and sometimes under the kitchen table.  We've checked the areas to see if theres any way the water could get there- and there isn't.  We don't have any leaks or anything.  Just the other day we found a puddle under the table not even 5 minutes after we got up from it (there was no water when we left).  My mom cleaned it up, but the house got really cold, and just a few minutes later we had a puddle on the counter.  Have you heard of anything like this before?

Michelle @ 2:29 pm

Hi Taylor.  Your question sounds very similar to what Keith asked (8 comments up).  Assuming it's not a natural/man-made cause (i.e. water leaking in your home), it's possible that what you're seeing is paranormal.  Pools of water (that appear randomly) have been associated with poltergeist activity.  Poltergeist is a German word meaning "noisy spirit" and they are one of the most common paranormal events in modern homes.  Some researchers believe that poltergeists are not ghosts but phenomena caused by mental disturbances, and activity is often linked to a certain member of the family (especially children, teenagers and the elderly).  Manifestations include moving objects, furniture being rearranged, knocks, electrical disturbances, temperature changes, pools of water appearing, etc.

Darlene @ 7:36 pm


My daughter Taylor posted the last entry.  We have been living here for about three years now (not two) and we can go for weeks without seeing anything, and then in one day there can be several puddles.  The puddles have always occurred in the same spot on the kitchen counter.  They are always sitting completely by themselves, with nothing around them whatsoever.  Just this weekend, minutes after sitting at the kitchen table together, I walked into a puddle almost under the table.  Same as the counter, no source or anything around it.  We hear or see nothing in the apartment, but lately it feels like there's someone behind us, and we have noticed what feels like a draft out of nowhere and then there's a puddle.  Does the water itself have a meaning and is this anything to worry about?  Is there anything we can or should be doing? 



April 15, 2008

Amanda @ 5:24 pm

Thanks Michelle!  But I have already visited that website, and not that many places are where I live.  I live in Canton Ohio, and I hear that the Mikinly Monument grave-yard is haunted.  I have been there before and found nothing.  My dad lives down the road from the park that the grave yard is in.  So I have been there numbers of times.  Although I do get strange feelings near the graveyard.  It is always so quiet and spooky like.  I cant really explain it, but its not like other graveyards.  What's creapy is my great grandma and grandpa are in that graveyard.  I hope to god that I dont end up in there.  Do you know of any other graveyards or something near Canton or North Canton?

Lycanthrope @ 5:47 pm

I've heard of a VERY FEW cases of unknown puddles being paranormal. Most of the time, it can be tracked back to faulty plumbing. Since you're in an apartment building, this is even more likely. Apartments are built with adjoining units sharing a "wet wall". In order to minimize the amount of plumbing in a building. If it's more than one story, the upstairs units will share this "wet wall" as well. You're best bet is to point it out to your landlord and let them take the steps necessary in order to verify that it isn't a plumbing problem. If it ISN'T the plumbing, then you have quite a phenomenon on your hands! It's not anything life threatening, but it can be annoying.

Michelle @ 6:42 pm

Hi Amanda. The Shadowlands directory, and the Forgotten Ohio directory are the 2 best sources that I'm aware of. I'm not very familiar with graveyards in Ohio, since I live in NC. You may want to try Google-ing for more results.

Michelle @ 7:06 pm

Hi Darlene. I don't think you need to worry about the pools of water, as long as you don't see any other suspicious activity. It may be annoying, but it's certainly not dangerous. As far as what you can do, Lycanthrope gave you some excellent suggestions. See if there is a natural, normal reason for the water. If you cannot find one, then you can always Test Your House for Paranormal Activity. As mentioned earlier, the appearance of random puddles of water has been linked to poltergeist activity. The most well-known case involving poltergeist activity and random pools of water was the Enfield Poltergeist. Fiona Broome, of Hollow Hill, has also written about this:

"One of the most intriguing lines of research relates to water and poltergeists. Even in areas where there is no naturally occurring water, after a poltergeist episode, unexplained water appears in the area."

See if you can find a natural explanation first. Let us know how things go for you.

July 2, 2008

edilia @ 11:13 am

Can somebody tell me what is going on?  This morning I woke up with a puddle of water in my bedroom.  I have no pets and my door is always locked, nobody could of gone in.  Also my bedroom light turns off by itself.  This has been the second time ???

July 7, 2008

Annie @ 7:43 am

For the past few years, I began having trouble with my alarm clock waking me up in time for work.  Usually it just wouldn't go off.  I dismissed this as my own doings.  However, it has recently gotten ridiculous.  I got two wind-up alarm clocks (so there is no chance of accidentally turning down the sound as with a radio alarm).  I set the clocks about 5 to 10 minutes apart for the snooze effect.  I've had to place one far enough away so I must get out of bed to turn it off.  Within the past several weeks, I've had both alarms not going off even though they are set and the buttons were up.  Then, the other morning, I smacked the first alarm off and dozed off.  Next thing I knew, I woke up several hours later AND the clock that was across the room was sitting on the night table right next to me.  And the other clock, it was set for 3:20 instead of the time that I had set it.  Then, the other night the alarm that was across the room went off at 3:00am and was set to go off at that time even though I set it for 7:00.  And last night it went off at 3:30 am, even though it was set for 4:00 (had to be at work very early). 

Other stuff has happened as well.  Once, I was doing something thinking about nothing other than what I was doing when I "felt" someone come up from the basement.  I was so sure that I turned around and caught a shadow.  I "retraced" my movements over and over and could not reanact the shadow.  This was the second time I ever felt a presence so strongly (once at work recently where I felt someone watching me).  I saw a face on TV also, superimposed taking up half the screen.  It was not a part of the movie because I saw the movie before.  It would be easy to write if off as a technical glitch except for one thing: the face made eye contact with me.????  And, yesterday I was hit so hard with a strong, strange smell (almost like cologne with a "bad" undertone) that it knocked me into the twilight zone for a few seconds.  Later that day, I was hit again with a different smell.  I have never seen a ghost or anything related.  Is there something I can do?  This is getting serious (being late for work too much).  I can't find my web cam (has a motion detector) and the video camera is acting up.  I can't find the tape recorder either.  I would prefer to write this off as something that I am doing in my sleep but it's getting more and more difficult to as it becomes more and more ridiculous.  Any suggestions?



Lycanthrope @ 8:28 pm

The best suggestion I have is invest in another camera.  A camera that can be set up to start recording shortly before your alarms are set to go off, would be best.  This way, you can get evidence of anything that is happening when your alarms SHOULD BE going off.

tammy weaver @ 9:19 pm

Darlene, it sounds like you've got a ghost cat at your home.  When a cat wants attention they pee on stuff, jump on counters, and love being under the table for scraps.  Just a thought.  Tammy

tammy weaver @ 9:40 pm

Annie, did one of your school friends die recently?  It sounds like either it's someone that knows you well, and trying to let you know they are there, or you invited something in or your friends invited something in.  Do you have a friend that is a little gothic, did you break up?  I'm just trying to give you ideas on what might have changed in your world that you might not have thought of.  Sometimes things change in your life, you don't notice it.  Think back, retrace some of your experiences, see if anything is common within the time that it happens.  When my brother died, my clock did weird stuff too.  The time he died that's the time my clock kept going off for months.  I burned the clock.  Got electiric one, it did same thing.  Threw it out, used cell phone.  It did it too.  I just put it on silence.  It's okay now after 6 yrs, but it still happens once while.  That does mess with ya bad, just pray a lot LORDS PRAYER.  It works for me, tammy.  By the way, the electric clock I threw out kept going off in the trash until I burned it.  It was unplugged with no batteries in it.

tammy weaver @ 9:59 pm

Crystal, I'm Tammy, just a person.  I worked in the locked down part of a nursing home for terminally ill Alzheimer's patients.  I also do morgue duty for the dead and dress them for family, sitting up like asleep until doc fills out death papers.  I've seen some messed up stuff.  I've held hands and read to them till they died when they had no family to be by them.  There was never anthything that scared me, but one time, this very mean lady who hurt everybody who got near her died.  A black smog curled around her room's door, a smell came from the room , the windows fogged up with a dry slime like you see on pond scum.  I had to go in there and do my job.  No one else would go near there.  The cleaners wouldn't go in, the nurse wouldn't even.  The undertaker waited for a local minister.  When I went in, slime fell on my jacket, in my hair.  They had maintenance trying to clean up.  I had to change clothes 3 times that day.  They closed that room down for good, made it a closet.  So please don't think you're crazy.  I wished I was, when that happened.  These were real honest poeple experiencing all of this.

July 8, 2008

Annie @ 8:29 pm

THAT, I can do!!  I am thinking I will have to have something running all night.  My digital camera has 3 and a half hours of video capability; however, the batteries only last for 50 minutes.  And that should be enough time. I 'm real curious to see if anything shows up but at the same time, IF something does (and it's not me sleepwalking), I'm not sure I want to know.  But my job is riding on this. 



Annie @ 8:50 pm

Tammy, nobody has died, but I have been searching back for something that might have happened that would have invited this in.  I recently found out that my sister, who lives upstairs, has had problems with clocks for years.  Time will tell (no pun intended!)



July 9, 2008

Lycanthrope @ 6:19 pm

Hey Annie, I can understand your apprehension regarding possibly capturing paranormal activity in your own home, but if it does end up being paranormal you'll be able to make an educated decision as to what to do next.  There are quite a few investigative groups that may be able to help you, and I'm sure Michelle would be more than happy to help you locate one in your area should the need arise. 

Keep us posted regarding your situation.  Good Luck!!!

July 12, 2008

Annie @ 8:06 pm

Thank you so much.  I'm going to set the camera up tonight.  I've been on vacation so I haven't had to set the clock.  But I just noticed, today, an almost perfect circle scratched into the plastic face of the clock.  I'm almost positive it wasn't there before……It's very odd.  I would expect a more jagged scratching considering the surface and the pressure that has to be applied. ???

July 23, 2008

Amy @ 1:12 pm

Hello everyone.  I need some help here myself.  My husband, teenage son (son from a previous marriage), 13 month old daughter, and I just bought a 10 yr old house.  We have been in the house for approx 7 weeks now.  In the beginning, nothing happened.  Shortly after (we had been in approx 3 weeks or so) we moved in my teenage son went to Chicago to stay with his father for the summer.  After he left, a few small things began to happen.  I blew them off to begin with thinking I had lost my mind.  Also was in denial that the neighborhood was built around a small family gravesite (across the street from us).  There are a set of triplets and a set of twins that died at birth.  There is another child that lived to be approx 36 or so and the parents all buried there.  They are from the 1800s.  The things that started happening are there was a small blue/green orb outside my daughters room one night.  I went to pick her up out of her crib about 10:30 at night (she was crying).  Then I started thinking I was seeing things.  There was a blue/green light.  It was right near the ceiling, near the smoke alarm, so I thought that's the light I saw (the smoke alarm was green not blue green and was a tiny light not as big as the light I saw). 

Next, I was getting ready for work after my husband had already left and my daughter was in her crib sleeping.  I heard a loud banging on the front door.  I thought it was the fence guys who were expected to come and put in our fence that day.  Ran downstairs and no one was there at any of my doors.  Again, thought it was me but mentioned it to my husband anyways.  Then one afternoon we were sitting in the living room downstairs as my baby daughter napped upstairs and heard a creaking like someone was walking above us.  So we went to check it out, and my husband said he walked into a cold spot.  I thought he was playing, but he showed me his arms and he had goosebumps.  Last week, my mother (who is retired and keeps my daughter during the day) decided to stay with us all last week while her car was in the shop.  I was again upstairs getting ready for work and heard a knock at my bedroom door and it open and shut.  I was in the bathroom half naked so I had my door shut.  Again, we were expected to have AC guys coming in that day so I thought maybe it was mom telling me they were here but she never came to the bathroom door and said anything.  So I went downstairs and asked her did she knock on the door and open it.  She said she hadnt been upstairs at all.  She was downstairs with my daughter. 

Today, once again my daughter was in her room sleeping and I was still asleep after my husband went to work.  I heard a banging.  I thought maybe it was my daughter banging on the side of her crib but the light on the monitor didn't move to indicate there was noise, nor did I hear it coming from her monitor.  Then, I heard my dog outside my bedroom barking.  I heard the banging again and went to my bedroom door and opened it and my dog was standing at the top of the stairs looking down barking at whatever it was.  Now I was freaked.  Last night, my husband was sleeping on the couch and I heard what sounded like water in the kitchen.  I dismissed it saying it was the loud ice maker on the frig.  Then it happened again.  It sounded like someone was playing in the dog water bowl.  It's just things like this that keep happening and I am beginning to think I am nuts.  My husband believes me and has bought a web cam and a digital recorder so we are going to see if we get anything.  But in the mean time, is there a paranormal research group that deals in the Clayton, NC area?  I am thinking of calling one as long as they remain discrete.  Any help you can give would be great.. thanks..

July 24, 2008

Michelle @ 7:34 am

Hi Amy.  You've described many of the classic signs of paranormal activity…orbs, banging noises, phantom footsteps, phantom knocking, cold spots, doors opening and shutting randomly, etc.  Glad to hear you've researched the history of your neighborhood—that's a good start.  I'd recommend researching your home as well (if you haven't done so already).  Specifically, look at the residents who lived there before you, and whether any unusual events happened in your home.  The activity may be connected to the gravesite, but it could also be connected to past residents.  If you want to investigate the activity on your own, this article will help you: How to Test a House for Paranormal Activity.  Setting-up a video camera & digital recorder is an excellent idea.  I suggest trying to capture EVP first.  This can provide you with some good insight fairly quickly.

As far as local paranormal groups go, I can recommend HauntedNC and Triangle Paranormal Investigators.  Both groups are trustworthy, both are TAPS Family Members, and they should be able to help you.  Good luck, and let us know how things go for you.

Amy @ 9:15 am

Thanks so much Michelle.  It's nice to know someone believes me.  Ironically, the people who used to live in our house still live in the same neighborhood, just in a newer phase of the community (the builder is still building homes in our neighborhood).  I thought that if they were having problems, why would they have stayed there so long (10 yrs) and then moved within the same neighborhood.  I just haven't had the nerve to ask them.  I do know that the neighbor who lives next door to the grave site made some comments at our house-warming party to a friend of ours that he was having "issues" at his house (after our friend joked with him about living next to the gravesites).  At the time, we weren't having anything happening at our house yet so I sorta just took him at face value (he lives alone and is a tad strange in his own right).  But he told our friend that he has OCD and he knows exactly how he leaves things and when he would come home or go back into a room things would be changed.  So he made a joke of it and would say "ok kids, knock it off." (referring to the children buried in the gravesite next to him).  I have wanted to talk to him and ask him seriously, but again I haven't had the nerve.  I have always believed in ghosts my whole life and actually find them facinating (I watch ghosthunters etc. every week), but for some reason I think I am in denial when it's happening to me.  Today, as I was getting ready for work nothing happened, nor did it last night.  So I tell myself it's me, until something else happens.  So I am hoping with the equipment my husband ordered, we can catch something so at least I can find out one way or the other if something is there and if so why.  But it's nice to know there are paranormal groups in our area that can help out if we do find something to be happening.  Thanks for your support Michelle, it means alot..

August 6, 2008

barbara @ 12:07 am

It's nice to know I am not alone in seeing things.  I see into the past as well as the future.  The house I live in, it's 80 years old.  The people who lived here before were Cherokee, the same as I am.  The man died in this house, Mr. Lockee is still here.  He talks to me sometimes.  He lets me know that he welcomes us here.  This is his home as well as mine.

August 11, 2008

Brandin @ 3:38 am

So I need to know if my place is in fact got paranormal activity.  I moved into a new apartment in June. My mother-in-law does not like to visit more than 15 minutes inside my apartment because she gets very uncomfortable being in my apartment.  Something that just started happening this last week, unexplainable blood spots are appearing on our bathroom counter, and there is no other signs on how they can possibly get there.  Another thing is that my cat just yesterday was so fascinated with something moving towards me on the wall, and there was absolutely nothing on the wall that was moving.  My wife was takinig a shower yesterday and the bathroom door closed on its own.  When I take on the shower curtain, it blows up against me even though there is no fan or anything.  And when the bedroom door is shut, you can feel wind coming from under the crack between the carpet and the door, when there is no fan or a/c running, like there is a lot of pressure.  Are these at all something to worry about, or am I just gatting paranoid?  Please help me here.

August 19, 2008

Melinda @ 12:03 pm

What does it mean when you see a Green Orb in a graveyard?  I took pictures and have them up on my myspace page, what is green?

She felt very playful to say the least.


September 8, 2008

Jenn @ 3:27 pm

I work 3rd shift at my job and it is myself and sometimes two other employees at a time.  We are on the 3rd floor, and we know no one else is in the building.  We have all exerienced different things.  Everything from voices, dark shadow figures, popping noises, running and feeling the vibration on the floor, etc.  There is no one on the other floors during the hours we are there either.  We did try talking to the HR Dept and it was shrugged off because the owner does not believe in this sort of thing.  We need to keep our jobs, but feel uncomfortable working there since we are all alone.  Do you have any advice for tips for us?  I did use the salt protections technique this past weekend and felt a little better.  We did find a team willing to come in and investigate, but the owner refused to allow it.  Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

September 18, 2008

Michelle @ 7:15 am

Hi Jenn — Sorry to hear the owner is against paranormal investigation.  As an employee, I'm sure that's frustrating.  The good news is, you can investigate the activity on your own—and you'll probably learn more this way.  Most ghosts are completely harmless; however, if you feel uncomfortable working there, this page on ghost hunting protection may prove helpful.  Other common folklore remedies for warding off ghosts include carrying Holy water or garlic, sprinkling salt, sand, or rice on the floor, hanging a mirror face-down on the door (at eye-level), and smudging a room with sage.  What you've described sounds like fairly typical paranormal activity.

September 22, 2008

Sean @ 12:47 pm

Just a few days ago, I was sleeping in my Girlfriend's new home that she brought from an elderly lady.  The lady had a longtime husband and they shared the house for years.  The husband died years ago and his widow stayed in the home by herself since.  She just recently moved out about a month ago.  Anyway , I was sleep and my gf was sleep in her master bedroom.  I felt a presence hover to me and forcibly grab my neck in a choking manner.  I instantly knew it wasn't a dream, but went back to sleep a while later untested.  Mind you my girlfriend was sound snoring asleep next to me and there was no one else there.  Then, just this morning while I was waking up, I noticed that one of her other bedroom's lights were switched on.  My GF doesn't turn on any lights upstairs during the morning, except for the bedroom so I found this strange.  My girlfriend did not turn the light on and neither did I. What do you think is going on in that home?

September 29, 2008

Vanessa @ 2:25 am

Hiya all… last night I was taking a picture of some clothes in my son's bedroom.  The clothes were on the floor, so I stood on his bunk bed ladders to take the photos to put on ebay!  And as I was holding the camera still, this ball of light came swirling towards my lens (nokia n95 camera phone).  It sort of stunned me, I didn't know what to think.  Anyways I took around 6 photos of the clothes, then I took several pictures of my son when I downloaded them to my laptop.  The 1st photo I took was upside down and only had 3 photos?  Strange, when I' d taken 6 of the clothes.  In every photo of my son I noticed a very small blue light near him just moving slightly in every photo I'd taken, and the last one I'd taken of him the blue light was a smalll blue orb.  Can someone try to exlpain what happened here, cos it freaked me out a little.  I couldn't sleep thinking about it, especially when my 4yr son told me he sees balls of flashing lights in his bedroom all the time, and it frightens him.

October 8, 2008

TonyB @ 2:21 am

We moved into a house around four years ago, finding out that the previous owner had died in a road accident.  He had only gone out to buy a few music CD's to add to his large collection, was killed on a pedestrian crossing, and never came back home.

Since moving in, we have had some strange experiences – pictures moving, cold spots, glass bead apparantly jumping out of a display dish and some recently puchased touch lamps coming on (usually but not always at night).  There are two lamps on the same (clean) power supply, but sometimes only one of them comes on.  Another identical lamp in an adjacent room is not affected.  I cannot say we have clearly seen any ghostly figures, but we have both sensed a presence.  The dog appears to be affected – as at times he will lie in the hallway looking at the door, as if waitng for the previous owner to come home? 

Having some belief in the paranormal – based upon the common accuracy of two clairvoyants – we have explored the possibility of activity the house.  The clairvoyant did pick up on paranormal activity, accurately describing both past events and persons that we did not at the time relate to – confirmed by a neighbour.  Since the clairvoyants vist, the touch lamps have still come on, pictures have moved.  We have had similar experiences in a previous house – again touch lamps, inexplicable odours, sounds of movment on the stairs and feeling of pressure on the bed as if someone had sat down.  There was no known history to that house to explain these events. 

None of these events have been scary, more intriguing.  We have read many explanations for the touch lamps coming on, vibration and drafts causing pictures to move etc – but can offer no explanation for a glass bead jumping out of a bowl on the table (the dog was the only other person in the house at time!) with enough force to chip the edge, leaving the slither of glass alongside the bowl.  The clairvoyant believed but could not explain why the previous owner did not want to leave his home, refusing to "go to the light" even when his parents and his deceased wife came to collect him.  We found afterwards that he was orphaned and did not know either of his parents – could this explain why he would not go with them?  We also found that he preferred his music to his wife – again explaining why he did not go with her. 

Is this the right forum to ask for advice?  Not sure, but our experiences do appear to be similar to others so at least we are not alone in seeking answers and support.  We have now purchased a new video and slr digital cameras, both with night vision capability, so maybe we may soon find our own answers.  We would appreciate any help or advice that others may be able to offer.

October 11, 2008

Chelsea @ 9:17 pm

If you don't see or feel anyone watching you, but you only get a naeseated dizzy kinda feeling, could that be a sign of something in the house or just a gas leak?  My boyfriend's best friend passed away in my house a year ago.  Actually I moved into his house in Sept, it has been empty a year now.  I don't feel him watching me or anything like that, I just get really pukey a lot when I'm home, is this normal?

October 13, 2008

Fei ying @ 5:51 pm

Hi, I've just had the pools of water on my work surface and on the kitchen floor but it appears that it's from nowhere!  I hope I find an explanation.  Also the other day, I closed the cupboard and turned around to get something.  I looked back, and it was open again.  The cupboard is so that its door is heavy—helping it stay closed—so it's strange that it came open.  What's with the water then???

October 17, 2008

TonyB @ 12:17 am

You say the previous occupant passed away?  Was his death in any way related to the property or with the same symptoms you now experience? 

Look for the obvious causes first – if there is a gas appliance it may be leaking and with no odour you wouldn't know.  Easy now to check for carbon monoxide with a detector, even the cheap ones give good results.  How about ventilation – again if there is a gas appliance you need to have vents, both as part of the appliance and within the room.  Check to see if these are in place and importantly clear.  Is it possible that fumes are coming for an adjacent property?  You say the house has been empty for a year – could there be any dampness around, maybe in the kitchen or bathroom from a leaking pipe.  Look around outside to see if there are any damp areas or anywhere that the soil is above the damp proof course, guttering loose or missing etc.  Dampness or mould could release air bourne spores that if inhaled would make you feel nauseous.  There could be less obvious sources as well – maybe an alergy to the carpet or furnishing material?

Do you feel the same in all rooms, at all times of the day and night?  Does anyone else feel the same?  Do some investigation to try to find the source and maybe there is an explicable reason?  If all that fails, then there may be another explanation to find.

October 26, 2008

Lewis @ 10:27 am

I moved to San Jose, Costa Rica a few years ago and my girlfriend's house was in a zone where there were always seances and psychic readings back in the 40 and 50's.  This seemed to be very popular back then.  Her Grandmother and mother both had a lot of experience with the ouija boards and the house was built on a cemetery which no one knew until years later.  There was one violent death in one of the bedrooms from 2 brothers shooting at each other and one died.  This was before the grandfather bought the house. Also another person who opened the front door to a knock from the outside was also shot and killed…The grandmother died in another part of the house a few years ago, and the rocking chair that she used moves from time to time.  Her sister who lives in 1/2 of the old house has on numerous occasions gone into the kitchen and was cooking and minutes later the room would become cold and she would see a man sitting at the table just looking at her.

I have experienced as well as the brother in law someone whispering in our ears but couldn't understand them.  Also when the parents lived in the house they seemed to bring a lot of bad karma, and there would always be violent things happening, like oranges being thrown into the walls, doors being shaken so violently that they thought the hinges would come off.  We have heard furniture being moved at all hours of the night coming from the sister's side of the house but when we asked the next day, nothing was touched and the sister never heard anything.  My daughter came down from the States and heard kids playing and talking.  We are always seeing fast moving things in the hallway.  I have seen a woman once bobbing up and down through another window and thought it was my girlfriend until I went into the room and realized that there was no one there. 

I would like to investigate further and am new to this so what would you suggest I buy to try and capture some of these things?  My girlfriend has flat out refused to touch the ouija board inside the house because she grew up there and has experienced things all her life and said the house has calmed down and not to stir up anything.  There have been many religious people come to bless this house and some who would not even step inside the door because they sensed evil.  The grandfather had a small church built upstairs only for the family use and we have seen things moving inside.  I would appreciate any advice from anyone on how to proceed.  I have never been frightened but I have had something poke me and this scared me, so for sure there are more than one entity in this property.  We have been locked in a washroom many times and now think the kids are playing practical jokes on us.  We have a pool table and have experienced the balls coming up out of the pocket spinning and going back down.  Also, on more than one occasion, we would be shooting and it was if a hand stopped the balls from entering the pockets so my girlfriend would always make replies to them and joke to keep me from being scared.  This stategy seemed to work.  I don't want to provoke anything, or anyone hence the ouiga board is out of the question.  Does anyone know of anyone who could come to this part of the world to investigate?  I have a lot of questions but don't know where to start, so this is my first time writing.  Thanks again for any help.

November 5, 2008

Elena @ 10:40 am

I think if you don't mess up with them they won't mess up with you.  I had never seen orbs in pictures until one of my sons took pictures in a cemetery.  They had plenty of orbs with different shapes.  Some were hiding behind stones.  A couple of days after that, I started seen orbs in every single picture I took at home and a lot of strange things started happening.  I didn't pray in a long time but after this, I started praying every night.  I can't never sleep through the night without a sense of feeling someone next to me.  Funny thing is, sometimes I think I see something and my and my baby turn our heads at the same time.  He sees it too.  I moved, and I believed they stayed in that place.  I haven't felt anything like I used to in the new place.  I think we should just leave them alone.

November 11, 2008

beck @ 10:01 pm

Hi, I'm still discovering my spiritual ability at the moment although I have been told by my mother, her friends, and friends of mine that I am very spiritual…if not more than the people I know.  From being a child I have experienced weird things from talking to playing with spirits…..since I've "grown up" however these experiences have faded….however, since recently turning eighteen I've experienced more…I occasionally feel immense pressure on my body like someone is crushing me…my friends have told me this is the spirit getting too close.  Apparantly I'm very open and the spirits are taking note of this.  However, when I've tried to "contact" spirits to the best of my knowledge there is no response….I've layed objects, drawn around them, and there's no movment, although I know there is something around me.  When I light candles for personal reasons however they constantly flicker although there's no movement in the room….am I simply imagining there's a presence around me, or is it true?

November 18, 2008

lucy quigg @ 11:29 pm

My grand children between the ages of 5 through 12 are and have been pushed down stairs, held to the floor and knocked over.  Usually without any memory of the event.  When you see this happen, you can tell by the movement it is happening to them, not by them.  I assume since it has happened in two diferent houses that something has attached itself to them individually.  How do I solve this?  Praying and three senstives telling them to leave has not had any effect.

Nana in Grand Haven

December 10, 2008

Ratherstayanonymous @ 5:37 pm

Well if you can solve this one, be my guest.  I've had a few encounters with crows, nothing special there, but the last time it came sitting on my shoulder and tried to feed me, also it stayed for about 2 hours when I went inside.  My friend lives in an old town where bunkers used to be, his boxes were unplugged but in the electricity, we heard some german voices.  We also had to leave the room once because we felt like we were being smothered, like the air closed in on us all together.  I also woke up during the night because something was tapping my pillow, turned on the light but nothing was there.  I hear voices right before I fall asleep, which keeps me awake till I fall asleep because I'm just way too tired.  Explain these to me, and I must ask you something else, which kinda creeps me out. (And people won't lay cards for me for some apparent reason) WHY?  Thank you in advance.

January 13, 2009

Helen @ 3:33 pm

Hey, my friend has lived in her terraced townhouse now for about eight months and nothing odd has ever happened until recently.  The house is about 100yrs old, she told me when she places jewellery on the side somewhere where she is adament she has left it.  When she goes back to get it, it's moved to obscure places such as on top of her wardrobe.  Also my sister was at her house the other night in the bathroom and she heard the back door open and shut downstairs.  When she went down to investigate, there were pools of water everywhere.  Is there anyway my friend can try to prevent this as it's starting to freak her out a little?


February 13, 2009

Jerry @ 5:19 am

Hi.  I don't know if these questions have been answered such as ratherstayanonymous and beck, among others, but I can tell you that you aren't crazy.  There are things we don't understand.  I have seen strange things my whole life.  I lived in Texas at the time, growing up and we were moving.  Late one night, me, my mom, my brother, my mom's friend and her two daughters were waiting out in our car, saying a long goodbye to our friends, and waiting for my dad to return.  He had to take the U-Haul to the nearby city we moved to and move our stuff and come back with a friend in the friend's car.  Well, I turned to look back and I saw a woman in a white gown that was flowing.  She was in the front yard of a home down from us and she was looking at a house across the street.  I could see through her, yet I could definitely see her.  I screamed to my mom and all to look.  We ALL saw her.  We were terrified. The lady never looked at us.  She floated across the street and into the home she was watching.  She didn't have any feet.  We were so afraid.  Well, my dad returned late, the reason why—they had broke down on the highway and had to start walking.  Just a few minutes into the walk, a man stopped and asked if they needed a ride.  They got to talking and it turns out to be a cousin of my dad!  We never knew we had any cousins anywhere near where we lived, since we didn't have any roots in the area.  Just strange!  But I have had so many strange things like that.

For instance, we were living in another home years later and my brother found a dog at a nearby abandoned farm.  He took him home and we adopted him for a short while.  I will explain why I mean a short while.  My dad made us keep the dog out in the backyard.  That night, we heard noises coming from the backyard.  My mom, my brother and me were the only ones home, we went to the window and cut on the back light.  We all saw a hand, just a hand, not connected to any body, trying to open the back fence gate, since it was shut.  The hand tried and tried to open the door.  We were afraid and after awhile, we turned the light out and huddled back into the living room.  Early morning came and we gained the courage to look out the window only to see the fence gate open!  The dog was gone.  Well, later that day the dog came back!  We let it in from the front door.  The next night, it happened once again! We then connected it to the dog, but this time the dog was still there.  My mom made my brother go around and see who owned the dog and a couple really wanted it and my brother gave it to them.  It never happened again!  Somehow, someone probably from that farm, owned that dog and passed away and wanted that dog back. 

There have been so many strange things happen, I could write a book, but just know strange things happen.  My whole family and friends see them so it isn't just one person seeing them.  The thing to remember though is most are not harmful.  I don't know why they are there, but they just are, and just be understanding of them.  I now just learn to live with them.  I know they are around me, but I think of them as people who are on the otherside.  Don't believe the movies about all the scary ghost stories.  Most I think just want either help, or are comfortable in your home, or with you.  If they are harming you, take control and stand up for yourself, just like you would if you were talking to a person—well you are!  Make friends with them.  If it really bothers you, tell them that.  Let the know and there is a good chance they will honor your requests.  If they are doing a lot of scary stuff, maybe they are trying to get your attention so ask them what they want.  See if you can help them.  Regardless, I wish all of you well on your home situations and know you aren't alone, literally!

March 10, 2009

hannah @ 10:04 am

Hi, I'm a bit confused as to what's going on so I was hoping you can help me.  I recently moved into a house with my 3 young daughters.  I didn't notice anything for the 1st few wks then 1 nite I fell asleep downstairs.  At this time, the tv was off but I was woken by it turning on.  This happened on different occasions and I just thought it's got to be a fault with the tv and didn't think anything else of it.  Then 1 nite I heard footsteps, sounded like 1 of the kids but when I went up they were fast asleep.  This happened on 2 different times, this is when I started to get a bit scared.  Then again at nitetime, a toy that sings when you press a button went off on its own.  It was in the kitchen, my nephew was stayin over and the door to the kitchen was shut and the girls were in bed. The next thing I find scary as my daughters are 3 and 4 so don't understand anything like this.  They were playin in the living room, I was in the back room when they came running in saying that they saw a bright light that was on the wall and had orange in the middle.  They were very scared as I couldn't explain this to them.  My eldest said that it was a rectangle, the house we live in is in England and dates from the 1890's so it has a past.  Do you think it's haunted or am I'm going nutts, plz help. 

March 15, 2009

Jennifer @ 12:09 am

Hi.  I was just wondering if you could give me your input on what I have been experiencing in my house.  I live in the basement of my house which actually isn't that old, probably only about ten years a little more, but I keep having strange occurances.  Several times over a month's time I would wake up in the morning to find that when I looked into the hallway there was a blurry figure standing in the corner.  And several times I went over there, but I could no longer see it but the wall was a little bit colder than the rest of the wall and hallway.  Also one time I woke up for no apparent reason in the morning, and saw an odd shaped "cloud" for lack of a better word hovering over my dog on my bed.  A few days after that, my stereo in my room turned on full blast at 12 AM sharp, but no alarm or anything was set on it.  However, I do have somewhat of a theory regarding the stereo and the figure in the hall. 

That year my great uncle had died in the hospital of a massive heart attack, and I had never gotten to meet him at all, and my grandma had always said that he loved to listen to music.  So possibly he was just checkin in on me because I haven't seen anything to this day now.  But the other weird things that have been happening are when I'm up late at night reading or doing homework alone.  My lamp will flicker a bit then back to normal, or my volume on my stereo or Ipod will randomly go up and down.  The only other possible thing that could be connected is that I live really near where an old mine used to be, and around 40 miners died down there when water flooded the tunnels, so it could be something from them.  What makes me suspect this even more is I have an old mining tool that I dug up in my grandma's backyard that is very old and rusty so likely was used in the mine where they died.  So perhaps I will donate it to the local history museum, and see if that will affect anything at all.  

Thanks in advance for any input!

March 26, 2009

marie harris @ 4:50 am

For many years we've had odd, unexplained happenings in our home.  I mostly ignore it, but I have 2 daughters, and it freaks them out.   In the past: things would fall from a seemingly stable area; at a party, a book "jumped" (her description) off a shelf and into my sister-in-law's arms.  Water turns on (happened once with a baby sitter, and she was pretty freaked out), electrical appliances have turned on randomly…you get the picture.

Last week my husband closed a door near our hutch, and shortly afterwards, we heard glass breaking…we thought he must have rattled the hutch, and broken something.  First of all, he didn't slam the door; he closed it normally.   Also we haven't placed anything new in the cabinet recently.  We found the source: a wine glass had broken, shattered.   The stem was intact with a ball of the base attached, and the rim fully intact, resting around the foot of the glass…just really odd, I think.   Then…tonight (notice, I'm writing at after 2am. I cannot sleep.)  Both my husband and I were awakened by a loud, abrupt "crack" on our bedroom window, just above our bed.   We live in the country, and my first thought was that somebody was outside playing games, or trying to get in.  Seconds later, our smoke detector battery begins beeping.  The inside, and outside dogs are sound asleep.  I CANT sleep.  I'm really confused.  I'm a Christian, but I can not deny that these things are odd.  Also, activity seems to come in waves.  We may have nothing for a year, then a couple of weeks of activity.  What gives here???  Should note: no orbs, smells, cold patches, water…just somewhat along the lines of what I've mentioned.

April 6, 2009

Debbie @ 5:29 am

I just love to read all about your research and stories.  I live in Queensland Australia and I don't know of anywhere near me that I could go on Ghost hunts, so I guess I will have to be happy with reading all about the experiences that all of you have had.  So keep em coming, I love it.  Thanks. Deb.

May 14, 2009

Zachary @ 9:10 pm

I don't usually do this but I'm just want to prove I'm not as crazy as the looks people give me when I tell them these things.

I have experienced a few things in my house for example, my grandfather died a few years ago just before Christmas, however he had already purchased us gifts. He got my sister an American girl doll and my other two sisters little stuffed bunnies that said the lord's prayer. So to get to the point, one night my older sister put the doll on her top shelf (relatively unacessible to everyone else) and placed the doll away from her because it creeped her out, so the next morning when she awoke the doll was facing right at her bed. In regards to the rabbits, they would repeatedly go off at close to midnight every night and the battery never ran out nor did they skip a night. Eventually my mother said, "Alright, that's enough.  Dad and the dolls didnt go off again, we checked the batteries but they still worked and we never had any problems like that again but recently I have experienced shadows and just a gripping fear in certain parts of the house. At times it has felt as though my bed was shaking and my mom felt a "kicking" sensation when my bedroom used to be hers and my bed happens to be in the exact same spot as hers used to be. Also my dog will never come up to the second story where my bedroom is. I was just curious as to what you think is going on.


May 21, 2009

Bonnie @ 9:07 pm

What do I do to get the videos to come in clear?

May 22, 2009

donna @ 2:49 pm

I'm about to move into a house that people say is haunted. I can't seem to find any news about the address if this is real or not however I have talked to someone close that has lived there and they say its pure evil and they moved out in the night. How do I find out if it is or not, before we leave to go live there? Or is there no way of knowing until we get there?

June 4, 2009

Stephanie @ 8:09 am

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I would just like a little help on something that I am experiencing in my home. In March of this year, my fiance, 5 kids, and I moved into a 4 bedroom apartment. When we moved in, everything was fine. The next month we took a trip to Beaumont, Texas to visit my mother and pick up some clothes that I had left there when we moved from there. Once back home, a few days later I noticed that my daughter's room was at least 85 degrees. As if there was a heater left on in her room. My daughter has started to get sick recently and my 2 oldest boys have come to me and said that they have seen a ghost girl in the closet. I tell them to ignore the ghost. Anyway the question I would like answered is What does a hot spot in a home means? I know that a cold spot means that a spirit is around, but what about a hot spot. Someone please help me to understand.

July 10, 2009

Vandana @ 5:30 am

Hi, my name is Vandana. I'm from India. My ambition is to do research in paranormal activity. I've just finished school. Could anyone please tell me what qualifications I would need?

July 26, 2009

Kathy Fugatt @ 8:17 pm

Looking for some advice from someone who knows about these things? A couple of years ago I moved into a creepy house built in 1993. So to think of it as being possibly haunted seemed ridiculous. However, everyone in the house experienced weird phenomena. Such as a bloody raw meat smell in the hallway occasionally. Unseen feet shuffling to and fro the house and alongside our bedsides while we tried to sleep. Often a dark shadow would dart across the rooms and seem to go into mirrors or walls. Doorknobs would wiggle. My daughter saw a strange apparition on the roof one evening of a creature crouching down. There was always an uneasy feeling and dread in the house. It felt like there was something always right behind you when you walked down the hallway. Please tell me what you think?

August 29, 2009

Kira @ 8:03 pm

Hi, the main part of this didn't actually happen to me but to a friend. There are some haunted railroad tracks here where I live. One day we decided to visit them. Legend has it a bus full of kids was killed there. It's said that if you put your car in neutral and stop 30 feet away from tracks, your car will roll, as if being pushed by the spirits of the children who died in the accident. Well we did that. Then we decided to get out of the car and venture down the tracks. It wasn't completely dark, but a little bit down the tracks, we say fog, and it was only in that area, when we walked into where the fog was, we all got headaches.One of my friends got one worse than the rest of us because she was wearing a cross around her neck.

Well my friend went back a few days later with some other people. She said when she started to walk down the tracks, she got all choked up and felt like she was going to start crying. Well eventually they left, and went to a graveyard, well just like out of a horror movie, their car died. The battery was drained, and it wouldn't start. While they were still at the train tracks, one of the other people got a voicemail on their phone….which sounded like a train coming down tracks, phone never rang or anything, and they didn't notice the message until they were stuck in the graveyard. Eventually they did manage to push the car out of the graveyard,and when they did, all the lights in the parking lot went out. Sounds crazy…..but what happened there!?

August 31, 2009

alicia @ 6:58 pm

hi, i was wondering if its possible for a ghost to warm an area? about 8 years ago i got into bed and it felt warm like someone had been sitting there and i hadnt felt it since just the other night i felt it again just in the spot where you sit on your bed before you get into it, was really bizare i keep trying to think of explanations but there really are none and we had no pets inside at the time. i dont feel scared by i feel quite comforted by it. is it possible or am i losing the plot haha

September 13, 2009

diana @ 3:53 pm

I live in a trailer and we have seen a little boy, and we have heard voices. I have a couple of recording right now..but can't understand what it is saying. I downloaded a evp recorder from online and I have a voice on it, but can't understand what it says, it just sounds really I know there is a little boy here, but a womans voice and a mans voice comes though. I will put this recording on my flip player and mail it to you if you would like to hear it. Maybe someone can tell me what it says. It use to bother me, but I have learned to ignore it in the front room, now they seem to be hanging out in my husbands room. Let me know if you want to hear it. I just can't seem to clear it up…I am really good at erasing things so i am afraid to do too much.

September 30, 2009

Marion Lucas @ 5:35 pm

My son and daughter-in-law recently moved to a house in Keswick, Ontario. She has always been a sound sleeper and for the first week or so was fine. Lately she has not slept well and things are happening in her home which seem to be directed at her and not my son. Glasses flying off surfaces and heavy footsteps when she is alone.One evening while they both watched TV half the screen went gray and a shadow passed over the gray area. Another time she saw a dark shadow sitting on her couch, my son did not see it. The most recent activity was her waking very early in the morning to see a dark shadow of a man leaning over her while she was in bed (my son was not with her at the time). She yelled at it "what do you want" and got no reply. What can she do? My son says he will not believe until he sees it for himself, even though he saw the TV incident.

October 5, 2009

Katy Smith @ 3:45 pm

i have never heard or felt anything, but i was at a friends house and we actually saw a spirit standing next to me while we were using the ouija board. it was the scariest thing ever and now i'm afraid to be alone because i think that there is something going to attack me. any advise?

Katy Smith @ 3:50 pm

kira. what was it like? that must have been terrible! i salute you kira@8:03 pm

Katy Smith @ 3:54 pm

continue to keep me posted on a bunch of spirit stories. it scares me out of my mind, but it is so cool hearing about other experiences! thnks. luv u lots!!

Katy Smith @ 3:59 pm

i think that you should get a priest to rid your house of those spirits Kathy Fugatt!

October 16, 2009

Rebecca @ 6:35 pm

I think I have a ghost in my house but the thing is my parents don't see her. It walks just around my house in the hallways and in my room and almost everywhere! And if I wanted to I wouldn't be able to catch her on video or any audio things because we have no equiptment! One day when I was in bed about to fall asleep I felt somebody sit on the foot of my bed and then somebody pull my hair. It might just be my imagination because I am only 9 but I don't think so. So if somebody can help me that would be great!

November 11, 2009

Marissa @ 1:48 pm

I'm 17 and I think my high school is haunted because one of our seniors that graduated last year captured a figure of a teenage boy on her phone. I tried to find some information on my high school but there was nothing and I know it has nothing to do with it being "new" because this school has been here since like 1925. So it's been here for a long time, but there isn't anything that isn't recent. And I know that there has to have been deaths at my high school because there is a memorial for a cheerleader that died and I know it has nothing to do with just her death because so many sports players have died just since I've been there. Most of them died in car accidents, so I want to think that this girl died during one of the games but I can't find anything on it. Why could this be?

December 20, 2009

Kirsty @ 5:24 pm

Hi, erm well I've been living with my parents for nearly eleven years this year in this house, and I have always felt the presence of something in my room. I named him Henry. He's never been violent or malevolent- I just know when he is around. However, a few months ago my friend and I STUPIDLY did a Ouija board, hoping to talk to 'Henry'. Something else reached us, and managed only to tell us they were not friendly. We immediately moved the glass to goodbye and turned the board over. Nothing happened for a long while. Last night, the same friend was sleeping over. I woke up suddenly with the most chilling notion/feeling that someone or something had just walked across my room. I quickly turned on my bedside lamp. My friend was startled and swore, I asked what the matter was and he said he had seen a shadow standing over my bed. The coincidence of us both waking and feeling a presence really scared us.

I know it is probably nothing, but I am quite concerned- as I said before, the someone I usually feel in my bedroom has never left me feeling terrified before. Any ideas?

January 2, 2010

jason @ 6:48 am

hey you guys, i worked new years night an hour overtime. I got home and the first thing i did was hang up my work shirt. bedroom door locked went to bed. next day before work my shirt is gone, just a hangar on the floor. i searched high and dry, washer dryer bed chairs everywhere. shirt is gone. I gotta buy a new one now. they cost over 50 bucks. let me tell you ghosts are real, theres no way anyone could have come in my room and taken the shirt. i was home alone the entire night/day. i just hope nothing else goes missing. so far everything else in the house is fine/not missing.

January 14, 2010

stephanie @ 3:42 am

there was a girl who died in my home town and we think that she's following us. Me and my mom have both seen her, she's appears to be wearing an old fashioned dress, so she must be very old! we have even moved houses and she has followed us there aswell. We dont think she is any harm as she only looks to be about 5 or 6 years old.. but we want her to leave us alone. what can we do?  also is there a reason why she would be following us when we don't even know her?

January 18, 2010

Mary @ 3:49 pm

I have been experiencing strange things since i was five when my family lived in Germany back in '83..things stopped after we moved. It wasn't until after I married my first husband (he was very abusive)is when things started back up again. I could hear music and a man singing..could never make out what was sung..dishes would fall out of the cabinets if i tried to ignore it..our ceiling fan was broke but times it would spin as if it was working. After my children and I left it stopped…now it's been about 6 years it has started up my children are starting to experience the same..such as music playing when there is no radio playing..loud noises in the kitchen when no one is in there..they have even woke me up because they had seen something or something has woke them up…sometimes I feel like someone sits on the bed next to me and touching my face…I had talked to my parents about mother informed me that I used to talk to someone when I was about 2..I would call him "boy" before my mother was pregnant with my brother I told her she was going to have a boy….I don't feel scared but my children feel frightened any ideas will be a big help!

January 25, 2010

Mandi Parks @ 9:01 pm

Hi, my name is mandi i have a quick question on some ackward things that have been goin on in my home. my mother recently been seeing a guy whos into satanic religion. well ever since hes been staying over on the weekends, during the week i walk in to find my house recked with one of my wooden chairs upside down in the middle of the living room with a pillow and a candle stick holder upside down stacked on the chair. also photos turned upside down and photos of mine broken with books thrown all over my home but the only pic that seems to always stay up is my mothers. i know this cant be a prank becuz only my mother and i have keys to the house and her boyfriend lives in a diffrent state,about an hour and a half from my house, i dont know if its just pranks or something weird. do you think this could be some kind of paranormal or diabolic activity going on in my home? please send me a response i have been having some rough nights! thank you

February 4, 2010

Charline @ 10:23 pm

me and my sis have something in our house! we are the only ones that see it though and were not crazy! once my little bro was walking up the stairs and saw a boy standin there, he thought it was my older bro but then it disappered!? we constantly here a little boy singing and light knocking on the walls, we here footsteps in the attic and we ask him questions. like once we asked him "knock one if you are with us" and we heard 1 knock. and "if you want to tell us your name, knock once, if not, twice". we heard 2 knocks. we take lots of pictures and in most of them have orbs and mists. we live in a newer house with no record of death in it or previousowners deaths… sometimes my sister asks him to manafest himself on my dsi and her ipod touch for good pictures, but usually i feel weak after she asks that… so please tell us what to do, we are just 2 really scared to sleep teens!!!=(

Roxeann @ 11:03 pm

My 2-year-old grandson woke up around midnight last night, from a nightmare and crying hysterically. My daughter tried to calm him down for over 2 hours and could not get him to settle down. She called her dad and I around 2:30 a.m. and when we didn't answer the phone, she took some blankets upstairs into the living room and made a bed for her and her son, where they fell asleep watching a cartoon. I called her back this morning to see if everything is okay with them and she told me what happened.

My daughter was telling me it was like Camden saw something or someone behind her and got out of her bed and pointing and crying hysterically. There is a motion light on an upper shelf between their clothes closet and the master bathroom off from the bedroom, that turns on and off without anyone being near it or walking by it. My daughter and her boyfriend have felt a presence or a sensation like someone is watching them when they are downstairs in their bedroom.

They are renting this house, which sits on the north side of town. The house, we think, was built in the 1970's. The owners of the house no longer live in the house, but with their son about 4 hours from here. As far as we know, no one has died in that house. The house did sit empty for 4 years after the couple moved to their son's home. One of my daughter's friends and his girlfriend moved into the home about 2 1/2 years ago and renovated it, before they moved out and to a different community for his job.

I have been in the house a few times, but with no sensations or feelings they have been having. I have always been sensitive to ghostly or paranormal feelings from when I was a child. Any suggestions what it might be?

They live in a split level home on the north side of town next door to the newest high school we have here.

February 8, 2010

bianca @ 5:19 pm

me and my boyfriend put up a baby crib this weekend, saturday to be exact. i started hearing noises that night but thought nothing of it. sunday morning 5am i got up to get water. i went to lay back down and a couple of minutes later i see a shadow of someone pass by in front of his crib. seconds later, things fell off my dresser right by his crib as well. could this activity be happening because i put up the crib? the house i currently live in was built from the ground up. no one has lived in it before. i am currently 5 months pregnant. where could it have come from? is it after my baby?

February 12, 2010

Mag English @ 3:37 am

Hi im mags. what your experience is is real. every day i feel presence around like yourself. i have asked them to move objects, they wont. but when im in bed the noises one night its funny really. they were messing with the toaster a few minutes ago. I felt a lot of presence. i put out my hands and asked them to touch them. my hands went really warm. it was nice.

February 15, 2010

Charline @ 1:00 am

Me & my sis were recording music on my dsi and in the recording is a really creepy manlike voice saying "gently"!!!! we dont know what to do. help us, or leave a comment starting with "dear Charline and Jessie" (jessie is my sis). help us we have started not sleeping in our own room!

February 27, 2010

beth @ 11:14 am

i was born with what i call a curse. i see and talk to the dead. i hate it.

March 1, 2010

linda @ 3:07 pm

Thank you 4 answering my letter. i read your sugestions and will follow it, and let you know my findings. i am so glad i finally have somone to ask these things to that could help. thank you so much …linda

March 17, 2010

vince @ 11:31 pm

did you ever figure out where the puddles are coming from? I am having the same thing going on.

March 28, 2010

kaelah @ 12:16 am

I am only 14 and I can always sense when someone is coming at me. when I'm in my room trying to go to sleep, at about 11 I always feel this denseness around me when I'm lying in my bed. I also hear like foot patting and it might sound crazy but I tell whatever it is to stop. then I hear like a whispering of a voice. it scares me SOO much that I know sleep with my door open so I feel like I am not trapped with this presence. BUT I still feel this horrible presense as I'm writing to you now..I am so scared..any advice

April 26, 2010

Lisa @ 6:50 pm

My husband has sensed a presence in our house over the years…shadow people, objects disappearing and reappearing later or in bizarre places…and my daughter' radio and lights have mysteriously turned on during the day while we are gone. I had not been witness to anything paranormal until yesterday. My husband left his personal audio recording device on his bathroom counter. He looked at it later and saw that there was one recording…he knew he had erased everything. He listened and heard an eerie voice and shared it with me. It was a man's voice saying something like 'bring on destruction' and then some wicked laughing and footsteps walking away. The recording lasts less than 30 seconds, and no one was in the bathroom all day to turn it on and off. We have emailed a local paranormal group to tell them what has happened and to ask if we should have an investigation. Our concern is that we will stir up more forces in the house…they seemed harmless, but now feel evil. My husband was doing lots of yard work this weekend and moving large rocks around the property. We had spoken to another ghost hunter group last summer about it, and that was their first question…if the earth had been tampered with and could the house be on burial ground. How would we find out if we are on burial ground, and what can we do to calm or get rid of the forces?

May 13, 2010

Mark Thornton @ 3:47 pm

My Grandaughter sees and talks to thin air. holds her hand up and tells her mom that she is holding Ben's hand and pretends to hug the him. She see several ghosts if you will all the time and talks to them.. She is three yrs old next month and was born in a dificult childbirth she got stuck in the birth canal and stopped breathing and no heartbeat for 8 min and again for 6 min. almost all of our family get togethers parties there are orbs in the pixs using difernet cameras makes no diference also diferent houses..the orbs are diferent sizes and mostly white but a few are pink and blue. This has been freaking out my daughter in law . She usualy plays with a little girl she calls La La. could be Lola I dunno.and she says La La hits her sometimes she get scared by these Ghosts and yells at them.. This has been going on now over a yr.. We don't know what to do..

May 14, 2010

amy @ 12:08 pm

hi i have been in my home for the past 10 years. i have seen people and heard things that actually are not there. i have 4 kids now and the house is just getting way too out of hand. all doors upstairs open and close. the light bulbs blow out as soon as i put them in or turn on the lamp but that only happens when i do it. but other family members have witnessed other stuff. me and my sister in law came down the steps on night about 330 am and i had a round circle of baby dolls on my living room floor. my husband came down one morning to all the closet doors open and just this morning when we woke up all my cooking knives spread out all over my kitchen counters. we hear screams and footsteps a childs laugh and our names being called. how do we figure out where and who this is coming from?

June 30, 2010

Lauri @ 1:59 pm

My mother-in-law died, unexpectantly, at home 3+ years ago. My father-in-law has a degenerative disease that requires 24 hour assistance. For the first year after her death, several of us, including my fa-in-law, had encounters with her "presence". Things then quieted down until a couple of weeks ago. My sis-in-law was awaken 2 nights in a row by the sounds of "footsteps" in the main rooms of the house which are right outside of the small, doorless, room the overnite care person sleeps in. One set of steps sounded like a child skipping. There were other noises heard during the day, an upstairs door slammed (the upstairs is no longer used and there were no windows opened to cause the door to close). This activity does not occur every day and has not been seen by everyone in the house. However, none of us are "scared or alarmed". Maybe that is because we feel it is probably "Mom" and therefore a loving spirit. Would it be advantagous for us to find someone to come to the house to get more knowledge, and how do we find such someone who is reputal?

July 3, 2010

Diane @2:22pm @ 2:36 pm

I lived in a 2nd floor apt many years ago. Family owned for many yrs. My aunt used to tell stories about items falling on the floor and hearing footsteps late at nite where I eventually moved in her apt after she died. It was the most fearful experience I ever had. I would be in bed and about 12am to 4am heard someone walking towards my room and felt this scary chilling presence in my room. someone would whisper my name in my ear and have this heavy breathing in my ear. I was so numb that I couldn't move to put a light on. This went on for many years. I felt that this spirit came out of my hallway closet.I still experience spirits around me at my new home. they are kind spirits, cause I'm not afraid anymore. Whatever i experienced at my old home was demonic. Has anyone ever experience such a horrible frightening encounter. I could write a book on this. I lived with that horror for many years. My sisters used to tease me about that until one of my sisters moved in downstairs. Now she is a believer. Thank God for that.


July 30, 2010

danielle @ 8:08 pm

For quite some time i have seen a dim, white cloud hovering at the foot of my bed every night. If i look directly at it, i can often see a blury outline of a person, with the whiteness of the mist seeming to radiate from his or her core, much like some photographs of ghosts. The cloud its self i cant tell the depth of. At times it seems only feet away, others it appears to be flat against the wall. For around the same period of time that the mist has been visable, i have felt the energy of my room and just beyond the door to feel very negitive and bararcade-like, in comparison with the rest of the house. What could be causing this? Could it have anything to do with the spirit residing in our previous house, which twice attacked me? Thanks again for the help.

August 7, 2010

Carol Lormand @ 12:26 am

Where to begin?…… My brother found out he had auto-immune hepatitis 11 years ago and didn't start presenting symptoms until about Jan-Feb of 2009. He is an OBGYN so continued to work with dibilitating back pain due to the Prednisone he had to take to try and prevent the eventual liver transplant that he would need. By July 2009 he started to have trouble concentrating and discovered he had to start on Lactulose to hold down the toxic effects of this process. It worked but the breaking back bones, pain and continual deterioration overcame him and he became less and less able to work in the fall of 2009 and horribly his wife and 2 children became less and less patient and tolerant and began to not take care of him as they could have and although they had the financial wherewithal, they did not hire help and admitted by him, he was kind of refusing to believe that the untilmate treatment, being the liver transplant was inevitable instead of something he was hoping the medicines would keep at bay, as some people DO successfully deal with this disease without becoming full blown until much later in life. He was only 53.

Unbelievable though it might sound his wife was threateing him with mental institutionalization, which would off put the liver transplant team as they insist on a spotless psychological history as there are many post operation requirements by the patient. Ultimately in Jan 2010, I and my mother had to literally go and rescue him from his home situatioin as he had escaped to a hotel. His wife was unfortunately able to drag him through mental hospitalization by swearing out a warrant (if you can imagine) and we had to wait for 5 days for him to be let out. We immediately made the 5 hour drive back to where we lived and he grew up and took care of him 24/7 for months. He was malnourished, as she was not feeding him or fixing him anything to eat as he was loosing coordination and strength. So we concentrated on nourishment apporpriate for his deisease and successfully established all of his specific medical needs here. By March, 11 he was becoming weaker and we had to hospitalize him and by the time I got him on the list for his transplant, he only lived for another 3 weeks and on April 7 2010, he died. My parents and me and my sister and our children, all of whom helped to take care of him, fully thought we were helping him reach his transplant, are devestated. In the meantime, he had tried several times to reach his children via text messaging which was a norm for them and had started proceedings for a divorce from his wifr. Unfortunately not one of them ever reached out to him and we walked the final mile with him.

Since his death, my parents house seemed to the first place of activity. My father, also a retired physician, had gifted my brother with a very special watch upon his graduation from med school and was one of the few possessions of his we have, went missing. A good 7 days later my mother found it on the front hall table 2 floors down from where it had been in my father's bedroom dresser, in a decorative stack of books that I never even knew was also a box. Then my brother's college ring went missing and we have never been able to locate that. Next my mother's new make-up ($70.00 worth) went missing from her pocketbook and resurfaced 3 weeks later in the back of my sisters son's car?? And no, he doesn't wear make-up. Lights went on and off when there was no storm or neighborhood electrical problems. My mother has felt brushes and tugs on her skirts and shirts, as if from a smaller child.And finally said to it "OK, I know you are here, that's enough" just in an effort to get a break from it.

My mother was also coming back from some where and saw a white dove in the driveway with blue eyes. And waited for it to waddle closer to the garage , so she could park in the drive-way and get out without harming it. She got out and the dove came closer to her and stared at her. She asked if the dove was from my brother and the bird cocked his head. She went in the house to get a camera and when she came back out the dove was walking down the drive-way away from the house and when it saw her come back out of the house it turned around and came back, very comfortable around people. She took a picture and went in the house and the dove waddled back down the drive-way and started walking up the road. When we got the picture developed the dove had an opaque white mist around it kind of encircling it. It actually gave us a feeling of comfort as the dove is associated with peace, freedom and the holy spirit in Christianity, which we are.

The activity kind of ceased at my mother's house and started at my sister's house, but this activity wasn't all innocent feeling and comforting. It started out with electrical stuff going on and off i.e. computers, radios, lights. Then one night while my sister was sleeping, something jolted the matress so hard she sat bolt upright on her bed and looked over at the dogs that always sleep with her to make sure they felt it too and they were sittong in an on guard position with big eyes. So, she knew she wasn't dreaming. She was so shocked that she was forcing herself to stay awake. After like and hour she was so exhausted she was starting to fall asleep and she heard this faint laughing. Another incident happened the night before my brother died, she was trying to turn over in her sleep and the sheets were being held so taut she coudn't move. She has had the sheets and blankets pulled down off of her also. This past week, the activity seems to have taken a decidely physical turn. I found scratches on her left rib cage and she could not explain from where they might have come. They were not like streaks like claw marks they were kind of bright red and over sized for scratches. The next day they were completely gone. She also takes lots of pictures and she looked up to the sky and the clouds were In a certain configuratioin and she saw a perfect dove in the negative space between the clouds. OK maybe a grieving family member looking for comfort.

She snapped the shot and reviewed it on her camera and when she went to see it again later that night it was gone. Then I was on the phone with her last night and while we were talking she heard a large bang. Well, she had already had that experience from her bedroom and went to check it out and of course nothing was there. This time she was completely awake and was on the phone with me and when she entered her bathroom from where the sound came and a shower caddy that had 2 suction cups on the back, fell. Well, no big deal it had fallen 1 other time in the 7 years she had it right? Sometimes stuff falls. But this didn't fall straight down into the tub, it dumped everything except 3 little items in the tub and then was catapulted across the bathroom about 6 feet away from the tub. If the stuff hadn't been in the tub then I guess it could have hit the outside railing of the tub and bounced, but everything in it was in the tub and the caddy was 6 feet away. Tonight I decided to go over myself and see if I could hear or see anything. Me , my 12 year old and my husband were not disappointed. My sister woke up this morning after having scrubbed the bathtub the night before with bleach to try and stave off mold, to a black, oderless goo around the outside perimeter of her drain. She took a white paper towel and shoved it down the drain to see of she could pull up some more black and nothing. My husband suggested that the bleach could have dissolved some of the drain apoxy and it could have seeped up into the bath tub. MAYBE? While we were there my sister was showing my husband the drain and the residual goo that was still there after my sister and her son had tried to clean it up. About 10 minutes later we were all in the living room and heard water, it sounded like one of the toilets starting to flush itself. My sister went into check on it and the hot water in the tub had been turned on to a pretty considerable blast.

That's the story so far. In additioin to our personal story I can tell you that her son who is 17, had in the last 3 months starting dating a girl, 16, whose parents have recently and as far as we know,unexplianed, moved apart to separate houses. In the mother's new house, both the new girlfriend and her younger brother have experienced a female spirit who they have actually given the name Sharon. They do know that the former tenants had a jealous girlfriend visit and a shot was fired in the house but noone died. So it had crossed our minds that maybe the new girlfriend had brought a new spirit into my sister's house as I know poltergeist occur most commonly among teens and this new girlfriend definately has reason to feel chaotic somewhat internally at this juncture in her life. FYI – we have never saught out the paranormal and have never experienced anything before now and don't really want to continue with these experiences but have to admit that at first it felt comforting becasue we thought it was our brother trying to tell us he was OK and out of pain and at peace. The recent occurences at my sister's house no longer feel innocent and mischievous. Any advice?

August 16, 2010

greg heritage @ 10:14 am

i live in a home where there is activity i have seen and photographed strange pictures in my home. in one instance i have rented my home and there was a previous owner who has died here, and have seen him or heard strange sounds coming from the room where he had passed away in. the other instance is i have seen a little girl dressed up in a white dress wearing a white bonnet, where this came from unknown. i had taken pictures of this and am wondering how to get rid of these.

greg heritage @ 10:18 am

i live in a home where there is activity how can i get rid of these, or are there any paranormal hunters who do this for free.

October 11, 2010

Priscilla Kelley @ 8:40 pm

My niece recently purchased an 85 year old house and has been restoring it before she moves in. She told me that she thinks she has a friendly ghost and laughted. She also told me that she also discovered that one of the rooms had been painted black and one had been bright orange plus occasionally will experience a very musty smell.

She had been listening to hip hop music, turned off and unplugged the radio before going to Lowes. Upon her return the station had been turned to classical. Another time was listening to Christian music, turned off the radio before going to the store, and when she returned the radio station had been changed. So far only radio station changes have been noticed.

Any comments as to what is going on here and any suggestions as to what we should do or look for before she moves into the house?

October 13, 2010

brenda n @ 12:11 pm

omgg my boyfriend always feels something on top of him right when he falls asleep. it almost happens every day. he even wakes up crying. i think it's a bad spirit cus he even choked him and pulled him from his legs. it sounds crazy but its real. last night he said he was asleep and he woke up all scared that someone was in back of him on top while he was sleeping and he woke me up. he said he couldnt do anything, or talk, nothing at all. he was asleep and he could feel someone just moving the blanket and choking him…what could it be? its always doing stuff to him. how could we get rid of it..

Courtney @ 1:37 pm


I am friends with a ghost crew, they are in the U.S. and they travel where they are needed. the leader is very helpful. me and her talk when she has time. hope this helps.


October 14, 2010

Courtney @ 10:20 am

Brenda N,

Hello, I have read your post and noticed that your boyfriend had been going through some crazy things, what is happening is if he feels like something is ontop of him and all he can do is move his eyes, and can move anything else and wakes up scared and is crying, he has been having sleep paralysis, which is a sign of demonic spirits being around, ive been through it alot, trust me it is not a fun thing, i went through it 7 times, and its not fun getting close to being dragged off your bed. As a friend told me, you need to put salt water around your bed and your bedroom door entrance, and have a small amount of light on him, demons do not like light and will not go near it, it worked for me, but if it doesn't work for him then try getting your house blessed, hang a picture of jesus above or on your door, as i also saw on a movie, a cross over a young girls bed, its always best to pray to god for help and demand the demonic spirits to leave your house. Hope this helps. If in need of help, email me and I can tell you of a group who can help you.


Courtney @ 10:25 am


It is just trying to tell her that it is there, now if it starts to harm her then she need to get a blessing or leave, only things i can think of right now. But keep an eye on what happens in the house. hope this helps.


Courtney @ 10:35 am

Mark Thornton,

Well as most would say she probably can see these people, and that maybe they are hurting he, you need to try and get a blessing or try to demand the spirits to leave, as my brother had told me, one prayer to make them leave is: "Our father in heaven, hollowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one." it worked for me because I too could see spirits, I still do, but thats because I work with my grandparents ghost tracking crew. So try everything you can to help her. Hope this helps.


December 21, 2010

Amanda S @ 7:53 am

I am having an awful amount of trouble with smoke detectors going off mainly around 3-4am. It mainly happens when I am alone. I moved into my apartment after my husband and I seperated and its in a bad part of town so I was extremely scared to live alone here with my 3 girls. After the first night I was at ease, Felt like I was home. I know that my smoke detectors are a little sensitive because I couldnt cook with out them going off so I look down the one closest to the kitchen. I have not had any problems with them while I cook anymore but in the middle of the night is another story. Last night it started at 3am the smoke alarms went off, by the time I grabbed a stool to reach it and stood up on it.. it stopped (which is great!) And that happens alot but it goes of 3 to 6 times in one hour. So by the time I got back in bed and pulled the cover over me.. it goes off again. So I sit up on the edge of the bed thinking I am just going to sit it out cause it will stop soon. It didnt.. so I grabbed the stool, stood up and reached for it.. it stopped before I touched it. So I sat on the bed a few mins to wait for it in case it went off again and nothing happened. Laid down, started pulling the blanket up and the alarm started again. So i waited and waited but it didnt stop.. same thing.. reached and it stopped. This happens anytime I DONT have someone staying the night.. every night. Sure this sounds like I just have bad timming right.But, every morning I am wide awake by 4 from dealing with it. I get up and come to the living room and nothing happens. It doesnt go off again even with me smoking in the house. But I would bet my bottom dollar that tonight when I go to bed I will be awake some where around 3am dealing with this again. IS there anyway that these smoke detectors are picking up on something else causing this to happen ALL THE TIME? I know that I have seen things here but i just feel so comfy that I cant say that I did and take action on it. I know, probably sounds like bs but its true.

Peggy R. @ 4:41 pm

I had a spirit in my house when I bought it and it was ok. She kind of mothered me and did not threaten me. When my mother inlaw died she came here and she was a threat. She eventually made my poodle slip a disc and eventually had to be put down. That dog was so afraid he would stand on my chest and I could see his breath and he would drool because he was so afraid. I smudged my home with sage four times saying anything that is not of god must leave my home and never return. After the fourth time, no spirits in here. All clean. It does work and so does the holy water. The child is probably lonely and means no harm but they have to go if you tell them.

December 31, 2010

Alecia M. @ 4:02 pm

I'm having a hard time in my home. I'm 15 and we moved here two years ago. When we first moved in I had a hard time sleeping and was very troubled and anxious(which was not me before the move) I'd snap at everyone and want to spend literally all my time alone. I'd see shadows and cry and whine over nothing… I'd have black outs and migraines! Nightmares that showed me images of children and a dark shadow man. I had every test imaginable performed on me for brain tumors and seizures, they found nothing.

My mom told me a story of how when i was little she'd find me talking to people in the middle of the night… But, of course no one would be there. and now in the house I find myself mumbling words I don't understand and crying for someone I don't have a clue who he is.

I saw the apparition of a little boy a couple of weeks ago in the small wooded area behind my house, He threw a ball to me. and now my parents hear little footsteps running around the house and i feel someone standing at the end of my bed and i say hello. its driving me insane because my mom will not believe what I'm trying to tell her! My dad lived in a haunted house, so he just wants to get to the bottom of it too. I just don't know what I can do.

January 6, 2011

ABE @ 1:04 am

I'm just writing this for posterity. So I can come back in a few months when I've moved out of this freaky house share & shudder from a place of safety. I have always been sensitive. My late Grandmother had psychic gifts, but couldn't handle them and instead scoffed at her own abilities. Highly intelligent and was stubbornly atheistic in spite of evidence of spiritual realm.

I moved into a large bedroom here in a turn of the century house in columbia heights in washington d.c. I happened to find the place and settle on it on October 31st 2010. I've only been here for a bit but I'm already drained. After having a few spine tingling feelings of being 'watched' , of cold spots, things moving out of place, light footsteps on stairs when no one was there, I was starting to get spooked.

But I comforted myself that this is just an old house that lends itself to such a creaky old vibe…And the interior decorations by the landlord's manager don't help either. Relics from shamans and 'energy-filled' objects from out in the southwest. Weird stuff started happening… Power kept going on in one portion of house. Called electric company several times, no clue what was wrong. A handyman came out and couldn't figure out why it keeps shutting off in just one area. The fireplace flue closed by itself and house filled with smoke.

Just when I had comforted myself that the strange atmosphere was my imagination and my disquiet is just from settling into new place; my roommate told me the landlord's manager who also has a room here thinks th ehouse has GHOSTS. Oh goodness. And she has managed this place for over 10 years. Fast forward and I found out things are not kosher in the way this house is being run. Its belonged to one family for 100 years, but they have nothing to do with it. Basically slumlords…

Looking up info on the house, I discovered that the original owner died in the house. I confronted the landlord's manager over weird things I found out about the house and how she is running it. She literally became possessed with anger and rage and flew at me. Scream expletives and accused me of trying to ruin her peaceful home.

It was very scary.
She shouted I am not meant to be here.
I replied that I agree.

But she won't let me out of my lease.
I'm letting anyone I show it to know that some believe it haunted, it they want to sublease it from me , then so be it.

I haven't a had a good sleep since I moved here.
Time to move ASAP !

January 11, 2011

Annie @ 9:12 pm

We have been living in our current home for 7 years now without any unusual activity, but just recently we have begun to hear disembodied voices. "We" is my family; my husband and myself and two teenaged children, a boy age 17 years and a daughter age 19 years old.

Our house was built in 1981, so it isn't old and the previous owners are all still living. No one has died in the place. As for the land that it stands on, I doubt very much that there were any significant historical occurrences here. It's rural and quite frankly in the middle of a marshy low area. They had to bring in a significant amount of fill just in order to build.

Back in October of 2010 during the early morning hours, I got up out of bed to use the ensuite bathroom. I remember checking the time because I had to get up early for work but the clock only displayed 4:26 am. So, fully awake and sitting on the john I heard a clear, loud and distinct voice simply state "Mommy". The voice was of a young child, perhaps around the age of 10 years old, but what was really amazing to me was that it had a distinctly American accent as in "Mawh-mmy". It has been some years since my children called me Mommy but when they did, they used the British pronunciation of "Mummy". The inflection to the voice was flat, like a simple statement; it wasn't raised as in a question or as a calling out. That was odd too.

The voice sounded as if it was right in the room with me and I reached out my hand to draw back the shower curtain and of course, there was no one there. Next I checked out the bathroom window onto the roof. With the weather turning cooler, we had begun to close our windows at night but I knew that the voice would have been muffled if it had originated from outside. My eyes were well adjusted to the low light and not only was there no one out there, I didn't hear the sound of anyone scrambling away across the rough shingles of the roof.

When I returned to the bedroom, my husband was peacefully sleeping on his side of the bed. I tiptoed into the hallway and saw that my children's bedroom doors were both shut. When I peeked into each room I discovered them to be in bed and, by all reasonable appearances, fast asleep.

More curious than anything at this point, I went downstairs and out the patio door onto the deck thinking that perhaps someone was out in the backyard. There just had to be a logical reason for this. I was convinced that I might catch someone running away across the lawn, but there was neither man nor beast out there.

With nothing left to check, I returned to bed and back to sleep. The next day at the dinner table I told my family what I had experienced the night before. There was considerable doubt in their eyes. My husband even snickered to the children that I had been watching too many Ghost Hunters episodes on TV. Never-the-less, I know what I had heard and am thoroughly convinced that it was real and not imagined.

I forgot all about the voice until early January 2011. My son came to me and told me that during Christmas vacation he had been using my ensuite bathroom around 5:00 pm one evening and had heard a voice saying "Mommy". He had then been called to come downstairs to help out with something and had gotten sidetracked, explaining why he had not told us about his experience when it had happened. When I heard his story, I went to my husband and told him what our son had experienced and reminded him of my own similar experience. Again he dismissed my claim as "crazy" and our son as being a "parrot".

The very next morning, my husband came to me visible shaken. He told me he had just come from our bathroom. As he was sitting there he felt a sudden chill wash over him which sent goosebumps from his head all the way to the tips of his toes. It was then that he remembered that a few months previously he had been in the bathroom and heard what he thought was our daughter calling to him from just outside the bathroom door. He thought this because the voice was so loud and clear that she had to be quite close. He hurriedly finished up and on opening the door realized there was no one there, no one on the upper level of the house and our daughter was not even at home, but at her part time job at the mall.

Well, now he is a believer and I must admit, it's going to take me some time before I can completely relax in that bathroom. I'm trying to think of how I should respond to the "voice" if I ever hear it again.

What do you think?


January 22, 2011

Debbie @ 11:00 pm

The house I grew up in was built back in the 1960's. My sister's and I lived there until we left and got married. My father passed away in 1987 at the house. My sister came to live with my mother until she passed away in 2007. We are now trying to settle things up with all the items in the house. My sister and I stopped by to take pictures of the house inside and out to get an idea of what work was needed to be done before selling the house. Well…when I went to look at all the pictures… there were orbs in every picture and reflections of people in the windows of some of the pictures. One even looks like my mother and father looking in at us as we took pictures.

We had 2 cameras and took the same pictures of everything. We just recently took a 6 minute video of the basement reckroom and went back and looked at it frame by frame and you can see orbs moving and images of faces on the ceiling. I am amazed by this. My father died of a massive heart attack in the basement of our home. A few hours before my father passed away he asked my mother," why were all these people in the house here?" My mother didn't know what he was talking about. The images of different people from backgrounds of the 18, 19 and 20th century. Absolutly amazing!! Now I am going to capture a snapshot of each frame of that video so people don't think that I am nuts.

February 10, 2011

Angela @ 10:24 pm

My pap is a spirit now, I think so. :)

February 18, 2011

Hope @ 8:40 pm

I think something is going on in my house because I keep hearing sounds from the basement and one day i walked out in the kitchen and the basement door opened and this freaks me out because my house was built in 1940 and i want to know if someone knows what is going on in my house?

February 19, 2011

Charlie @ 9:18 pm

I was wondering if there are any "Ghost Hunters" in Southern Oklahoma. I live by Lake Texoma and would love to find a grop to work with.

February 27, 2011

Penny @ 4:49 pm

Hello! I am hoping you can help to set me on the right track about the possibility of paranormal activity that may be attached to my husband. Within the past year on two occasions, in two different locations, he has woke up to unexplained water phenomena. The first time, I was away, and my dog was killed by another dog. He woke to find that one of his boots was drenched, about halfway up the shaft of the boot on the inside. There was a line of demarcation showing where the water went to, but the surrounding area was bone dry. There was no evidence that water had been poured in or out of the boot, and when he squeezed the water out of the insole, it was clear and odorless. I jokingly told him that it had been filled with my tears from the distance as I mourned the loss of my beloved pet. Now, I am not laughing…

We were planning on a new home purchase at that time, and have since moved. This morning, he woke to find that water was standing on top of his nightstand, as if there was a shallow lip around it to hold water in place. His cigarettes were there and drenched, and his clock radio and lamp were standing in the water, but the tops were all dry, and there was no water anywhere else- not on floors or cords- or anywhere. We had a recent flood after pipes burst in the attic after a freeze, but the house is dried out and under renovation. the ceiling over the bedroom and nightstand was dry, and there was no water in bottles or glasses anywhere in the room. Could something paranormal be happening here?

Thanks for your time and consideration.

March 8, 2011

shae @ 9:23 pm

i have been living in an apartment for a yr and a half now.. about 6 months into living in my second floor apt we woke up to the sound of water.. we got out of bed around 3~330 am to find our pantry cuboard pouring out water. we have 2 sets of cuboards in the pantry.. top ones we never have opened or placed anything in because it is too high.. i grabbed a bucket and put i under where the water was falling on our counter there had to have been almost a gallon of water on the counter and floor.. my boyfriend joe opened the cubaord and felt inside to see how much water had collected to find that is was bone dry! there was no water mark on the ceiling or cuboard of which is was coming from..

as soon as i placed the bucket it had stopped and never returned.. with no explanation.. mysterious i think.. but now since then we have random water spot in the middle of our kitchen floor by the pantry with no explanation.. thought it was the fridge so we put towel s around it.. every morning we get up there is a new puddle of water on our floor.. there is no water stains on our dropped ceilings. no reason to why or where the water comes from. since i have moved here i had always felt a prescence of evil by my pantry. i get the chills since the first night here. the water spots continue to show up and th eevil still stands around the kitchen pantry area. are spirits known for leaving random water spots?

i have always had a what u call a sixth sense for spirits. as a little girl i saw a man. a little boy in early 1900's clothing and felt a dog breathing on my neck.. somthing has always follwed my father where ever we went as a child. in an apt i once lived in, i could not go into or near the pantry/kitchen. i have always felt a prescence of evil.. i could tell bad from good. that little boy i saw did not scare me i waved and he waved back.. in that apt when i was little that had the kitchen/pantry i could not go in bad things happened there. there was a man in a dark black cloak with a hat pulled down over his eyes it would move quickly and disapear into my fathers room. i could feel "it" behind me while in the kitchen.. one night my father was elevated a foot off the bed choking till his g/f screamed and he dropped and stayed sleepin till she woke him crying.. i dont understand this feeling i get in my pantry or why i would have these water spots.. does anyone have any ideas ?

Angela @ 9:58PM @ 10:06 pm


I'm writing this in complete concern. My cousin is in the hospital and his mother is there with him. They had asked me to go over to the house and take care of the cats. Of course, i said yes and have been going over since Thursday. On Sunday I was scooping the cat litter and noticed the cats behaving strange. I herd a loud band coming from upstairs and i was the only one in the house at the time. The cats were all downstairs. I walked up about half the steps and said hello and i had gotten no responce. Then today my friend Rebecca and I were at the house in the basement doing laundry and had a strange feeling of being watched. Then I was in the kitchen and I heard a young girls voice very clearly say my name. I turned around and asked my friend rebecca if she had heard it too, and she did not. We then made sure all the lights were off and doors were locked and left.

I looked back at the house from the alley on my way home and i saw a red light go slowly across the window with a white light in the background. Rebecca wasn't looking at the house to experience this. I was in my yard and looked over at the window and I saw a oval face looking object bobbing. I saw a smile all of a sudden and the lights dimmed. I'm asking for your opinion on my situation. My parents don't seem to believe me and i'm scared that it will follow me home…

Thank you

March 27, 2011

erica @ 1:05 pm

that sounds scary, hope it gets better. good luck!

March 28, 2011

Josh @ 6:25 pm

Hi, so Im at a loss for words right now but I"ll do my best and hope somone can give me some advice. Also Im sorry im horrible with spelling so please bear with me. My older brother Died in his home this passed July from mixing drugs with beer. He was the first person to own the home. I ended up moving in in september, for cause I felt it would be a way to say goodbye to him and wish him a safe journey and a way to save so money. We were never really close the whole lil brother trying to tag along with big bro and his friends. With in a week I started to here creaks and the banging of cabinet doors and sounds from the kitchenwhen I would go to bed, and at the time a friend who lived here with him before My brother died lent me a cell phone while I was getting on my feet again, the phone had an alarm my brother hated.

One night I left it in the kitchen and the alarm and phone were turned off and around 3 in the morning the alarm of a roster started going off in the kitchen. I coulda sworn I pulled the battery out but I may be wrong and went back to bed within 45 mins it went off again. As the months passed by I started to have dreams off my brother comming home from work ( he was a fire fighter for sac califonia before he passed ). and the sounds in the kitchen became routine. Well within the last 5 weeks my kitty refuses to come out of the bedroom where my brother was found and when he does its only if Im there and he walks like hes being followed and has become very skidish after dark.

Im becoming worried because hes not eating as much and is just staying in the closet sleeping on a pile of my brothers old clothes. I could care less if its my brother messing with me but I feel horrible for my cat Ive taken him to the vet and besides being under weight the Vet said he was fine. In the last 2 weeks Ive been getting chills and hot flashes in the kitchen and living room, and seeing shadows move off to the side where Im looking. If anyone could give me some advice? Im not sure if its in my mind but since my cat has started to act up Im thinking its somthing else. Im wondering if I should have the house blessed or what. any feedback would be great.

March 29, 2011

kathy @ 1:31 pm

Recently I have been working as a caregiver in an apartment. One night I was lying down on a bed resting and the light in the fan overhead turned on. I got up and shut it off using the control on the wall. A few hours later I went to the bathroom — I dropped something on the tile floor – it made a loud noise. A few seconds later the light in the bathroom went out. I thought the lights in the entire house went out but it was only the light in the bathroom. It came on again after a few minutes. I returned to the bedroom and laid down again and after awhile the fan overhead turned on. Again I got up and shut it off. Nothing else happened after that during that night. I mentioned this to another one of the caregivers and she said yes, this had been going on for some time in that apartment.

Well, the real problem is that this last weekend I worked again. I arrived home Monday morning to my house. I slept for awhile and then went out for awhile and when I returned the fan in my bedroom was on. I did not turn it on! The next day — today — I went home for lunch and the light in the dining room was on. Again I had not turned this light on. How is it possible that this activity was going on in the apartment where I was working and now it's going on in my house? Has anyone ever heard of anything like this and what should I do about it? I don't want these things happening in my house.

April 1, 2011

jessica kallmbah @ 11:43 am

Hey Michelle its Jessica I was wondering what to do about one of my friends. I think that her house is haunted but I'm not sure. The last time I was there I was choked and she was to. I am scared and worried that she will get hurt and or worse killed. The reason why I was there was to help her with this ghost problem but I think it got worse over there. Why do I think it got worse is because a week or two after I saw scrachs on her stomace, her sides, and her back. I dont know wat to do about it. Her mom tried to call Taps but they did not come out to see was going on. I hope to hear back from you thanks Michelle bye.

April 2, 2011

Jim @ 7:09 am

Wow…I came across this site after some things have been going on in my home. It's a new home, so there is no "history" of anyone living in the home before me. I live alone, and have been here for only four years.

A little over a year ago, while sleeping, in the middle of the night, I could feel an indention in the mattress, right behind me, as if someone had climbed into the bed. It woke me up, but I was honestly too afraid to turn around and look. Whatever it was basically "spooned" me in the middle of the night.

Several other things. I'm a bit of a neat freak, and keep a Germ sanitizer next to the sink in my laundry room. On two occasions, the germ sanitizer was turned around The pump nozzle turned toward the wall, and not facing forward, as it always is.

And lastly, in my living room, I have a ceiling fan with lights. Twice before when I had been out, I came home to find the light on. I just shut it off. But this last time, I actually (half joking….half scared) scolded the entity to not put the lights on when I was away, since I had to pay the bill for the electric. As I approached the switch, to turn the light off, my finger was about six inches from the switch, and the light was turned off.

Well….that's it. If there is "something", how do I find out what it wants, or who it is, or is it just playing games?

April 4, 2011

Crystal @ 12:55 pm

I need some advice. I don't know much about paranormal activity. What I do know is that the first thing you should do is investigate you house/property. I have done this, and nothing strange has ever happened where I live. I also know the previous owners, and they say nothing strange has ever happened to them while living here. My boyfriend and I moved into this house in Oct 2006. My dad helped us do some handy work, and was building a house acrossed the street from us for my mom and him. Everything was normal when we first moved in. My bf worked 3rd shift, so I was home almost every night by myself, nothing strange ever happened. In April 2007 my maternal grandma died on the 23, and my dad died on the 24, 32 hours apart.

That is when strange things started to happen. My dad and I had done some work on my bedroom closet, and when I would go to bed I see him standing there. I have also woken up because I felt someone watching me, and would see my dad standing over me. This is not every night, but a lot. Our ceiling fans will turn on and off by themselves. Since my dads passing every single picture taken in my house has orb(s) in them. Several different cameras have been used. I have used my camera at other peoples houses, but no orbs, only at my house. I was making iced tea in my coffee pot one night, it was too hot to put in the fridge right away so I left it out on the counter figuring that my bf would put it away because he gets up several times in the middle of the night. The next morning when I got up I told my bf thanks for putting the tea away. He said I didn't even know you had made tea, but it was in the fridge.

Everytime I talk about my dad in this house I get a cold chill. I think the strangest thing that has ever happened was when a friend of mines girls came over. My bf and I had bought and watched the movie wrong turn 2, and the girls wanted to watch it. I told them I didn't think it was approiate for them to see. But they begged and pleaded because they had seen the first one. My bf finally said let them watch it. There is a very gruesome scene in it that I didn't think the girls should see, and I told my bf this, about 2 seconds before the scene came on my tv, vcr, and dvd players all shut off. I turned everything back on, and went to that scene, and once again everything shut off. In total we tried 6 times to play that scene, finally I skipped the scene and the movie played just fine. After the girls left I put the dvd back in, and it played the whole movie all the way through no problems.

Can this be my dad, or am I just so upset over his passing that I imagine some of this stuff? I say some of it, because my bf has experienced some of it too. There is a lot more stuff that has happened, seeing shadows of people, doors opening and closing, etc. Can anyone offer any advice on what I should do? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

April 8, 2011

sharon @ 1:06 pm

You confront what or whoever it is, and tell it or them it is YOUR house now and they need to move on…

sharon @ 1:10 pm

Be glad he's watching over you. My sister recently passed and she looks over me all the time. It's a GOOD thing, honey. Your dad is letting you know he's still around.

April 9, 2011

Crystal @ 8:42 am

Thanks for the advice Sharon. I guess it kinda scares me because doesn't it mean that my Dad hasn't moved on if he is still there? I mean don't get me wrong it is also comforting to know he's here, I have never been afraid of him, but I am worried about him not moving on. Thanks again for the advice.

April 19, 2011

debbie @ 4:25 pm

what does ozone smell like? I'm just wondering. i have someone that has passed in my home. i know because ive seen him more than once but what i want to know is, is that is him thats setting off my motion detector at the top of my stairs? none of my other ones do it, just that one goes off when theres no movement and no physical or logical reason why its gone off. ive had sumone come out and check all of them especially that one and they've said theres nothing wrong with any of them????

April 21, 2011

anne @ 9:10 am

try putting baby powder down on the floor in that area

April 30, 2011

felipe santana @ 3:54 am

Hello! i do live in a hunted house. what do i need to do to kick out these dead people from my house? can you please help me out, i really need some help please.

May 18, 2011

Kelsie @ 6:57 pm

I have had alot of weird things going on in the girls' bathroom in my school. Trying to figure out what caused it. I think it is paranormal.

Kelsie @ 6:59 pm

Felipe santana just call a ghost hunting team like TAPS. Find one in your area where you live :] I am trying to figure out how to start my own team. Advice????

May 19, 2011

Lisa @ 7:14 am

My 13 year old daughter has been telling me things that have happened to her recently (I've had my own experiences with ghosts so I'm taking her seriously). On a couple of occasions recently while she was sleeping, she woke up feeling like someone was tapping her on her shoulder. The other night, she said she saw a shadow moving around the corner of the room and a bunch of black dots came out of it that started hovering in the corner. She turned on the light and eventually they disappeared. Yesterday, I went into her room and looked up in the corner she was talking about. There was a liquid resembling water on the ceiling in different spots in that area. I wiped it off and it didn't come back. Would this be common if there's a spirit present?

May 22, 2011

Dawn @ 11:14 am

I would have your home blessed or why dont you try telling him to go to the light that it is ok. maybe you and him have some unfinished things from your life togehther that need to be said or done. talk to him. it was your brother and ask what he whats. but have a recorder so you can get anything he has to say. I hope this helps, good luck.

May 23, 2011

barbara @ 5:58 pm

Okay, I am scared for my daughter. I have never seen anything like this before. She took a picture of herself but when she looked at it there was something else in the picture. It was attached to the side of her face it was a dark form with yellow eyes. No pupils. It appeared to be a few inches long. I have absolutely no clue as to what this thing was.Very scary..Anyone ever hear of such a thing?
Thank you!

May 25, 2011

Hollie @ 10:43 am

Hi, i moved into a house a few months ago and have had quite a few strange occurrences….first of all ever since we moved in every single day there is a puddle in the middle of the kitchen floor with absolutely no source whatsoever and sometimes i accidentally step in it before i see it but i always clean it up but there it is again the next day – then recently both my boyfriend and my car were gone into and nothing was taken except one thing out of my car but it was of no importance, a cheap radio tuner and his backpack had been dragged out of the car and papers scattered everywhere but nothing taken, also both our middle consoles in our car are broken off their hinges and both were propped open like whoever had put effort into showing us.

they were there- my car and one of my friends car is often sitting in my driveway and the car alarms will go off for no reason even tho there is no one outside. then last night we locked all the doors and the windows were shut but this morning when i woke up my cat is missing. I have looked literally everywhere and she is gone. also our front porch light was off and this morning it was on unexplainably and our bedroom door which had been shut was wide open.

The thing about the bedroom door is the fact that it won't latch because it sticks on the floor before it will close all the way and once it's stuck it takes a lot of effort and is very noisy to open,but no one heard anything and my boyfriend, my friend and i all slept thru the night no one woke up until our alarms went off the next morning. Can you please help me? I'm especially worried about my cat….

May 28, 2011

Amore @ 7:55 pm

Has anyone else noticed that Michelle has not replied to any posts in a while? I haven't received any emails from her either. I sure hope all is well with her. Does anyone know what's going on?

June 1, 2011

colleen fields @ 4:52 pm

i live at 2449 kilarney. my daughter, son, daughter in law, and my grand daughter all feel like they're being watched. and they always record these weird orbs, all white, floating around the room with lights on and every thing. and dark figures walking around the house and weird scraches all on their body. and my dog sits and barks at the wall and growls then whimpers and nothing is there. what could cause this?

June 4, 2011

Nyoka Barnes @ 9:27 am

Me, my son, daughter, my daughters 2 yr old son and her fiance and my sons girlfriend moved into an old house a few months ago. we found out the house was built in the early 1920s and was the 1st house on the block built. Most of them have been seeing things like my son age 29 was in the shower and put his face up to the glass shower door and saw white skin up against the glass shower door as if it was looking at him. he hurried up and got out bc it scared him.

My 2 yr old doesnt like to go upstairs and go to bed my himself. he says its dark and theres another room by his with a door which we call it the attic. he looks at it and cries sometimes or hes scared, and a few of the ones living here has seen a dark shadow of someone at the top of the stairs when they are standing at the bottom, and they say its a dark black shadow. my son hears what sounds like someone running up and down the stairs then it will stop all of a sudden.

Then my son was sitting on his bed upstairs and watching his doorknob turn back and forth and when he rushed to open the door noone was there. He done that a few times and the same thing happened. My son also said when he was standing by the babys bed he heard someone breathing heavy but it wasnt the baby(the 2 yr old). But with all this going on, how come I dont hear or see anything and Im the oldest. Im 48 and I saw a ghost figure in march of 1984 in like a long white gown after my grandmother passed away but havent seen it since. Does it sound like we have a lot of paranormal activity going on here and should be worried? my son has his 2 boys here also they just go to thier moms every other weekend. But its weird that I havent seen or heard anything. Why? They all tell me thier stories, what they see or hear, and I listen.

June 6, 2011

sara @ 5:49 pm

i have done a few investigations, and i never hear sounds or voices, like the clients do. just emf readings . i feel them and know they are there.

Sara @ 5:59 pm

There is a reason its in that house and not yours, its not after you, but knows you. for you are family with the house owner. you could talk to who lives there about.

Sara @ 6:01 pm

Michelle has not been on here for some time.

June 13, 2011

hardeep singh @ 5:35 am

there is a ghost or a number of ghost are present in my house younger brother use to see the ghost of a small girl without head….and my grandma use to see a figure like in a cloud shape walking in and out of the room ……help me if u can ……….am from india { punjab }… me……

Sara @ 11:08 pm

My husband and I lived in the Forest Pointe apartment complex in Norman and recently moved out in. In a hurry! My oldest daughter was into satanism and the occult – and her ouija board occasionally makes weird and we truly believe it is haunted due to multiple paranormal activities that began happening in May, 2011.

June 16, 2011

muna @ 7:03 pm

I've seen fully a shadow of a woman with white dress covered in blood with dark long hair and long claws. I'm not kidding at all and all she does is stare at me. I have no idea what she wants from me. Now I know that there's more evil spirits in our home, how I know that? also one day I was calling my son's name at least 5 times and he didn't look back or reply till the 6th time. I went close to him and he was shocked because when I was calling him, he was too busy staring up the wall — back and forth as if someone was crawling and playing with him or distracting him. Something similar happened to my daughter but this time she was reaching up to whatever was there and I know something was there for sure.

There was another day my daughter was in our room and she asked me to go and get her something to drink. while I was in the kitchen, she saw a man and he turned up the music from the ipod but the ipod was not on. only she was in the room and when I came in the room she was crying hard and she said, "mommy he turned on the music and it's too loud" and I calmed her down and said "no one is there." but there was someone there cause when I went close to the ipod, she said, "he is gone, mom. the man is gone." very strange but I believe my kids and husband more than anything in the world.

My gut feeling is always right and I make sure anyways. That's not all. At night some of the lights have turned on, especially when it's just me. when my family is with me I feel kinda safe. at night I hear someone scratching in the walls and someone knocking on the walls. sometimes it's too loud and my ears hurt me and the funny thing is only I can hear it. I know I'm not crazy so if anybody can help that would be great. thanks.

July 24, 2011

Stacy @ 5:58 am

Hello, I was just wanting to get some information. On two separate occasions, the house I live in has had water puddles appearing from literally nowhere I could see. The first occasion was also a lot more outrageous, it was in my bedroom. I had been away for the weekend, and when I came home my mum asked me if I had trashed my room before I left. This confused me. then she told me all my clothes had been thrown around the room, newspapers scrunched up and tossed, and that there was a giant circular puddle of water slap bang in the middle of the room. She was majorly freaked out by this, which for her being someone who never really believed in anything ghostly means a lot!!

Then a couple of days ago, in my mother's bedroom, she went up and found one of her T shirts on the floor. it was soaking wet and there was a little pool of water that was trailing from where the t shirt was laying to a mirror that was lying against a wall. the mirror was also wet too… We checked around and there were again no water leaks anywhere we could see or feel. It might sound a bit silly, but I really believe it's strange. I've often felt things have moved in my room. If anyone can give me any sort of information I would really appreciate It.

Thanks, Stacy x

July 27, 2011

Kristy Tune @ 4:12 am

im in my room right now, and i keep seeing red beams of light fill my room. but its not just me. my husband sees it too and then the walls will start swaying. i just recently started seeing this, but its been happening to my husband since he was 5yrs old. does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening to us?

August 1, 2011

Alexis @ 12:53 pm

Okay so here's my story. I am all into the ghost hunter thing and always have been because as a child I had paranormal experiences. Just 2 1/2 months ago I found out I was pregnant:) but ever since weird things have been happening. just last night me and my husband went to bed and I felt like something was watching me like I do everyday in this house. My husband's grandmother used to live with us and told us she heard noises like scratching on the walls, knocking on windows, and claimed to see eyes in the corner watching her. but we just thought she was crazy so we brushed it off. Now for the last 6 months I have heard and seen things but they didnt get bad till I found out I was pregnant!

One night me and my husband were upstairs sleeping and we heard 2 loud bangs coming from the crawl space upstairs but I told him not to talk about it because it might get worse. He was so scared he had to, so he talked about it and now its gotten weird. last night like I said I was laying in the bed with my husband and he jumped up and scared me! He said,"Something just touched me on my chest!" I was like," Maybe you were dreaming.." he then stated, "I havent been asleep yet!" I got scared because no sooner then he got that out of his mouth, the bed started shaking. I yelled out STOP IT NOW! it shook for 5 seconds then stopped. I didnt feel anything for the rest of the night, but I didnt even go to sleep till the sun came out this morning because I felt something watching me the whole night. I guess sometimes you just have to claim your territory and show them who's boss!

Alexis @ 12:58 pm

There is such a thing as haunted people, some people don't believe in it, but its very true! Sit down sometime and ask your husband if anything bad has happened in his life that he needs to get off his chest or that he hasnt mentioned. I know this because my husband too was haunted…haunted by his past. He was always angry at his father for not being in his life but once he learned how to forgive and forget, everything went away.

August 8, 2011

don @ 1:00 pm

i've been doing this for a long time. we have had all kinds of things happen from unseen things getting in a bed, to moving orbs, doors opening on us, floors creaking above us on the 2nd floor when no one is there. but this past investigation we had, we were able to capture some orbs on camera, and also on an IR camera. one was very large and the other was much smaller. we were able to track their movements around the house. of course we had the digital recorders going for EVPs. we got a surprise, though. we were GROWLED at pretty good. didnt hear it with our ears and no video cam picked it up (we had 4 cams going). this family has had apparitions, voices whispering to them when in bed. just to let everyone know, sometimes you have to be very careful. we have precautions in place for just this kind of incidence. you never know who, or what, you can come in contact with. be safe!

August 12, 2011

Billie @ 6:25 pm

Hello! I love the site and have read alot on here since I found it.

We moved into our home about 2 1/2 months ago. I'm guessing the house was built around the 1930's. Since we've moved here, we've had problems with electrical items. Two weeks after we moved in, our tv (which is only 15 months old) messed up and we had to have it repaired. Our deep freezer (which was 10 months old) quit and had to be replaced. My vacuum (which was 3 months old) quit. The dryer (which is older) quit and had to be replaced. One of our vehicles has broke down twice. (it has never had any problems). Two fans have stopped working. The phone works most of the time but seems to go out when I need it most. I also hear footsteps upstairs every night around the same time. For the first few weeks, I thought it was one of the kids and would go up to look, only to find them sound asleep. I no longer check it out.

Any ideas as to what may be going on and what I can do?

August 14, 2011

Hemant @ 6:51 am

Please forward me details to become a member.

August 15, 2011

Deedra @ 10:09 pm

I feel weird when i walk into my dead stepbrothers house. sometimes i feel he is near and there is one hot spot that you can really tell the difference. i want to spend the night by myself there to know for sure if paranormal activity is going on in his house. im kinda afraid to do it. I don't know what could happen and there is a wigi board in his house too, but the stone for the board has been missing for a while. he has only been dead a year but i was his closest stepsister. i have a feeling that if i go there alone that im going to see or hear or sense something. i think im willing to take that challenge.

August 22, 2011

ROBYN @ 9:09 pm

I had a situation the other night when i was in my basement. i was sorting through some boxes when all of a sudden all the basements lights went out – including fish tank lights, washer and dryer and all lights in ceiling. i yelled up to my boyfriend and asked what was going on? and he had no idea what i was talking about. everything upstairs was fine. no glitches at all. he informed me that all circuits downstairs run on diff breakers. so its very impossible for all to go out at once and not upstairs. i was curious if anyone had any insight on what could have happened?? thank you

August 23, 2011

Charlene @ 1:52 am

Hi, I have always felt I have a sensitivity to spirits. Well my daughter is 3 and for the last year she has been seeing a women in a corner or her room, something scary in another, and a scary old lady outside her window. It's always the same things. It doesnt happen everyday, but she tells us things that send chills up our spines. One day she described to my husband how the lady in the corner was standing and posing. You can see on her face she is really scared. Because I feel the presence of spirits myself, I can't dismiss her. I feel like she might really be seeing these things in her room. I have also experienced something in her room just the other night. Can she really be seeing things and is there anyone in Connecticut who can come to the house? My family has many stories of hearing and seeing ghosts on the upper levels. Also when my daughter was 4 months old she was swinging alone while my sister in law was downstairs doing laundry. She heard foot steps above suggesting someone walking to my sleeping daughter in her swing and then a loud noise like something dropped. She waited to her the baby cry and assumed I was home from work early. I was not and my sister in law came upstairs to realize there was no one in the house but my sleeping daughter. Is there someone or something connected to my daughter?

August 30, 2011

Ryan @ 10:43 pm


I have quite the problem, but it seems to me that I may or may not have made it worse. I purchased an evolution/emf app on the DROID marketplace and got to it. It began simple and assumed it was fake, but it turns out that the few evps have turned into many. Tonight I got one in 35 seconds, "You can't hurt me." We have owned our land and cleared / developed ourselves. Yet, something is gaining strength and everytime I do an evolution session… I hear new voices. They respond to statements, they do voice overs, and now enter without a single popping sound. The past two days, the garage has began to smell like feces or vomit. Nothing has changed in the garage. I smoke in the garage and it overpowers that. I also hear the occasional footsteps and doors opening too. But, I can't turn it off. what in the heck do I need to do to stop this before it progresses? I am a Christian and say prayers, but apparently I need the proper prayer etc. I know you've been away from the forums a while, but I need help before it ramps up and worsens. Email me please and get what info you need. there is more that has happened, but I don't feel comfortable putting the terrifying ordeal.


September 1, 2011

Ginny Bryant @ 11:08 am

I have had the same thing happen to me. The first pair of rather expensive black stretch pants went missing so bought a second pair and they too went missing – both out of my closet. Have not found them to this day. We do have more then one spirit living in our home which is only 10 years old. Our in law apartment is only five years old. An adult and also a child in all black including face has been seen in the larger part of the home. Nothing bad happens but the adult loves clothes which now and then is returned. Someone also kept turning on my curio lights and our smoke alarms go off all hours of the night when no one is cooking and batteries are constantly being replaced. Granddaughter has had someone she cannot see tap her on the shoulder. And now at her work she has captured a small white ball floating from the alarm system which comes on from time to time floating across her desk. We are not frightened but wonder if will ever stop. I keep crosses in every room and keep telling them to leave.

September 7, 2011

Connie @ 2:13 pm

I have many questions to ask. i have some paranormal activity going on in my apt. the last time that it happened was last night. Is there anyone who could help me out and listen to what has happened and figure out what I should do?

September 9, 2011

Sandra @ 2:21 pm

My doorbell rings at least 4-5 times monthly at the exact same time, 5:30am. Of course it startles me but I quit getting up to answer it. It only rings once. I was told to tell the spirit to come in. Thoughts? This has been happening for at least a year.

saira @ 4:00 pm

hi im 14 and a little girl keeps whispering things to me. no one else can hear her. i feel uneasy when i go anywhere near that room and once i saw the name elizibeth written above the door. but after a blink, it was gone. i asked my brother what the spirit had written on the walls and laiza was one of them. i wondered if liaza could be short for elizibeth. then a couple of weeks later elizibeth was written on the wall too. its starting to scare me. what should i do ?

September 10, 2011

Meghan D @ 12:50 am

you can always email me. ive had multiple experiences and im doing a study on paranormal activity in school.

September 11, 2011

trish @ 8:56 am

ok i have been in this house for about 2 and half months now and can feel the sense of someone being here. my doorbell goes off at certain times. i have seen something walk past my room wearing black pants and have heard footsteps in my room. my brother has had bad feelings that someone is watching him in the shed and we had a friend over the other night. no one was up except the adults and all the sudden the door handle went down and forced the bedroom door open. another time, my 2 and a half yr old son woke up crying, but then stopped suddenly, walked in my lounge room, and sat in the chair in pitch darkness at about 2 am. my brother and his girlfriend tried to rub his hand call his name and he still did not move. he was staring at something above him and watching it move. his eyes went black. my brother then went to pick him up but suddenly felt a bad vibe come to him. also my son's breathing was out of sync…. what do we do?

September 13, 2011

Erin @ 5:06 pm

I have a question about Poltergeists. Could they cause electrical problems in cars?

September 14, 2011

russell @ 11:22 am

My house has had three separate murders in it and all over the house all the doors will lock spontaneously. I have changed the door handles… all of them! How do i fix this? I am scared!

September 23, 2011

preeti @ 1:33 am

Hi, i just would like to know whether the things i've been experiencing for the last few months are related to paranormal activity or not. For the last few months at night when i am in deep sleep i see scary dreams and sometimes i also feel that somebody has ahold of me tightly and i am not even able to open my eyes. i tried to shout. i tried to wake up but i can't…this happens many times in a gap of a few months and the same has been experienced by my younger sis. I'm very scared and worried.

brian cooper @ 9:50 pm

My 4 year old son days he sees balls of light in his room. even when I was in his room, he asked me if I saw them. he says they wake him up. he wants me to get rid of them, so I prayed for them to leave. any idea what he's seeing?

October 11, 2011

nicole costa @ 5:43 pm

I'm 13 year's old, & i've been seeing stuff all around my house. i've seen a guy in my doorway, & when i was really little i've seen a little girl at my aunt's house. she was playing peek-aboo with me, and i started crying. if you are having the same troubles as i am, don't be scared of them. they're really friendly, they won't hurt you!

October 14, 2011

Brent Tower @ 6:39 pm

@Brian Cooper…Your 4 yr son it s witnessing orbs…these orbs are harmless, and my sugestion is get your son involved with them…sit with him and chat with them….ask questions…(be sure you have a recorder for your evidence), ask for names, ages, ask all 5 of the "W's" (Who, What, Where, When, Why)…please keep me posted…would love to hear what you find.

October 15, 2011

Tony Herna @ 3:04 pm

My wife and other family members have seen a little girl about 10 yrs. old, also heard crying.
And always happens about 4:00 am. myself have never experienced anything like it.

thank you

October 19, 2011

maxine @ 3:58 pm

i have been surrounded by orbs for 2 years now, since moving into my boyfriends grandparents house. there were always huge white ones but lately ive seen white, pink, blue and yellow. i kept taking pictures and a few months ago a lady appeared in one of my pictures sitting with my children. she looks like my nan. i took the pic to a lady who i was recommended to, and she told it was my nan and alot of other ppl too, from later dates in my family who i wouldnt of met. but I know about these people.

there are 2 huge white orbs that are permanently with us. we think they are the spirits of my partner's grandparents, whose house this was. Now im comfy with the thought. it is only our family but still a little worried. have u heard of these orbs being safe? i read up so much about them and most tell you different things. xxx

October 27, 2011

Tay @ 6:28 pm

I have heard doors close by themselves, without any wind draft to make them. right when i am 10 feet away from the door, i have heard them aggressively close, then open, then close again. i have heard over a 200 pound door open and close. i live in an old house that has big wooden doors. * *a little music box has played by itself, and I have heard a little girl's voice sing lyrics from one of my favorite songs. And my dad has seen things move.* whats going on?

also, one time i had a dream and in the dream the people were about to slap me, but i woke up right before they could. as soon as i woke up, i felt somebody give me a good hard slap. when i was younger, when i woke up, my covers were double knotted over my ankle and something was pulling me down towards the floor.

October 31, 2011

WANDA @ 1:19 pm

Hi my name is wanda. i just experienced something on 10/14/11 @ 5:23am. i just came from the bathroom and was heading back to bed. i just layed down and was looking at the night lights on my tv, which is off when a tall dark shadow just passed by. it was kinda fast and with no figure so i couldnt tell if male or female. it just went across and out the front door. my cat also saw this and freaked out. his tail was fluffy and his back up high for at least 3 minutes.

i was so scared that i froze. since then i have holy water and blessed sea salt all throughout my apt and my cat seems to favor the bathroom and the hall where it was seen. what was it? is it coming back? is it still present? i always feel it is still hanging around. am i just paranoid? i am so scared and my cat pretty much stays by me since then. can you explain this?

Chris @ 9:57 pm

I've been working in an old building for a long time and consistently feel a lot of negative energy in it. I know this probably sounds dumb to others, but I've always been in tune with energy. So, the building I work at is on a University campus where there used to be an inpatient psychiatric care for severely disturbed children and other people. The building I specifically work in has a variety of one-way mirrors and bathrooms with showers in it. But, I do not know the history behind the building. It's disconnected from a enormous area of campus that is still called the Mental Health institute. So, I don't know if my building actually housed children or disturbed individuals, or if maybe it was just a building used for "observations."

Either way, the energy in the building is very dark. I get headaches frequently in there, there's just a very somber energy everywhere. So, last night, I randomly contacted someone who was the Director of the Children's Mental Health hospital back in the 70's to see if maybe he could remember what buildings housed these kids. I cannot seem to shake my need to figure out what's going on there. So, today, I'm sitting in a meeting. My co-worker got up and closed one of the large doors so we could have a quiet space. About 20 minutes later, the doorknob turned and made a noise, we all looked because the door opened very slowly and we thought someone was trying to not disturb us abruptly.

The door opened all the way, as I'm looking and waiting for someone to be behind it, and NOBODY was there. Everybody instantly freaked out. I just confirmed that everyone else heard the doorknob turn. We all just sat there dumbfounded. Often times when we're in that room, the water will just start running in one of the bathrooms, but I always try and explain that it's an old building and the pipes are probably messed up. After the door thing today, I WANT to know what I can do to explore paranormal activity here. I would like to just perform a sage cleansing and see if that helps clear up the negative energy around there, but like I said, I just can't shake this need to figure out what's going on. I've tried to find logical explanations for these sort of things, but I'm at a loss.

November 2, 2011

Fran Furniss @ 2:24 pm

At my old house, my room was at the end of a corridor, and pretty much every night id see these black shadows of four men walking up and down, whispering, and pointing at me. They would start at the end of the corridor and walk all the way up to my room, but never come in (even though i always left the door open). Most nights id stand there just watching them, sometimes id be scared and sometimes i wouldnt mind — just think of them as company. Whenever id call my mum (on nights i was particularly scared) she would come out of her room and theyd disappear. she would just say, "Dont worry frannie; its just the black men." I was only young, couldnt have been older than 4 or 5…and since moving to my new house havent seen them since. What do you think it could have been all about?

November 3, 2011

Kristen @ 2:52 pm

My friend just moved into an apartment about a month ago, and she is always finding a toe nail clipping from a big toe. It appears to belong to a woman, but they have no clippers and no one has cut their nails. She will clean it up, and then later it will be there again. At first everyone was sleeping downstairs and she would find them when she woke up. now that shes in her room, shes finding them next to her bed when she wakes up. Can u please explain this to me?

November 7, 2011

Sly @ 6:40 pm

Will a multimeter work, since I don't have an EMF meter??

November 13, 2011

JF Paranormal Research/Investigation @ 12:33 am

I would suggest finding out more about what is going on before attempting to psychic clean the area. What some sense as negative or dark energy could also mean confusion, frustration and sadness caused by the energy of so many trapped souls that need to cross over and are clueless of what to do or where to go. Find a paranormal investigation group in your area and have them investigate the place if that is feasible. I am confident that they will find out the best course of action to take.

Besides, if we are dealing with lost souls, it will be more humane to help them find their way than to just clean them out of the building. They once were people too. Good Luck & Good Will

Sharon @ 4:36 pm

I'm a professional Medium and I think this site is terrific.

The best advice I can give people is to know that if you ask kindly, but firmly, that: a. No negative entities, spirits or those associated with are permitted in the location; b. that the space involved is of pure love and nothing else; c. that many times, the spirits involved are kids, entities that have decided to live a couple of life cycles with no responsibilities, just having fun as they see it and d. if the spirit is still frightening to you, ask it to leave.

Tell them you acknowledge them, but they are no longer permitted to be there with you. If it is an entity that has an attachment to the property, thank them for allowing you to reside there and explain that they either need to pass over, live quietly without making any noise or frightening situations, or leave. I hope this helps.

November 16, 2011

Sandy (personal) @ 2:45 am

Hi, I am a sensitive and have taken many photos of spirits. I currently live with my daughter and her family. ever since i have moved in with her, there have been many happenings going on. My question is this…how can i find out the history on her house? All that has happened doesn't seem to be threatening. i dont feel any real concern but I think we need to know more. i would really be grateful for any information you can give on how i can get this information. TY.

sincerely, Sandy

November 18, 2011

Rob @ 1:54 pm

Hi, i was wondering if anyone would know about a strange re-occurring STRONG garlic smell in a room. i have checked the room and even removed a built-in cupboard to try and find where the smell comes from, but didn't find a thing. cheers :)

November 21, 2011

Fran Furniss @ 12:14 pm

the very night i last wrote on here (2nd of november i think) i had a very strange experience with bright lights and a sense of presence in my room. It felt like my head was literally going to explode. my heart was beating so hard i could feel it against my chest. my legs were moving and twitching, and as much as i tried to shake it off, it wouldnt stop. I tried closing my eyes but the lights and swirling would not go away, so i said very firmly "please, just let me sleep." all was calm for a moment or two but all of a sudden it all rushed back twice as strong and a really firm pressing sensation started just above the left of my chest.

also, what seemed to be this white light thing, was kind of coming…into me? i dont know how to describe it, but it shook me up so much and since then i have been having great difficulty, sleeping in fear. I do not know what to do. I took a photo on a disposable camera of the area of my room it happened in. when i got the photo developed, there was a small white orb, surrounded by red light with a kind of tail. What does this mean? anyone :( i am quite frightened, and have no idea what to do.

November 27, 2011

Kym @ 8:11 am

Hi, there has been a lot of activity recently involving myself and family, although what my partner and I have experienced is tame compared to the rest of the family. i have experienced noises i.e. banging, someone walking around, and feeling a presence. For the last week, it has been interrupting my sleep and also giving me a feeling that something bad is approaching. Whereas immediate family have experienced noises, movement, and even physical harm…my sister even had to call a priest as she was that frightened…I have the feeling that myself and my partner are not getting the brunt of it, as we are the core of the family and are very strong as a couple, individually and spiritually. Can you help me with understanding what all this means? I have a few ideas, but would like some input from someone not involved. Many thanks.

November 28, 2011

Deb @ 12:28 pm

The past couple of months, I've been "smelling" someone in the house. Always the smell of hair spray. I'm the only one who can smell it. It always comes from my left side whether I am at the computer or on the sofa. We've also notice the past couple of months a puddle in the middle of our kitchen floor. We live in a single house and have lived here for almost three years with this never happening until recently. There are no leaks. There is no pipe in that area. The weird thing about the "puddle" is that it's thicker than water. When I use a paper towel to sop it up, it's a yellowish gray color.

The puddles always begin in the same spot and run slightly across the floor, leaving a sticky looking trail behind. The puddles are always cold, never room temperature as you would presume it would be on the floor. At first I kept chalking it up to an errant ice cube from the ice maker that no one noticed. But recently I've taken more notice and found it is obviously not that at all. Again, it's always in the same spot near the kitchen table, in the middle of the floor. I'm not sure what the answer is about your puddles, but wanted you to know I have my own going on here.

December 1, 2011

Carol Brown @ 12:40 pm


I moved into a nice mobile home in September. The seller left some household items in the house. I went into the cabinet to get a glass. I noticed that the glass was shattered, like it exploded. Today Dec 1st my husband left a glass on the table. when he got home, the glass was shattered all over the living room — even behind the couch. Can you shed some light on why this is happening?


December 2, 2011

Jackie @ 4:44 pm

Hi Michelle !! I came across this article after googling "random puddles of water after loved one passes." My uncle passed away in September after battling pancreatic cancer for 2 yrs. he was very close with my mom (his sister) and was living with her up until his passing. My mom and sister (still live in the house) come across random puddles of water in the bathroom. I know what you're thinking, could be a possible leak…there are no leaks in that bathroom and the puddles aren't close to anything that could be "leaking."

They will show up in the middle of the bathroom floor without a water trail. This only started to happen after he passed and happens randomly. it'll happen one day and probably won't happen for a few weeks. Also they'll leave in the morning and everything will be dry, and later I get home to a random puddle. Sorry for rambling :/ Just want to see if there is any explanation to this… THANK YOU!

Cheril @ 10:12 pm

Hi, quick question for you. my husband and I recently moved into an older house in the neighborhood about 4 months ago. Recently I've noticed in our bedroom what looks like smoke on the wall in the corner, didn't know what to think of it since there was a small hole in the wall from cable. Then, the next week on the other side of the room, there was another one — but no holes or anything around that area. Can that be from a ghost? I'm not sure what to make of it. someone told me it might be from a ghost. Is that possible? We haven't experienced any activity but the smoke marks are a mystery to me.

December 24, 2011

Joy @ 8:57 am

Hi, I have been noticing unusual occurrences happening in just the past month in my home. I've lived in this modern home in a rural area, with my husband and dogs for the past 10 years and haven't noticed anything strange on a regular basis. Lately, I have noticed lights dimming. one evening my husband and I both noticed it, and it also spooked one of my dogs. I think my one dog is highly sensitive to sights and sounds, as she will either bark, act nervous or stare at a point in a room as if she's in a trance.

The other thing that I think is odd lately, is that I have been telling my husband not to lock the front door during the day. when I leave for work, because when I come home at night, I am usually carrying things in, such as take out food or groceries, and it's difficult to open the door with the key. Since i have been telling him to not lock it lately, he says that he isn't locking it anymore, but the door continues to be locked when I get home.

The most recent odd occurrence was this morning, when I was looking at my late mother's picture, thinking about her, and wishing that she was here for Christmas. the shower head in the bathroom made a drumming sounding leak a few times. I know that it sometimes makes this sound, but I thought that it was odd that I was thinking about her so deeply, and then this happened several times. I kind of felt scared, but at the same time, I wanted it to happen again and it did once or more. I am hoping these are messages from my late mother or brother, even though neither one has ever been in this house. Can anyone give me any insight about these occurrences? I know they can be explained off as everyday house settling occurrences, but I want for them to be more. I want to think that my loved ones are still here with me, at least some times.

Merry Christmas!

December 29, 2011

Taylor Kempf @ 12:51 pm

I have had many strange happenings at my house. My ceiling fan will start to move when it is not on. it will not be in a circular motion, but more of a back and forth. I will be taking a shower and the curtain will open by itself. Last night, I took pictures all around my house and i got what looks like orbs in all of them. All of these strange happenings only happen to me though. my parents and brother and sister just believe i am seeing things and that the photos i took are just dust particles. Can anyone tell me why these strange happenings only happen to me?

January 3, 2012

Sandy @ 5:03 am

the things that i carelessly speak out seem to come true….i dont know how, but it seems really strange to me….is this just coincidence or something else?? can a coincidence happen many times??

January 5, 2012

Drake Cennedig @ 12:45 am

Ever since I was little, I've had moments of deja vu, where I feel as if I have dreamed these events before. Of course, I also have regular deja vu, but sometimes, in my unique versions of deja vu, I can actually distinctly remember not only having a dream, but recalling it later on at breakfast. I'm starting to believe that I may have actually dreamed the future in these instances.

I've only told a few people about this possible ability of mine. Because my dad has a Masters in Biology, and I want to someday be a scientist, I'm constantly second guessing myself on whether this sort of thing could really be happening to me. Furthermore, I occasionally get very distinct feelings of another presence. I actually just had one an hour ago, when I thought I felt someone moving around in my house at night, when everyone else is asleep. Granted, I have two cats, but I thought I felt the presence come into my room, and I'm not sure whether it moved my bedroom door or not. I'm sort of feeling a presence right now, although that could just be my empirical side feeling scared about what it can't understand.

My house has no history of haunting, and has no history of the tragedy of violence. Though my mom had paranormal experiences many years ago at my aunt's home in Nauvoo, Illinois, I've never felt any presences at home until tonight. Is there any way for me to confirm one way or the other whether I'm mildly sensitive to the spiritual world, or whether I'm just a kid who believes in the paranormal and has a fanciful imagination of his own experiences with it?

Drake Cennedig @ 12:58 am

That's really strange, Jackie, because I've had puddles of water occasionally in my bathroom for about two years now. They're always just normal water, and they have always pooled around the toilet — but if it's a leak, why doesn't it leak more than once every three to five months? I think I might have had one paranormal experience in my home, but I'm the only one who had it, and my home has no history of such things.

January 14, 2012

Tyler soto @ 12:39 pm

I have had extreme night terrors since I was very very young. I keep having reoccurring dreams about exorcisms. It feels like they are dreams about things that had happened to me in the past. My family has a history of these "night terrors" and hauntings. i have read an article before of how these people with the same blood type have had an increase in paranormal activities and my family has the same blood type A. I now live in a house that i feel is haunted. I have a motion sensor in the hallway that the past owners have put up and it has kept beeping in the middle of the night. Also with my car in the middle of the night, it would start beeping in my garage when it usually beeps it means it's been disturbed.

My dog sleeps with me and she has randomly stared up at the wall or ceiling and started to glare and growl in that direction, or she has started shaking all of a sudden. ever since I've been in this house, there has been an increase in my "night terrors' and whenever my mom drops me off there, she has felt dread there and so have i. I believe a relative that has passed away has been either following or been protecting me but it is hard to tell. It could either be my great grandma or my aunt or someone who has hated me in a past life. i believe in god, but i also believe in reincarnation.

My whole family (mom's side) have been able to sense if there is a paranormal activity in a house or area. When ever i have gone to my grandma's house in Flagstaff, i could always feel someone was watching me and at night i have felt like someone was right next to my bed. my mom has been choked by the ghost that has been there while she was in her bed. Also at that house, i have seen some of the dead relatives who are in the pictures actually come out of them and start talking to me.

My aunt has performed spells that have helped her out a lot, and she is good with witchcraft but i don't know if i should use the spells or just get rid of the ghost myself. My brother and my cousin were born two days apart from each other and they have both have started to have the same thing happen to them. i want this to stop here so they don't have to live everyday in fear if they might have another night terror.

January 16, 2012

Oklahoma Resident @ 11:36 am

As reluctant as I am to comment, after last night I feel I must. On two previous occasions, my adult daughter and I both saw what appeared to be the spirit of a young girl. We both saw her at different times, but in the same place. She saw her first, but didn't tell me until she was at my house one evening; I saw the spirit and apparently my daughter could tell by the look on my face something was wrong. I said, "well I thought I just saw something." Her comment was, "Was it a little girl?" I about fainted but realized then that we had both seen this child spirit. Nothing MAJOR has happened since that time (approximately 7 years ago) until recently.

About two weeks ago, my dog was asleep on the foot of my bed when she jumped up and ran into the other room like she was chasing something. I didn't think much of it, just figured she got a sudden itch or something. But then last night about 10 minutes after the lights were out, she was asleep on my bed when she jumped up, looked quickly towards the hallway, jumped off my bed going 90 mph and "chased" something into the dining room (the same place where the little girl was spotted).

As frightened as I was, I got up and walked to where she was. She was standing in the dining room door, looking in but she wouldn't go into the dining room. She is a barker, but she didn't bark, she didn't growl. She also LOVES children. Child spirit or not, this is scaring the crap out of me. I didn't see anything last night, mainly because I turned on every light in the house for the remainder of the night.

Jen @ 12:14 pm

Three years ago, we bought an old stone house in France which we visit once or twice a year. There are often acorns left in the middle of the floor in different parts of the house, even when there are no acorns outside under the oak tree. The house is very well sealed inside. There are never any small animal droppings, or little sooty footprints from the chimney.

One winter, I found two acorns in a boot that was in a tightly closed drawstring bag in the cupboard. When I got back to South Africa after one visit and unpacked my warm winter coat, a beautiful Painted Lady butterfly flew out. I kept her in a glass butterfly house and fed her fruit, for three weeks before she died. And again, when I unpacked my boots, yet ANOTHER acorn fell out of one of them. There were also three oak leaves left neatly on the kitchen counter one winter morning, long after the leaves outside had all dried up and died.

Lots of noises from downstairs as if someone is moving around but again, no sign of small animal footprints or droppings. Often heard what sounds like a bottle falling on a stone floor and the sound of liquid gurgling out. Other times, there are no noises at all. One morning at breakfast, I noticed that the electric digital clock on the oven said it was 14h33 although it was about 9am. Thought there must have been an electrical failure during the night, but when I went upstairs a few minutes later, the battery operated alarm clock, (not plugged in to an electrical socket), said the time was 14h35, so both clocks had independently read the same incorrect time.

Could this have something to do with the enormous 300+ year old oak tree in the garden? There is no creepy feeling in the house, but I wonder what it could be????

January 28, 2012

Sudipto Bardhan @ 4:38 am

It's been two months now (since December) that I have heard peculiar sounds, i.e. crying of a person (male or female, not sure). My neighboring house, my tenant on the ground floor, and my cousin on the top floor have also heard the crying sound. This peculiar horrifying sound is coming from in-between two houses and the usual timing is between 2.30am-4.00am in the mid-night.

We all are scared, and really confused — even though my house is renowned for our religious ceremony (deity of Goddess Sitala has been established since our house was built). Is there any way to solve this problem? Please suggest.

January 31, 2012

Rachel @ 1:13 pm

hi, i will quickly add what has happened. my uncle has freaked himself out because he's seen a black cloaked figure with no features –just black, and not that tall. The first time, it knocked and he looked downstairs to see if it was visitors but there weren't any. then he turned back to the computer and heard this again. he looked around and there was a black figure standing at the door. then it left through the door.

today he said it appeared again. he heard 4 loud bangs on the wall or door, but it freaked him out. when he looked at the door, the figure was standing there. he said he was so scared he put a towel over his head and shut his eyes. i usually do stuff like this to help but i don't know what it is, or what to do. its not a man figure or female — just a black person with hood up and black featured face?? please help! thanks.

February 1, 2012

Patrick Moore @ 6:35 pm

Hey michelle,..I enjoy reading your e-mails and have a few experiences to share with you. Our family home in cincinnati, Ohio was built in 1895. My parents bought it in 1950. I am not sure who lived here during those first 60 years, and my mother can't really recall who the previous owners were. Since my family has lived in the house we have lost a few family members. Grandmother and father, my father and three of my brothers.

The most common occurrence here is objects missing and then turning up in odd places. Also, you will hear someone call your name. When you ask the others in the house what they want, they say, "What? I didnt call you." Very strange…also the steps creak, as if someone is standing on them. I have been thinking about doing some investigating on my own but really can't afford the equipment. anything you could find out would be appreciated…the address is 4212 Fergus st, cincinnati, Ohio 45223…thanks hope to hear from you………..Patrick.

February 2, 2012

Mike Boom @ 3:10 pm

We bought this house which was built in 1921. The lady that lived there before us had cancer and had passed away in the master bedroom. One night I was relaxing watching TV, when I heard the front door. I thought that it was my buddy John coming in; he was living with us for a short time. I didn't look to see who it was. I just said, "Hey John," thinking it was him.

I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I got goose bumps. At the same time, I looked over to my right and saw this lady go through the open French doors into the living room and straight into the dining room. Then she turned around, looked at me, and vanished. I'm getting goose bumps just writing about this. The funny thing about this is, I couldn't see the bottom of her legs to her feet…almost like she floated across the floor.

So the next day, I went to the neighbor who had lived in the area for many years to tell her what I saw. she told me that I described Mrs. Batt perfectly…the lady that passed away in the house a year before we bought it. I was told that she had lived there most of her life. I never saw her again, but one night I was downstairs in the basement, working on something at the workbench when all of a sudden, a medium sized box fell over just to the left of me. The box was sitting on a bench and it was partly filled with some old tools and stuff that was there when we bought the house. There is no way that it just fell off the bench. I believe she was there again. We ended up moving a few years later.

St.Catharines, Ontario

February 3, 2012

Abi @ 2:48 pm

How do you research a house's history? We have had weird experiences at work and at home but it only seems to happen when I am at the locations. I have been at my old house and had things move and my keys, which are still missing, get moved.

There was no evidence of anyone being in the house. Now at work, we have doors slamming and things getting hidden. At home, we have had doors slam and other weird things.

February 9, 2012

Madison Cortis @ 7:56 pm

I have been a medium for a long time and i think i have paranormal activity at my house — because the air feels heavier and colder at times. i have PTSD and panic disorder, so i don't know what to do.

February 11, 2012

Concerned Mother @ 5:06 pm

My name is Ashlee I have a 3 year old son who has not been able to sleep at night, due to something "scary" in his room. I try to lay him down but not even 10 minutes afterwards, he is screaming bloody murder and crying his eyes out — curled in a ball, pointing at various corners in his room. I am at a loss of what it could be.

About a month ago, my cousin was videotaping one of his late night rants and he captured an orb which seemed not to leave my son's side in the video.. until he came close to me…then it disappeared. Can you lend any advice?

February 14, 2012

Sheila @ 4:21 pm

I feel it could be an unsettled spirit, call a paranormal investigative team. They can help. Keep your son in your room until it is over. Also go to nearest Catholic church and get holy water. sprinkle it in all corners of house. This will keep any unholy spirits away until you can get help.

February 19, 2012

Lorraine @ 6:35 pm

Hello, I need some help on an experience I just had. I had gone to lie down for a nap but I couldn't fall asleep. I could hear my mother making noise downstairs and I could still hear the tv downstairs. But I suddenly felt the strangest sensation in both my legs. It was as though someone was pulling them and they began to hurt, almost like they were trapped inside something. I opened my eyes at this point and saw my ceiling fan above my head, I was able to turn my head and see my door. I was fully aware of my dog lying next to me. Suddenly I had a very strange sensation come from my feet upward to about my hips and my legs were elevated off the bed.

At first it was only my feet, I lifted my head and looked down and saw that they were elevated. The feeling passed, but not the sensation in my legs – they began to hurt very badly. A minute or so later, I felt the awful feeling again and this time I was elevated off the bed up to my head and shoulders, they were the only parts of me that were still on the bed. I tried to call out, but couldn't. I felt my dog jump over my body and get down onto the floor when it happened again.

My dog suddenly ran around the bed and climbed her little steps and sat back down next to me. It was as though she sensed something too. This happened for about an hour, and I instantly knew when I felt the sensation go away, that it was gone for good. My legs hurt as though I had been working out. But I was able to move, and I jumped out of bed before it might happen again. I've never had anything like this happen before. Can you find any explanation for it??

March 4, 2012

martha @ 12:45 am

I would love to see your video if possible. We here have similar experiences too…thanks, martha

April 14, 2012

Adriene @ 4:23 pm

One night my husband and I were home alone and he fell asleep on the couch. I decided to stay up and watch television. I heard music coming from my daughters room. Her radio was suddenly on with a CD playing the same song for over 2 hours. Then it just stopped. I had my husband check and the power to the radio wasn't on.

Then 2 or 3 days later, I was home alone and I kept hearing someone call my name. I checked the house & outside but no one was around. Could either of these have been spirits?? My husband thinks it's crazy!

April 17, 2012

Jenna @ 1:51 am

Since Feb 1993, I have had strange things happen in every house I have lived in…and there have been quite a few! Lights go on and off by themselves, doors opening/closing on their own, strange noises, things will come up missing, then reappear in strange places. Most of the time I would joke around that it was my Grandpa, who died shortly before the events started happening. However, since everything that happened seemed to be harmless and kind of funny, none of it bothered me; in fact I was comforted to think my Grandpa was watching over me.

The last 3 days have been quite eventful. My house has stone tile flooring, and 3 days ago it developed "hot spots", in several different places, not aligned with each other…just random places. One spot is even hot enough to burn my feet. Last night, the cover of my smoke alarm, in my room, fell to the ground. I haven't even checked it or changed the battery in the 3 years I have been here, so there was no chance or reason for it to be loose…and it just fell to the ground! And for the last two days, the smoke alarms in the other rooms will randomly go off for a second or two.

I'm not freaked out, but the mood in the house has changed, it's like having a depressed person in the house…it's hard to explain. I fear that if my follower is my Grandpa, he is now very upset. Is it because he is realizing he is dead? Is it because he can't cross over? Is it even my Grandpa? Or is there a new spirit who has joined in? What do I do? The hot spots kind of freak me out because they have been there, non stop now for three days with no sign of going away.

I have always been "sensitive" to spirits, my grandfather lived next to a very old cemetery before he died and we would take walks in it. He knew I could sense and see things like that. But since he died, those feelings and sights have gotten way stronger. Is it possible he is stuck and thinks I can help him? Is it possible he is bringing others to me for the same reason, or some other reason? I know it's a lot to answer. How I do I get the answers? Is there someone I can go to? I live in Vegas.

May 5, 2012

Mindy @ 2:39 am

I lived in an older two story home. The first time I looked at the house, I felt like there was someone/something watching me from in the house. When I was in the house the first night, I again had a very strong feeling someone was standing right behind me. Previously, this house sat empty. The last people moved out, and didn't even take their belongings. I tried to look up the history on the house, but since the house was built in the early 1900s, it has been empty about 80 percent of the time. We lived in the house for six months and nothing.

Then after about six months, strange things started happening. The bathtub downstairs would always fill up to the top with water but would never run over. The back room where there was a very old piano, the light would come on all the time. Around 2am-3am the piano would play by itself. The upstairs shower would turn on. My daughter 2 years old was singing a song, "We all live in the yellow submarine," and she knew the whold song word by word. When asked where did you learn that song at, she said someone sings it to her in her sleep. I'd go to bed at night and lock all the doors; in the morning when we would wake up, the front door would be wide open. Our dog would look and cry at things that we could not see. For example, one night we were watching tv, and the dog started growling and then started crying, then got down off the sofa and walked over to something that wasn't there. He sat down, looked up and started crying and growling.

We video taped one night the house while we spent the night in the hotel. We left the lights on. When we came back around 1am to check the camcorder's battery, all the house lights were off. When we played the video back, all you could see was darkness, and we could hear the sound of an heartbeat. We could hear something like someone was getting into the cupboards and moving dishes around. The last night we spent in the house was the worst. My husband fell asleep downstairs. I went upstairs to go to bed, left the hallway light on, just laid down in bed, and I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I thought my husband had woken up and was on his way upstairs. When the sound ended at the top of the stairs, I became paralyzed and couldn't move or talk. I kept hearing whispering sounds and I tried really hard to move but could not. I also tried to yell out to my husband for help but could not. Then something from the corner of the room came at me, not sure it moved so fast.

Then it was right in my face, and then within a second, everything was normal again. I could move and it was like nothing had happened. We moved out, and ever since then, we had pretty much bad luck — the worst luck, one accident after another. Our dog died two weeks after we moved out. We also had a cat and a kitten in the house; one kitten died, we found it in the bath tub full of water (we were not home at the time). Our cat died a month after we moved out of the house; it had gotten really sick, no explanations. The next people that moved in lived in the home for five months and then moved out. They claimed their cat had played with something that wasnt there, and then shortly afterward the cat had died.

The house now sits empty. Everything has been calm at our new house, but I began a job close to my old house, and things are starting to happen again, loud crashes, doors shutting and slamming, and I always get that feeling again something else is in the room with me. Can you please explain what went on and what is going on? It's really hard for me to believe this stuff, and looking for answers, because all this truly happened and is happening. Others at my place of work are also witnessing the same things. And now a lot of bad things are happening to the employees – there have been two deaths now.

May 9, 2012

Haven @ 9:37 pm

Today, after returning from looking at a home for sale, there was a large puddle of what looked like coffee on our floor. It was not there when we left, and our coffee pot could not have done it. Three of us witnessed this …Weird … Anyway, can people be haunted? We have had problems for years with strange things happening. It's like where ever we move, strange things happen. we think maybe it follows us. Also, when we are on our last day moving, often the lights in the houses we are moving from explode. What is that?

May 14, 2012

Carrie @ 8:31 pm

Me and my daughter were talking about some pictures she took awhile back that had round lights in some of them. She said that she thinks they were strange, and I said maybe they were dust. Anyway, I told her if she wanted to see if something happened to take pictures after we finished eating dinner. Well, we started taking pics in the living room and nothing happened. She was going to walk away, when I picked up the camera to take some myself.

What happened was a small round bright light shot across the room as I was taking the picture. She saw it in the air, as I did, while I was taking the picture. It scared both of us. I have seen pics with round colors of light in them before, but never saw a bright light happen as if a shooting star just crossed your path while taking a pic. Is this normal?

May 29, 2012

Rita @ 9:01 pm

My husband and I went looking for a house to buy, and we saw this house in Land and Homes book. It was a double decker with one set of stairs going up and next to them was another set going downstairs. So we went upstairs first and looked around. As we started to go back down the stairs (so we could go down the second set of stairs), I could not put my hand on the rail to go down the stairs.

I got real nauseated and weak in the knees. I thought I was going to vomit or pass-out. I had to slide down to the floor and go down the stairs on my bottom. When I got back into my car, all the nausea and weakness went away. I know something was pulling me away from the stairs. My husband said that he saw fear on someone's face, but I was terrified. The Real Estate agent said that the house has been on the market for a long time.

June 15, 2012

Emily @ 10:54 pm

We moved into an apartment nearly a year and a half ago. I haven't noticed anything until recently. I went with my son and his class to the Tassajara One Room School for a field trip. I thought it was awesome! They had the kids experimenting with tools (chalk slates, feather pens w/ink bottles, wooden toys, etc.) to re-live what life was like for children in 1880. Of course I took lots of pictures too ;)

The pics that I took from the actual school room literally had orbs, and they seem to move around. Some orbs are bright, and some you can barely see, but still do see. Not all pics have them. I was taking the pics one right after the other. I cleaned my lens right before we entered the school too. I use a digital Panasonic DMC-F27 which has the Leica lens. I've never noticed "orbs" before in my pics. Anyway when I got home, I uploaded the pics to my PC so I could share with other families from my son's class. The school room was on the dark side and my flash didn't seem to do enough, so I went through and adjusted the exposure (wondering if that has anything to do with "man-made" orbs?). Most of the pics from outside had no evidence of orbs. Approx. 4 outside did, and they (one-two orbs) were mostly on the long skirt of the school teacher. One was near my son.

When we went back inside, one out of 135 pics caught my eye for sure. I couldn't believe it. There was a mist near my son and one other boy. It's the only pic that had this too. That freaked me out. The orbs were eye opening for me, but that mist, was over the top! I tried to upload the pics to Shutterfly to share all the pics with the rest of the class, but it seems that I have been having difficulties with that. So can orbs follow you home? I've taken pics of our apartment due to an unexplained loud noise (to me it sounded like someone slammed heavy books on a table or counter in the family room, which is next to my bedroom at 11:45pm. I didn't find any evidence of anything falling or moving anywhere). I was so freaked out, that I took pics to see if something was with us that I can't see. There were few orbs in both bedrooms.

I took more pics the next day when my sons were in the family room, and there were 2 orbs in one bedroom. There was one very clear and distinct orb near my son, who went on the field trip, nothing near my younger son, and a few in my bedroom. It feels like I don't have privacy anymore. ARG! I've taken more pics at different times of the day and night to see what changes, if any. Why? I'm not sure. Really freaked out. BTW, I do hear some strange noises now and then, usually at night. Oh and past year I've been watching too many paranormal shows, I think. I seem to get up at or near 3am most nights, or should I say mornings? LOL. I know it must be me freaking myself out. Right?

July 8, 2012

Kay Zayac @ 2:08 am

Sometimes something will wake me up and I'll see a smoky mist. What is this?

July 31, 2012

angela @ 7:22 pm

I took a picture one time when we moved into apartment. It was of my son and mother. They were peeling wallpaper and right above them was a mist circling their heads. No one was smoking in the room. In that apartment, you could see it walk by the t.v., like a figure. It would sit on my bed and you could feel my bed go down and go up when it got off. It moved stuff around on my dresser after midnight. I was wondering if it could follow you to another place because it's happening where I'm at now.