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Paranormal Voices & EVP Audio Recordings

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Can the dead talk?

Many people believe that ghosts can communicate with us, while others are skeptical of such claims. A common tool used by paranormal investigators is EVP – also known electronic voice phenomena.

What is EVP?

EVP is speech (or speech-like sounds) heard on electronic devices, but not heard in the environment at the time they are recorded. Human-sounding voices will actually respond to questions posed by investigators, comment on situations, and will sometimes address paranormal investigators by name.

These voices have been recorded on a variety of electronic media such as tape recorders, digital voice recorders, video recorders and other devices. Strangely, the voices are not heard at the time of the recording; it is only when the recording is played back that the voices are heard.

There are thousands of these voices documented.  Researchers all over the world are capturing EVP's, and many of these voices have accents, and show strong emotion. These voices can respond to you, answer questions, and even ask questions of their own.

So, what does an EVP recording sound like?  Here are a few examples…

Real EVP Audio Recordings

1.  South Jersey Ghost Research recorded this EVP at Fort Mifflin, an old army fort. The investigator recorded a voice that seems to be that of a sentry at Fort Mifflin. There is a loud thump, like a boot or rifle butt slapping the floor and then a man’s voice says “Who goes there?”

2.  Here is another audio from the investigation at Fort Mifflin (recorded by South Jersey Ghost Research). On this EVP, you can hear a female voice saying “Come my children."

3.  The Allegheny Mountain Ghosthunters have captured some pretty clear (and diverse) EVP's.

6 Tips to Capture EVP Audio Recordings

627397_sound_peak_2.jpgEVP recordings can sometimes be difficult to capture clearly on tape. Use these 6 tips to capture the best possible recording.

1. Only use one side of any cassette tape, and only use that side once. Evidence from paranormal investigations is highly scrutinized, and not just by the skeptics, but also by other paranormal investigators. To reduce the chances of "bleed through" (a recording made on one side of the tape playing on the other side) only use one side. This will add technical credibility to your EVP recordings.

2. When you first begin to record at a location, make note of the date, time and location. Also, if you are going to be moving from room to room, or floor to floor be sure to mention it aloud. This will help you remember where you were when you process your recordings later.

3. Many new investigators get discouraged or frustrated by whispered or faint EVP. One thing that may (or may not) help would be to ask the spirits to please speak as loudly as they can.

4. If you are using an analog audio recorder, be sure to use a separate microphone. Recorders with built-in microphones create unwanted sounds from the internal motor and wheels.  However, if you are using a digital audio recorder, a separate microphone may not be necessary. When using a digital recorder, I have found that an external microphone actually INCREASES the amount of static recorded. So, if you have a digital recorder, you may want to *avoid* using an external microphone.

5. Keep conversation between yourself and other members of your team to a minimum. When you talk, speak clearly and in a normal tone of voice. Never whisper. This will help you distinguish between human voices, and a real EVP audio recording.

6. Do NOT use the voice activation feature available on some models of recorders. Voice activation starts recording AFTER sound begins, which means an EVP can be cut off, or completely missed.  Many EVP's are too quiet to be picked up by the voice activation feature.

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Comments on Paranormal Voices & EVP Audio Recordings

September 29, 2007

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December 19, 2007

How to Test a House (or Location) for Paranormal Activity @ 10:24 pm

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February 20, 2008

Carlos Guzman Jr. @ 3:35 pm

I am doing my own little research on EVP work and i have caught a few strange voices after i have asked if, if any spirits would like to talk, please do so now.

Michelle @ 10:38 pm

Congratulations Carlos.  Glad to hear you're having some success with EVP.  It can take several tries (especially if you're new to EVP) to get good results.  So, keep at it. :-)

February 23, 2008

Carlos Guzman Jr. @ 6:24 pm

I am keeping up on my EVP work and caught a couple of strange voices of that of a little girl (possibly).  I asked the question of "what is your name?"  A soft voice answered back "Nicole". (when i played the tape back) I did another EVP session a few nights later. when i went to check what i recorded, i first turned on the tape to listen, i heard a little soft voice say "why are you doing this?" 

I don't get scared when i am recording in the dark, but when i play back the recordings and do pick up these strange voices it kind of sends a chill down my spine that this EVP work is really working!  This is good ghost hunting at its best.

February 27, 2008

Michelle @ 9:36 pm

Great job Carlos.  Yes, it is a bit uncanny to hear voices on your tape recorder.  EVP is one of the best pieces of evidence we have for life after death.

March 19, 2008

vicki @ 5:30 am

Hey I was wondering, and this is probably silly, but you know in that film "White Noise," do you think that there are ones who like damage??  I have always wanted to try evp but since the film, I have been having second thoughts because it truly scared me.  My husband believes that it works and doesn't want me to try.  What do you think? Thanx!!

Michelle @ 7:45 am

Hi Vicki. I have not seen the movie, "White Noise," so I can't comment on the scenes in that movie. However, Hollywood usually portrays ghosts in a very negative light. Fear sells movies (thrillers)—as a result, Hollywood loves to present ghosts as negative, "evil" creatures. The truth is, most ghosts are completely harmless. With EVP, all you are doing is hitting "Record" and asking questions. It is only during playback that voices are heard.

If you are still concerned, you may want to read my comments to Christine, who asked a similar question. You can find that here: Ghost Hunting Protection – Subscriber Question.

Let us know how things go for you.

Lycanthrope @ 5:32 pm

You've come to the right place.  Michelle knows what she's talking about.  I've seen the movie "White Noise" and I'm also a field investigator, so maybe I can help you out a little.

Maybe a little background first, a couple of semi-famous investigators were called onto the set of that movie in order to lend their expertise.  The authenticity of the events that COULD occur in the movie are pretty much "right on".  As for the whole plot of the movie, it is almost complete fabrication.  The plot is based on one or two events in documented paranormal history that aren't even associated with EVP.  Most investigators agree that there may be a VERY SLIM chance of accidentally getting involved with an entity that is not benign, but that is VERY SLIM and 99.9% of the time, it's not a situation that is dangerous.

A few safe guards would be common in order to put yourself, the investigator, at ease.  Maybe a prayer and possibly a "cleansing", depending on your spiritual beliefs.  Other than that, you should feel COMPLETELY as ease with performing EVP work.  Even if, for some unknown reason, you should run across an entity that was "less than desireable", there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that this may be a dangerous situation.  Nothing like what happened in the movie HAS EVER BEEN DOCUMENTED!  There is plenty of help out here should you ever feel uncomfortable with an entity or situation.  A little precautionary measures may be prudent, but I wouldn't be too concerned with dangerous situations.  That's not to say, throw common sense out the window!  Good luck, and good hunting!

March 23, 2008

Beckie @ 12:48 pm

I have had alot of spiritual experiences throughout my life. I bought my first audio recorder yesterday, the day before Easter. I came home and recorded my first evp. I was recording, while asking my hubby if he wanted to watch TV. He didn't answer me, but something else said either "NO" or "Get Out", I can't tell. Then I decided to conduct my own investigation in my bedroom. When I asked if someone wanted to come through, I heard, what I first thought sounded like "MORT", then I heard "WHORE", the next morning when I played the tape again?? I can not play it on my pc. Anybody out there want to help me decifer what I'm hearing? email:

Lycanthrope @ 4:52 pm

I'm sure Michelle uses many different programs in order to "clean up" EVP's.  Since you're just starting out, I'd suggest learning how to either download or transfer your recordings onto your computer.  Once you've worked that out, a great beginner program you can use is called "Audacity".  It's free and pretty easy to navigate around.  It makes it pretty simple to visually pick out where some sort of sound may exist on your recording, then gives you the ability to enhance and clean it.  I don't have any connections to the creators of Audacity, I have used it and think it's an excellent program.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.

March 30, 2008

Robin C @ 7:49 am

Hello all! I have a question. I've been ghost hunting for over 4 years now. I've actually founded a group up here and Maine and last night we did an investigation. It was at a salon NOTORIOUS for being haunted. Various newspaper articles have been written, etc. The owner is psychic but has never let anyone in to investigate. She let us in! As soon as we went into the place the energy PUSHED US OVER. Myself and another member are very sensitive to spirit energy and the place was just crawling with it.

Here's my question. I have a digital audio recorder that I've used on all my investigations. It works perfectly.

Last night after we got home and uploaded the EVP's, after each question we asked, we got a blip. Like imagine a DJ scratching a record for a brief second. We only got them after we asked questions. It never happened over me talking or anything. Once, when I asked what year he was born, I got FOUR blips in a row…If you look at them in Audition in correlation with my questions, they look like responses.

We decided to test this and recorded 15 minutes of us just here at our house…where we didn't get ANY blips at all.

Has anyone had this happen? What do you think?

Thanks all :) This site is wonderful
-Robin C

April 3, 2008

Michelle @ 6:31 am

Hi Robin.  Thanks for the kind words—glad you're enjoying the site :-)  Congratulations on gaining access to the salon.  In my experience, blips happen when the entity/spirit cannot fully come-through.  It takes a certain amount of energy for spirits to come through (speak) on EVP recordings, and not all of them can do it successfully.

You may want to revisit the salon (as long as the owner allows it), and try capturing EVP again. I have found that spirits tend to come through more clearly over time. You could also try increasing the amount of white noise.  Sometimes that helps.  Congrats on your new site – some of your orb photos are interesting.

Michelle @ 7:10 am

Hi Beckie.  Lycanthrope gave you good advice.  Audacity is a great free tool that can help you edit, denoise, and enhance EVP's.  You can also try using the free demo version of Clear Voice for de-noising.

April 29, 2008

Chris @ 8:51 pm

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for the information you send.  I am just starting investigations, so I'm still a little shaky on some things.  I have had paranormal experiences all through growing up.  I just bought myself a digital voice recorder and I have two questions for now.  1- Does it matter the brand or price of the device ( quality purposes ) on how well the EVPs come out? 2- Am I able to get a decent EVP outdoors, say in a graveyard, or are they mainly for indoor investigations?

Thank you for what you do for us beginners. 


April 30, 2008

Michelle @ 8:06 pm

Hi Chris.  You're welcome — one of my goals with this site is to help new investigators get started.  As far as EVP recorders go, it does not matter which brand you purchase; however, I'm partial to Olympus and Sony.  These 2 brands of digital voice recorders consistently produce clear, clean audio.  A number of investigators are partial to the Panasonic RR-DR60, but this model is pretty difficult to find. 

To answer your second question…Yes, you can capture EVP's outdoors or in a graveyard with a regular digital voice recorder.  If (for some unknown reason), your digital voice recorder is not picking up sound effectively while outdoors, you can always add an external microphone.  Amazon has a number of quality, inexpensive EVP recorders.

May 26, 2008

Tracey Johnson @ 1:03 am

Hello again.  We went on a ghost hunt this weekend.  I used my MP3 player to record; the problem is when I downloaded it and used Audacity to try to download it, Audacity tells me to download as import raw data.  When I do this, all I hear is noise no voice and it runs through it in seconds.  When you use windows media player, it runs for the full 58 minutes that we recorded, and I am sure as hell I can hear moaning or crying in the back ground.  Can you help me in how to get the audacity to work correctly?

Tracey Johnson @ 2:39 am

Thank you so so much for this information, much appreciated.  Did I tell you we are the only group in South Africa that is doing ghost hunting, and we are going to have a web page?  Our e-mail address is and our name is SPIT.  It stands for Supernatural Paranormal Investigation Team.  We have already been in our local newpaper.

Tracey Johnson @ 4:12 am

Hi Michelle,

Could you assist me in where I can find downloads for the following documents?  I have checked as many sites as I can, and I cannot find any forms of these. 

Permission to investagate form
Indemnity form. (to use all data as we see fit ect)
Questionnaire for paranormal encounters – interview questions
Research questions
Ghost hunters checklist
Documentation of paranormal events

Michelle @ 8:22 am

Hi Tracey.  Here's why you're having trouble…

Because of software patents (i.e. lawsuits), Audacity cannot distribute MP3 encoding software themselves.  So, you will need to download and install the LAME MP3 encoder.  Once you've installed the MP3 encoder, you can easily import MP3 files directly into Audacity.  Just click on the link above, and install the encoder.  That should solve your problem. :-)

Judy @ 10:24 am

I have downloaded Audacity but I don't know how to download my recording from my digital recorder to my computer?  Any help would be appreciated.

Lycanthrope @ 8:14 pm

Hey Judy, I think you may need to do a little reading about the particular recorder you have.  Some recorders are USB compatable so, it's as easy as plugging it in and saving the sound file.  If it's not USB capable, you may need to plug a stereo cord into your computer much like you would a microphone and manually record and save your recordings.

May 27, 2008

Michelle @ 7:21 am

Hi Judy.  As Lycanthrope said, you will need to read the instructions for the particular brand of digital recorder you own.  Most digital recorders have USB connectivity.  After you plug in the recorder (via USB), go to "My Computer" (assuming you're using Windows) and click on the device.  You should see all your audio files.

Michelle @ 7:34 am

Hi Tracey.  Congratulations on forming a paranormal group, and being featured in your local paper.  That's great news.  If you want a full set of forms, I recommend Collier Marshall's ghost hunting guide.  It has an excellent forms section with all of the forms that you need.  I will also send you (via email) a handful of forms that I use.

Tracey Johnson @ 7:43 am

Hello Michelle

I have downloaded and installed the program LAME3 MP3 decoder, but I am still having the same problem.  I just don't know what else to do.

May 28, 2008

norman barajas @ 9:12 pm

I have an EVP, can I send it to you?  Want to know what you think, or do you know who I can send it to.  I have been trying to get an EVP at work for a long time, then we got a lot over the past year.  Now it's hard to get any.  Need pro help with this as far as what someone other than us thinks we hear.  Thanks for your time, like the website.

May 29, 2008

Michelle @ 7:23 pm

Tracey – I have never had a problem importing MP3's into Audacity. Perhaps there's a problem with your recording? You could try another audio editing software such as Clear Edit or ExpStudio.

Michelle @ 7:30 pm

Hi Norman.  Thanks for the kind words — glad you're enjoying the website.

Sure, you can send me the EVP, if you like. Or, if you want group feedback, just let me know and I'll see if I can post the EVP online for you.

June 11, 2008

Ron Fabiani @ 10:46 am


I am curious if you have any insight or experience with a concept our group is exploring.  We have had alot of success with traditional evp gathering.  Considering that you can view what your videotaping while recording, we thought to apply that concept to audio recording.  We are testing this idea by simply plugging a mic into a laptop and headphones as well.  Then recording through audacity.  We feel it would be great if we didnt have to playback a recording 1 or 2 days later in order to discover we (HAD) intelligent interaction.  If we can record, (and hear) intelligent responses live, then we can carry on with more questions.  Do you have any suggestions, opinions or experience with this concept or a possible alternative ?

June 13, 2008

Michelle @ 7:33 am

Hi Ron.  Yes, there are a number of groups that record EVP live (listening to the audio as it comes through & looking at the waveform).  When using an external mic and laptop, you may not have as much white noise (compared to using an audio recorder with built-in mic), but I don't think the difference will significantly affect results. 

There are a number of people who are experimenting with real-time EVP communication using audio boxes, and other mechanical devices.  Real-time EVP communication is a controversial subject—although if this subject interests you, there is a Yahoo Group on this topic.  There are also a number of engineers who have constructed their own audio boxes for EVP.  Here is a YouTube video of one.  I have never personally tried this (and frankly I'm a bit skeptical), but it's certainly an interesting subject.  Thomas Edison was one of the first scientists to investigate spirit communication/EVP in the 1920's.  According to reports, Edison started building a mechanical phone-like device, designed to capture spirit communication. 

Let us know how real-time EVP capture goes for you.

Patricia @ 10:11 am

Hi!  I'm new on this.  You just record it, and hear it later?  I didn't understand this "It is only during playback that voices are heard."  I mean… I understand but in this case, what does playback mean?  I just have to put on play after i record it?  * bye

Michelle @ 10:34 am

Hi Patricia.  If you are standing in a cemetery asking questions out loud, you will hear nothing but silence in response to your questions.  But when you press "Play" and listen to your recording, you may find voices (often responding to your questions or comments).  Hope that clarifies.  I have two videos on EVP here: EVP – Your Questions Answered

Ron Fabiani @ 3:23 pm

Hi Michelle, thanks for the information.  I viewed the material you had mentioned.  I must say I share your opinion.  I am not interested in (creating) evidence or adding (more) noise.  I have read about DC6 software being used for this due to its unique features.  I have also been told to connect a digital audio recorder to my laptop via the usb port and record as I normally would.  Credibility during investigations is crucial for me.  I know research and experiments must be conducted further.  If you or anyone else have any suggestions, please let me know.  Thank you.

June 15, 2008

Ron Fabiani @ 2:15 am

Hello again Michelle, it's Ron.  I was curious if you have experimented with live audio recordings.  Just to take a step backwards in the tech department, forget computers for a minute.  Have you ever taken a regular simple tape recorder and plugged in headphones while you are recording?  You can hear what your recording, through your recorder, in real time.  Taking this into consideration, do you feel that it is reasonable to believe this technique would enable you to hear evp's live, or, do you think the tape must be rewound and played back in order to hear them?  In your opinion, is there a difference?

Michelle @ 7:56 am

Hi again Ron.  The DC6 software looks promising.  I may have to experiment with this myself.  I have always listened to EVP after collecting the evidence (never while recording).  Theoretically, if you connect a tape recorder to headphones, you should be able to hear EVP as you're recording it.  Of course, theory and reality can conflict sometimes, so it might not be as easy (reliable) as it sounds.  I don't think you would need to rewind the tape in order to hear EVP.

Here's one possible negative, though.  Sometimes EVP (especially quiet EVP's) can be difficult to hear/recognize immediately without repetition, and this is especially true if you are not looking at the waveform.  Analyzing the audio could be time consuming, and distract you from asking questions/communicating with the spirit.  If you're working with a team, maybe one person could focus on analyzing the waveform/voices (with headphones and a computer running DC6).  Another person could focus on continuing to ask questions until you're certain you have EVP. 

It's definitely a subject worthy of experimentation.  :-)  

June 16, 2008

Lycanthrope @ 10:05 pm

Hey everybody.  Interesting conversation!  Just a quick note to help Patricia out, if a voice or sound is NOT heard by an investigator but turns up on a recording device, then it's considered "EVP" (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).  If the investigator DOES hear the voice AND it also turns up on a recording device, then it's usually considered a "disembodied voice".  Both are great captures but there is a difference between the two.  As for "live" EVP communication, I've seen a couple of attempts at this over the years, and it would appear that the best chance for it now is with computers and the technology we have now.  The reason for this is, many audio programs allow for viewing the "waveform" of the recording (as Michelle stated earlier) and also grabbing and sampling the current recording without disrupting the recording session.  What this means to the investigator is, if they have the manpower to analyze, review, AND investigate all at once, it may be possible to conduct a conversation.  I haven't seen anything concrete on this yet, but if I do run across someone (Maybe my group?!) that has successfully produced results, I'll let you all know.

June 17, 2008

Ron @ 2:07 am

Michelle and Lycanthrope,

Thanks for the feedback.  I have viewed numerous vidoes on YouTube and read on other sites about that Franks Box and others like it called Ghost Boxes.  I don't want to offend anyone however, I have not heard one (understandable) response to any questions asked during the sessions.  Yet it seems people are drawn to it.  It's just not for me.

Michelle @ 7:45 am

Lycanthrope – Thanks for your excellent comments.  Sure, please let us know if your group produces results with this.

Ron -  No worries.  As hinted in my first thread, I share your opinion about Frank's box (which is why I have never personally experimented with it).  Usually when someone talks about real-time EVP conversation, they are referring to one of these audio boxes/mechanical devices.  Like you, I'm fairly skeptical that these types of boxes can produce reliable, consistently credible evidence—although I would love to be proven wrong.  From what I have seen and heard, it's difficult to determine what's legitimate, and what is simply excess noise (fabricated or misconstrued) coming from the box. 

Maybe one day we will have something designed for clear, reliable, and credible EVP conversation in real-time.  In the meantime, keep us posted on your results with DC6 and live analysis.  I plan to experiment with the software myself, and see what type of results we can get.

June 20, 2008

valerie @ 7:30 pm

Can EVP recordings be done in a computer that can record?  It has a microphone installed into it.  The comp. is in the room I would like to try and record in.

June 21, 2008

Michelle @ 8:25 pm

Hi Valerie. Yes. Anything that records voice can capture EVP.

June 24, 2008

Ron @ 1:26 pm

Does anyone know where I can find articles or information about the different effects that Limestone, Granite, Quartz or Lead can have regarding paranormal activity?

June 25, 2008

Bridget @ 11:31 pm

Recently, I tried my hand at doing some EVP work.. it was my first time..I caught two different "voices" on recording.. one of a child and another of what sounds to be an adult.. but I can't tell if it's male or female.. I am eager to try EVP work again..

June 26, 2008

Ron @ 1:51 am

Bridget, it sounds like you scored a catch your first time out.  Remember, if you're using an actual "tape recorder", an external microphone is advised.  Were your evp's responding to specific questions you had asked, or just general talking?  Good luck and congratulations.  Keep going.


Michelle @ 9:57 pm

Bridget –  Congratulations.  Glad you caught voices on your first try.  Let us know how things go for you.

Ron — TAPS, and a number of other researchers, believe that certain natural rocks (Limestone, Granite, Quartz) store energy and have some effect on residual hauntings.  I did a quick search for you, and I didn't find very much on this particular topic. This forum thread – Limestone & Paranormal Link Hypothesis – has some interesting information.  The author believes that limestone puts out an EMF (due to natural decay), which increases the chance of paranormal activity.  This person's article mentions that limestone is a good absorber of energy and functions similar to a battery.  He writes:

Limestone and chalk work much like batteries in a way. They absorb and hang onto the energy of the environment and earth. Limestone tends to be very helpful in providing the earth with energy for trees and new plant life during the spring for this reason. Chalk is even a better energy absorber than limestone. Limestone is found in cement and cement bricks. 

If I find more, I'll let you know.  There's very little information online that deals with this subject (mainly theory and speculation).


June 27, 2008

Ron @ 2:08 am


Thank you so much.  You've been very helpful.  I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and interest.

July 4, 2008

Michelle @ 6:36 pm

No problem, Ron.  Glad to help out where I can. 

July 11, 2008

Ron Fabiani @ 11:15 pm

Another question for Michelle or anyone else.  What does anyone know about the success of using low frequency microphones for obtaining evp's?  These microphones are commonly used by musicians for large drums, etc.  There is some data that suggests evp's communicate at a lower frequency than we can hear.  Apparently, these mics help to bridge the gap. 

Does anyone have any first hand knowledge about this? 

Thanks in advance.

July 23, 2008

Christian @ 7:52 am

Hi Rob.  I just read your post and thought I'd give it a go.  The recorders that my team and I use are always set to record a higher freq; only then, they've said, is when they are successful at capturing EVP's.  I personally use a VN 4100 (Olympus) and have it set on HQX.  Now, it's said that most of the EVP's that are caught, are caught on the recorder but typically not heard with the human ear.  That's not to say that voices heard on recorders are higher or lower than what we can typically hear but that they're outside the range of what we can typically hear. 

From the Louisville Ghost Hunter webpage: It is debated among paranormal researchers that Electronic Voice Phenomena occurs "at best" in the 0 (Zero) to 80 (Eighty) Hz range.  The human voice allegedly (but debated) cannot go below 80 Hz, and so anything below that is not produced by the vocal chords of a human being.  EVPs can be found between the 0 (Zero) and (300) Three Hundred Hz range, but the most accurate are found between 0 and 80 Hz.  White noise, (pertaining to the noise not the movie) contains all the frequencies of sound that the human ear can detect.  So, many people use white noise in the background while recording their EVPs to record actual Electronic Voice Phenomena. 

A human voice can create frequencies as low as 300 Hz and as high as 3000 Hz.  Any voice that is recorded below 300hz or above 3000hz is popularly considered by most paranormal researchers an EVP.  Don't be confused with all of the scientific jargon and debate behind which frequencies are more "accurate," just keep in mind that the human voice is capable of various frequencies, and if you go below or above the ranges described above in the article, then you can better pinpoint the validity of the EVP. (  There is probably no wrong way to go about doing EVP work.  The good news is that there is audio software (that's free) such as Wavepad, which is capable of temporarily removing low freq or high freq. 

Hopefully this non-answer helps.

Take care,

July 24, 2008

Michelle @ 7:51 am

Excellent information, Christian.  Thanks for your input.

Ron — I don't have any firsthand experience with low frequency mics.  Interesting idea, though.

July 25, 2008

Ron Fabiani @ 12:51 am

Thank you to both Christian and Michelle.  I have done alot of research on this topic as well.  Our group does utilize wavepad.  I had come across some interesting data about the low frequency concept with EVP's.  We have had great results with standard digital audio recorders.  We have obtained a low frequency microphone to see if it gets us clearer or more results.  As you are all aware, this field is all about trial and error.  I will let you know how our preliminary testing goes.  We are going to record directly to a laptop and skip the audio recording device as well.  In the past, this has shown to have a great noise reduction.  Rather than add noise, we are trying to eliminate as much as possible.  We figure if alot of EVP's are recorded in a low frequency, then we should try and record there if we can.  Kind of like if you're going fishing, go where the fish are.

Thanks again.


August 6, 2008

Michelle @ 5:57 am

Ron — Sure, please keep us posted.  Very interested to hear your results.

maite munoz @ 9:00 am

Hello.  I'm from Canada.  I have a recording on tape of paranormal voices.  I'm in Audacity.  I don't know the installation.  In the recording, I have voices of women and need help.  Please help.

August 8, 2008

Michelle @ 3:24 am

Hi Maite.  You can find instructions for installing Audacity here.  What specifically do you need help with?

August 11, 2008

maite munoz @ 4:44 pm

Hello Michelle.  I have the program of Audacity, but I'm not able to find "line-in."  When I put the recording of the tape in the computer  I'm not able to get line-in and to read the hertz to really know if is spirit talking or ghost.   Women have been killed in my house years ago, and a lot of things happen.  Thanks Michelle.

September 14, 2008

Jim @ 8:20 am

Hi Michelle, I was wondering if you have tried getting any EVPS in a controlled enviornment, such as your house or a place you knew wasn't haunted.  Thanks, Jim

September 18, 2008

Michelle @ 7:54 am

Hi Jim.  Yes, controlled EVP can be very successful.  Not sure how much you know about EVP, but there are basically two kinds—field and controlled.  Field EVP is what most paranormal investigators practice, where you take recorders to a suspected/known haunted location and attempt to capture voices. 

Controlled EVP is favored by serious researchers and academics.  It involves capturing EVP in a non-haunted location, such as your living room.  It's typically done on a regular basis, preferably at the same time on a scheduled day.  Are you planning to experiment with controlled EVP?

September 19, 2008

Jim @ 5:59 am

Yes Michelle, I plan on doing mostly controlled EVP work.  I find it very interesting, although I plan on going to Waverly Hills in Oct.  I hope to get some good EVPs there.  My son got some interesting pictures there, the last time he was there.  Thanks, Jim

Michelle @ 11:54 am

Jim — Good luck w/ the controlled work, & with the Waverly investigation in October.  I think you'll end up with some excellent EVP's from Waverly.

October 24, 2008

Jack Wanamaker @ 9:06 pm

A few of my friends and I stayed in the Villisca axe murder house overnight this Wednesday.  A digital audio recorder that was set on the ground picked up a VERY clear voice saying "It's my house.  Don't say anything."  Nobody in the room heard the voice at the time of the recording, but it is strikingly clear on the recording.  It is by far the scariest thing I have ever heard.

November 26, 2008


Please can anyone help me or refer me to somone that does EVP readings in South Africa Johannesburg area?  I am also intressted to do this myself, but I dont have enough funds now to buy the equipment I need.  And I feel I dont have enough knowlege yet to do this on my own. 

So if any one can help me please e-mail me ASAP.


January 9, 2009

Ron Fabiani @ 4:23 pm

Hi Michelle,

Its been awhile since we have corresponded. I wanted to thank you and everyone else on this site who have (and still do) help each other with advice and techniques in regards to investigating the paranormal. Everyones contributions mean more than you know.

Additionally, I wanted to let you know that a new show will be aired in 2009 on A&E called "Paranormal Cops". The show is based on my group, the Chicago Paranormal Detectives. The press release came out on 1-6-09.

Being Police Officers who investigate the paranormal adds to the integrity and credibility of our cases. Given our primary profession, we can not afford to be sloppy or fraudulent. We have a much higher level of accountability and responsibility.

Again, thank you all and I hope you tune in.


January 15, 2009

Michelle @ 9:49 pm

Hi Ron,

Good to hear from you.  Congratulations on the "Paranormal Cops" TV show.  That's exciting.  I think you're right—police officers add a extra level of credibility to paranormal investigation.  Will we be seeing you on TV soon? 


Michelle @ 10:11 pm

Hi Vanessa,

I know Tracey Johnson's paranormal group is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Tracey left a comment (with her email address) several comments above yours.  You could try contacting her.


February 13, 2009

Mike @ 9:07 pm

Hello all.  This is my first visit to this web site.  I am with a paranormal investigation group in southern Arizona.  I have been doing investigations now for about a year and a half.  While we have gotten a few things on video and on still pictures, the majority of the evidence we have captured is audio (EVP).  I have been (and still am) amazed at what can be captured this way.  Some of our EVPs are very soft and quiet, some sound like a whispered voice and some are so loud and clear that it's hard to imagine that we didn't hear it at the time.  We had one in a graveyard (loud and clear) that called me by my last name … it said "come to me "my last name", I'm waiting for you".  When we captured this, it was only about a 5 minute recording, then we played it back over the digital recorder while out at the location.  It could be heard clearly over the small speaker playback on the digital recorder, so we were able to further pursue this while we were at the location. 

We were directed to a different location in the cemetery, where we again did an audio session and received another loud and clear EVP that repeated, "I'm waiting for you."  We also captured another one (different voice) that also was loud and clear and said "Go away from here, leave this place".  Now while this creeped me out a bit, I was ecstatic to have captured it.  I can share more with you all, but just wanted to get something out there to let you all know I'm here, and I'm enjoying this fascinating journey.  I believe that this physical life we are currently experiencing is such a small part of what we actually are.  The more I investigate, the more questions I have, but I'm also learning so much.  To all paranormal investigators out there I say "keep going,"  and am hoping we can share what we learn with each other so all can benefit.  God bless.

March 29, 2009

Michelle Myers @ 4:08 am

Hi Mike.  Thanks for your message.  Yes, EVP is one of the most interesting mediums to work with (and often one of the best at capturing evidence).  I like what you wrote about "The physical life we are currently experiencing is a very small part of what we actually are."  Completely agree.  I believe consciousness extends beyond the physical body, and we're only able to witness bits and pieces of that energy/spirit/consciousness at certain times and under certain conditions.  Thanks for sharing your experience and encouraging others.

May 28, 2009

James H @ 7:54 pm

Here is a link to my Panasonic RR-DR60 EVP's (you will need headphones) and you STILL might not be able to hear some of them.

June 6, 2009

jaqui @ 4:04 am

Hi. When on holiday I tried to record my husband snoring using a mobile…just me and him in the room. When I played it back, the only recording I had was awful F**k you f***ing C**t being said in a horrible raspy voise. It was in English though I was filming in a room in Gran Canaria…I still have tthis though I can't bring myself to listen to it again. Nearly everybody who has heard it says their hair stands on end…can you give any explanations for the voice??

August 14, 2009

Courtney Jimenez @ 1:53 pm

My grandpa died almost 2 years ago. My sister got a phone call on her cell phone. She did not answer it because she did not recognize the number. She then received a voice mail and she listened to it and it was in my grandpa's voice and he said "phillas" his wife's name. We weren't sure if it was just a prank call but she had called the number back and it was just a number that you would call to ask questions about your phone. Usually people don't call you from those kind of numbers. We were wondering if it was possible that our grandpa is trying to contact us by phone. I watch TAPS all the time every Wednesday nights. and I dont think that I have ever seen someone try to contact people by phone. if you would please give me your oppinion on this, it would be very appreciated.

Thank you,
Courtney Jimenez (18)
from: muskegon Michigan

September 23, 2009

tine V @ 5:09 pm

Today i was leaving my sister a voicemail cause she did not answer. When i went to play it back before sending it i heard i think "don't be scared"… It gave me chills up and down. I sent it to my sister and she saved it. She also heard it. I was just wondering if there was anyway or if it is even possible to send that voicemail to some evp person to know if it really was an evp or just our imagination.

Christine… :)

October 22, 2009

Tony @ 8:08 pm

hi Michelle and everyone, I was wondering if anyone has experimented with "era cues"? and if so if they have or haven't gotten results. also does anyone have experience doing evp's in a place where there has been activity of scratches and growling? I'd like to do an evp at my apartment but I have had scratches suddenly appear before deep enough to cause bleeding and although it doesn't hurt it is kind of creepy. it has happened before while sitting and talking to my g/f with my shirt off, she watched the scratches appear. I am a musician and have recorded in my apartment and nothing has shown up on my recordings but I also have not tried to get an evp there but I haven't try provoking any evps. I have taken photos and have had 1 shadow figure show up at a time when I had scratches appear(that's what made me take the pic in the hall). I guess mainly what I'm looking for is will something worse happen or will I just get scratched up doing evp work. the growling I've heard has been audible and wasn't captured on anything it was just heard by myself and 2 other friends. I do know that there are at least 2 possibly 3 spirits one which seems to be a child and one that I get a very warm nurturing feeling from and I smell perfume when she is near, the smell of perfume is how she makes herself known. I haven't ruled out that it may be one of these 2 spirits scratching me but I also haven't ruled out that it may be a 3rd entity doing it. any info would be helpful, I'd like to do evp work at my place but I want to know what I could be getting myself into first.

October 26, 2009

kimberly @ 1:48 am

This is my first time for doing evp, and i got a voice that sounds like a little girl crying. Then i asked Do you have any family here, and he/she said help me. Should i keep talking to them or just leave them alone? Thanks

November 5, 2009

Michelle Myers @ 6:52 am

Tony — If you are smart enough to know about "era cues," I'm guessing you probably know about scratches & growling – and what they're usually associated with.  It sounds to me like you may not be dealing with a ghost, but rather, an inhuman entity.  Physical scratches and growling sounds (coming from everywhere) are very rare, and are often associated with inhuman entities.  You will have to decide what's best.  If I were you, I would disconnect from the session, and remove myself from the situation.

Kimberly — See what you can discover about the little girl, and why she needs help. Unless she asks you to stop, continue with EVP.

November 9, 2009

Security Officer Gary W. Copeland @ 2:49 am

If I set a voice activated recorder in a room is it possible an E.V. P. would activate the voice activated recorder?

Security officer Gary W. Copeland

December 22, 2009

antonio rodrigues @ 12:18 pm

voice activated recorders are better they have option of switching from voice activation to normal recording

December 24, 2009

Angela @ 5:01 pm

Oh joy! I have been looking all over the internet to find out about the blips. I have them on my EVP! I know it has to be the same thing as you described. My oldest son was killed in June 2008 after being hit by a car on his bicycle. The very first time I tried to talk to him via recording, 4-5 blips happened right before his voice saying "its me" (and I mean VERY clear and loud) Although the voice was his, it sounds much younger than his age of 18. Then a few more blips after that. Well, another of my sons said a friend and him were studying the afterlife a few years earlier and he recognized those sounds. He actually called them"blips" too, He learned from his studies that somehow it is when the spirits come into the frequency or something like that. Have you found out anything else? I also read an article that when some investigators hear these sounds they listen very closely because know they will be getting a Class A EVP following them Thank you very much for posting this and I will be looking forward to hearing back from you!
Merry Christmas, Angela

January 16, 2010

Ram @ 12:14 am

hey am new to this kind of paranormal huntings…….. but i have got many evps from an elder bro. he has been in this for around 2 years. so ill be posting many such evps here … happy huntings guys. please help me if i need your assistance.

April 14, 2010

Ethan @ 1:53 am

I just watched 'paranormal activity' and was wondering if anything like that has ever happened? Has someone been dragged out of bed, or anything out of the ordinary like that? Cheers

April 17, 2010

KRAZY BILLY @ 2:06 am

Let me start by saying that this is a cool site and that i think that it is awesome to see so many people getting into paranormal investigation! However, I do have a question. About six years ago my best friend died in a car accident. when he was still alive we were like brothers. we even made a promise to one another that if one of us should die, we would come back and haunt the other one. my question is… even though i have moved about 200 miles from where the actual accident happened and from where he is buried, is it possible for me to catch his voice on E.V.P.? and is there anyway that i can be sure its him? anyway, thanks for your time.

April 23, 2010

Jim H. @ 8:40 pm

Krazy Billy….YES, your friend can be with you anytime or anywhere. Unless your friend is busy with something more urgent in there location…just think about them and they will be there :) Get a Sony ICD-B7 recorder from eBay for about $20 used price (is one of the better recorders to get evp's) Then you want to download FREE "Audacity" sound editing software. For the Sony B7 (mono recorder) you will need a mono/stereo 1/8" (normal small headphone size plug) patch cable and connect the MONO side to the recorder, then stereo to the Microphone-Line In side of PC. IF you cannot find a Mono/Stereo patch cable then you must purchase a Mono-Male to Stereo-Female "adapter" to connect to your S/S patch cable…the adapter needs plugged into the recorder… doing this mono-stereo connection, BOTH headphones will play sound….if NOT making this switch, then sound from just one ear is not enough. Some of these EVP's can be very WEAK audio for sure. I have recorded some that spoke LOUDER than my voice though.

It might take a week or 2 until you hear your FIRST evp. It took me 10 days with my DR60 recorder. Be prepared to hear some sad voices (help me-were scared-get me out) things like that (very common when you first start getting them). You will even get completely UNKNOWN people saying your name!! Talk about an ODD feeling. Contact me clockdryve-yahoo for any help you may need. *I have received EVP's from my Uncle (2 of them) from my Mother….but have NOT heard from my friends yet (but have heard my cat 3 times). I DID have an evp say "yes…we…are…with…your….friend" but my friend hasn't spoken yet. I have about 150 EVP voices. Take care. Jim H

May 22, 2010

steven @ 11:10 pm

good luck with finding EVP's people

July 25, 2010

Casey @ 3:06 pm

Hi I'm casey rainey and im only 11 years old and i can see and hear the died and i have some quistons………please email me………My family doesnt belive me that i see and hear them i try to talk to my mom about them But she keeps saying "Oh casey nothing is there they aint real" and i get scard when i see and hear them at night i hear them walking in my kichen and i would walk in there and i could see a shadow just standing there looking at me and Last night i was in my room wich is on the 2ed floor i was sitting on my bed and i saw something crowling out of the bath room and i Screemed at the top of my longs and it crowld faster and said SHHHHHH! i was never here and disaperd my brother can running up thestair i told him what just happend and again he didnt belive me :'( Please e-MAIL me i need to no what i should do…….. and also I tell them Nicely that its my house and i need them to leve but i see them more affter that……….even my friends see them sometimes…………..pplease let me know!

August 7, 2010

E.michigan @ 9:24 am

I was on the phone the other day 8/6/2010 with my girlfriend who was on her way home from school when a few min in to our conversation i heard what sound like like whispering, not static, white noise but whispering that was fast and uncomprehensible i kept saying hello hello can you hear me and all i could hear was the whispering this lasted a few seconds and when it finally cleared up i could hear my gf saying hello hello as well she then asked me if i was messing around on the phone and i said no, on her end she heard a growling voice that came with the whispering anyone else ever have an experience like this?

September 28, 2010

ana Camareno @ 11:49 am

I am trying to put a EVP together but I don't know how to do it please help me to make one.

ana Camareno @ 12:17 pm

Casey you don't have to be scared. sometimes this spirits come just to tell you things. know that they know you see them. they come more often they're trying to communicate. You have only one choice stop screaming and listen. If you keep telling you parents about what you see they will take you to the hospital and medicines with you and you are not sick in your head. ask them what they want maybe they need help to make the transition to the other side. maybe unfinished business. some of them look ugly and some of them look normal. so don't be scared. they aren't going to hurt you. Take care girl.

November 13, 2010

Scott @ 7:03 pm


I would love to post my recordings from last night for input. I have a lot of white noise, but I can clearly hear a woman's voice. I did hear a voice while I was recording last night, too, that occurs the first time I can recognize that I captured something. I asked if there was something that tied the spirit into the house. I heard "… is that for me?", and I caught more voice a few seconds later, but I can only make out, "yes, …".

I'm using a Sony ICD-MX20 and I can hear it on the recorder itself, on the Digital Voice Editor software it came with (with the "voice up" function on), and in Adobe Audition amplified 30 dB. Funny, though, it only comes through the right channel… which coincides with the location I heard the voice from (it's a stereo recorder).

And one other question, should I have the recording settings set to the highest quality, and the mic settings to high sensitivity? This is my first time doing this.

So yeah, where can I email these recordings to be posted?

November 14, 2010

Michelle Myers @ 9:25 pm

Scott — The settings you had for the mic & recorder should be fine. However, you can always experiment w/ different settings to see how it affects your results. Sure, if you want me to post the EVPs online for comments/feedback, send them as an email attachment. I just replied to you via email.

January 24, 2011

Allan Voichuk @ 1:15 am

Hi. I have had a few paranormal experiences during my childhood and have always been very interested in this subject. I recently purchased a program for an android phone called Entity Sensor Pro. The program uses the microphone of my phone to make EVP recordings and measures electromagnetic signals. The program displays 3 types of milligauss measurements. They are X mG, Y mG, and Z mG. THe readings for each are usually very different. Does anyone know how to interpret these readings and what the differences are between them?

I have a few EVP recordings but I did not ask any questions during them. I picked up a lot of static but sometimes there would be interruptions in the static. Would anyone be interested in hearing them and giving me their feedback on them? If interested e-mail me at Thanks

March 1, 2011

EnglishBloke @ 7:14 pm

Should never 'clean up' evp, it no longer becomes a evp but some manipulated audio and end up causing false positives.

March 14, 2011

Nancy Gulick @ 10:58 am

Can anyone tell me of a good virus free audio review download that I can use to review audio tapes and recordings?

March 27, 2011

darren @ 6:10 pm

hiya, just wanna know where i can send my evps so other pepole can comment on them and meet like minded pepole who like the paranormal. my flat has produced some very interesting evps that i can not explain by normal methods. thanks darren.

April 6, 2011

Kurt @ 1:11 pm

One important thing left out is the wait time after you ask a question. I always count silently in my head to at least 8 between each question. I have found that many times you don't get an answer until at least that long after the question is asked. I have some EVP examples as well as a ghost box string of answers on a recent investigation that can be seen and heard at the link above.

April 8, 2011

sharon @ 12:49 pm

Hello, Carlos. I realize it's been years, but how did your connections with the little girl turn out? Her name is Nicole.

April 26, 2011

sharon @ 10:54 pm

my son was killed on june 16th 2007. he called me on the phone and said im all right, or he said i said hi. i want to know how i can connect with him better.

June 24, 2011

Paul @ 10:53 am

I think that's so cool. my house isn't haunted, but if it was I would stay up every night until I got proof.

August 28, 2011

Candoey @ 12:15 am

Independent Paranormal Men – Have you ever listened to Electronic Voice Phenonemon (Evp)? Using a modified AM/FM radio that continuous scans can open up a portal for "Two-Way Real Time Spirit Communications." Be able to talk with spirit entitys, ask questions and get answers. This ghost box radio is an ITC. (Instrumental Trans-Communication) device for communicating with the other side or from beyond, transcending space and time for a supernatural experience. Yes, please visit my YouTube "Candoey Channel" for viewing.

August 29, 2011

sharolyn @ 2:48 pm

I have been having some dark shadows, and alot of physical feelings in my home. I recently discovered on my digital camera camcorder, a man saying something to me. how do i get it to where it isn't garbled?

September 7, 2011

starfire @ 10:01 am

Hi to all. First I would like to express my amazement of the contribution and seriousness of everyone who has posted. While reading all of this, i was honestly expecting to find others scoffing and making fun of all your experiences and I am amazed as i feel you are all people I can share my experiences with, without being scoffed at.

Firstly, i have been having psychic experiences since I turned 18. im 25 now, so it's really nothing new. But recently there has been in my house, a weird baffling happening as i was thinking of going to sleep. With my eyes wide open, I saw 3 male figured suspended mid-air, in bronze robes and marine sashes. i saw then in great detail. Very tall looking and hefty, yet noble-like or rather dutiful. one of then walked away as the remaining 2 spoke to 1 another with a nod, seemed telepathic to me, i dunno. soon as that was done, the one who had been in the middle of the 2 said, in a loud clear voice, 'it is time', then the other nodded, and they disappeared.

I was freaked out, and during this occurrence i was sweating…heavily…and scared as i was still wide awake. I really have no idea what to call that, but i assumed they must have been aliens or something, cos they did have big elongated heads, and were brown. no harm, just that message. What is it time for? they didnt even seem concerned with my presence, but they were hovering in my bedroom. I have heard many voices before, even communicated and seen spirits, as well as felt them, but nothing i have ever experienced has been this open. If anyone here can help me, that would be much appreciated.

I should also note that months before then, and immediately after that I kept seeing either "TYM" or "ITS TIME" on license plates, books, tv (out of nowhere) and the radio.

September 21, 2011

jessica @ 11:27 am

Hi, i had gotten a voicemail from my husband while he was at work. you can hear him working…he called my phone without even knowing it…i swear i can here a voice whispering saying, "tracey come here"…& after a few sec it says, "shes here. shes here"… is there a way i can transfer my voicemail to computer and send it off to an investigator? please help me figure this out.

October 16, 2011

melissa @ 9:30 am

Is there anything out there that can turn your laptop into a ghost hunting tool? Like radar, evp, emf and video all in one? or anything like that.

October 20, 2011

Brent Tower @ 9:43 pm

@melissa…i have to be honest with you…laptops dont have the proper means to do so….however…you can try and capture an EVP with audacity…they have a free download.

October 23, 2011

farooque @ 3:24 am

hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask a question or not, but im wondering if a 'white noise' ghost box is better than just a plain tape recorder for spirit communication. any suggestions or recommendations would really be helpful. thank you. i have seen some evp equipment that is like 300 and some 60 dollars. some look too complicated to operate.

Amy @ 2:20 pm

I have had something follow me for at least 20 years now. my children are experiencing things and I'm still being held down. My friend wants me and my husband to do evps but I'm scared it will make everything worse. honestly I'm so scared, I don't sleep without taking meds to knock me out…Even have a bruise on arm of a thumbprint from being held down…Does anyone know if an evp will make it worse?? Plz help

October 31, 2011

Jessica @ 1:34 pm

Hi all! I have a few things to ask. I just recently moved into an old house that has been around for a couple hundred years. It has now been 4 months and after the first month I started experiencing weird activity. My bathroom door almost hit me in the face, as if someone had pushed it open. my dishes have ended up on the floor and sometimes I hear footsteps through my house, as well as my pantry door being opened. I am a firm believer in ghosts (I especially enjoy Ghost Adventurers). however with no real experience, I am not sure what I am looking for.

My neighbors know of a woman who died in this house 15 years ago. While most of the activity happens during the night in the kitchen, I also hear strange noises from my daughters baby monitor. Just two days ago I went to six flags and left the recorder on for those days while no one was here, not even our dog. I have been listening to the tape and have found some weird noises. One is of a door handle rattling and then you hear my door to my bedroom open. (I know it's my bedroom door lol as I have distinguished what all my doors sound like.) I also heard a toy start playing out of the blue from my daughters room and we had them all cut off. I have tried doing an evp session, but I was not able to capture any voices. Now I am unsure how to proceed. Thanks Jessica!

November 6, 2011

byron @ 10:09 pm

can iphone 4 be used for taping paranormal activity with an add on infrared app?

can it serve as an appropriate recording device to hear evp's?

is the video feature strong enough to capture detail?

November 11, 2011

karen @ 8:54 am

Hi There. I'm also an investigator and specialize in EVP's. I use a digital recorder set to high quality and i have approx 200 audible sounds and voices ranging from single words to complete sentences, some of which are just mind blowing. i must say though conducting an EVP session is one thing, analyzing the tape is quite another. it does get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.

Michelle is right when she says its the best most concrete evidence you can get to prove life after death. any budding amateurs out there wanting to try it SHOULD just make sure you have no contaminate sounds going on, the quieter the better. this also makes analyzing a whole lot easier. i use a computer program called Audacity. you can download the basic version for free, just google it!!

November 17, 2011

Laurence Burris @ 6:09 pm

Great information! I'm very interested in EVP and will be getting a digital recorder soon! Thanks again for these great postings.

November 19, 2011

scott @ 2:18 am

hello everyone, im new to recording evps. i went to the local cemetery to see if i could catch any spirits but im not sure how to decipher any of my recordings. please help. i have the olympus dm420 and i went to my best friends mothers grave to hopefully hear her speak to us. if anyone could help me, i would greatly appreciate it.

November 20, 2011

scott @ 2:34 pm

hello again. i did some local evp sessions and after asking questions i get a noise that sounds like something is tapping on my recorder — as if an entity is trying to let me know its there. what could this be? also another question. if anyone else is using the olympus sonority DM 420, can you tell me the best settings to record the best evps? thank you very much for the help.

renee @ 11:42 pm

starfire -

I am amazed by your experience… It is EXACTLY what happened to my grandfather, only the man said "It's not time." My grandfather was living with my aunt at the time; he was experiencing a bit of dementia and was very sick. Suddenly he called her into his room to tell her that he saw three "military men, whispering about me, at the end of my bed. One said 'It's not time.'" They disappeared.

I have no idea what this means or meant, but felt I had to share. Hopefully if anyone else has the same experience they will have an answer? It's so strange. It seems to be a means of connection to "The Other Side," in my opinion.

Take care!

November 22, 2011

karen @ 4:12 pm

hi scott. everyone thinks cemeteries are haunted. its a myth. you can capture EVPs anywhere really. have a quiet environment so there is no contaminate noise and leave a good 10 dec between questions. this make it easier to hear your findings when you analyze them. I use a software program called Audacity. you can download it free, just google it. then plug your recorder into your computer and upload your files. then open them with audacity and go from there. its very easy to use and you can document the times you think you have an EVP. i hope this is helpful scott. good luck :)

February 9, 2012

Shae Wollek @ 9:18 pm

We have had very odd things happening in our home. We have recoded several evp's and sounds like a little girl and an older man. My boyfriend was going pee, and the little girls voice comes across clearly saying "peeing." It's kind of humorous. Anyhow, we hear the man say "shh…..what's that" and we have let them know what we are doing and what it is.

So my question is, what should we say that could allow ghosts to know we're curious as much as they are? That we mean no harm, and would like to communicate with them?

June 14, 2012

Tammy Martinez @ 4:51 pm

Hello all,

I have been recording since July of 2011. My 18 year old son died in a tragic car accident, and he and I were extremely close. I often record as I sleep. I hear him call my name "mom or mama." I have also heard him say other words as well. It appears he is "clicking something." I have spoken to him on ocassion and asked if it was him, and he did respond "yes."

My question is, my husband and daughter can hear him whisper in their ear; however, I cannot. I am curious as to why I cannot hear him. There are also questions he will not answer when I ask him only very few. There are many times when I can smell him throughout the day, or will hear him knocking on doors or walls.

When I record at night, there is a tremendous amount of static, as though a wind is blowing directly into the speakers, and other nights only clicks…..Any suggestions, as I am new at this? Are there better times to record?

June 20, 2012

Paranormal Actress @ 3:30 pm

Hello, I'm new at this so I was wondering if anyone could help me. My high school's big stage and seating area are supposedly haunted. Now I do believe, but I am also skeptical. There are about 5 phantoms that are meant to haunt there. A little girl (who no one sees, only hears) and the rest are shadow figures of guys (they also talk). A few months back, a group of friends and I were on the stage taking a break after we had finished our children's theater practice.

We decided to go ghost hunting for fun. I got the idea to record us just in case we caught something. I did. I keep listening to the recording, and I'm not sure how to tell if it's an EVP or not. It sounds like it says: No, Go, So, or Woe. I'm just not sure. Please help me if You can. Thank you and Happy Hunting.