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Intelligent Ghost Hauntings & Weird Electrical Activity

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I've received a number of questions about intelligent ghost hauntings, so let's tackle some of these questions.

What is an Intelligent Haunting?

greencorridor.jpg An intelligent haunting is the rarest type of haunting. (Residual hauntings are far more common.) In this type of haunting, you are dealing with an "intelligent" presence that can communicate with you, and interact with you in a seemingly "intelligent" way.  This ghost is best (and most simply) described as the personality of a person who once lived and who has stayed behind in our world.

A good example of an intelligent haunting can be seen in the movie, "The Sixth Sense." The main character in "The Sixth Sense" could hear, see and speak with the ghosts around him.

The ghosts portrayed in the movie were actual human spirits that had not yet crossed-over, and had some unfinished business with a living person (or a message they wanted to deliver before crossing-over). Some intelligent ghosts are too emotionally attached to their loved ones that they refuse to cross-over.

Are Intelligent Hauntings Dangerous—Should I Be Concerned?

Intelligent ghosts are not "evil" or "dangerous," as some people would have you believe. "Intelligent" ghosts are simply human personalities, and if the spirit was a kind and caring person in life, the spirit will most likely be the same way in death. Likewise, angry and mean people will usually keep those same negative character traits as spirits.

What Are the Signs of an Intelligent Haunting?

An intelligent haunting can be very annoying because the spirit/ghost seeks to get the attention of living people. The ghost can be compared to a child seeking attention. To get attention, the ghost may try turning things on and off, hiding objects, moving things, and other annoying or nuisance behaviors.

Some possible signs of an intelligent haunting include:

- Objects are hidden from you, furniture or small objects are moved, doors open and close, and things turn on and off (such as lights, faucets, radios, TVs).
- Slamming doors, and unlocking doors and windows.
- Strange sounds (that are not residual or repetitive in nature).
- Cold chills and a strong presence.

The ghost/spirit may be looking for assistance to pass over or for assistance to accomplish a certain task. The spirit may also be seeking company with the residents. The key factor in an intelligent haunting is that the ghost can interact with you (communication—it responds and notices human beings).  If the ghost does not notice you or other human beings, and cannot interact or communicate with you, it's not an intelligent haunting.

Subscriber Question –
Voices & Weird Electrical Activity

473721_the_light_shines_through.jpgI received a question from a subscriber named Mary, who is experiencing some strange activity in her home. Mary claims that she has heard unexplained voices, and the radios in her house turn on automatically (one in the basement, and one in the kitchen), one right after another, with no plausible explanation. Mary says this happens mostly at night and sometimes during the day, and that neither radios are set to "alarm," so they should not be turning on randomly.

Mary's case might be an intelligent haunting.  First, Mary should check to see if there are natural causes that could explain the weird electrical activity in her home (short circuits, electrical wiring problems, etc.).

If no natural/scientific explanation can be found, then it's possible that Mary might have an intelligent spirit/ghost in her home.  If it is an intelligent haunting, it seems that Mary's ghost is playful. Sometimes close relatives who have recently died can attempt to communicate with their loved ones by turning things on and off, and acting in this manner.

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Comments on Intelligent Ghost Hauntings & Weird Electrical Activity

November 6, 2007

mike @ 4:03 pm

i have had a situation like that in september 2007.

March 28, 2008

Michelle Richardson @ 10:14 pm

My roommate and I experienced the haunting of a man that supposedly committed suicide in our apartment. I had violent illnesses in this place.  The ghost would turn on faucets and make things disappear that would never be seen again.  We never knew what was going to happen next.

I saw him one night as I was going to sleep.  He was standing in the dining room with an expression of "how do I get through to these people?"  I was never afraid of him. Looking back, I wish I had focused more on getting him crossed over than what was going to come up missing.  It was a very intelligent haunting.

April 3, 2008

Michelle @ 6:58 am

Hi Mike & Michelle.  Thanks for sharing your experiences.  Yes, it can be tough living in a house with intelligent spirits and a lot of activity. 

April 4, 2008

Elizabeth @ 6:00 pm

I've had a lot of weird experiences. When I was pregnant with my son who is now almost five. It was father's day or something like that and I was at my brother's house for dinner with my family. At around 3ish, I felt an anxious need to leave. So, I left and was listening to a Moby CD and just started to cry and cry and cry. This could easily be attributed to hormones because I was pregnant; however, what happened next would prove it was more than that. I started driving and driving until I found myself at a cemetary. I began to walk a few feet and found myself standing over my godfather's grave. He had died four years earlier and because we lost touch, my family and I didn't know where he was buried. We were very close when I was a child, but because my parents and he grew apart when I was 13 or so, I hadn't seen him much since then.

Lately, there is a stereo in my family room that keeps turning on by itself at all times of the day and night a couple times a week. That could also be attributed to the television near it, but sometimes it turns on when the television is not on. Once it turned on full blast at about 3 or 4 am while I was working. No one else heard it or was awakened by the noise. I went downstairs to turn it off.

Last night, an electrical pencil sharpener went off at about 2 am. It was going on for about an hour. Electrical pencil sharpeners don't usually work unless there is a pencil inserted in the sharpener and no one was awake. I tried to ignore it and it turned on and off for periods at a time for about an hour.

I don't know what's going on….

June 28, 2008

misty hatch @ 2:31 pm

I have had similar experiences as a child when my family moved into this house.  I knew instantly and my mom literally dragged me into that house.  But we had things come up missing, stuff that would be sitting on countertops like coffee cups come flying off the counters and break onto the floor.  I was picked on by whatever it was, started off nice and then turned very mischevious.  We've all see it at different times.  Always for negative or positive attention, it did not matter how it got it.

July 4, 2008

tammy weaver @ 3:27 pm

My brother died in our house.  We where both ghost hunters before he died, he was ill long time, was 34 yrs.  We decided that if 1 of us went, we would stay in contact, to see what it was like, cause we studied before this.  Well he does, a lot, the first time it was taking exercise walk day time.  We always walked together, and he popped up beside me and said boo, and laughed at me.  I said I thought you where trying to scare me, he said no just hanging out.  I said are you here to stay he said no just checking in.  He looked good. I'm not crazy, then one time all my kids toys with battiers went off all at once.  Freaky, that got me the kids freaked out.  I had to take a butter knife and rip every one of them open.  Ripped battiers out, threw them out back.  Next day burned them.  Six light bulbs blew that night too, so we have fun down here.

July 15, 2008

Darlene @ 10:56 am

July 2, 2001  My 12 year old niece was staying with me, when she walked to the store, and never came back.  9 months later, they found her remains…the first strange thing that happened was, I had pictures hanging on the wall along with my niece and her brother's picture, all the pictures but my niece and her brother flew off the wall.  Then our sound system would turn itself up very loud, and then turn off.  This has happened many times over the years, I always thought it would be her Lydia and always talked out loud and told her she can visit anytime.  Well just this week, things have been getting more active.  First, my daughter took a picture and there ended up being a shadow against the hallway wall, then my other daughter heard someone whisper her name into her ear.  We have a extra room and I set up some small dolls in the room along the wall, a few mornings later early about 4am I was awake trying to sleep when I heard a girl giggle.  My daughters, 17&16, were asleep so I know it wasn't them.  Later that morning, I looked into the extra room, all the dolls were laid in a complete circle.  I put the dolls back told Lydia if that was her, do it again.  30 minutes later, I looked and now the dolls were laid out in a way that it spelled DAR, my name.  She called me, I tired another thing, put the dolls back, took a puzzle apart and laid it on the floor told her to play with the puzzle…about 2am this morning, I went in and the dolls now spelled out HI and 3 of the pieces of the puzzle were put into place… I know this is my niece and I'm more than delighted to have her here.  She was so close to me, she was like my daughter…..Sorry this is long but I'm excited and wanted to let you know.  This is not scary at all, I see this as a gift…

Lycanthrope @ 5:43 pm

Hi Darlene, Congratulations!!!  I'm glad to hear that you're not "afraid" of what is going on in your home.  Since you are one of the "lucky" few to be aware of family trying to make contact, I would STRONGLY suggest you conduct an investigation!  If you're not familiar with how this is done, I'm sure Michelle would be more than happy to walk you through the basics.  This could be a GOLDEN opportunity for you to communicate with your niece, and also get some "verifiable" evidence for paranormal investigators.  Good Luck and keep us updated!

Darlene @ 6:27 pm

Hi again… I put letters from a game down on the floor in the extra bedroom where we have been having all the activity.. I spelled out hi lydia (nieces name) I just went up and looked at the letters, it now says I hurt…I want to keep communication open with my niece.  Her murder is a cold case, and I would like help to see it solved and have my niece at rest… Anyone out there can give me advice on this?… thanks… going to get a tape recorder and try a little EVP…thanks

July 25, 2008

Kristen Carle @ 8:50 pm

I live in North Carolina.  I have had a fascination for paranormal stories and researching poltergeists and stuff.  I like to watch Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted shows like that.  I thought it to be so wicked awesome, so me and my family are planning on taking a trip this weekend down to the coast near the beaches, where about a half an hour NE of Myrtle beach is the battleship USS North Carolina.  I have heard about many stories of paranormal experiences.  This is my first time actually going and checking out a famous haunted place and searching for spirits.  I've read that there are not many ghosts on the ship, but tourists are known to come and try to see it for themselves.  Well, I just wanted to share this and let ya know that I'm excited about going on my first "ghost hunt"!  I am currently studying about ways to detect paranormal energy and how to communicate with them.  I am a big fan of EVP and will probably be trying that out.  Well bye for now, I've typed too long, lol :).  Just wish me luck ok.  I would gladly accept emails on ghost hunting tips for beginners……PEACE!!!!

August 5, 2008

tammy weaver @ 3:23 pm

Darlene you said all the pictures came off the wall but her and her brother.  Well, there's your answer.  Look at the pictures that fell off …she told you who killed her.  They are in the pictures.  Lay the pictures out on floor, all of them.  Ask her to move the picture of who hurt her.  Now lay them in a very staight line, put a bible below them.  I'm not crazy, the picture will move lower toward the bible.  No toys, don't confuse her energy.  No questions to her.  No letters.  Just ask who hurt you and back away.

August 6, 2008

Michelle @ 5:47 am

Hi Kristen.  The USS Battleship North Carolina is probably a good choice for your first ghost hunt.  The Battleship has a fair amount of activity (mostly residual), including loud banging, phantom footsteps, phantom smells, hatchways opening and closing, etc.  Good luck!

November 29, 2008

Rachel @ 10:54 am

I have lived in two flats with unearthly visitors.  In the first flat, we had a lot of poltergeist activity.  It would shut my cat up in the spare room.  One morning, I woke, as I heard the spare room door open.  As I got out of bed, I noticed the handle on the door was moving.  I said to the spirit that it was welcome, but would have to leave the cat alone.  It did other things around the flat like throwing a whisk into the middle of the kitchen floor, when my husband and I had a lover's tiff.  It got to the stage that when we were in danger from our drug dealing neighbours that it would send things flying to warn us.  When we moved, I actually felt a sense of loss in having not known how to better to communicate with it.

Then in 2001, we moved into our present flat.  There was some poltergeist activity, and I was to see two apparitions.  One of a young girl in Victorian dress.  The other turned out to be somebody I once knew that had been murdered.

One of the resident spirits lived on the land in the 1800's, and was grounded through guilt.  I had to do research on the property, as I was recording his voice on EVP and heard his voice as an audible, prior to him giving me a smack on my backside (it stung, but it felt more like a love smack, then one intended to harm.  I felt a large hand, but nobody was behind me).  It was then that I found out about Barnabas.  Strange, I found I got close to his spirit, and eventually came to learn a lot about him through research.  He use to turn on our telly, radio and when I was in the study—he turned the light on for me.  I didn't even have to get up.  I helped him return to his loved ones, and think of him still.

It is strange how spirits are intelligent and interactive—some of them can affect you in such a way that when they go to the light, you find you actually miss their presence.  I have been very fortunate in that I have not had any negative hauntings.

December 18, 2008

Angel @ 8:01 pm

I just started realizing that I have a follower or followers.  I thought it was just my house, but it's everywhere I go.  I can even show other people the activity.  It scares some people, but not all.  I have recently had the stereo play a cd when it was turned off when we went to bed.  Each time it turns on at 3:11 and 3:10 am for the past two nights.  My boyfriend and I were really puzzled by it.  It almost seems as if it is in my dreams and is trying to warn me of something.  Me and my boyfriend are constantly fighting because of these weird things happening.  It's almost like the ghost is trying to break us up.  There is not an explanation for so many things that makes things really difficult.  Just a thought!

January 21, 2009

Tami @ 3:41 pm

Hi, I've had something in my house for quite sometime…I see a shadow moving in my hallway back and forth.  The shadow saw me look @ it, then came where I was…got scared ran out of my house with my child.  Also think I heard it talking through my tv frequently…fire alarm went off the night before around 2am and the following night …I told it to stop.  No more occurence….light went off in the whole house then came back on…Heard knocking on my dresser…someone please tell me what this can be…

February 8, 2009

Sue @ 9:20 pm

I, too, along with my family have experienced so many things over the years—I know there's something to all of this.  We all believe in this stuff because of all our experiences.  What type of haunting would leave a single coin—a dime over and over—when there wasn't one before?  It usually happens when there is some stressful feelings, surroundings, or certain concerns.  We all from the start felt strongly that it was my deceased brother-in-law who we were all so very close with—he had been murdered at 29.  Is this an intelligent haunting possibly?  I have so many unbelievable experiences to share.  I wish I could get them all down!

February 9, 2009

jeannine @ 4:02 pm

I have had similar things like this happen at some houses where I live, and I am a true believer.

February 11, 2009

janice @ 10:33 pm

My home has lots of bizarre activities such as TV's turning on by themselves, footsteps and noises.  I have even felt someone sitting on my bed in the middle of the night, turning the lights on several times and no one being there.  The previous owner says that she used to see a lady walking through our kitchen and her electronic appliances would do strange things and she would hear footsteps.   I am working on doing a history of my home all I know is first part of house was built in 1976 and other portion of the home was added by the previous owner.   As far as I know, no one has ever died in this house but the area it is built on is mountainous and has many rocks.  I have been told that it is old Cherokee property.  Could it be an Indian that is doing all this supernatural activity? How do you contact a ghost hunter to investigate?  


February 27, 2009

Barbara @ 10:19 am

I'm a believer too.  Recently I've found my faucet running—the first two times I thought I left it that way but today I know it had been off.  I think it might be my great-aunt, who came through in a reading a couple of weeks ago.  Or my dog, who died last year.   I've lived in haunted places before—cabinets opening in front of me, ceiling fan going on—things have happened at my parents' house too (radio going on suddenly – that was my great aunt too, I'm sure).  I'm not afraid at all, totally welcome it, in fact.  I think it's all very interesting and appreciate the contact.  I've had visitations in dreams that I know are visitations, you can tell the difference.  I swear I'm not nuts.   My new dog has been sensing things too lately—she will follow something seemingly float around the room – I can't see anything there.

Barbara @ 10:21 am

Oh, also—after my dog died, I was seriously in a pit of despair.  On several occasions, I felt a gentle yet unmistakable touch on my head—felt like an entire hand laid on my head, and my shoulder.

janice @ 2:26 pm

I believe that I have an intelligent haunting at my home.  The TV turns itself on and off, our alarm clocks reset themselves, radio turns on, we hear footsteps and voices and even a couple of times I have felt someone sitting on my bed at night yet there was no one there.  This spirit hides and moves objects—it almost seems to think it is funny.  This has happened to all members of our household and the former owners.    I never have felt fear or threatened. My home is built on old cherokee indian property.  Should I have this further investigated?

March 12, 2009

joyce @ 6:08 am

I have had strange things happen to me as a child.  My parents' home is haunted, growing up there was a little hard.  After my step-grandfather passed away, I would hear strange knockings on the floor of my bedroom.  This would happen night after night till I was finally scared enough to let my parents know.  We thought it might have been air in the pipes till we finally called a plumber over.  I tried to explain to him what I was hearing, and he said there was no air in the pipes, it was just my imagination.  This went on till my parents finally had enough and my brother and I switched rooms, then the knockings stopped.  Another time was when the phone would ring at 2 or 3 in the morning.  I would get up to answer it, and no one was there, just static.  One time I had gotten up to answer the phone and heard what sounded like footsteps coming up the basement steps.  I was so scared but I looked anyway, and of course nothing there. Just a few years ago, I asked my parents if they still had anything strange going on.  My father had told me that he had seen what looked like smoke standing between the kitchen and hallway.  He said the cat's hair stood up, and the cat kept an eye on the area where dad was seeing it too.  To this day, I think part of it was my step-grandfather.  The other incidents who knows who, or what it was.

joyce @ 6:16 am

Those experiences piqued my curiosity, so now I seek out the paranormal.  I was a member of a ghost hunting team out of Indiana.  Loved the scientific aspect of the hunt, we never went in automatically saying a place was haunted.  Sometimes it would end up being that way, or we would find normal occurences causing the supposed hauntings.  I now live in an area where a civil war battle was fought.  Surprisingly enough, there are not too many places here that I have found to be haunted.  The battle was called The Battle of Barbourville.  I just moved into a place that used to be an old funeral home.  I've lived here about a week, so far nothing to report.  If something happens, I'll be sure to post.

March 29, 2009

Michelle Myers @ 4:09 am

Hi Joyce. You're living in an old funeral home? You are definitely more adventurous than most home buyers. :-)  Sure, let us know if you experience anything.

April 9, 2009

Diane Collins @ 7:36 am

I have had two encounters I believe, maybe you can shed some light on them.  One night I was asleep, I had what I thought was a dream.  Some white dressed woman (seemed friendly) tugging on my nightgown which awoke me!  Then I heard a loud thud!  I was too frightened to go see what it was.  I just covered my head and waited till morning.  When I got up, I found my picture of Jesus (made of wood) on the floor.  It had a leather strap on it, so I know it just didn't break, but it was torn into.  Still can't figure out.  Why??  Also around midnight, my boyfriend and I were coming home from a friend's house.  He was asleep in the car.  All of a sudden, he woke and told me, "They said you're going the wrong way."  Sure enough, I missed our turnoff to home.  When I asked him who he talking to, he said the guys with us.  I told him no one was there.  He said yes there is, and our headlights started flashing like morris code.  Then every time we were out at night, they would flash until we finally sold the truck.  The new owners said they never had any trouble with the lights.  Any idea why this happened?  I now am a paranormal Investigator.

April 18, 2009

Debra @ 2:47 pm

For a year or so at 3:00a.m. for several mornings my radio starts making the same static sounds, even though my radio is off.  This morning at 5:00 a.m. I was using the bathroom and the light turned off then on then off and on again.  The radio was making the static sound once again at the same time the lights went out.  Any idea if this could be a spirit?

May 12, 2009

Andy @ 1:12 pm

Hi there.  I have an intelligent haunting I believe as things move and are hidden on a regular basis.  At 1st it scared me, and I was going to move houses, my fiancee has seen a man standing in the same place early in the mornings and as yet I haven't.  However, there was a message left on our outside table etched into the dust saying, why cant you see me andrew?  The next day, a lot of my items were moved and hidden, it is a regular occurance now.  I set up a camera in a particular room and since that room remains untouched, it now moves things in another room.  There is quite often very cold chills as well.  It has been happening for nearly 2 months and I wish i could somehow find out who it is.  Maybe it's someone I know.  I'm not sure is this a possibility?

May 19, 2009

sara @ 2:45 pm

I was just wandering if you could explain about cold chills!  It would really help please.  I always feel like my room is cold and I often get cold chills but I can't explain it.  It feels like there is something haunting, but it's unexplainable.  Thanks

May 24, 2009

Tanya @ 1:05 am


I also believe I have an intelligent haunting in my house. I'd like to believe it's my beloved cousin, who passed away 3 1/2 years ago, but I am unsure. Last night, as I was lying next to my 5 year old son, as he was falling asleep, I closed my eyes, but I was not asleep. I heard a whisper in my right ear, it said "Tanya." That was all, I could even feel the breath on my ear as they said it. I could not, however distinguish if the voice was male or female, it was a whisper. At first I felt scared, but I remained calm, hoping to hear something else, but nothing. I went downstairs and told my husband. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. Just a few weeks ago, my husband said he heard a female voice call out his name a few times, and he came upstairs, where I had been, and asked if I had called him. I didn't. We didn't think anything of it, but now I'm thinking there must be something or someone in our house. My uncle took 4 heart attacks in the last week, and is still in the hospital. My Aunt believes it IS my cousin, trying to tell me something, regarding my uncle, who was also her step-father. Could it be that she is trying to warn us of his impending death? Or is it just a coincidence?

Another thing, this evening, I lit 5 candles, my husband fell asleep on the couch, he wasn't feeling well. So I turned on a movie, turned out the lights, and was also on the computer doing some work that I hadn't finished on Friday. I noticed the candle next to my cousin's picture, was blinking very fast, and as I focused on it, the light started to go slower, then turned in circles, and would stop. So, I asked, "Sharmaine, is that you?" It started flickering again, faster this time. I felt such comfort that I was communicating with her, through a candle flame…the other 4 candles, didn't flicker at all, and I had lit them all at the same time. I'm very curious to know if the whisper in my ear last night was her, or was it some other spirit or ghost. Any thoughts on this??

July 15, 2009

E. @ 10:40 pm

1. Opening and closing of doors – especially opening of doors in a particular room (the master bedroom). Once, the kids and I were in the master bedroom with the door was closed and it sounded as if someone banged on the door really hard – the kids and I thought their Dad had done it – but when we opened the door, no one was there and their Dad was not even home.

2. REPEATEDLY, over the last 5 years, at night the television in the master bedroom will click on and then turn itself up to a ridiculous level – it scares the crap out of you because it's just sooo loud and sudden. OR – it will turn itself off for no reason at all. This is ONLY at night.

3. The sound of footsteps when no one is walking around (last night).

4. Computer turning itself on over and over and over and over and over and over again and then stopping for no reason. This happened last night immediately after the sound of footsteps.

I'm skeptical big time, but this is weird and has been going on for a while now. Don't know what it is, but it can be a bit disturbing though I'm starting to get used to it. Is there a night hour or period of time when somehow scientifically, these types of things are more likely to take place?

July 30, 2009

Dee @ 8:17 pm

There are two possibilities here, 1> Some spirit is attempting to get your attention, for good or bad reasons. 2> There may be extremely high electromagnetic frequencies bombarding your home, which could be responsible for a number a strange occurrences. There are also some radio frequencies that can cause strange electrical occurrences. I would like to hear more about the different phenomena that you may be experiencing. My email address is Please keep me posted and let me know if the phenomena become more severe.

August 9, 2009

Annie @ 12:32 am

Hi, I have been experiencing phenomena over numerous years, on and off, and recently for the past 5 or 6 years, the same thing occurs and I cannot figure out what it could be, maybe you can help me. Even when I have moved, the same thing happened over and over. At night, and not every night, when I am sleeping, I feel that I am being watched. I opened my eyes and it is on my left, close to the ceilling an energy, transparent like mass,making electric wave, grenish color, I tried to keep my eyes open to it to see if it would go away, but it doesn't, at the opposite it come closer and closer to my face and I get very scared and throw my pillow at it.  Then it fades away, when it come closer it looks like electricity kind of mass and moved sometimes. It happened 3 days ago and before that 2 or 3 month ago. I am happily married, and I do not have any problems, so let me know of what you think. Thank you.

Rose @ 2:41 am

Is it possible to have an intelligent entity that operates the majority of the time without interacting with humans? My childhood home was shared by a few ghosts, most notably our "lady," who generally moved in her own time and space and seemed to be attached to the house. She was definitely aware of us, though, and I'll never forget the look of shocked surprise on her face when I turned a corner and caught her standing there–definitely intelligent. She stayed with the house and continues making occasional appearances for the new family. She appears to have no need to communicate, no reason to be in touch, simply a desire to remain in her home. Is this possible, or did we completely misread our lady?

August 12, 2009

jean @ 4:33 pm

I just wondered if anyone had the experience of a relative with Alzheimer's communicating with them in a dream. I had an aunt who had great difficulty speaking with me over the phone and even remembering who I was on the phone. During that time, I experienced a wonderful dream in which she gave me a very loving hug that was just unusually awesome (I woke up right up afterwards). She died about a week later. Anybody had a similar experience?

August 19, 2009

Andy @ 8:11 am

Hi tonight I was sitting with my fiance and we heard the tv come on in our bedroom. We were in the room next door and when we walked in, the 2 remotes and our cordless phone were lined up on our bed and there was a toy penguin cushion positioned as if it was watching tv. The disc in the dvd player had also been changed and it was playing as we walked in. This is the first thing that has happened in quite a while, but definately the strangest occurance so far.

September 10, 2009

Donna @ 3:15 pm

My husband died at home from cancer two years ago this month. I have moved twice since then, but his spirit has followed me to each home! I have never had ANY paranormal experiences before this, but I sure am having them now! I think he is hanging around because I talk to him at times and have expressed some anger towards some unresolved isues we had in our marriage. I believe he now wishes to communicate with me about this but cannot. At first small items were moved to unusual places or piled up on top of each other in unusual ways. More recently I have taken a traveling job & whenever I return home the lights and/or ceiling fan are on full force in my bedroom. I always make sure they are turned off before I leave! He also turns the lights on in my bedroom when I am sleeping and has also done some minor moving or relocating of objects at my chidren's homes. I really would like him to move on now. How do I get him to go????? Any advice will be gratefully appreciated!

September 11, 2009

Michelle Myers @ 10:56 pm

Hi Donna — I'd suggest talking to your husband openly about what you just expressed here. Intelligent spirits can hear and respond to you. The next time he visits you, tell your husband that you appreciate his concern, but that it's time to move on. You can also express that you'd like for him to stop playing with the lights, fans, moving objects, etc. If appropriate, tell him that you forgive him (regarding the unresolved issues in your marriage), and you would like for him to be at peace. Encourage him to move towards the light, so that you both can move forward.

September 22, 2009

Vanessa Atkins @ 5:08 am

I live in the house in which my dad lived and died in. He passed away 6 years ago this month. We are constantly aware of something in the house but nothing definite has ever happened to convince use that there is a spirit present, although, my partner often believes he sees a small figure (like a child) out of the corner of his eyes and he seems to experience these feelings much more than I do. Although i did experience this once, while i was loading the dishwasher. i thought i saw a child peeping his head around the corner looking at me, a split second later, my partner who was upstairs with my 2 3 year old twins, called out to me to come up. When i got there, my little daughter was extremely frightened, my partner said all of a sudden, she had stopped playing and said that she saw a person standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

On a different occasion my other daughter also said there was a man in her room, tickling her feet while she was in bed. My father died before my daughters were born, so they would not know him.My partner never believed in anything paranormal, until he meet me and moved into this house. We are always hearing noises, like tapping, walking across the wooden floors in the kitchen, shadows out of the corner of our eyes, Lights are always blowing and electrical appliances always break after a few months of having them. I was wondering if these experiences are that of a paranormal kind or just because we live in an old house. My main reason for asking is that in the past 2 weeks both of the clocks in the house have stopped working and so too has my partner's watch. Any opinion would be interesting to know. Thanks

September 27, 2009

kait @ 10:03 pm

My faucet keeps turning on. And my radio will suddenly blast a loud annoying high hhhhuuummmmmm. Don't know what to think, or say. I am very open to the idea of a intelligent spirit as I've seen spirits on a few occasions but never in my home.

Also a strange occurance happened to me 6 mo. ago. I was in a Biology lab class at my college when I began to feel very uncomfortable with a guy in the room. I felt very uneasy. Right as he walked by me I heard in my head or my ear "I'm going on a shooting spree" and then just then those very words came out of his mouth.(the guy in the class) I got up and reported him to the police. I thought maybe I was hearing things but the kid admitted to saying this. Was this a ghost or spirit giving me confirmation and confidence to report? Or is this psychic? It felt as though it came through a very pure clean knowledge.Any thoughts?

October 16, 2009

Amy S. @ 4:09 pm

Since I moved into my house here in Kingman, AZ. I have seen an old bald man with some black hair on his head standing on boxes in my spare room. I was once in the bathroom and I heard a woman say I have always thought of you and when I went out of the bathroom no one was in the house but me. My grandma heard like 20 voices in the laundry room one day when the door was closed. One night I heard woman talking with music in the background. When I asked my husband if he had the radio on which was next to him he said no. Then last night the radio in our bedroom kept on turning off and on quickly many times last night. None of this has frightened me though. ooo and when I was just writing this the radio just turned on and off quickly by itself again!

October 27, 2009

Johnny G. @ 10:04 pm

I have always known that I was a sensitive. I'm sure you know the term. My abilities have grown with my wisdom. I have experienced many things from healings to precognition and sightings, to name a few. About sightings. I have sighted residual as well as inteligent phenomena. The question is,why does it seem that nearly all sightings, by myself or others, never seem to last more than mere seconds if that? It almost seems to me that our anxiety sends it away. I have never feared these sightings but they often startle me. Then they're gone.

December 22, 2009

robin pannazzo @ 12:58 am

Over the past few months little things have been happening to my 14 yr old, but nothing with my 12 or 2 yr old as far as i know. Over the Summer, she was home alone. When we came back she was far outside from our house crying her eyes out, she had no shoes on. WHen i asked her what was wrong she really did not want to tell me. let me tell u first that my daughter is extremely shy, stays close to home, and has never been caught in a lie, sounds too perfect but true. well, she told us that awhile after we left she heard this fast paced whispering in her ear that she could not understand. First she ignored it, but the more she ignored it, the louder it got. I had no explanation for her! A few times after that she has awoken from deep sleeps saying she felt the bed shake and felt something next to her and more whispering. Its weird, cause it will stop for weeks than start again. Another thing, out of my 3 kids she has always been the best sleeper,never waken up till i woke her for school. And never has a slight noise woke her in the middle of the night, or ever has she been scared to sleep in that room. She had slept through the nite since 2 months old, no kidding! also lately she has been ill with headaches, stomach pain and a VOMITING feeling comin over her. She has missed alot of school cause of how ill she feels. And she is one who has always hated to miss school! I took her for blood work, it has not come in yet, but can all this be connected? Also the tv in her room has turned on periodically, but not every day and things have gone missing and found in the weirdest places. I myself usually sleep in the living room to keep an eye on her, and have heard noises that i do not know where they come from but have ignored that maybe it's house ceaking.

My hubby has experienced a feeling of something touching him, to the point where he thought it was me! Also our 2 yeaR old has spaced out like she is staring at something while pointing and trying to say something. I just do not know if all this is connected, but i need some answers. PLease help

January 9, 2010

Jayson Pegg @ 10:53 pm

Hello, I am curious about something, just recently my aunt has been experencing some strange goings on, such as feeling a cold chill in the center of her body in the middle of the night while she is in bed, and has felt as if someone is grabbing her ankle at night. Likewise objects have been thrown or manipulated in some way. From my knowledge this is an intellegent entity. Now my grandparents have told me about there house being 'haunted' by a spirit they call Harold, for some time. Some more information is that my aunt is Now seeing someone. But 'Harold' has never acted in such a way. My questions is, is this entity bothering my aunt possibly 'Harold' or a different spirit. My theroy is that It might be 'Harold' who has seemed to have some sort of attachment to my aunt. Is it possible for spirits/ghosts/entities to become jealous?

January 19, 2010

Peggy Yates @ 11:03 am

We moved into our home in September 2009, which was built in 2006. Only one previous family has lived in our home and never experienced any spirit activity. The first occurrence was white soccer shinguards in my sons' closet were missing. I looked everywhere and didn't not find them, however, several weeks later the shinguards reappeared in the same spot that I originally placed them. My daughter has heard talking in the middle of the night downstairs. I was up at 2:00 a.m. one night and heard a click of a door handle, but didn't see any door open. The next morning my daughter told me she heard 3 knocks at her door and her door was jarred open. She always keeps her door shut at night. My son heard something slide across his bookshelve and they both have seen lamps turn on in our foyer downstairs. I have heard paper shuffling downstairs, but nothing is out of place. My daughter heard dishes moving in the kitchen downstairs, when everyone else was gone. One night we heard walking movement on our first floor at 4:00 a.m. and everyone was asleep. I have seen an array of colored lights that disappear in my son's room. I did have our house blessed by a priest and I also blessed our home with holy oil and asked that the Lord help the spirits move on. The occurrences have stopped, however, our furnace upstairs seems to turn on by itself periodically in the middle of the night (this has happened 2 times.) So my question is – do we have an intelligent spirit still lurkng around and if so, what can I do?

January 24, 2010

Fitzroy Walker @ 10:54 pm

Okay Im very freaked out now about 2 weeks ago I had a party at my apartment. I used my logitech ipod docking station to host the music. After the party me and my girlfriend cleaned up and went to sleep not knowing I had left the ipod still in the docking station. At about 4 in the morning the ipod station turned on blasting music all over my apt. I woke up and went to turn it off. I had no alarm or anything set so i was a little skeptical but didnt think too much of it. Until tonight me and my girlfriend were watching the vikings and saints game and my bose wave music sytem turned on upstairs. Me and my girlfriend went up their together it was playing very low so we unplugged it and turned it on ourselves and it started up regularly loud. Im freaked also another strange thing that happened today it is extremely cold in my apartment colder than outside so im just worried. Please Help.

January 30, 2010

Michelle Myers @ 9:49 pm

Jayson Pegg — Yes, intelligent spirits can respond favorably or unfavorably to different people. Jealously is an emotion that spirits can display. One example of this is the Riddle House Ghost who apparently doesn't like men.

February 6, 2010

Melanie @ 10:34 am

I have previously had experiences with spirits before but have recently been experiencing a lot of electrical energy encounters. For example my partner and I are currently redecorating our house and we have taken our light switches out and changed them leaving them hanging out a little to do the wallpapering. We were sitting watching tv and I noticed a fuzzy shadow on the ceiling. I thought it was the fish tank so put a blanket over it but it was still there in the corner of the room. So I went to switch the light on to take a closer look and it sparked and that light went out. The others all stayed on. There was nohing wrong with the switch after closer investigation and switched back on without any problem. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

February 9, 2010

christy @ 1:11 pm

I returned Sunday from a scrapbooking retreat in Chapel Hill Tx. The place we stayed at, Eberly Ranch, was haunted. I have never been more scared in my whole entire life!! From the minute we pulled up I had an eerry feeling. Little things periodically started happening… I was in my room alone, and heard someone say "hey" thinking it was my friend… nobody was there. I went and got my friend to tell her what had happened, and as we were walking outside she said "Leave Christy alone…she can't handle this… so just leave her alone". As she is saying this I have both hands on the door to exit and my phone which is in my jacket pocket… the voice dailing goes off and say's "say a command"! On my phone you have to push and hold the button down!! On Saturday night my friend and I were looking for spare pillows, we went into one of the bedrooms, where there was a hall way through the bathroom, she went in first and about 4 steps into the hall way she stopped and looked at me, I took two steps forward and I as did I felt this jolting shock, heard a really strange noise that was sooo loud (she didnt hear it), my body felt really warm, but my cheeks were cold and tingleing. I was shaking to the point I couldnt even walk. It scared me so bad… I was crying! My friend later told me during this that I was moaning a really wierd voice "no."

I didn't sleep at all that night. At one point during the night was so scared I couldn't even move. I wanted to get up and roll over but couldnt. My friend slept with me, I woke her up at 4 to with me to the restroom, when we got up it was so cold in our room. The thermostat was on 71, but it was 50 degrees. I turned the heat up to 80, and finally got some sleep. The next day as we're were packing up, the 2 ladies who worked there came into get our sheets came in. I asked if this place was haunted, she just laughed and said that there had been some reports of people saying that. I told her what had happened, and where and she said it was probably Lonnie, and he wouldn't hurt me.

My friend who was standing right there as I was asking the lady had my phone, she said as soon as I asked the first question my phone started vibrating and chirping. Later I checked it…. and nothing!!! Not a text, email or facebook!! I'm really shakin by that whole experience!! I'm 31 and have slept with the light on the last 2 nights. I can't shake this feeling I cant get it out of my head!!! Today is my first day alone, and I've had anxiety all day, every little noise is freaking me out! I know some people have told me I may be "sensitive" to this sort of thing, but I don't want to be "sensitive"! How to I get this feeling to go away??

February 12, 2010

JoLena @ 12:21 am

My ex passed away last year in my apt and today the bathroom water was running and no-one was in there. it was almost full blast, kinda freeked me out!

February 19, 2010

Hailey and S @ 11:10 pm

Our house has things disappearing and we were fully awake and writing on our hands (fingers) appeared. the things said 7173h. we tried to look up the house history, but we could not find it.  when you go in the bathroom, it feels like someone is watching you!  it scares u so much.

February 22, 2010

arlene @ 10:52 am

my daughter is at her nanas ….nana called me and said my daughter came and asked her if she trusted my daughter?????nana was like what…so my daughter asked again….and nana said yes…as my daughter was walking back to her play room…she said you cant get me in trouble…nana belives me i dint do nothing….so nana got up and walked in kitchen chair was moved and beta fish room dumped all over…..she called for my daughter and said what did you do????my daughter said i did not do it nana he did… daughter had tears in her eyes and said again nana i didnt do it he did……nana said did you feed the fish ….crying my daughter said he did. ran to her room crying and laid on her bed …saying i not talking to you…you got me in trouble…i dont want to play no more……what can i do to find out whats up with that house..nana keeps losing stuff, then it comes up somewhere she did not put it….doors open you get chills that pass thru you…..i need some help, my daughters are 2 and 4.

February 27, 2010

Matt @ 7:59 pm

Hi. My best friend just got a house a week ago and we've spent both time at her house and mine. There are spirits both places. The ones at my house are typically quiet, though they do like to show up at rather irritating moments. However, at her house, me her, and two room mates we both have, have gone near and into her bathroom. There is a very negative energy coming from it and in the early morning, we've all found it impossible to look into the mirror. I've tried attributing it to anxiety (fear of the dark) or something similar but I know he is there (it is a male we already established that) Anyway, the second night we stayed there, she was afraid to take a look at her basement and attic alone so we both went. The attic was peaceful as if there had been a small child or teenager that liked to spend time there. The basement however is extremely negative. The first time we went, we went around in some dim light. In an almost pitch black area, I found a chair she couldn't see until I pointed it out. There seems to be a residual presence in the chair. We went back upstairs and went to sleep that night.

Two days later, my room mate came over because we wanted to see what we felt from the bathroom again. He wanted to check the basement. My best friend said she tried to go down there the night before but when they got to the bottom of the steps the door slammed. No draft, nothing to cause it to slam as hard as it did. Me and my room mate went to check it out and at the very bottom of the steps to the right was a door I had not seen before. I have very good night vision so the fact I missed an entire door scared me. We went to the door and there was a very evil presence there. It warned us to leave it away and then moved up to a vacant room into a closet. I felt it out and followed it out and it "hit" me. It wasn't physical, it was a spiritual attack and I felt it basically shove my spirit. I was very weak and was coughing really badly. I want to know if this is just a very evil person, amassed negative energy or a demon. I don't like her being there alone and have been trying to spend every night with her I can.

March 3, 2010

Nicole @ 2:26 am

Ok Matt, please dont condsider me insensitive but do you have proof of this? Have you taken pictures? Have you taken any EVPS? Those tend to be quite helpful…without actually investigating your home it is very hard to determine wether or not this "spirit" is evil. I dont know if it is in fact a demon in your home or not. But first off have you any evidence?

March 15, 2010

sara @ 12:05 am

i just moved into a house that was built in 1915. things keep coming up missing. like my wallet, i spent 2 hours turning my home up side down tryn to find it, and in a mad rage i flipped up the mattress on my bed… and there it was, under the mattress in the middle of my bed. i have no idea how it got there, and i did not put it there. i still cant find my dust pan that vanished yesterday….

April 16, 2010

holly @ 5:12 am

hi…ive had strange happenings around my home…. im a jewelry reader and psychic but this i cannot fathom…i get woken up by breathing then my daughter heard it as well…it wont stop so i decided to video recordings and we heard it loud n clear. ive tried to talk 2 her, also prayers to god to send her to the light but nothing seems to make her stop. please need some advice on what 2 do.

September 3, 2010

Mary @ 6:07 am

Judging by the amount of messages left on this site there is a good case for what we commonly refer to as ESP I have had so many experiences in my life that it would take me a long time to list them here and I am convinced we carry on after we have no further use for our physical bodies I believe we are all functioning on an energy level in the the physical world and when we cease to exist in this world, we pass onto a higher energy level. Some of us have the capability to contact,see or hear the energies that are on the next level and some people are trained to do this. Not everyone wants to do this myself included, but I can honestly say I have never been frightened and things that have happened have always been in a very matter of fact way. I feel comforted by the the fact that we do go on.

January 1, 2011

pirateman @ 7:07 pm

Im working on a book about a serial killer. the other night at about 2 am I heard footsteps in my dining room next to my office. when i investigated there was no one there. I sat back down at my laptop to finish some research. Once again I heard the foot steps. when I went around the corner to investgate it was very cold. the hair on my arms stood up. I sat back down at my laptop when I saw a female figure float past the door way. Just then my desktop computer which is shut off and has not been used in months switched on.

January 12, 2011

savana @ 1:14 am

I moved into my house in July of last year. its a 60's model home, almost looks like it was built by hand. There is a room at the back we use as sort of a craft room/ library, and things keep winding up missing for days, even weeks, and they end up in this room a lot of the time. my boyfriends keys were missing for 2 months, and we tore the house apart looking for them, one day i went in that room to get some paint, and they were laying right there on the table. also on the table was a woman's watch that we have never seen before. things are always going missing and winding up either in that room, or places we have searched over and over again. last week, i went to lay my baby down in the bassinet, shes only a month old, and she just starts making all kinds of noise like shes having a conversation, and looking up at the ceiling, then she smiles real big and turns like shes following something across the ceiling. a few days ago, i was sitting in the baby room feeding her, and my dog was in my lap, she kept growling, but shes a chihuahua so shes always jumpy, then i see someone walk by, and go to my bedroom and then go "pst.." so i thought it was my bf and called him, and he came from the living room and said he was playing the xbox. its really weird stuff that happens but i have never felt in danger or scared.

January 24, 2011

Dana @ 8:19 pm

Jan. 24, 2011
Did you ever get intouch with ur neice?
Were u ever able to figure out how she died, or who hurt her?

I remember reading about her getting upset and knocking certain pictures off the wall!

I wish you and ALL you family well and peace!


February 1, 2011

jezzabelle @ 8:26 pm

My ex-husband recently passed away. About a week after he died I received my first visit. I was driving home one afternoon and listening to my daughter's favorite song on the radio. I had turned up the volume and was signing along when all of a sudden I heard a weather forecast. I first I thought that I had lost the station and picked a new one. Seconds later, another song began to play and then another..the radio was scanning. The next day I was in a business meeting and we had a break and I had come back to my table and was jotting down some notes when I felt someone poke me on the right side of my back. When I turned around, no one was there. About a minute later I was poked again on the left side and when I turned, no one was there.

Over the course of the next two months following his death, the radio has scanned by itself at least four more times and one time the volume was turned down completely. Both of my daughters have also experience unusal encounters as well. My youngest daughter has been poked in the back and several mornings when she got in her car to leave for school, her rear-view mirror had been turned up. She too has experienced my radio scanning when she was alone in my car.

My oldest daughter who is away at college has had a radio turn on by itself at night and once when driving back to school late at night, she adjusted the rear-view mirror and when lowering her hand, she elbowed someone but no one was with her. She repeated the motion of adjusting the rear-view mirror to see what she could have elbowed but could not explain how she had elbowed something when there was nothing to elbow. I told her that her dad was riding back to school with her to make sure she was alright.

When these events have occurred, I did not/ do not find them frightening. I have much peace around what has happened and have felt very calm and assured when experiencing my visits.

February 23, 2011

natasha @ 1:13 pm

In my house some strange things have been happening, I was wondering if it is a hounting. So first it started with my dog, he will bark at nothing and growl, he chases somthing around the house growling, we can not see or hear anything. Next all our lights went out, so I went to the store and bought more bulbs, when I put the new bulbs in they flickered and no longer work.once that happened I yelled " if there is a presence jhere, go away, leave us alone you are no longetr welcome". Next my tv every morning would flicker, it made a strange noise, then static and it would turn off then on. Then my phone went haywire, pictures poping up and shaking, then it would freeze and turn off. The next morning everything was erased off my phone, the tv was fine, my dog continues to bark at nothing more often. Later in the day the tv made a high pitch noise and it was all fuzzy, turning itself off and on. Cupboards are no opening and slaming shut on there own, things are going missing. The basement has always been extremly hot because it right by the heater and there's 6 vents. Lately it has been freezing, and the heat hasn't been changed. Do you have any idea what's going on?

March 16, 2011

Linda S. Jenkins @ 6:02 pm

Some one is calling my name – It's a man and about 30=50year range. It happened when I'm on my couch and t.v. is on. This is usually early afternoon or early evening. The first time it was like a teasing LINDA and the other day, it was like a surprise hello. I don't know whether to be scared or not. There had been sitings in the house, but not by me. It was a man again.

March 17, 2011

Amber @ 9:30 am

My Sons bassinet keeps turning on by itself &' i had a feeling it was either the batteries going bad but they are brand new or his grandma or grandpa who both passed away right b4 he was born.

March 19, 2011

janet @ 9:54 pm

My mom passed away in december, and since that time I have heard her call my name…my tv turns itself on and off by itself…now I am having an issue with my garage light not working (my mothers stuff is stored there). I can go in to do laundry and the lights works fine..but when I say or think I am going to go through her boxes of stuff, the light does not work. I have checked the breakers and they all seem to be fine…my husband thinks there is a short and wants to hire an electrician…I think it is my mom. she flat lined in the house and was revived and was put on life support for 24 hour… she still here with me???

April 3, 2011

Leslie @ 8:36 pm

I have had experiences at several places where I have lived, including the current one. From having a push on my shoulder repeatedly as I slept which woke me, in one house, to having my cat freak out, hissing and pawing with tail fur standing on end, and the sound of a man clearing his voice in another, to creepy chimes of a battery alarm clock that was being stored in a spare room start playing at another place, to battery and electric alarms going off at the wrong time in last place, as well as the fan in the bathroom ceiling going off by itself (I lived alone and didn't use the fan ever) and my cat going to jump on the bed and looking up at the ceiling and running off, to currently waking up to find bedroom door closed, finding cat closed in downstairs bedroom when no one was home, hearing man's voice which sounded like my fiance except he wasn't home yet, to footsteps, and stereo volume being turned down by itself while everyone was in different part of house.

My fiance had strange occurrences at his previous home also like cable box coming on by itself in middle of night, papers rustling, footsteps, and his sense of seeing something out of the corner of his eye. I also felt something touching my feet while in bed at his house, and something lifted my arm and dropped it. At my previous home, there were chilly spots, once it felt like a breath was blown on my face, and one of the leaves on a plant right in front of me bounced all by itself, but none of the other leaves moved. Also, a screw from a vent fell from the ceiling, when no one had ever worked on that vent. Could something be following me from place to place? Aside from being a little taken aback, nothing really terrible has happened. The stereo volume incident occurred when I had two female friends over, and we all did freak a little.

April 8, 2011

lisa @ 4:33 pm

my friend had a dream and came dwn and told me an since then things have started happening like tea bags flying off the side. money flying off the television. hearing foot steps but no one is there. so then we took pictures in the dark and looked at them and there is loads of orbs white colourful and also can see faces in them. plus in some of the orbs there appears to be figures of people. it looks like a little girl a boy and a old victorian woman with her mouth open screaming looking very angry. also a light came out my tele like a big flash towards us and then turned itself on.

can u please let us knw if this sounds like an evil or good spirit? after reseach we found out that we live in a old hotel which was built in 1900s an still has the name of the hotel on the front of the building. certain things were not allowed to be changed because of the history of the building like windows and ceiling features, among other things. does any one knw why they are doin these things an lettin not just me but my friends knw they are there. does this mean they want us out?

April 13, 2011

Enilda @ 8:02 am

my picture frames fall off the walls. things are missing, then i find it later where i know i checked. i see shadows walk by when im in the shower, yet i open the curtain and nobody is there. i hear noises. once i was in the kitchen and an avocado i had on my kitchen counter was thrown across the room and hit a wall, getting my full attention. i dont know whats going on, but im sure something follows me where ever i go.

April 29, 2011

Valerie @ 12:30 pm

I started dating my boyfriend back in December and for as long as I've known him, he and his friends have always talked about how their house was haunted. They did numerous Ouija boards to the point where they were getting answers back. They moved back in February to an apt that's about 15mins away from the old house. None of us have been hearing things or have had weird feelings up until a month ago. Our roommate first asked us if we were the ones leaving the cabinet doors opened after she closed them. It wasn't us but we all brushed it off. Next day I started noticing that our cabinet doors still remained opened. Then it was the doors. I would walk out if my boyfriends room into the bathroom and when I got out his door was shut. Did I shut it? Can't remember so I shrugged it off. Next time I went out I was sure to not close the door. When I came out it was only slightly shut.

Last night is the worst its gotten so far. My boyfriend and I were in bed watching tv. It was exactly 310 am and our tv shut off by itself then flicked back on. My boyfriend called out to it saying "is this a ghost or something?" And the tv shut back off and turned on twice after. We both freaked out. No one was on the remote or in the room with us. This morning our roommates said the same exact thing happened to them at the exact same time. We thought maybe the power went out but I know for a fact our cable box stayed on because that's how we saw the time. Now I haven't ever been the type of person who would purposely mess around with a ghost to get a reaction out of it but it feels like this ghost is trying to communicate to us. My boyfriend is all for it and I'm just totally freaking out.

May 10, 2011

bobby @ 6:56 am

I was over at a friends house last night and she told me how wierd things have been happening, like pictures getting ripped off the wall, hearing voices etc. then she procceeded to tell me about how a ribbon thing she had sitting on her entertainment center got pulled off and suspended in the air for a second before falling to the ground, keep in mind there is nothing on this that the ribbon could get caught on. So she went to bed and I went in her room with her to talk, I was lying on her bed starring at the ceiling when I noticed her ceiling fan started to rotate when it was shut off, a few seconds later it stopped. I grabbed my phone and recorded a 45 second adio clip and what we heard we reviewed it came as kind of a shock to her. About 8 seconds into the recording we clearly heard a female voice say "Kelly", the creepy part is that just happens to be her name. So in my opinion she has an intelligent haunting.

May 19, 2011

Raven @ 11:31 pm

I remember one night a couple of weeks ago, I was up all night with my buddy just chatting, and I went to lay down around 6 AM. I listen to music when I sleep no matter what, and I usually keep the volume at a minimum. I'd been laying in my bed for about 10-20 minutes listening to my radio and waiting to fall asleep when suddenly the radio volume turned up REALLY loud, like so loud it startled me and kind of hurt my ears and gave me a headache. The remote to my stereo was lying on my desk, so there was absolutely no way I could have rolled over on it or anything. The volume kept going up and did not stop until I rolled out of my bed and manually turned the volume back down. Shaken up, I went to get a glass of water, running into my mother on the way back. She told me that she too had heard the radio, so I obviously wasn't just imagining it while in the twilight state of sleep.

I was awake for another hour at least watching my back constantly with chills going through my body and the feeling of someone watching me. And last night I heard someone saying my name as I was laying awake in my bed. In the past both my mother and I have seen shadows both inside and outside of the apartment, mostly in my bedroom, and things often come up missing. You think I could have one of these intelligent ghosts? o.o

June 22, 2011

Hannah @ 3:43 pm

Hi, i im 17 and live with my mum and i am experiencing these weird things but she isnt. 2 people lived in this flat who have both died here but one night i opened a door and seen a very clear image of a women and obviously i was shocked and cried and stuff but my mum wouldnt believe it. Ever since then pictures have been falling off walls that have been up for years and the hooks are perfectly stuck in the wall and stable still. Also my tv turns on in the morning at different times some weeks ( this is recently ). The worst thing is i keep seeing a glowing ball above my door. it doesnt come every night but it's there most. my boyfriend also mentioned he had seen it.

It seems as if these ghosts live in my mum's room as everytime i go in there it goes really cold and i feel a very awkward and strange atmosphere like something is watching me. If these ghosts/spirits are trying to make contact with me how do i stop it or what should i do? its becoming really worrying to me now and it's really scary.

July 2, 2011

Bernard @ 2:01 pm

When I was in High School, my parents had a mountain cabin that we drove to every weekend. A neighbor, the contractor who built the cabin, died. His wife gave me a carved wooden gargoyle that he owned and loved, and I always loved it too. I put it in the cabin to remember him.

Anyway, almost immediately, all the electrical stuff began happening, food put in the coffee pot during the night, objects moving around to strange places, etc.

But the strangest, by far, is the gargoyle carving flying between the cabin and house. We would put the gargoyle on the kitchen counter, back out of the cabin, lock the door, get in the car and drive 4 hours to home. The gargoyle would be on the house kitchen counter! Back and forth, between the two, every weekend. Uncanny.

July 4, 2011

Kristie @ 2:15 pm

I know someone is trying to communicate with me. Last night I was feeling a presence in my apartment…so strong it scared me. It scared me even more when I was hearing and seeing things I almost thought I was going nuts. I tried to turn the light on and it exploded literally to the point of glass on the ground. It freaked me out. I ended up falling asleep last night and in my dream I was in my apartment communicating with this ghost. I would ask it a question and the bathroom light would turn on I would ask it to move something and it would I even got a name, scary it's someone I know who is still alive. I'm very confused from all of this as I am hoping it's just all in my head?

July 16, 2011

Jerrod D. @ 11:10 pm

Well I don't know if this is a haunting or what. I personally don't believe in paranormal stuff. My fiancee does, but I have never seen or heard anything that I could not explain. This is my question. Every-night of the week, I have an Aiwa cd player/home stereo receiver or whatever you want to call it. Well I am not kidding but literally EVERY night at 11pm on the dot the cd player turns itself on, and currently a really weird song from Dimmu-Borgir plays. It's the beginning track on the album (Puritanic Euphoric Misanthropia).

It is beginning to make my eyes water every time it happens and I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable. I don't know why it does this every night. Also our bedroom door likes to close by itself, even if the ceiling fan isn't running. I have to put something against the door to keep it from shutting but I think the floor joists are not very level and the gravity from the door is causing it to shut. I don't have any other explanation than that. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks! My email is

August 18, 2011

Michelle E @ 11:49 am

When I was 12 years old (in my 40’s now) we had a ghost, for lack of a better word. It began with tapping sounds. After a few weeks of this I asked a question, “If there is buried treasure in this house tap 3 times.” My entire family heard the 3 taps. That started a years’ worth of conversations with a man. I call him a man because it was like talking to a human being that you could not see. He would tap out yes and no answers. Most of the time we would ask him to spell things out by going through the alphabet. We learned of his life and his death. We don’t believe everything he told us was the truth. If he didn’t like someone in the house or they didn’t believe he was Real, he would shake their bed or the toilet they sat on. He would even throw something at them. And at times he grew frustrated and would bang on things like the car. We asked him once what he looked like. Again, using the alphabet and a tap he told us he looked like smoke floating above us. We never once saw him. He told us that during the daylight he would go someplace and gain energy.

After tapping for hours the tapping would become very faint. At times he wasn’t so nice and other times he was happy to tap along to an Elvis song. It just depended. There was a time he seemed to control my step father. He would say he used his energy. One night my step father was laughing in many different laughs like children and women. That was a scary time. In the end, he knew we couldn’t be scared off so he changed his tune and became a friendly ghost. I think they are very lonely and have nothing else to do. He was 100% aware that he was dead. He also told us that it was his mission to do something good to move on to the next level.

He had to do a good deed because in life he didn’t always do good things. So his deed was to get us out of the house on a specific day. We did. I suppose something bad was going to happen to one of us if we stayed. And he said he would come back often to talk to us. Anywhere we wanted. Before he could only stay around the house. So we would call out his name and wait a bit and he would show up tapping away. But that soon faded and he never returned when we called him that Christmas morning. I always wonder what happened to him. If he really did move on in the spirit world. Or if he is still tapping at that house to all the new residents? I feel somewhat protective over him that I am not even sharing his first or last name. I know that is pretty strange, but to me he is someone. And at times, I find myself thinking of him and I almost know he is listening.

August 27, 2011

Beth Smith @ 12:28 am

I think I can explain the stereo. Someone in your neighborhood may have had a stereo (or TV or garage door opener) of the same brand or with a remote control that worked on a similar frequency to yours. I say this only because I had a similar experience with my Dish Network equipment. I would check the DVR and there would be timers set for stuff nobody in the household was interested in or would watch and the DVR would record stuff I know nobody wanted to record. We'd be watching a program and it would start channel surfing on its own too. Come to find out, we had four different neighbors all with Dish Network and us being in the middle, our remote would run interference. Calling Dish Network and being walked through a procedure to change the frequency stopped the activity. Not saying a ghost isn't interfering with you too, but as an investigator I would look at this issue first to rule it out before concluding that it is paranormal. As for your other stories, I believe they are…especially the story of finding your Godfather's grave.

September 1, 2011

nikki @ 1:30 pm

My ex and I were together for three yrs. He has always had problems with something being w him since childhood. Every girlfriend he has ever been with has experienced some type of activity. One has seen this entity in a web cam in his room. I have seen a static figure in our room. Heard a growl in my ear. Heard sweeping noises throughout our house. Feel like someone's watching me. My children have seen and heard things. I've heard my name called while in bed. He's heard his name called through his trucking cb. Since we've separated for five months, I have heard walking around in my house on occasions. I have never felt in harms way and almost feel as though its coming back to make sure we are ok. My ex now and his new girlfriend their house has became more active and it is scaring her to the point it wont let her sleep.

They've had problems with the electric going out, and it only being four people on the whole block. It is haunting her at her parents house. On one occasion it took her shoes out of the closet and sat them in the doorway directing towards the outside door. More or less wanting her to leave now. What is going on? Its like it picks and chooses who he can have in his life. He used to tell me he had visions of meeting me before we ever knew each other. He used to tell me his head felt numb all the time. Like he couldn't think for himself. I am worried and want answers for him. He used to be a very positive person and now I can hear in his voice (especially since we've talked about his ghost friend), he doesn't seem like the man I've known. Are we crazy? Or is there something telling us something? And why has this thing been with him and his brothers for 25 yrs?

September 12, 2011

Shineece @ 6:47 pm

Hi everyone. For a couple of weeks now i have been very scared, things, weird things, keep happening when me & my friends are in my room. It mostly only happens at night. We hear tapping noises sometimes, plus the tv turns itself on then turns itself off. why is this??? we have a dog that sleeps on the floor at night beside us but he doesn't seem to pick anything up that is strange. He wouldn't i guess if they're not harmful right?? We sometimes hear whispering voices when were trying to get to sleep. Also yesterday my mate went downstairs to make a coffee and the computer touchpad kept on clicking on it's own…im beginning to lose my mind. i ignored things at first but now it's getting scary. Thanks for reading. p.s please help?

September 20, 2011

Linda @ 10:25 pm

Had lost a total of 5 microwaves within six months, then my husband died.

Commercial electricians had been called, each new microwave had been replaced with different brand, different stores and smaller size. Electrician was here when the last microwave was plugged in. We had given up, did without a microwave in the past, no big deal. JCP&L was called to check outside lines. After almost two years of my husbands passing, I decided to try a small cheap microwave once again. So far, (knocking on wood), it's still running. Till this evening…I had a two month old battery operated door bell on the back door and an only a month old battery operated front door bell.

Today they were both found at the same time to no longer be working. The batteries were new, replaced them anyway to check and still both do not work. The better one I will take back to Lowes to see if i can get a refund or replacement. But I must tell you.. that I am a little bit worried, due to my husbands passing after the loss of multiple microwaves.. Makes me feel that I should have known that "someone" was trying to tell me something. Do I ignore this latest or not now? To me, it means death, due to my husbands death.

September 29, 2011

John @ 6:26 pm

Around 3 AM I was sitting up in bed half asleep and the T.V. turned off, freaked me out. The remotes were to my left & 2ft away. The next morning @ 5AM I used the bathroom. I keep a lamp outside the bathroom on all the time so I don't have to use the bright bathroom light. Well as I was pissing, the lamp burns out. Now, in that 45 second time frame of me using the bathroom, the lamp decides to burn out?! I mean @ that exact moment?! I'm sorry but there is paranormal activity going on. Interested to see if anything happens tonight…

Mark @ 10:04 pm

I have this going on right now. The ghost is using a new air conditioner that is closed to other remotes or electronics. it keeps beeping the different cycles without changing the cycles but only making the red color move and the sound beep. I think it is trying to communicate in a code. I asked it to beep twice for yes, and once for no. It is responding to me, and now I am not sure what to do. I've always attracted ghosts from graveyards and hospitals, but this is different.

October 8, 2011

Abby @ 2:52 pm

Hello, I'd like to ask for help on a possible phantom in my school's basement. Weird things have been going on down there, as of the five weeks I've conducted a search. I go down there with a group of seven, and all of us have encountered something almost every day. We started asking the snack vendor in the basement about hauntings, and she described to us what would happen. First off, the pop machine would make a sound like someone was inserting money into it, but no one would be around it. Second, someone would mess with the temperatures of the freezers, and only the vendor and the principal had the key to the box that contained the temperatures. I've stood by the vendor center's counter bar and have had felt a presence behind, much as others have felt, too. I've also had the most positive attitude towards the ghost, calling it 'sir' and 'mister', yet most of the other team members have yelled or cursed the ghost. I wonder if this attributes to the ghost making contact, because I am the one who has experienced the most sounds and cold chills. This also confuses me because all of my team members have claimed to witness apparitions, as I have seen none. I also experienced this story:

When I entered the basement, I looked over at the back doors and noticed the light coming from under the right set of doors, as always. So, time passed and I seemed to hear a lous noise come from the back room as me and my group inspected the hallway on the left. We went back to investigate what happened, and as we opened the doors, we saw that the desk that was sitting on the round table to the right was in front of the doors and the round table was flung out and sitting on it's side. (Before this, I saw that no light was coming in from under the doors.) The next day, we heard a sound as we entered the basement, unlike the sound that the vent usually makes. We went to the end of the room to open the door, and when we did, I noticed that the desk was scooted a little to the left diagonally, and that a drawer was flung out on the desk awkwardly.

Then, on the third day, we went to the end of the room yet again to the doors and opened them. The desk was no longer in front of the doors, but it was in front of the left set of doors along with some chairs that appeared there on the first day. The chairs lined in order on the opposite side of the room were messed up and some were on top of each other. The round table was on it's side of the opposite side of the room, too. No one was in the back room when we heard the shifting noises, and no one had been in there previously before we got down to the room.

My friend still gets numberless calls down there, and when I'm down there I get feelings of dread and anger. The longer we stay in the back room, the hotter it seems to get. And when I come up from the basement, ready to leave school, I get hateful and yell a lot. I stop this the moment I get home.

Any suggestions on what I'm dealing with here?

October 18, 2011

Dylan @ 11:35 pm

Hi, I was looking for some advice to see if this could be linked to a haunting. it seems that every night before I got to bed I turn off both my younger brother and sisters televisions (both in separate rooms). approx. 30 mins to an hour later, they turn on. I have taken the remotes away before, it still happened. even went as far as unplugging them and they still turned on. we thought maybe it was because they were older televisions — due to the fact that the other televisions in the house were new. But we bought them new LCD televisions as xmas gifts, they still turned on in the middle of the night. both my younger siblings have said that they have not woken up to turn the televisions back on. any suggestions?

October 19, 2011

Michelle F. @ 9:46 am

Hello, our 14 year feels there are things going on while she has been asleep. Sometimes she feels someone is watching her. once she felt someone push her down our stairs. And most recently, this morning at 3 am, she got up to get a glass of water. since she couldn't sleep, she began to read. She sleeps with a small fan on the floor which was pointed towards the wall. Within a few minutes, she said she felt a breeze and saw that the fan was moved away from the wall and towards her. She got up, moved it back and went back to reading. It happened again. she said, god please help me and make this stop. And it did. Not sure what to make of this.

She lost both of her grandparents within 2 years, with whom she was very close to. My mother in law came to us 2 weeks after her passing under a portrait that she had painted of our daughter. A year later, she appeared again under the portrait when our daughter was going through a hard time. Can this be her or dad/grandpa reaching out to her? It's weird to know the fan moved last night because as I was walking by, a dozen of roses that my husband had given me, it was as if someone was touching them and they were moving.?….. Crazy. Not sure what to think. Any advice?

October 20, 2011

Amy @ 8:07 pm

We have been experiencing some strange things since we moved into our house. About a year and a half ago, my son woke up in the middle of the night and decided that he wanted to go into the living room to sleep on the sofa. He said that when he walked into the living room, he saw the shadow or shape of a little girl standing beside a fake tree that we have in the room. He said he could not see any details of her figure but he knew that it was a little girl with long hair. Not long after this my daughter's television would mysteriously turn on and off by itself, but only at night while she was sleeping. We had it checked professionally and they could not find anything wrong with it; it stopped after about a week. Everything went ok for a while until a couple of months ago.

I was lying in my bed trying to sleep. I heard a noise in the hallway, and turned to look. I saw the outline of a little girl about my daughter's size standing in my doorway. Thinking it was my daughter, I called out to her to ask what was wrong. There was no answer. It was just standing there looking at me. When I asked again and received no answer, I became concerned, so I turned to turn on the lamp. When I turned back around, there was no one there.

Since that time, my son's TV has begun to turn on and off at night and during the day. We have had it checked too professionally, and again nothing wrong. My husband came home a couple of days ago to find cartoons on in my son's room. And just this morning, I woke up to get ready for work and saw that my son's TV was on. I walked to his doorway, and it turned itself off. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? I really never believed in ghosts, but this is starting to creep me out a little.

October 30, 2011

lauren @ 7:57 pm

why would you burn batteries?….you said you welcomed your brothers spirit.

November 8, 2011

Andrew @ 1:00 pm

We have been living in our house for 8 months and experienced things like kettle & toothbrush being turned on. Almost every day we have the fuse switch turned off under the stairs. The conclusive action was that my baseball cap had its size adjusted when we had no visitors between times wearing it. My wife hates talking or thinking about this kind of thing, so I know it isn't something she would have done – she refuses to be alone in the house now. I have started to notice cold areas and drafts for no reason.

I have not seen anything, so there is still some doubt — but if there is a spirit as described I want to help it, if that is what it is looking for. I don't have a big interest in paranormal nor do I want to get involved in this, but could do with some help. Email me 'xyzandrew at gmail dot com' I am in Midlands UK.

November 25, 2011

Nicole @ 1:21 pm

Everywhere we move, it seems to follow us (for the past 10 yrs.) Lately it is seems to be wanting more and more attention. It is turning things on and off. The other night I could hear a humming of a lullaby, and could feel the presence as if it were right at my left shoulder while lying in bed. it gave me a weird sensation in my chest and stomach. Last night, one of my daughter's babydolls flew and hit my bedroom door. everyone in the house was sound asleep….until that happened and woke myself and my husband.

A few hours later my dog was whimpering in the living room and when my husband went to check on him, he was crouched down, hiding and crying. when my husband let him outside, he took off running down the street. After that my leather clog (shoe) flew from the bathroom, down the hall and hit the wall. I am not sure why these things are just now starting to happen or what it may want. Do you have any suggestions or answers?

December 2, 2011

Alyssa @ 11:12 am

My daughter has a battery operated alarm clock. Since coming back from Thanksgiving vacation, I would turn the alarm clock to "ON," so it goes off in the a.m. I've noticed all week that my daughter wont wake up. So I go in her room to turn on the light and look at the back of the alarm clock to find that the switch has been turned OFF. Now my daughter is a heavy sleeper so I doubt that she is the one who is turning it off, but it's driving me crazy that I find this happening every morning now. I even went in her room one night to make sure the switch was ON, to see the next morning that someone turned it OFF. What is going on? Am I going crazy? Is my daughter turning off her alarm clock in her sleep?

December 6, 2011

Ron @ 1:20 am

NOT every nite, but 4 times in the past month, there has been a knock

on the door. I hear it, the dogs hear it, no one is there.

It's on the inside garage door (the outer doors are closed).

It's been at either ten of midnite, or ten of one AM. I believe in spirits,

but my house was built in 1993. we know the previous owners, and nothing

has occurred here before, and since I've owned the residence since 1999.

Any suggestions on how to investigate, who this is, or who wants my attention…


December 20, 2011

Terry @ 11:34 pm

OK, Hello people. I am from the U.K and live "alone" in a flat in west Yorkshire. Before I moved in February of this year, I found out that the previous tenant died in the house and was not found until some time after. In fact, it was this guy here…

So anyway, I have being here since then and nothing really happened at all — that is until the 7th of December (a couple of days after I put up the xmas tree I found in the loft). The first time something odd happened was at around 3am when the T.V turned itself on. Now me being me, I thought I might have left the tv turned on and just when I was trying to remember if I had left it on, it turned itself off…

The next time was pretty much the same thing but I was awake so I witnessed it turn itself on as well as off (it was on about 10 mins) and it was mid afternoon not night. Anyway to make a long story short, the t.v turns itself on and off a couple of times a day, unless I unplug it. And yes the electrics are fine.

That brings me up to today. so earlier, the TV turns on. I turn it off and thought nothing of it, as it has become a part of my daily life. but now, around an hour ago, I got up to turn the heating up because it was damn cold. I had just finished turning the heating up, when the door to what I call the "spare sh*t place" (kind of like a wardrobe size room) slammed shut — and I mean slammed shut.

Now I do not know what to think, I am not really scared of unexplained things like this — but I would rather not be woken up by the TV and made to jump and squeal like a little b**ch by having doors slamming shut behind me…

January 7, 2012

graham @ 7:31 am

hello, just wish to ask what has happened since you wrote on this page — as i am having some of these experiences with my daughter at the moment.

best regards,

January 14, 2012

Joel @ 4:13 am

Yesterday my girlfriend and I looked every nook and cranny for my smart phone. I was very angry but I couldnt make any logical sense out of the situation. around 3am I woke my gf from the living room to go to bed as I was working all night. she goes to her room and I hear something fall on the floor and my gf yells to me that she found the phone.

she was a little spooked because it was near the edge of the bed, where we already looked. so of course, I questioned her with every logical physical question because I'm a skeptic. however after going back to my workroom, I noticed unusual finger prints, something miniature alien like. i thought it was my own or hers, but I examined that human prints literally leave a particular oil and clear print and easy to rub off. the other prints were a little more harder to wipe off? felt like taking a picture of it but I was a little spooked by the situation. it was hard for me to sleep. I didnt tell my gf as I dont want to scare her. yes and sometimes the light randomly flickers in our room. this could all be coincidence, however. thought id share.

January 17, 2012

Chris R. @ 4:09 pm

Hi! I have had some weird things happen to me with electricity. There are two lights beside my couch. Lately, when I turn off the one on the left, the electricity in the entire room goes off. It did this about 3 times the other day, and once by itself. I have a lot of things plugged in because I do work on my computer at home. Too much plugged in maybe? Also on the other side of the couch, the light usually flickers in midday. sometimes it will stay off for a while and then turn back on. it us usually between 2-5pm.

Also, sometimes when I turn off the radio in my room, it gets turned back on. it is clearly off for a few seconds and goes back on after I have put down the remote. Unless I double clicked and it went back on? I take photographs for a band and once I plugged my camera into the wall where they plug in all of their instruments and the power in the practice area went off. It has only happened once there. I am not sure if there is a ghost following me, as I have 3 people close to me die in the last two years, and they might be trying to communicate — or if I just plug too much in in one area?

I am opened minded about this, but it seems to happen to me. I have never felt threatened, except for the band room incident where I thought I could have been electricuted, by mistake. I think I may just be having bad luck — unless there is something i do not know. I have never seen a spirit, ghost or person. I am an open minded skeptic. I believe in an afterlife. The light just went off as I write this. My parents dismiss the idea of this. The light is still off, lol. Any ideas would be appreciated??

January 19, 2012

Marcie @ 9:09 am

I live in a duplex and my neighbor is my cousin. While they were doing some repairs outside on a window that was leaking into the house, I stayed next door. I noticed while staying there that there was a presences that did not seem very nice. I would hear stuff moving upstairs when I was the only person there. She and I slept there alone one night, the kids were all at a sitter, and she woke up really angry and couldnt explain why. She felt something evil in the room with us and I told her to tell it very loudly and firmly to get the hell out of the room.

About ten minutes later, we heard the dining room chairs moving and squeaking — something that only happens when you sit on them. She is scared to be there alone and hears stuff all the time. I have seen shadows and heard a small girl call for mommy and it was only my boys and I. I have now moved back to my place which also has activity, but here it is playful. It hides things and my boys have witnessed me looking for tape in our tool container which is small like maybe 4 inches by 8 inches and i use it for small screw drivers a tape measure and tape. I looked everywhere including the said tool container and couldnt find it. The next day I found it in that container.

Another night, I went to bed well after everyone else, so i was the last to bed. my bedroom is on the first floor right next to the stair so i can hear if the kids come down. that is why i put my room there in the first place. So anyways I was the last to bed at about 1am, and I woke at 4am. I decided to use the bathroom and then I came down to get a drink. I opened my cupboard and out pops my boyfriend's cat. my boyfriend was sleeping so I know it wasnt him and i am an extremely light sleeper. There was no way the cat could have climbed into the cupboard cuz its directly above the sink, which had dishes soaking in water. It couldnt have climbed in through and across the other cupboard because they were filled to the top with boxed foods.

Now I am waking up late cuz my alarms are getting turned off. I cant prove if its the ghost or my son, but I think I would hear my son walk through my room and around my bed and shuffle through my purse to find my cell phone, which I use for an alarm. I also set and hide at least 1-2 more alarms to make sure I have to get up. I didnt have this issue when I was next door but now we are home and it's starting again. I dont want it to leave, but I cant have my kids miss school either cuz my one son goes to a special school over an hour away. Any suggestions on changing things or fixing this…?

January 21, 2012

Tracey @ 3:19 am

Had the fourth "encounter" yesterday morning. I was just finishing in the shower (a maybe 10 minute shower). to my surprise, my children's bedtime bath soap fell into the bathtub AGAIN. i will go back three months now…the first time it happened, it was in the middle of the afternoon. I heard the thuds, checked it out, and thought, that's weird. the next time, (two weeks later) i woke up, went to the bathroom, and I noticed the bottle of soap in the tub… weird i thought.. then the third time was the creepiest.. I woke up at exactly 4:33, my ears hurt like someone had been pulling on my earrings really bad, felt very strange. so i took them off, and tossed them beside me.

Next thing I hear is a loud whap bam bam bam… i thought, I recognize that sound… My heart started pounding and realized something ominous was going on. I told the spirit to go away, go to the light, whatever it would take to leave, but it didn't hear me because it came back yesterday. i know it sounds logically explainable but the side of the tub is completely flat, no round edges at all and it was dry at every single episode. Eerie… would appreciate some input or advice for not feeling so freaked out. I saw a psychic tonight to get some advice. she reassured me that the spirit is harmless, but she didn't look that convincing.

Tracey @ 3:29 am

Terry, my psychic recommends a sage burning cleanse for bad spirits… just a thought :)

January 23, 2012

Tracey @ 12:14 pm

Ok, so it happened again at 4:15 this morning. I was half in a dream state when I heard the bottle fall into the tub again. Not quite sure what I heard but sure enough that's what it was… I took video footage this time. when I asked if there was a spirit there, you could hear a loud bang that wasn't made during the time i was shooting…would like to know why this keeps happening as this is the fifth time.

andrea @ 4:38 pm

I think there's a ghost in my house. i keep hearing weird noises. my dog stares and sniffs at nothing, but acts like someone is there. it hides my things and my dogs collar. the things the ghost hides are always red. What does this mean?

jeannine @ 11:06 pm

I have a son 14 yrs old and daughter 4 yrs old. They saw the bathroom sink itself move — water running and off by itself. My daughter was running and screamed and cried, with her body shaking she told me she wanted to move houses. My rental house is over 100 years old. Is it a ghost? Good or bad? Sometime I feel a chilled wind in there. Let me know, thanks

January 25, 2012

Tracey @ 1:04 am

you could try googling your house's history.

Dean @ 5:35 am

Hi, I'm 23 and have lived in the same family home all my life (minus a year working down south) and there have been strange goings on in the past that i remember while growing up. For example, when I was a child of around 10/11, i saw the figure of a young ginger haired girl of a similar age look at me from my bedroom door. I used to hear noises of people walking up and down the landing and I did use a Quija board a while ago and did get activity, although it did freak me out, so i stopped.

Another time when I was approx 14/15, I had a friend stay over and the TV and main light switched off as the lamp turned on all at the same time in the lounge, resulting in my friend crying. Also later that night the landing light was turning itself on and off constantly for a couple of minutes! I knew my mother was downstairs watching TV at the time, so no one was around to do it.

Nothing has happened for a while, but now strange things have started to happen again. The last 4 nights every night something has happened. The first night my nephew of 4 was staying over. He was in my parent’s room asleep. I was in my room asleep and my parents were downstairs watching TV. Then I awoke to hear my nephew screaming, I ran into the room to find him shaking pointing to the corner of ths room saying it scaring me. Every time i spoke to him to reassure him he would point again and scream. When i looked or ventured to the corner of the room he would stop. Anyway my dad came up and took him downstairs as he was very upset. As i went back to my room the landing light was on. There was a crack of light shining through my closed bedroom door as always. As I tried to go back to sleep I was facing my door, then I saw the shadow of a figure break the light as it pasted by my door heading away from the direction of my parents room. Followed by the landing light turning off.

The night after the landing light kept turning itself on and off randomly throughout the night and I heard noises outside my room roaming on the landing as me and my gf sat in my room having a late night snack at around 3am after a night out. The night before last I was awoken by three knocks on my door at 1am, I jumped out and opened the door to find nothing; the landing light was turned on, as i closed my door the light then turned off.

And yesterday evening when i came home from work I entered my bedroom at approx 8pm, as usual I reached for my remote controls to turn on my TV followed by my surround sound, but before i managed to grab the remotes they turned on by themselves! And later that night i felt a shudder on my bed, it was the early hours of the morning and was only for a couple of seconds, but it’s starting to become scary know! :/

I have spoken to my mother who knows about and has experienced similar things, recently also. My uncle passed away recently after a struggle with cancer and think i may be him trying to contact me? Anyone experience this or similar, and what did you do? I don’t know if i have the courage to speak out and contact them!

February 1, 2012

Dean @ 5:36 am

I confronted spirits and told them to leave…I've heard nothing over the past week. So happy!!

sara @ 7:08 pm

Hi, my issue with strange happenings seem to be centered around my 13yr old daughter for the last 2 yrs at least. before that my other teenage daughter occupied her bedroom previously. We have had quilts thrown from one end of the room to the other, televisions turning on, lights flickering whilst turned off at the mains, computer chairs moving and so on. But the latest, which was last night, was when she felt someone nudge her back as she was entering her bedroom.

i have a 17yr old son who was with the younger sister in the middle of the day watching the tv. i was upstairs cleaning and the kids were shouting for me, saying a pencil was running itself up and down a heavy 4ft coffee table. i laugh it off,try to make a joke, try to change the subject, but my 13yr old is getting wise and has told me she thinks her room is haunted. Our house was built in 1907ish. i am getting worried and dont know what to do!!

February 2, 2012

jessica @ 8:18 am

Hi, I have a question as to if I may have a spirit around me, as this has happened more than once and always in the same room. There have been several times where I have woken up freezing in the middle of the night and I always keep my thermostat set at about 70. There is no one here who would have touched the thermostat and when I would wake up because of how cold it was and checked the dial of the thermostat, it was inexplicably turned all the way down.

its always about the same time in the middle of the night. My children are asleep during that time and can not reach it — only myself. There are also times where i will just get an eerie feeling and the shakes out of nowhere. I had my middle son pass away six years ago. he was five months old. he was killed by his father and i dont know if he could be trying to communicate, or maybe someone else. He was so small though. But have you heard anything with temperatures or ghosts liking the cold?

February 5, 2012

Kami @ 5:21 am

I know my house has been having something going on. it didnt bother me until tonight. In the past I have had doors slamming and shutting. Lights going on and off. My picture of my children always moved. okay, I can handle that whatever. Hearing a knocking noise, baby crying, seeing spirits walking around – okay, whatever, i can handle that.

until today, out of all my children pictures that are hanging on the wall, my middle child's picture was hanging backwards. Now I am pissed off because it seems like it's my middle child picture that it's missing with. WHY?? HOW COME??? I have so many answers I want to know about. I dont know how to get in touch with them, but I want to get to the bottom of it cause know they are messing with my son. I do believe in spirits.

I know there is something or someone here, in my home. I am scared – not for myself, but for my son. I want to talk to this spirit. How can I?? What can I do to keep my son safe?? I really need help. Why is it only messing with my middle child's pictures? So many questions.

February 7, 2012

Steve C @ 5:47 pm

Went to bed last night at around 10pm. At exactly 11pm, i was woken by a bang in the lounge. i investigated to see the wireless security alarm sensor lying on the ground. it had come away from the wall and was fixed by a 2 kg command strip, but only weighed about 250 grams.

At 11.30 pm, I was again woken by a load bang. the Large mirror in the bathroom fell off the wall (1.6 metres) and landed in the bath. it did not break. Also again, I fixed it with 2 x command strips and supported underneath.

I went back to sleep, and at 12.05am i was again woken by a picture in my room falling off the wall. it was a sketch of myself and my late sister when we were both toddlers. this is also glass and framed and did not break after hitting a tiled floor. also command strips were holding this one up. all items were fixed to the walls at various times over the last 12 months. no unusual humidity to effect the strips.

I did not sleep after this, and sat in bed with the light on wondering what was next. What does this mean?? Anyone have any ideas? i feel that it is a warning.

February 12, 2012

Adam @ 2:21 pm

Hi, I have been living with my mom and little sister since last year… well during Christmas, I was sitting in the living room alone for half the night, as I tend to do quite a lot… well, when I was finally ready for bed, I left the room. then soon I went back in to gather all my things. When I walked back into the living room, I noticed that on top of my mobile phone, there was this small heart model, with some lettering on it (it belongs to my mom)… Well, I don't recall placing it on my phone.

Anyway, weeks later, I was sleeping in the living room and heard a voice in the kitchen, which sounded male. he literally said 'ghost.' It was very windy that night, so the doors were being creepy, but I figure it was just the draft… so that would explain the doors, but the voice?? It didn't scare me, I figured it was probably a spirits ego; a guy trying to get to me; another guy in the house… or maybe it was to test to determine whether he can be heard?

Now, tonight, I am sitting alone in the living room… my mom and sister have gone out for a meal with some other family members including my Nan who appears to be going senile; age is starting to take its effect. Well, after cooking my own dinner, and sitting to watch TV, the kitchen radio turns on. it was switched on from the mains! So I just turn it off. it doesn't scare me, but I am just very curious… I believe in spirits, and I believe I am often being watched. the only thing is, I don't know what the spirit thinks… Have I let someone down? Have I made someone proud?

Thought I'd share it :)

Melissa @ 6:38 pm

I found my way here after trying to do some research on hauntings, ghosts, spirits, what have you… I've had my experiences in the past with noises and voices and whatnot, but never anything that caused my eyebrows to lift or goosebumps on my arms. This morning, though, is a different story…

I have a 3 year old daughter who has her own room. I share my house with my sister, her boyfriend, and their 4 month old son. Last night, my daughter wanted to sleep in my bed with me, which she normally doesn't ask to do. I figured "Why not? It doesn't happen often." So, my daughter and I went to bed around 9:30 (but I didn't fall asleep until about 11; then I was woken up from a call from my job). My sister went to bed at 9, and my sister's boyfriend was in bed by about midnight. My daughter does not get up in the middle of the night, never has.

I woke up this morning and walked out into my kitchen to find a pair of boots (which had been in the living room) sitting half underneath a chair that was out a little from the table, my daughters unfinished dinner plate sitting on the table (which had been next to the sink), her shoes sitting next to the chair that the boots were under, with her socks from yesterday set in them as if there were actually feet in them, her blanket on the floor behind her shoes as if someone had the blanket over their shoulders and then dropped it on the floor. Then I see in her bedroom door (right next to the kitchen table) her Candyland board game standing upright in the doorway, her box of crayons/markers sitting next to it (as if it were blocking the doorway) and her hand paint (in the shape of a hand) standing up in front of the box of crayons/markers.

I asked my daughter if she had put the things there and she replied, "No. That's my blanket!" and picked up her blanket. My sister then came out of her bedroom and explained that her and her boyfriend had gotten up at 3am and saw this. She looked scared and said that her and her boyfriend have no clue how it got like that. She even took pictures of it ("just in case they moved again").

I was/am literally in shock; I've never come across something like this. I've thought about the possibilities (did someone put these things this way? did my daughter get up in the middle of the night and do this?) but none make sense; my sister and I are such light sleepers that one of us would have heard someone walking around the living room and kitchen/my daughter's room. I'm not scared, but would like some opinion's on this; what should I do? Should I be scared?

February 13, 2012

GhosthunterTess @ 9:11 pm

This message is for Kami who left a message on February 5,2012 and to anyone else who needs help. I am a Paranormal Investigator, Researcher, and Founder and Owner of Late Night Optimistic Paranormal Researchers and am located in Springfield, Missouri. I would like to help answer as many questions as possible. I am not the owner of this site, but came across this website randomly and read a few comments, scrolled down and read Kami's comment, Jessica's and Sara's comments and am very interested in what is going on with you three.

I apologize to others who I have not yet had a chance to read their comments, but if you would like to contact me, feel free to at To Kami, first I would like to know how long this has been going on with you? How old are the children? Has it attacked anyone? Any nightmares? Have you done research on the home you live in to find out the history? Or researched any information on the town you live in, to find out any info that might explain what is going on? I would also like to talk to you about how to contact spirits and try to answer the questions you have. Please contact me at my email address, so that I can try to help you.

To Jessica: How long has this been going on with you? Has anything else happened besides being cold and the thermostat being turned down by itself? Yes ghosts, spirits, etc do have a tendency to mess with things in the home as well as making it feel like it is cold in the house. Sometimes it is bursts of cold air, or hot air.Has there been any unusual odors? Things missing? Other things being messed with? You can contact me at my email address listed above.

To Sara: How long has this been going on with you? Has it been constant? On a daily basis? Certain times of the night? Attacked anyone? Have you done research on your home? Town? If so, what have you found out? If you would like to contact me, please contact me through my email address in which I have listed in this message.

If anyone would like answers as to what is going on or if they have questions, please feel free to contact me. There is no charge at all and I would be glad to help as much as I am possibly able to.

GhostHunter Tess

February 16, 2012

Collen @ 7:55 am

Had few ghostly experiences in my life, too long to talk about it, just want to tell about recent experience. My daughter moved to her boyfriends place, and later on she would call me to stay there with her during the night (when her boyfriend is working) because she's hearing noises, something watching and touching her. I stayed there with her 2 nights and didnt experience or see any of it, but did see TV turning on and off itself (only for few seconds). A few days later, I found out that my daughter is using crystal meth (ice) on daily basis and was using it all day long because she had plenty in her boyfriends place. He abused her and kicked her out his place so she came back home to me. Interesting part is, that from the first day when she came back home my TV is turning on and off (also for few seconds only) and was never doing that before, it started when she came back. its not turning on at certain time, only sometimes.

Also, my daughter told me that she heard her fathers voice talking to her when she was sleeping. Her dad died 4 years ago (we were divorced and he lived overseas, and on day of his death I felt unbelievable chill cold and I didnt even know he had died, found out later on). My daughter continues using ice, going out at night and hanging around people that I dont know, mainly men. Last week I had urge to go to the part of the city where me and her father were living. I had the urge to go to the house where he had grown up, and the urge to go to hospital and maternity ward where my daughter was born, so I went to all these places and felt for some reason relived and happy. I really believe it's my ex husband trying to tell me something, or trying to protect our daughter, just dont know what or how?

February 21, 2012

Dean @ 10:21 am

Well didnt last long and the ghostly goings on are back! The night before last, the TV switched itself off whilst at the same time there was a bang at my bedroom door. Last night me and my girlfriend were in my room. Then we heard a bang followed by a childs laugh in the landing outside my door. We investigated to find nothing. House was empty apart from us.

Then today, literally hours ago my girlfriend rang me whilst i am at work, (we are looking after the house alone as my parents are away), to say that she was sat in my room and my door slammed shut. There are no windows open! Then half an hour later when she had gone to sit downstairs out of fright she herd a bang upstairs. She went upstairs to find the taps in the bathroom on full….

Really not looking forward to another night in the house with these strange goings on, especially whilst my parents are away! I will update with any further going ons tomorrow….


February 25, 2012

Ina @ 4:45 pm

I have some weird things going on in our house. Lately, there is a picture frame that moves every time I walk by it. There are pictures in the hallway and for some reason, every time I walk by, right next to my mom's room, this picture moves. In it are pictures of me, my children, my mother, 1 brother, my nephew and 2 nieces. It is a "family" frame/a collage, if you will.

My daughter and I hear footsteps, see shadows, we usually see a woman's shadow. once i saw my son walk by in the hallway (and he is alive). we hear knocks, recently found the cover from the light in my son's bathroom ceiling on the floor, broken and a cherry cough drop (my son likes cherry). but he recently moved to an apartment and had not been home. My daughter and i hear footsteps up there all the time. We have heard voices/whispers in our ears, someone has hit me on my shoulder while i slept, hit me on the forehead, just a light tap…enough to wake me.

My daughter's bedroom door, which is right next to my mom's and across from my room will either open or close, she used to have a sign hanging on her door and when i would walk by, the sign would move. I took it off her door, but now, the picture on the wall moves. I feel someone sitting on my bed. The voices on our tv changes intermittently to a deeper voice. We have had problems with our electricity in the house. Sparks come out of the switches.

My mom has seen "dark" things in her room at night. She is sick and I had thought it was because she is elderly and sick. My daughter and I see nothing bad, just weird things. I have tried to google this house, but cannot find anything. I know the upstairs was an addition to the house where they housed the owners mom, but from i know she was alive when we bought this house. My writing is a bit scattered, so i apologize if it doesn't make any sense. But I came across this site today. Since I found the light cover on the bathroom floor and a cough drop too, I thought I would see if anyone has ideas as to what this is. We seem to be having problem after problem here in the house and in our family and I am getting frustrated.

Thank you so much.

February 28, 2012

rachael @ 8:07 am

I have had my t.v remote come off my chair when me and my son were playing the Wii. i also had my sister's here as well, and we all heard it drop. I've had 2 pieces fly off my speakers, even though my music wasn't that loud.

I have also smelt the strong smell of lavender, and before now have smelt a wood burning smell. I'm sure i saw my hairbrush moving on it's own on my windowsill, and i'm sure i have seen a man's figure walking up my hallway.

March 9, 2012

Jamie @ 12:06 pm

My mom passed away a few days ago. She was terminally ill and I asked her to please try to reach out to my brother and I after she passed. We knew we would miss her dearly. She was very loved. I was heart broken as I went through her things last night, getting her clothes together was the hardest. It seemed like every shirt had a memory attached to it of something we did together. I have great faith that there is life after death. Not so much a 'crossing over' phase, if you will. I prefer to think of it as the spirit world is here on earth and the spirits of those departed are here until the resurrection and 2nd coming of Christ when their spirits will be reunited with a perfect glorified physical body.

That said, I've been texting mom. I know sounds kind of weird. But it comforted me in some crazy way. Last night I received a reply text. It said simply, I love you and am near always. At first I thought it was my partner, as I had my moms cell phone still. When I checked the phone there were no outgoing messages, just my unanswered texts to her.

I called my brother this morning and he told me "weird things" happened to him last night as well. He said his TV turned on. And then this AM, his alarm clock went off. It hadn't worked in over 6 months! He felt it was as if mom were telling him to get out of bed and greet the day with joy, as she had so many times before. For the first time since mom passed I feel joy in my heart. These simple things have helped me find comfort in knowing that she is not gone but still very near.

I consider these experiences to be true acts of love. They don't scare me. They comfort me. When someone you love passes, they do live on. It is beautiful and wonderful.

March 21, 2012

Dave @ 11:57 pm

Dave here, my wife passed away March 12th after a eight year battle with cancer. I took care of her at home with the help with hospice. We traveled as much as we could in the last three months. She was a very strong woman until the last two weeks. It became to much for me to handle on my own in her last 36 hours, so I took her to the hospice center. The last 18 hours was not good…her breathing was labored with gurgling in her throat…in the last two hours it became much louder, I begged her to let go. Telling her my Mom and her husband that had passed away were waiting for her…I prayed to God to take her. I thought I was going to die with her there for awhile!

She passed away, with her breathing slowing until it came to a complete stop. I kissed her face and hands for awhile, until she was becoming discolored. They took over and I went to the parking lot to leave. And I got this chill come over me…a incredible loving peaceful chill. This was just the beginning. She touched me many times since then. She even answers questions with different chills. It happens with someone there with me — or talking on the phone with someone she loves, etc.

One night, I got up at 3:30 and was sitting in her lounge chair. It was like she was touching me, hugging me with the most deepest loving chills that go all through my whole body. Just when I thought they could not get any stronger, they did! It has been nine days since she has passed now. I cleaned out her medication cabinet yesterday, and her daughters have gone through the things they wanted. My daughters came today…her presents and the chills are much less now. If they leave I will miss them so much. Well, here I'm writing this and it is 11:54pm. I hope I will keep feeling her.

March 26, 2012

Katie H @ 5:29 pm

Hello all, my name is Katie and something odd happened last night in the home I share with my husband and 3 kids. It was 2:32 am, my husband and I were asleep when we both heard a loud slamming noise. We figured our 3 year old had maybe gotten out of bed. So I got out of bed and peeked around the corner and didn't see anything. I started to head down our hallway. It's about 8 feet long, and right before stepping into the hallway, I noticed our canvas painting lying on the floor. Now this canvas painting is usually hung up on the opposite end of the hallway; its been there for a week now and it was up there pretty firmly. Somehow this picture had fallen and flown down the hallway.

At this point my heart is pounding and I feel like something is in the living room, but I am scared to death to look. I tell my husband and he says it was nothing and he doesn't want to think about it being a spirit because he doesn't want to be scared. So I creep down the hallway and peep in on my kids, who are all asleep. I peek in the living room and nothing's there. We have no air source on during this night.

I can not explain this. We just moved in this house 2 weeks ago. It was built in 1945. Everything about this house has me drawn into it but when I first saw it I decided to research its background. My research only came up with the year it was built and when it was last purchased. I feel there is something else residing here other than me and my family. I really don't know what I am asking for, but it feels good to talk about it without someone thinking I am nuts. I heard if you provoke something that you could open a doorway for an evil spirit and that's the last thing I need or want invading my space. Anyone have any advice for me?

Richie @ 9:35 pm

I never believed in any of this stuff, and I am still really skeptical, but grudgingly, I have experienced some events which I cannot reconcile with my current view of physics:

1: Cabinets (usually at least 5) in kitchen and other rooms opening to their fullest extent, while nothing being gone, and everyone who is home is not in the rooms in which movement occurs. (They have actually repeatedly slammed.)

2: Doors slamming literally right behind us, multiple times, where the weight of the door normally forces it outward and wind/pressure is not a feasible option.

3: I know this one sounds silly, but lights and tv on/off at random, sometimes quick intervals, lights blowing frequently, despite being new.

4: One night we even had chairs backing away from a table, followed by a glass of water being thrown on the ground, while a very heavy bed was shifted into disarray.

5: A "roar" from the bathroom, and frequent movement of doors which normally creak loudly when moved, and are too heavy to be affected by wind, and are doors inside the house.

6: A few times I thought I heard voices, but in all honesty, it was most likely just me.

March 27, 2012

Brenda @ 11:31 pm

I lost my Husband on 03/18/12. I have been back to the house several times. The first day I went back and the pipe in the water heater burst and hot water sprayed me. I did get it fixed, but was frantic while doing so.

I was at the house today and was talking to my daughter on the phone, when the light bulb above me (out of 5 bulbs) popped like a cork. It fell on my shoulder and rolled onto the ground without breaking. Could it be my Husband trying to contact me?

March 29, 2012

Tamz @ 12:14 am

My Dad died 2 years ago. The day after he died, I felt someone gently touch my cheek and I woke up to the room filled with mist. I was not afraid, as i knew it was my Dad. Last night, I fell asleep with both my tv and dvd player on. I awoke and everything was switched off. I know I didnt switch it off. Also, early in the evening, my bedroom door opened (it opened because of a breeze), and I'm sure I saw a figure standing at my doorway. I went to go check and there was no person there.

April 6, 2012

CAROLE FINN @ 12:21 pm

I truly believe that I have an intelligent spirit living in my home. I called our Paranormal Society Research and they spent a night. What they came up with was that her name is Elizabeth, says she is 25 years old. She was born in 1886, in Ireland, and came over to America in the early 1900's. She is waiting for someone and is very sad and sighs a lot. She said that she wants everyone to know that she is here. She was acting up considerably before I called the PSR. She keeps me awake at night. When I turn off all the lights, she starts.

There is a static sound, and the strange music begins, with someone singing. It is not clear, but it keeps me awake. She does all the knocking, popping and moving of objects on a regular basis. One afternoon I was sitting on the couch, and this white mist about the size of a basketball came floating up to me. It got about 3 feet away, and burst into a huge star shape and quickly floated to anther room. Just a few seconds, she came back and came up to my shoulder. My left leg got so cold.

Unbelievable!!! Then she was gone. I think that she was surprised to see me, thinking maybe the house was empty. I would like to have my house to myself. What can I do to make her leave? I have tried talking to her in an assertive way, and told her to cross over, etc. etc. But she is still here and I am still loosing sleep. I had the house blessed, and prayers for her to leave also. I don't want this for the rest of my life, as she must think that the house is hers. I am stuck…Don't know what to do. She is not mean or does anything bad. And sometimes stays quiet if I have company and ask her to. Any ideas?

Carole Jean

April 15, 2012

Karrie @ 8:33 pm

I came home from a date last night and found everything on my dining room table knocked over. This morning when I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, my toothbrush was laying on its side on the back of the sink. Seemed odd, but then this evening my television turned itself on. The tv makes a ping when it comes on. I thought at first that maybe the dog had stepped on the remote, but I found the remote sitting on a tray on the ottoman, and out of his reach. This is all very strange because I was very emotional today thinking of my late husband who passed in 2010.

April 17, 2012

Arvin @ 1:19 pm

I've been having these strange things happening to me since we moved onto my mother-in-law's house 2 weeks ago. The very first day that we moved, the boxes on the spare room fell like crazy. They have been hanging on piles and that never happened before. The foundation was solid so we thought it was nothing. 2nd spooky thing that happened was when I was sleeping on the spare bed downstairs, the bed suddenly was shaking. I was too sleepy to think about it and assumed that it was probably the fan or the walls vibrating. When I woke, that's when I noticed that the fan was too far and the walls are solid cement.

I ran as fast as I could to the other house. 3rd thing that happened which lead me to this site is the tv remote. When I woke up on the same spare bed, the TV remote was gone. I had left it beside me before I fell asleep — as my usual routine of watching the tv before falling asleep. I looked all day flipping the bed and throwing all the pillows. I looked up and under and the area around it but I couldn't find it. I thought my 1 year old son took it and played with it. My wife told me they didnt open the TV and my son was with her the whole time. Finally when I was too frustrated, my wife tried to look for it only to my surprise, it was in the middle of the bed uner a small pillow. I couldn't believe my eyes. Some ghost is playing with me!

April 24, 2012

Danielle @ 1:53 pm

Is it possible that this intelligent being is attached to a human rather than to a house? Ever since I was little, radios would turn on around me. One time I just heard screaming coming out of the stereo – all of this has been in different places with different radios. Additionally, this hasn't happened for many years.

But last night, I was home alone and the radio kept turning on. I looked at it to make sure the alarm wasn't set and there was no logical reason why it kept turning on. Should I listen to it? Ask it what it wants? I have no idea what I'm doing and don't want to invite in an evil spirit.

April 28, 2012

derek grant @ 11:46 am

Sounds like another residual haunting. If not, she is comfortable around you and enjoys your company.

June 5, 2012

CAROLE JEAN @ 12:19 pm

I have an intelligent spirit living with me at this time. She was born in Ireland in 1856. So has been around a long time. I have had an investigation done, and got quite a bit of information. Now I have been seeing a 4 inch light gray orb moving across the living room, close to the ceiling. I stays away from me. I put my hand up and it rushes to corner of the room. Now is this orb an extension of the spirit?

I have been having a lot of trouble trying to get to sleep every night. There is an awful static sound, some singing, and voices come over my CD player when I play music to help me sleep. She shoots around the room a lot. Most of the time, a white mist. My medium friend from the Paranormal Society here said she can see her in the window when she walks around the house.

I want her to go away. I believe she is stuck here, and being around for such a long time can make her forget how to pass-on. Anyway, she told my friend that she was waiting for someone. I have done everything possible to get her to leave. I do want her to go, and to get my house back to normal, and also get a good night's sleep. HELP!

July 16, 2012

Lex Wahl @ 2:31 am

I've been running a podcast called Anything Ghost since 2006, and I hear stories about intelligent haunting all the time. I've never once heard of anyone being harmed–even when the story is obviously fabricated.

July 26, 2012

sapphire @ 11:31 pm

Hi there,

I live in New Zealand and have been living in our rental property for just about 2 years since we have lived in this home. There have been so many things we cant explain. One of late my sons (9) says he sees ghosts in his room. Our stereo, which has no timer and is a Sony system (big one), is turning on by itself at 3am. This has happened a few times. Even when our decoder is turned off, it will turn on with stereo. In the last two weeks, all our lights have blown at times when the house is extremely tense. Also, our desktop computer will be on when we get up. I have made sure it's not my son (9) by putting a chair on his door when we go to bed (so that if he comes out of his room, which he is still able to do, we will hear the chair drop — and there is no way he would be able to get the chair back on the door.).

I woke up the other morning to hear my cupboards opening and shutting in kitchen. I checked my phone thinking my partner was late to work and then realised I had woken to his alarm going off at 5am, and him getting up. My next thought was, "Oh, it must be my son getting brekky" because it was 7.30am. But I got up, and sure enough the chair was on his door??? sometimes i feel so angry when I have nothing to be angry about and my partner is the same. We called a priest to see what she thought, and she came round and she does not come from the small town we live in so it was very interesting when she told us we needed to claim the boundary back (from what we know of the history of this house, a man built it for his wife. Then he died and she married the man that lived next door ).

As we were seeing the priest, out a swarm of flies came up from the garden. It was winter and I'm unsure if that is normal, but it was sunny that day. It took my partner a while to tell me, but he said when the priest was here and he looked at her, he saw her eyes turn black and her lips purse together, like something off the exorcist. I've had nights were I cant sleep fearing for my youngest (3 now), like something wants to take him. And when we first moved in here, he was 16mo and he would cry at his door when we put him to bed. It was the first time we ever heard him point in the bedroom, yelling BAD MAN BAD MAN — words which we have never used. We have things go missing, to turn up where you just wouldnt put them. I'm not sure just what i need to do. Any advice would be good.