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Do Ghosts Cause EMF Fields, Hallucinations & Base Readings

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Bob asks an interesting question about electromagnetic fields, ghosts, hallucinations, and base readings.  He writes:

TAPS says that ghosts cause EMF fields and need energy to manifest.  Well, they also say that EMF fields cause hallucinations, so my question is what type of evidence is available to prove that a ghost causes or even raises an EMF field?  Are there base line readings done beforehand?  I have had many promising results with magnetic fields, but I am in need of some supporting evidence.  If you or any of your members know of any supporting facts, can you let me know?

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Recording EVP on your MP3 Player?

mp3player_evp.JPGBrandon asks whether he can use the built-in recorder on his MP3 player to capture EVP.

Yes.  Anything that records voice—including digital cameras, tape recorders, answering machines, and video cameras—can capture EVP.  Of course some devices will produce better quality sound than others.  For instance, an answering machine will generally produce lower-quality audio than a digital voice recorder.

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Best Camera for Taking Photos of Ghosts?

ghost hunting camera equipmentI've received a lot of questions about how to photograph ghosts and several people have asked me for camera recommendations.  Ray writes, "What is the best camera to use to capture a ghost?"

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How to Test a House (or Location) for Paranormal Activity

hauntedhouse_orbs.jpgWould you like to test a house for paranormal activity?   Today's subscriber question covers testing for paranormal activity.

Mike writes:

Can you tell me how to test how paranormally active a house (or location) may be?

This is a great question, although to fully answer it, I would need to write several hundred pages. :-)  In fact, entire books have been written on this subject—so it's tough to give you a short answer. However, here are some basic tips to get you started…

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Ghost Hunting Without Equipment – Subscriber Question

372382_ghostly.jpgJosh asks…

"Is it all right to go ghost hunting without an EMF detector and a digital recorder?"

This is a great question.  The truth is, it's perfectly fine to ghost hunt without any equipment.  Ghost hunting is about observing.  Tools such as an EMF detector, digital camera, and a digital voice recorder are used confirm anomalies and strange activity.  They're also helpful when you want to capture scientific evidence of the paranormal.

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What to Bring on a Ghost Hunt – 10 Things to Take

Planning to ghost hunt this weekend?  Here are 10 things to take with you…

10 Things to Take With You on a Ghost Hunt

flashlights.jpg1.  Patience. Ghost hunting is a lot like fishing – you need patience because you won't always see results immediately.  On some investigations, you'll find paranormal activity. On others, you won't. Sometimes what you thought was paranormal can be explained by natural causes. Be patient and understand that you may need to visit a haunted location several times before you experience anything unusual.

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Paranormal Voices & EVP Audio Recordings

Can the dead talk?

Many people believe that ghosts can communicate with us, while others are skeptical of such claims. A common tool used by paranormal investigators is EVP – also known electronic voice phenomena.

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