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EVP Electronic Voice Phenomena

Ghost on the Stairs, Photos and Weird Footprints

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Tim wrote to us asking for opinions (feel free to share yours below) regarding a photo and paranormal activity.  His story and photos are included below.

I've added a green rectangular box around the brown mass that appears on the stairs.  It appears that the person is holding the handrail and is wearing something on his head (i.e. hat).

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Orb Photos & Mist from Pennsylvania Cemetery

Last year, Frank captured an interesting ectoplasm photo from a stone mill.  Here are some of Frank's newer orb & mist photos from a cemetery in Butler County, Pennsylvania.  Frank writes: "Thought you might find these pictures interesting. They came from a cemetary in Butler Co., PA. We also have EVP's of a little girl [who] said her name is Gertrude."

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Paranormal Orb? Cheryl & Morris' Videos of Moving Orbs

Cheryl and her husband Morris have captured an interesting video & photo of what looks like a moving orb.  In the orb photo, you will notice a long wire running across the floor.  This is the cord from the infrared (IR) camera.  The stuff on the floor is from Cheryl's parrot (the parrot cage is covered with a black drape).  Cheryl writes…

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EVPs in a Foreign Language & Photos of Orb-Like Streaks

Several people have asked me about EVP's in foreign languages.  David writes:

"I've captured an EVP that sounds like the person is speaking in a foreign language.  The land was previously occupied by Native American tribes.  Can EVP's appear in a foreign language?

Yes, EVP's can appear in any language.  Normally, the EVP will appear in the language that the spirit spoke during his lifetime.  For instance, if you travel to France, most of the EVP's will be in French.  Likewise, if you live in Brazil, most of the EVP's will be in Portuguese.  Cris, a new ghost hunter from Brazil, has captured two EVP's in Portuguese. Cris also has an interesting photo with images that appear to be moving orbs—along with a strange streak across the wall.  Cris writes:

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Recording EVP on your MP3 Player?

mp3player_evp.JPGBrandon asks whether he can use the built-in recorder on his MP3 player to capture EVP.

Yes.  Anything that records voice—including digital cameras, tape recorders, answering machines, and video cameras—can capture EVP.  Of course some devices will produce better quality sound than others.  For instance, an answering machine will generally produce lower-quality audio than a digital voice recorder.

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Do I Need Protection When Ghost Hunting? – Subscriber Question

cross_protectionghosthunting.jpgSeveral people have asked me about protection when ghost hunting, so today I'm going to tackle this somewhat controversial subject.

Let's look at a couple of questions I received on this subject…

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How to Test a House (or Location) for Paranormal Activity

hauntedhouse_orbs.jpgWould you like to test a house for paranormal activity?   Today's subscriber question covers testing for paranormal activity.

Mike writes:

Can you tell me how to test how paranormally active a house (or location) may be?

This is a great question, although to fully answer it, I would need to write several hundred pages. :-)  In fact, entire books have been written on this subject—so it's tough to give you a short answer. However, here are some basic tips to get you started…

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Muffled versus Clear EVP's – Subscriber Question

870764_dusk_1.jpgGeoffrey submitted an interesting question about EVP's.  He writes…

"How come when I see EVP tapings on TV they are scratchy, [and] muffled sounding. I got 2 in a cabin in Lucerne Valley. Both were clear as a bell, loud and obscene. Calling me a $@#%! freak, then made growling sounds. After the first one, I slept on my girlfriend's living room floor for a week.  Again, why would these ones record so clear—they sounded as if this guy was directly behind me."

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EVP Videos – Your Questions Answered

evp soundwaveToday, by popular request, I have more videos for you.  Since my first post on EVP, I've received even MORE questions about this topic.  People have asked for help with recording EVP, what software to use, what tape recorder to use, why the voices sound whispery/quiet, and a whole lot more.

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Paranormal Voices & EVP Audio Recordings

Can the dead talk?

Many people believe that ghosts can communicate with us, while others are skeptical of such claims. A common tool used by paranormal investigators is EVP – also known electronic voice phenomena.

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