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Haunted Places Pennsylvania: Brian's Photos of Johnson Road

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Brian has captured some interesting photos from Johnson Road in Monroeville, Pennsylvania—a location which is thought to be haunted by several spirits connected with homocides that occurred in the area.  Brian has a large number of photos from this location, and I've chosen to include ten below.  Brian writes:

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Vortex or Angel Photo from Tonya's Living Room?

Tonya sent me two photos (shown below), which she captured in her living room.  Tonya thinks it looks like an angel in the photos.  I admit, the image does seem to have wings—or at least the appearance of them.  The first photo is very wide, and has several orbs too.

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Ghost on the Stairs, Photos and Weird Footprints

Tim wrote to us asking for opinions (feel free to share yours below) regarding a photo and paranormal activity.  His story and photos are included below.

I've added a green rectangular box around the brown mass that appears on the stairs.  It appears that the person is holding the handrail and is wearing something on his head (i.e. hat).

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Orb Photos & Mist from Pennsylvania Cemetery

Last year, Frank captured an interesting ectoplasm photo from a stone mill.  Here are some of Frank's newer orb & mist photos from a cemetery in Butler County, Pennsylvania.  Frank writes: "Thought you might find these pictures interesting. They came from a cemetary in Butler Co., PA. We also have EVP's of a little girl [who] said her name is Gertrude."

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The Haunted Borley Rectory: England's Most Haunted Places

haunted places borley recotryThe Borley Rectory is one of the most haunted places in England, with a long history of poltergeist activity. The Borley Rectory was built as a home for Reverend Henry Bull in 1863, and sits next door to the Borley Church.

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Paranormal Orb? Cheryl & Morris' Videos of Moving Orbs

Cheryl and her husband Morris have captured an interesting video & photo of what looks like a moving orb.  In the orb photo, you will notice a long wire running across the floor.  This is the cord from the infrared (IR) camera.  The stuff on the floor is from Cheryl's parrot (the parrot cage is covered with a black drape).  Cheryl writes…

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Haunted Winchester Mystery House Mansion

winchester mansion haunted mystery houseMany people believe the Winchester Mystery House Mansion is notoriously haunted.  The Winchester Mansion is an architectural oddity—with numerous ghosts and strange activity.  In the 1800's, the owner turned the mansion into a never-ending construction project to avenge the dead spirits killed by her husband's invention…

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Orb Photo with a Face Inside? Carl's Story

One of my subscribers, Carl, sent me an interesting orb photo and story.  He asked me to share his story and photos online with you.  Carl writes:

"I have a photo that will send a cold shiver down your spine.  My daughter at the time was 8, and she kept telling me about a woman who came to see her at night.  When I asked my daughter what the woman looked like, she described my aunt who died a few years ago (to the tee).  Then one night, my daughter told me the woman wanted her to come outside in the backyard (thank god she didn't).  Anyhow, I took a picture of my kids outside and there was an orb—but not just any orb, this had a complete FACE inside of it.  Eyes, nose, mouth… everything.  There is one photo with nothing on it, and another photo with a face inside the orb.  I took two pictures, and only one had the orb. "

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Haunted Gettysburg (Pennsylvania)

Gettysburg haunted placesGettysburg marks the site of the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War, which took place July 1-3, 1863. More than 50,000 men lost their lives in the three-day battle, and thousands more were seriously injured.

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The Riddle House – Haunted with Poltergeist Activity?

riddle house haunted placesThe Riddle House—located in West Palm Beach, Florida—is home to poltergeist activity, and a ghost who doesn’t like men.

The Riddle House is a historic Victorian building.  It sits in Yesteryear Village, a virtual museum of a late 1900’s era Florida town. There are 30 buildings in the 5-acre village, and all 30 homes have either been moved intact from their original historic sites, or reconstructed from blueprints.

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