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Is Your School Haunted? Have You Seen a Ghost at Your University or College?

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Haunted School Ghost at CollegeHave you seen a ghost at your high school, university, or college?  Witnessed paranormal activity in your dorm, or locker room?

If so, you could be featured on the SciFi channel, and have the opportunity to tell your story to a live TV audience.  This opportunity applies to both current and former students – as well as parents and faculty.

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EVP Videos – Your Questions Answered

evp soundwaveToday, by popular request, I have more videos for you.  Since my first post on EVP, I've received even MORE questions about this topic.  People have asked for help with recording EVP, what software to use, what tape recorder to use, why the voices sound whispery/quiet, and a whole lot more.

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Ghost Hunting Attracts Famous Author Jodi Picoult

Ghost hunting is attracting big names, and famous authors.

jodi picoult ghost hunting

Novelist Jodi Picoult became a ghost hunter for several months, and conducted research on paranormal activity for her book, entitled "Second Glance."  Second Glance is about ghosts, love and second chances, and Jodi needed firsthand experience with the paranormal in order to write the book.

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