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Haunted Places Pennsylvania: Brian's Photos of Johnson Road

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Brian has captured some interesting photos from Johnson Road in Monroeville, Pennsylvania—a location which is thought to be haunted by several spirits connected with homocides that occurred in the area.  Brian has a large number of photos from this location, and I've chosen to include ten below.  Brian writes:

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Ghost on the Stairs, Photos and Weird Footprints

Tim wrote to us asking for opinions (feel free to share yours below) regarding a photo and paranormal activity.  His story and photos are included below.

I've added a green rectangular box around the brown mass that appears on the stairs.  It appears that the person is holding the handrail and is wearing something on his head (i.e. hat).

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Orb Photos & Mist from Pennsylvania Cemetery

Last year, Frank captured an interesting ectoplasm photo from a stone mill.  Here are some of Frank's newer orb & mist photos from a cemetery in Butler County, Pennsylvania.  Frank writes: "Thought you might find these pictures interesting. They came from a cemetary in Butler Co., PA. We also have EVP's of a little girl [who] said her name is Gertrude."

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Paranormal Orb? Cheryl & Morris' Videos of Moving Orbs

Cheryl and her husband Morris have captured an interesting video & photo of what looks like a moving orb.  In the orb photo, you will notice a long wire running across the floor.  This is the cord from the infrared (IR) camera.  The stuff on the floor is from Cheryl's parrot (the parrot cage is covered with a black drape).  Cheryl writes…

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Haunted Gettysburg (Pennsylvania)

Gettysburg haunted placesGettysburg marks the site of the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War, which took place July 1-3, 1863. More than 50,000 men lost their lives in the three-day battle, and thousands more were seriously injured.

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Is the Lincoln Theater Haunted?

Lincoln Theater hauntedThe Lincoln Theater is a historic theater in Illinois that was built on top of a hotel that burned to the ground in 1915—killing two men (and possibly several others whose bodies were never found).

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Can you feel the presence of a ghost? Why?

I've received some questions about how (and why) people respond to ghosts and paranormal activity.  Holly writes:

I've never seen a ghost before.  But can you feel their presence?  For example, there is an area on Hwy. 71 where there has been quite a few fatal wrecks.  For some unknown reason, my heart will start racing, making it hard for me to breathe.  I also get goose bumps. This happens when I come up on this area and I'm fine after I pass it.  Doesn't always happen, but it freaks me out when it does.  Do you have any idea of why this happens?

Jacob asks a similar question.  He writes:

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EVPs in a Foreign Language & Photos of Orb-Like Streaks

Several people have asked me about EVP's in foreign languages.  David writes:

"I've captured an EVP that sounds like the person is speaking in a foreign language.  The land was previously occupied by Native American tribes.  Can EVP's appear in a foreign language?

Yes, EVP's can appear in any language.  Normally, the EVP will appear in the language that the spirit spoke during his lifetime.  For instance, if you travel to France, most of the EVP's will be in French.  Likewise, if you live in Brazil, most of the EVP's will be in Portuguese.  Cris, a new ghost hunter from Brazil, has captured two EVP's in Portuguese. Cris also has an interesting photo with images that appear to be moving orbs—along with a strange streak across the wall.  Cris writes:

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Do Ghosts Cause EMF Fields, Hallucinations & Base Readings

Bob asks an interesting question about electromagnetic fields, ghosts, hallucinations, and base readings.  He writes:

TAPS says that ghosts cause EMF fields and need energy to manifest.  Well, they also say that EMF fields cause hallucinations, so my question is what type of evidence is available to prove that a ghost causes or even raises an EMF field?  Are there base line readings done beforehand?  I have had many promising results with magnetic fields, but I am in need of some supporting evidence.  If you or any of your members know of any supporting facts, can you let me know?

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Ghosts, Strange Lights, and Electrical Activity

Jamie wants to know whether strange electrical activity could be a sign of paranormal activity.  She writes:

Hi Michelle!  I have a spirit here in our apartment.  I have heard him speak before; I have felt his presence, and even caught an EVP of him.  The past couple days, I noticed something strange: the nightlight in our guest bathroom turned a VERY bright white and then burned out….and last night, the lights on our ficus tree did the same thing (the lights got so bright that it woke me up…was like a sunlight)..and then they burned out, too.

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